Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1896
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rot. xxi. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA ? -SIJND1Y MORNIN^ JULY 5, 1896; tan In th. ictl mercnatUe-summer. The time when every good .merchant to*id hla «toei or aU sumiuerigoods. The remaining'stock- goes ' at-a a1>ye goods. t'ii.siil(mal>ic,:- ami just such articles as yon may need uttcle yoes at'a'"p'rl i ce\wlilcli will close It out. Swrnmei 1 goods st Be-sold and % on might as: well be the pilne.iv - ' GOODS Short t a 1 U bin Ki-c.at values Will OlOi)C our eyes to tlie loss. Your choice of twenty-five styles of flue French -Or- ;andlos and dawns; all tbe pretty Dres- i e n effects. nd all '.desirable pait'tern*. They were i£>c a yard', one-lialf now ......... 12'/ic of fifty pieces American and Organdies, in blues, pinks, eens and lo-ts-of pretty patterns. 1'ou ki.bolng-ht them at 20c, now. . . ...... -10c . have- a small assortment of elegant rleli imported cft'oets for sUrt Tvalsits, that sold at 50c and GOc, tills mo.nth. tliey i.re ......... . .......... 25c Lots 'of. wash goods remnants from li tbe desirable summer stylos; all (^lengths, all Styles and the price Is the t, 50c goods 23c, 23c goods ...... 12c Fine Gentian. French and Austrian Empire.fans In all the new empire effects. Greatly reduced beauties for $1, S5e, 05c and 50c WRAPPERS. fAN5 Our stock of Fans was never so largo and we arc sorry for tJulji, as the price must sell ithom now. . Silk, Austrian, fold- Injr, hand painted fans, worth 50 cents, for ....25c: . Japanese fans In all the art the Japs are IScand :3c Yes! we sell wrappers. We .sell tlieon c-hoap. Wrappers made from the s'hocrest Lawns mid Or- g.-iudies, nicely trtniiued willi all the season's style. .They wore $3, $2.25. now ?1.7i> Lat No. 2 consists of very choice house wrappers made .from vei-y protty m:vterJiil$, wcJl made and stylfeh. They were 91.25, $1.50, now OSc BELTS Of overy descriiptio.n. A lavgL- seleclion ;tud the lowest-prices. Silk belts with silver buckles far 25c Leather. bolts of every . kind, worth oOc, for 25c SHIRT WAISTS This Is the greatest bargain corner of our house. Tlie -story briefly told is, that we have far too -many waists aud must realize on them.- Your 'Choice. Lot 1.—Choice of our elegant fitting Chiffon waists that wore SDc,.75c, C5c, all for 4Sc Lot 2.—Choice of our splendid fitting Derby and Stanley walste In Lawn, Arcade satin,-etc.. They were $1.50, $1.23, OSc; your pick for {75c Indiana Delegation^ 'Kicks'.'', p.ve: the Silver Traces,;-. ,-.- • • DECIDE M TO ENTER AS)L«C4DtTS 1U Moniberii Boll'tvo the Citu(lld»t« Slvoald lie CUoHvii on the Floor-ortho Cpii- veiitton—Conference of Sllvur D«t- ]' Chicago, July .4.— The- llrst -seVlous break In the 'ranks of the sil.yer men oocurred : Frl clay night at a moetlrig-ot th'a.lnfllanu del efratlon. .Thoy votefl jio.t:-f07Ko. : -lnto-,-thi caucus next Monday.- -Some-of. Mr." Bland 1 ! (rlciifls visited. Indiana- headauartors, Frl day afternoon and urged .tho-JloosiKi- del c-pates to. attend the caucus. After they had sone, at the reqiieBt-;o.!!r»ever.B.l. members of the delegation,.- Senator.. T.urpie the chairman, 'Issued a calLl'or che meet- ir.K. Sir. -John E. Lamb,-.of,!Tari;e-.-J-lo.ute ivlio us alternate at large' wllhocouny. tho trnt of Senator Voorhoes, <liita.lTied'at.,ho.mo by Ilineas, Introduced.. the-tol-to^nff -;resolulion: - - -v •"-j.. M ,i "Resolved, That the 'deleftatfoiv-fr'om dlaim believes that the'--nomineeyof this convention ought to bo mtulo-ibj'" the>.con- ventlon, and we decline .to--attdnll:-.