The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1935
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY '80, '1D35 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) CbllRlEfc NEWS PAGE FIVE PHILLIPS' USED CARS Record Breaking Sales of the J'oril V-8 Are Bringing the Best Used Cars in the City to Phillips' Kuril Dealers. '30 FOIJD TUUOU SEDAN .. $193 '29 CHEVKOIET COACH .. $125 •33 CHEVKDLKT COUP B, Humble $Z45 '33 FOHU TUUOX SEDAN .. 5305 '33 CIIEVKOLb'T COACH .. $315 THUCKS and THAILBHS '28 FORD IK TON TKUCK 5 25 '30 CHEVROLET !!<• TON, 151 Inch W. II. TKUCK $125 CHEVKOkET New Ttres .............. $385 '30 K1NGHAM TKAILEIt, Wheels 5125 PHILLIPS' USED CAll LOT Corner Walnut & First Sis. Plionc 813 Reai Estate Farms For Sale With Immediate Possession 40 A. near Burdetto, Miss, county, Ark. Price SCO acre. 40 A. near Btirdette, Miss, county, Ark. Pr!co t60 acre. 80 A. near Burdette, MlijS. county, Ark. Price $00 acre. 45 A. near Wardcll, Peinigcot county, Mo. Price $50 acre. 05 A. near Gideon, Nc«' Madrid county, Mo. Price 540 acre. 103 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $45 acre. 127 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $50 acre. 107 A. near Canalou, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $40 acre. J. W. Bader BIytheville, Ark. FIRE & TORNADO INSURANCE. LIFE INSURANCE AND INSURANCE SERVICE Money to Loan We are In position to make you a loan to refinance your present 'oah. Terms for repayment can be made to your satisfaction, vers low Interest rates, this applies, LO city, as well .-,- farm loans. W. M: Burns, Phones 243 - ,212 FARMS FOR SALE! Terms Reasonable ETTHEL, B. THOMPSON Caruthe'rsVille, Mo: Auioinolive Special prices on Auto Accessories, Tires-' and Tubes. Guaranteed Batteries $3.95. Auto Tops & Side- curtains $1.50. up. Alcohol 75o gal. Car' heaters $1.50 np. Cylinder Heads, Floor Mate. ...., : , t Strap iron metal in licnvinil WOI/F AlilAN' - - 1ZS f. Main Business- Directory DON'T-FORGET CAUDILI^'S : AGENCY G15NBRAL INSURANCE BUY FURNITURE NOW 1'AY THIS PALL Get Our Terms HUIiUAltl) FURNITURE CO. Cash Feed Store We Pay Highest dish I'rices for Poultry and Eggs. Complete Line of Purina Feed Fcri-v's Bulk Garden Seed Field 112 E. Main Phone Kvl Across From Old Posloiticc BATTERIES RECHARGED 75C GUARANTEED Starter &, Generator Service Used Auto Parts Cheap Phone 308—Road Service Harper Auto Electric Service i Mile from Gateway Store on Highway 18. TJils ad is worth 25c on batter) service. WE CAN SAVE YOUMONEY HARNESS Our Stuck Is Complete IMPLEMENTS And Repairs For AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay Us A Visit And Be Convinced PAULBYRUM 120 East Main GARAGE ~ Garland M. Morgan Formerly v.1th Phillips Motor Co.) • ; Ginernl Auto Repairing "V-8" Service REASONABLE PRICES Ynrbro Road YOU r'HAVB TRIISD THE REST, • HOW iJUV I'HS J5EST i FAMOUS SIAllNK UlED ASH COALI Owe You Try It, You Will Always Buy It Buy Corno High Quality I'ccds Jl I'jiys To I'eed the Best .We Buy Corn & Soy Beans PHONE 127 Farmers Cash Feed Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Flop. Why Buy CoaiFrom Us? 1—30 years In business, 2— Quality of coal handled. 3—Prompt service. 4—Courteous treatment. 5—You get all you pay for. •Quality Group" distributed by Gay & Billings I'll one 70 i'oi- Kent Modem 5 room FUHNISUED J-ioiisi', IWIHIP. i:iiw UUII L'W. TKONT baih, room •lye. moo vyjncK».»,vvu.i. SBK DOCK"DAV)£ SND HANI) PUHNrruRB. to K. «o.KlfHUY AND ' l»cl roam, steam heat, liot ;;ir«6C. Hflono 5UO. M-'ck-n" 5 room FURNISHED apartment, private bum, cm ire lower Moor. Possession l'\'D. } t voo \v. Unfurnished apartment, wnn man, CHII irn, Exclusive Agents lot tlie original genuine Moiitavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant. Ark. Anthracite, Illinois mid Kentucky Coals, Phone 477 WONDER CITY COAL'CO. My Conl is litadi Kut I Treat Von While, Fill Up Now JOH.Y BlfC'IfANAN - I'HONli 101 BRDS. COAL CO. rooms 55. 