The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1955 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1955
Page 19
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MONOAY, TfOTEMBWl M, 19(11 (JLRK.)' COURIER KIWI PAGE NINETEEN Monday, November 21 6:00 Captain Z-Ro 6:30 Tony Martin 6:45 News Ceravaa 7:00 Caesar's Hour 8. 00 The Medic 8:30 Robert Montgomery 9:30 Science Fiction Theatre 10:00 Your Esso Reporter 10:15 Wrestling 10:45 Weather 10:50 Mystery Theatre 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sien Off Tuesday. Nov. K 6:50 Meditation 7;00 Today 7:25 Weather — Memphis area 7:30 Today 7:55 Today In Memphis 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 News and Weather 9-00 Ding Dong School 9:30 Storfland 9:45 Charm with Cathy 10:00 Home Show I color see. 10:30) 11:00 Tennessee Ernie Ford 11:30 Feather Tour Nest 12:00 News Frirni News 12:30 TV Movie Matinee 1:30 Honienuikers Program V.45 Dale With Ute 2:00 Miulnce Theatre- color 3:00 Channel Five Theatre 3 30 World of Mr. Sweeney 3:45 Modern Romances 4:00 PinKy Lee 4:30 Howdy Doody—In color 5:00 Afternoon Movie 5:30 Interesting Person 5:10 Cartoons 5:55 Weather 6:00 Soldier of Fortune 6:30 Dln:>h Shore 6:45 News Caravan Jap Professor Is Baby Teller TOKYO (ifl — Prof. HajLme of Tokyo's .Melji University OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major H«o»U 1 WOULD HI KEEP'S VALUABLE PERSIAN CAT.' HIS WIFE ^tX WILL GO WILD-LUCKY THERE'S —\ POOBOOV LIP —\ 1HEREVETJ $o Voowe 60r me OLD SUM YOU PR08A8LY AKfr LEFT Like A docket! IT STRUCK Mfe AS 4T(?ftK6E THAT MB -ZOOMED A»AV BUY APT5E MSETtMS YOU? ASK, WAS HIS E*iT PURELY TMAKl A SlCD DOG ITOCCUETO YOU TO QUIZ. "They won't like it, Mom, if we just stand in here titt the rain's over, without buying a banana split or something!"' &OTTS, 1 WAMT You TO REMAIN AFTER. . SCHOOL/ NAPOLEON WAS DEFEATEP IN WE BATTLE OF WATERLOO IN 1815-— "There's something about your personality that clashes with minr!" Trie NAPOLEONIC WARS WERE BETWEEN I79O 1615 SrC'S SUCH A WO PUSH.' , WHECEAEE < JAU.YOU'SE I BEAimFUL, BUTNOTDUMB. UH.WASPATSOEE-ABOT YOUANOMEGOWGOUT, I MEAN? HI.FLASH.SOURYIDIONT VEEP YOU WAITING. THAT'S COMSIDEeED THE SMAITT THNSTODO.ISNTIT? Merinaue topping for a pie won pull if the pie is cut with a well greased kntfe. Tonight Tomor/ow — WMCT Channel S,& WHBQ Channel 13 Tuesday November, 22 Television WMCT Channel 5 7:00 Martha Raye 8 '00 Jiine Wyman's side 8,30 Playwrights '56 9:30 Grand Ole Opry 10:00 Vour Esso Reporter 10:15 Star Stage 10 45 Weather 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off 10:50 Mystery Theatre :45 News & Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 This Is Hollywood 11:30 Stu Erwin 12:00 News 12:05 Lunchtlme Theatre 12: to Early Show 2:15 Ml?s America Matinee 3-no Foreign Intrigue 3:30 Bozo and His Fri 4:00 Autry — Rogers 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 Little Rascals 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Wnvner Bros. Presents 7 :30 Wyatt Harp 8:00 Celebrity Playhouse 8:30 Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal 00 Danny Thomas 9:30 Cavalcade Theatre 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Paul Page 10:30 Late Show 12:00 Weather NOW CAN *—N SOMEONE TELU us WHY ' OBSERVE THANKSGIVING DAY? BILL WALKER WHBQ Channel 13 Monday. Nov. 21 6 00 Little Rascals 6 25 Do You Know Why 6'3fl Topucr 7:00 TV" Rentier's Digest 7:30 Voice of Firestone 8:00 Kit Carson 8:30 Medical Horizons 9:00 Mobil Theatre 9.30 BlK Town 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Les Paul and' Mary 1 Ford 10.20 Lute Show 11:50 Weather (HEAWWHILg IN AN ISLANP