The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1948
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 1948 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NfWS PACT nr» Prisoner of War AppealsRejecfed Defense Counsel Hits l Inquisitorial Method* Used in 'Mock' Trials WASHINGTON, May 18. IUP) — By a 4-4 tie vote the Supreme Court yesterday refused to consider appeals by 74 German ww prisoners convicted of war crimes at the Dachau concentration camp. Twelve of the prisoners are under .sentence to die on Thursday. The court announced its decision immediately after an unusual closed session. It refused to grant a. writ of habeas corpus for relief from sentences by ths International war crimes tribunal at Nuernberg, Gennany. Justice Robert H. Jackson, who served as U. S. war crimes prose' j cutor took no part in the ruling. I Pour other justices held that the supreme court had no Jurisdiction irt the case. The remaining four contended that the case should be argued before the high court. Affirms Sentence* In effect the court's tie decision affirmed the sentences of the international tribunal. ,•) Willis Mr. Everett, Jr., of Atlanta, ™ former Army officer who defended the prisoners, made the appeal to the high 'court for the prisoners. In his petition he charged that the United States used "sham" courts, threat*, and third degree i method* in getting confessions from the prisoners. Everett named "President Truman, Defense Secretary James For- reslal. Army Secretary Kenneth Royall, Army Chief of Staff Omar Bradley and Attorney General Tom C. Clark in his petition. In his appeal, Everett gave his version of how the German prisoners were treated. He said the American prosecution team "would place a helmet hood completely over the head" of prisoners. "Then usually a beating would be administered after which they (the prisoners) would be forced into a completely dark cell which was their 'trial' room. "The hood was removed, and each plaintiff would see before him. a long table draped with black cloth Hagonoh Troops Show Their Colors Foreign Correspondent Says World Gets Only Haganah Version of Battles > Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic and Arthritis Pain LONDON, May IS— <foP> — Cor- respoiidenl Arthur Williamson of the Exchange Telegraph Agency reported yesterday In u dispatch i diUellnecl "with the Arab Legion Overlooking Jerusalem," tlvjl (h» "world is receiving only a Hag- anah version of conditions inside Jerusalem." Williamson snid Unit he and other Journalists escaped today i from the Holy City and Joined up with King Abdullah's Arab Legion which now strategically surrounds the capital. Since the Jews selwd the modern city arc* during the nlgUtloC May 1— a few hours before the man- ale ended—Williamson said Hannah had Imposed the heaviest cnsorship on the messages of all rclBi) correspondents. 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HPfflT HIGH Harvey Morris, Mississippi County circuit clerk, this morning addressed members of the Diversified Occupations and Distributive Edu- ation Class in 'the Trades and Jn- ustry Building of the Blybhevlile :igh School. His subject was "Jack of .All 'rades—The American Public Ser- ant". Mr. Morris told the pupils :iab public servants must be versa- ile; that holders of public office iced to be salesmen and must sell hemselves at election time. After the election, he said, they must become counsellors, welfare workers, after dinner speakers, and on occasion may be called upon .o serve on short notice as entertainers. Members of the class are Jilling ?art-time positions in business firms here in the city and attending classes half days, K. G. Lewis, coordinator of the Diversified Occupations and Distributive Education project in the Blytheville School, said. Millionaire Farmer Still Has Faith After Thieves Rob Him of $124,300 ,0 send his s^° l & e s Ihrough Arab criisorhlp, rather than Haganah, aid. (There lias been no censorship of pooled dispatches sent by American correspondents in Jerusalem through State Department communications channels to Washington. There have been the only dispatches direct from Jerusalem to reach the United States since last Thursday.) Now the only news channel from the einnultlcd holy city ai>l>enrs lo be a Jewish-controlled trans- milter picked up In the Jewish areas of Tel Aviv and Haifa. Williamson reported that some correspondents caught In the Jerusalem fighting left the modern city area and went over to the Arab- controlled old wnllcd city from which some Information has been reaching the outside world. At Kilty's Three Stores LE MARS. la.. May 19. (UP) — H Herman Schultz, millionaire far-.j mer and philantropist, still