The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1935
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Served by £JSe United Press CTTHEVILEE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT MKWSPAPBR OP-NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANn ^m™^,*,^, ^ * •»-• T f kj \'or,. xxxr_Nn. 271 Blytlierlllft Courier Blytlievlllc Heruld niytlievlllB Dally News Mississippi valley Leader „, RU 1 IFRV11.LU, ARKANSAS, T11UIISDAV, JANUAR SINGLE COPIEsVlYE CENTS Vic New , ( Vv,s!oii Granted on Auto License.Tags • 'LITTLE flOCK, .Jan. 31. IUP1- j Exemption from ppnallies on nuto- jmobile licenses was extended today I by Revalue Connnlssioiu'r Burl Whrmim until midnight of Pobru- .nry HJ. I The extension 'was made at, HIP . [iTCjiiosl or the house of rc-piesenta- il t OS Constiltltinn;ill' tlV - S *W d ' t '" iU « rcsolulion to Ihe a l LS ^unbimilioiiaijionimissionw-yi'sicrday. it wns tin- Guaranties' All o r ivcy| SECOI ' lcl ? xt ?»sirm mndo at the rep , '„ , •.•>. quest, • of the rcprcsciilaUvts. The VjCneral Ueclaves , ., first one stayed delinquent tao p-n- LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 31. — The proynfed general sales fox is "fundamentally unconstitutional," Attorney General Carl E. Bailey held . yesterday in u 10-page "opinion [ .'.lilmiiued io members of the legislature i!i Ihcir ramcsl. Tlie opinion was requested by Speaker Hurve Thome of thc KOIISO, Representative J. E. Smith of Randolph county, and Senator Alfred Fealhersldn of the Thirtieth dlslricl. "As I interpret them, the various decision. 1 ; of our court arc con- c-lustve. that thc constilution of Arkansas of 187-! dcnicji lo the legislature the right to lax privileges lhat are mailers of common Political Alignment Will Be Declared at Meeting at Parkin Today PARKIN,. Ark., Jan. 31. (UP;— Buffeted by charges it has joined the attorney geiierar'wroi'e' 'J 1 ',", 1 , 1 Co "' m ""ist 1 i to "stir up tron- '"nie proposed enactment it I i „ r>mon = .sharecroppers, the seems lo me, would lay an e'iclsc ' "°"" Ier " T(! »fint'.. Farmers Union lux upon privileges which are mat- , a s ! Kclnl .'m'eetlng here this ters of common riglil afternoon to declare formally its Itiss nnlil February ifi TO FIX TES CUT IN SALES TAX RATE ™"—•• 1—-. -— ,...— - - - t.^^^^^^ "Therefore, I necessarily c on- ehicle that the proposed cn-jctinent policies ami political alignments. 'Hie gathering was expected to claiiiy the controversy bslwcen fundamentally imcoiuuiDtlnnnl S' all| y lfic .. -... "Furthermore, I believe the ivo ' j snilrecl '"l>Pers and landowners over . . - >'• alleged violations ot the cotton acre- enactment is incidentally unconstitutional because pava°raph 2 -of Section 10 does not .seem lo sufficient compliance with Sections 4 and 12 of Article !6 of tlie constitution." Taxes Iiiulfcuahle Kfght* Tl-.e proposed measure, He ex- -.,. ,,,^. ui .