-or be bound by the action op'funy't'cttucus 01 con rorenci- called for tliafpurptis*'," This precipitated a liveliest-kind of a debate, lnstln£ over an hour. .-•.'Ch'fijpassage of this resolution was ui'pcd:by-Mossrs;<Lamb, \V. .E. English, of the IncltanapoUS!distrlct, ' iftnd Jucl(axMcCabc, of . teiet.' They took the'srtjiina';that ffio pro ^fised arfion was In vlojpjlbiryf '"airpruce <)ft>if,' ii>nw so .undemoera:tic"th''at-'i\ot'.-even ttib;abii&tjtial conditions' u'rf&'ur^jHlch tho i'oif\:cnlo{i would mcetJCBtirtcdWch'arad- ' ' '' ' -BBOABWAT, , ;3oe .. FOXIRTH ST. of the resolution -njasistre d by Messrsn-Overroyer, of ; Colerlck, of .Rorti.\yAyne, of Muncle, ;Tvbo arkiie4..that wjrf allure ) to go Into .the.;,caucus,-, would ' the chiincea-.pf-;.ppvi Mat- Clothes up to Date J ''' . . 1.'.' ' V * ' . ™ , • . :-. 'Have been In great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one ha« a finer. Hne of woolens and wprsteds to select from than onri. • '••.:•'• \ ' • Important Features ... •in the make-up of our'clothe* work their superiority, .We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be .the best. , Carl W. Keller, ^Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. LOST p-- ; ': .•;•.; r-.<v- •',.' • •. -';. CYCLOMETERS "'OILS' '. . '. By Pacing $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for iW5 and. $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which niust be Sold, Call and make an offer. ..>••'. ZINN COMPANY. GRAPHITE REPAIR KITS SADDLES TOE CLIPS ••':.''. 'BRAZING ' • ... ' LOCKS .'.' - -. •' ,' OLD TIRES Made Go3aaa. New Sixth Street. Straws That JShow Which Way the Wind Blows •., ' ; , ^ •'" - '^ . -. Show "that -It mvwt have blown a .tremendous gaife toTvarda Fisher's, lor' they have straws oif aJl the new.ahapea and sizes, straws in straw color and; any other.color yon wish,piled on their aholves and waiting to.be called'"the' last straw" in the newest style boughft; at Ftoher's by every pleased resident of Loganisport. Light Uerby.^, : light nobby straw .hats and Jaunty handsome, bicycle caps are what we have a big run on now. . - '•'-. , '.. •'( FliSHER - . .. .. T'JOHN II. M'LEAN, OF OHIO,. '•'- tSugitoatodai candidate for vice president.] theWB, »»';* ctndliJato. They/contend that when-the break should come from,the candidate* loading at first, the supportore of the'canc'tiB scheme would not rally to the support of Indiana's candidate If thcr delegation from that state hold aloof from the caucus. Although the Indiana delegation, number! 26 silver, men .to. four gold men,-the arguments In favor of the .resolution caused many of the 28'to look'faybjrably.upon Jt, and .when' Senator Turple; the head of;ttie delegation and an ardent slly.cr manradvo-- cated Its passage, the scales v 'turned In Its favor, and It was passed JH^JB small majority. The exact flgure»";W<D0S not given, for afterwards tho opponents <jf the proposition withdrew their formal-opposition and the vote was made unanimous./ A Silver Conference. . A conference of slfv'^jjeletoes, numbei 1 - ing 75, and repre*entlrifeiieSj^ every state that sends silver delegates to Ithe national convention, was held at the Sherman house Friday night. The conference was called to order by Senator Harr!s,.'of Tennessee, at 8;15 o'^clock, and adjourned at 30:46. Mr. T. O. Towles, the aeprietaiybf tlie Bimetallic league, as secretary .'of the conference, on motion of L. L. HalnWi^pt Idaho, called th» roll by states, ttnd.-a<nmqlwr k o£.