Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 2, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 2, 1897
Page 24
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OAILYJ^HAROS TUESDAY, NOV. 2, 1897. On GITY Butter 18clb. at Foley's. Mrs. Methard, of Noble township, Is quite sick. Trunks and traveling bags cheap at Kreis Bros 1 . Harry S. Elliott was at Delphi today on business. A beautiful doll free with each child's cloak at the Bee Hive. Natural g»s bills are due and pay able on or before the 10th Inst. Dolls up to 13.50, given away with each child's cloak at the Bee Hive. Mrs. Lon Smyser, of Richmond, Is visiting at her old home in this city Miss Lillian Clary, who has bsen sick at Marion for some time, Is able to sit up. The Elks will receive the election returns tonight by telephone, at their club apartments. John Doe paid a fine to Mayor McKeethls morning for Indulging in a battle with booze. Mrs. G. M. Heoch, of 1717 Broadway, is entertaining Mrs. G. " Skinner, of Royal Center. If you want your parlor handsomely decorated, talk with Mr. Pratt, of the Logansport Wall Paper Co. There are still no sweepers Fourth street, south of Market. Can't somebody control Jamison? Notice the Bee Hbe doll window on Fourth street. They are giving them away with each child's cloak. The gold watch disposed of by Sol Cohn was captured by Mr. Smith, of Lafayette, who got a straight flush, queen high. Get your blankets, muslins, table linens, crashes, flannels, prints and ginghams at the Trade Palane anni versary sale. Go with the crowds and secure ( bargain in dress goods, sllka, under wear and hosiery at the Tr.de P&lace's anniversary sale. Thirty boys are under arrest at Burlington, Ind., for ^P committed on Hallowe'en. are alleged to have placed obstructions on three highways. The "North Walk Mystery" Is story that will please readers generally. A synopsis Of the chapters already published will be found at the head of the story. Start in now. Mrs. Alvie Briggs, mother of Harry Briggs, of this city, died Sunday afternoon at her home in Rockfield, ared 31 years. Tne funeral was held yesterday. Mr, and Mrs. Harry Briggs and Mr. an* Mrs. Claud Briggs attended the funeral. The saloon at Twelfth and Spear streets, Fred Heppe's old stand, has changed hands, John Long retiring and Oscar Faulkner taking the management. Mr. Faulkner was formerly employed as a boiler maker at the Panhandle shops, and hai many friends. W C. Routh.the packer.and S. M. Grabie, of Bethlehem township, left this afternoon for northern Michigan, to spend three weeks' in hunt- Ing and fishing. They go to Amasa, Iron county.and will stop with Moses and Harry Barnett, formerly of Fletchers Lake. A ladles 1 society to lodges Nos. 52 and 83, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, was organized in this city this afternoon. At-the social meeting last evening a vote of thanks was extended Landlord Keller, of the Barnett hotel, for favors shown Vice Grand Master Hannehan v of Chicago. It i§ never too late to mend. If you've been buying cracker* that ta&te like brick dust, why not stop now and switch on to crackers that are delicious and nourishing. You can do this easily. Simply ask for Fox's XXXX square wafer butter crackers. They are as good as crackers can be made. "Bondage and Freedom" Is the title of an entertainment to be given at the rink tonight and tomorrow night, by the colored people of the city, for the benefit of the A. M. E church. Miss Mamie Thornton, Chicago's Black Pattl, will assist. Slavery, plantation and ante-bellum days will be represented. A cos turned jubilee chorus of thirty voices and colored orchestra will take part Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER m THREE MEN BORT In a Panhandle Wreck at Hartsdale Last Night. • Passenger Train So. 45 Struck the Rear of Freight Train No. 70. A Brakeman Failed to Close the Swltcl Opening Onto the Y—Railroad News. Panhandle freight train No. 70 pulled into the Y at flartsdale, Ind., last night, in order that passenger train No. 45, north bound, might pass. The brakeman failed to close the switch and a rear-end collision occurred. Luckily the passenger train was running at ( low rate of speed, else f disastrous wreck would have oc curred In which many lives would have been lost. As It was Engineer Llpe and Baggageman Reishor, of the passenger train, and a section man named Vanoskl were badly bruised and shaken up. Lipe resides at Chicago and Reishor at Crown Point. They as well as Vanoskl were taken to their homes on the first train out of Hartsdale. The passenger engine was not disabled. The baggage car was derailed, and the services of a wreck crew were not required to put the train In order again. No. 45 was in charge of Conductor John Hamilton and Conductor Wm. Parks was on No. 70. An