The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1937
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1937 •Prayer BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PXGE THREE I And now, Jo mark the close of clay, comes the evening prayer. All kneeling, the five mile Diormes fix And now Hie five little girls treop oil lo bed. Mostly Iliey crawl Into the side-tarred cots 'by Ihem- jlheir eyes on the wall-picture of the Child Jesus and repeat their little prayers. Note tlie rapt exprcs- selves as Yvonne Is doing til left, but a Ijoost comes In handy now and then, ns Annette Is finding onl. Isions of Yvonne, Ceclle nnd Annette r.t left. But Marie has turned-to exchange some silent secret look A bed 'for each child, and tlicn one of (he nurses will also take her plnce lit the bedroom for the night. Nurse Noel. Einllie beside Marie maintains tlic correct attitude. On tills note of innocent dc- ! It is nearly 0:30 and 1 the children are volion each day closes. tired and usually wann blankets. quite ready to crawl bencntti the AU tucked In now, snug nnd warm, It. will bo only n mnlter of minutes' before those bright eyes with which .Yvonne nnd'Annette peer from the. blankets will be clostd In sleep, mien quiet.en- folds the nursery, and the Dlonnc quintuplets Imve completed another dny. ILIFE OF HE HE LOHEI JPIISER ew Come Now to • Pay Their. Respects to Former Gsrman Emperor By HIII.TON' HKONNER I NE A ' Sen-ice StaiV Correspondent J .LONDON.—The ironical picture •of Wiyiaui. ex-German Kaiser, Ifeeding that ham! that bites Sim. lis currently on view in the littte • town of Doom in Holland where Ithe. broken old man—hi- was 73 tpars 'old last 'jarjua/y and.after lliis attack'--of'tirr h'asn't fflf'sfrona lenough to go on chopping wo:xl— lekes out an exitsence that gets llonelier ail the time. I For William Hoheuzollern has • become, in spite of himself, one |of »" s(annchest individual SUD- William Ilohcnzollcrn I porters of (he Nazi regime, ft regime which, has apparently sun!; :'j;prcssion of ho-.v low William's stock has fallen in the land that once worshiped him. For there rules in Germany to;lay an Adolf Hitler, who cares little for tlie old German and Prussian monarchy and who declares tSat Nn-<idom is not lor thi year or Hie decade, but for one thousand years. Speaking of that length of time. it is costantly borne in on- the ex-kaiser fiat the little Austriin- eorn coroorel in a Bavarian raiment achieved in fifteen years what it took thn ElobcnzDllerns a Ihou- sand years to secure—the ninst-ry of Germany. • Hitler did it with speechifying, with his private Brown shirt tirmv, vith th.e bra\vls cf his braves in tr.eir encounters with the Communists in the streets of Berlin and elsewhere. The Hohsnullcrns did it by marriage, by sly diplomacv, by kow- towis^ to more powerful princes bv^vRrs. It was a farm- from tlvit GA'abinu Cjiuit who built himself a castle at 7-ollern. Tji- the "ontury his ofTsnring were Btir- ?raycs of Nuremberg: in H15 one of Item became Minrriv of dnibur": fn 1101 the Hc-henznlleriT" b"£Tn brings Kin^s of priK^ia anr ehs Euccps'iful Franco-Prussian wn vheri the Prussian Kin--! WPS cio'vn- ecl Geniioi E'vraror a', V?rer.ille3 The former kaiser. v. r ho for the nast 18 years of exile in Holland.: had so much time to r?;»--' German, books, is nnd'!" in delusions' rr ill'-sious ahaut Hitler. .He km"-I h" Fuehrer has no cven-vsenin^' Jove for mr>r"irc-is especially Germ-in mcnnrcrs. TMs co'ilenvt for tl ° Hapsburt;'! c.r Au c tr'a i^ .-••••- I1 sr.cfl 'over airl ovnr in his "Miln K"inpf, bibb for Mi\zi-rnlcd Ger- m^ny. ' • By indirection in tlie same baok, he took a mialHy crack at the ox- ilcd kaiser. He wrote that Ilia worth of tlie monarchial itlca did not lie-in the person of the monarch himself, excspt'wben providence- put the crown' 1 on the Inin- ples of heroes of genius, like-Frederick the Great and W.illiam the First. But, added Hitler, that hir>- P"iis once, in centuries, an--} not. oHen»!