The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1935
Page 2
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MOB TWO Balis Net $325 for Local Aid to Child Cripple? , -,,, . _, — _ .,^_.,^. .^. — ately $3J5 \s now avoil- in Mississippi county for advancing the work aiiiong crippled Children, it was announced today by C«cll Shane, ot Blythevllle, uisd Hide Jackson, of OsceoJa, following the second annual president's , bails h«ld 4 Blylhovllle and, Osceola last night, . -. • ' ' • • -Approximately 750 tickets were _£9)d to '(Tic-two dance's. Alter 'rx- penios »re paid 30 per cent of the net proceeds will be sent to the national headquarters to be used lor the promotion of a national program for Ihe cure ot infantile 'par- alysls, The 10 per cent remaining in Mississippi county win" to- spent by committees with Blyllievllli) hav- h)g ; a.l»ut $200 and Oseeola about $125. Exact figures were not available today because some : of Hi! ticket sellers liad not yet made fiu- a];reporls. Apprecatlon was expressed today by Mr. Shane snd Mr. Jackson who itated that the cooperation so wlll- ifigly ahoMi by all who purchased tickets illustrated that Mississippi county Is whole heartedly |n favor of helping tho cripples here. Of the 450 who purchased tlckots in the Chickasowba district for the 1 dance at the city auditorium, 350 attended. Sammy Lazerov and his 12-plecc orchestra, of Memphis, furnished music and a floor slioiv was given by pupils of Miss Mar, ffaret Moffltt, ., •-• *«-Tlie auditorium was filled with BlytheviUe and a number of out of town gjiesW, includlrig Miss Dorothy Eians, St. Louis, Mrs. John : I* Finley, Mew Orleans, Mr. and Mrs. J. A Waterman, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Roe and Bon Latlmcr, Mem- .Phls, : Roger Blessing, Joncsboro, >trs.. Joe Ulzfelner. Washington, D, O , Charles Bock and Ferguson Hun,ter, New Madnd, Roscoe Graftal, Uttle Hock, John Patterson and •Benton Mcflridc, Springfield, Mo. • ^There were 275 guests Irom Os' r x^ola, Wilson, Jolnsr, Liixora, Kelt Mr and Wnitton at the Osceola afi fair, held at the community clnb. Harold Sudbury nnd his eight-piece orchestra, oi Blythevllle, furnished the music. Cotton .u'ii quiet - today on Ihe Noiv Orleans cwlinngc closliiB practically unchanged (ram yesterday. March May July Get Dec Markets New '.Q.rlwn.8. Cotton NEW Jan. 31 open high low close 1237 1210 TOS I23C 1242 1248 1210 IJMI! 1242 1245 1240 1212 Floyd and llarold CooX visited frltnds horc last Wednesday and Thursday. Jolin niid KJorencc Nolcn oi Bird's Point, Mo., visited here last week. Bill Peters, of Keiser, und Floyd Fonclren, 6T Sandy Hld^c, were quests last Thursday night oi Mr. and Mrs, Evert' I'olly, C. ['ills was called to Tennessee Just week on account of (he of his father. BLYTHEVILLE. (AKK.) COURIER" NEWS" Little ChvUlfnt! (Springer, who 1195 been HI, is selling along well now. M!a> SkcUon has returned, homo . ftw ftpendln; n few day* with hlsgrandlathsr, W.-jj. Hprlngeiv Driver drove „„, moved buck to Calutncl. Thomas GiUiies Is spending :i few days nt Culuima with rein- '.Ivcs. wir. and Mrs. Charles Spots elcscd at 1257, unchanged. New York Cotton . ,— unutivu ujpuukit vwmvii reaviiy nini t^anmi HH& ben°- NE\V YORK, Jiin. 31 (UP) - cHlerlnlnctl friends willi u party, rued Uicm, If U does not benefit Cotton clo5td open high low close Marcli 1237' I'm m!i 1233 May 1242 MM isii un July 1242 1247 IW 1213 Oct 1233 mt ll'i'i '1235 Dec 12-11 12-M 1230 12-12 Jan r 1239 12« 1230 my S]io(s closed ui 1200, unchanged. Closing Stock Prices NEW YOKK, Jan. 31 (UP)' — Avladon shares featured In, uellv- .ty 111 mi otherwise dull session on Ilic stock exchange today. They were little cJinneed hoiv- c-ver while the main llsl register- fd giilns ranging to more Umti n point. A. T. and T, .. ....... 