The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio on July 21, 1938 · Page 5
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The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio · Page 5

Piqua, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY/JULY 2V, 1938 Don't Ut Constipation Drag On! Do you often have days when you w»k« op toed-when you feel dull, lunk,^*!! boBBCd down"? It's ttaa you did something about it. •And »methtag more than Just taking a phyBlo! You should get »t the cause of the trouble I If you eat what most people do -Just bread, meat, potatODt- chance* are that Just this tact Is responsible: you don't yet enough "baHe," And "buli" doesn't mean i lot ol food. It means a kind ol food that Isn't consumed In the body, but leaves a soJt "bulky" m«j In the intestines that helps » bowel movement. . If this is your trouble, w&at you need Is erfap crunchy KOlagg's All-Bran for breakfast. It contains "bulk" plus Nature's great Intestinal tonio, vitamin B,. I»t it every day, drink plenty ot water, and tee if your old «p»rkle doeant come baokl Made by KeUogg In Battle Creei. YOB'D STIll SAFE watt GOOD/VI4R era needed in all tfeee—and tha older your ttrec jet, tha move Important UtaOuardf b«- •om*. tivejr taJw the d»n. gen out of Hre foUaw*, at •ny ipserf. Casing and tub« may Jail, but Vnt UfeOnard Inner tin gup. port* tho ear mttil it t»n M bnmght to a cmooih, tale lisp 1 CfotLjfeOuards today. KfEGUARDS SAVE MOM WAN TWY COST THEY CAN BE USED IN *HY BRAHD OF TIRE- NEW OR 01D. LET BS SHOW YOU HOW HFE- GUARDS SAVE YOU MOHSY —PROVE THAT YOH ARE PAYING FOR LIFEGUARDS WHETHER TOO IfKVE THPR PRO. TECTIONORNOTI HARDEHBRCOK GARAGE HIE. HIGH ST. RENT/ WANT-ADS Cheating Death in the Mountains THE PIOUA DAILY CALL: PAGE FIVB picnic supper at Stlllwater Beach, Monday alternoon In honor of their daughter, Zoe, who celebrated 1 her Uth ' birthday anniversary. Those present were Miss Virginia Wlnger- ter of Richmond, Barbara Welch, Betty Strowl, Evelyn Joan Fashner, Marian McQee, Mr, and Mrs. John YVlntrow, and Miss Mary Inn Wissinger. Trojan Surprised TROY— The home of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Elson on West Main street, was the scene of a happy occasion Sunday when'tWrty-nlne relatives arrived at the noon hour with well-filled baskets, the occasion beln& Mr. Bison's birthday.) The Elsons were entertaining Harold Betcher, their oousln and his wife and son, Joseph and were prepared to sit down to dinner when the other relatives and numerous friends arrived to surprise Mr. Elson. Thos e present included Mr. and Mrs. Harold Betcher and son, Joseph of Delphos; Mrs. Dave Elson of Sidney, Airs. Orvilla Elson of Kirkwood, Mrs. Angle Caldwell of Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. George Klehia and daughter, Alice of near Brad* ford; Mr. and Mrs. Ora Miller and daughter Thelma of circle Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Chalmcr Miller and sons Jack and Dale, and daughter, Ruby; Mrs. Mlllard Miller and daughter Janice and sons of Gettysburg, Mr. and Mrs. Oarl Miller and daughter, Joan and son, Ronald of Dayton, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Miller and daughters o( Laura, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Miller and daughters, Norma Mae and Mary Ellen of Plqun, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Brewer and son, Ha'rold of Troy. It was regretted that Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klehl of near Bloomer were unable to be present due to the death of a relative of Mrs. Klehle and Mrs. Elson. Enjoy Wonlc BRADFORD — The teachers of the Primary department of the Brethren church enjoyed a picnic supper at Fountain Park In Piqua recently. Those going -were Mrs. Edwin Rehmort, Mrs. Harley Lehman, Mrs. Frank Welch, Mi« Anna, Lehman, Miss Pauline Bayless, and Miss Mary Ina Wlsslnger. AnnUtnarjr Honored PLEASANT KILL—In honor of the seventieth birth anniversary of Mrs. Adcle Young, a basket dinner was enjoyed by her family at Troy Community park recently. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hawkins, of Lynn, Indiana, Mr. Hnd M'rs. F, M. Young and son, Stanley Allen, of Lima, Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Thomas and daughter, Betty and son, Ned, of Ludlow Palls, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whitestone, Troy, Mr. and Mrs. J, 0. Schulte, son Robert and daughters, Polly Arum and Ludelle, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Ooppock, Robert Coppock and son, Bob, and honor guest, Mr«. Young of Heasant H113. Family Dinner OONOVER—Mrs. Clifford Deaton entertained with a family dinner Sunday to celebrate th e birth- day anniversary of Mr, Deiton. Quests, who' were members of Mr. Deatoh's family, were Mr, and Mrs. A. B. 0. Deaton, Mr. and Mrs. Marlow Deaton and son, Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Serr and children, Edward Deaton, Dorothy May and Allen Deaton. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Deaton of Troy Joined the party In the evening. CLEANUP Mewer, Pa. — Postmaster James W. Byers has designated the-week of Aug. 1 as "Clean up Rural Mall Boxet Week." The Idea, he explained, Ls for rural resident* to rid the boxes of birds' nests. The usual lifeboats on ocean M- nor« may some day be replaced by mattresses of kapok, a floating floss resembling cotton, obtained from tropical trees. it would take 40 days and nights to hatch an ostrich egg by artificial Incubation. Th» little village of Blevfcury, England, has voted unanimously against having street lamps, BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired KMrwy. if backmcbe^nci leg p*Jni ue natipi •bout th«m. Kiture may be wutSoi you yo £ k &w ^ ittention. - * r Th« kx|B»y« &n Hitura'a ehW w*f <rf f? 0 *? .*^ d * * n ° P«*«wu* T««id out i. 80 *! 1 ^ °* t p j*° p ! e p* 48 * txwt a P*°*« • ibout 3 ponodj o( wMt^ yr*lU4ot.or j^snty i Aod bun^Df 1^1071 fh TrW?-*"* 6 ** Painfully threading their way downward through Jagged rock chimneys like the one seen above, rescuers are shown as they brought Hoger Carney to safely jfrom the 10,000-foot top of Mt. Olympus 'near Salt Lake City, Utah. Carney had fallen into a 15- wpt ravine and.lay 18 hours with a compound fracture o£ the lower leg before rescuers found him. .Then they rigged the cradle- like stretcher shown above and laboriously carried Carney downward, sharing Sn shifts the back-breaking and.nerve-trying race against time and imminent danger of infection. Quests OONOVER— Mr. and Mrs. Araa Grube and family, Billy and Nina and Donald-Oorman, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bishop of St. Paris Sunday evening. Other guests were. Mr. and Mrs Lloyd Wilson and "daughter,- Norma Jean, of Fletcher and Mr. and Mrs, "Walter Idle of S6. Paris. Wedding Anniversary CONOVER— The golden wedding anniversary'of KG..and Mrs. Anthony Gabriel was. celebrated Sunday at their home near Eiqua Thirty, relatives were guests • at a dinner served at the Gabriel home at noon. Mr. and Mrs.-Gabriel-were made particularly happy by the presence of their son, -Virley, of Portland Oregon, whom they had not seen for 34 years. Mr.-Gabriel Is spending several weeks here with his parents and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sipe and family of -Conover were among the'dinner guests. Surprise Party WEST MILTON— A delightful time was enjoyed last week at the hom e of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Honeyman, of near'Milton, when a group of friends gathered at the home and pleasantly surprised Mr. Honeyman on the anniversary of his birthday A delicious dinner was served to the guests and the guest of honor was the recipient of many lovely remembrances. Pleasant sociabilities and a variety of entertainments were enjoyed by those present and a pleasant time was enjoyed by the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Honeyman, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Jay, Mr. and Mrs,. Hay Westfall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Macy, Mr. and Mrs.-Lewis Myers, Mr. and Mrs. JUST THE TICKET For a classy, inexpensive and truly enjoyable vacation. 5 - 3 or 2 days in the GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK. One day to go and one day to return making 7 - 5 or 4 days in all. Tour includes: 1. Rc»ervation at THE NEW RIVERSIDE HOTEL m Gatlinburg, Ten.ii., located in the very heart of the SMOKIES, on the banks of the LITTLE PIGEON i 2. Three appetizing, health building mealg each day. 3. Tramportation from Piqua to Gatlinburg via Knoxville, Tenn., and return. 4. AS hour scenic tour, in an open top bug through the most beautiful wilderness of the southland. This trip may be taken any day desirable. ?;«•^* ie rest of your itay lo be * pent a * y° u w "ki Hiking, Trout Fishing, Horseback Riding, Tennis, Dancing, or just plain resting. Folks this^ is one trip you will never regret or forget. The cost is surprisingly low: 7 DAY TRIP $33.40 5 DAY TRIP j 26.30 4 DAY TRIP ; 22.80 Make your reservations now — See your Greyhound Tour Agent Joe A. Terry DODGE TAXI & BUS GO, HOW. High Sh Phone 282 Fra'nk Westfall, Mr. and"Mrs. David Meyers', Kenneth .Westfall, Lester Myers, and Betty L. Jay. . Birthday Affair •WEST MILTON—' Mrs. • Robert Roetten of S. Miami street,; was a gracious • hostess last, week, when she entertained.a group of children at her home in honor of "the fifth anniversary of her daughter, .Mar garet Ann..