-. That nea^lv 'let AVjJ •» Second out-ii'i the" col'S."' Thc,-dngi-ee to j which ; has fallen j;;'.s]io™ : ;lv.-i ll:n fact.'thai't'hs'es-'k'als'ir'sj 'fourtii! '01...prince iAii^ist •, \yilllpiin'— \ Auwi' 1 —now a ti"n' of, 51 is itlcS-' elsd' to l-'i Kn ofTicei-'i:i''lh'n !! 'i;n?.i; BroViirrKliirt; nrmy. n; mqmh^r icf, the raiiber stainp ; 'Nnd ^Kiichstiua a sturtip' sweater'in'itibHtlca J l ; rnni- i"isns. and'a, collector for: Hitler. nintcr'relief fuiitls; ''.; >• •"• l •,.'''.'; j Canfaiiis '.iiml Itinjs 'i>t pilri'f Nazidom .nlso :S*enSs' tf> Itjavc. ip'ti! a crimn into all thc/nccasVipgl .imps r i;i 1' tjisnlay.-1 he n'sifle) usrd.' ib! pui I " • " • "" ' rr - —- «. --j-x Northern Ruler* |i HORIZONTAL 1 Ulcer. 6 The pictured ruler, King 10 To deem. 12 Tea. 13 Oldest. 15 Sailor. 17 Before. 18 Right. EO Negative. 21 Sixth musical note. VI Tone B. 23 Grain. 25 Prodigal. 31 Hawk's disease. 33 Eagle's nest. B4To bellow. 3D Point. 37 Anise liquor. 3D Golf teacher. Answer (o Previous Puzzle her child. 22 Furtive watcher. 23 Poems. 24 Lean. 25 To undermlnj 20 Indian viceroys. 27 To go to bed. 28 French. 29 Opposite of bottom. 1^-30 His son Olav is prince. 32 Pottage. 35 A poison. 37 Sloth. 38 Hour. 41 To renovate. 43 Artist's frame .4 6 Fen. a prayer. C To perform. 52 2000 pounds. 7 Sound of 53 To move side- pleasure, wise. 8 Arabian 54 Measure. . shrub. 55 Indians. 57 Chum. ••; O ii. . 58Amber. 'til Weird, i 10 Electrical unit co H C rules .. 14 street. ' 41 Stream. 01 King's home. 15 Form of. "a." 42 Anger. VERTICAL 17 He was • 44 Southwest. 1 Therefore. king. 15 Cupola. 2 Music drama: 19 Pertaining to 47 Thorny bush. 3 To vex. .the murder of 58 Sun god. BO Last word of 4 Finish. a mother by 59 Northeast. 9 Orange flower 48 To tear slitches. 49 Moasure of cloth. 51 Plateau. 55 Upon. 50 South America Accru'd- <xl Recognition at Hot Springs Blvllifvllln's Business and Pro- f^v'on.i] Wnmen's cU'b was one M five in Arkansas which achieved !00 per cent membership renewal In Ihe raifl year. It was announc- "'I si IV annual state convention in Hot Knrings which open-d vrcfrrtav. Dlulomas were awarded cluljs at Ford>'cc, Hope. O7,->rk, Ke-ws. and B'vllievllle foi- this. Cfficers elected for the new "ear are: Miss Allen Murrye nf 'Kile Rock, nresiilent; Mrs. n. B.- Pavpr^ of MoiTillon. first vice- president; Miss Vera Green of lr "i i dyu, second vice-president; Miss Fidelia Amos of Iltt'e Rock, recording .secretary, nnd Miss Gcn- "••'i-vo Harmon of Russellville. treasurer. In an address, \vhfch wa; broadcast. Mlsi Charl O. Williams "' Washington, national president of the Business owl Professional V/rmen's clubs, said in part: "Woman's nlace in business and he professions has'been quite as ic'cwnrlhy as that of their male ollca'°ues. The trouble is the tale las never been told. "It is mv firm belief that the •tcti's of men and women will be idjuslcd in the decades to come o that each sex will render its »!r"i'm service to our socia veil-being, nnd each will get his or her share of recojnitlon. "Marriage should be no bar to women who have trained themselves in their profession. Mnnj (iincs the married woman has r contribution to make that tin world cannot afford lo do without. And it is not necessary foi (hem to become parasites be cause they are married. 'I personally protest any at tempt to deprive women, m'arrict or single, of their right to work. once and for nil time, any hop?