The Fort Wayne News from Fort Wayne, Indiana on December 7, 1896 · Page 3
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The Fort Wayne News from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 3

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1896
Page 3
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CARB OP THB H AIR TI HE when hearts expand and purse strings loosen; when our greatest happiness is making others happy. At no time in the round year is this store (your store) so attractive to you as now. Time, mo' ey and brains have been taxed In collecting this beautiful array of Christmas merchandise. Pall preparation has been made to fit your gift giving needs. The store has donned its holiday attire and bids you kindly welcome. Handkerchiefs, I* * i t , , .. Umbrellas, 1 fluff lers, Kid Gloves, Aprons, Leather Goods, Fur Sets, Nobby Neckwear, Fine Shirts, Etc., Etc. Th« Local Umbrellas For men, women and children. Forests of sticks; wonders of workman ship in handles. The whole outfit bought for the -gift givers; all priced to please you. Holiday Handkerchiefs. A Christmas without handkerchiefs A Pair of Kid Gloves Makes a most acceptable Christmas gift. This department is now at its best. Men's Nobby Neckwear. No small item this in our holiday selling. Special lots of handsome Tecks, Bows and Four-in-Hands; all than doub el our selling space, nearly doubled the stock and shall make a bold push to fully double the sales over any previous season. Silks and Dress Goods. The Silk and Dress Goods Depart ment are each replete with most desirable fabrics, and also many Special Bargains in High Class Fabrics specially suitable for HOLIDAY GIFTS. Linens. Novejfies In Embroidered, Hemstitched and Lace Covers. Embracing the newest designs for BUREAUS, SIDEBOARDS and TABLE COVERS for DECOKA- TIVE PURPOSES: together with a complete line of TABLE CLOTHS, NAPKINS, LUNCH SETS, TOWELS, Etc. Blankets and Quilts. Warm weather in November is hard on blanket men. Here are lots that we took off the maker's bands at less than two-thirds the early season prices. Out-door Warmth and Style in These Women's signs. Quiet, gentlemanly affairs they are, and just what what you'd select for father, brother, husband or friend. Handkerchiefs. There are two things desirable in a handkerchief store: 1. To get what you want. 2. To know what you get. Judge of our stock and price by our handkerchiefs for women and children. Dress Goods. Everything that good taste can suggest may be had in our Dress Goods Department at moderate prices Dainty fabrics from every important loom of the world crowd the shelves and counters this morning, in anticipation of another great all-day demand. Plenty of salespeople and plenty of good nature. Sheets and Pillow Cases. You save worry when you buy Sheets and Pillow Cases ready made, to say nothing of the money you put in your purse. Lovely Silks at Specially Attractive Prices. This day will mark another score in "When girls are young It is fat more important that care should be used in dressing their hair than when they attained the years that are supposed to bring discretion. It is most unwise to trust the daily combing to an impatient, often hurried, nurse. Hasty combing often breaks the hair, making it rough and uneven. When it becomes matted, brush out as much of the tangle as possible, and with the - fingers carefully separate the hair into strands before using the comb. It is a mistake to think that the girl's hair should be cut often to make it grow thick. It makes the hair coarser, but not thicker. Weak, thin hair is a sign of imperfect health, and its existence should set a mother to a careful examination of htr growing girl. She is not getting proper food, is not sleeping enough or in some way her normal