The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1935
Page 6
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Cunningham, Rmilhvon Ko new Series; I Jornliosle Aims .-it 600-Ycl RCCOK BV. IfARRY GJttYSON Sports Editor,NKA R NEW YORK.—Willie Glenn Cim nlngham and Bill lionthron re'nei their time-whittling rivalry in th Wnnainnker Mile, Uierc are nt leas four other events of llttje less.lm trartnnce nn<l Interest j n the 281 anminl Mlllro.% Bnmcs-nl ; Square Garden on rtb. 2. They are the Mlllroso 000, tii invitation two-mile,- GO-yard hlgl high hurdles, mid, hljjh jump. A. remarkable field is to parMcl pate in cricli iiunibcr, Ilccord wi-cck .ing is anticipated In thu initial bit indoor gathering or Ibc sen.soi>—the first of the nig Pour meets of Feb iiiary, which Include the New VorJt A. C. and National A. A. U. championships here arid |he Dasloti A. A Barnes. Preiilnp Cimnlnghahi and llon- Uiron when they pick up where they left off lost,' summer will IK Gene Vcnzke, the familiar race from Pennsylvania; Erik Ny, of Sweden; and nlll Rny, Manhattan , Colleife,Junior.,. Ny, who' Is to furnL 1 ;]! Ihe Inter- mitlonal flavor'on the boards this uUiter, is intent on ernsliig mommies of the flops that spoiled hLi visit or L«o years ago. The European middle-distance slur repf-llrsl Lulgi Bccciill last siuinnei-. ill's Swedish 800-nielcr IlBiire of l:B0.4 .and IB.bO-nietcr miirk ot 3:50.8 com- paie favombly with the leading IK-rfomiajices for (hose routes. llornbostel Favorite \ytmt probably is the fastest, qimr- ;let. ever nssembled for the Mlllrose ?00 Is composed of Charley Horn- boitel and l.vnn Fuqua, teainiiintes nl. Indiana university thrfiiighou. .college careers jiWt closed; Milton Sandier, last year's winner; and Arnold Adams.-of Worcester, the 1933 victor,who holds the record for the event; 1:12.5.. , \ Hornbostel, n favorite even though he Is lo tackle GOO yards in competition for tha first time, is con- 1 sidered capable of breaking ,Alaii Helffrich's 10-year-old world inar'k or 1:11.6. llornbostel \von the N. C. A. A. 880-yard title for three coiiseciiUye years, establishing the former world lecord of 1 50.9. He Is the National A. A U, 1000-yard meter cliaifi- pion, and western conference 880- yard and mlie - tiUehplctcr. ' After begins the Mlllrose JOOO a year ago he ran the. anchor Ip£ for the prevailing'Indiana relay, team. ,. '.' Hornbostel ai\d:.Pitq'ua'-hrivc, be'c'ri „„,•.•„„ >». r>, '•'•-'-•'•", ;'nijd. .'th« com^ton, CMIf., Junior College ne- gro j'OVlnirtei-, Mikes h! sthioai' bos on the AllBntit epos}, in the high Jump, phly bhd of 'th« fbtif c-foot 8-lneh: jiuhpfrs (lie spoil has developed g-jii be hiJsslhg.. ire is Wnl ter Marrj\ Ihe Fresno colleglnn. qcortf, eplli dud Ifaroid Osborn, first of tin. : B,8 Jmr.pws, wil) he on hatid, Osborn, wiio is 35 yefirs old, Is stf.ging n ntic cpmefcock IWs wlh- Ic-r. A1I»H th|*adgill;yti. nefrp ir-p- r^PntniK'ft f-,r 'IV-rnDl? "•••'•>•-'•''-- •. ixl . 0 feet n 1-2 fnehto Vwllhoot plkes lew Dim i a inonttrngo. Johnson Ixsit Loth \rbHy aiiii Sim?, for the Amerlcnti chnmrilo'iK ship in chleaRB it, 1033, riftiMin. n fret 7 inches. lie tied with Mnrty for .the Borne im,,' inst Juno In MH' as bpth ercalort n.'cliaiti- ))loiBhl» «cord Of 0 fuel 8 S-8 Itieh- . spitz lenping nn Inch less. Jomuon (s confident or his ability to lenp 6 feet 10 liiclics, Mifei, would ilo.iiiitl) n liJghcr.nlglit, Into the stratosphere came'' along. '. • frnc'mnn n»t;al the taps m : the MUlr,ose COO will, wile his nail: number, first, ran ih.'igjs. Include Tedl Meredith, p av c Caldwell/Earl Kby; Helffrich, Ucriilc McCiifferly anclUlcx Wilson. M ' • ' Distance Conwioiij •.'