1'Jirlly furnished' rii'AHTMENT wild yooct heating system, i'liono m or 671. , is-c-tl ConiforiaWc KOOM ivl()i !jiilli7 -105 N. Broadway, Call M3-J. 20o kit MOKERNIiY l ) URNISHED~n]>im- inent, 3 rooms, batli; over Kirby Drug Co. !•'. Simon, phone 1C!. 28-e-ti Two FnrnUicd UcTi^Hbdins, 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. 31-c-ll 'TBAMHEATKD bedroom In modern liomc to permanent business couple or men. phone am nr 2-t. Shoe Kejjalriiig SPECIAL mCES o"rTrepalrlng ol all kinds. Best nuiterlnls iiseil. Progressive Shoe bhop 103 s. ana st. 32 years in (nc _ „ ., business; when otlicrs fall, try 81. . Simon P. Lee, 1)1 South Railroad St. Stockholders ot American coi'|x> rations pay nearly $1 ,aoo,000,(KM ii i in hicoinc (niies. I «• TOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS (ENT OUR FLOOr. SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO HARNESS: HARNESS; Full Line High Grade Harness. Best Prices in BIytheville All makes turning plows and middle busters, points, trace chains, collar pads, back bands, etc. FEED! SEED! Everything you will need Spring Planting OberSt Stove Co. for' "WINTtK AUTO. SPECIALS' I'restone, Alcohol, Heaters, DF trostcrs, IViilnrf Batteries^ LET US PREPARE YOU . FOR i WINTER " J Hubbard Hdw. Co. ) AQTOMOTlyE DEPT Phone 416 Phone FOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 20D W. Ash Plionc 8. Remodel Your Home Wilh a geunme RUBBEROID KOOF 5^p interest, 3 years to pay— East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Phone 29 Largest & Most Complete Stock HARNESS in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. For Sale I-'OR HALE—German Police Puppies. See Monroe Abernnthy : Ark-Mo Power Company, Osceola. 23p ko YOUTH'S BED, slightly larger than baby bed. New matlres.- Wlll sell CHEAP. Mrs. Steve H. Brooks, 513 W. Main. Uh 11 UUy FURN1TIJRE~~NOW ~ PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms HUBBARU FURNITURE CO. PHONE 077 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" -"Black Royal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL-LOW PRICED We Can-', Sell AH the Coal, So We Just Sell the Best. '.. Eenarc!, 1,003 Lbs 53.50 ilack- Diamond, 1,000 Lbs. .. S3.75 p.hara. 1.000 Lbs $4.00, — cton Red Ash, 1,000 Lbs. .. 55.00 i FEMALE pointer pup u months old Phone 100 | bl'ick ant! \vtiitc, heavily ticked. . . ANYTIUNQ. UUY -FURNITURE NOW 1'AY THIS FALL Uel Our Terms UUmiAltl) 1'UIINITUUK CO. i STOMACH -ULCER, OAS I'AlNii nilrt"ImllKMtlon vlottins, \y!iy| suffer? I-U <iutek relief Set n tree sample ot Uilga Ti\blc|«, 11 doctor's prcscrliKlon, ui Klrljy liro.i Drug Co, aoj) kt Ulln, Noltco liow _ . fniiiiiv ivitnts 10 slwreurop ftoxl yciir. 'hvo men «nd woman in family. Excellent "recommendation, Gcorgu Smllli, 1709 Hcnrn SI Koblnsoii ntfclltioii. Wanted _ EVERV MEAL. Why don't you try i- H wllli Jim? Lucille. Wauled To li\iy , : COTTON (JOHN ana SOY IU:ANS Bee us foi Best Prict, HtvoM Slcrnberz nt STKKNUKltG COTTON CO Tile Homo Holland, so often used 'wtaul of Wjjthcilan*,. uclunlly op. piles to only t^o of the _lj»'avlilccs of the conntiy. i'ersonal t. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. lo the -Properly 0\vncrs In Paving Districts No. 2 and 3. Tlio omslimding bonds nenliwt. (lieso dlstrlct.1 iiiiimints to $308,000.00. Tills Is it llrsl. Hen on your pro|i- I'Hy niul sooner or Inlcr must IJG paid, -(in- coninils- tiancis live now being olfci'- cil sonic (if these bonds, (not nil of them, neither nr c nny olfeiwl by Lesser aoldnmn Co.) id 50c on the ilollni'. is a wonderful op|ior- . liuilty lo B ct rlrt of n liur- <len (hut ccci-j; one Is lived of nirrylne. but the. iimouni. of bonds- Unit may bo retired lit, this low HBUIO will "cor- rafpond exactly to tlio amount of cooiicratlftn tlio commissiancrs -receive from tlio lax paycre. This 'Is your obligiitton, tlicro Is no 'wiiy to nvold -payment,, except, by the loss of yotlr property. So Hie time lo uct Is now, if taxes cnn be collected "now, niul bonds;retired, it, will bo entirely jiofslble to reduce Ihc yenrly pnymculs besides winding up tlio whole debt, by 1043 (is was originally planned. The comiulsslonci'K slnceru- ly liopo to htivc your cooperation In this matter, so vital to you. .' ' ' C. j. Evrarcl. ; SOOTS, IT'S-THE QUEEREST THINS,..Sl VOU VE BBEN HPRE / I'VE HAD &o MANV APPLICANTS FOR WORK! MOSTLY YOUNG CHAP6-..V OOMT UNDER5TANP /^~. AUTO GLASS »l{K-Mq LUMBEB CO. PHONE In WELDING MACHINE WORK TRACTOR REPAIRING We Gtravtuilec Every Jo)) Call 801) Uiiy or Night Blyihevillc Machine Works & Ash His. Eggs, We pay highest cash price lor all kinds of poultry. End ot pavement, 315 E. Main HIGHEST MARKETPIcls paid for nil kinds of poultry at Mii- .han's pin. '•RICE A: JTSHER BARY ALL VARIETIES Halchtiif Dnne lor the Public . MARILYN HATCHKHY Ulytheville, Ark. Hatchery Code No. 8(j Salesmen'Wanted Abu <vanlefl for cood nenrby Rawleigh Koute. Heal onnortun. Hy for rlrtit man, VVrltfl fiiwlclgh Co., AKA-27-OB, MemphLs. Tenn or see 0, H. Byrn, Steele. Mo. l(. ]' .3C-pl:-2 COPPER H'EAXIiEK STKIP Saves luel at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. n!)l> Undertaking Co.. SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Phone 26 Paintln? and Paperlianeing Auto Painting Furniture nefinishing All Work Guaranteed. Freeman & Wheat Phone 740 for Estimates Largest & Most Complete Block of CHINAWARK in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Coal & Wood See Us Aljout Your Coal BIytheville Gin Co. "Hadiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2U OH/ALLEY -CM 60 GLAD YOU'RE 6ACK.' WHAT NOTMIN',Y£T,BUT I BRUNO ALONG-A LITTLG BIRD THAT'LL Bfe 6UO VGIVE TH'IOW-DOWN WHEN HE PRISONER IS BEGINNING 10 COME AROUMD- S'BOUTTIMe.' NOW I'LL START WORKIN' ON 'IM / «M-V,HOW colAe Ybu^jMri ' WANTA PiL-'. THRpvVEO /«ES AT U6 WHEN We COME BACK HOME.' OH- SO VVON'T TALK, EH? W. j. KNOX made nil kinds o! shoes for ABNORMAL feet., can repair .Hoes to eorrcci AUNOHMAL fcev. I'EHSISTENOIJ! I'D BE WILLING TO DO MO&T (WOY OLD THtNG-eHUCK&. -,/AMD, OH GEE WHIZ, I'LL WORK FOR NOTHING. IF YOU OH, ALL RIGHT THEN, OOtKlONlT., I'LL TELL SOU WH(\T I'LL DOI I'Ll- PAY YOU A DOLLAR AND A HALF A WEEK,IF YOULL I PI' WJ-.9 ..-. , DON'T HAVE ANY WORK AROUMO HERE THAT I COULD CO FOR YOU, DO YOU? H-~- r ME WORK HERE V Q 1935'BYHEA SEHVICE. INC. T/liii WASH PULLS JAIL BKEAK i FLhSH, WASH IS OUT fcKID PHILBERT IMTQ WHOOPS.' THE JOIMTS PINCH5D. THREE CHE4RS fOK THE QUICK, Vat! DERN\ cpo-coof) GET IN.' I T*VD SOLDIERS STILL CL1M<3 TO WASH PLEES WJTH WOUNDED BOOPIE. MEADS FOR THE JAIL. ._„ CRASHES THRU1ME WALL LIKE A fM TiV ceLLft(i[ BeTTeii I ^L UP ft PLUMOER. DEFOR! | i <^6.T f\ Cl^H^DOWM 1= DU2.1.I up «ow BAD IT Is FRKOKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS ON THE KKCElVfNG"K\l)! 'Y/HATARE .YOU GOIMS It/1 ow MY v/AV. DOWM, MCV//TB SEE'A euy ABOUT IT. 1 THERE APE LOTS 6.-I TSRESTN5 TrliXfQS nt£ ETWER V/AVES, ANp 1M Pick SOME OP 'GM up/ FOR ft 50 I rAM FIX You UP A PRETT/ G003 oufprr! 1M SAf-!E THIS'G AT HOME HAO MARVELOUS SUCCESS '/ BUV PARTS 'FOR A SEtJDIKG AMD S V V/IP6UES5 / / V/ELL, IP Yo'J StT UP ALL M5HT V/iTH THAT V/IRELES Tf,'if;<3 YOULL GET WILL oe

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