104 |.a Anaconda Copper ..... 10 1-2 Bethlehem Steel .... 30 1-8 Chrysler ............. .'. yj j. 4 : Cities Service ..... . ____ i ^s Gen, Am. Tank ...- ..... 31} 1-4 General Electric . ..... V3 1-2 . Gtnernl Motors ....... 31 Int. Harvester ......... '. 41 1 McKesson- Robbing ...... 75-8 , Montgomery Want ..... 20 ; New York Cenlrn] ...... n s..| ' Packard ............ 4 5. a PlilJllps p c (. ......... "• 15 I Radio Corp ........... 5 j.j 1 SI. Louls-S. V ......... i i.-j Simmons Beds ...... 1'" j j.g Standard of N. J. .]) y.g ' Wednesday night, of lust week. ! YOU, consult n physician. ............ u. a. smoltlug ........ jog i,s >' V. S. Steel .......... 37 1 Zonltc . i Pemi»cot Guard Payroll About $47,000 Annually CARUTHERSVILLE, MO.— m a sTatlstlcal report msjie iraWlo by Capt. J. M. Cannon, and U. Col. W B. Hitchcock, officers of the IMth Infantry, Missouri National Guard, it tvas set put. that the three guard units In Pcmlscol county have brought an ontinul payroll into the comity of about. «7,000. ; Of this jmouni, JSO.WJD --was brought (o Carwliersviiio, $9,000 to ,Sleele and f 8,000 to Huyll, . Company A b at-, Sieele, Company O at Hayli, and Compai]y B and the Medial Detachment unlisted in this city. ' Chicago Wheat • open l,|g|i [ 0 ,v d May 96 9U 7-8 OB DO 1-1 Jllly 87 7-8 B3 1-8 86 5-8 88 5-8 Tells How Csrdul Helped ' "Before taking Cardut, I ))ad u urltig-tlown pain lhat |J»B lelf me," says Mrs. Clayton Marse«, o( Uncasl«r. Ky. "Alter I iiad taken livclvo Iwtlles, it gave me strength, built me up and my health Is good." T!ioti«u!<!s of woinqit have osi:a|»(l useless pulri and dlscomtorl. (whoji iuch suffering was duo to weak- nets), by lakliiK.ctirdul. u js ;i purely vegetable Ionic anil patu-re- llevlns inetllclne Dm r|s» been in use over nrty ycurj.. Whlltso-maiiy women Mrtlfy that Canlul has ben Chicago Corn open lilgh low close May 83 S-8 81 5-8 83 3-8 84 1-8 July 79 1-2 80 1-2 79 1-2 80 1-8 Hightower Caruthersville Insurance Man Leads Entire State •CARUTH'ERSVILLE, MO.— w. K. Maxey, local representative and distnct supervisor for the Life and Casualty Insurance Co., of- ^ash- liltc, Tenu , will be a» honor guest at a banquet nt- Nashville Friday night, because he hud the best record (or the last half of 1931 In the entire state of Missouri. • T>ie banquet is being given In honor of the birthday of the prosi- Sent Pf 'he company, A. M. Burion. futilities will not occur until one minute alter midnight. ' Prior to the banquet Mr. Maxey and other winners' b( similar IIODT ore ui (he 13 states Tin which the Company operates, will be dinner guests m the home of Mr. Burton. , Russia's cattle decreased from 68,100,000 head in 1829 to 386000M head In 1934. Her sheep nnd goat herds no« total 50,000,000 head as .compared with' 147,300,000 In 1929 CHILDREN? COLDS FOR SALE -AU , In • culltva|,(on—'5 mile -from c(ty limits and highway. 1 Land has good cotton, contract;for l?3o and buyer' cwrhave |»ssessfo» Immediately. '$& per acre. *:.G. GrCAUDILL ' Phone 197 • T)ic!day-cf last «w|c becaitjc of nlgh'wntcr around tlic schoolhousc. Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling and soothing Blue Slav Ointment inolis on tlic siin, (ending ^stcd.incdlclncs deeply i n( o pores where it quickly liills llejj, letter rash, {czctrm, foot ittli, ringworm clc. Money buck U first j»r lulls. Phono 644 Da> or J "* lu J.UUUUU1J; Taxi Service Reproductions of Original Paris Models! We tonl our owii^ style scout lo Paris U>bring back twelve Wf: the outstanding successes of ihc Paris seasun! Think of il! Originals by such famous designers as ..ilphontinc, Mnrihe t Palou, ScliiaparoUi! Then we reproduced them in America fur the American woman! Exactly like the Paris originals—each carries the Inbei of the designer ivho originated the model! And cadi comes in iis own .Paris designed hat-box!. c ., -p r N K D » COMPANY; i»c»i LOWER PRICES Special For February We have new lower prices on Congoleum Felt Base Rugs We have just received several hundred of these rugs and have a wonderful selection oi patterns 9x12 Gold Seal Guaranteed Rugs ' New Price 9x12 Congoleum :.sna. ; Rugs $5.95 9x12 Rubber >& Base Ru?s $4.95 HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blytheville, Ark. THURSDAy/ JA'MUARY• ai," 1835' NRA COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH 'SPEND YOUR SC1W U Customers Scales in Our Stores-Guaranteed 16 Ounces to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday 10C MCU1N BANANAS. ' ' argc " omt " 1 | Kctl 'iThmipn. U. S, No. i Pound 2ic POTATOES E 'S i " E GRAPE FRUIT CABBAGE " COCONUTS 2c Juitv I'ioi'ida Eiich cxiis: Green 1'o'unil Good Ones Kiich SUGAR 2ic Pure C'anc. !'ftper Bugs 10 Pounds TURNJPS CORN or Lb. Standard No. 2 Can _2c Sic GREEN BEANS Blytheville No. 2 Can MACKEREL LETTUCE" Salmon Style Tall Can Largo Firm Heads Each 7c DOG FOOD Large Uuby Bnltlc Victory CRACKERS PfcPPER ONIONS Cans Large 2-U>. Box Eiich 17c 16ie Uhidt 2-Oz. Cun 4c Yellow Pound Large Bunchiis Kadi Sc Pound LEMONS 5c Large SljTe.-r3f50's Dozen 19c «GAF101JR GINGER ALE & -Lb. Sack '20-Cb. Sack Oh Boy 2.1-Oz. Bottle . T) Gianl Bars 19c cw™ SOAP 12-Lb. Suck - - .lilt; 24-U. Sack - - 87c Sunny Brook .1-Lb. Jar 29c Camiiy. The Soap of Beautiful Women. ,'{ Bars SOAP 13c Octagon 5 Burs CANllVA COFFEE Lb. "IT SURE IS GOOD «.__ COFFEE" i/311 COFFEE It lie '" BAKING POWDER 5 ifOMATO JUltl 30c 21 c K. C. <"50-Oz.'.Can 31c 5c raiu-y Milk Ftti. I'OIIIKI Full Drcssctl I'UUIUI t &KU Snow While Compound unlW i» ouiuj MACKEREL Nice Size UMCHEESE FRYERS" lOc Mofrcll's Pride Pound Kc(l - v A .'S mm Select 29 ikcf or Pork Pound STEW MEAT M BRAINS Good K. C. Pound Red Snapper, River Cat and Buffalo 1'fcsh Shrimp und Spanish Sfackerel Beef or Pork. Fresh Pound ISc SALT MEAT Slreak-0-Lcun Pound PIG SNOUTS iind EARS U. Blifler's " Pound - ? " : Small Hox Large iJox •SAUD^KSJNG T£ MAYONNAISE Lady licttv I5-Oz. Jar 21 c •MUSTARD Marco Quart Jar Oz. Size MATCHES >c lUc ,l'ct Brand ; Boxes. lOc Domi "\°!rt is : . c>v,Cqrifu(itioner 'Bro,vn AJ:tiox"' 1)rbps or Pound' TANGERINES SQUAl~~ 20c White/ Kre'sh Pound SARDINES . American ;' 3 Cans lOc Maxwell House Coffee VITA FRESH•' /a "GOOD TO THE : LASl«iDU01>''LD. 31c lOc OYSTERS Nigger Mead TOILET TISSUE lie Walclorj '•', Koils PEACHES Can PINEAPPLE •2'/i Can II1UA BEANS Sm. Green LliTI/i ' NO; 2 ' Can SARDINES 0 ,,, c ™f PRUNES Fresh ' Lge. 2'/j 'Can PEARS S-Oz. Can ASPAR AGUy Green. - Can FRUIT SALAD 1,31 C SPJNAOP52P COFFEE Del Monte HOMINY ,Sm,' Can -'- '' tit Slckely's-Honey ro No, a Can !'l-o-/.. Hot. KRAUT rSTc-Jfl 0 TOMATOES K'g,10 c CALUMET ""US-22° COCONUT s ™"'- -£ fc 9 C ATI') Gcrniiin's Ot Sweet. 1/4 .Lb. 0 TAPIOCA """X ff JELLO & "' e ' m ?<», IF GRAPENUT " LAI ;.g. 10° JJBBYS SPECIALS" 'No. Can 1A 1U CORNED' No. 2 11C Can 11 Lge. a'/j Cun PORK * BEANS^5 C KRAUTJUICE KBAJ2' PEACHES 'irc,J,8 c ' PJIAPPLE ""cLlf TORiV ^'u'lnlry Gttttleniaii ^y il1 ^ No. 2 Can PirKl [<\ Sour •>»• ui « 1Q<3 i UJULLO Lai-Be Bottle 10 IKLES s "l;s.S; 23° •^ V^

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