«.fates not represented at the'forjtnericonferenca, held earlier In the week, responde4.:... Senator Jones, of Arkan5a»,;.;cb'a(rman of, the "steering" commutes /of *flve appointed at the first conference,, reported the result of their Interview with the executive committee of the national democratic committee'. Th^'riterYlew; ho stated, had not been entirely, 'satisfactory, and the committee would".have ; a further conference with the national jo'mmittee; Want No tlfiy t'om.f^-Oold fnctlon, o'Mr. O'DonneH, of Colorado;iin-t^e course of a »peo,ch urging the ( Importance of the silver men securing the temporary organi- sation, suggested the !i>aro»(Of Mr. C.'8. Thomas, of his state, as temporary chairman. He created great '.enthusiasm by •aylng that he and the western silver men wanted aisllver man, nominated.by silver votes, ana not by the votes-.of the-goldbug delegates. Ho had an Intimation, he said, would be. "queered" -with silver voters. In a body, for some silver man, aad no matter how. good a silver man r the .nomlnoa might 'be, nomlnated,.by,isuo6,.votes, ho would be "queered" with ^silver, voters: He wanted the silver men-to get together and agree on a candldatcand then go Into the convention and nominate him by a solid 'silver yote. • -.-; ; ' •-/<;..;. . V' This id»a was; taken:-up,atyd gave rise to iiin.^ - ••'iscussion .as to how.Uie end ; sug-; iuld be accomplUhed.' Con'gress- nson; of Virginia,:.advocated a ferenoe of all silver delegates,. ie committee of which Senator, halrman could come ; to,»ome T t with the . national committee! t'oi-'the temporary chairmanship, He: Mid/lt-waa not certaih.as yet .but that th« fiUfBtv'men would have, a majority of the rtit(quil ; .committee.and ca;ild" name the; ehnlnnan. But if this were'not'the case;'' silver 1 minority "of' the lULtloniait did ate ror tne vice'.' prcaicrency. una .wilt not 1 allow his" n'anuv'tjj'be. considered for eceoncl 'place 6h'''thH,;tlcfcet, An authoritative- statement". ; to'i'i l ttils' i 'ellect -was-made ,-Friday, by Senator; Turpliej "snnloi- delegate • at large-of the 1 Indiana delegation,'In order to'^put: at rest reports-of.a combination by .which Gov. Matthowa would secure the vice . presidency. 'Senator^-Turple's-atatement Is '»n- follows: - .1 •' •- •'.-•' • !".The 'candlda'oy 'of : "Gov. Matthews to- .Atiy has developed 'a-very considerable and •upexiwctcd Bt-reiiRUV. 'Ho Is likely to bal- unce'tho center of 'support by all conservative men who .are In sympathy with tho floctrlrifi fif the restoration of silver to free coinage and with the other prln-'lplea of the democratic party, an declared In former jilatrorms, and which will be reaffirmed In this. . • •'•'• : - •.'-'- ' ;:The delegation'from.'Indiana desires It to be Mtatccl In tho most positive terms ifiat Gov.- Mntthe-vys Is not a candidate for .tho. vice presidency,,and that he will not "ow tfls name to be'considered Cor that 'position: These'declarations aro made for tho purpose of. prevflntlnpr misconstruction by .unauthorized rumors ftiid reports that Gov. Ilatthew3;.:,. ; imi3er certain circumstances, would hi; a'candidate for vice pres-, Ident. He IH a candidate for the presidency find for no other -position:"' ..Aside-from this formal statement the Indiana dolc^utfcs express much confidence that £<ioR-raphlcal, as well as political, considerations w.lljj-slpadlly advance thu in- tm-ests of -their candidate. The delegation s iiiiclor positive.Instruction to vote for.hlm "first,, last, and,all the .time." While the trroat majorlty.