vitality is not being kept up. It is also a mistake to wash the hair too often, as it makes it dry and brittle. D Tuesday. , To happiness there is no royal road. I We nnst accept the burdens of life with cheerful content. ' BBEAKFA8T--Oranees, Graham Mush, »Fricd Oysters, Band Po'atcee, Pickles, Bread and Butter, Coffee. DINSKR-Boast Pork,Potatoes Cabbage 8%lfld, Apple Sonce, Baked Tomatoes, White an-1 Cum Bread, Preserved Peach Tarta,Whipped Cream SUPPER--Graham Toast, Canned Peaches, Milk, Crackers, Cake, Tea. FEIED^YSTEES. Large Oystew, washed, dwired. Half an hour before coo* in?, roll in powdert-d cracke s. Fifteen mlnu ea later, dip in b aten tgz, then in doctors, salted ana with a dash of pepper. L^tdrya little; SPECIAL OFFER For « short time only, we wilt tell this band- some . . . Throat and FOR S3,50 Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets, Lamps, Etc., AT PRICES TO ASTONISH YOU. Lung Remedies, Our Variety and Quality Are Unequalled. . . e THE MACHINE THAT TALKS! THE MACHINE THAT SINGS! THE MACHINE THAT RECITES 17 COURT ST., 60 CLINTON ST. GENIUS OR INSANITY i THE FADS AND PECULIARITIES WRITERS AND COMPOSERS. OF THE ART OF CONVERSATION. I fry in outter or beef drippings. Keep- crisp and send to table not. GRAHAM TO AST. ! great silk selling. The most casual Coats. These presentations are the finest j observer will readily see why. The productions of the most pains-taking stock is bright and new, the assort tailors; they are very carefully finished i meats unusually large and yet the throughout, and offered to-day at prices have been readjusted to keep prices that would have been considered impossible two weeks ago. pace with the demand of the increased army of buyers. Corner Calhoun and Columbia. E:-A:U!I Promptly cud permanently "*» euros all formfl of Kervow 5Tt"ett*nc«*,Zini»rfoW, Sperm atorrhea, Impottncy and at) tffeotsof Abuse or Excuses. Been prescribed over SS retrain thousands of casas; I toe only Reliable, andHon- ttt medialM fcnottm. Ilk dragglst for Wood'i Phoaphodtae} if ho off*rt iOtaewortMeM medicine in place of this, learo Ui diriJOnest store. Inclose prico In letter, and wvwfflMnd by return mall. Price, one pacfcag* §l;tlx,S5. On« willpltaae, ate will cure. Pamphlet In plain ecaled OUT dope, 2 cents postage. Address The Wood Cberalcal Co. » jn vr,.n,ii"t-(iaveTi:'e.Ietroit. Mich. for Mb bl Dwier A Bio., ittogfllti, Ton Effort and Aft EVERY WOMAN SOMETIMES NEEDS a reliable, monthly regulating medicine. Only harmless ana the purest drugs should be used. If you want the best, get er ., Wayne. Ina. FOR SALE! Ten Horse Power Steam Engine! Used But Little. SI 00-Worth $250 ENNYROYAL OB Turn in broiler until evenly browned; I dip in hot water, butter generously. Misa Jtnnie Muter, of Kendallville, is in the city. Miss Hardin is the guest of Mrs. Erneat Lloyd. Miss Louisa Kelaey has returned to her home in Evansville. Mrs. I. W. Prikett has returned to her home in Columbia City. Mrs. Nancy HcLain, of Columbia City, epent Sunday in Fort Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Brown are entertaining Lieutenant and Mrs. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Divi3, of Cleveland, are visiting Mrs. McFarreD, of to is city. Miss Margaret Spencer is again a guest in the city. She has returned from her visit to Wabash. Miss Bessie Hontz, of Blnffton, spent the Sabbath in Fort Wayne the guest of Mr. H. H. Plock and wife. Misses Lillian Cramer and Emma Buchman will open a public kindergarten in Nebraska the first of the jear. The entertainment that is being arranged by Periclean temple No. 1 will take place Thursday evening, Dae 17. instead of the 10th. Change is made on account of the serious illness of one of the members. Last evening on Washington boulevard, Miss Nettie Eppstine most