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TUtivfrt-Uvered in tty, by carrier, per year. $3.00 Jiiy, delivered In eitv, by carrier, perwtek. IB Va'ty, to Mill Subscribers, T.tfO Unilrto Vail Suuecnbdn. per nix months. 4.00 Tft-wkiT.

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--en. i 2 eabtaaentttheCouUnc Rom. All Transient Advertisements to be paid la Advance, mT" All Onanfea charred so oenu pax Squaws. VOLUME XIII. CHICAGO, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1859.

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nr. Lincoln In Kanu. From the Leavenworth Register, sd-1 amusements. Krto abcrttstmnits. 1 5txs Crilmnt.

Hon. Abraham arrivi-il Iw HALL. WM. A. BUTTERS CO, SEXERAL AUCTIOJyzSSS, METROPOLITAN ahout two o'clock.

Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, he was met i Si-rih VW B. SOUTKlTAAdmenimini iH tartmHl tj itAriJ ts mifii A for tMa mmd mil Urn Imdimt Paper mf the JTortk West. jal-MM-T ITALIAN op una TnoujPE. street by a large concourse of onr people, which auamented as it neared Turners' Hall, and when it reached Delaware street it contained even or eight hundred persons. The procession moved down Delaware, atrput LOST Tuesday Evening, 6th oi Korth Lasalle street, between and Elm, One Oner Fur Glove.

The ntidar will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at 78 S. Water street. desxlt Slg. M. PARODI Sur.

Conductor. 7 AMrter. Strut. TS A few doors Korth of the Post Oflce, Chicago, I5noa, I aT-Pro rent alt Ft OB rfrea to tic sales cf ail kno of property at bar Auction Rooms, or any part of the fity refer, by permission, to Mossrs. V.rown A 1icev Gas Fixture Dealers J.

A. Smith Ar Uat and fr'ur liealers; A. J. Galloway A Land Agr.ta: D. B.

Cooke Booksellers; Koaenflel-i 4 Ho-tor-exe. Dry Goods; Gaire, hq Treroont House: H.o. Stone, Ksq Uberty William fr ee. Obed. Jackson Gookins.

Ihtmaa A Fobens. AuoneTsl B. r. Carver, Marine rsauk: Chaa. Tobr Bro.

Furniture Dealers, all of ChW-ajo ociSaTly C. RONZOXE Stage Manager. Main to Shawnee, and uo Shawnee to the Man Paboqi II Teovatobb last Evexino. Par-odi during the last two evenings at Metropolitan Hall has achieved splendid triumphs, and before appreciative and excellent audiences. Her Xormaot Wednesday evening was grand, with superb acting, and a triumph of voice, even she with her glorioas past, may well be proud of.

Casta IHra was never better given in Chicago. Last evening in Troratore we could have wished she might have repeated her last winter's success in Ltomoia, which she had made so fully her own. In the character of the Gipsey, however, she was warmly applauded, while Alaimo gave a vivid rendering to the former part. Banli was admirable, and Gnone as the Count, excellent. Sbriglia as Manrico, several ben leave to aanounee that the foliowinx sion House.

Along the sidewalks a dense crowd moved with the nrnfwsaion A 1 fivat Lyric Artists CHICAGO PRESS AND TRIBOE, FOR THE YEAR I860 J9rot4 tm wVrr, CMMrrtt9 Politic 9 rinlt mr) irt beitnet mmd Jitrmtwrm Th "WEEKLY FRISSAD TRIBUTE to ft Urr, irat-clua Western Xewspaper, published every Thotsxxay Ikloiuajrs. It is silled with valuable and entertaining matter prepared expressly for Western readers. 1U Editorials deal Tigertyosly witb all the topics ot the timea, aid It boldly advocate those seasons and principles deemed most calculated lo promote the general welfare. In price and size of sheet, amount and freshness of intelligence, variety and value of bifonnaitan, fullness and accuracy of Commercial matter, and in whatever else goes to make up a First-Class Newspaper, we challenge comparison with any other journal East or West. POLITICAL ISSUES We are entering upon a year that will be memorable In the annals of American politics the year that will witness, ws trust, the election of a Republican President and the national triumph of Republican Principles." The great issues to be sabmltted to a jury of the whole people WANTED A good Watchmaker to go to Mineral Point, Wkconsia To one who Cn come well recommended for honestv, industry, frugality, and ability to de ork.

I wtU nay good wages and give swadv empiovment. IS one need apply unies they windows, balconies, and porticos were tilled The rreat Prima Donna. Signa, CAROLINE ALAIMO, a i tie great Lync ana trice. Miss HATTIX BROCn, The vanntr Anierleai. Prima Drama.

answer to the aoove requirements, a doress THuilAS IA V'EY, Wtaicbmaker. degxlw Mineral Point, yisconsin. Slg. O. SBRIGLIA.

JOHN RANK I General iio.177 Bdotph sc. third door east of tbe bnrrj House. Cash Advances made oa Ooeds for Pabr.c and PhvaM Bale. Particular attention riven to out-door Regular N.te days, Tuewlays. Thurstiays and bamrdeve.

Ample btcrexe Rooms for rent at low rates. )zlb-y-cXi ineuisunguisneu isnor, Slg. F. GNONE, The celebrated Baritone. A HOUSE on 16 Tears Time at per cent The House and Lot, (nearly 900 fet deep) SIOHIOA Gh SiO BALLOT TESTEUDAY.

There was no ballotting for Speaker of the House yesterday. The sham Democracy seem determined to defer all the great and pressing interest or the country, now demanding tion, to the interminable agitation of the slavery question. A LIBELLER SPITTED. The letter of Hon. B.

C. Cook, of Ottowa, which will bo found on the second page, is a triumphant vindication of that gentleman from the charges and insinuations of Wentworth, and a most scathing rebuke of that blatant demagogue and pestiferous slanderer. Every statement of "Wentworth is proved to be grossly and maliciously false, and his covert insinuations based upon them will go for naught. Read Senator Cook's letter. witn men and women, all anxious to get a sight of honest old Abe.

On arriving at the Mansion House, the concourse halted, and three longand loud cheers were given for Lincoln. The crowd by this time had swe'led to an im-meose audience, filled with admiration for the man of the people and the veteran warrior of freedom. The marshals of the day, Capt. Dickson and Capt. Haas oi the Turner Association, assisted by Mr.