PRISON... IT \S SOcO "TO STOP HIPIN6. BUT WILL MV PUBLIC BELIEVE THAT HAV 1 KNOWN OF THOR5TEN'5 FT-ftM, X WOULPN NOT ALOME, IN- 5PECTO1? NUVZIQ'S HAKP TO geuiEVE, HUH, \ CCN&CISMCE FL'MT? OPEE^ ST-^R NJUN- \CROVvDlNe HIM. E6L,M3UVE HAD IT/ are well nourished If the husband is well fed, he's where the men LET AW3LI VW PLftCE? from a hefty fish diet Uda concedes his theory hasn' f got much support from others so far. liREATARANPAW'SAOIN'TOH dIT HI55ELF A SO '•" ' ~" WOWMENT WITH New Mexico. In the Union llages before reach- W. L. WALKER INSURANCE AGENCY He found morel Florida, first was applied by Pran- Cisco de Ibarra in 1565. Best Grade Illinois Coal and Kindling SWELL'. WEIL LOSE 'EM THEYMU^SOr^^^^^ J^? Ba t?SS fi -w^™ &K ' WB -- QUICK ' LfKUPl THERE'S MO Paint Closeout Mtnj TTPM and Colon Price Hubbard Hardware WAY TO BAIL OUT1 WOW IF SLIP UP ON '6W Nut Coal 2 or more tons $10 per ton plus tax ...IT'S MEN LIKE YOU I WANT AROUND ME WHEN I SET OUT / TK TO CONQUER THE I ViORLD WORLD/ 'COURSE HE AINTJ HE'S NO ROUGH, TOUSH SOLDIER I'VE NO TIME ' TO WASTE ON A MAM WHOSE ONLY INTEREST IS IN THE PURSUIT OF A FAST BUCK- YvWNOT HE'S OF NO USE TO ME EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbord Hardware LOOK. M-EX ..YOU SHOULDN'T fVLEFT rOOROU MISTEP LOS5M- LOCKED UP BACK THERE 001? I'M A BUSY MAN.. Watch Cleaning $3.50 , 3 day Service Mr. A. B. Ford, registered chron- ograplier technician with -2 years watchmaking experience, is now associated with our firm. We ar« now offering 3-day walch repair service- C'N I B02PEi? YEK ELECTUlC BLA.NK6T T'NISHT, ELMER? O'STEENS 111 W, Main Personalized with Name $460 tor I op NSOVtt tUAt ^tWk<S likely to father girls. If the husband is "tired out. perennially un- i dernourished" he will tend "to sire I male heirs more frequently." says Uda i the P rofe ? sor - fas; Uda says he made a survey come up with quite a theory on how : 10 towns and vil to tell whether wc-.e." will have : ing his conclusions girl babies or boy babies. girls born In fishing Try a Texaco Service Stotion First? We Can Supply You with the Finest TEXACO HEATING OIL We deliver anywhere in Mississippi County BOB LOGAN "YOUR TEXACO MAN" Blvtheville Phone 3-3391 Joiner Phone 2421 Day of the Outlaw By LM W*l1t «, br U* Wdh. pim*«te4 br NEA TTTE STOnVi Sin* onllnww, keadrd \ty Jnrk nrtihn. Tvho nre o« thr ran nfier a Imnk robbery, hare bcrn cnuKht bj * chloook th»w in th* town of Hitler, Wyo. With rondx iinpii.-c*nl)l'. Ihry hnrf drrliled lo ri-mnin In nnvn, dlnnrnilnic ihr rrnlilrnm. Onr of thf; ooil.i.v* 1* wounded, hoi (hey hRTc futatlr "hot Tom my RIkf». th* hartf-niler, wonndcd a cow- fcoy, nnd mnnhnndlrd nevornl others Inplndln* Dun Murilnrk. the fnrrmao of the Stnr ranch. BRUHN circled them, coming up from behind, patted their bodies in search of weapons. Finding none, he stepped back. Phil and Larry turned to face him. Phil spoke again. "A Twldup?" "Who are you?" Larry swallowed. 'T . . - Fm the barber, next door. Me'n . - 'Phil was in the store. We didn't think much about the first shot ... but this last one . . -" ' "Barber," Bruhn cut in and ifaced Phil. "What : s your business?" ' "The hirr'^r yard. I asked if this was a holdup." Bruhn smiled frostily. "In a " manner of speaking, maybe it is. We don't want your money, though. We just aim to use your •town for a few days." '. Phil's eyes narrowed. "Just '' what do you figure on doing?" • jhe demanded. Bruhn read something of the fear that ,Dan felt. [His voice carried no real threat, i|but a note of quiet reasonablc- :'ness. • "Like I said, we intend to use ~jyour town. It's a good hide-out. v|No lawman can'reach