The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1935
Page 3
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f SO, 1985 (Continued From Pnce One) vide free texlbookfi for the first Pliilit grades. . , Racing BUI Dr-laynl Eflort-; of clerget of conway eotthty to postpone consideration of t race hoiyw hill awe niu'ecssful for llio second day in successioii in tiw hoii^o yesterday. cbrutian of Yell callecl np his "ting bill, nnd immediately Clerget WIK (in the- floor with a motion lo place It tack on second reading for amendment.- K was his purpose to Jiave It referred to lire committee On revenue and taxcUloii, to which Hie oilier two bills—one by Hamp- lon of !«e and the oilier by Camp- 1*11 nnd Miuin'r of Garliimt—have teen referred. Ciergct referred to the clnktlnn hill as n "monopolLstie bill," Just as he. hacl referred (o the Hampton bill Monday. He said it provides for only one racing franchise, In a cwmly. It was his contention that 'anybody W bo wants to operate n r;(ce (rnck should be permuted lo •to ft." SenSte BUI 01 by Gathings ot CrlttcncJen, to prevent hitchhikers from recovering damages for m- Jlirlfs from oiH;rator.s of motor vehicles nnle.-K it |c proved the accident rrtfiillr-d from wilful nnwnlloit of the vehicle without due regai-cl for the safety of the self-invited finest rider, was pawed yesterday SB lo 0. C. W. Forrest Reports Theft of Forty Chickens chickens were stolen from jus farm, about two miles west, o! Blythevllle, sometime last night, C. W. P'orrest reported to police this morning- when lie came to town ROmR lmco ° f the missing U. S; Weather Bureau Taboos Fog Forecasts . WASHINGTON (UP) _ The Weather Bureau may predict when it will stop raining, or when It will ram, snow, hall, or sleet but a Prediction of fog is laboo. Never in (he history of weather forecasts has fog been mentioned. Recent fog in Washington brought many questions to (he Bureau, but the weather man gave no informative answers. "If the fog stays here until congress adjourns, won't you mention it then?" the forecaster was asked. "Sir,"; he replied, "fos is never ^mentioned by the foieenitci." English Actress California Bride (Ass-.y•.coufoaa Chureh Workers Who Took" Religious Census of Biytheville MPWPi ~ - , , : ^^i > •••^'•••••••^•'•'^^^ Nearly 200 mm nnil women, rccrnlffd from llw Protestant eluirc) to take n religious census of Hie while population of the city, the church and Sundtiy school membership or preference of niylhevllle, an- pictured hero ns (hey Fathered 11 * Mixed Grill Grand Company Dish __". . T' '. " ' MM J"V—- . ,'" ' •':_ •+ • n ' oes all sm-«l from- a .sinicle platter cnmbi nation. miishrooia, is a (ruly 'rain A roinann- tliat .". blossomed ii-d .1 lia'pny couple to list; allar in California'," when ?.-ilricl;i C'raiifliay. ; above. Moml English actress, liccame Ihe )>ride of John A. Piiidlay, London rtpresonlativc of an American mm compar.y Tim ceremony waR , lclll al Saa i Capislrano missloi.. I1Y ^^AIlY E. DAGUi; NEA Service S(an Writer A grand juicy, loin lamb chop ;n brown lltt-le pork .sausage, grilled mushrooms, tomato and ianib kidney-how does that strike .you for i small 'Snack when you're hun- jry? ..Naturally, it makes u s;ood more than a snack—in fact, It will So ns Ihe second or even llic first course of one of your grandest I suppose every hou'ekecjier liar. Her own pet method nf iilnnniop, rnemis.