de lightfully entertained a number of her friends at progressive whist. The fii st prizea were won by Miss Bell*Levi and Mr. J. Dessauer. Later in cue evening dancing and music addea o the enjoyment of the guests. The annual memorial services of the Fort Wayne Lodge, Lodge No. 155, B. P. 0 Elks, were held at thdir lodge rooms yesterday. The following program was carried out: Organ Volun-ary Bro. Alfred Grtnd'e ·i Or-hfstra ... ....Selected Under direction OJ B:o P J R-incke 3 OffniigOde Air, "Auld Lang Syne" They are prompt, safe, and certain in result. The genuine (Dr. Peal's) never disappoint. Sent anywhere, II.QO. Address:-PEAL MEDICINE CO,, CLEVELAND, O, Sold by H. W. Mordhurat, 74 CalhouD Street, Fort Wayne, Ind. Inquire at ffal I«1V _ fc , Shimer, B M»pi» fit., Dei .Mome (wrltei; " Mytelf and family la jrottr Dr. Kay'a Renovator and w« tegwo ItaaaYtry exotllent mtdtolnt. Its f tn-| ktlt action tifon tht atomac* mud it». BffOot uponth* canerftl ayattm IB T«ryi satisfactory. I bav« totn troubled fpr y k numbtr «f ytari witk INSOWwIAJ jnd I ha»6 ustd rarlouf nnodiM will Kbut Uttifl. it anv benoflcial effect until 1 ' [Dr. Kay'uKwiOTator., [Dr. Kay's Renovator; pMltlTf our* ftr DfipcptU, Conation, Bthdaebt, If6rrousneiB Naura, RhfumatUm, Llv«r an* Kidney! jatea. Bold toy Aruciuta at 23 cts.* £dS3rH»tto maTODr B. i Kftyl iMedtoal 00., Omaha. U«*· Send itamj Ifor FBEB SAMPL1 and Booklet C. B. Woodworth A Co. NEWS OFFICE. Hattersley Sons Plumbing Gas Fitting, Steam and Hot Water Heating. Artistic Wood Mantels and Fire Place HINDOO raocvcB TUB i»om fiE«ULT§ U t» 9. , Til* Floors Wainscoting. sOLD by Gross ft Pell St, Cor. Wayna, FORT Dm sts. IND, 46 48 B. Main St ALFRED - QRINDLE, ARCHITECT, BASS BLOCK, FT. WAYNE, IND. MftkMftipordaltyoi work at · distance; tl»0 1W§ tor oonrUtaUon tnd onporlntendenoe. «l«tf TKLBPHONB 51*. DR. MOTT'S 4 Prayer ..Rabbi Cob-i. 5 Snz--"l he Vacant Caa r"..Liuden Qumette 6, Gea-sral Euloiy .Bro Robert 0. Bel* 7 Or hestra _««ac'ed elation.- Under direction of Bro F. J. Relneke ». Soprano Solo--''Av« Maria" MUla^d Miss Leo Long.. 9. Baritone Solo-1 chanty" Fame Mr Wit field 3 Bath 10 "OurOrdrr" Bro. William H.Sbtmbaugh 11. Tenor Solo Bro.Adolf.h Schuite 13. Song-'-Keaier My God to Thee,"...... ,, ,, »,_Liuden Quartt tte 13. Doz logy By the Audipnce U Benediction.. Ra^bi Cohen Ac -ompanlsts-Organ, Misa Lindeman; YloUu, Prof S. W. Jennison. E. V. Smalley In tho Times-Herald, commending the rapid progress made by the'church of to-day has the follow ing of local interest to say: "A week ater I was in Fort Wayne, lud., and there I saw an excellent example of how religion can be sugar-coated to make it entertaining and popular. In the office of the hotel hung a large hand bill setting forth the attractions f the services to be held that evening in one of the orthodox city churches. I found a very large congregation assembled and for an hour and a half we listened to a remarkably good concert. The sermon was only fifteen minutes long and was an unimportant feature of the programme. The soprano might well aspire to the minor operatic stage; the barytone, with his big black mustaches might also tread the boards successfully with a little training. There was a violinist who played Chopin quite effectively and the piccolo playef produced some birdlike notes from his little instru ment. The organist handled the three banks of keys in a masterly way. I hope the collection was larg» --it ought to have been, for the entertainment was well worth paying for. I am not quite sure what denomination the church belonged to, but I think it was one which in its early history made a long struggle against admitting musical instruments of any kind into the sanctuary. So the world moves on and religion is made natural and entertaining