/'. Mighty few; If any, previous tests nt - Eliej.d:.«iiiice hfve captiu-ed the IniaPtTlflt I AH' Af Yn.llWii'.-,»,j. -r ii'. 5 .. .' than the iiivllaUon two-mile. • With the Olympic Games only 1G months distant, it is high time that America became distance conscious and a group of determined aiid callable young men have "taken upon themselves the task of denionslrnt-' to sprinting The invitation two-mile Is nn. other Mlllrose feature likely to draw the speediest nSd il Jus known. It would not be too surprising if Ray scars' American record of 9:074 was lowered. The world record is the amazing Paavo Nurmi's 8-58.2, about as easy to reach as trie man in the moon.' jJ^ifJ'Pj 1 „Johnny Follows, who :09.2 a j-oar ago, have ~. "«-*• ...MVI kiLiL-ui. 01 ino •ipest kind.of, ClOrKpiKolA in'the ™y of a picture. Fortunately, the ooys make no effort, to-act. -n-nlc- nj : thi-ough the plciure.-wl'ui". just .nc same JtiiKl or iin W orrleU calm that they .walked.-.through the World soriw.. But (he box-; s «m. Wanner Picks D. 5000-meter crowns'last spriiiK and Oly mp ,c finalist at 1500 meters w ;.° has forsaken the mile lo de- yte his time to longer dislances- Emo Penttl, National 10,000-rn ' country championship'last Novein- ter; Joa McCIuskcy. a consistent indoor campaigner; • Joe Munclv' and Bill stelncr. y ' Has to Be-al Good Percy Morris Beard, greatest timber-topper who ever lived, demonstrates his double-arm action nnd he unbroken rhythm .of his stride In the 60-yard high hurdles. 'The MtUrosc hurdling- field consist ot 10, including Phil'c we BOTdoin flier. who during ,,iv outdoor season, bagged "the I. c *-A highs and' placed second to Sam Klopstock, of Stanford, ui the ions, ond wo nthe National A. A U lows and forced Beard to do the Wghs in 146 to beat him by Inch- Ssindbaoh, of- Purdue; Ray Uughlin, of the Boston A;A- umui PHteas, of New York University- Jennings potter, of.columbla; and Charley Pessonl, of Manhattan .• Cornelius Jolirison, the lanky Harry Grayson The Dafluiess Boys hav!ng~rc- ired momcnturlly .from the.ljnw >iill, lef s ict .just,..a fei emus stray In tho direction of inn who wns burning them thn liero when, tho Deans wore plna ores (Or whnlover kiib; wcar'dowi hero In Mica. 1 ;, Ark.) - - . I'm thinking of I«fty Crovc, „,„. at the moment, lliinlilnir mostlj f liow to brlhit (lown some' nccepl am«. with onn or, lib. Invgo col action of foivllni;, pieces. - • , Is drove Ihroiish? Ills dlsnu- olntli) K showing, of last season Is o doubt, bringing furrows (o ||, 0 rows or Kddle Collins and the hon- yntooiilng Joo ci-onfn. .. Vi>c thej nvc to figure but ]ust how big.a lace Drove L5 to fill with tlie Red ox Oils coming summer. . • :-.-., Bid drove imve otily n temporary ore arm ]nsl summer when he was ombnrdecl out of t)ic box by.teams nut couldn't foul him In 10337.or nvo the bcdrings , finally buriieil it In lliat great, piece or machln- y tlmt buraed l.licin.throiiBh there Best,, iloue' is that Munnger-Joe it going to count on Grove for lythlrtg more limn miner. sliouM : aVov&. : come, back; ove able to take, a .regular turn d win anything like the 24 vie- 1 rles he .turned in,lor the AAAA's 1933. that would be just so.muoh' velvet, and set, Mr. Cronin, right down for jierinnncnl .residence at No. 1 Kisy Street. " . - ' • . * < , »- L . , Jusi Breezed 'Km Over .'