- llv u , plained, is not laid njion property i Co-operative college Mena or commodilies, but "upon an act I among those to sneak .or the exercise of a privilege and ' ~ age reduction contracts by the latter in evicting tenants. H..L. Mitchell, Tyronza; exccu- Uve secretary of ihe union. Ward H. Rodijers, ousted PER A Instructor, under conviction on annrrfiy charges, and Lucien Koch, 21-jja'ar- old president of CommonwfjiHh weri A Snowflake's View of United States Capitol President Asks Unified Control of Transportalion WAHIIINOTON. Jim 111 <UP)~ I'rraldPijti'JRoo.WM'H today imjin- ncinlrd' l(i <>oiiRri'»s formal Ion or iTiilrailwd ininftpoilnllpli WiO' ,lil.'li Mnui control inidi'corolnln vlutlrm as well ns nlliei j'orjiii Ii'nn.s|t6rliu Ion. ,. ' Truusmltllim Ilir re | W u of (l, P cdonil iwiallon commission. Mr. oosevelt. iiilvisi'il MMigHvis IIP \™.s to concur whh (lie ,('• rCTOinim'ndlUIOII for CSlHlJ- iflnncnt of » separate ah- cum- ucree commi.wloJi (o regulate nrf'- lon, ' • ; : . obJMHS of nil forms of trans- loitiitloiV nre ,su closely' luloi 1 - TUlfl Defense Witness lhat privilege is sale. In Scclion 9 it is made the duly of the retailer lo pass Ihe burden of this laxalion on o^lhe. consumer. By Representatives from 25 • local unions in Ihree eastern Ai'kansas counlk-s and possibly from the rEmaining few scaUercd '•> southeasiern MlESourl" and Okla- to attend ( 5 provjslon it-p'ossiliiy escapes "omi ; we'-,,. ,lhe ••essenllar characteritics of. a Mitchell siirf. •Brtns; - incanie'tax'and at iHe'same • ' t; "-'' ; '• - _' •" ••.•'-.' "-'lime makes Die act or privilege! Appeal Fines "' lo be taxed a purchase, which is' MEMPHIS, Jan. 31. (UP)—Arrest a light not cssenliuUjj dilf.crejii;|a>id conviction ot four more eastern from i he right lo sell:' ' - |Arkansn, sharccropnera in'the nn- "It is ob\ious therefore tnat "inizcd tenant revolt against allcF- tho cinrtment -•---•• j •• - - "^ -•-*-* .- •-- •' - nould tav the right C S uolitions of coi'ton acreage re- of he indhidml to ncaune those Suction contracts by landowners across much of the countiy left the Capitol pounds In Washington" nndeY an unusual 7l-Inch""^^! of wow itomanhei r chanre ir> mikn rhi, „.„,,.,._i ,,i, ..„._ „, ,,.. „ . .. .. u«»jAi.4 m siiow, The bli//Aid iftei "'^r'^rV'^T^' I r 0 ' 13 " 00 t0 mkC thk llm ' SU1 " ," !C '" ro ° r the ' Ca^r^d'^^in^undinr's'rounds Note Ihe row, ot auto, pa,,ed in the oval plaza before the Capitol building, »ndfhow clearly this aeria, 'tip-Wo view inarb Ihe Hvb n „ t wmgs, Seiiolc on the left, House onUlie right, of the anclcnl building -.' things fwntnl to Jife , lk and thc pm-suit of Imppmets "In the cai of the stale leg's — levealed .^...j. The ten-nits two white men and no c Local Man Succeeds J. A. Schindlcr as Concern's ( Resident Head ,, ,. _ -.-^- .in, uli jurum O. P. Moss, for a number of vetirs .... before Cucuit Judge Nell Killdugh general manager of Ihe Arknnsas- mci at \\ \niic They are charged with Missouri Power company has been :<"': ^ U !!^ hborandcolleclinijmon- named manager ol V BMhwUfc - - —- - .w b .o til ° ircgioe5 have appraiert 550 lalure. he --ild 'it is gpneralli fil >cs gnen them in justice court al rocogmrcJ thai «hen an act or iheh appeal's will be heard named manager ot the BiytlicvUlc Water company and wll chaise toinoiroiv morning. slitutional lights ire viohfcd it e v under false pretenses". ihe lemMitme imposes T buiden. ' Tl 'f men I,. M. Milis some c\cise upon the let 01 nc. Trt!( ' ind W il. Schnlti cupallon, but. 