The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLVrHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, • JANUARY 81, 1935 THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS ' C. R, BABCOOK. Editor H W. HAINEB. Advertising Man»jer Sole Nailonal Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Dctiott, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday RA, Eut-eied as second class mailer nt \/y the post ofllco at Blylhcvlllc, Arkansas, under act ot Congress, Oc~V*& lota- D, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES Bv earner In ttie Wly ot TrtvlVwMfte, VSc per neck, or S6.50 per your. In advance, By mall, wllliln a ractiu or 60 miles, $3.00 per vear SI 60 for six months, 85c for three montlis, Sv n't-" I" IMslfll zones two to six, incluSWe, $050 per year; In zones seven and eight, 510.W pei sear, "payable In advance. Wallace. Loo^s Ahead lo a New Democracy Secretary of Auricullui-u Henry A. Wallace believes that llic lime is coin- iiiyr when-we shall have to revamp our political machinery to put economic femocnicy on the fooling of political democracy. Writiiii! in a reeutit issue of Collier's Weekly, Secretary Wallace dips into tlie future ami foresees u new fjovorn- muilal unit, a sort of cross between a ]»esidei)l'rt cabinet ;uitl tt suiiruuw court, existing across the terms of various administrations a ml empowered to toiintl out public sentiment and make decisions on UK; great economic issues of the (lay. Such a unit, he suggests, might consist of lour councillors representing, Ijor and the'consumers. They would be above class narrowness just as the supreme court is above it; Ihey would hold office for terms of a dozen years or moi P, so Hurt the council would not chimge Oolor. ..AviUi each change oif atlminisiration. • * -» JIo»l inijiurlunl, they woukl be empowered to conduct referenda on vital • issues. Suppose, f^v uxiuuple, that the cancellation of war debts, or the wisdom of ccrtaiif "social plannint;" schemes for re-empluymenl, were up for consideration; the council would poll the country, lind out just what the voters would or would not stand for, ,'iiul ^hoii-order it 'tione.,-'"' : •""•" ' Now it is obvious llial such :i proposal as this could not bis. accepted without years of debate 'ami study. The secretary, does not suggest it as a. reform to be adopted day after tomorrow. But in the mere (act of its be'ni£ advanced there is a significant revelation of our growing realization that economic democracy and political democracy arc two separate' things, and that machinery designed to insure the latter does not always Rain Uic former. • : • • When our government was established, it was political democracy thai was all-important. If a man could be governed only l>y laws in whose making he himself had had a part, he was a free man, and the freedom thus gain- ed WHS the only kind of freedom worth worrying about. <• But the course of events moved out from under us. If you arc « business man, for instance, or a mechanic, or an ordinary laborer, your life may be far more dependent on tlie decision of some distant corporation, or on the mysterious mid ' incalculable shift of economic forces, lluiu upon any law that Congress or your slate legislature may pasts. \Vc need some way of putting these things vvttdcv public control. H msiy be that Secretary Wallace's method would bo impractical. !5ut he does us ti service by reminding us that the buttle front of democracy must be extended somehow—if not in bis way, then in another—if Our cherished freedom is lo remain a living reality. —Bruce Cation. Rising New Lincolns When a committee of the Now York legislature met recently to bear