•••', ,,: But it. may, be that,: the'zani has gone, oul, of .Uio-Orbvlaii-soup-bone foj-eyei-> Rotol .\fosesvhas-bean woftlng Ihitm.aver for 15 years) • ij^jftriprove system, ..especially in hts • cnrlicr. .days,; :.\yns, simple;' it iviis > .to breeze;.cvcrr pltcli. right «!,ro.qgh lliurQ. : .,T;iat, takes, ' vlsitow and «-35 never liead«d, Tft. Onlcks trailed, throughout i' fi ;affiP,- .- • i ,. : - :••-• • The Iwo learns pill rnett Pridav February a 8 |. nij-Dievllie jn a r.- ; turn gBme, IS) FO FT PP T! 1 l n . inoylc-makiiijt. that the .Dim- "css.Boys us movlCiticlprs.'ni-c .still gient pitilicrs,. , , " • ; • • « '' .^ 0l !,'L. P . C( ? r , W'Bncr.'.'who :i md er — And he allows as limi- n In ^H»r" ^ thc .Vod, l bec 3M sc i add ion to bcins able to throw •te ball througl, iht're. Ile ». as „ >al plfiycr, too. .il,.n , s , llc collU , ncad Courts. News .Want."Ads. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. WSFBANCI DMT, Witlr Mosloy and Tiplon ' Oul. Rlyilievillc; Provbs : Easy For Hun'icann / ..'lOMRsilORO, 'Ark.,- Jan M.- JoiKMlxiro'K ."•,(<•• ppIng ao'liTen HiirHcnh(. rollfcl over the Blylhr- vllic . Clilcknsnw, In the" first mrH- i"g or tlici cnrjc (cams of tlie.w i\n- t-lcnt.;.rivals this season, winning i.i, 10:19 -here'lnKi..jiigh'l. Bolii;tt-ains'v, f erc mlinU Hie r«r- -'fliise/or,.'allrrionl.v nlythrville was probably.moro fievcrciy/hfliidicnpped wlth', : -;Hers)icr;;>loslcy;', all-dLitricl for!Wirdj:;,-ij^(l;.Vp !ck ^ T-i, )tol) ,, -^ )lay.} .T0|iimy PrceVor, p<l/.w)io. played 'a 'fine /Pine nhilf here, tost iihe sldfijines. frcsli. froni two wihs or the Jonesboro Holman, r f KiHIrcl, <- Krilcr (r.) Caldwell, noli on: r f - Ale\andpi l . Bflinc ; fl(;alns[ *'«<*,;,-Was', on re. Snliljn f Knelilci a Pin-He, g nlackwcll, r J 1 I ': I (1 1 i 1 f| -i f 1 (I II I 0 1 0 I) (I f, 1 0 ) 1 v- i in n TO n PC' IP fepeef Big Crowd To Wnich .Bootery Take On Builders dlsji ilclioi The game tonight between the flootfiy five n nd lhr< Ir-ugnc Ir-srllne iinii«r/,.j.-i cxiwicti to ilny a Wg cifj«d |o. Ihc- armory, backers of Ilir- Oily: nai*ft;m/Hlr-afiiir- J,r-I(eve Thr- floolr-i-y jiyjv Scf-\~, rniifidHii D)f>l II. con trinr'fljr. Bulii>r:i. • AW- Pucfcr-lf.1 Piifliimo- crew ^ill fry (o-mi,.'i he win f-ohiinh for a '••hrin>!<y against Tf-rry's TV-ITCH-'- 0 11 Possible "tflrtlnu'lliic-iips: '''1 rjj rioolci-y—Hnrrl's or Wfli'rinslon, ' ' I;!'' 1 *" 1 '' 1 ">r BroKdon, forwards; 2 •,; Christian, Miilcr; nrooks ,-inrl Hfe- (l ',', Men, enai-d.s. linildei-s-vwil) and l) ijl-I'otior, inrvntdi; Bell," center- Wfl- ,'.on and Holland, guards. •'•'.•, , Pastlmc-Oanske and niankeii-'' ship, forwards; /Marshall, c's>ite> IMttlcs nnd Puckctl; aiianis. Terry —.Johnson anil nfogdon, forwards- "'inr'ls" 1 ' cc -f. to; .;: M V i: »* aiui-Torry. e.°l ( ^"i<™h: I °f «^^cSTD7op';' ;: ' tnsui w-iei- („ can-1 Two To SHawnce Teams OSCKOM, A 7k~Tho Osceoh, fiMiiltiolc bnskotlfcill teams .showed siirpi'ltlns £(rengih In the uouble- lisarttr here Friday night Xn they held te fop-notch 4 a wee (earns to rlo SP scores, losing to Sliawnee noys lo a score of 2*3 in 14 nijrl to (he girls 22 to ?fe Tlif hoys game was n fast-affair. The grew clad < P am from Bliawiifp \VRS ahead nil thi. woV liiil «u<. iiralilo lo pile up B COT J: i'ln,-li,c Ir-ari. Hnawnee showr-rl tin- ninny -rtlll In ' eonvminrr. ire? ilMKiH only onr free to «J . iitfrf riif.t half, wltlj' : Wh If-air,': lmi||, iR heavily. -. '.. 