'gieit as L, Ihe Vhlle slnrecroppers, A. I) nrooxins to,- >, t-.ismg ]>o\\ei- it cnn ne\ei rtse l «Kio pieachsr. and R. T miller' li , , •, " ln tera P°ro T >' suiKrloi lo Ihe inalienable ngllU Paikln mgro school teacher VcV" n ! Z,v ? , cxtolls;w l )rt) S ram guaranteed by ihe consdtulwn "nesled No/in.uci- IR i n ,t™"'. ,",it ?.L ie f',' s .. 1III(1 ""l>™vemenls, in- Cilcs Courl Killings The opinion sets foith tlm the fales.(i\ pioposil amounts lo on excise lax upon the uglit 01 pih- 1 leges of sollm 01 purclnsnifc il retail anj ind nil kinds of fungible j;ei onil pioperlv •WASKINOTON, Jan'. 31 IUP)- Wllh ten hours to iipare congress completed action on • Ihe bill lo extend for two years the life ol the Reconstruction ''Finance: Cor- r Deration, which otherwise .would ,Lost. to State of Criminals have expired nl midnight lonlgiT,. The senate approved' a eonfrr- cnce report, on. thc bill shortly alter similar action by the house. As joon as it is forinally signed by Ihe speaker of ihe house nnd Ihe vice-president the measure will be rushed to (i )e while Ilousp for Ihe president lo sign. S35£ r&' r «• . l^^^g'T purchase ~of IU-LUI^ m liiookins the plant several monlhs ago by find ne'e- oav cln ich ucii Parkin. Denies Chargrs Slwift Clurles sl'acy of Cross led i group inlo the clnirch R. K. Johnslon, has been'carrie<l out. Rehabilitation of the company's' yiuup jjuo me cimrcii , - ^ ^uj'ii^'"/^ them. Mills sai<l lo- L >r ?? ,. y nns l)Cm C01 npletccl. Mr. ! lo txiv their fin«. S™ 1 "'. 11 " said this morning in a ii•". j.--> un u jjivpuav unicn nee- —' Unable lo pay their fin?s, , - waarilj includes food slieltei and Mllls S2(a thc >' stayed in jail at " ollllcln s tilnt M r - iloss would lake clolhing nnd iho o olliei things Wvime until December 27 when S V f'i', nlan:l soi'shlp tomorrow. Air. necessaif lo the cnjofment of life Pol "^tt county residents made $500 f clllntiler . n " engineer, plans to en- liberly mid the pursuit of haptil- • b °nil each for them. I lcr UlD conslriiction biisine.'K .it ness "| AH pleaded guilly at Ihe justice Kllusns •The question then arises: Arc ' courj • ''earing but ifiils. these rights LEPANTO Art T " " Hminarv henrlnt "n-« - f-fe claim lo speeches were made which by Mr. Johnston, an Ok . , Inhoma City man who also has util- this question must be left toTcon- , 1 rehabilitation of the filter system, Congress Gives..RFC > •* . Two-Year- 'Extensi«ii Find .. WASHINOTON, Jan. 31. (UP) — SecraUiry .of tlie Treasiu-y (Henry Morgcmhaii jr. today reported' that iuterjial revenue ng'eiits' had/loiiiid the source or the Utlca, N. V., poison liijuor which lins killed more Ihnn 30 persons. . ; \forgenthnu sum ihe liquor had been made from nibbing alcohol ,at a plant found by his agenlk The pDicers also discovered a second am! Mentally Incompetent Is Cited «*\ Tr>I> II. UTAIiOy • —«•«.!.1.1 [luu iiJjtdvtiL'Ll ix ficcoiui United Press Staff Correspondent f'ant where tile rubbing alcohol I.ITI'LE ROCK, Ark; (UP)— wns "washed" :bcforc being sold to Gov. J.'M. Futrcll would be'in ore «lT lnltcrs severe in treatment of coiiririncd' criminals than prescribed in ihe Cnnfpssps stei-illzntlon bill of Senator. Clyde v '"" M:5ses T. Ellis of Benlonvillc. • "A . mnn who is n confirmed criminal should be more than ' LEPANTO. Ark.