The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1935
Page 3
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Firs! fiaplisl Church Is Conciuclinu Vigo »• o u r, P.filargemenl Campaign Dr. Alfred Carpenter, pitstor of Hie First nnj)list churclt. Is loading his chiircli In a movement, to enroll 1000 members 1i) !)».• Einiclny fchool, lie Is roniliicling tills week a;i Intensive Sunday scliool enlistment iind enlargement cainjiixtgn. Several or (lie lending ivorkor.s in the .stain tire assisting htm. These include Miss Wlila Maybrcy antl Mrs. Hugh Keagan, of l.lttle Rock; Mrs. E. Rawllngs, of Pine Tilun; Rev. A. C. RucltOfT, of Piggott, niul Rev. Edgar Williamson. of I'ara- eonld. / More ' than 2300 possibilities for the Sunday school have been .located. Of Uils number 4W nre enrolled in the school and 1009 are cither meinbsrs oV tile church, havj c-xprKwd a preference Sor the church, or have no church prcler- Mice. Every member of the school not present li«t Sunday will be communicated with (liiriDjj this wcr-k and every member present, last Sunday will lie urged to be present tills Sunday. Every prospective- member locn ted in the recent church census will be given an urgent invitation to attend Sunday school next, Sunday morning. The attendance goal set for next Sunday morning Is 500. In order to take cute of the Increased attendance the present or- nanteatlo:i is being enlarged aiic" strengthened. Additional classes will lie formed and everything necessary arranged in order to care property for every member of the family. "Our school," said Dr. Carpenter, "offers a graded program especially prepare dfor every age, In a modern Sunday school building with eight, departments and more than fifty class rooms. The Bible Is magnified and taught by consecrated and trained teachers. A real CiTris- tian welcome and fellowship awaits all who enroll in our Sunday school and we extend a cordial invitation to every one in-BlythevIlle not a member o[ another church or Sunday school to attend our Sunday school next Sunday morning." Inspirational meeting's are iy'nv held every night, this v,-cek. Tonight . at 7:30, Rev. Edgar Williamson. will speak on, "flow to Enroll jooo Members in First Baptist Sunday School." After the general conference, department conferences will be conducted by the special ivork- ers. Earl Sisco President of Etowah 4-H Club The Etowah 4-H Club held Its first meeting for 193!) Wednesday, January 30, Officers plroteii this year nro: Envl Rlsco, president; Willie Ifnlon-iiy, vlw-president ,• Opnl Mn<l(>, fvrrcinry; .llmmlo ulottw; reporter; Mrs. II, ,1. Meadows and Ugo Pon'osler, lo- rnl sponsors; Amy nichardson and lliei' Wlldy, (jioup cnplalns, nml Mnmy .llfchardson, Thclinn True- !ove mid Corn Tiiielove, song ca])- tnlns. After rlFctlon of oltlcetn pin us were miule for a number of netlvl- iies for the future. Troy Miillins. assistant county agent, gave n slioii discussion on cine nnd management of a pit; project. Or Stand On Feet Knees and Ankles ' Were So Sore and Stiff; With, 'Rheumatism, Stomach C;ins- erl Constant "Trouble; Like A New Person After The Second Ro\ Of GI,Y GAS "I put Gly-cas to a real test on my case and it did even more than 1 evp»cted.'> sud Mrs, Mane Keslar, 528 South Fifth St ktokuk. In. -Most of my lite; my Blomnch COURIER NEWS How Caiotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Bad Cold Millions have found In CaloUbs a wost valuable aid In the treatment or colds. They take one or two tablets th« first night and repeat, the UHr« or fifth night if needed. How do Caiotabs help Nature tlirow off u cold? First, Calotabs are ono of the most thorough and ilp- pwdnblo of all Intestinal eUmllianls. thus cleansing the Intestinal tract of germ-laden muciu and ivxlnes. Sfcond, Calotnbs are diuretic to tin kidneys; promoting the elimination of cold poisons from the blood. TJiua C-alolabs smc Dio double purpose of nm1 iliurolk'. both of . which are ncrded In tlm (refitment are qmto economical; of colds. Calotabs only twenty-five conla for Hie family package, ten cents for Uie Irial package. (Adv.) MRS. SIAKIE KESLAR had troubled me, had no appetite and the foods I ate caused distress Bloated, became sick at my stomach and vomited often. This made a nervous wreck of me but what caused intense .suffering was the rhumatims which settled in my Knees and ankles, so stiff and sore I could hardly walk or stand on my feet_i couldn't endure it nnd «:><l to give up my work-happened onto Gly-cas and it was wondcr- "It is truo I am like a new ner- *n Md )urt Bnbhcd my sce^'d box,' she continued. "My stomach mipmw grw,, y „„„ r ^™ o ft* r ± VCd ' ll * "onferful to feel 50 good again nnd get about £ ° thefrs ; ) . if o" 1 *' "-eryon know of this new Cily-cas. Oly-Cas Is sold by Kirb pn,g Co., this city, alltl by "* St ° r " '" CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S I5EST COAL SUPERIOR COAL « MINING CO. Phone 700 YOUR HEALTH POWER SHRINKS IN WINTER You get less cxwriso— fresli air—in winter. What sun there is is sickly. No woiiili'j- ytiiir boij.v ^ets run-down"—K pi-ey to illness lla-in huililinj; lir.