^i: the .detonation are silver, thro<! are counted'..fiDj-. sold, but under instructions of tl;>,.jt&u.'..conventlon to vote as-a unit on plaMotyn.and candidates. The delegation Is unltcdvfor Gov. Matthews,, and equally utfolierl,.-lt.Js said, for .silver. Senator Turni.ellWu.'inakc the speech placing the namp-'otCov; Matthews In nomination- before .thft-cbny.entl.on. It looks ns-.iCftfie-'dem'ocratlc convention would be qu I lei, as-lop-sided as the recent republican gathering-, at-St. Louis. Thera ian been..no' break .in the monotony of tho sisns- and -.tokens of 'what Is Rolnf: to hap- i, It Is to.;be..-a.-free-silver convention.- Moreover, w'kh.-s.urprlslng unanimity.' the cohtrollnc :me'n- pt.-'eastern and southern lel'ejjatio'n's havo.'-<leclared, their preference for Tellfir. •'-.Nearl.v 'nil.his associates-or 'ormer assoclRtAs'-.lh".-the -senate who bc- >e In free coinage, are.Rlvlm? him their support. The list includes Joneu, of Arkansas; Harris, of Tennessee; Walsh, of 7florgla; .'Chllton, of Texas, und Cockrell, of Missouri. •..' ' ' A Clear-put Platform. •When .the efiBte'rn .delegates and friends o'c'the KOld'staJidard-reach Chicago, they will find that the silver men have absolute control of tho situation. Conferences, were requer.t during Friday. Out of all this con- mltation but one concrete fact seems to hivve been devolved. Tbe platform will ie'concise, short and clear cut, without so m.i'ic'h as an 'amblsuous word that can be misconstrued Into'meaning .anything other han an out ar.d'diit diction for.the.frec and unlimited colr.a'so"6£"sllver at a ration of sixteen'to 'one.' Senators/Jones-, of Arkansas ] Bate-and-.-H.aiTls,' of .Tennessee I Black- lurrC'o'OCcntuc.fey; TUIman, of South Caro- Ina'-'kniJ',!• Cochiioll," o'f Missouri: Senator- tleut'.Mon'ey. oT Mf38l3iilppi-i.Kepre.sentatli>e Richardson, of ..Terinegsee,' and Hon. John I. McLean' were' In conference during the ny and all-are agreed that the Mnanclal -)ldnk"3hall b'e given that prominence which tfcVlmp'ortance demands;' and: that, lts:text h'iiil -be so short and its meaning so fixed -n4>aqteOTlned..ihat-he who runs can read t.^JjidprBtaTidlngly. ; ,. There has been developed a conccntra- iph ot sentiment In a number of the delegations favorable to the selection of ei- iapresentatlve. Bryan, of Nebraska, for chairman. •. The general opinion connp(ttee .could make a minority, report,; _• —ii.-__^i silver man;'and this man should; by. a-.genqcBl eonferehce of the' J»tOB. :.' -i;:' ., J f. •••'.'• '-v -- .,..' rther .discussion .it was decided* ie members of delegations are»-i such others'.rarwere In the city no, ihould oaU.atJhe Sherman^ Monday "at. two'Tp. .in.' .Af.thit. „_ ., le'commlttee of which Senator Jones- ';i»:)o^alrman ,,would. know, the-.reiult of the advicei ;as fp whether a jfcnaral conference of all^sliver-' m'en should Be-;cailed.r6r,pnly:' .'a • conference,, of .-;,the .'• chalnhen • of' eachf mlvetf delegation: to': select ja . temporary.'' i'Siljat 'either Senator'Harris or Repro- pnUtivo Richardson; ,:both-:of Tennessee, MMfciibe'inacle permanent chairman. All wStegentl.athen';- ire 'grfod' parllamentarl- ri^r : Behator Harris having been president Wo iempore of the senate, and Mr. Rlchrdson: wa8 : -a-.ilfre<iu»nt-'and experienced ccupant oi tH^'spealccr's.chalr during the wo terms of Speaker .prlap. Chairman Harrlty nan'called a meetifte f 'the demoOtat'lC'patlbnal.committee for Monday next;'atiwhlch the matter of the empbrary, organization will be settled 1 .-'. 'M»y 'Liuit, Three I>a7«. .Qov.' Altgeid!.i.^ea'. : .that 'the convention ttn complete. 