- Mine is sort of on the backwards order. Tliat is, j dc•i(le on meat first, then dessert , essert e «W lastly. I consider sahid and.' licc d • ei«l!c until llic water cooks away. Reduce heat and brown first on one side, then oh the other. Use the caps "of mushrooms and saute them carefully In 'butter. Wash tomatoes and cut in slices one-hair inch thick. Dip in melted witter and broil first on ono.Mdc nnd then on , the" other. Julienne rwlatocs which,gn W fll with this plate arc cut in niaidi- •If you ivanl to use (he inived grill for nh imporUuil • dlnncv add Inn L cup. /soup, an extra nntl'a salad. •-. . " the fruit cup I would course II i tliink someihinp >uglit to precede the meat. Sincu it's February, cherries nre » Boocl fruit lo r,. ; , tuve for dessert the mixed grill. A delicious n-ult.. very pin-fail is made with preserved JVankKnlXRoose' velt born- 1901=Court of Inter iiafcional Arbitra . -"^ miii l"Cbi;i YCCl lierrle.-;.. Tiny li(tle cakes, frosl- 'd, and decorated \vith tiny hatchel'- 01 .chocolate brownies oil in Hiy strips to look like rails may cccinpany the parfait if it's '-, •xoty Well made, fraeranl cotte'e will complete a perfect late sup- Mr or Informal luncheon mwiu 1 """ loi \ou don't really need either: tt ?ds Just the right (ouch ' nnc alatl or .appetizer for these occa-1 »' h «s the appetite lor the des sweetened and very cold, 'with sherry poured over. (•'niiKommc Salisfactn^y Souji Cousoinmc is my choice for soup because it's not henity enough to ipoll the appetite for the coiirscj- to tome- and jt (Jot* not repent the prwlomlintlng. favor of - any other food iu the "meal. California- asjmrasns or orcen peas make ,-v jjerfecl second vcg stable if you want one. For the salad French endue with. Roouefort cheese dr I'll "liop Ilavb-liic choiJs' ctit mi'lto 'hick not lcss than nn jnc| ^ out the/at, nt kidney in tliis sp;l " •<nrt '\rap the flank !•} nun » snwll skc ick th'roush to npr nc jure to trim off'all' but "«rrow, rim of fat around he 'se of the chops Prc-hcal the broiler for at least Ion minutes. Rub wires with the fal trimmed from choos. Season nlmni; ...jii. ,.^.,, . • ^LUMJII «un .-^ait and pepper and '» broiler. Sear one side. Then cook until done oiVonfsidc 'I'm nurt cnofc on other The meat is ready (0 turn when the Me away rrom (he heat has a filmy appearance and tinj. pun- s cf steam e.-icr.pc from it. Be careful : in un-nins »ol to pierce the fleshy part of the chop wilh the 'or!: as juices will escape, it w -i)l '•Ue about twenty minutes, more or less, depending on how you Service at Courthouse The Rev. E. O. R6bbins, 12:30 o'clock Saturday nftcrnooi _,,^: ItoVblns. who Is.also a .„„ )lny a number of cult' at Today's Markets Closing Stock Prices A. 'i'. niui T Anacoiula Copper Bcllilchctn Hied Chrysler Cities Service Cocii Coin General Tank Genera) Electric: Oneral Molc-rs InlcrcialipniU Haivesli'r McKs'sson-KobUns Montgomery Ward \ "New York Cc-iural Pa::kaicl rhllllp.-. Petroleum ... Radio carp St. Lonls-saii vrnnclsfo Simmons Ucds- Standard of N. ,) Texas Co U. S. Smcltini' .. U. S. Steel Zonlte 10-1 1-2 10 1-2 29 ll-'l 23 M 5-!l •10 7 7-n M , r ,-8 n 1-4 4 .1-8 IS 1-4 G t-H 1 1-2 9 « 3-4 10 1-2 109 \-'i ,'iG 5-8 4 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 30. (UP) Cotton-closed steady, open high Mm- 1230 1238 May ia« 1244 July 1243 1245 O«t ]234 1233 1240 1242 Spots closed at 1200, up low close 1235 1237 1240 1242 1241 12<4 1232 1235 1240 1242 Orleans Cotton NEW OPUIANS. Jan. — Collon . l sternly. 30 (UP) Mar ....... May ...... -inly ...... ia:i.1 124:1 I24r> 1240 12-IV Inw IMS 1245 12:1-1 •Spots closnd at jay;,' slnijl'y, ,Vp 't t . Chicago Wheat May July M«y July ojicn 95 1-4 87 Ti-B In'iih nc i-i «a l-2 close (1(1 I-U SI) l-'l Corn 82 5-8 78 1-a 8.'! fj-ll 7!) 