The Post-Star from Glens Falls, New York on October 3, 1966 · 9
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The Post-Star from Glens Falls, New York · 9

Glens Falls, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1966
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THE POST-STAR, GLENS FALLS, N.Y., MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1966 Make. Fund-Raisins Plans To Break Ground For New School Angeraml of Albany, the architects, will be present, together with construction workers, and parishioners and friends have been invited to attend the ILoljigqog rates! BANK TELLER TO BOXER Before he became a professional fighter and later world heavyweight boxing champion, James G. (Gentleman Jim) Corbett was a bank teller. Students Will Train At Clinic At St. Alphonsus LOSS Of GllfPOS! ARONSON AUTO LEASE Ground breaking ceremonies for the new St. Alphonsus School will be held at the site in Broad St. at 11 a.m. today it was announced by the Rev. C. Henri Tessier, pastpr of St. Alphonsus Qmrch. Robert; ,'B. Stevens of Green-mirtS. th" chairman of the Wash dir. Ford Garage Co. Int. i DODGE CHRYSLER DEALER 109 Warrtn St., Glent Fall I Coll Chuck Jarvie 793-2371 ington County Mental Health Board, has announced that the Washington County Mental The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Arthur S. Kiffin, P.A.V.FV D.D., of Hud Health clinic has recently been son Falls, dean of the counties of Warren and Washington, will selected as a training center for graduate level students from the School of Social Welfare, I f V -r i inaugurate the initial phase of construction. Representatives of Toole and State University College, A1-! m J Antique Show bany. , Gordon T. Saile, M.S., A.C.S.W., supervising psychiatric social worker at the Mental LININDOLL'S BEAUTY SALON is proud to announce ' v N that her daughter .LINDA is going to be one of the stylists a graduate of Harper Method of Rochester With Mr. Walt Coiffeurs for over a year. COMPLETE LINE OF HARPER PRODUCTS Reductions on oil Perms Mon. Tues. Wed. This week and next week. RX 2-4406 - RX 2-7286 OPEN EVES BY APPT. Glen Like New York Set Thursday ! The eighth annual antique Health Clinic, has been appointed a faculty field work in-! structor towards their master S ' ,W sTi r i show and sale, sponsored by the Women's Fellowship of the Second Congregational Church, of local work. The School of Social Welfare is one of the most recently in Bennington, Vt., will open Thursday at 10 a.m. augurated advanced educational programs of the State University at Albany, having admitted its first class in September, 1965. This school was establish Ac--.? " jMPMMMMWWWI1MWlLajMWMMiMiMWMMiMMWlllltl.W HI lid ll I illllllllllllrtl ll I i I 7 i The show, which has become one of the events of Bennington's Fall Foliage Festival, will run for three days and will be open Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ed by the University Board of Trustees to meet a need for lm provements and expansion of Planning committee for the Glens Falls Business and Social Services in the State, particularly in the Capitol District. The lack of qualified per Professional Women's Club fund-raising project are, from left, Mrs. Frances Ott, finance committee co-chairman; Mrs. Isa-belle Parsons, president; Miss Rosemary Sherman, vice sonnel to provide leadership and to staff programs designed to help people live more satisfying and useful lives in an age of Give or enjoy the tge-old precision of Cirrd Perregaux in the most modern of watch thapct. Left to right: New favorite shape in 14 K 79.50 Exquisitely dainty in 10K gold-filled . $ 69.50 Magnificent design in 14 K gold . Synthetic sapphire faceted crystal $ 115,00 Deposit in Downtown Glens Falls YOUR MONEY WILL EARN The Dorothy Carnegie Course will be sponsored in Glens Falls this October by the Business Parsons that the first meeting will be a Free Preview Session. It will be held in the Queensbury stress was noted by public of ficials and by leaders in private social work agencies more than ana Professional women s uudi Hotel on Mondav. Oct. 10 at 15 years ago. The final impetus of Glens Falls. 