The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1948
Page 9
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WEDNRSDAY, MAY 15, 1048 Atom Scientists Are Investigated Personnel Security Board Holds Informal 1 Probes on Request OAK RIDGE. Tenn.. May 19. (UP)—B. w. Menke. chief of sec-! iirity for the Atomic Energy Coin-1 mission, said today that "investigations of Oak Rldgc atomic si'ieu- ttsts were being carried on here "In addition to the requirements of the law" at Ihe request of the AEC in Washington. These Investigations. Menke said.' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Graduates May Hungarian Hits AttacksonU.S.; Resigns Post WASHINGTON. May 19 —(UP) | — Hungarian Minister Rustem | Vambery resigned today In protest against attacks on Ihe United States by his Connnunlst-dom- Inatect home government. N. Missco Rural Club Group Plans Picnic Saturday The County Council for Home Demonstration Clubs In North Mississippi County will meet at fbr Saturday mitke plans foi newly Required ; ,, Pern/scot County Cotton Gains Attention of Wall Street Journal CARUTllERSVIWE, M o .. 19—A recent Issue of the May Wall the picn.. decorating their , ,, club room «( die /«lr(trosinds.' The program for' Hie afternooi will consist of demonstrations to 1 ,,. ------ ..... "- "» MIC TV nil blrect Journal carried a Jeanne story on Pemlscol County cotton ranking It among the best In the or ,, Illvel ' vnllc >' 1|1 E*yi>t. and della couiHry farther south Livestock ica even for telling plain truth*." class ters, this "seriously damaging the I nti inljer of pieces of furniture lor ST. laUlS NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS. M.y 1». iUP)_<USDA>- Llvestock: Hogs 6.400; K»lable »,000; compared with 14,000 yesterday. M.rket fairly active. SO-l&c higher. Some sale* on weights under ISO ll» II. hljjhei; later trade slov.'. 170-2io Ibi 22.50-23; practical lop W; short load 23.25; later bids 22.50 down. 250270 Ibs S0.15-J2; 210-303 llM 19.75-31; around 330 Ibs 10.28; 130-150 ll)i ID.50-M; 100-120 Ibs 16.60-19; .son.! 450 Ibs 11.SO-18; over 450 Ibs 16.25- n.UJj.sUgs 11.50-13.50. Cattle 3,703; salable 1,000; calves 1,200, ill salable, Light supply if steers and heifers Undlng acllvu demand at 50: or more higher In some liistimce.s. Ix>w and good steers 31.50; choice mixed home 1301 West Ash this morning. The iretM l»nJt*d and set, fire In curtalmi mid it §had« on * kitchen window. The shade and curtains were destroyed but no other damage resulted. The Tire department answered — V*. home of Joyce 1001 South L*k« *p»rk from U» fh» roof of tfa* bouat. :U«ht. First nuinufacUtr* <tf England wu about lilt. !IiS.^,s^^ reported (hat current investigations in exercises to be conducted May 2. poor health Involved as many as 30 scientists.] 30. A two-year cartel, he is a ser-1 . ! The Herald-Tribune writer, lie i eeant in the Reserve Officer Train- —. . r said, was Invited hcie by the j IIIR On", a member of the K Club, District Superintendent , Association of Oak Ridue Scicn- ! holder of the Good Conduct bar, lists and Engineers, and hns since and a member of (tie basketball, left. tennis and football teams. The Scientists Association would I -------- ............. --reached for' T o fill , A lie .TUlt-JIIlM* A^.SO 1 .Aot be Immediately "omment on the Herald-Tribune story, which said that two scientists had been suspended pending a loyalty check and that three others ha'd been called before the board. Relatively New Menke said he could not confirm that "In exactly those words." UN Intervention To End Palestine War Is Doubtful LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y-. Mav in Yarbro The Rev. J. Albert Gatlin. super- inteiuK'iit cti tin? Jonesoori) District of the Methodist Church, will preach in the Yaj-bro Melhodisl Church Sunday at n a.m.. it wus announced today by the pastor, the Rev. Hay L. MoLcstcr. The Rev. Mr. Gallin is Eervitv! liis final year as district superintendent and Ihe Rev. Mr. McLcsler said that his sermon Sunday Sudbury Pupils to Get Typhoid Inoculations Typhoid State Theaters Rank Low LITTLE ROCK. Alk., M«y 10.