instead of supernatural and dreary. The old way of delivering messages by post-boys compared with the modern telephone, illustrates the old tedious methods of "breaking" colds compared with their almost instantaneous cure by One Minute Cough Cure. Gross Pellens. Innumerable Ways of Supplying Mental StimnltM--Trifling Manias That Lonv broso Incorrectly Regards as Mental Aberrations. It is not an easy matter to by to draw the frontier lino of insanity. Althongh certain psychologists, basing their opinion on the physical anomalies and eccentricities of mind observed in men of genius, claim, with apparent reason, that genius and insanity are the sama thing, it is going to excess to consider writers and artists insane in whom qneer traits and little manias appear. In this respect Lombroso and his disciples havn gone too far, their tendency being to make no distinction between geuins and talent. Genius is an anomaly, but an anom-" aly that the whole world is satisfied to admire. It is constituted by the exaggerated development of a single faculty, usually at the expense of the others. This is the cause of the imperfections of these brilliant meteors and the explanation of their degeneracy on other points. Essentially spontaneous and original genius is a natural phenomenon that we cannot explain, although it is unquestionably the result of natural canses. Talent is different It is the fruit of work and sustained application, and it can bo acquired and developed at any time. At tho present day, for instance, there are few men of genius among painters, and yet they almost all have talent. The consequence is that the greater number of the paintings in our exhibitions are pleasing to us, although no exceptional work fills ns with admiration and reveals a painter of genius. Actions, therefore, in appearance extraordinary do not warrant ns in inferring insanity on the part of those who accomplish them, especially as these actions, however abnormal they may seem at first, are often very rational aud justifiable. Thus, in order to bo able to meditate at their eaep, many writers insist on not being disturbed by anything and seek seclusion. Montaigne, in his moments of inspiration, used to run out of his house and go and shut himself up in an old tower, into which no ono else entered. Jean Jacques Rousseau used to meditate in the fields while gathering flowera in tho sunshine. In order to shut out the noise of the world he liked to bury himself in tho hay or close bis oars with cotton. Others can only compose with success in tho midst of tumults. The celebrated Italian composer Cimarosa was of this number, and only found the fine motives of his operas in the midst of the joya and noise of the crowd. Such was also the professor of wham Felix Regnault says that ho could only It Means Saying Old Things In A Now and Char mine Way. Talkers are not those who have news to tell. Thoir mission is. as Pope described the poets, to pub into words what oft was thought before, but not so well expressed. The mind is unequal to the strain of taking information as such all the time. We read just as wo dress in new garments--not because we are naked, but because we want to vary our garments. Wo read poetry for inspiration, science for the laws of life and nature, newipapers for general information, essays and history for relaxation and the basie of knowledge. Any cue well read in these must be an entertaining companion, if the faculty of imparting tho stun of them be given. In other words, if ho or she be a good talker. Lord Macaulay, ono of the best informed meu of his time, was so irresistible a talker that whole companies sat for hours to listen. His love of talking was so inordinate that a cessation of his wondrous outflow was jocosely alluded to as a "brilliant flash