-iltli now—with MnKEssoN's VITAMIN CONCI-N- TIIATK TAULKTS m- COD LIVKH On,. Tliese cliocolatc-coated tablets liriiiK you mi nljiinilaiirc uf vitii- mms A and II. A helps you resist infection. D |>roviilr.s the "sunsliiiie v;ilues" your lioily craves in winter. Kneh laliU-t liriugs vnu nil tlir vitamins in one li'uspacinful (if U.K.I'.X.d'evi™! l!i:M)<:«i| l.ivcr Oil, ns well ns vnluubln siipiilic.s of calcium and pliosphwus. Six lalj- lets daily will lielp reslore vonr summer strength anc! vitality." Don't drafr iliion;;|i winter fec-1- ni(; weak and wretched. Take these tablets every day and build « reserve of health.'liny them at any goorl druK store. Ono dollar for each tiottle of 100 .MCKKSSON VITAMIN II.KTK FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE OKI-T Showing of Spring Shoes VITALITY Susan are more chnrinlni; limn ever. Blue Kiel, lirown and Held Mouse combination, Brown nixl White combination, tics, pumps nnd straps, all slze.s, 3 to 10, widths AAAA to C, $6 Girls' oxronns $5 Johnson, Stephens and Shinklc Novcity Shoes FASHION PLATE SHOES ni'C chcwn in all tlie wauled colors and styles. They nrc noted for tliclr excellent nitlug qualities. All sizes ami widths. $6.75 Slices Fancy Texas Seedless ANP. SATURDAY amtmwm for l'lt !•• Blllll liBlhiii UMMiiM.liJLjU A beautiful line of Shot's ill $5 You really cannot appreciate these shoev until you see them. They come in Drown and Beige combination, Heigc and Brown trim, Brown nnd White combination, side ties, pumps and straps, all sizes and widths. \V« Fit Your Feel or We Do Not Sell You New Economy Shop Ingram l!I(ig. I'hone !I51- Potatoes U). - 2'/ 2l WliJIts. 1,1). WEEK END SPECIALS Bromo Quinine 25c Ovaltine 39cl Murine 49c 39c Ipana Tooth Paste Sal Hepatica, 60c size Crazy Crystals $1.13 25c Ms Tooth Paste 15c Prostilla 29c [ Argotane 11.13 Auto Clock "CLIP THIS COUPON — if not delighted to gain NewYouth , Put Life in Glands, iNewOvenrightWayi 1•*& Jk ?'r°^J™ c J REAL Men Adratrcd Dnn't he o!-l at -10. Wo vounc urHij 70. Take A <!'" c*very 03T«1!.\. lu-aults Itcxin ovcr- nijtht. Doctors iier.! tooysier"mwl"l>iit to ivonrfcrfu] orsatiir clfmcnL^ m oyslera nhKti ('qviecntr RlrkniN orpins, reftf nc-ratc Llootl. NowOSTRKXEsn.lviaest.rrfpntwl from raw oysters, government imiwcleti. Conla ins Klsml >n%HKorntora 01 o\)!cra in COSCKNTRATEU (otm; nfi bJjoS rfgcnEralitig Ircn and 2 flemcntit aflvi*r<3 ly famous ArarncAn Univrraity Doctor who *ays ibey prolong the prirtw of (iff. Start now for n«w youth, OSl'ElEX taWtia lavKwalo shntb. W«x1. orKan^ of Iwth scics. Get pwt^e (icrctoJsv.Tatft at meals and bcoliinc. It not defiRhtw. K i Razor Blades For Gem, Evcrroady or Gillcftc 5 in Package 3 Pkgs, 19c Cod Liver Oil Norwegian Pint59c I I i i i i SPEaAUhis week 79c. J VALENTINE CANDY JfCctoB Other Candies 25c 39c 49c KIRBY'S MAIN AT BROADWAY MAI NAT SECOND -'>«. f«r OT^ Country Club M-0/. ' Hot(ie Vi'llow (ilnlics 1AC .'{ Uis. LU PRUNES l0vail()ritL a. 6° BABY FOOD. .{"£"„„ 25 C COFFEE Jewel, Ib 20c ...58c Vctjctiihlc •SOIIP aad Dressin cg..^^^^^.-^..-. f-r-TTT, , u , ||||B , BM , , IIHIL, JL..I_'J_ UJ _ Ke iu'y ,Syni|) I.(,'C. 2!^'Can Wesco <li. ftov - - t7e FRESH BREAD'Sir CLEANSER ""VS F APPLE SAUCE ( W CHERRIES PEACHES ^TSl [> - *• G - 10° nCHnr:s Id TATS! IP " eil17 - UrtlOLir I,g e . Jilc; S FRESiEGGS KRAUT ,,«. n c ,,, If H1ND-ON, Pound .... WEINERS and FBANKS. Pound «y Price - New Package aB!8irgTOBB^^ Pepsodent Tooth Paste 39c Antiseptic Kc 79c CHOICE K. C. BEE THICK KI»;;u>. - . - RISKKT, 1,1,. .... 12 i/, c CRS found tGteiE&;^^ ^ am^frerei;,/. ^j oa if)3 ^i' "K>"O>Pat* guarantee, PRICfUSS IhfOBMATIWI S^TT5i\ ~ ror Ihososuffering frow »*jS«l\H OM ACtlOR DUbDF.N.Vf. •n»*yotcEHS. poon Dinf.s- KOmC STOMACli! l pAS.s1' Young and Tender Kresh. Full Dressed Pound !j!:. 1 i li ''' r -.r.ssNi'.ssi' l 'oR"nE.ti': g HtS, DUE TO EXCESS ACID. 5 SUPER ]) 39c79c$L29 Tablets - 49c •—^—^—nmima EXTRA SPECIAL Coty Face Powde

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