—Ed Cook 'of sterilized—lie should be emnsculat- n.itesvlllc, has confessed lo 'cilv cd," the governor lold .the .United Marshal jay May an attack upon Press. "Then, intend of having Hubert Pranks. 20-year-old farmer sire whose offspring would living on Ihe J, p. Holiman plan- the government, $1,000.000 in tatlon In Mlssiwlppi countv near 'five u-p U'/\lllrl cfA,. II nl II. „ liorn ' y was found alongside the nn OH Young Lepanto Farmer < »«'',-,•' x u " e government, $1,000.000 in tatlon Lepanto. Man Confesses He yctu ' s we "'ouui slop it at ihe here. .n,.«^._ r-_ • TI•': : i/.,, • , soii'W 1 ' I Pranft • Car That Killed Bill Means Hailed families that had been' -™ "pS' $?$&£ ^»^rf&**M. i luiinni-.^ miu JUKI ocen •""•• .IL^I uvjj.uuu uue oalurclav traced in Ohio, Massachusetts and night. He had been bailly beateii New York lhat had "cost -those nl »ut the face and head and a leg states "from 5100,000 to $500,000 «'as broken. He was unable at the hpfimilant.. '« I? • i* each in criminal prosecutions and tlmc to give a coherent statement " cll: " UlJnl S In LVICtlon care. "And the breed is not yet Working on a few meager clues said. | officers Jay May nna Jim ~ " " that t*SlVlS l 1 "'? 0 ^ °«f'.«»: ™«".»?'« w 'vJ,^, nit farmer on jocttirc because our- Supreme Court, beginning with the second volume of Arkansas reports published in 1840, has repeatedly passed upon the question. "It has been uniformly held that he provisions for taxing privileges Steele Mail 'Endorsed for Pemiscct Judgeship CAEUTHEHSVILLE, Mo.—At a and repairs to service pumps. "Tlie plant is now in 100 per cent shape mechanically," Mr. Schindlcr £a!d, "and is capable of supplying three times Ihe amount of water which Ihe cily consumes." Mr.'Moss, \vhp was manager of the Arkansas-Missotu'i power coin- low "A review of n . ("r" 1 "'.'"" K " uul »5a ror the po.?t was chosen, by MV. Johnslo arc P of n comnL, OC ?^ i l tions ' whlch fice , lc(t vflCB ' 11 b -V «'e death last company; because" of hfs Tnthnate ass of pr v Ss whteh *th , ' ", i , ??"? » B ' Sandm ' wll ° »«l"^»'« >Uh local conditions .1 iM.n?e.s which the legis- wjis .eleclrd last November but was -ind his.experience as an executive axins, taken ill shortlv nft^r im vio,i om^o^ nt ....i.iin ,,f;i:t: n - ...i.t. ...,_,_-^ lalure is Inhlbitied' from and therefore ihc.v can, not be laxin;, , - -•.---...-..» uuv ii«o ^- *ki -j. %-rtjyvi*vin;t: ,\a ;ui U.\UtUllVt. taken ill shortly after he had officer of public utilities, with which fiunlified for the office. ->..wy, v , IJIIUI.V IIUII^IV.4, ^Illl WnlCll Ihe has been associated most of his axed hv lie . , n >m °. e nuBllfled for the office. • Ihe I chu«e bv 1 iiitfn. ,r Crailsc «'" • • Bfortorick was defeated in the, lite. Clause, by limiting the state lax to'Democratic primary for the of- W c C o>f\ll 'S"" 1 ' C - XClWlC - S fice ' n is ^" ectcd Gov. ofiy B.i wS 0 aVe al U^vue^ lllMtfolB |^n« (h /n^'^ ££"%£ i »»"«« March Leader ' In' 1 '""- the office is in charge of Scores Security Plan T i f\ f* . tC. D, lYAVis. former Inrlcrn nnA J tabor Opens Campaign for 30-Hour Woi-k Week |while, the office is'in charge of |C. D. Travis, former judge, and who was appoinlcd as clerk by Sandc-i-s during his Illness. began jis active rompiihory 