1,tVwprk'ln one day Is scouted >y experlencetf'SpplltJclans. One of thorn aid -thai.lwbjlo^he was/hi-favor of reason- ble lVtt»'t8i"< ! JJ'e?'j'e'(!ogn:)i!cd"'the fact- that It equirVd l M-tlrit«''--''tb''-:i;arnfully transact the ualness; 1 : of'.;&. nationai;j,c.onventlon. The >latform.!,wpuld.icause "some debate, depending .oritlreiytup^on.-tho' pleasure of the convention; ! e'xerclsea',-through the gavel •'of. the ..c'halrman.-i'.-It 1 , Is not Improbable that 8ome:;promfnent person representing •the gold 1 . : alde;'!bfvthe-,-question wllLbe se- 'lected tdVa'ntagonlze, ,the 'report of the i commlttise.« r ori.'>eiK)lutlon», and with that •'single «pee6h*dl8cu98lon will end. This will •be. accompllBhed> by,, a motion from the ,' rtoor, -demiahdln'g p 'tn'ev : prevlous question, : whlch will 1 b«;,.^rQmptly put and carried. While all reaaonaWe.expedition Is desired by.;.those hay<tilit''00ntp)l, ,nb ohe^of good , j...>|---^A..f.'ni.AAlWni .l&n'la''than' a *h *>aa~Ha Va' ession, than' a three-days' ' ,rty of sliver advo- nator Stewart, of Newlands, of Ne- fjC- Gorham, formerly iecretary'..,of;:'t^o:>tJ ) ntte'd .States senate, IDAHO. .BENATOR- FRED. :.T;' DIJBOIS. ' ' hcalled 'upon, Seniators 'Jones , and Cockrcll H.th«.Bhermati-housp:tb.urge the nomina- •tlon' of SenutorJJCeller as the one man who ^^'' iorcoBj of silver and mttke : !th'e.yictdb:of-that metRl.absolutely '.-..ii^..^..". ~'i.'..- AW"&~ .'MA^v.4*i,v ••lAntl^r* Qg fftr' the Inter- Jview - wa»(-riotSv«ry:iiiatl»fftctory. Senator. Dubolli: of Idaho; Pjettlgrew, of North Dai; and .Repre-" _ ;Mo'ntanai the bolt-' ..... a"eIeKit'ii»"froirh':ihe St;' LoulB conven-' tlon, iiftye- headquarter* at the;Great North- active caWrawSa^ 1 ^* 1 *.ofiSenator Teller. * '- ~ il»expected .to that Senator t , imlndtlon.lf It ^ ^ li'.was denied ; at' these headqVaHpli'"dti^jn|iS'rt:hB-iif ternoon, and Is conoluiiyftl!X|5f»W.< |: ^" h J ! '' t ' le Ictte r * T0 w attorney xciicra-i unuct AM.I. »wK;vi:iu first administration, .has been added to the lint of candidates tor the democratic ail ver presidential nomination. The Garland boom Is not of the.- Instructed aort, hut in the Arkansas delegation, which Is lu structed for Blan<J;.'the Kentucky dele-gallon, which 13 Instructed for Blackhurn; In the Tennessee, delegation, anfl In other delegations..'!.!! Is. claimed that he has . personal.', friends who are putting In Mulet,\'.but effeeilve work In his behalf. Hls ( aupportcrs only Intoml to name him as ascandldate In tho' event that the leading iriiij.become BO deadlocked that It, may be deemed the part of wisdom to cast them\all aside and take up some new roan with no antusonlsma or adveriu record to contend against. Thuj? claim that ex-Senator Garlnnd was an original silver man with a clear record on that subject in the linked States senate, and that ho gained a wldc-.acQualntance with public men and artnlra during his service ii, Washington, which fully qualifies him for the nomination. ClulmH «Z8 itaivBRtK". The silver men declared Fi-Jday nlcht that they hu,d 023 delegates to the national convention who would vote for free silver &nu with the free-silver men from first to lost. This do°s not Include any contesting deJesa'.lons from Nebraska, South Dakota und Mlohl^an. . Friday morning the list of known -silver rtnlcc-atcs numbered COS. By nltfht the silvor-forec, according to the estimates mads, ha.