/ the ex-kaiser might have felt o; j re-ascendincT the throne of his fa-1 I'thers. bJ William is forced to suppor -* I Nazidom because of the 'fanioj--- Schacht restrictions on ihe expo^| of German money. The ex-kaiser • big properties in Germany i' make him an exceptionally rit ' German. But. with increasing firmness, not to say insolence, the Na/,is have been insisting on his obedience to the currency laws. He can't draw money from Germany any more in any sizeable amounts. Therefore, to make use of his Gi" • man revenues, the ex-kaiscr is obliged to take It out in trade. That Is why the good burghers of Doorn these days arc witness-' > ing trucks of coal, shipments of veselnblcs and meat, all made In | Germany, pull up before the cx- ' Riser's backyard gate. The kaiser '.i»',f trying to say it with cabbage and tXUi Germany is drawing the profits. HoliMuollcrns Onldonc . ; • This liiimiliallni; picture t.s c W» , .9 11 in order to 'kid'iilmsslt,'he was ' still 'a i|Jqteiita|!ij: .Kislit ;years r("r< •nanv of us cofrespoiid^lits^ staiid- i s in t're deep snow around Haus oorn. R"\V a uretty poo^ imita- ^ -n of the katsor's cood old davs Vis pin', hi* opiiM-als. m^nv of th° 'ormcr veijuin? princes of Germnn ti«i<!s r.am3 to be with him on the Cth «piii"--"-sory of his Wx,th. 'lliov ' nn all finned 1|n j n i n jii| nrr lin j. forms—wrich hi<l nevn. ,, en (),-, ^"'rt. 'J'liwc was a nrintecl re' of Ti-i-s drawn up bv the exile him- 'flf in whirh conduct. d"-^5s and -"rfi"oninl were nil nr«scrilw1. For •li" dav. he n-a 5 ••All-Ili^hcst." Bui irincc.s at-ti ,r«n»rAls no longer ni'Ve nieie birthday pii-n-mi^es Indeed, tl-i: cnvi" •rowm.( .-.iiu <Ur! Uww •rvrili- nuMi >PCS. )<-, 'it SUiall i "ilhm juii'.i •innbei in d by iTlt '\bont nil 1 still scribbles -interriiinablv • away i lie is one of a circle of old men wlift keep,up with scientific sub- ijects. Ho spends some time clas- .fjSying his once voluminous corre- 'hSM.ideiice.' when not ill, he still Sjkfjs to conduct' services on Sun- (liijJs. But he is not thinking about dying. He has something of the constitution : of his grandfather. And that first German Emperor Invert to be 91. so at that rate the second and last of the Holienzoljcrn: Emperors has 13 years to go. Now reconciled to his fate, sitting safe in serene Holland, he watches what goes on in the big world outside—and scribbles. Appeinliritis Strikes Family ROCK SPRINGS. Wyo. (UP) — The "appendicitis" championship uf Wyoming is claimed by the C. B. Petty family, with five operations in lour months. The record roads as follows: Omcr, Nov. 13; Bertha, Nov. 21; Casey. Jan. 14; Clarence. Jan. 21; and Keith, Manh 3. Toy Balloon Sails •!<) Mites CANTON. O. (UP) _ scientific curiosity impelled young Jimmy \Vrmuki-r to fill a toy balloon •liili gas and turn it loose. He attached a note asking the I'.I..IIT to send It back. Two 1 days . •• . H came to him by mail, •i point 40 hilles distant. .More Injuied . r <')CHESTEH, N. .1 ,,,,i,,hi!re hul fnl Falls (U!>)-NOf nilseil llm George's Stamp Debut Mrs. Zionclieck Seeks Film Work THIS CURIOUS WORLD PHAS/VMDS, CURJODS INSECTS ' OF NEW GfJIfxlEA', BLEND WITH THQRTSURROUN DINGS, CAMOUFLAGED AS LEAVES/ SIXTEEN HORSES ARE REQUIRED TO PULL APART THE TWD HALVES OF A HOLLOW SPHEftE, ABOUT ONE FOOT IN DIAMETER., WHICH HAS BEEN LIGHTLY SEALED, AND PUMPED FREE OF AIR.. The name, "Zionchcck," which the exploits of her late, eccentric congressman husband mada familiar to the nation's newspaper readers last year, is back In the news again, now that comely Rubye Nix Zioncheck is in Hollywood, considering offers of motion picture contracts. Shown nbove In a new picture, she has had singing and dancing experience. Seagulls Keen Pace . . With March'of Tim NEW ORLEANS (UP)—Butchers in New Orleans' old French market expected to fool seagulls when they moved back Into their renovated market. The butchers themselves -were fooled, because