30-hour workweek with « Broadside of criticism against the President William Qreen of the American ~ ' ;>-1 Richard.. Washburn Child Succumbs to Pneumonia NEW YORK. Jan. 31. <UP>- Ric-lmd Washbnrn Child, farmer nintpssador lo Ilaly and iuterna- tionnlly known publicist, died at WASHINGTON, Jan. 31 IUP)~ Herbert. BenJ.imln, hunger msrch leader, was forcibly ejected by capitol police .from the house ways and means committee hearing on " e security bill today persisted in haranguing 'rapidly into pneumonia. ----- -.~ ^^.Clolvu 111 llilL.lllg1llll<s the crmmlltee after hts alicttcd .... _____ tmic to testify had claimed, Benjamin denounced the measure charged President Roosevelt and with (ryin» ( 0 safeguard the "privileges of ths wealthy." "t want an extension of my 10 minutes," Benjamin called out" ro- 1 ncatedly.. == ss.-;s^ arti sH,?£Fr Means was found do.r.teLldc ? U ™ &^ .."" ."" tS .. . fer ... lhe ^ , u«lhU«c^ Means was foiind dead aloncsidc? Ul>p ! yinB paticllts fnr thc slale the road at three o'ctock" | he lospltl11 of nervous [Ilsca£cs for ,,,«^«l^_ VUlUtlv 111 inO (>.« n ^ c , aft vntlrc n,\H l^.r.1 f«,.^ morning. the' past -10 years and thai four or Barber, confessed ( o citv \inr " ve wcre f " that lns <"»U°n now. Sliai Ja\r Ma • * " Tf lh " "ntlnn rtnnei.'t Inb-o r n«,~ 1,558 Students Enrolled If the nation doesn't lake some of lrone meilt and senior high Ichool. ,th Memphis Senator i •Urges 10-Mile Exemp-j .lion Zone Ajpng Boideis u'rri.c HOCK, "jn'h 31 (up)-t',i uu.i ,,u: SB uHKKiy. inicr- i*'-i , ' onll ° l'™)' 0 ^'! tlneepei' j l^'^J'f...""?" 1 ™* *'l. «>«- J«rt*b "ih'^IS.i*, 0 /^,«"', «.ft- fl considered to iho orl 8 lnal bill by! Scnnlor Jof stcolo Ifail O f Siofet*, land, somo of them are committee f uinendiucnts, rcpommended nfier a $ imblle hcailiiK last night •vh'V Senator f c Oatlilng, of West Mephls olfcicd a substitute amendment .today that would exclude owns within 10 m iles of the state border. It would replace tho n .... , J " "•""•'• ". v.onm replace ths Haiiplmann Was Not One "" 1 ™ tlmc » t sponsoicd by Senator «f"r"' T f\ M - U " nioy ' of'TcxaiUnn, who 01 Lav 5 1WO Uccupailts sl) ". lfn , 1 I'ratcctton.'foi tender towns, „. 1 „.:..... ±''!',!?."'"A. 1 ™ 1 " tr °'» ««>«> <»»>,- PLEMINC1TON, N, J., Jnn ,11 (UP)-CouiiEel for uriino Rlclmrd Mauptnmnn loilay jmumcd Into the •ccord (heir nrst plcco of testl- nony ileslRiicd lo prove Hint n gang of which ItawuW.r'wBauWdoSlnVwUrMniS llOl n lnf>mlwir V'I,l,,n.,n,1 ft, ,...!-_ . ,,rX..ui^.. . ... . *- mJrt UUL H Itle; not n member Wilimpcil Clnirles A Lindbergh, Jr. They called lo the iviincss chair Lou Harding, a laborer, who lesll- tol lhat on Die day the baby was stolen he saw Iwo men driving in a New Jersey road with lie ladder used In the kidnaping In their automobile."Was either of those two men ils defendant?" lukcd Edward J Roilly, 'chlt't of defense counsel, "No," Harding replied. Harding said the, two men asked the way to the tyndbcrgh home • Harding-; Mypre- J lip vent to the Llmlbirgli' 'libfeo HiV 'he-ft ",Uiy and Identified Iho ladder, abandoned by, the kidnapers, as Ihe one Mhal was in the. automobile occupied by the, two-men, ". - Witness • Alliciird"' NEW YORK, Jan. 31. <UP)- Ivfrs. Pannetti