of silence." They had, it is true, more time to talk in other days than we can set aside now, and there were other occult influences not less conducive to engaging garrulity. In those times the streets were filled with picturesque shapes and colors--the nameless grace of costumes and equipages uow seen only on tho stage. No wonder thst, surrounded by birds of such brilliant, plumage,courts and kings, robes and plumes, clashing swords and rustling silks, onr fathers aud mothers talked well. But in revenge we have a vaster field to draw on for sprightly conversation. The schoolboy of today ha? a greater fund of knowledge by merely learning life's needs than the best educated of the ancients. But he should be encouraged to make use of this by talk. --Philadelphia Times. CHEST PROTECTORS ELECTRIC INSOLES, Of the Latest and Best Patterns Try a bottle of Dr. Brown's Wild Cherry for your cough, 25 Cents Per Bottle. Dreier Bro., PHARMACISTS, Cor. CalhouB ad Columbia Sis. SITUATIONS WANTED. W ANTEU-Pitno and organ pupils, Hi per lesson, at 898 East Lewis etreei. --Tua huuouou oi and stores, Address 830 W. TirANTED--V,'a5hlug ana ironiug or house- f¥ cleaning 10 do. Apply cr addrets tf o. 29 Buchanan street tl W ANTED--A po-itioa as housekeeper in a small, respeaaole family, by a ladj who cau luruisa the DCM of rtfereLees. Address "Lady," care DAILY NEWS. 5 2p TTTAJSTED--Several places to do washing, by W an expert 'aundiess; be t of references IT PLAYS THE BANJO! IT PLAYS THE PIANO ! IT PLAYS THE CORNET Price, Complete, with Three Pieces of Music, Only $15.00. AT NEWS OFFICE. SSSD eiven. 13 tf or address No. 83 Bakwr s',reit ** J " V l V V T t FANNIE/' HBLP iTTAiiTBD--Immedi-tely. apprei tioe girls 7V and erraud girls, at 70 We t \Ya;hin« on street. 2i A SYONE--"Wanting goo-1 gir's, ra 1 ! at Ere- J\. plojment OQlc , ai 39 «est \\asbini;ton met. Have three or four good girtij Wnitug for placrs Good girls wanting gooa piat e-, cail a mv oflicj 12 5 f MALB HELP WANTED. kETECriVE-- We want a man in every local- GAIL BORDEN ..CONDENSED MILK., Has No Equal 50U EVERYWHERE C uy to act as Pr va'.e Ditective under instructions Experience uuiiecess»;y. (. ontraet Aud guarantee funusti d mem eis. Addicts Co OPERATIVE DEIECTIVK AGKXCY, Nashville, fenn. H-7 ly CTON'S UITfiLIZER Cures general or special debility, wakefulness, spermatorhcea, emissions, impotency, paresis, etc. Corrects functional disorders, caused by errors or excesses, quickly restoring Lost Manhood in old or young, giving vigor and Strength where former weakness prevailed^ _ Convenient package, simple, effectual, and legitimate, CURE is QUICK AND THOROUGH. JJou't lie dtccfatd by imitations: insist oa CATON'S Vitaljzcrs. Sent sealed if your druggist does not have it. Price $1 per pkge, 6 for $S, with written guarantee of complete cur*. Information, references, etc., free and confidential. Send u» statement of case and 25 cts. for a week's ttUl treatment. One only sent to each person. CATON MED, CO., BOSTON, MAM. Nicholas Heiny Co. i Loans. WANTED SALESMEN. We want one or two __ men iu each County to r» lor .u.oery Stock, aud are willing to pay well for good w- r*. 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"Excuse me," observed the man in spectacles, "but I am a surgeon, and that is not where the liver ts." "Never you mind where his liver is," retorted the other. "If it was in his big toe or his left ear DeWitt's Little Early Risers would reach it and shake it for him. On that you can bet your gig-lamps." Gross Pellens. Messrs. Lynn and Miland, of Decatur, spent Sunday in this city. MtDIOAL AJID STJRGIOAL OUT OF W01GBT. TBXAT- .%' «^i|a.». t , , · » . . · ,, * .