Kctner and others, deserve credit for the manner in which the reception was conducted. An Inquest A Revolting Spectacle. Yesterday afternoon Coroner James was called to miserable and squalid den at No. 121 South Canal street in the West Division, to hold an inquest on the body of a young girl of eighteen, Margaret O'Brien, who died yesterday morning in a stupor following a frightful attack of delirium tremens. She has been an abandoned character, and recently in a most desperate state of mind and the people with whom she lived, a mixed community of colored and Irish of the lowest class, being wretchedly poor, she has doubtless suffered for lack of food.

Whisky of the strychnine description was plenty, and the miserable girl has partaken of this fiery beverage freely of late, keeping herself nnder its influence throughout the entire week past. On Wednesday night she was a sufferer from the most distressing form of delirium tremens, demon-haunted, and shrieking as if already among the lost. Actdal danger was experienced by the household, so violent and almost superhuman were her paroxysms. Death kindly pnt an end to her earthly sufferings. The case is a most singular one, that such a death should overtake a girl not yet out of her teens.

The spectacle presented at the inquest yesterday, the corpse and its surroundings, was most revolting. The remains, blackened and disfigured by the last mortal agonies; Mrs. Peaseley, the occupant of the wretched tene Eig. NICOLA SARILL ine No. 140 West Washington street, is forsle.

Terms 2w0 cash. In sixteen annual pavments of S2 0 each. App'y to iiuHN B. EINii, attbs office of White daiy.from 11 to 12 A. M.

or at 136 West Washington stre-t. in the WT11 be resented Ztonlretti's Grand and Maxnificent upera, ioi uie ana time in jncago. evening. deubtoo lw II Poliuto, TH) COOPERS AD MILLERS, J- 5.000,W) of well seawned CUT STAVES, with Never did any man receive mich hnnnr OX SATURDAY EYEXISG. DEC 10th, xieauirur vo mawn.

a. fupenor arxicie ior saie ov deyb-IQi 1m JON Es, CHAP1N ar CO- Mies. Mich. Wtka will be positively the la appearance el the above irroupe uuui cuy. "PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby sriven WANTED.

A SAFE-Burglar and Fire Prof for Cash. Address, stating sts and price, post office boi 20. cefcrSt TVT ANTED A Jou neyman Shoe- maker to ma fee tire worran work. Koe rmt th. best need apply.

HAKDEAiSEriO A WILLIAMS, ft) Lake street. ce8it TXT ANTTJn JL that we shall se-1 on FRIDAY, the th dayofDe- the hands of our people, and never did our people pay honors to a better man, or one who has been a truer friend of Kansas. The came of "Abe Lincoln" is a household word in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Let it be so in Kansas, for we owe much to him for his early efforts in behalf of freedom in Kansas. tWTH Onera on Frldav evanm In eonseraeBca of the great prepaialion required for the production ox the ctmoer, at ion ciocx A.

at pursue auction. 10 uie highest bidder i or cash at our Hardware Store, No. Si) West Randolph street, comer of Clinton 70 barrels cal 1L POL1TJTO On, THK MARTYRS. I lous each.) supposed to contain Porter and Ale, and 1 bhL Which will be produced SATURDAY, December 10th. Jiunime i.

for storage due on same to us. dgtfbQl-Sm KhUMiOLD MAQNCS. IrtracUfrom Mr. Ltncjln'j Speech In Tavnwcirtli. 4 er-esin alu Teacher.

'-a Chicago. Refer to Ouvrdea Pe koa. AafFor particulars see programmes. what UU.N5ISTSNT DEMOCRATS SUOCLO DO. Mr.

Lincoln enrued that those who thnnoht "HANCING ACADEMY, 195 Kan- are these Slavery be extended and protected by th Federal Government? Shall the public domain the Free Territories of the Nation, be surrendered to the blighting kxtrusion of Slavery? Shall the ConAtntlon be construed to recognise and support Slavery as a National Institution SaiaU a Slave Code for the Territories be enacted? Shall African Slave Trade be re-opened In short, shall the doctnnea of Judge Taney, and Buchanan supercede the of Free Oovemment taught by Jefferson liadison, and Clay These questions will demand a verdict at the bancs of the American people. And there are other important coiaslderations to be decided by the next campaign. Among these are. Free Homesteads for the landless. Improvement of rivers and Harbors.

A Railroad to the Pacific ou a central route. Encouragement cf the UanoXsicturing and Farming industry of the country. Retrenchment and Reform in the Federal expenses; a restoration, in fact, of the spirit simplicity, and policy, of the earlier and purer days of the Republic. On all these questions and issues the pus xro Tarxm will occupy no neutral ground, but will ever be found an earnest champion on the side that will promote jaxiDOK. Paofixxss sjto Paospxarnr.

-JL Jolnn snetL corner of Wells. MAIM AKEK- PRICES OF ADMISSION STuOM Is forming classes for beginners, and those advanced tn dancing. All dances In roeue are taught also. slavery right ought to unite on a policy which should deal with it as being rieht; that they shouldgofora revival of the slave trade; for carrying the institution everywhere into free Iter. Dr.lPemeroy a.d the IPaxtel The d'eTelopinebts respectlnjthe Pomeroy, of the American Board for Foreign Missions, has excited much more interest and regret in the community, and many are disposed to look with charity npon the Doctor's acts and pardon them, believing that the clergyman was the victim of a number of designing panel thieves, who have pursued their career in this city with considerable success the past six years, and involved many men of respectability.

We learn from an official source that the Doctor first became a victim between four and five years since, and in this manner He was taking bis nsnal evening walk through a street, which our informant, for reasons that are satisfactory, refuses to divulge, when be waa accosted by a woman standing on the door steps of a respectable looking mansion. She addressed a few words to the Doctor, and at length invited him to enter the bouse. He did so, and was shown into a neatly furnished parlor. They conversed on several topics, and their teU-a teU was only interrupted by the entrance of a man who claimed to be the woman's husband. He was furious, and vowed all sorts of deaths to the Doctor for defiling his marriage bed, but at length consented to be soothed by a note for $oh, which the Doctor drew up and paid at maturity.

This was misfortune No. 1. Some six months after the above transaction the Doctor was again accosted on the street by a female of rare personal charms and ready wit. She entertained him so well that he consented to accompany her home, and the parlor into which be was shoivn was furnished in an extensive and showy however, bad the Doctor been in the house half an hour when two men entered the parlor and were eager for the Doctor's life. One of them claimed to be the woman's husband, and the other, relative.