arguments about the pending child labor amemlnienl lo the U. ti. constitution, a number of women spoke in opposition to the law. Among them was a lady representing tiiu New York Stale Keonomic Council, an organixatiun of employers; and tins :lady, after declaring that "young people have a God-given right to toil" and that the amendment would "kill llic .spirit of youth," declared herself as follows: "Abraham Lincoln would not have Ijtivn Uw gravi, Lincoln we know if iw. had been handicapped by a child labor amendment." / And the news dispatch describing this affair velnlcs that the women present, applauded warmly. Mnybo . some of us, have had the wrong slant on things. Perhaps Ihe man who hives children to work in factories, in sweatshops and clscwhens is really n public benefactor, after all. He's hiinl at work developing now Lincolns for us . . . and, incidentally, saving himself the expense of hiring adult \vage-earnerK,. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark SlIKPM ©19J3 NEA SERVICE, >NG. JII:I;IN mini'] l,l'. lir,M>lvllSI> oikf, III M silk N, prrtly linil ill, S| IV „•„,! , , Kll],|,»rl tlu-lr Itii'/tIM Cnllu'r, •i'l'HVM NllYI'.ltS, Ml,, a|« 0 \titritM In Ilif mill, auk* firkU- tu i.uirt) l,h,i. Slu- ['niinl.i, in K | te lili,, nn iiii^ucr In ii Ct'iv dci)», (.iilrr llitil fvpnjji^r <inlf KOI-H skrnliif; nil I III' rlfl'r. KW* HirniiKlj ilir E,'|. :INI! N ri'M.|Jftl lj>-. JIUIAN '' ill-nil, hljlll Mil' ,iilll link 1 c<i «»;i \vliHe he Ki'lH li <Tir Inn ivJirn fu- i-i-turu* slip. Itrlnn Pitis i-iini rin^ In rnrlx, u-vi-r In- riUl iirMlniTil in "We haven't met one really inlelligunt uerson. us well have staved at home." .•''! We may THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Forgusbn According lo my \\iiy ol thinking, i\ liberal Is a person who (loci not. imagine himself lo be God, endowed vvllli omniscience capable ot snying llic light thing and dolnu llic right tiling for hinnanily, always nml everywhere. —Piof, Clmrtcs, A. Bcnid, historian. * * =f= I am surprised tit, Mr. (All Smith. He has forsaken the brown derby ol democracy fur Hie high lial ol Puritanism. —-The Key. Or. Oliarlcs Fruncls I'otler of New York. * * * Women ol today stnin llicir (Ingcrnalis In such « manner thai llicy resemble Hie claws of u tiycr lipping U]) sheep. —Pint. Curl J. LKicnsse of Brown University. * * * Women have become independent ami more scU-nsscittvc. which curries with il a domiuiv- . lion o( character, with freedom or liablu so expanded that It frequently obliterates their sex. —Givlclon Simon, crlmlnologlsl. CAPfU-ARV TUBES OF THE HUMAM BODY, PLACED END TO, END, WOULD'" SPAt4- THE ATLANTIC K fe*& 6os«^., :ONO€R-SeA GARDEN.. ALL THE ABOVE FLOWER-LIKE SPECIMENS ARE ANIMALS/ (ANEMONES, SEA-FANS, ANCu__PpLYPS) TUBEWORM: rk In lilt' mill. VICJKV •|'IIA'irili:il. iliU'KlUfr nt 11011- i:ti'r 'I IIA'H IICII. Kfiiornl m.-m- ni;cr ol llu* inUI, M'liriiH'ft tu CIILI- llvjilr llrlnii. llrliiu si'i'i, l.'nlc In llic mill : m ,l rri'it^iil/i'it IKT. .Veil evening ulu>,i hhp rninrh I rriui unrL nlu> Minis ilrinii \vnlllnK. lie- n«Un U li|. ITIII Milllt huisLv »llh ter. ,\0\V <;() ().