-. . M To cure all old sores, to heal an indolent ulcer, or to speedily cure piles,' you need simply to apply DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve according to directions. Its magic-like action wffli turpriie yon. Grow A Pellens. ) lecture in the midst of a great racket. When bis scholars wished to manifest against him, they kept absolute silence, as under such conditions he was incapable of making an addition even. Just as noise stimulates the brain of some, motion quickens tho circulation of others, whence the large number of persona who can only compose while exorcising. Ampere could not explain clearly even tho things ha knew best unless the action of his brain was helped by exercise, Victor Hugo, while composing, walked about muttering to himself. In our day many writers prefer to walk. Oatullo Mendes walks up and down, and then writes at his desk; Jean Lombard, the well known writer, who died a few years ago, walked a great deal; Mistral, the Provencal poet, composes while walking. On the other hand, certain writers avoid all motion, probably on account of their weak constitutions, and in order to stimulate tho brain circulation put themselves in a horizontal position. For example, Descartes, who used to lie dowu motionless, and Cujas, who could only work profitably lying on his stomach on the carpet. A whole class of writers, Theophile Gauticr, Baudelaire, Francois Coppeo and Scaccini, require the presence of cata to write. Gautior used to have aa ·many as 12 or 15. Leou Cladal writes to woodeu shoes, in the society of his dog iu a garrot At intervals he takes bis dog off for a walk. Intellectual stimulants are largely used, among which coffee is a great favorite. Lortzing drank bowls of it while composing his melodies, and Balzac used it to great excess. Do Musset, Poe, Verlaine and many others preferred alcohol, while Schubert wrote bis beautiful sonatas under the influence of largo quantities of Rhine wine. Tobacco smoke is also much used. Flaubert could not write a word until ho had smoked threo or four largo pipes and half n dozen very strong cigars. Daudct smokes enormously, Catnlle Mendes smokes cigars while Writing and often has threo or four going at the came time through absentmindedncss. Perfumes were highly appreciated by Baudelaire, Theophile Gautier, Loti aud Maizoroy. Byron couldn't write without having the odor of truffles about him and frequently carried hia pockets full of them. Cooper acted on his sense of taste by filling his mouth with honey tablets and small pieces of licorice. Oarolus Duran and Aimo Morot worked themselves up before paintiug by playing tho piano and organ. Darwiii preferred tho violin. , The singularities, queer traits and even manias to which I hove just called attention in writers and artists are, if one reflects, generally explicable. Ho doubt some of them betray a nervous condition that is on tho limits of mental derangement, but as a rule they are simple peculiarities, whose importance is exaggerated on account of tho public position of the writer and would not justify in any sense the term insanity,which for this reason Lombrosc would like to of great talent--Paris LEAVE YOUR ORDERS NOW For Fine Candi-s for the Holidays at the Chicago Bakery. The Chicago Bakery is the only fstablishment in the city manfacturiog strictly first class Chocolates and Cream Bon Bons. We put up our own fruit that we use in flavoring the centers of our fine Chocolates. The chocolate covering on our goods is u special brand, finely flavored with the best Mexican Vanilla Bean and prepared for us by one of the largest chocolate manufactures of this country. These goods are put in plain and fancy boxes, from hulf pounds to fivt- pounds in size. Orders taken now for delivery Dec. 24th. 