— i UP> — The sealing rnpnclty of I heaters in Arkansas was described today ns ranking 41U In the Unl iypuoKi nuiumuvuiions Tor the ""•>•.' .x.i EUHMLIK *ist in me uni- students at Sudbury School will be tf(t s 'ales. The Motion Picture As- ccmulcted Monday, Mrs. Annabel, soc ' nl ' on ot America, Inc.. rcgwrlci' Firemen Get Alarm* On Ash, Lake Streets A sglllel of overhcalrd grease was blnincd for a smiill lire til .-- -• -- •' J, ....... J^L....1UL.. "" "" --.-, • ••*,., ILJrOllCd Pill, county lie.-ilth nurse, said to- lllnl ll)ort ' nle 351 Iheators In Ar day. kansus with a scnthiR capacity of 141.344—one scut [or each 13.6 persons. Mis. Pill inoculations Rave more Umn there today. ed and which was called into sess- ,.j... i. ..tiiv mi.- win in J-itlLalllK . Tsian B was asked in an interview sas Conference. ion "occasionally" when the AEC in if he agreed with predictions that immediate steps capable of halting Washington Information" from sonally. The local board. Menke said, had been established to "implement" tne working: of the so-called "Roberts Board" set up bv the the Arab-Jewish fighting. The Chinese delegate said lie "agrees" that Ihe nature of the Palestine Obituaries AEC for investigation He denied flatly that the 'local purposes. ,,,,^ , u ^, board had authority to "suspend" any scientist pending completion of any Investigation. He said the board's procedure usually was informal. Scientists about whome additional information was asked by the AEC were Blytfiev/i/e Men Attend Command Post Exercises - - A group of Blytheville men left i -- -nd the existence today to attend the Command Postl" of the blp; five veto power virtually Exercises at Camp Robinson, near J assured that there would be no Little Reck, scheduled for Thurs-!l genuinely forceful UN interven-: day, Friday, and Saturday. ""• , I In conjunction with this meeting it was learned that American a two day convention meeting Frl-'i ofticials. evnn (hough they have dny and Saturday, of the Reserve Minister's Father Dies Funeral .service* for w. G. Nl- black, father of the Rev. Marvin S Niblack of Steele, Mo., were con- dueled at the Methodist Church In Jackson, Mo., this afternoon. The Rev. Mr. Niulock | s pastor of the Steele, Cooler and Holland Methodist churches. HEADACHE fill blduM id liquid. Itl !*- ftttlitHli srt lff«iay ^luvlvfld —illr.JJ, |. bf|ln .„!„, lh , Plin. II ilid,,,, l«n. t* th« Bill. !)«• CEIOTEX ROCK WOOL Soviet support were extremely Officers Association Is being held. ordering Jews and Arabs to cease requested, but not required, to -------- e u^., »,,„ rt , llns 10 cease come Berore the board and answer fire and hold to their present po- .questions "developed in the Inves- isltions in the Holy land -"^i-—- ..^.^ c.M-iciuvij s_»ini;t;ift A^^UCIHLIUII is Demi; nein doubtful of geting a majority of Activities for this convention will the Security Council to buck even ' the mild "first step" proposal for even be in the Reserve officers Club the legal profession, a person with ' _________ ""^ "common interests with the scien- ! a d ' rect "»-|?