\ WITH Till! STOIIV OIIAI'TEH XIII I)UIAN WKSTMOnt! wns svulilue for tiis anssvcr. (Julc Itncw everyone wns ivutclv IJIK tlicjii, A HLreum ot meci mm \vuinen w.iii iiD\n'lng from llie inlll rintl (J;Ui; caufi] fctrl ilicir cyea on her. Slic couhl inm^ine wlial Lliey were Kuyluu, too. Her cheeks (InslicO. Antl llrian \\ r cy[]noro lilooii llierc, Of Hie "Steve Moy«n> If you're IryiiiB a Iw Insulting you're cortnlnly succeeding." "I notice you liavon'l answered any ot my questions." "And whin's more I don'l intend lo, Since when hfU'o I.been obliged lo account lo you for llic people I speak lo. I'll talk to lirlnn West' more or anyone- else aa oflen as 1 vs'aul lo!" "So you did make u.dale wllh him? You're Bolus oui with him!" "You can't lulk to me like tliat!" Gulo's Tare was \vliilc now. "You's'P no right to say such things!" OUT OUR WAY By William^ .She said. "I —I'm sorry 1ml—" and then slio saw yu-ve, not n dozen yards ahead. He had uirneil and was looking hack at her. "There's someone waiting (or inc." Gale wem on (illicitly. She raised her head, inei Drlan Wcstiuoio's eyes dll'CClly, "Oh, I see. Well, gooil-iiiglil—' Ills smile was jusi as friend]} as lie moved nway. Cale noticed how well lie carried himself, lie was aluiosi as Ing as Steve, onls fitraiyhler. And .losle was filjonl II; lie ecrlainiy was good looking. Tlicvc was stilt color In Halo's clirckii as she hurried ahc'ad lo meet Steve. "1 wondered it you wailed." 'die began. "I didn't see yon—" "\o. I guess you didn'i." .Steve was; moving beside her now l>ui liiero waa something tiucer libmiv lite voice. ' Calc ylanccd at him side-wise. Slic sn[d. "1 sun- \rntv yon heard about Connie Dan man fainting this afternoon?" "Yes. 1 heard ahont H." Soinc-llilng wra drMiniiely wrong Slerc didn't look ai her. Ilia voice wa.i (lai. almost cold. 'I'licy walked in silence lor u few inoincnls and then he turned abruptly, "Well." he said, "aren't you Koini; to lell 1110 I'.bout it?" "About vvhal? About how yon hapnoii to .ho so riondly willi lirian WeslmorcV" "Klcve!" "Well, yon arc. iii'en'l yon? -aw you lalkin:; lo him. smiling ilni. Yon must ho on pretly good onus. 1 didn't know you were si *•<;!! acquainted." Uale slopped. "You've no risli o say Ihings like llial." she began Sieve inleiTii|>lcd before she couli eoniltntc: "Oil, Imvcn'l I? I suppose if nothing when lhe son of tlic owner 2TUVK'S voice was level, danger o'^ly level. "You seem to lie orgettliiK," lie siild. "thai I asked •on a rweslioii a few days ngo. An niporlanl question. Yon promised ne an answer pud I've been waling for It—" "Then you can have II right now i'ui not Koing to innrry you—ever! I—1 (hough! I would once, but I've cliaiiKCd my mind, You've changed It for mo—right now. I wouldn't marry a man who didn't Ivust me ,iml you tlon'i or yon wouldn't say things you've Lecn Baying. I didn't know you could be so unjusl and cruel niiri lialetnl!" "And 1 didn'i know you were Ihe kind of sirl to fall for a rich gu> wilh a line—a fiuy wlio iIoesn'L ill in!-: you're any hcltci 1 than llifc ilirl under his tecl!" With btaziiif. eyes the sirl facc-d hini. "\Vlll you please leave me,' she said. "I don't care lo hear the things you're saylm; nnd I don't wanl lo be seen willi you. Not over again. I wouldn't havo believed yon could talk tlie way you have If I hadn't heard It with tuy own cars, sow T'vc hcari} H iuul I hopo you'll cave." "I certainly will, if yon feel that ay," ."It's cxadly llic way I foci." Tlic-lr eyes met and held. Steve aid, in a voice suddenly lowet (,ale fljook her head, forcing a smile. "No," she salu, "I'm not irylng, Katie. U'H Just llmt l'v u —cot a cold. Oh, dear, I'm going i 0 Biice/e!" Slio dried licr eyes with the haml- kerclilcr. "I'd love lo play willi yon," tjhe went on, "InR I Irai'o dozens of Ihlngs lo do. Some oilier time, iliougli—" 'I'hoy walked wll]i her. cliatlor- ing. until they reached the Henderson house. -Dusk had fallen but llierc wa» no lielil In tlic hone?. Uale let herself III and called, "Fallicr!" "Yea." lie was silting in liin favorite cliair before a window looking out on the slrcel. "I saw you coming," liu said. "\Yha were Uic chiklvcn with you?" "Two of the little O'Connors." Gale was nutting away her lint ind coat. She said, "It's so dark n hero, I'atlicr, you can't .see anything. You ought to have a llglu." I like it heller Mii5\way." lie (old her. "Cold nit. Isn't HV" "Yes, itrclly cold." "There musl he qulle a wind. I uoiicc-tl I! 1 .'