7:27 p.m. The public is invited. that the Glens for establishment of the School "we believe There is no cost or obligation from 'Falls Business and Professional of Social Welfare came Women's Club sponsorship of this world-famous adult educa by attending. The purpose of the Preview Meeting according to Mrs. Parsons is to acquaint visitors with several sources. Of great importance were two state government reports, "Public Welfare in New York State - The More-land Commission Report" of tion program is a genuine community service," Mrs. Isabelle the Dorothy Carnegie methods in development for women, human Parsons, President of the Glens Falls BPW said. "Business and ill relations and effective communi January, 1963, and "Education I professional women, sales peo for the Health Professions," a ple, homemakers, ciuDwomen, office personnel, their employ cations skills. One of the features of the evening will be a demonstration of a class in action. The course is for women ers and families, will benefit report of the New York State Committee on Medical Education of June, 1963. The school is a graduate professional school whose purpose from this training. It will build new enthusiasm, develop self confidence, create new under throughout tne tri-county area! 4clienlacli 6 oLtcl. Jewelers Since 1890 If you don't know diamonds ... know your jeweler 208 Glen St. Thurs. till 9 p.m. Free Downtown Parking standing among the citizens of COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY Fund received or postmorked by the 1 0th , . . earn from the first our town. Mrs. Parsons added that the Business and Professional Wo is to serve tne community by educating social work practitioners able to develop programs and provide services to meet social needs, and provide leadership in the' development of social policy and practice in the field of social welfare. The Washington County Men and is not restricted to Glens Falls. The Dale Carnegie Courses began in 1912 in New York City. Today Dale Carnegie Courses are taught in over 1,077 cities in America and in 51 foreign cities. More than one million men and .women are graduates. men's Club of Glens Falls, like many service clubs in Eastern New York and around the United States and Canada, have found that the Dorothy Carnegie classes have had an important tal Health program was estab- So convenient The Clens Fills Savings & Loan Association is a member of Federal Savings Gr Loan Insurance Corporation. influence on human relations ,lished by the Board of Supervisors in 1955 with the opening and leadership development in Among them are Kemmons Wilson, chairman of the board, Holiday Inns of America; Miss MON TUES., WED. I of an out-patient Mental Health their community. It was announced by Mrs l Clinic in the Mary McClellan SPECIALS Hospital at Cambridge. In 1964, a branch office was established Kitty Steele, TV actress; Robert Quain, manager of the world's largest hotel, the Conrad Hilton in Chicago; . Mrs. Phillis Ed Profits Increase PHONE RX 2 2177 37 BAY STREET in Hudson Falls. The clinic serves residents of Washington County of all age groups and provides consultative services monds, vice pres., Home Feder al Savings & Loan Assoc. Tulsa, Okla; Kathryn Curran, to individuals ana agencies in principal, McKinley School, Ab NEW YORK - Net profits of Indian Head Inc. in the third quarter of its fiscal year scored a 50 per cent increase over the like period last year, while sales were up 14 per cent. Net income rose to $841,000 from $563,000, while sales and operating rev ington, Pa.; and Elbert N. Car vel, governor of Delaware. the community. Dr. David A. Wasser is the psychiatrist-director of the program. In addition to Chairman Stevens, other members of the Washington County Mental enues increased to $50.5 million shop two great stores Health Board appointed by the Board of Supervisors are: the Rev. David A. Blackshear of , : from $44.5 million in the third quarter last year. , ' ' ' Earnings per share climbed to 42 cents from 28 cents a year ago, based on average shares outstanding in both periods. James E. Robison, president, said, "Most of our operating divisions posted gains in sales and profits as compared with last year, reflecting continued good business conditions in the Hudson Falls, Dr. Milton J. Greenberg of Hudson Falls, Dr. Richard Hogan of Hudson Falls, John A. Leary of Hudson Falls, and Robert Ward of Granville. Ex officio members of the board are Percy Carpenter, commis downtown -JS-.-. -i Regular 2.94? Value D0YS' GIRLS JACKEf SALE IRKEIL sioner of public welfare and Dr, ; Robert Homer, health officer. I diversified markets served, and northway plaza Kenneth Briggs of Hudson Fall!? j the effects of internal profit im-is secretary to the board. Iprovement programs." You cqi be sure of impeccoble crofhimirnhlp when FRANKEL'S decerotet your home or office County to Complete Road This Fail Across 3 Towns IFashaMe cotton foplin wiih rm INTERIOR DECORATORS fluiktd lining, .Solid colors. 