The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1948
Page 2
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TWO Proposal for Use Of VA Funds Hit New t» Use Surplus Te Booet Teachers' Pay Bring* Warning ROCK, Ark., May 19 <UP)— SUU Education Commia- alooer Ralph johei warned today that an attempt by the Little Rock School Board to use veterans education fundi to rats* teachers sal- arit* might sabotage the entire veteran* training program In Ar- kanau. The board, pressed by Its teacher* {or pay hlges, last «eelc appointed an. attorney to determine whether a current surplus In district veteran* education funds could legally be uaed (or this purpose. Jone* aakl he felt that the veterans administration, which fur- nfchw the money to the State Education Department under contract, would frown on Its transfer to non-veteran use. -TW» might result in a reduction of funds to the slate, Jones pointed out, and thl* would result In hardship in ait school districts. " He explained tnit the funds are passed out by the jUte to the districts. , Jon*s added, too, (bat Uttle Mock had a surplus because It held veteran training classes In a building made available at low cost by the state while other districts had to obtain buildings out of veteran •education .funds. The education commissioner revealed that in about a month the department Is planning to lake ortr thl* building for office space and that the Little Rock board will have to obtain other facilities for Its 1,500 trainee*. 'Gee, This Picketing^ Hard Work' y,,^^,., , j~^:^7"f~,~r~'^"-'"'^" »""" .-^-,-.<->•• BLYTHEVTLL8 (ARK.)' COURIER " Mild epidemic of Virus I Hits North Little Rock NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May. 18. (HP)—A mild epidemic of Virus K infection was reported today by City. Health Officer Dr. Miles F. Kelley. Dr. Kelley said nearly MO caws had been report. ed during the past week. Re said most of the cases of the Infection, which may be either respiratory or Intestinal, have been mild to moderate, and most appear to clear up In 21 hours. But Dr. Kelley added, Uttle is known of the nature of the Virus and he said he waj unable to determine how the Infection had been transmitted. Dr. Kelley recommended normtl sanitary precautions against the disease, which attacks adults well as children. He Mid the disease was reported la Memphis earlier In the week. Service* Are Planned For Family Slain in Double-Murder, Suicide JONBSBORO, Ark., May 1». (UP) —Funeral services were being planned today for a< prominent CralR- iiead County rice planter and processor, his wife and son. Officers described their deaths at tlielr home at ptwell" as a double murder said a suicide. Deputy Sheriff C. D. Wilson said Louis Eert*, 87, apparently shot his •wife and son and then turned a 12-guage shotgun on himself. The gun was found by his side. The bodies were discovered by a aon-in-law and two farm hands when they reported lo work yesterday at the MO-acre rice farm. You Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shop Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie Srile Hotel Noble Bldg. BIylheville, Ark. Blytheville Glass Co. B)d f . So, Auto Glass Installed While' You Wait Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete Glass Service Ah* GJMB Blocks ftanit«rt and Desk Tops '' W« Abe Da'Caulkinitt HKMW 3142 9. A. Stanley, Owner Stanley UaysdeU, Jr., „ the official mascot ot UAW Dodge Local — Father Flanagan's Body Lies in State In Town He Built for Homeless Boys By Gaylord P. Godwin United Press Staff Correspondent BOYS TOWN, Neb.. May 19. (UP) —The body oi Father Edward J. lauagan, who died fighting for the welfare of the world's young people, ay in state today In the home for boys he established more than 30 'ears ago. Flanagan, a monslgnor who preferred the simple title of "Father," liert of a heart ailment in Berlin 15, while surveying the needs of Germany's youths. His body arrived at Omaha, 10 niles from here, last night. It was ken to a mortuary before being brought here to Dowd Memorial hapel. It will lie In state throughout to- iay and tomorrow so that the boys living here now and the hundreds of alumni of the institution will tiave opportunity to pay final tribute to their protector mid benefactor. , Double funeral services will be conducted Friday, the first in the morning for the citizens of Boy; Town ami the second later in the day for the public. The public majs will be celebrated by the Rt Rev Msgr. Patrick A. Kanagan, brother of the raniuu.i priest. The body will be burled in the Northeast corner of the chapel in compliance with Flanagan's request that he be Interred at the home where he could be near his boys and where they could visit him at any time. Flanagan's body was flown to Omaha from Frankfurt, Germany. A B-29 Superfortress carried the body lo the Smoky Hill Air Base at Snllns, Kails., w.'