They would not be appeased until the Doctor drew a note for (500, and paid it at maturity. That was misfortune No. 2. The third time the Doctor was made was a little over three years since, when he entered into conversation with a woman on the street, who said that she had a dissipated husband, and wanted the Doctor's fatherly advice respecting her son, a promising youth often or twelve years. The Doctor waa compassionate and visited her, and then was indiscreet enough to write to her on various topics, but he did not sign his name to the letters.

After a while the woman with a dissipated husband and promising son, importuned the Doctor for money, and forgetting his fatherly advice, threatened the venerable clergyman. At length, by the advice of Mr. Choate, the Doctor paid the woman -Km), and received back his letters, and they were immediately destroyed. That was misfortune No. 3.

In 1857 the Doctor visited Europe, and for a while escaped from his tormenters, but no sooner did he return than the leeches fastened upon him once more, and bled bim until the amount which he has expended reached the large figure of 3,000, and there is no dot at that the rascals would have continued their extortions if an exposure which they did not anticipate had not ensued. The Doctor did not make complaint to the police, as he should have done, and the department were as much in ignorance of the transactions as the public, until informed by the disclosures in the public prints. JSoatcn Herald, Dec. 2. Front of Parquette and Dreae Circle $1 00 Back of Parquette AO every variety or lancy aaaemg.

Jim ior gtnuemen. luesdvv and Fndav evemaxa. from 8 to loo clock. rftr-Ticlretft fCTamle at the Musle Store of Root Cadv dies and Children, Wednesdays arc! Saturdays, from to bu t. jr.

Crag- Kinzie street, opp. tjeter Uotje. WEST WASHINGTON ST PmorsMT at a Oipcoctt Two Lois nit Vest washlnptn street, ft lew Blocks wt-sl of Tn on Parr, for sale at 500 each, inquire of WAt. L. Gt-FENt EAF.

office efCierk of Circuit Court. ded-blTS-et hANTEDTO EXCHANGE Improved prowtv, free rf mcwmbrsice, ta Towns on ti. St. Louis. A ton and Chicago Kai roatl wtU beeichanied foe prope-tr In i.

hi'jvjro 'ree wi bat slight incunibnuice. Audreys Post Office Box whse a diagram of thc Hall may be seen and MaUsscurtrd e. nvai lessons at nii nours. eeaiy Asseniniiea, com- WITHOUT SXTRA CHARGE. uiKucing ssunoay evenuig, iuiinsi.

uevxi States as well as territories and for a surrender of fugitive slaves in Canada, or war with Great Britain. Said he, all shades of Democracy, popular sovereign as well as the rest, are t7Bf1ale seats to commence on Saturday mornlitg at ZL ADSITS 9 o'clock. Doors open at o'clock to commence at J. ment, with her black infant in her arms furniture the most wretched; everything meagre except dirt and filth persons of both sexes and all colors sharing in an indiscriminate herd the accommodations of that den, and all this in the neighborhood of the happy homes of the West Division. Of a verity "one half the world knows not how the other half lives." We BANKING AND EXCHANGE OFFICS, tully agreed that slaves are property, and only 30.

Cuss: STaxiT, SO property. If Canada now had as many horses McVICKER'S THEATRE. Jaadisoa street, between State and Dearbora. Castern Exchange, Gold and Silver for sale. The highest atarAet price tuu iui bAcuA'jgc, vruiii oil ycr.

as sne has slaves belonging to Americans, I should think it just cause of war if Bhe did not surrender them on demand. Premiums paid for Ohio and Indiana Bank Notes. ass cv ly times brought down the house. We must again speak of Parodi's here the present season, to close with the opera of to-morrow evening. She waa from past triumphs in onr city both on concerts boards and in opera favorite, few peers among the stars of the lyric stage, who from time to time have visited us.

Arid in this week she has increased her popularity and deepened the pleasurable appreciation of her power as an artist. She should eee no empty set to-morrow evening. Female. Pickpockets About. Miss Kate Knowles had her wallet with four dollars in money taken from her pocket, on Saturday last, while at the Ladies' delivery at Post Office.

She runs asewing machine for Tappen. There waa no one bnt Ladies there a the time. She is a girl that has nothing but what she works for, and she feels the loss although small. Chicago Bible Society. '1 he nineteenth anniversary meeting of the Chicago Bible Society will be held at Metropolitan Hall on Sunday evening next at 7 o'clock.

T. B. Cabtbb, Secretary. Board of third bat. Roll called, and minutes read and approved-Sundry bills were read and referred to appro priate committees.

Petition of John Forsyth to direct County Treasurer to refund taxes, J97.O0, was referred to Committees on Equalization of Taxes. The Judiciary Committee reported examining Coroner James' petition relative to the refusal of the C. B. Q. K.

R. to pay funeral expenses of persons killed on the road, and that the Attorney of that road was willing that a judgment should be taken against them and the case then be taken to the Supreme Court for adjudication, and recommended that it be referred to the same Committee, with power to act. Concurred in. The Committee on Finance, to whom was referred the report of the School Commissioner, reported that they were unable to find him and asked further time. FRIDAY IVEN Dec LUCT KSCOTT A MIRANDA'S On the other hand, all those who believe TO HOUSE-KEEPERS.

Please notice that our orders for Bradstreets Wea'ber- English. Opera Troupe. TVTANTED--A situation by an ex- perienced Accountant. A wholesal house preferred. Bent of cirv given.

Wtu ene to commence 1st ef Januarv. Februarv, or SI a c-, wcu'd have no rbH'cnion go io bt. Louia. AdtAZVft. W.

poet office box 8 ta. ce(x3w ANTED To purthass for Cash. Real Estate or Bonds and Mortgages, a SWek of Dry Goods. Furubl ine GotxH, CYthxg, hardware. Crockery.

Groceries, or Bxk atd i'tatlutr. Anyone having a stock of ptvl se can hear a pure-iaser slavery is wrong should unite on a policy, dealing with it as a wrong. They should be deluded into no deceitful contrivances, pretending indifference, but really working lor that to which have a heathen population in Chicago that are in no whit behind the Polynesian standard, and perhips to lift the veil occasionally will do no harm, in the startling contrasts thus given, in the phases of our city life. Seating. The boys were out yesterday in BEXEFIT OF LUCT ESCOTT, they are opposed.

stripsare very great, andall in want of them had better leave teir orders at once, and ws will a' tend to them as fast as possib le. Some of litem have been soM within the las' few weeks, which is a sufflc ent guatantee they are the best weatherstrip that can be app'isd to outside doors they being a sure protection acaicst Cold. AiV ind. Rain and Snow. Tbey iv also well adapted to French Windows.