} been Increased by three delegates from Florida, six from Massachusetts, throe .from Maryland, orie from Washington ,ind:two from Minnesota. This way an aQ;ro?'vt« Increase-of ]5. making-a total of C23. wlflch Is three more than two- thiras of the number; of the 830 delegates to the convention.--., H'' Mfty Jl'fi'^lplneiid Hill. Chairman Harr'ltVfaiirt the gold ruajorlty of the r.ntional committee have practically resolved to recommend David. B.. Hill for temporary chairman of the convention. The silver minority of the committee will submit a dissenting report In favor of an out-and-out free-colnase man, possibly Dryan, of Nebraska: Thomas, ot,Colorado, or Money, of Mississippi. ' . 't.-iii-r 1u.- *<«i-ttary or Sl-titc. Frldny cvcnhjp It was prlven out that a £esl hail been Ilxed by which Teller was to l-.e secretary of stare of t.he man nominated at. next week's convention. In return the silver anci people's patty convention' which v.-lll lie held in St. I-oufit-July 22, Is to indorse the nominee of the democrats. This report was not vouched for. by any of the members who were in the c-auous, but It-was generally talked about during the afternoon, i, .'i4ii .Vot Refuiio Snroncl Honors. Louisville, Ky.,'July\4.-\Vhlle it Is gen orally believed that Blackburn's name will be preairited for first place on the ticket, . BliV-K'e.rit'uckiaris will keep an eye out for "combinations by which they may receive itpconi}-" honor. It Is. known the senator •would be content with this recognition, and not-only that, but would be glad to have .It. It may be expected that the bulk of .effort .by his frlehdgjn Chicago will be dl; re.e|ed;;to this end '•'••;• ... ''••-.~~- , . Melon Oft for Cbicapo. '•' Waterloo, la., July. 4.—Ex-Gov.. Boles -left', for Chicago .Friday-night; at 7:30, un- oscorted. As usual,, he had nothing to nay, Lut his countenance -beamed with a smile that-betokened confidence In tTie^result of .the convention. Mr. Boles has spent the past week handling 'and answering the great volume of mall-matter that Is coming to.-hlm from all uectloni.of.the country: It;iavunder3tb6d'th«.t Mr. Boles will not enter the convention as a delegate «t large, having delegated ttlat duty to Judge Van Wagenen,.of.Reck'Rapldt.:. :-. .;. DAMAJE AT PEORIA. NO. 10* ON HIS WIFE'S GRAVES Sensational Suicide at Terre Haute—Indiana News. ' ;, .'••; Tei-ro Haute, lud., July 4.—Special. - :-'. Seuor Parlu • committed suicide .here••: this afttH-noou at 1.30 o'clock f on. the : grjive of 'his wife. Seaior Faria' is a ., South American by birth aad-came here some years ago to attend the Rose Poly- teclm-iic institute. He was married to i a. Torre Haute girl and they lived In happiniew nmfl a year aso when she : .. died: Slircc that time Senor Parla.has . traveled extensively, returning home on ;,.:. June 30. He could not forget his dead>• wife and brooded constantly 'over her. '..' death until this afternoon, when he went .; to her grave and sent a bullet crashing .•. ttiroujrh his temple. Death was install-' ;..-> taneous. IIc> .was very wealthy, hls^' ; father bcius a Soil i hi American-' ;ni1ne:'''..;. owner. His body will probably be sent"~ to liU former home in South America:' •:• . '' ' Severe 'Stornu Are the Caiue of Much ! Loin of Property. reoria. 111.,. Jujy,;4.— The worst electrical storm ;n .the history of the city raged here for tv^ohonrs early, Friday morning-. The storm broke about three o'clock. For hiore' "than an hour the lightning resembled one continual (lash, nnd was accompanied by deafening 1 ' thunder. ',Th« wind blew OJid the rain fell in torrents. In an incredibly shart time the streets, particularly in the vicinity oi the bluffs, were rnginp .rivers, and thousand pf dollars' damage was done. Sewers .'