Rlvkln, who had declined to be a witness in the Haupl- nmnn murder trial,'was attacked today by-hoodlums who bound her " a chair in,a Bronx beauly ciil- lurc school and sel the place or, the, according to a story lold by her daughter. The daughter, Miss Hadlc Hlvkhi asscrled thai her mother hod been threatened by telephone and expressed (he bcftcf the alleged assault was "an attempt to Intimidate mother because" she did ji 0 i waul to gel mixed up („ ti, la cnsc « Mrs. Rlvkln was Joiimrnenrly siif. located by smoke tml her condition is not serious. "My mother had been askea lo esllfy about Mrs. Haiiplmann vis- ^•--••v ••• &4TIVIIUI1 Case Win Jury Verdict A circuit court jury yesterday ed in the arrest ot cooj- and />r v f *"*»"- court jury ycstcrdaj W. Welch of Marked^ee tho fs %"* ""' ^ " egms ' wllot " ° ' " - - •- lcr e' I, con ? l '°' owncr of co ™W"i>ble rcn- Jitlt - "' Cull- (nl nmivirfu h rt ^ * \. t ... •- tal property, had sought to elect from houses in tlie Hollipeler-Shon- yo addition, were entitled lo possession of the property. Herp for Fir.l S^ shon >'° Sll «' fw possession of the litre lor ru-St Semester properly, alleging lhat the negroe.! Jim Love, Eliza A. cothron and P^ently drnnk, and that his strlk- I"?' Wc " re , T'l. '"' mg him was iinavoldabl- He draw. cday an(1 tnkc tcndcr ' on with his two companion.' Sff ??''* ° r llicse cllild ' cn ' arrrrTir c 2 ^- ^^ I tn.» I_ ^ -. . . *' - 1 " IWnil piaiUJX- ri^r.* nf {^^^.^nr.ln,,!- t, . H. T. Bond' cour ,tj, didn't stop and that he tlon m thai he didn'i hi until the h" heard , , *" l"^IL. IIV Mil was frightened and afraid [o companion.; the Cummlngs and expert But to let let them . Cost of Incompetents to the state was emphasized by the record of one Searcy county family lhat has had paltoits at thc state hospital 351, second. There were 258 torney for the defendants and F. C. Douglas for the plalntlll. Ruben Thacker was awarded an agreed judgment of $2,632.25 in his —o ••• personal Injury suit against O. W. cr cnce "w companions the Cumm'lnzs ™ UJ l r - U13rlcs nrhuunuiT, '^^rSg^ ,n"d C ' ^» -e^rS 1 that "rate Jails In M,rtedTr'?'and thftl co " lrt bc lmco<1 tllrougl1 tlle I/'panto. Barber K iii tf> mrri- s ' Six of lllcln H ' c '° men ' 1 " (1 «»u panenus ai uic hiuvu uuspuai '"^ <«v«i luusu UL Aiasons, NO. tor nervous diseases Intermittently."•*• lvi11 n! >ve a school of Instruc- since' 1902. Tills family record was "°n this evening, 7:30 o'clock, at li-ar>tiA ti.i r-iv. r*Kni-1rt- A «-l*n^ n 11^»- t llC llfllt VI ^111 nor \Tncrt.\n n_» «.^i ..,-_ -._-_.. u . itiviv nci t: ^ao students at Lange, 212 al Central and 209 at Junior high. The second term begias Monday. Masonic School Tonight ° . *-"• v«-"vn.%4 in trttvtimitfj coiiniy * u i t-t|uire th fl q\i The.loca, lodge of Masons, No. S^S^^ ?* £'"""?"«* Davis yesterday. Thacker was In- , , the hall, visiting Masons nrc wel- corned. «... w. i..11.. m.v ...» « v "nlslicd, primitive race were tin- all hut one of the six were mar-, covered by workmen of the E.,c. rled. Thc one woman, of [he same I ^- Mining Company, near here. • Offov "R»l,., n-,«,l,.» in her fal »"y making it. a ca: "Her Baby Bonds [insane families intermarrying. Through Postoffices' ' n '° flr3t Illcmbcr ° c that famli >' rxa. 