The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHU i BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1!Y IIAKKY Sports Editor, GKAYSOX NUA Sen-Ire i Argentinian, definitely establish-! jrd himself us'a heavyweight Ihrcnti Preliminaries This After-! noon To EC' Followed by! Finals Under Lights ] NEW YORK—The hcavyweisht j by dealing Andre Lciijtlet a say- I champion ordinarily sets the) nee beating. , ' tempo of the sock market, butj Fight managers rapidly nre «et| (he beak busting a»i liars lo be dolim quite all rijiit i without the assistance of James !J. iirnddock. ivrlmps the trade grew llrcd ot huiiltns for Braddock's initial title : Right now 1L appeals ns ;Tlio' iilylheville high school thcn'eh Joe Louis will t'ct the. Hack squad, headed' by Coach first crack nt tlie Irishman nti Ace Puckett left this morning for Comlski-y 1'ark. Chicago. June 'i'i.\ Pciragould where tlie annual dts-: The Garden's lenal Ixittery: hns trlct truck meet Is to be held this not cr-asedi firing, however, .so Max it. : ; f-'rhmollni.'' and New York ran- afternoon nnd night. Coach Laslie expressed surprise not yet be at press reports coming Out of Paragould to the effect that Ills Chlcknsaws were favored to capture district honors for Hie first counted out. Ihc c.-iuliltowcr . al- tomrr.s have turned lo other triTtions on nil (routs. 'I he Frr;ddk'. L ; — fileeh' and Apos- lime since about 1930 locally the j tr.ll --biomcd the middleweight 'brl chant.e> of the Clildisaws Imvc'rudi' In New York, where Mike not been eoti'-ldeied piiticularly: Jntxbs eavi; Ilroad'.vay cimtlnu- bilght but it wans at P.misould 'ats m.ilrtr performances In lens-1 that they're picking (he chicks »>K 11"- i;i[i|X)!lroiue. lo win sweepstakes honoi-s that Oiillvlns club:;, particularly the went to Jonesboro lust week. jCullserrn In 1 Hie llronx and the Jonrsloio, Hljilievilk P.uagould ' lirenrtwny Arena In Hrooklyn, and Die other largo schools in ''ave ret ntk-mlanct marts. While t»: district compete in Class A .'troupers were not the cards' on rainrstltlon while smaller schools, thr: occn^fcns when these clubs Manager Kirchoff to Open Training Season; Mills •Is Moldoul members Is on tap this afternoon tn all probability Julian Harrington and Jack Kelly, will be the starting; hurlcrs. Five more hopeful youngsters re- ixjited yesterday. They were: Clarence McCollum, outfielder SUiclo. Mo.; Melvin Bellinger, nrst; baseman, Manila; Icky Stephens cnU-her, Cabot. Ark., Zimmer, St.! louis. outfielder, 'and Marcus' Cialnes. pitcher. All but Games i i:c.t into action, Bollinger cot one ' hit In two tries. Stephen.'; was hit ' by n pitched ball, drew a walk' nnd fanned. McCollum rolled out | to first on his only chance. Pete i liurnham, Yarbro, who reported' J. T. FKIEND yesterday, was In ccnterlield for [ As a tuneup for the exhibition'!'"; >ln ' miwlns - " c went hltless! game 'Sunday with "Lclty" Alex- : ,. 1, , C(l ollcc ' "™ch,j antler's Independents, the RCRII-', , '. fl>llnwl twlce aml rolle(l j lars dofcalec! the Yannleans 10 !; '" f ''° " lfl *K, , ' in » t iv i,,.,i,,., !.,»„.. ..,.., '.:".'•• George "Gabby linn out of hock, and" as Prof • — Billy .Mccarncy remarks, if., aU«.t; Abbreviated A f( air fc py. ^r. I ''>ww| By Base Running, Tagging Session Inter-cluh affair In a .six Wei-day ..ame mishln,, a mite, curve "»"*>' rlfc'ht Arqiiltt, Mem- hand rltcher ™ "° l " M " o'clock. H will be" the "nrst (rack meet for the. district Coach Leslie this morning nominated B\ron Watkei and Russell Moxiey, football aces.,as his slart- cis in the two big dash events (tie 100 nnd 220 jnul dashes Mos- lej has teen switched fiom the I IT i»<]> Mcnt In \\hlili he was j lads are polir; places, too. Amons the better fighters in the smaller classes, l/)u Ambers kept 1>usy and Pedro Monlanc/; and ircnry Armstrong furnished the Genuine thrills Uiat have kept tbr. manly art of manclin^ mugs a!lvo ilov.n lhvoii»h Ihc years. 