Investigation of the wreck was begun today by .Superintendent Walton and Trainmaster May. This is the first wreck that has occurred on the Cnicago [.division in many years. RAILROAD NEWS. Gustave Champion, formerly drug erk. at the Keystone drug store, now a Wabash fireman. Somo of the old engineers who were let out in the strike have been examined and will be reemployed by the Wabasa. Panhandle road supervisors and section men to the number of eighty, on a tour of inspection, took dinner today at the Island View hotel. William D. Robinson lodge No.52, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, will meet Sunday and Initiate three candidates; two from South Bend and Dan Holland, jr., of this city. The story current for some time, that a woman section boss was employed by the L, E. ;& W. railway near Muncle, has been spoiled by Roadmaster Hoban, of the Muncie division of that road, who says the tale has no foundation. The following was sent to the Locomotive Engineer's Journal In reply to the conundrum, "Why Is an engine called she?" Because she works hardest when she's "sparkiug." Because she represents a power not seen exactly, but felt all through the world. Because she is cranky and changeable and needs a man to control her. Because both wear aprons. Because you always know when .'she Is coming by the noise she makes. CHICAGO MARKETS ELECTIOS EEIUBSS Will be Received by the . Tonight. Arrangements have been made by which the Western Union telegraph company will report the election returns at the Pharos office tonight. This Is done for the benefit of the public. THE WEATHEB For November as Provided by Prophet Hicks. Hicks predicts autumnal rains passing eastwardly over the country from the 1st to 4th. Besides the rains early in the month, look for sleet and snow, followed closely by high northwesterly winds, and a cold wave. Frosty weather after the storm will prevail in all sections for three or four days. From the 6th to the 10th falls a period in which marked disturbances may be expected, turning to snow in many sections, and another cold wa»e. The crisis of this period will fall about the 9th an3 10th. • Two or three days of warm weather will then hold the boards, followed by more storm conditions about the 13th to 14th, including warm rains and thunder. After these storms, cold, frosty weather will prevail. A com' blnatlon of causes center on the 24th, foretelling heavy and dangerous storms. The month closes with a change to warmer, and with renewed storm conditions. Upon the whole, there, are strong reasons to expect many hard storms, and some rough, early winter In November. THE ELECTIONS TODAT. Rain Prevails In Several of the Toting States. The November elections are occurring today, and rains prevailed much of the time in New York, Maryland, Massachusetts and part of the day In Ohio la Maryland and Ohio the legislature is to be chosen and a United States senator is to be elected. In New York the contest for the control of Greater. New York overshadows everything else. In Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia and Iowa governors will be elected.while Kentucky elects a clerk of the court of appeals, Pennsylvania a state treasurer and auditor, Nebraska a judge of the Supreme court and regent of the university,and Colorado elects a chief justice. There are also various municipal elections In these states. WORLD'S FAiR,CHICA60,l893 Received Dally by Vf. W. Milner, at 6. A. B. Building. Chicago, Nov. 2, 1897. Wheat— Dec., opened, 95|@95tc high, 96Jc; low, 95j-c closed, 96c.; Wheat—For May, open, 93@92|c; high, 93|c: low, 92ic; closed, 93*@ 93|c, Corn—For Dec., opened, 26 Jo; high, 26}c; low, 26fc; closed at 26Jc. Oats—Dec. opened,19£c; high, 19} @19}c;.iow, 19c; closed, ]9i@l9Jc. Rye—Dec-, opened, 48Jc; high, 48}c; low. 48c; closed, 48frc. Pork—For Dec. opened, $7.60; high, 17.62; low, $7.50;" closed at 17.60. Lard—For Dec., opened, »4 20; high, |4.22; low, $4.20; closed at •4.22. Hogs today, 24,000; left over, 2,000; estimated for tomorrow, 37,000; Market opened strong to oc higher; closed 5c higher. Mixed, $3.45@I3.75; heavy. »3.25 @3.72; rough, $3,25@I3.35; light, |3.40@3.75. Cattle—Receipts 4,500; sheep, 14,000. Dec. wheat—Curb, 96Jc; puts for May, 92Jc; calls for Ma/, 94Jc. A Wife Beater. John Mc(Jlnnls, the painter, was arrested again last evening upon the charge of ' drunkenness and wife beating. He was arraigned this morning and on account of the failure of Mn. McGinnis to appear aa a wltneM sentence waa withheld. Customers Increasing! Sales Climbing Up I. Pushing Ahead as Never Beforel THE WONDERFUL SELLING AT THE GOLDEN RULE CONTINUES. New Bargains For Monday. uwhia to the tact that so many costumers had to leave this store this week and couldn't get waitW. npon we have decided to rnn this GBEAT SALE with all