has faith) in human nature. But he armed himself yesterday with a pistol, a blackjack and a shotgun after thieves took $124,300 from his fnrnfhouse. Schultz, 15, also put $81,000 the thieves overlooked in a bank. "This theft hurts like the dickens after all I have done for people," Schultz said. Nevertheless, he said, tl^e robbery would not stop his plan to give away 42 farms valued at 11 ,'000,003 to relatives and friends. Hi e'sti- maled he already has given away almost J600.COO worth of the farms. He had not planned to give away the $124.300, which he kept in a safe in the dining room of his unpretentious home here. Most of it was in *500 and $1.000 bills, he said. II was believed to have been the biggest safe rotibery iii Iowa history. 7e/ev/s/on Moy Up Demands on F/7m Industry SANTA MONICA, Cal., May 10 —CUP)—A radio executive says; the motion picture industry may j have to quadruple its production! by 1953 to keep up with the demands of television. Vice President Willlnm W. WatU of the Radio coruoratlon of America made the forecast at the opening session of a five-cluy semi-annual conference of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers. Sheriff Prank Scholer said he Pine Bluff Voters Seek Bus Fare Referendum FINE BLUFF, Ark. May 19.— (UP)—A group of pine Bluff voters filed a last minute petition for referrendum on an ordinance raising local bus transportfttlon lares which wns scheduled to go Into effect today. The fares were to be Increased from five cents a ride to t«n cents a ride and four rides tor twenty- five cents. The petition, signed by 227 persons, was not immediately expected to prevent the schedule from going Into effect. Read Courier News Want Ads. state penitentiary yesterday. He was Gerald Lafon AInsworth ot Leachvllle, who was sentenced Preparation for the tremendous , to n (c imprisonment lor the bru- market of 1,000 future television stations Is "Hollywood's greatest problem," Watts declared. He said tal torch slaying of Fred Holder, 63 of Caraway. With Alnsworlh was Floy* Block- •I Cast Filzpatrick Jewelers Blfthevllle, Ark. touching the floor, with candles burning at both ends of the t^ble and a cruciiix in the center. Illegally Uniformed "Sitting behind this tabte were varying numbers-pf American civilians, members of the prosecil- tion team, who were wearing illegally the uniform and rank of U. S. Army officers. "A mock defense counsel, usually an officer of the U. S. Army on a prosecution team, was furnished these youthful German soldiers, who although ne was not an attorney, held himself out to the plantiffs as xiieir defense counsel." "At the other end of the table would be the prosecutor who would read the charges, yell and scream at these 18-and-2fl-year-old plaintiffs and attempt to force confessions." If this method failed, Everett said, the mock trials would proceed "t™ bringing in one false witness after another' 1 to show "beyond a doubt by falsehoods" that the 'prisoners were guilty of war crimes. The Justice Department did not erui r-nu.K OCMU...-I aaiu 11^ ll »'"' "quire far more row film, | eri 23 _ a , 5O al Lc achvllle, who was was convinced the theft occurred ' talent, equipment and technicians ; sentellce( , t o 13 years in prison as than exist today, giving Hollywood its "greatest hope tor future business." ELS Schultz reported it. Schultz said he had a "suspicion" as to who might have taken the money, but "wouldn't say who." He said he believed it would have taken two men to lift the safe, which he estimated weighed 300 pounds. Schulti believed the robbery occurred while he was downtown Ainsworth Is Transferred To State Penitentiary JONESBOnO, Ark., May 19. (UP) friends Ho : ~ The 21-year-old convicted slayer ontorort tin", of a Prominent Caraway planter nousrwith'kV^e'tc-; k^ and add- I last March 31 was removed to the ed insult to larceny by burning ouc j his flashlight. ! Handy shortly will t» dropped to Although his house has electric | the rank of lieutenant general. i lights, he genarally uses a flash- The committee member, who asked that his name be withheld, said that the two four-star officers FITS being cut down to three stars in order to bring the number of Army full generals down to the quota re- , an accessory. Mrs. Elberlia Rice, Alnsworth's 24-year-old companion, was remove/! to the Women's Prison Fnrm near Alexander last week She also received 13 years as an accomplice. playing cards with thought the thieves light. "More economical," he said. Ranks of Two Generals To Be Reduced Soon WASHINGTON, May 16. (UP)- -A member of the House Armed Services Committee said yesterday he has been informed that Gen. Mark W. 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