We also have on hand Moulding for the aides of doors and "Who reepeesfully presents oa tils Friday Erenl" Decem- ABOUT DISSOLUTION OP THB CXIOK. But you Democrats are for the Union: and ner the following excellent programme ior the patronage of her filenda, and the public generally you greatly fear the success of the Republicans would destroy the Union. AVhy? Do the Re full force, following the delightful exercise cf Tw- Operas and 1 Musical Soiree. winoows. i Lit- r.

i ua i xtoom is. deuxftw No. 77 Dearborn st-, opp. Post Otflce. Overture lo Zonrp.

u. au-iirBMin rX-I ,00. OT PV CftiiilX' OD J. O. FRaJfOii, 1JQ Lake street, t.h.cagQ, ccq Li-lra TIT ANTED In a First Class Conimertial Collrge a Teacher of MVhetnatioi-, PenTEftnship anu Uook-kcepicg.

A eraanate a -like CoUge prti'eired. Mu-t wrWe a Clean llnsin ss Hand. and be we 11 ported In the Engilsh branch' teiwitily. A. WTE CAN GIVE EMPLOY- publicans declare against the nion Nothing like it.

Your own statement of it is, that if the Black Republicans elect a President, you won't stand it! You will break up the Union. That Song" The ormandy Ana wLucretla The Old box tea Orchestra. Mr. Fraxer. Kemp, Mr.

Swan, ESCOTT. skating. Go in boys on your muscle, there's nothing better to fill out the chest, than the large mouthfuls of fresh wintry air inhaled by the flying skater. And, girls, there is no statute MEST to two or three active men. Apply to i Huur a.K ua i 1.00m is, de9x3tt No.

77 Dearborn street. VAXSK ill be your act. not ours. To iustifv it. von iiw.

ury uomi. tor one wet A i. J. CAdoago. with ail necessary parUculazs.

IvK ill, To be followed by the two laat acta of THE BOHEMIAN CTRL. ANDS FROM CHAPPING. of limitations, mark that, and you need not wait for Eugenie to go a skating on the Seine. The ARLLSE. LUCY ESCOTT.

must show that our policy gives you just cause for such desperate action. Can you do that When yon attempt it, you will find that our policy is exactly the policy of the men who made the Union. Nothing more and notbinz Buck Rayner's sxsKmax. costkhts. Literary and Miscellaneous matter is prepared with a view to making the paper a welcome family visitor, oom-biumg the agreeable and useful.

A considerable amount of space is devoted to matters pertaining to Agriculture, such as publishing reports of Fairs, Farmer's and Fruit grower's conventions, crop prospects and statistic, improved Implements for farm use, and all other things of general interest to farmers. Every isaue of this piper contains a condensed review of the week, including the leading events happening in Europe and the United States, and the rest of the world Great labor and care are expended on the Market Reports, The quotations of grain, cattle, bogs, poultry, vegetables, lumber, will far more than repay the reader the sub-seriptlon price. A satisfactory summary of the proceedings of Congress will appear weekly, and the more important speeches will be published In full. The doings of the corning Congress will be read with great interest by the whole country. The Paras axd Trtbuhz is a Hvt newspaper and keeps fully up with the progress of the times, and its publishers are resolved to make it so instructive and valuable, that no "well regulated" Western family am a ford to be witK-out it.

A VAXCABI.B FXiTUM. The name of every subscriber is plainly printed on his paper, and also the time when his subscription will expire Tbi6 system prevents mistakes at the Post Offloes, insure regularity in the delivery, and must prove very satisfactory to the patrons of the paper. TOSTAfiX OX THM FXXSB AlTD TXTBtJKX. The lawful postage on the Weekly Pxxse airo Txrmnnt, within the State of Illinois, is only lAtrtMacentsa year, if paid in advance and outside of this State It is but twenty-six cents, if paid in advance. TERMS OF THB WEEKLY PRESS AND TRIBUNE.

To conclude with the fifth act of LUCIA DI LAnnERXOOB. nrin rehertaL the treat Musical Drama of ROB ROY, SALE. less. Do you really think you are justified to break nn the government rather than have it Horse and Bugsry glycerine:, GLYCERINS COLD CREAM, GLTCEKl.NE AMANlHJiE, GLYCERINE LOtlt JJ, GLYCKKLNK CAMPHOR ICE, WUI preserve th. Skin Soft and Fair.

For sale only at the A for eai. or charts fos other pronerty with a fuuehoxus. lIKJUTfH deS-b I'TO tor So. 178 Lake street. at 7: Curtain rises at.

pre- administered as it was administered by Washington, and other good and great men who made it, and first administered it? If yon do, you are very unreasonable, and more rtasonahle iiun fashion is established, and now among the most delightful winter recreations of communities in Eastern States. AU through Massachusetts and New England, timely preparations were made by flowing lands to secure skating parks. In New York and Boston they are public institutions, prtronized by the multitude. We have a river traversing our entire city. Out upon its surface every mother's daughter of you that can command the equipment of skates, and ciseiT.

SYBox ofSc open from 10 o'clock; a. Jt. till o'clock r.awnea aata can be secured three dara inadvanoa. Central Prese iptioa Drug Store, 93 Clark-st. cannot and mill not tubmit to you.

While von FAIR AND FESTIVAL FOR THE BESAF1T OF FOR SALE A fine residence lot, 58 feet front, on Wabash averue. near Twelth stm-M, tor sat eat low pr ce and long me. fcu- a aroaii sum required down. Address P.O. bua I3s, Caucago.

Hi. nogQbl5Mm FOR SALE The large and mag-n'fieent Hotel in the c'tT of Biooiiinon, known as the Pike Bouse, all ftraUhed throughout, and teaay for 1m-nediate occui-atioB. AisotLft va-tube unt. a'tchS for -ermswhich ftreliberftL Appiylo L. D.

ULMHiD, Chicago. nrlha7-lm elect Presidents, we submit, neither breaking nor attempting to break up the Union. If we shall constitutionally elect a President, it will be our duty to see that you also submit. Old LET IT BE KETlEMBBItED. The Democratic Members of Congress from Illinois in giving their support to Bocock not only voted for a thorough-paced Lecompt-onite, but also fur a most bitter opponent of those great land measures on which the future prosperity of the West so mnch depends.