1 Thint's lire picking up very well n n ttiii he was I nt's lire pcng up very well one of the best In the state !nsl| ln -Ncwnrk and Jersey City, Hilly Jeai to (li R '"^ M ^"i'' <• ''"••' "~ ...... u..i.i to (lip dash contests Pri- maiy . icason foi the ilmnge Is wrleht, said to 1m e been the tendency lo dc\elop a long stilde not par- tlculailj suited for football In Ihc longei races line youni; has bct-n. developed Flank Ilayuc's town. Krarns Flirs Up lli-lroil ,- „ Jack Kcarns' ,fnlth In boxing Lnslie uudetennlncd this was rewarded with n $23 COO gate morning on broad Jump con- [for a Maxle. Itoeiiblnom-Uoscie i" he would Imve iiolToles enuagemenl i"sts and safel entries in the pole milt events *..iu- Mo<le-s may take pail In the broad- intake Jiuup but Is not a cfttalnlj. ' Coich Laslfc niinounred his en- : tries in othei events as follows: ; 120 high hmdles, . Waulngton- Jenkins, 440 } i«l dash. Huberts' Hoorl Httsbamr, Shot put Walker, Burton Brown, ja\chn. Brown, W11 r I n e t o n, discus, Walker, Blown, Buneh, 880 jaid run Blckerstarr Staffoid mile medley' Bcslnrse Hunch (220), Husband . _ - - in Detroit, $[>0l) Wjis considered a fair only a short time back. Jimmy Adamlk, a heavyweight, wilh a phenomenal string of kncckotil.'i. und Talcs' Ijavc pepped things up in the automobile Roberts (iinlf mile); (440) and mile lehv. Hood Hunch, Roberts Husband, 880 said lehy (each '">» Wnlkei, Buneh. Uesharse Mosley ' t'pots that have .been practically dtnd as fistic < centers for years are commencing (o perk up, and the principal reason is llml r'ouie linn ne.w prospects have i')i in various sectlonii Southern League. of the country. Ringworms prefer homigrown ruiiriiirs, null with the gams ijr'os- ' ' if in i New York tlie bclliscr- ~|p fhe hinterlands hnvc a lo lock forward to and n incentive. • tlultalo. where gales drop- to SOT. a pair of mlddle- lits arc going over in great They are Jimmy Clark, who went to the Olympic Gnme-i. jnd Ualph Dejohn, who is out of '' These two have hail Atlanta Mcnr^iis Htlle Rock Chattanooga New Orleans Nashville Knaxvlllc National Phllnrlclphln 'Pittsburgh Et Lcnis New York Cincinnati Chicago Brooklyn • E oat oh I.. 1'cl. 1 .803 2 .G07 2 Ml 2 .030 .SCO .400 .200 .Ifi7 i.. rot. 0 1.000 o i.cra o i.ono o i.con 2 .003 2 .000 .1 '.Olid 2 .000 It cut throe times. 13oth are muter a»c. so they can't go more than six rounds, but the nrst American Bocljn Rt. loiiis Washington Philadelphia Chicago New York Cleveland W. 1 I 1 1 1 1 0 0 U 1'et. 0 1.030 0 1.030 .Ml .Mi) .500 .500 .DM .003 mrctinj S7.PCK), llic second W-CO, and Ihc'lhinl $10,000. Pro- OSCKOI.A. Ark., Apr. 2:i.-The workout of the training s™ • ! ?on for (he a'CTola Indians will l)c held Saturday, H^ wns nn . nounecd today hy Elmer Kirchoff, 1 newly appointed maimger,, who arrived Wednesday to assume his ihities here. A numlier of players arc already \ v . ns on hand for (ho wnrknuie o.,-t the A lemiwrary streak of wlldncss! a couple of crro;-i. and a double :y Manager llersheM . Bobo scor- ••' f i>'" runs In .the second. Otherwise the youngster did okay Ben V I .ingle, a cousin of Van tlnelc "••n— ,:t din Brooklyn Dodgers' found for ten hits and had >hall Heniphlll. Thomas Pullig nnd Arrinltt. "Lefty" Alexander is cxi;ccte<l to work a few Innings and probably will be followed bv Marshall lilackard. The grime will start at 3 p m There will be no admission charge.! of the training period George Carson, Denver, 'Colo second base;,.John Miller,'George West, Tex., right handed pitcher; John Scolinos, Los Angeles, Calif nrst base; Robert Lynch, catcher and Harold Barn'clt, right handed IHteher, both of, Electric! Mills Miss., and Tholer, Inllcldei t-'H3t St. I.OULS, 111. Pavleh on secontl. Bobo's timely came In the second. Jack >' tripled in the third. Julian l-'niTlngton lost Ralph "Red" Robbin's hard drive In the sun nnd Introducing - Bobo's Giants 't fnr n hmner In tlie foui'tir Heorae I'ratt led off the Reg's ... fourth w it|, „ sllan) l|onbl( , bto of center. Kcllcy antl Zimmer led .he offense with two hits each In (hrec trips. Frank Mancuso walked his nrst three, limes up antl singled on the fourth. Carlcton Lannak got two for four Sufi Ball Membership Will Be Closed Monday It was announced today, following a meetlii!r last nlghi.' that a n sponsors of the Commercial Soft lull league, composed of boys' learns, must make definite commitment of their intention lo remain After the game the Giant sklp- ror pit [|,e boys l^rouRh a drill featuring base running, tagging and holding ii, c runners on the 'buses. lie said that