The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1948
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 1948 BLYTHEVI1.LK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Aviation Stunt Now a Necessity Atomic Age Brings w Need for Aerial Refueling of Planes • Br Douflai l.arwn NEA Staff Correspond^,,) WASHINGTON -NBA— An old aviation stunt revived by the atomic age Is providing the United States with one ol its most vital weapons Mid-air refueling of airplanes was one ot the big flying wonders of 1929. "In that year, Gen. Curl Spaalz, recently retired Air Force Chief, kept the famous "Question Mark" plane aloft seven days by refueling in flight to set » new endurance record. The stunt became a practical necessity for military use wilh the development of the atomic f >mb. During World War II, when a mass bomber raid was the prime operation of the Air Force, it wasn't possible to refuel thousands of bombers In the air to give them added range. But the A-bomb gave a single bomber the • equivalent striking force of many bombers carrying conventional bombs, vjkew techniques developed by the A»* Force to extend the range of, bombers by aerial refueling are a secret. An increase of from 40 to 75 per cent in the range of the B-29 depending on the stage of flight at which refueling takes place, has been revealed, however. Tanker Planes Fly High There is a very high rate of file consumption during take-off and climb to cruising altitude. When a tanker plane gives a plane extra gas as soon as It reaches cruising altitude at the start of a mission. It increases the pjane's range approximately 40 per cent. If the gas is added at later stages of a mission, it can Increase the range up to 75 .'per cent. According to Air Force Secretary W. Stuart Symington, this gives the new B-29s now being produced enough range to bomb targets in Russia from U. S. bases on the North American continent. That would have to be close to 7000 miles. It is known that these new B-29s are being equipped with flight refueling gear. Although the TJ. S. Is keeping mum about the details of its flight refueling methods and equipment, the British have developed the idea yerv satisfactorily for their overseas ;jj4|nnes as well as for their bombers. Trie British method U supposed to be very similar to that used by the Air Force. It is claimed to be satisfactory in all kinds of weather. Gaj Line Form* Are The bomber which is to receive the gas unreels a line with a weight and hook on the end. The line How Planes Refuel Without Landing \**& \. o rr As unker plane (black) approaches. Projecille, rarrylnt a II,ht line h eceivi-r plans trails hauling line fired from tanker beneath th« haul- anil prapcl. | nr || n ,', „,,. Threatened Phone Strike To Be Probed PAG; ttvrti demanded a 30- Inert aw and about working conditions pay »0 chinge< In '-. Marcus L*uek, ehaJrau <>( don Beruon and Here projectile hai marie contact with jtrapnrl, and tanker W|lns climb fnr refueling. -jger L up lo tanker and la attached. Mid-air refueling; of a Lancaster bomber Is In procesa here as cajiollne flnwt | . by gravity from tanker plane (top) to receiver. aitu IEUUK. un uir CILU. i ne line • SIILII IHOjti forms an arc behind the plane. The \ in the Se tanker plane moves to within one 1 cleric ciurin hundred or so feet ot the trailing arc and ahooU out a line. It also has a hook on the end, which Flood Control Cut Hit in Overtoil's > Lost Senate Talk WASHINGTON. May 19. —tup) —The voice of the late Sen. John H. Overton, D., La., was raised yesterday for a final time against any more to defer flood control and navigation improvement. Overton had prepared a speech before his death last Friday In opposition to a proposed economy cut of $200.000,000 In spending for such projects. It was read today Senate by the reading ig debate on lh» Army civil functiotis bill. Overton opposed the cut on grounds its supporters were acting on a basis "Inconsistent with the facts." He reminded the Senate this action Is now the breadbasket and "hope of the world." "Unles.i xt prelect and husband our resources, unless we strengthen ourselves to meet the challenge, then all is lost," Overton's speech said. "When we fail to meet this r«- WASHINGTON. May l»._< ur .) —President, 'Human yesterday appointed a rarl-ritirtln* board to In- vestluale the threatened atiike the American THeplione »nd 'IVle- Riaph Co. by the American Union of Telephone Workers iCIO). Mr. Truman said in an executive order the ceiled strike •'tlirrnl- -•led nallonal health »nd safety." hauled The 35,000 loni-line* telephone I load, ' CarutrWrsWffe Se«i Date for Clmn-Up Campaign .. line workers-have CARUTTTOISVCLLK, Ma, May 1».