From the inception of the measure to the present time, Mr. Bocock has never lost an opportunity to assail the Free Homestead Bill; and at the laat session of Congress he voted against Mr. Grow's bill to give pre-emptors ten yenrs to pay for their lands. If Mr. Bocock should be elected Speaker, he will so pack the Committee on Fublic Lauds, as to s'ifle both these measures.

Let the laboring men of Illinois and of the "West generally, who are anxiously looking forward to the time when they shall have houses upon their own freeholds, remember this vote of the Democratic Congressmen from Illinois and let them remember also, that free homes are of ialinitely les consequence in Democratic estimation than the success of a party whose leading object is to open all our territories to the encroachments of slavery. HOW TO STOP AGITATION. In the House yesterday, Mr. Reuben Davis of Mississippi, assured the country that the only way to stop agitation on the slavery question was by maintaining the ascendency of the Democratic party. Such a 'declaration, made directly in the faco of the facts of history, some of them of very recent date, warrants the inference that the aforesaid Mr.

Reuben Davis possesses a full share of the commodity of brass, and that his desire for the spoils of office is far creater than his regard for homely truth. "With brief intermission, the Democratic party has been in power during the last thirty years," the period in which slavery agitation has been aggravated to its present intensified state; and this result has been brought about because that party has always favored the aggressions of slavery, given new readings to the federal Constitution to favor its pretensions, and reversed the original policy of the government on the subject, making slavery national and freedom local and exceptional. Every new outburst of excitement and agitation has been occasioned either directly or remotaly by t'm action of the- Democratic party. The adoption of Calhoun's heresies by that party--tfi auuexaulvu Tow. aw.

purpose of adding to Use power of slavery in the government the conquest and purchase of territory from Mexico for tlie same purpose the intrigues to make a slave State of California the repeal of the Missouri Compromise the herder raids into Kansas fjr the purpose of crushing out the free State party the attempt to fasten the THE CITY. Opposite the Court House. CJ JIRISTMAS GIFTS A great variety of useful presents. CALX AND EXAMINE: THEM, J. II.

HELD 144 and 14 Lake street. Bethel 31 si on Sabbath School, John Brown has just been executed for treason OH AFTERNOON ND EVESTNO OF TUESDAY, suitable attendance, and let this noble exercise give what hovering over the register of the furnace, or the prim promenade on Lake street can never supply, bright rosy cheeks with a color that comes and goes with the healthy invigorated blood. Get skates girls, and arrange DEALERS Dt nSg.rAyCT ATO TOILET GOODS. msu a t.M nf TT.efnl and Fancr Articles, pre AUSTEN'S GENUINE Single Subscribers, in advance .90 against a btate. cannotobject, even though be agreed with us in thinking slavery wrong.

That cannot excuse violence, bloodshed, and treason. It could avail him nothing that he might think himself right. So, if constitutionally we elect a President, and therefore you undertake to destroy the Union, it will be our duty to dial with you as old John Mrovon hat hi en dealt with. We shall trj to do our duty. We hope and believe that in no section will a majority so act as to render such extreme measures pared wlih treat can by different ladies ot tins city, will otlered for sale.

Supr. Wilmarth offered th. following resolution Mn That the sum of be allowed each town 9a-perviorforppropriiinE and Alio collectors boudl and deiiverlt to him tue couector't bouU. Carried. Supervisor Page offered the following resolution It'AoirM, That tie Committee on Poor House and Paupers be reqnested to procure all the information from aiml-lar elder institutions in teganl to the mina-ement or the pame, with a view to the in' rotiucticn of some svsti-m of 1'iiut labor to be pursued by the inmates of our Pcor House, to so fa' as possible lessen the expanse of keeplni the lame, nil luchinfoinuuioa to the next metlk-l el the supervisor Speer moved to adopt.

Carried. Supr. Burlev called up his motion to suspend the I7th rule to add Supr. Gibbs to the Committee on Poor House and Paupers. Supr.

Gibbs made an explanation that he didn't ask for such an appointment and hoped 4 OI i iiree Four copies Kefreslime. ta Oysters. Hot t-Onee, mic. oervtru irom KEIZOSE.VE! 0.00 6.0 i ive copes. Ten to to o'clock.

bectlemen are Inrtted to take supper at the haU at the naviainour. IOR SALE Or to Rent Cheap The four-storr Brick Building oeting on the aJey be-t-ren at.d Xearbom siwi, lit tlm Mttrtle liuiioit.g- A capital chance for a KwahHehment, a Pt. re Room, or a Livev Stall. Forpar-licuiariLQuireof W3rt. iiKOas, at tne "fits, sod Tnua Office.

61 C.axk street. a.b3t.ia FOR SALE. A Propeller, CheajK The light draft, efceAS rcn ing prope l-r PETROrr capacity, tnree Uioiriidba-rrei tuw ijU-jc in the pet or Buffalo, is for ftA.ehe;ip, fur prompt pa btiT6-seH fettof and verv on fuel. For tbe. Lumber, Wood, or KisUnf trade ahe is uiuurpaeced.

AppF by letter or otarwie to ELLS D. WALBFIIXrF. AaenL 33 TJ" "ST AUSTEN'Sl 30.1U Short The. A house on 16 years time at 6 per cent. See the advertisement.

Y. M. A. The next lecture in the Y. M.

A. course will be given next week by Prof. You-mans. Thc Hadwat Abortioh Case. The hearing of the examination of Mary Hadway was still further postponed from yesterday afternoon to this P.

at i o'clock. Fcekituek at Acctiox. This morning at 10 o'clock Messrs. Gilbert Sampson sell at their Store, No. 62 Lake a great variety of Furniture, Carpets, Crockery and Glassware.

among yourselves the winter programme for your skating parties. We shall promise you and all the rest, th's, a grand skating excursion to Crystal Lake, what time its surface shall be pronounced in perfection for the same. That Fersona takint supper will De aaouttca npon tne same Twenty eopiee (and one to getter np of Txaaa or Dau.t One vear Six months Trace or Tw-WatKir tine Six months ...7.00 4.0O 4-00 terms during Uie evening. J. II.