.were washed in, cellars flooded and new buildings badly damaged. The First Methodist church nnd several other. buildings were struck by lightning- a.iid (Jflmaged to considerable extent! -FiirS^irs, coming in report' corn badly fitfiten down .In this vicinity and considerable, damage resulting, - . '--, .:;... . • . . , • : The . terrible storm ..was ,f oi lowed Fri- day.'nig-ht.nt.S:10".'-o!olock by an accident 'resulting:. In the complete destruction' of two buildings and the. probable loss of ' two lives, while two persons were slightly injured.' The two structures arc a ioass o£ ; j-uins, and George A'dams,, aged 23, n resident of Avcry- ville; iind Willard Slouch, agt-d 30, art- known to be burled beneath the debris. When .Tf V. Engatrpm entered the building occupied by him, at. 103 South Water street,, and owneflsby the Mansftcld estafc, early this morning,, he .found the 'cellar filled- with water and aportlon of the side wall washed in. This building- is a three-story,. structure and' one of, the oldest inline, city. Casper Brodman, of 101 Sdiith Water-street, comer of Main, foundyiis building' tlireateiied by the damage w the adjoining structure', and sumiapnetl^the chief of the fire departmenHV investigate. . Carpenters and\ plumbers were engaged to repair the4amage to the Brodman structure, -and-, they had -worked until .shortly after" flye o'clock; when- there .was a peculiar .cracking sound, followed; almost instantly by a few bricks ialling 'cm the roof . The workmen -,ln,. the t&teement rah for their. lives, -as : .did .the^half dozen- people ii the aaloon. They /got .out none too soon, for. as t'hey ."(Siherged .into the: street the threerstORy brick toppled over,, a complete "yijreck, on" top of thr» one-story-- saloon bojlding, crushing it as.if.'it were an-eggshell. Each build- ng was a solid mrisa-of debris. ' ' ' •' ' ' — • l! ' Well Watnr CHUNCH Iutoxlc»tloii.'; Greoncastlu, Ind., July 4.—A well j>£.- peculiar formation has been discovc in Hillock township ill the eastern'part'• of Putnam county on the farm of C. Uroadhurst. It was bored last winter . to the depth of 100 fret. It filled with, ' clour, .cold water, and as it was not •' neeik'd until lately it was not used.-;, liccpntly the well was tupped for domestic purposes, and the \isers of t.he water .-;• jjotict-d nt once that nn oxhilarating- . eft'ect was produced lilcc that from old: ;'. • wine. This is attested to by several. . responsible persons, all of \vhorji\say. •<.; hat no uvil effects follow the uso'ijf::. the wn.ter like those following- the uses of beer or whisky. 'There is known to \ be a hidden well somewhere in eastern Putnam county where a toper, it. i» said, threw a tcn-pullon keg of old . apple brandy on swearing: off; The knff, was never dug- out and it wa.s thought ,. that possibly this liquor had .been.: tapped in boring- the well. An :ina!ysi» shows no traces of alcohol iii thoSvnter,... however. : The discovery of this non-alcoholic, jag-producing-, "without-evil*-• ; ' effect wattr is causing- much interest;^ .and the owner has a fortune it the-welt > holds out. Girl Burn » Ha«bnnd.Ior B7.8O.-..,. ;./.. Delphi, I-.id., July 4.—Afrs. Sasdii-'H»»;/.:'-: ris, of Hammond, has disposed .of hep .'.husband, William T. Harris, to M*s« #' Carrie West, of this; city, .. for $750.,Miss, West Ls the foster daughter-of the ! late' Judge James ,,H.' Stewkrt 'and.'. v ,.-. 