-Tiny favors .and: candy were presented the children, upon arrival and the guest.of honor-was presented many lovely, gifts by.her little friends. A variety of games were enjoyed by the gaests, and delicious .refreshments were - served to the following: Marlene Beeman, Bobby -Roetter, . Norma Roetter, Dinah Hall,:Douglas common, Ronnie Roetter, Gary Schinermund, LiBian Ann Beeman, and .the guest of honor Margaret Ann.Roetter. Society Hour •HiBTCHER— The first'ln a series of Sunday'evening Social'Hours was conducted.last Sunday evening at the conclusion of the regular worship hour, with Rev. .and Mrs. Buckland-as the host and hostess at their home, The main activity of the evening was a game, in contest form,-"Categories' 1 with the loosing team-paying the penalty of washing the dishes following the refreshments. Those-enjoying the • hospitality of the BUtklands,- included Mary Stein, Jean Harbau'gh, -Loretta Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gustln, Ralph Miller, Frederick HUI, Charles Lenox, Leonard Gustin and carl Wert. Aid Society FLETCHER— Friday afternoon, July 22, Mrs. John Matthews will be hostess of,the ladles of the Baptist Aid Society at her home at 2:00 o'clock. Devotionals will be led by Mrs. Ward- Reid and the program conducted by Mrs. Isaac Bennett. Plcnlo Supper BRADFORD— Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wissinger entertained with a • STORIES ^IN STAMPS Hunting for <So5d in the Andes . '. . nOUBTLESS the fjvtons of Ecuiidor' panned lor Bold in the rkbcr streams of the Andes long before Pizarro came i« conquest. Gold wan not (hen u«y) commercially, but for adornment, and the Incas oflen directed !arge bodies of laborers la mine under slate orders. The Zaruma mines were first visited by the Spaniards in 1549, when Captain \fercadille. ascended the Tumbez river. Thot same year- the towns of Zaruma and Zamora were founded. In 1541 other sold mines had been discovered on -the Chinchipe river. Later a gold rush was started on the Paute and Upa- no rivers, But in 1599 the Indiana rebelled and destroyed these centers. -Since, these mines have been restored to active production. 1 Today gold. mining h still not a major Industry in Ecuador, but the nation IE known'te|be rich in- undeveloped minerals! Oil is-also assuming increasing importance. Foreign interests are taking new appraisal of the. mining resources. Some predict a resurgence of activity, u is believed that the great deposits /^copper, lead, -silver, ., gold and min erals general' ly found in the Andean .chain are also burled in Ecuador! Shown here en a cur- 'r«nt Ecuadorian stamp i; aplacermlner.' Inc.) JAFFE'S MID-SUMMER •/«*.' OPPORTIM OF YEAR ! Tfl Have you gotten your share of the marvelow bargains? H M(, do so to- inorrow and Saturday, and remember that by helping ywrseK — you help others, The PURCHASE YOU MAKE TODAY WILL KEEP MEN WORKING TOMORROW! During this Sale you car, bty regular 4AFFE QUALITY HER- CHANDISE at less than manufacturer's cost, , CLEARANCE OF SPRING AND SUMMER DRESSES WE HAVE DIVIDED OUR STOCK OF SMARTLY STYLED FROCKS INTO THE FOLLOWIHfi GROUPSi "H Group No. I $3.00 Regularly priced up to $8.95. Group No. 2 $5.00 Regularly priced up to $10.95. Group No. 3 $7.00 Regularly priced up to . ; $12.75 Group No. 4 $9.00 Regularly priced up to $16.75 -SPRING SUITS AND COATS- AT PRICES YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS! , Group No. I $5.00 Regularly priced up to ' $16.75 Group No. 2 $7.00 Regularly priced up to $19.75 Group No. 3 $9.00 Regularly priced up to $22.50 Group No. 4 $14.00 Regularly priced up to $32.50 SPRING COSTUME SUITS $14.00 priced up to 832.50. SUMMER TOPPERS *4.00 Regularly priced at S7.8J. Smart little unllncd toppers to wear over all summtr dresses. SUMMER FORMALS *3.00 Regularly priced up to $9.75. CLEARANCE OF SWEATERS AND SILK BLOUSES Regularly priced at $1.95. CLEARANCE OF ALL SPRING & SUMMER MILLINERY at25c-50c-SI-00 Regularly priced from 81.85 lo $4.05. - CLEARANCE OF SILK LINGERIE - Ladies' Silk Gowni 79' Worth $I.M. Ladies' Silk Gowns •1.39 Regularly prictd at $1.35 and $2.95. Dance Sefs 69 C Regularly priced at Dance Sets *1.39 Regularly priced up • Jo 81.95. Siflc and Satin Chemise 59' or 2 for $1.00 Camellia Crepe Safin or Taffeta Slips 79 C All Silk/ Satin or Crepe Slips Regularly priced at 5L95 and . J JAFFE'S 313 N. MAIN ST. "WHERE STYLE IS INEXPENSIVE" PHONE 854

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