2-6X. fttiivltar 29 Values EV CHROME 18a ijst , raised well above the old road to eliminate possibility of flooding because of proximity to the Schroon River. Such flooding has' taken place on several occasions during the past 50 years, the report said. On account of rock ledge requiring drilling and blasting, this season's progress on the road was delayed. The By CLARE AUDETTE An entirely new paved route across the towns of Stony Creek, Thurman and Johns-burg, from the Saratoga County line (the southern Stony Creek line) 'northward to Johnsburg Corners on State Route 8 in the north end of this county, will be completed this fall by the FLATWARES custom made LIMIT 8 KNIVES road has been primed with tar Warren County Highway De Ipartment, according to Herrick'from Short Street southward for PER CUSTOMER- f u Osborne, county superintendent one mue, ana a new mtersec-of highways. tion on a relocation has been In a report prepared for the 'graded and paved for 700 feet pttwmeJ tetspoons, dinner fotks, knivc. "StiroW tablespoon!, Board of Supervisors, Mr. Os south from the new state boat launching site at the outlet of Schroon Lake. borne said the completing link is in process of being finished In Queensbury, work was re in the Town of Johnsburg. This section is part of the Thurman Regular 25f Value, FOAM-BACK PLACE MATS Plgp J. draperies Mi HP-f s''Pcovers Jin 1 mm II v uPho,stery rj ft V jl'IMJ i'fjf Re$idenH,Commerlal mm WiMWm ) v tl I m if'fcfc v v W K j vil UiK w wi" bri"9 " sumed on the Parklap-West-mount county road on Aug. 17, P.O.-Johnsburg Corners county road, 1.8 miles still to be paved .That portion from the Annou within the week. During 1966, property north to the Gurney drilling and blasting of 1,000 Lane Northway intersection, on icubic yards of ledge (begun in;a relocation, which was graded MON O IO 1965), as well as grading ana in una, is now Deing line graa- TUES., WED trimming of shoulders and;ea ana graveiea. it is expectea ONLY that this section will be paved ditches, was done for one-half mile to the Robert Pasco before the end of the present construction season. 12x18" wipe-clfn vinyl mr$ with foum ttclting, in exciiint, designe. In Thurman, on Sept. 12, con In the Town of Bolton the pro- posed new route of the Bolton struction was resumed on the 11 V I mW lmW fflK F .m. Other . Landine-Riverbank county road. Burnt Store Corner-The Glen VL Uy (Mill 4Tklil;T'trJji k-3i7l tffiWS A Custom a federal aid project to be built county road. During 1965 this as Bolton's access road to the road was graded from its m-Adirondack Northway, has been tersection with the River Road insnected bv eneincers from southward to the Huber Road Bedroom Ensembles, Shutters, Blinds, Regular 49t Values EXTRA SIZE PANTIES Rist-Frost Associates, the State intersection, for one mile. This Decorator Window! I - A7 I noaet, " Wood-Shodes, Ruet, Conet. Department of Public Worksjsection is being fine-graded lor and the county department. The jlaying of a 20-foot wide pave-location was "found to be en-'ment this fall. Grading, to-tirely satisfactory from an en- gether with drilling and blast-gineer's point of view," Mr. Os- ing of ledge, is being-done borne reoorts. He added that about 1'3 of a mile south of mm ' it was possible that the contract the Huber Road intersection 1 LJ-.VsV 1 Choot from a fabulou enfrtment el beautiful fobrlcj! Give your for the construction of this new ami win L-uminuu w u.c road may be let this fall or Koad intersection. On Aug. 15 bids were opened early next LU-' 4 nd "u Color, .IV spring, as rigni-oi-being acquired by s way now is H home new Intereit, elegonce ond etiorm, cuid be SURE of your wlee-tion! Fronkel'i Decoraton will odme you on fabric color ond texture Colonial? Provincial? Or Smart Contemporary m mind? You'll find ut the fabric you want, for draperiei, ilipcoveff, or upholitery. And you con be certain of flowlesi workmanship on every Injtollation! 225 Glen Street Northway Plaza a special committee on this part for construction of a new 43-foot span bridge over Patterson Creek in this town, and the rontract was awarded to the r of the project. Tn Horirnn. prnrlinff of the OPEN DAILY 9:30 A.M. TO 5 P.M. THURSDAY & FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. 193 Clen St., Downtown Glens Falls most southerly IVi miles oi tne hianaara bhukj - Daily iO e m. to f-"-leturdey 10 t.g, to Slarbuckville-Schroon Lake Out-, bany. construction oi uiw new let county road is about 65 pcr;bridge start ed Sept. 12 with ex-cent complete. Just north of the pectation of completing it by Dixon Corner the grade has been Dec. 1 this year. Dlly t:30 e m. e I m. Tkoredey t:30 e m. to f p.m. i

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