'i'lif; elrla Eainr.,wa r , „ ,„>,•,, with ihc load changing- >ii n , u) .; f-vr-n in. tho third 'quarter'- Tlolh If-ams nlayrxl 11 rrmi-h Barn" o ioslnn i.wii players ' ami c orie licfprc the half n-i,rt ilo?. played probahly '' iholi host name Mils senson'. : " he csiight hold of n >u.aii u-•- lop and clung there for ihrec- hours. His grip loosened and he ••rapped r];e mail | ;aB . The mail carrier Inter was rc-s- oiert End fronted for immersion In the cold water. Ths pwieh fi'om i he stream <mii ilir- m.i'tl drif.l an ,\ ,\M Va -..^ WpDNFgDAY, JA.WUARY ^o. jvisg Fr.-fi-Jes i^n .y-jji^ j.,,. C.?.iAHA, Ifelx if7p)-.Siv him (iw.i and ninety-tiirec fiwl-le' ^ rr.iim 'fm—eacli ti n ,| r . Vfr ,,' mj / i.'ivivfinrpnil tf.ct ™.._. J '11'^ fas! n Jfili hcir-1 «nT,.sLr rr : lK ' iunWTr ^'"™^ •—— Or ''" 1 '. 3 . '"' " ,!"*-'•. ''"« an'MlPd in THK 0 •Tptah Ofllclnh Teachers) releree, u£,, Kci | U (Joiushqro :ilt,lo tinier, fn ] - Campbell, if (Kauris KANSAS. • , ' Wfihf-r Nn. Miia v>:, Tlif I "ICIllMlcUl . * I Clung to His J*ouch! WEST PEMllilOKE, Me mpj- Liko Uiu mptilin • whb; stayed u'lth Ills, sinking.ship, John M. Momau nn H. P. D, mail Airier, held „„ , 0 •"•; -mull bag /after Ills; horss ftm , stream' v.'heii a '"'-bi'ldfie -c'oliaWd tiei'o, . . Mni-saii threw himself clour ol Hit 1 wagon nnd .horse when lie. crashed mid seined die satchel us _hejnmji,>d. After swimming -1» ., Roll tlfyiw-r, }s Miinei! 10 fippcar within ' iliiit.y days in ilio coiirl, named in inn .cnnt.ton lir-ivor and wisv.T-r llic| complaint of DIP jjiaiwiir, Walter Cooper. j Oils 30lh day of .Ian Ifw-i I , II. M. CriAICi. Oln-k' -I lly Kliz.ibr-ih Roddy, u. c. \ Claude P. Cr.opr-i- - ! Ally. M Ulfm. 30-fl-iit-anj (•'iii-d V-l) cur ntnl Inu-k M ] M ilcpiiMinriil :in<) will appi'pcialc :lli il]l|XH'tllIllly to ,s|)o\v you t)ir-se line no\v cavs^ Phiilips Motor Co. PIlWlPS 810-811 Now Located''lit' 101 North Sccnnd ADDING MACHINE ^TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I>ON EDWARDS, Proprietor *« Dalies nfrdmlll Typewriters, (Main,; Machines and Calculator, llcfjalring—Paris—millions CHOOSE CHEVROLET FOR THE GRLATEST PERFORMERS tha» ever bore the Chevrolef name . . attd r he MOST ECOltfOMicaL to operate and maintain ifl fhe nimble i, flectrs,, mo,t Bp,nte<l car, th it eu r hn the n,e,ro!H name lhe n i " ;;;; ; y ;: omircly ; £ ' ""'" pCr £a "°" " f ""'^ '° " fi " W6 ° f 01 ' ' ' ' !l1 elll "- r LOW COST THE NEW STAHDARD CHEVROLET^/ Lowest-priced six Unusual economy Flashy acceleration 23% more power lor getaway and hill-tllmblna Big, roomy Body by Fisher ^ Smooth, powerful brakes (** Blue-Flame valve-in-head engine -.os^to (r ,e 0 i,, ( ,r t ,,o S ec a r . . and e.p.ien. . > ynii - - h :;^:;;: rlirat " onve ~- ' ('oat p f 9I)cnhioll _ aild (1 , v . CHEVROLCT MOTOR COMP VNY, Iim-ROI r.-MICHJGAN ,eu, ufda < la ^ c , lieml! , r ^, m)rn , } (! u ., Cffm ; ^aJ^ 465 AMD Uf. Uil pri,. ,1 N<lw si onl | ol Boodller ol Hint, MIO,., $445. W bumptis. toon tin and lira lack, I li»( priio it JJO.PO cddilionol. Pnwi »ubj«o t» thon 3 « without ciolin. Thi Ntw Standard Chevrolet Coacfi THE HEW MASTER DE LUXE CHEVROLET New streamline styling Turret Top Body. b£ Fisher *Knee.Action Longer wheelbqse Roomier bodies Speed, power, economy Blue-Flame valve-ln-head engl C«noo-«ction opHonal ct «0.00 omrol. 560 Ce»p. at bumpor,, t SHO CHEVRO •LITTLE CHEVROL BlytheviUe, Ark. The A^asler Do Luxe Chevrolet Coach

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