— At a meeting Monday of the Cle»n-Up Commillee of the Junior chamber of Commerce. Wednesday, June J. was the date decided upon on wlilch Die club would conduct H« annual clean-up drive. Last year, .the club collected and to city dump 1700 truck "'bbUH. 1 U Is believed (hat m " ch year ulnce rwe ! ^"»-' ^ty ithe city llmlli. < *"* *'» «ooi>«r»l«, u will Is llo»* U allowed io run out irwiHf fin-llnr romplelert, tanker turn, It lanUr and la drawn Into receiver'* homeward, endi contact by break,in[ wrak [Ink in line. NMU'AsksHigh Court to Rule On Labor Act WASHINGOTN, May 19 <UPI— The Nallonnl Maritime Union (CIO) yesterday asked the Supreme Court lo void the Taft .Hartley net provision renutrins Non-Communists affidavits from union officials. H also askfd the court lo p«« on (he constitutionality of « provision requiring all unions to file annual financial statements. The union appealed Ihe decision of a special three-Judge court here which recently upheld the constitutionality of both provisions. The NMU action marked the first attempt to take the non-Communist Mid financial clauses of the law before the high court. The court already has agreed to pass on the constitutionality of a Tuft- Hartley provision outlawing political expenditures by unions. YOUR FAMHYCANWm $25,000.00 CASH! $25,000.00 Is First Prize In P«spai -Cola's "Treasure Top" Sweepstakes .and Contests! Wisdom Comrfl With Age NEW YORK < UP)—The Federation Employment Service, a nonsectarian non-profit orgHnization, has opened a campaign to persuade employers lo hire older workers, its slogan Is: "Experience, loyRlty. skill c.ome with age." sponsibility by hiding behind a I cloak of economy we deny our faith in a great America" How'd you like to win ?25,OOO.Ql> ciish? Here's your chance! Pepsi-Coin's great t'ontest.'i oirer> a (on Kamily Swespstiikes Prize of $2f>,- 000.00--among swell cash pri/.es! Also, Slale nnd Na- iional cash prizes every montli! Lots of chances lo win! Knler this sensational new series of Pepsi-CoU con- tesM. Knter oflen— everv entry* jseus it Treasure Certificate for trie Family Sweepstakes Prizes. Contests close June 30, 1!)48 Ixxik for "Treasure Tops"— Pepsi-Cola bottle top* «rith GET ENTRY BLANKS AT YOUR STORE Bottled by: t)nd«( »t>poi«lm#n! bore N»«I-CB|« CWIIWM M: T. thi K-hol* family Inl hidden decigni under I h* cork, Collect 'em . . . swap 'em . . . get a complete set. bomber unreels as the tanker leaves. - - — , -•- This weak link is provided as a crosses the_ bomber's trailing line in j safety measure in case of bad! such a fashlo'n that the two hooks become fastened. The British claim this part of the proceduce is relatively simple and seldom misses. The tanker plane then fastens i hose to the bomber's line and the bomber reels back the line and the hose. The hose automatically last- ens into the bomber's tank. The tirst substance which passes through the hose it an inert gas which Is supposed lo make the whole operation fireproof. The tanker plane then climbs above, the bomber and gravity lets the gasoline flow from tanker to bomler. When the bomber's tajiks are full, the pilot signals the tanker plane to pull away. The connection between the planes is severed at a weak link in the line, which the weather. If the planes should be bumping In the air and happen to get separlted farther than I o length of the hose, the hose v !d just pull loose from the boi ^ r's tank. But It is still kept fastened to the bomber with the weak-link line which can unreel freely. When the planes get closer together again the hose is Just reeled back into place. Wheji the refuelling Is finished, the end ol the weak-link line IK kept taut in the bomber and the connection is severed. Methods for pumping the fuel from tanker to bomber to help gravity and larger hoses are devices which the Air Force has de- | veloped to make the whole operiT- tion faster in the new B-29s. Pepsi-Cola Holding Company of Kl.vthevillt YOU Are Cordially Invited to MEET and TALK WITH , HORACE E. THOMPSON Candidate for Governor IN BLYTHEVIILE (Noble Hotel) . . . 9:0<Vto 12 Friday, May 21st, 1H48 Horace Thompson wants to meet you and frankly discuii the probUmi in State Government in which you and other* in Mississippi County are interested. Jim Snoddy, Director Thompson-for-Gover/ior Campaign Is the old bus burning oil—ealing p <is? We'll re.jnvenale it for you by installing new rings and bearings . . . grinding and re-facing valves and cleaning and adjust- ing all moving parts. You'll drive away in a hiph spirit- ed vehicle. Pay as you ride . . . easy monthly payments. Special fall terms for farmers. Easy GMAC Budget Plan SULLI VAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. Phone 578-579 Our hat's off t« this and (Kvwer o<>in}iani*4 (and this ••• an aiivdrlimuenl in Thf Wi thouglit it wai bill ihii cditur in TVA > how Is write a KeU«r Follow this 15-Poiirt Phillip 66 Cbock Llct FOX HAW* SUMMER DRIVING! LMM U t*» *vmm»r KLKOTKIC «"*»/, 1:M T. X., CST, OM. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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