REED J'oors opto at 3 ciota r. as. tar-Admittance WEAT1-FITE CESTS. deMt 4t ho are the Apothecaries and Chemists, 144 and 146 Lak street. WTORDEN HOUSE, affair will come off this winter.

tF Money In Registered Letters may be sent at onr risk. Address PRESS AND TRIBUTE. The N. Y. Herald' i Washincrton corresnon- METROPOLITAN IIALL.

II Oa xn ECPROPEAN FLAX, CORNER OF THE LOCAL IJATTltiiS. Christmas Gift Concert, dent thus fixes the responsibility for delaying the organiration of the House upon the Adniid-istration Senators and Representatives. This is the complaint of one of their own friends 13?" Go to John 119 Dearborn street. WEDNESDAY EVENING, DEC.

21st. B0WE1W and NEWVORK. dei6t IeirolT. cfugaa. CHEAPER TO BUY THAN HIRT.

We will sen a good DWaLXLSG HOCSEand LOToo Clinton street, for 93,000 OB 8 Year. Time, Tor partlenlan ianTtr. of Ax Affecting Scexb. An affecting scene took place in yesterday's Police Court. The actors were a young wife driven by the neglect and inebriate habits of her husband to complain against him.

He was sobered off in the lockup, and then came penitent and humbled before Justice Akin. That magistrate, in fatherly way, gave the young man plain and excellent advice, seconded by the entreaties of the For which occasion has been engaged the AVorld-Renowned A Chicago Cleegymax Abroad. We notice in a foreign paper that the Rev. Archibald Nis-bett, of this city, addressed the anniversary meeting of St. Stephen's Sabbath School Society GXOA JT, WMMMJSJr9 Proper.

and get y.ur clothes cleaned and repaired. They will be well done and at prices to suit the times. Thc Cameboic asd Liscolt Club will hold their next meeting at their Hall. No. 03 Ran in less than two hours atter Congress assembled the nigger question was sprung in both Houses in the Senate by Mr.

Mason, and in the House by Mr. Clark, of Missouri. The organization of the House and the public business must be delayed to advertise the notorious anti- Th Ks-w HmixA. with New FriraitarL BdtaeT. Ac it wouldn be pressed.

The motion was lost by 21 in affirmative and 19 in negative, and the rale was consequently not suspended, as it requires a two-thirds vote to suspend. Supervisor Reese offered the following resolutions B'rcJred. That the Drainage Commissioner Ve requested to inform th's Soard whalprogrea- has been made in draining the swamp lard, the locaUun of fci-e ditches under and the eit.mated eost of draining the north half ot aec tiuh 17, X. S-J, 11. 10.

The Judiciary examining the bonds of County Treasurer, and finding them correct. The surelies-vawt Chaa. V. Dyer, Hiram Joy, J. H.

Woodworm, Jacob Harris, Anonstus Frisbie. Jason B. W. Ray TJO.VS. 0OeVJZ.V, ceoDisoiw uall skus Uru now open ft ir the accomodatioa of gmesU.

Ever ttiii- in Glasgow on Wednesday Nov. Sth. tion ptaid, and, price mouernie. q'JtJiWi utw slavery book called The Impending "Whose recent Wonerfni Exploits at XUgxrm Fill hvr Co litm. The Jcmpeeti Case.

Mr. Van Arm an for ine nepuuueans nave Deen trying to give circulation to this work for the last two years a.d Embroideries Laces. eiwctgea ho nmb or uiejmt.ic uiemton tie ui Knorm eom: of the following UN PARALLELED FE iTS upon TIGHT 'PE. ntvT tttmp'eti hv wit other penvoq GRAND EVOLUTIONS. tWM tK'S 4 ULTIMO Bck- dolph street, on Friday, December Sth, at 7 P.

at which time there will be an address delivered by Julien tune, upon the political questions of the day. Jo. W. Bill, Sec'y. lif We call attention to Madame Aker-airom's Dancing Academy, corner of eiis and the prisoner occupied yesterday.

Mr. Haven wife, and after some hesitation the husband signed the pledge of total abstinence from all intoxicatintr rti-tnk, tK. being his imprisonment under a sentence. The young the District Attorney will close to-day. The have failed uutil now, when the Congress of the United State, have entered upon the wort kf advertising it.

nnO RENT. Rooms witb aL Power, ratable for a Carpenier's Sbop or Turalrj Lattis with power. Arpt' to -ct nr. corner of biaie and i. ay ior WMt, Also, 9 Fur B.rrvlsfor trial is held in the feuperiov Ceari Room ud tiia T.

13. CARTEH IS OFFERING GREAT BARGAINS IN wr4a Jtnd ver Bnrnior C-dlr th wouder-ful CHAIR FEAT aaa FvolnUoc without the aid Tote. Also, the GRtAT VIOLIN FEAT, Feat, TftratKrarine Fet. Fte Feat, Tourde hftpeau. He wu aiiomikeiGRAND ASCkNSloU from LheiXftCft lo attendance, from necessity, is small.

from present appearances toe House will not be organized for a week, and the only sub man is a skillful mechanic, and not by any means a protessional drunkard, but seemingly ject to be discussed will be Helper and his Im ELEGANT EMBROIDERIES, Fiasr Gi-ikpses- The Douglas Democracy of imn-r nuu oi uie isuie rv. Darinz tae HONS. BLOJfDtrf win reoeat i RENT The three story brick To dwi this county hold their Convention on Tuesday many ut the wonderful feats recently performed otct Ui dwelling No. 153 Oak street, half block We of Cier X.ACH EXITS AND BLEDVES, Goiang ct or tne i iaf ira pending Crisis afterwards some Of the negro rivers will pitch into Weston's 'Progress of Slavery in the Uuited Duriug this time the appropriation bills and other public street horse-railway, will be rented low to a respopmbl tenant. The house wly painted snd parn ne louowing wui aiao appear Muslin and Jaconet Sets Collars.

Itandoipn streets, mis essnuuauiueus, ior aite and convenience, far exceeds any of the kind in the Western world. Madame Akeratrom is fully competent to the taste of conducting it, and of imparting a thorough knowledge of dancing. In her management of children she is peculiarly successful. Will our danciDg friends give her a call t3T Wheeler Wilsos's Sewing Machixis for a Christmas or New Year's Present, a very next, to appoint 28 delegates to the State Convention for the appointment of the Charleston Convention delegates. JIBS.