[y<'«ey.7/e Woman Wins Whatever information the scientists give at triese* hearings, Menke said, usually .Is at -tfteir "own volition," With the Courts Circuit C. S. Corey vs. Cody writ of repleviiK Norman shields and $25 Award in Contest ^ nulll ,, e Chieldn vs. Dr. J. M. Walls, doing Mrs. Ruth Holder, llth and Willow Street, was third prize winner for Arkansas in the Pepsi-Cola Treasure Top Contest, Jimmie Sanders of the Btytheville Pepsi Cola Bottling cwnpniiv. announced- today. George stillwell O f the Happy Hour Grocery was awarded D. Eaton, I a S10 dealer prize because he as Claudim r Medkal Te$t Proved This firtat to Raiim MONTHLY FEMALE PAINS Are TOU troubled br altinm of r«- male functional monthly disturbance*? Does this- muke you sutler irom psln, reel 50 nertous we«k MBh-strunB—«t , uch times? Th«n ">o try Lyol. I. Plnkham's VegeUibI« ConipoLind to relieve such symptoms! In K recent medlcsl test thl« proved rera«ik»bly hMpful to women troubled this w«r. Aay drug-stt VOW HOW MAY H •* to 15* sistcd Mrs. Holder in filling out a winning entry. Mrs. Holder's prize i Walls Hospital, suit fo* | There have been 54 winners In _.,,... «"n«8es- Arkansas during the contest and a tarfppt vSley Lnn"^ W °" by them ' »1.000 damages resulting from auto i Top." a Pe'psicol^bottfe-top^with collision. , a ries i gll )liddl , n ,, nder | h p cork captain John H. Blumenstock and 25 word sentence about the and Preferred Insurance Co, v.s i product C. O. Smith, suit for $1650 dam- aget resulting from auto collision. Read Courier News Want Ads. M9TH3 The army of moths is attacking your home ! This army travels on its stomach. You can whip it by starving ill •Moths will not touch a garment that has been MONITE cleaned. MONITE Moth Proofing is a guaranteed process that protects your woolen garments. We back this statement with a six months 1 insurance policy ... but you pay nothing for this protection. MONITE is a part of our regular cleaning service. Call us today and forget your moth troubles. City Cleaners r W " Pick EasfMoinSt. ond Phone 3197 COOLER TRAVIS INSULATION CO. 700 Clark St. BlyAieville, Arkansas Phone 2343 — 5">1 K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake S(. I'hone 52,'i We Install Window Glass For Any Make Automobile While You Walll Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Complete Lint ot Auto Parts COMPARE SKED T>w* * week'* w«h in ic» than an houif One tub u'*ib< s while ihe ocher rim ft in<i sf>!ni d«mp- *lry. Removes up co 25% mote v,*LCf . . . clnihcs dry fitter. COMPARE CONVENIENCE No slow I cod ing of pieces through a wcm)(er. No set tuhi ne*iJed . . . you riiiw right in the ipinncr haikct. COMPARE SAVINGS E*sy gives you more for your money. Saves denning bilh . . . docs "wauhahlc" drapts u home! Se* It in action unlay! EASY TIIMS LEE WILSON HARDWARE & IMPLEMENT CO. Armorel SMOBlLfc .Ultra-Modem In the Car Ht Sells! It'll die new Kiitiir.imic: Ohlsmotiile — llir. rar llmt'B nut alieafl in riiT>f/iin^,' In HI vlingl In unfrlv! In prrf«>rnj,ifirr, loo—wilh lh<r ncliun-;,(„,,,( llji], i-Maiic |} r ; ve » in.l Wllirl.way! A r.>nvanMi,oViiiy nrrainzalinn like Oltls- Our men li.ivr lirrn Ilinrmifrlily tr.iin<-,i in rnolMlr, lri illy lias l>r,,t rigdt n|.-lo.t!,r- fKclory-slumlinil Irrlini.nirs. '.\n.l N»r'^ miruile in ,rr*ice nn-l!, ( >,|,. fperifiralioiis Imill ,,,, * *, c ll l.alan.Til stcx-k of -rnninr ..I'' P'l'"!»i"'»>. As Ol.ismoliile dealers in Ol(lsinol,ile parlf. So ,,,-M lin.c j,m «o,-,l Jliisaiea, we mir policy to lie repair or niaiillriinmr >,mk on your ,-»r, •n will, ll, 15 01 ( |,mol,il e pr ,, fr , m . We've why not pivr. us a Iry? \\ r ihink you'll k-J>l "ur c.piifiiucnt moilciu »,,,l corii[)lr-lr. jgrrc, «<.' re "I -\Httrxmic" in «rr»in-,' I,,,,! YOUR LEE MOTOR 307 E. Main D E A L I R SALES, Inc. Phone 2056 ta know yov'ri healthy! r iOMATl a knoui It I That's why thouwnd* of families today «r« having their chenti X-ray«d. Fathen and mothan want to b« mire that they are not endangering the future health and happiJ new of their children. They also want to know that their children are per-, feetly healthy, and that infection dow not threaten them.* You'r* doing a faror to youwelf, your family, and your community when you hart your chert checked.''' Feel good by knowing that your health it good! Make a date to havt you! chert X-rayed. Do it todayl Blytheville Water Co,

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