its Bargains and many new ones All NEXT WEEK. ALL NEXT WEEK. CIRCUIT COURT. The Forgy-Harvey Cage is on Trial Today. The case of George B. Forgy, against Hiram Harvey and others for the possession of a farm in Boone township, is on trial in the Circuit court before Judge Brownlee of the Grant county Circuit court and a jury. Mr. Forgy obtained judgment on a foreclosure of a mortgage, and the time for redemption having expired he Js now seeking to obtain possession. The attorneys are Judge Koss and Winfleld for Mr. Forgy and Judges Nelson, Dykeman and A. G. Jenkines for Mr. Harvey. Anoka Newslets. Last Wednesday some tramps broke into the school bouse and stole some pencils. David Moore Is on the sick list. His brother from the soldiers' home at Marion is here on a visit, to see the old vet of two wars. JoeVernon, our school teacher, was on the sick list last Friday. Frank Dykeman is baling straw. The Reeser boys bad a log rolling' lastJSaturday. Meshach Berry ,j made pumpkin butter last week. Any person wishing a clean stove should call on Charles Jackson at Anoka. The oil company held a meeting at Anoka last Saturday night. They did not transact much business owing to the fact that some necessary papers did not arrive In time. BUCKEYE. Never in the Histor> of the Golden Rule has Their Been Such a Great Sale. Why is it? It's Honesty in Advertising. That goes hand in hand with Honesty in Merchandising. Newspaper misrepresentation might' draw yon to a store and perhaps sell you something once but you would not come back. Here it WM different. The people who have attended this Great October Sale this week—they did come back and bought more. Why? Because they were real Bargains to be found. Bargains in every department. Several New Bargains will be added" for next Week's Sale. SCHMITT & HEINLY. Election Returns. Manager Skinner, of the Central Union telephone exchange, will put on a sufficient force of operators to night to furnish subscribers (especially clubs) with election returns from Ohio, New York and other points, free of charge. A Masquerade Party. Miss Lilly Parker gave a masquerade party last evening at her home on West Broadway. Dtncing and card playing were the chief diversions. Luncheon was served. Hone Dropped Dead. One of the team of gray horses belonging to Jeannerette, the ice dealer, dropped dead la the harness at 12:30 today, at the corner of High and Sixteenth street*. —THE- Very Newest 3£ Shoes... And every pair Leather Lined, making them comfortable and water proof, so you can keep from wearing Eubber Overshoes. In BOX CALF ENAMEL TAN and Yici Kid, made on the latest style lasts. Bull Dog Coin, Dollar and Half Dollar Toes. Ladies and Children's ROYAL PUBPLE the newest colors in very fancy Silk Vesting Tops, making them very attractive. See them. ft Eevenspn 403 Broadway. ite Snow Is your linen when it comes home from Marshall's Laondry. No. 608 Broadway. Both 'Phones 110. Wagon will call for your work. Give us a trial. If You Want lo be in the Swim, J You had better le I HOOLEY $ | —Make Your— } Fall 1 Suit I Or = Overcoat * i— He will Fit You When all others fail. His Policy Paid. Samuel Wills, employed at the Vandalia round house, today received a draft from the Brotherhood of Lo comotive Firemen for $1,500, the amount of his Insurance la that organization. Mr Wills' eyesight has failed him to the extent that he Is Incapacitated for doty as a fireman, and in such cases the laws of the Brotherhood require the payment of policies in fall. Tke Werifur. Clearing this afternoon and cooler tonight; fair Wednesday. THE BIGGEST MAN and the smallest in town, will got equal satisfaction in the fit of kli clothes If oar- tape line- ha* been around him. We hate a sort of pride In fitting men that other tallow can't please. It'a toe know-how that tells the taste, and our experience and observation has given M that. Come in and look over our stock of Fall Goods, and trj not to be amazed at the prices we quote. J. HRRZ, Tailor, 409 Market Street. w FALL AND WINTER Goods Now On Exhibition. ; I have a complete line of HEATING STOVES at prices that will astonish you. Such High Grade Oaks as Radiant Home, Estate, Peninsular, Jewells and Jewetts. Natural Gas, Odorless Heaters, Radiators, etc. Cooks and Ranges In endless varieties. CALL AND EXAMINE AND LEARN PRICES. H ORISMOMD 312 Market Street. FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John F>- Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My terms are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing machine a the house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSRTT Fall And: Winter Woolens. A Complete Assortment of the Latest Novelties from Domestic and Foreign Markets. Pierce, the Tailor, 318 Market Street,

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