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It is also most economical, a 5O cts. bottle containing 2 weeks* treatment and $1.OO bottle 6 weeks* treatment. Brazilian Balm often cures a Cold over night. Cares Croup in a few minutes. Quickly cures La Grippe and takes all its bad effects out of the system. Absolutely guaranteed to cure Asthma. Prevents, breaks up and cures Typhoidand Scarlet Fevers in any stage. A marvelous remedy for all Stomach troubles. In Female troubles it relieves like magic. Dissipates Mumps in one day. Believes Piles and Constipation over night. For Constipation use as for Piles. It does ail this gently and promptly, yet it is no miracle; it relieves the inflammation, nature does the rest. It is worth its weight in gold in every family. Over 10O doses in a 5Oc. bottle* Trial size S5c. Ask for Circular. Sold by Druggists. B. F. JACKSON CO,, Proprietors. CLEVELAND, 0. and WILMINGTON, DEL,' For Sale by All Drogsists Meyer Bros. Co. Wholesale Agents. IENT1 34 and 36 CaihouR St7 ESTABLISHED IB4. r EASES FOK aALa-Farties aeairtus copia ijl of the well-known long form lease, can pro- o « them at this office. _ R SALE OB TRADE-- Houses in all parts ol the city. Also vacant lots and farms to u*de. Money to loan. S. FREIOTBOFFEB, tf Brooms 5 and 6 Bank blocs. J. a. PELTIER, Undertaker Embalmer 1 Foet Wayne, tnd. Anti-Germicide, CURES DIPHTHERIA. Cures any Kind of sore throat; good for coughs, colds and loss of voice. FOR SALE BY F. J. Miller, Druggist, 20 Imp 327 LAFAYETTE ST. F OR SALE--Thoroughly well built cottage houses, on 0.1/er aud Smith Btrc^ts, close u Creighton aveuue, cast. Montuly paj ments. Co jj piete i* ith city water ana natural gas. Ap ply to H. M. Williams. 20-tf OR SL-A. FBW BARGAINS. 40 acres lu St. Jos township, improved, very cheap. 5-room cottage, on Glasgow avenue, at a bargain--will sell on moiitliiy ius.tillmeuts. A lot lu the best part of south side at a big bargain. Louis £·. CUBDES, Money to loan. Rooms b aud 9, 24 tl Pixiey-Long B.ocs. P. P, P., Uppman's Great Remedy, Saves a Man From Becoming a Cripple. East Bad Livery and Boarding Stable. ttock flirt-olaa end new oonslsttni of Hacki, Bnrrejs, Phaetons, Carriages, single ot double, W§ will hixe at i very low price. Haoki fox wedolnga and funerals. Please can and examine eat turnouts and be convinced that they are taa best in the tity. Offloe Open Day PROFESSIONAL, Fit? T? nAT?T"l Sceidant JL/Xv« -O« \X/»JtV.L'* Specialist Sped*! DicoBoe of MAN and WOMAN, OBI- 9ICIAL StJSGKEY of either sex. Trasses fitted and ruptnrw cured; electro therapeutic batho ID anionic raonmatLra, paralysis, loooruotor atax'i ad pronounced Incurable dlaoafios. Omoe, No. 18 Wc£t Wayne St, Fort "ffayna, Iu; FINANCIAL. M ONBTf TO LOA»--On Fort W»yne bUEtaee property, oa liberal tennft. Supply ui) limited. 0. K. BTBBOTI, Ore: Old NaUoniU Bank. r Clitchc«tcr*» Ettfllub Diamond Hmod. ENNYROYAL PILLS .XK-v Origin*! and Only Genuine. A "/·tVV Sure, ilw»T» rcll.ibtft. LAbtts as« AL\ £U. UA tirn»lit for Chlcfteittr Kaalt*h VI* jff\A a, »I*TI*** TCllblA. ---· ulrt tor ChMetttrt Una UnKediaaCok , ^xw, IMU4 with Woo ribbon. T«K« ·o Other. Kefiaiianttnu*mMlt» MISCELLANEOUS. S TRAYED--A 2-yoar-old Be igle hound. Two dollars rewarU will be } aid for his rcturu 10 S3 East Burry Si. KENNETH LASWIL*,. 5 Sp S AGO-An Indian Throat nud Lung Medic'nc. A private medici .e for 60 jcats. A pusitlvt euro for weak Call aud tiy it, or address U Murray btrect, City, *ide enirxuce. tf C H E A P F U E L MADE FROM OIL PETER P. POiRSON, Real Estate and Loan Broker* I navo any amount ot monoyto loan on first mortgage, on city or Jam property for five years orlossTwith the privilege of paying it sooner. Can also loan money In small amount, from |25 np, on personal uecnrUy. Also bay and sell notcc, and will buy property If can be bongnt reasonable, or will soli or trade fot property of all description*. Also have for rent a