'wife:' She inherited Jrom her fost«jr ;. > parents ; ai>out -$20,000. .HajTis:-cainB;.' ; iJ* to>' Delphi- from Hammond', to ,'tiake ..:.. tKe position of night operator OB ;.v:the Jlonon. Miss West becani'e infatu- .:." ated with, him, and. he lived at..her '^ borne. She said to remonstrating friend*:.'- :'•.; : that their love was of divilne origin, : and soon afterward Harris brought rait '";'' for divorce from his wife, whom 1 h»;,;-i had left at Hammond. Attorney Knotte, .^ of Hammond, notified Miss West : thi*,;-; Mrs. Harris was willing to.dispose of:; 1 ;'; her claim to her husband for. rooney,-;.-^ and the bargain.described was struck."V ; .' " ' Will Dig Into CBTM. • '. . ; •'••'-• . :.,••';•"; Indianapolis, Ind., July 4. — i Geologist Blatchley, with a number .1 assistants, has begun:an investigation.i;;. .•"•^,£3 ^S '• - ; i~a ''V&8 of the caves of Indiana. Prof: O.'."Alv'.''oc'VS Fiddler, of Monroe county, is first M-> : >: v*?| sistant. Prof. J. B:' Pendle, of Kose» f•;&$£% Polytechnic,- will take flashlig-ht-photo- ••J^-fyj® graphs of tha caves and prepare map*i--;,;..'• 'V'jtJil Blatchlny intends to dig in the bottom* • >^ ; ;^ of the caves, in order to learn whether.- ; ;. .y.vj^; they were once inhabited by pre»v •', Vv:;^ historic men. Such an investigatlour'-.:/;';:-';-%| hoa never been made in this state. The i;;^? ^ purpose of the trip is. to collect specK '. V -^feg ruens for the state museum. . ' U:.'?i?;f m ' . . . !. ; ::KUleil nb MotHiir/s Beiiaire,- p., June ''i^Pridny. night, during' a quarred be'twetti Jack; CIHI- nirigham, of Martih'iif Ferry- BJod--Mj».-. Kate.,Longr, .on -a - shainty ;; -boat in tig!'. Ohio-rtver, -Cunningham fatally shot. the; woman .in the'Virea'st and'wounded her . blipl- 'daughter, in the 'leg,' Before Cunninghoni: could again 'flre' a yoiing- sbn.; : Fire at Muncle. Munc:e, Ind:, July 4.—The elevator, recently purchased .by Slaclt ' ' Bros., .of Brig-htwood, and barns owned.' / .by William Pnlmer, L. L. Lock-wood and-f '_. Christopher Brown were destroyed:fby , fire. All are located in different parta -' : of the city. Slack Bros, lost 30 tons ot' ; , hay and 2,000 bushels of oats, or, : l»-: :: all, about $3,000, with $1,000 insiiranoe. .', Four horses owned by Mr..Palmer wer*.> cremated. ... •'.' . :. .:-.'-.' : . Death, of John T. Cowling..-:.,;-, Jeffersonvilie, lud., July 4.—The vcn-; '.-.- erable John T. Cowling, a- prominent' .!' and wealthy citizen of this city,,dlRd..'. '; Friday at the age of 75, Six months ago •' Mr. Cowling- was remarried to his first .".j( wife, from whom he liud been divorced' 25 years. In the meantime both df-thipm., had married and their respective- Hijw ; band, and wife had ,died.. They mist, quite accidentally, and the old love wail, rekindled. ".-'••'. WIU Play Sunday BalL .-,>• '..,'!'': Fort'Wayne, Ind'.; July 4:—George- y Tebnu was on trial in Justice Tancey**. ; .'".• cbiirt cliarged with violating the stat- ,ute, : ag-ainat Sunday, ball playing. He;,..--.-. demanded a "Jury'trial and after hear- , ing the evidence the-jury returned .*;.{.-•''/ A'erdict of acquittal.: The Fort Wayne»<"'•:; will continue to play Sunday ball. "' y*. . .",. •.;• ' D«»th of »n ArtUt. • ' - ! -.Ifew.-York, July 4.^-Ch»rles!Howard-'.';:; .TohnsoD, the artist, .died in this city Fri-". •'' day .morning. Mr.. Johnson had beeitiU;:> J ;; only-a few days'nnd his death was.Ai^y.y.fr-; unexpected. For several months-he,had ',: ~ ?r , been- suffering from pains in 'the': v hcid<,;. : , •;.-••« which developed-on ifoiiday : " i - <—'- : '• fevey.-which caused.*•"- J -—"

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