the birds, which Imve been dropping in at the market for generations for their To Stage Blind Bogie Event For Golfers Tomorrow A blind bogie golf tourney will he held at the conntiy club to| morrow for club members. Clu Pro Gene Dill snys the tourney will be n different'type of blind bogie to that staged at the club in the past nnd predicts that, it will prove unusually interesting. Prizes will be awarded. breakfast were right back when Canada has beaten .the rest of the British Empire to production of the first stamps portraying King George VI. In one, two nnd three-cent values, the stamps are forerunners of a new series similar to that of King George V, still in use-. Aii three values arc like the tnrec- cenl stamp shown above, except for thn numerals of value. most accidental deaths in Rochester during the past - four years. The bureau of health reports 290 fatalities from falls, while tlic auto death toll was 274 during Hie period. More than half victims were 70 or older; the the market opened Its new doors. For more than 100 years butch : ers at the market have been saving scraps of meat from their counters. Each morning they fed the gulls which came to (heir call -» call like that which attracts chickens. In accord with the city's beautl- fication program the two-century- old market place, built by the French when they owned the city, has -been renovated. Its red brick pillars have been re-stuccoed and new roofs have been put .on its sheds. Tlie market looks entirely- new, but this didn't fool Ihe seagulls. They come for breakfast as usual. Tennis Drives Speedier SYDNEY (UP) — Australia Is constantly setting new tennis records. L. E. King received a 'serve" on his hip from his partner, Murchison, that hit him so hard the ball disappeared entirely- At the end of the game King found the ball deep In his trouser pocket. [ Rend Courier News W«.:t OCtOPOSES ARE yERy_POPULAR IN MANTV COUNTRIES AS FCOD, AND 4 SOMETIMES SOLD AS CANNED.. LO&STE/Z. Guericke. the great physicist of Magdeburg, was the first to make UK experiment of the evacuated hemispheres, more than 200 years ago. Gucrlcke's memory is honored with pageants up lo this day, and the experiment is repeated at each one, with four teams of horses pulling on cacli half, of the sphere. $10 for Drunkenness George Buchanan was fined $10 in municipal court this morning on n charge of public drunkenness. A charge of reckless driving has been filed against Mitchell Johns. Drs. Wert & Wert ; : OFTOMETHISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone'540 MOSCOW (UP)—Tests of a new Arctic gliding boat have been completed. The glider-a six-scatcr is of an original design which enables it to move on any surface. It Is shaped like a boat and can move on snow, water, on beaten and breaking ice. ALMA,- Cal. (UP)—Bitter discus- j sion has broken out in the Elysium Foundation Nudist colony here. The colony plans an open house program in May with which to start the season. The question is whether the open house privileges will be accorded to photographers. Have You Visflcd Our New Modern Service Station'/ While Rose Gasoline Goodyear Tires Wlllard Bat'lcrlta Road Service On - G« - Tires - Wrecks 24 HOUR SEHV1CE Call 633 For Prompt Scrrlco Tom Little Chevrolet Co. The Saveon Gasoline Company Tank Car Station at Holland, Mo. announces A policy of only one grade of highest qualify petroleum products direct from refinery lo you. High Test • I O Gallon ! No-Nox Gasoline iOC Tax Paid lOOfi Pure' Pennsylvania Motor Oil in Sealed Cans Quart Tax I'ai Every gallon sold with a Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. One .High Quality - - One Low Price 100* Pitriffin Base Motor Oil Sealed Cans 15c Qt. Tax Paid

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