many games were lost because the players' 'did hnw i , "' Wllen lo slenl called Guy "Cap'n" Davidson, s»co>"! ma;, 18 years of age, 5 Icet, 10 ritH nr'tw tall. ivi>Mit luO poillilLS. A nor wnnr rn ,t,, n it , _:riuluate of Sidney Lanler High i'j,j cteten,,! ,J i -, SCS ', nntl smiool. Moiitwinery. Ala., his nulls ™HV T coirect. ; {hese hirthplncc. Sidney Lanler turned! Improvemeit ™ S ClCC ' <1C(i out .Tom Oliver, former Red Sox time i- outfielder. Got his .sheepskin last Xhias. Played football, a halfback, his senior year. Was a member of the school baseball team until ruled Ineligible for particl-i . :liK-'ln the city league . violation of the school rules. Coca Coins was the team. Also played' ni-ht m Ihc league by Monday «Dcn another ineelinsj w in t .Monday night has been set a s the (.vfulltne by LcagiiB President James H. liell and a deposit of $15 must DC made by; each sponsor who cv- pccts to have a team in (he lea"ue by that lime, it is KiidersloBd ° Present indications arc that l^n eigtit-club circuit of last year will prcoably bs reduced lo a four-team ou this season. The seo-son will likely oipn within the next two weeks and the number of i/nmes will be considerably less than last year's .schedule called for. Sound travels/liOO fset a second; when sent,by wireless il takes the speed of electric waves, 186000 feet- a second. . basketball. Father Is W son, connected with the M railroad. Was recommended "Dabe." Puller, .who wns responsU Me for Tut Warren, Joe I.elloy Monsky. 'r.nd others, going 'J University' of, Alabama. John 'Hurry" Cain, 'Alabama aci\ now head conch .nt .Southwestern Louisiana Institute. Fafnyclte, " Islnrm, took him over to Greenwood baseball school ducted by Prank . mascot for J. D. Whltworlh's team the Dixie Amateur League three years ago. Thinks lie is the Yesterday's Results Southern League New Cri'nns t, Memphis-4 Atlanta 9,. Knoxville 4. Nashville 9. Chattanooga 3. Ljttlt Dock 1, Birmingham National League . Pltt-'burgh 4, Chicago 2. Ft: Louis 14. Cincinnati 11. Philadelphia at lioslon. rain. New York at Brooklvn, rain, Cincinnati at PitUburgh 3. rain, wet American l.c.asnc Chicago 6, St. Louis 1. Wnshinijtoii at New York. Eostcn at Philadelphia, Erptnids. Cleveland at Detroit, wet grounds Today's Games Southern I.^ag^ie ^Birmingham at Mempbls. Chal(anrx>3a at Knoxville.-r New Orleans at Little Rock. Atlanta at Nashville. motor .Charley Murray Joe McCarthy In a new en.. (tie Yankees' manager returns to Gates Clrcl;. next fall. A Billy Conn-Teddy Yarofe outdoor tout In Pittsburgh thts summer \vlll spell s«,000. Conn -Is .middleweight who no doubt will be heard from. He grossed $7000 with Babe tiisko nnd S10.SSS vviiSi rillzic Zivlc. John Hfnvy Lewis' and Al Gainer, a pair of negro cloutcra. clld S3S.OCO in an' alioVe- 'lH--wri7ht affair at Forbes Field 'asl svnuner. NYsIf!! C.rts Off l-ln m - Tilings have not yet started lo real!/ bocm in Chicago, but the loop is getting steamed up abmit Milt Aaron, a welter, and Al N'cdlo. liBhhvoishl and a C.' Y O graduate. Milwaukee, which has boon dormant for a long spell so far as !:osins is concerned, now hns a li'ihl'.veisht mined Ij>rry Grcb l:c drew Sl.cco'in lackliiur Eddie 2ivlc a few wtefcs ago and remains an attraction 'despite his defeat. Kansas City is doing business '<Sain. thanks (o a ycunis light- '.vcight. Joey Oarrison. A uan'lnm •lamed Ingrcham is helping n lo 1 in Washington, ticiiry Jetira (all 'antnm. hns assisted In Baltimore, and a writer named Jarvis is poing tii a( Holyoke. where -hows are conducted in an old oi! tank. Cleveland has recruited a new •jrr.mntcr. Seattle again is Importing Ihc >Uier middlcwclshts for Freddie _ — 0 ... ~...*ino iJl; i.-, mi; . iandesl coach In the world. Am- meet billon: the big city ns a member of nil! 'ferry's Giants. Bats nnd throws right Read Courier News Want Ada Strange list True Yo:ini( Bob Ncsloll climbed out the dust to stop Lcc Ramago i los Angeles in one of lils liaracterislic ttntli-rminci knocktils: It also w;\s in Ix>s Angcle; hat Alberto Lovcll, a scarfaccd American New-York at Boston. Detroit at Chicago. £t^-Louis at :Cleveland. Philadelphia at Washington. Nationil League Kostob al New York. 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