3-4 low clnso .11:! fi-H 811 1-2 W 1-2 111 B-i) ihelr Itcnicirrldl Aftc-r 2". Veins O.MAIIA, Neb. (DPI— After divoi-ce decree had been in ulluct 25 years, Monte L. Pox and Mrs. Rose Fox remarried recently. Pox's second «-ife dice!, a year nno. A chance nierilnif wiin his first. « p lru at the home of one ot their three grown son, vosmlUri in tho decision 10 mmf n » ln - Young Matron Thwarts Woman. Automobile Thief The Five Out of Six Glythfiville Rrtsidonls Ijjwe Clmi-rli Allcgimico Approximately nw mil of every X wlillo residents of niyllipvllic Mliicr are clinrch or Sunday school m'liihcm or have- R pictortwe for •ome chui-c-h or Rimdiiy school. |t »i revealed by iciuilh of the recent ciiy-\vldo relii'lous census, taken by worker* recruited from viirlmi-i tluii'ches of-iho city. I'uslois iind worker.*, of <w>[iem(- ng churclic.-i sorted the con.-'.u:; cards and compiled the lAsiiHs a t u (M(:i . I":; at tlie ].-li..-,i. HapllKl dmrdi Monday. Dr. Alfred Oni-pi'iUcr pastor of (he First Baptist church' its rhnlrmiiii of the rellaioiis rensu-- cnnmiilU'i, of the meal luhiUu-rlai jil.-iimM mid directed [lie OfllBUB. A i-wtiii;; curd was mndi- for o.v- f-iy \vhHi- ix*.1(U'!il that could In loi-nled mid coiio individual eemu- cards wi>r<- written. Of Ihcxo 5(1(111 Mm-es',e<l tlienisclvi-s »>-. members at some clmi-d, or Kunday sdu ill Pxproswd a pie'fi'renri! foi- some ! .!!!'! ( ' h .. < ? r '^l' 00 !' ' n "' 11 ' ''i>" l! < have for dm dilVeri , , f costol, .ill; pr<?."Jiytertans, 353- wllllcs, 7. ' Plan.'! mo Vr-Jiir; made liy ft ll of .ho coapomtlng clmrchc-.i to enlist, every 0110 of Ilic imriilistcii Sunday x-hool iirasucdt lomtcd In Ilic cen- !M.'i. ^'i utgenl Invltntlon Ls bc-ing •xtendeil to every member ot every r iiinlly not HDiv enrolled lo attend ome Sunday school (his coining Siiwtay inornlnj, mystery ( ,| n,,, •• Wl ,j| di-mspd woniiin" Mill hauled police lodiiy l'lu> woman, police were Iciid, attempted lo drive nw-iiy in w. ,1 Wimclcillrh'.s cur, ported in Irani of (In- C. W. Vollmer rc-sldi'm-," Clilekajiawb:, nn-mic ( |.. B ... w ,,, lm . ]( . ^Vi' J' l;MOI ' <ll>y ""''''"i™' '"ill churches of the ,-HV awl wmv ho • S£ |x!iUi'''m'!rby 'and'drov'i -'''• ^'''"' ( ' 1|r -' U ''!* °«Wl£ Mrs. U'liiKkTlii'h hud p-iiti-il the car in fronl of Ih,. volliiir-r home wlillc cnllliiii. on | lf r ,.;! s t,,,- ^ n Vollmc-r. one 0 ahem, llno'iivh a of tin- home, ,suw a ''well woman" net in ilu> mr un< \ s nil to drive away. Mi-.s. Wiuuler- Ikli immediately run mil. ,,f tin- house mill toward n u . ,.,„. "You (lonl mtn,| my drlvlm your ear to Memphis," the woman 'is reported to have said, before; Jm.ip- Injf out of tile machine llm i run- nliiB to another ear parked nenrby In which slie drove hurriedly awnv' Police chief Ed nice .surmised IhcU thn woman Imd decided "to leave aw "hoi" car r ,ml try f ,,, n t,!,cr one. wlxKil. The niitncs nf Uwii tji|x:d ana ale This ' , ' Courier New.s Wiml There is om: doctor to 800 persons )n 1)1)1; country. | L-; the highest rate of aii.v t • Sweden, ivIUi one. doctor for every Arts. 28GO persons, lias the lowest rale. iind ,,.,, prcssi'd thi'in.'-j>iv<.,s us not liolain;liii/ In nny cluireli or Sunday ,-X'lioo'' ns having no preforcneci for liny c'liuvrh or •-' *-- Ihc.'.e hiiv<> dy lo \K h ,„ rs tluil, noopei'Alecl 111 lakln- H) 0 ri-iisiis. 'i'hcw may ,,|;;o lie liad by calling at l.]»< on]«! of \] lf . j,.j,. ( ,, llajiltst ehiiK-li, I'Uehi. [ninlllos relnscd lo jjlve Iho warkors th= Infnnimtiou desired. Toi-ty fixinlltos were no| at home mid thirty families were out of (own when llic census wns (n Those expressing themselves lii'lHK memtiers of some clmrcli or Blue Stai- Kills The itch Germs To cjcl rid of Itch, null, tcliov, fnnl llclj, i-nij!«orm orrr/rnia, caver ivllli snmliliiK llhin Slar Oliilincnt \vlilrli roiilnln'-t teslcd medicine Ihiil im-lls Minks in nulclily and liills dm it L -b. Monty liru-lc If first jar falls. Sunday Ertiool or prefening M mo church ot school -s-ero citvWsd ts toiiows: ..^'f 1 " 5 ',- 0 ' *"'**• m - EaptUts, 1 "8;, Oatholtcs, 205; phMsllan 318- Christian Gctaice, 18; Chv.rch of Christ, 78; Clnireh of aotl, 24' Episcopal, 1(1; Jmlsh, fis; Ialt«' r Day 4; r,iill)<?n)?