BOSTWICK, and suppled witn water sod gua. Apply lo mm, KmAJA-liLE, No. Llud's iiioca, EaiAdolpii titreet bzidgft. no3-a9-3m mond, G. S.

Wadsworth Si. D. Oilman, D. A. Gage, Geo.

W. Gage, N. B. Judd, B. F.

Carver, Win. S. Johnston, and Frederick Letx. Supt. Erler offered the following resolution: Frmfred.

That ail the funeral srrpaee wanted for the county be tn nublie print given to the lowest bidder on contract, bonds being given for the fauiif ul performance of the same them. Referred to Committee on Poor House and Paupers, with power to act. Supt. Speer offered the following resolutions: BenolTed, That the Committee on Poor House and Paupers le; ci to procure suitable books for the County Ageiit and the Warden of the Poor House. business must be sacrincea.

Lovejoy, ot Illinois, and Ashley, of Ouio, are said to be ripe with answers in ridicule of Clark, of Missouri. EMBR0IDE.RED HANDKERCHIEFS, TT T.TTSlft! CAPEJ4 VTCTr.S MR. Di PASSI0, I MR, Di CLERQCE, And the entire Digital Disaster, Ac. One of the drivers RENT OR FOR SALE A TO fie. new LACES, HAKDKXRCHIEFS, Ac first -class brick dwelling.

No. Wabash sv 1 he prevailing policy of the Kepuulicau members of the House seems to be to let the Admin too mnch of leisure in these dull times, and depression of spirits drove him to the too frequent resort of his class intemperance. The pah-retired together, having taken a new lease of happiness, if he remain firm to his solemn oath. We withhold the name, because the young man is one who can and should do well, and build up a happy home. There are thousands like him suffering under dull times and no employment, but let them all save themselves for better days, nor throw away character, health and happiness, because low in funds.

Don't do it, on a State street car on Wednesday night had three of his fingers badly frozen. Old Jack fWA. Fur Mitten found. LIGHT GUARD BAND. istration party talk against organizing the NO.

138 Bue, near Twelfth rtreet. he h' use tour'eea rooms, with all modem improvements. Goo-i nr ck stahW. HI rent low to a responsible ttr or 1 wiil sell.

'1 he most of the purchase m-me yean ri.k4in for five tr mora years on boitiand mor-ce. Aoply 10 DAMwTB A. J. AVEEELU 27fl Wabash avenua. House and take the responsibility.

Frost is a serious fellow to shake hands witb. We hear of several cases where he had the ear appropriate testimonial of a Father to bis Daughter, a Son to his Mother, a ilunband to his Wife, a Brother to his bister, or a Church to its Pastor. This is a gift as durable as life an economy of more intrinsic worth to the Ladies 'Lecomptoa Constitution upon an unwilling people the Dred Scott decision the demand for Congressional protection of slavery in the Territories thes.0 are soma of the measures and acts of that party which have created, Enlarged for this oocaelon. Particulars 1q ProjTmBLe. After the Concert the following VALUABLE GIFTS, (which are warranted as represented,) will be distribatrd the ftuuieac ib Uie same mftbuer as at the Coo- The Pope and the Irish Clergy.

fKromthe Lordoo wf. of Strangers and Citizens The Irish priests, with Archbishop Cullen at RENT A Michlcan avenue TO RESinECEThe'rorerirerwiil rent for a term ef RE! can. 1 Splendid seven octare Piano $400 Huntinf cas KdeIUIi pat. lever Gold Watches. 0 their head, have met to express their sympathy for Pope Pius IX.

Using the Protestant privi GIFTS AND PRESENTS, young mechanics. kekt alive and intensified the slavery agitation of the country. Had not the Democratic party four years or less, the bouse he now occupies on Mid '4; an avenue. South of Twelfth street. The house la sew Ld furnished with tbe modern oonveniences.

There is a Ca lege ot tree discussion and a tree press, tnese Kumish missionaries openly denounce the sub nage.uouse and Stable on the preaiises. Terms no 'erata sod given immedia -sly. If desirrd the Furnt- been in power, the inference is irresistible that jects of the Pope as blasphemous rebels lor than its actual cost. Geo. R.

Chittesdeu, Genl Ag't, de9-tjl 167 and 189 Lake street. jgr Van Schaack, at 47 State street, has a Heating Stove, that for Perfection of Principle, Ease in Regulating, Economy of Fuel, Cleanliness, Power of Heat, Beauty of Design, stands unrivalled. Purchasers will do well to look out for the sign of the Golden Tea Kettle, 4.7 State street. deS-tit iNOAU liUSt ture wiU be rented with the hue. claiming the very same privilege wnicn tney the eountry would have escaped the agitation, Dressing A Traveling Cases, Ceix.w aMJiiA-ACE.

l'c-st Office Urawar vvd. of well-known citizens on the same night. Feeatcm. In our reference to the new time table of the C. B.

Q. t. yesterday, the types made us put 1.45 A. for 6.45 A. M.

A glance at the advertisement would make the correction which, however, we thus make more conspicuous. Axotbeb Nictim to TnE Bellevillb Calax-ity. Intelligence yesterday from Oshkosh states that Mr. R. Baldwin, who had both legs broken by the accident on the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, near Watertown, on the 2d of November, died of his injuries Tuesday The Christmas Gift Concert.

We refer to the announcement of this enterprise in another column, to say that we trust the managers will this time be fully up to their programme, and announce nothing that they do not bring out. themselves so coustantly and unscrupulously exercises. HOLIDAY GOODS. because of the absence of any exciting cause, Jt9tai, I Oat lueniumj ageuiuc auj in urieuj uitci ix to keep acorTect record of the ord-rstor outdoor relief and also a record and touchers of ail suppuee sen! out to Uie County Poor House. Heejtcd, Tint the Warden be and ta hereby directed to tnven'ory and record In a book lor that purpose, ail supplies received at said house.

Referred to Committee on Poor House and Paupers. Supt. Brown offered the following resolution Ittntred, That the sum of .5 be allowed each old town Supervisor for posting up election soUces and delivering ba-lot boxes. Sup. Coventry moved to amend by inserting ti in place of $5, and the resolution as amended was carried.

Sup. Speer moved that the Judges and clerks of the late County election be allowed the sum of (3 for their services. Sup. Page moved to amend by inserting (2, and the motion as amended was carried, Sup. Wilmarth moved that the sum of (5 be allowed to towns not having public houses where the elections were held.