? v.T.y lt\e ivecs live beiul- Ing." lie paiib'cd and then went on. "Steve didn't walk home willi yonV" "NV." "HlciVn a good hoy, finlc. A lino boy." Ho paused as though Ihero were somttliing more lie wanted I') say. but evidently changed bis mind. I Ml \ lf "" g OF MOLLU5KS DO NOT GK.OW/ THERE IS NO LIFE IN TH£M, BUT THEV ARE MADE AND ADDED TO BV THE UWDERLVIMG SKIN. t-3 >^f.V.-.M The shell of n incllusk' is strfr.iiialy ivee fvom Ihc skin. However, i Is lhe skin thai constantly is making fresh contributions and iniirs- to the slicll. N'KXT: On what docs lhe tolur of Ibb Cliiiicse primrose (U-piind 1 . 1 NOW TH' SETS TOUGH W|D N TH' SHOVEL— DOWM HE GOES—WtD A COUPLE SHOTS IN MM I MOW THER TELL1M 1 ' TH' EM61MEER TO SLOW ER VEARS TOO SOON • Injured Hip joint Most Difficult to Heal Properl) KY pit. .noiiiiis i isiiiii;i\ Kditor, Junrnal of tbr Arnt-ru-an Assin-ialiull, and nf Hy- Kria, llic Ilcallil iM.aqa/in^ rtn injury lo lhe lilp joint Is i Hint you mini; I lit "'leg' buck. : 5. Lying on your back, kg cm Uicci^ of powdered riiriilion'rd, mo' .lh<: ]i'j< directly .Mdcu'iv.i, willioi liltiiijj liu: font. x<'i'!>*nt$ ;, -k;i of the my^L wriou.s J'on can Millrr. straiyhl ;tw] fool \\\i. it i.s iv ball anil socket ] joint, it. dtK'.s not move; as f-;i\ily, because; tlie socket is (lui-pi : and the .slructurcs moving in Uu- joint are Icargtr. "You've snro yon mean T ATKIl. over lhe evenln; .-"Uale Uiouehl her faUrer loolsetl lircd lint he denied It. He'd been feeling unusually well all day. he said. Put on his coat ai uooii and took n tew slciw outdoors to set a bi'calli ol air. "How i'.hout a yante of *!nUbagc tonight?" Tom Henderson asked his son. "I'll hike yuii on." Phi] told him. Gale, clwu'iug Hie Iciblc autl heating dish water, was pleased. She w-as (;lad lo fuive Phil at home. ( to have Him ciilcrtnluing liicir "Every word of il!" fatlier. lie besilaicd au insiaiu. Tlien be j She heard the cribbase players alt), "Ml rigVil— Vm soins." am! il;eepiiig score as she hung uway nt'iied and walked back loward the ,iill. Clale went on i-apiilly. her head icld liigli. She was angry at Sieve ml angry at herself because sh ; -' knew some of llio lliinss Steve had aid worn irne. I'eoplc would lalk jliuut her conversation \vilh IJi-fan n^wt ol the O'Connor clvilnm: • iilaying in tlie yaril ay Onle passed—a litlic glrlVand a boy a few ye;u-:T younger. CJale wa.i a favorilc with the children because sometimes she loh] them slorle.i They saw her .now and came run u inn. "H'lo, C.'ale!" "L'oinc 'n play with ny—!" Stic sliook her lieEid, "I'm sorry, honey. I can't touiglu." "Aw, please!" "Xo. I have work lo do." The liltle girl caught her "Why,,'re crying!'' 'she tlic ilruiip tea le'vcls anil put the dish pan.on its hook. Neither her duller or ['iiil looked np as cue slipned fr-, m tlic room. Stic vent Into her bedroom and cio.ieil Uic door. There wiiy no mpun i-juit;lii, but Gate went 10 tlio windi.