>s, £8; Mellicxl- Old French €9111 Found In Wyoming Fossil Bed CODY, Wj'O. (UP) -_ An old French coin, iVnrlnK tliti dale , and [\\e. words, "dlx cent- limra on OIK- aide and u p[ c (urc of Napoleon in on t.h« oilier, was I'MWKl In n fa-wll bed near here recently | )y A, )'. Llbby, Charles Kwm iind K. N, I,andi;rc-n, It Is licllcvwl ilii' coin- either WHS losl there | )y somi . i KA ) rcsl . ilMit vim had carried it, ns a pocket ptcw or was dropped by a liroii]) of i-'ivnch KjiovUmcn who «vn> here atone :tr, yein.s ago hiinlliu; and visltlnc; with Col. W. K C,M<ly. cody f.\>n\(, much' tlmo •lolivj riwni-rli \v m ^ (^ UIA.' lied. ; Wfllil Add . . .Helps PREVENT many colds JUSI ATtW CHOPS NOSt»lt 160-ACRE FARM FOR SALE All In cultivation— >,;.. mile from city limits and highway. Lund has good cotton ccnlmct tor 1035 and buyer can imvc jiossession immediately. $80 per ncvc. G. G. CAUD1LL I'hinit 70T I he selection^ buying and preparation of Bright Mmls cf ^ ''-••'for •.inakifig Ctwslerfield Cigarettes is a business in itself. . . Read Courier News Want Ads MISERABIE^WEAK? JF your day be Sins willi backache, headache, or periodic pains i'OU need a tonic like Or. Picrcc's Favorilc Prpccrip- fion. Mrs. M. \V Cnrlncr of 1117 G'cycr St., LiKIc Kock. Ark., said "! in rj run « -.o. i.L-pviiums on now you' "J » in rj run- ihe mem done, for the chops to 'I""" wndiiion .inrl liad lnr.dadie ilj r a it tr cook. . <I a r. I barely cnn>?H s'.rcnuth to ito mi Grill thn hirm '11 . ' ' lcm .^ v °rfc. O |l f '>oulf ^1 nr - I'irrcc'* t .u_ i---_ . .. i.«'.^^»v.i^. vyitr rfomr r,i m. 1'irrcc^ f me bacon in the oven with v°"ic rrcjctloiion WPO! me «-<raj,rtuiij I Ml stronger aurl bcttrr aiKl u-js rrlictrl 01 Tlip hf.idaclic. Tlic rains in my Lack led ' N'cu- si; 5 , |,il,l f i, ,=o as .. liquid ti_0) L-ugt sm, ute. or tnmi, SI.35. All clracgisis. «'ri!t Dr. Fiirctt Cli.iic, liufiilo, N. V (loor ocen while Ihc chops nre broiling. Put it on n rack in n. Dripping pan. Cook Saus-ifrcs in Water Put the sausages in a heavy iron frying iiaii and add boiling water toucly to cover. Prick each sati- fi>Bfi several ttmcs with a fork. Cover nnd cook over a hot fire Most Coughs Demand Creomulsion Don't let them get a strangle Hold. Ffoht them quickly. Creomul- £icm combine!; 7 helps in one. Pow- :rftil btit hamiless. Pleasant to •ijlte. NO narcotic,-;. Your own rii-ug- S lsl - is authorized lo refund your »oney on the spot If j'our cough or cold Is nol relieved by Creomul- sioiv -Adv. 4 This is lo announce that Mr. Lee AtcKley has accepted a position as salesman in our new Ford V-8 car and truck department. He will be glad lo give you n demonstration of the ' great qualities in this new IM5 R)rd V-8. Phillips Motor Co. Phones 810—811 "VUTIi have buyers m all die to- ' *^ bncco markets of Turkey and Greece, including Xanthi, Cavalla, Smyrna and Satmoun. Anil tit Smyrna Chesterfield has htiill the most /undent to- baccapfaut in I be Nc</>\Efisl. Here the spicy, aromatic Turkish leaf is sorted and 1 graded under the eyes of our own tobacco men. Then it is put away to age in its own climate for two years or more to make it milder and better-tasting. When you blend and cross-blend the right kinds of aromatic Turkish tobacco with mild ripe home-grown tobaccos as we do in Chesterfield you have ... the cigarette that's milder the cigarette thai fasten better Handling Turkish tobaem in the Lig^dt & factoty at Smyrna, Turkey. SATURDAY MONDAT WEDNESDAY I.UCREZU LILY BORI PONS EONELL! K05TEI.ASET2 ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS S P. M, (0. S. T.)~COUJMBIA NETWORK 5 19)5. IIGSITT tt Mvm TOJMCW Co.

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