us and," • he glanced toward Shorty, "we f ; got a man to doctor. We need to vrest and we got some business of ' our own to talk over." 1 "You mean so long as you can ),isaddl« and i p u r us," Dan 1 snapped. a "Name you like, friend. !i.We settle things in our own way, • *ad wt makt our own rules. We want no trouble and no more killing. There won't be none so long as you people treat us right." Dan's. tone held a wide sarcasm. "And how do we do that?" "Leave us alone. Don't argue with us. If anyone—man, woman or child—tries to slip out of town or pull a double cross then he'll.find himself dead or in so much trouble he won't be able to claw out of it." Dan breathed deeply, feeling the angry constriction in his chest. He heard the faint stir of Pace behind him. grew aware of Juarez watching him, knew that Hiatt and Egan were off to one side. Dan expelled his breath in a long, soft sigh, but his eyes flashed. "It sounds fair enough," he said grudgingly. "But can you hold your killers in line enough to keep your promise?" "Don't you or the town worry about what I can do -with my men, friend. I can handle every one of them." Pace's chin lifted sharply but he did not turn from the bar. Dan saw Juarez's startling blue eyes narrow and his hand clench slightly. But no one said a word. THE street door swung open and Dan, hearing the noise, looked up in the mirror. Bruhn, Pace and Juarez wheeled about as Vic and Bob Frazin came fearfully into the room, followed by Denver and Vause, who prodded Vic ahead with the barrel of his gun. The overhead lamps gave a peculiar sheen to Vic's face, pasty, fearful and without color. Rob walked stiffly, arms straight nt his side, face frozen, his eyes mirroring the same fear that hold his father. Denver's single word halted the Fazins and Ihey stood frozen, unmoving. Denver stepped around them and walked to Bruhfl, jangung • ring of keys in his hand. He gave them to Jack, half turned and grinned at Vic and his son. "Have you ever seen such scared rabbits. Jack? Made me feel kind of mean herding them over here." "Tha t's something new for you." Jack replied dryly. He hefted the keys. "Everything's right? No trouble?" 'None at all; We walked in and that jasper," he pointed to Vic, 'came hurrying up, showing his gold teeth and right anxious to take our money. Near had to pick his jaw up off the floor when I pulled my gun on him." "This'n," Vause prodded Bob with his gun, "turned plumb green and then white. Never k no wed a man could have so many colors." "No one else?" Bruhn demanded. 'They said their family wa* home fixing supper. We locked the place up and made 'em take their horse over to the stable " "How about the gun and ammunition stock?" 'Whole rack of rifles, another of scatter-guns." Denver answered. "Some ammunition ofl the shelves back of the showcase and some boxes of it in the back storeroom. You got the keys." * • • THE BREAK! Dan thought in sudden exultation. Give him, and one or two more, just 15 minutes and it would be easy to break in silently and get the weapons. Bruhn shook his head. "Not good enough. We'll move it tonight." Denver looked shocked. "Tonight! Jack, it's a man-size job just slugging through that mud out there, let alone toting ammunition boxes. We've done a heap of riding—" "You're forgetting we got friends." Bruhn's glance swept along the bar. "They'll be mighty pleased to do the job for us. Of course, we'll kind of keep an eye on Vrn." "Why, sure!" Denver 5aid. "Charley," Bruhn ordered, "check the singe station. Sec if it's locked, If it is, use a slug on the door. 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