'inc. one woman, of {nc same "• '>«"»«? uompany, near here, name by marriage, had insanity | Tllcv Included copper spearheads, In her family making it. a case of P* 51 ' 015 . mortars nn^ 0 (i ler an cient insane families hilermarrj-ing. weapons and ntensllfl, ^.'.'ji'tll defendant, terda, ...^, .for the Iwo weeks term. L,\JU« recessed over today but Jwdgc O v Keck will probably hear some matters tomorrow. , , « voted bj the .senate today In ndou-t thc niM of scvwil iimcndmpnw'r nalc supervision over nil should i,, lt •,,,„„,, , •CKI wllh one taltr - to bo t.iim ^ n ' u ° r ^ e iroum, Hie n .5*nU«C£ o ' "fe 1 B J? n ^ "l»- iipm? 'cniniutmhm ! : ' '! e ainontlinsMl pissed, 20 lo a rail call vote There me 22 amendments [ fl m ow com- immUlcs ovei stale llnc'l where ili 0rp vm ]c ,., w M f ^ Op)i<«ra I'Vee rnt Hooks v acnalor J. Paul Ward, of Bal«\vine, nnnoiinced ',011 the fiooi 'ti Q ' e provision giving 10 pe, cent of he proceeds to free textbooks is not removal. Half or the revenue '!i nough for schools, he snld without lvli's the additional 10 p« cant for free books, He would give the money to niiempI6yables iclicr As wrlllcn the bill give, mic m- l) "' cent "' . exemption fund '" ^"'"V",^ nnd froo textbooks '. Mllum, of Har- Commissioner of Pducatlon w,, E Ws and Crawfoid ' ^atlstlclan, conferred" -- ......, u ^rs at:theh desLs whUe inc amendment was being deflated, . l . ro )» s « Monumehl Tax A propose,! tax to regulate, ilionu- ent makers brought „ flgllt ,„ the house, when Rep w M cara way of pallns county called his bill up for-final reading and a vote HP ™ild lax locai-tlealeia $35 nnu S ,Q per salesman and would tax out o£ state denlera $76 lo operate In Arkansas. The noon icces-! until o ^.m. interrupted the Ste 2 County authoring tt m h( ,| stj _ )i!l which passed the house Is approved by ttic ™ -rh... resitoU of each towmW,, ™uW n? POI m n !" PP " lg bMr<i lo ^"P- a^c with stale nnd tedeial author- ^"^."Jsr^JSr'i, £!™£*.™**.'£^B t Z on the Lake blu'«a,hs auho . author of th he run-on- law repeal bill ' a of i on a toiitroveKia'rqueshon™ lnc ... ^r&w^ssfS e£«iH nny portlc)n or "»"'ty jud- es salaries pa irnU1 " '— - J uu « * warrant holders Municipal Court Bin ..« ^.u t ^ ,, m , „ senator Oreste Intrnrfii^rf >. n Lawrence county (o require the quorum " b '" I Pll>IiarMc-|*ll\ nlirl (flln ^AIITlll._ t . - - - —... ...v.—- u£ V . tvii_imiu^vii Him »"«i* ^-u<iiiLic5 10 PDDronridt' tn t Richardson of Walnut Ridge and '° pay the countJ , m^. t , * , Babl, and Babb of Little Rock were snare of the expenses 5 m»ft"?'° couiisel for the plaintiff. Reid, &•- »W a municipal MUI- «£ Z I"' Z d ^ mni ™ n "»™™ "« SS5i':?'*.jSH*a " !T t ^ WEATHER — • received November 9. i? the last one was released on ,,,..-.v t ,,,,v ^.<.-im 01 me women were The np"T'S v "' Jfl "' 3 lUP) ~ Inst SePttmlcr 23. treated mo women «ere zStt^^g&VTSSi'* "cnrj Morgcnlhau jr. sale! today, because • i-..j viity Ullt* I'.'f W" 1 wt of Thompson lapeiidence. The * r *7*r^»=»^sas! iu<:is 01 me latnny wno couicl ur. Arkebauer said where Iwo ycsferdnv wa.«'4B »,i,,t • v» sas fc >/, fc^Bsi «i ' " * r *i"ix, 'sfiAffsv&ssf - - - "* s Wa^iSS-* 5.««?«'-

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