- 're It was transferred to.a C-41 transport plane for the final leg of the Journey. Hundreds of persons, Including the 480 citizens of Boys Town mrt the plane. The Boys Town band stood silently In formation and a Marine Corps honor guard waj drawn «p while the body was taken 'from the plane. Britain Pledged To Seek End of Palestine War , Bn«tand. May Hrf » D ', pUly Prlm « Mlnlsl " Herbert Morrison pledged the British |overnm«nt today to do every- «hin« poaalble, either alone or with ln * conference ol the Brlt- l* h ^ L "J wr P * rty thtt th « Hol y Land fl»htln* ml«ht be ended by aorne kind of diplomatic action. He said, however, that he could not commit the lovarnment on r"7, If**"*' H1 * speKh « lve n <> Indication, that the government haa chanced Iti mind about eva- cuatlnf troopa from Palestine u rapidly u poxlble. MorrUon «l«nlfloantly avoided and reply to the appear of Maurice Roaette, repreaentative or the Jew- l«h Socialist Labor Party who asked for BrttUh officer* from the Arab Leflon, termination of Brlt- »ln'a 18,000,000 a year aubeldy to the Arab Legion, and termination oi the Anglo-trans-Jordan alliance. Morrison appealed to the Jews and Arabs of the Middle East to What WEDNESDAY, MAT If, 1MB Prime Minister Clement Attlec In another speech, pVJKed the' labor a free Socialist Society In Great Britain. He said the Labor P»rty would reject all undemocratic ahort cult. The word "sparrow" originally meant any small bird, according to the Encyclopedia Brltannlca. State Federation Of Labor Seeks 3 Law Changes HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Mav 19 — (t ?» ) 7' t ?lf 8Ute """"loin submitted three proposals yesterday for change. In Arkansas statutes They were: 1. That the legal minimum wage for women In the state be raised °. m £L Vfr da * t 0 '* 3 P«r day; 3. That the legislature establish a social security system for city, county and staff employes not now covered; 3. That the Labor Department be given the authority to enforce slate health laws pertaining to industrial employment. The recommendations followed an address by State Labor Commissioner M. E, Goas in which lie commended the present minimum wage law for women and charged that a bill which would have upped the minimum v?:s defeated in tlie 1947 legislature through the efforts of the Arkansas Business and Professional Women's Club. Prison Gels Stuck IANSING, Kan. (UP)—Whib Jim Morris escaped from the Ha£- sas State Penitentiary arfter sirr- ing SO'/, years, he made his getaway in a prison truck. The prison got Its truck back after It was This unidentified pint-si/.cci fish crnism did all right (or himself, on opening day uf Reno. Nov., trout season. And better still he didn't have lo play hooky to do it. for Reno declares a school holiday for all the kids the first day of the season. « Midget Athletic League Gangs Up On Suspect MONESSEN, Pa. (UP)—The police of this community received a concrete dividend on the time and effort they put Into formation of the Police Midget Athletic League. Stanley Szewcyzk might be a free man, instead of going to jnil charged with stealing a $150 box ot tools, had It not been for boy members of the league. Four boys, spotting Szewczyk fleeing down an alley, ran after liltn. Attracted by their shouts, other youths Joined the chase and soon cornered him. Then the boys, about 50 strone by this time, surrounded Szeweczylt until police arrived. FEELING REFRESHED IS PART OF CHARM • omi. UM »,, »UTHO,,TY OP :M. COCA.COIA ^OCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHKVILLI- IT abandoned In Kansas City. First though, it had to pay a ?* storage bill. A black leapard and a spotted (canard may be born In the same litter. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, In compliance witli the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for (he Chlckasawba District of ^llssls- sippi County, Arkansas, on the 12tli day of April, 194», wherein Monette Slate Bank, Caraway Office was Plaintiff, No. 10.379 and Dora Phillips odom, et al, were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash or on a credit of three (3) months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law. In the City oi Blytlieville, Arkansas, on the. 8th day of June. 1948, the following real estate, to-w!i: Lot Five (5) of the irregular lots in tiie Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE l-< BE I-*J of Section Thirty-one (31), Township Fifteen (14) North, Range Nine (9) East, according to the plat of J. W. Meyer recorded in the Circuit Clerk's Office in Blytlieville, Arkansas; said lot lies South of Block Nineteen <1») of the original survey of the Town of Manila, Arkansas. SAID sate will be ha<J to aat said decree in the sum oi lifcl..., with 10 per cent Interest from April 12, 1948. THE purchaser at said sale wJU be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon Mud property aa additional security *« the payment ol jueh purchut me*- ey. WITNESS n,y hand and tht Mai of said Court, on this, the l»th day of May, 1M8. HAKVKY HOtUUf Commissioner ia Chancery First In style.. . first in vision . . first by far with a postwar car! rpHF.Y'RF, glainnr cnrs lhal everyone admires, these low-swung new Stll- dclmlicr pace-sellers! All eyes are on them everywhere they go. They've introduced America's best known new look in cars. And they're just as Tar-advanced iti ruling comfort, handling ea«e and wicle-rang* rlslosl as they are in smart design. Come in and lake a close-up look at these fabulously fine new Studebaker dream cars. See for yourself how far ahead they are—in quality and value as well as in distinctive slylel CHAMBLIN SALES CO. LEX CHAMBLIN Railroad & Ash Streets BILL CHAMBLIN Phone 2195 The Importance o &\tWa -vr' Here is the story of a new principle of design *hat has rocked the industry and given Hudson unique beauty not possible in any ofher type of car. rriUE recessed floor in the new Hudson -*- -now widely known as the "step- down" feature-is tfie talk of llie automobile world. And riglitly so ! This interesting development is the key to a new kind of motor-car beauty never before obtainable. People everywhere are attr.iclcd by Hudson's Jo»-,5trcam!incdsillioucUe and free-flowing lines. Only Hudson, because of its exclusive recessed Hoor thai you step doicn onto, is «Uc lo offer streamlined, toic-buill beauty without asking you lo give up interior lic,icl room. lei's lake a frank look at lh c motorcar designer's problem. Since streamlining an automobile rcduccsavailablc head room for renr-scat passengers, to achieve a low silhouette and maintain adequate head room, both floor ami se.ilji attt sl be lowered to compcnsnle for the lowered roof. The recessed floor it a nccaiity. «"l it is difficult to lower floors and scats, bemuse in all ciira, except Hudson tliey are built on top ot a frame. Only Hudson lias a new, all steel Monobilt body-and-frame*, part of which is a rugged base structure that permits lowering floors and seals down within the frame. The sketches Mow illustrate this design problem and show how Hudson's recessed floor provides a low, streamlined silhouette, yet preserves head room. OTHEK CARI j"""'" >irt~,ii»ti t, c '°°~ ''"''' "" "•" "" ' OTHER CARS Of cnurif, it it ftottitle lo adofit frtt-fiotrint tine, uilbaul r,<,,,;* s Ik, faar, ., ,k,,,h,4 i, the car abate, but nt-er-all htiftjl mint be retted a:id Ihii dnlroyi the t>f>tiibilily nf * ton' tithou- •II,, wtitl, i, lie m^lc of ,be ,::od n , mour ,„. . Ttcyrd Joa, ,,,V4;» ,b. /„„,,, „*,„, ;„„. *r«i, to jo« ill mart lb*H *mt>\t httd room. The "step-down" principle requires yearf of engineering work, the development of new production techniques and equipment, and millions of dollars of highly specialized new plant investment. Perhaps this explains why Hudson alone offers this vital new design principle today. You'll probably cspcct Ihe motor car that is the talk of the nation to offer you even more than IwauLyanil comfort. And it does! Your ncarliy [fmlson dealer will show you The Impedance of "Stepping Dowii"-also its rcsulls in riding and driving case, (Krlormance and safety. Hudson Molor Cur Company.Detroit II. 7%/s time Ms Come in and get the full story of The Importance of "Stepping Dewn" Glin Harrison Motor Co. 517 W«»r A»h St. Blytheville, Ark.

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