food store room. No. 60 Beat Columbia street; good location fot flay good buUnosB. Alao now honao with 6 rooms located on Poraan street. For farther Telephone 214. Boom No. 13, Bank Block, Fort Wayne, InO. Heats flny stove, furanoo or (fjftto. One- ^rthnn *o«U or woort. Ma*cs a perfect gas on« foil. No smoke, odor or nelBO. PodHivoljr «mc. W» w»nt nf«M»t« on »nl»ry orcominUilott. ·Write ua for catalog of prices andtcnn». Standard M'f g Co, 93* Cedar Ave. Cleveland 0. tinbactib* ft" tha NBWI, Clairvoyant and Healer. ·RS DR. DEHAVEN--Tho noted and rcMa- . We nvdium, givts«id and advico on ail affairs of lifs--all misinsss, love, law. domestic and matrimonial entanglements satisfactory iti aightened oat. A to massage treatments given I dally. Hoars, 9 a m. to 9 p. m. Parlors at 651 JMr. Ass Airmons, ft well-known citizen of Jacksonville, Florida, was afflicted by a terrible \ilccr. Medical skill seemed unavailing in stopping the ravages of the terrible disease. The leg was swollen and intensely painful, as the ulcer had eaten its way down to the very bone. All medicines and treatments having failed to effect a cnre, the doctors said the leg tr/ust come off. Just when it seemed that Mr. Ammons would become a disabled and a crippled wan, he tried P. I*. P., Lippman's Great Remedy, and the result was wonderful. P. P'. P. SAVES HIS LEG. " Jacksonville, Fla., July 1,1895.-Two years ago I had the worst ulcer on my leg I ever saw. It had eaten down to the bone, and my whole leg below my knee, and my foot was swollen and inflamed. The bone was swollen and painful, andMischarged a most offensive matter. My physicians said I had necrosis of the bone, and my leg would have to come off. At this stage I commenced to take P. P. P. and to bathe my leg with hot castilc soap suds. It began to improve at once and healed rapidly, and is to-day a sound and useful leg. "I think P. P. P., Lippraan's Great Remedy, is all a man could ask for as a blood purifier, as I have known it to cure so meterrible cases of blood poisoning in a remarkably short time. "ASA AMMONS." TERRIBLE BLOOD POISON. The body covered with sores--two bottles of P. P. P. made a positive and permanent cure. This is only ono of many thousand iimilar cases. * Catarrh yields at once to P. P. P. That smothered feeling at night, that heavy feeling in the day -- can and should bo removed; P. P. P. will do it if you only (fir* it a chance. Indigestion and constipation go hand in hand. Headaches and total loss of appetite aro the results. Regulate yourself and tone up your stomach with P. P. P. * TKUEPHONB, 117. Jos. Weick Co., Hannm St, Between Jefferson and Washington Streets, SCHBUMANN A KLABh'N, Funeral Directors Embalmers, No. 89 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, Ind. IJLEPHONKS-Fornlsht call, NOB. 175 and 186; for offloe, No, 238. T. H. McCQRMICK, M. D. OFFICE: Booms No. 6,7 and 8, Whits Bank Buildiujr Diseases of Woiaen. f 9 t o 12a.m. ") fp_i__i,_.. ·,-. Omo* HOTJES: J I o 5 and I rnffigftSl* (.7 to a p at. ) "· "·y*w,ina, Sunday: 2 to 5 p m. Free Dispensary. Open every morning from 8:00 to 9:00 o'clock* Medicines Froo to tho poor. TheDUnpen laiy IB in the ouilding of the Fort Wayne OoDefO of Medicine, ICO West Superior street. Patienta too sick to eonxe to the Dispensary will be Tlsite4 ·t their horn* Pirponssry in charge o! 1-8 tf Tn AUn* H * »TTT.Tffl». White National Bank, Capital */K? Surplus, 3235,000. fmjt Per Cent. Intezeet POT Annum on Ttmi e»!o Depctit Boxeo For Bent at G Pel UPPMAN BROS., Apothecaries, Solo Prop'tv, UWMW'I ·tack, Smaoatr; 0*. YOVNQ WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION NOON REST, 31 WIST WASHINGTON R, Cheap Meals for Women. BmkfMt6:8Dto«. :10*0 7, Dinner 11 to* SPAPJLRl

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