-.v iiiul pi-nssfil licr fnci) ugaltiol the pane. Tlie darkness ,vas comfoMiiig. A big slar. liang- ins jiisl over me root tops, blinked at her. i ^ .The slar ;;!iiminered .cuticingly and i'litldenly its bai't] 'iiylit Eecmcil cruel. Cruel aiul uiijusi as Steve been. Hot tears, fell on Gale's cheek ami she linisheil tliein asiile. Sbo slaved out at the Ktar and tlie. black sky. Klie was an^ry at Steve — but that wasn't why slic was cry' of Ihe mill hangs around llic cm- Jslartlod. "There arc tear! 1 In employes' entrance, willing lor one ei'ea. i)ld sonicotic linn you'!" tlioushi. : "I wonder why t'cfiltuorc wauled lo wall: I 'wish—" pcnnil herself lo Gale ISrian arni i lionic '.viih me. sail!'I' Kiie wouldn't your i titii'-Jt llic 5chleuc<?. (To lie Continued) - 'arents Blamed in Stlldv Ichllil's Iir=. He blamed both au- I. Vainlals D'anmgc ISooiic Home " " . " lu "Jf itliorlltcs ami the public tot Uw i HEADING, "a. lUPi-Tte Ws- Ui Crime LoiirSES! large nninl:cr of criminals at kirfif. i tolic; 'hcinc oi Dajiicl Howie in ^ ' He denounced "i);iUnif\]i:im," ILXCIL-I- it)',vnyhip lias liuen clainu^- UAl.TI.MOHIi. UII'i —Failure .jt I "emotional hysteria." and ."stupid . cd by yantlals, wiio smnrilictl win- "msntaUly" as roslcrlns cyim-' dews nml dcors ,ui\d marred tHe iiml growth. With rare excsptions, , inurior lie acidcd, rffornialory - S'jnlrnrjr:; [ r.^Liinat.' arc: failures. '. : ',' : ,'.Illiiii , ? Iteliteun Vjlitvcs U«; "l«!-\l«V«>- cius to renv their children iropL-rly has Ijecn tiartialty responsible for growth of llio crimlnul eleiucnl.'i, Jiiinc-, M. irqibrun. man- ot..,th; iilldlng. Polite d ' Hie (Ininsigi; at mmu . tor" is tho most proniising -hLsLru- Criminal Justice Commission, believes. Hcpbron said hr: believed rape- j the inception ot cial can: slKuild be !>li-.>-.TVi:d by |',-.vr- ' cuts during llic I' six years of a J Ucud Courier News OUR BOAKOING HOUSE fiUHrr-printiiUj'. Waul Ad •A bottle set adrift on tile eastern coast of liio United States in April, -.1(131, was recovered mar : ii;umH::vk:sl., N'ur,v f ,iy, ',» rccyrd ol ,4551! miles in CiB days. Lie on yonr back, .same us exercise o. except Uii't. you brit lilt: Ici; ill- 7. Lie oil (he gouil sitli', op'-'ralpr holds llic alfcclcti |c^' up, knee Therefore, an injured hip joint [Straight, «OR- bring it down lo'lhc fs more tUincnlL l« tom-tt th-.mtolVrer leg- an injured slionlder Joiiil. . ... After tlie lorn tir damaged j «. Sit with kticc.s bent, legs tissues luive becu. licak:i. tlic j hanging, rab'o [lie. It-rj lo lhe side doclor or pliyslqllierapiM tries tolirtvuy from tin- other li'i;. kccphig rchtoto ntotion by rcpiodnnn- tlie i knees loDCliier. movements common lo llic joint] 9. Sit with legs ininjiiii;, rake in time of licallh, They involve)tlic leg across in front o[ I\K olli- rotaliiig tin; leg inward and out- cr iq, 1 lo ll:c knee. tlic leg ii[>M!!l mid 10. Lie on your tack, heels oil Blending it. | powdered cardboard. kncr.s at 'Ulcsc inoisons arc iari.r;< 0!;l -, riijitt nnsict, ttraighirn tlir, • and ifturn lo Urtl [i^^ilion- II. Lie on sour b.n-k. .slraiRlil, laiijC both •luwly and Mradlly. but i lie iiolul where tliey arc etibtcd by llic iKilicnt. Tliu following exercise-:JtntnciKlcd: 1. Uc lace ,s lo ni: aiiisle ot 00 tlcsitcs and mov<- ihcni forward und Iwc-k. ullrriiatini;. Me on MIUI- !i.u-k, fcuKc llils tlie leg (Hie knee straUiih a you force H down. 3. Lie MI tide tu be ^.,. a ple« ol pondeied cirrtboji-i nn-'i iler the lea. Ihs opcral'i, i,. olhcr ]•;«. Nu-,v liritie UH- llio clKit. 4 Sam? ,'.^ exercise .;, 11 Bland, si.\ t .|) (t cloli lor sup oorl; swin hip. ' Ons u! the tcU . hip Joint I; bicycling. i f , Jm lui !h Aheui 1VE 1 NOW,UST&N~- ENOU6V\ O' THIS HOUSE J—-VOUVE SPOUTED HORSf AROUND V\t^E'\JNT1 LWERt So WEW,Y OT- IT, NOBODY WILL . TOUCH THEIR 'BREAWi\feT OWS '•'•. ANYMORE GAFF AfeOUT VUrA, AND rLL SNAvP A ^^CTET^, ON YOU AND TROT YOU DOWN TO H\S BAP.M," "FOR YOUR WINTER QUART&KSV | v HxJ r *-H fV—x COME ^ LO N G ', IMl ^-^--l^^l WITH rAE-YO ,V ^. -^=£L -^.^g M/XRKET / TLL SAY NSO MORE ABOUT NOT PURSE V<>EE.P 'ROTl-\ ,]i MYSELF-/ < (I HAVV- (BETTING HIS TRACK'

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