Sup. Gibbs had heard that furniture had been co ao co oo ao iuu do do do Sil ver do 90 Gents hemvy Guard 3 Ladies' do do do 96 Pair Lftaies' Bracelets Setts enameled Locket Pin and Ear Drops 0 do do do do 60 do Florentine do do do do Gold Stone do do do b0 Swine Cameo Pins 60 Meerschaum Pipes and Stems, warranted ffenoine h-1 Us Knives and Silver flated Fork SO di Si Plated fcpooni. 13 Ionble Lockets 16 Me-chaum Holders. 7 B0 Setts eilver -Plaud Tea poons 8 Iver-f ited Butter Knives 7 it suits the purpose of the Irish priests to If the Honorablo Reuben Davis, or any of TO RENT Potsession given imme-diat- ly The Hunse No. Sooth Jeff-aon street, on Uie s-niUtworU corner of Jackson meet.

The lot say that temporal power of the Pope is essential to his existence, and that, therefore, the Legations must be restored to him. But read history. In spite of the partial occupation of the his political associates either at th. South or the Xorth, would like to quiet agitation, we can furnish them an easy method, and the only Rich Hair Pins, Shell Combs, Ehell Combs, Rich and Beautiful Fans, Elegant Pocket Knives, Carved Pearl Card Cases, Carved Pearl Port Monaies, Gas Flitches. Brown 4 Wilder are now re On the last occasion the whole concert was a transparent and beggarly facce in most of its features an insult to all that went with expectations other than the dead certainty of get ls7 by lw feet, and is weu snaae-i in doid runts Is In good repair, has a planked cellar under the whole; two parlors connecting wi.h folJir.g doors adm-ing-rooma, kitchen, pan ry ana waiab-rooin oa tbe first O'or; five chambers, ttath-rorni, store-rovm.

att.i acd otsatva-tory above. Ais on the pfnw a wod-houe, bari and canige-houK. tsnpplied both with hydrant and cistera ceiving from Cornelius A Baker, and other manufacturers, a large assortment of late patterns one by which it can be done. Place the con Legations uy Austria, irom isio to ana their entire occupation in 1821 to the year ls3i to 1S3S, and from 1S39 to the victory 3 Finter-RitiES 90 of Chandeliers. Pendants and other Gas tx- trol of the federal government in the hands of teis hirt studs rtt sleeve 73 waier.

inquire on ine ui aii c.a 1 nv TEEk at iHi tfouth Watr street. noiUii-lja of Magenta, a period of some twenty years 60 Pure Silver Tijimbieft. tures, Globes, Ac. All in need will please eau at 47 and 49 State street. ocl7-2m the Republican party, and slavery agitation swill rli a natural death.

Nothing else will ting the grand piano. The Light Guard Band, for their own reputation, should keep more nearly to the specifications set forth in their programmes, the forthcoming one being con rurniahed Traveling Bags, in spite of the tact that the Pope has utterly failed to iuduce any of his subjects to form 200 OLIS.GO TfCKETS LIMITED TO i(r0 st it.00 EACH, to be Cloaks asd Bonnets. Onr lady readers should see the new styles just received at part ot the army, but Has been driven to sur accomplish" the end. So long as tho Democ had only at ROOT A CADY'S Music Store, Wb Clark-st, wh Vi articJf ran be Mfn. PEARL SOUVENIR Parses, Brashes, Combs.

round himself with foreign mercenaries in The list of we drawirc numbers win be pebubea in etve sptte of the fact that Austrian officers have col HOLIDAY fessedly a motley affair. We think a boa constrictor, and perhaps a couple of Kangaroos Recorder's Cocrt. In this Court yesterday the Grand Jury brought in several new bills. There was one conviction yesterday. James Field, the colored pickpocket, for the larceny of til 25, plead not guilty.

The jury found him guilty of larceny, and sentenced him one year in the Penitentiary. racy have control of the government, slavery anitation and aggression will constitute its Wamsley A Hueston's new stores. The designs are entirely new and must be appreciated by ail who see them. Those in want of such must call immediately. Remember 41 and 43 of the leading ipera the dar following, parties abroad I aendi'-g fr tickets will have their address and the number of tickets recorded, and snide forwarded by Eipress.

1 Address ALEX. SCOTT, of Light Guard Band. GOODS. lected the revenues, nave exercised not only military but civil jurisdiction over the Pope's subjects in spite of the fact that their judicial Shell Snuff Boxes, Inlaid, Fine Soaps, leading business. Its past history and its Clark street.

de 4t broken in those houses, and he didn't want the County to pay for it. Supl Dunlap thought if the owner of the house provided the whisky, he ought to pay for the breakage. After several amendments, amendments on amendments, and resolutions, Ac, the whole matter was referred to Commute on Miscellaneous Claims. Also bills were allowed as follows; might be brought into the bill with an effect even more startling than the present cast. We call attention to the advertisement.

roatumce box N. B. Positively no trortponeTOent. dee-blS-tw sentences nave been conornred or annulled, not present attitude warrant the assertion. On Hair Dyes, Hair Oils, at Home, but at Mantua and erona in short.

Fob Christmas and New Years. AH should remember that Seelev at 47 Clark street, has in spite ot a virtual abdication by the Pope of the first day of the present session of Congress it threw the blazing brand into each House. ECTURE ON PROCESS. i MB. JIT PEE VALITT.

of Eetrtncky, the largest, best, and most varied assortment of his own authority as a temporal i'rince aud a transfer of it to Austria the Irish priests, with an audacity of assertion truly startling, declare BOARDING 1 1 1 Wabash avenu Board and pleasant suits of front roos for geatla-maa and lady can be had. A iso, suil rocma, ara day borders can be accomodated. detjdT BOARDING Pleasant rooms and board on Wabash aveane. within hre minuter walk of the Post office, iuiuire at Ko. ltD of that street.

deMxlw BOARDING. A Ieannt Suit of furnished rooms, suite1 le forOentieman and Lsdv or a tew single gentlemen, to let with Board In a sniil prista familv. AJsl a few day boarders desiref at o. 90 SCCIA Adams street, between Walaih and atich-gAA Avenues. dea-alm T0 ARDING Two centlemen and 1D their wives can be aewmodatea with hoard arid ples-aut furnifchpQ rooms in a faoriij whe their are a lew o.fcer boarders: North tt'de, atout five minutes fromeitner It will keep it there as long as it has the power Candies ot any VOniecuoner in sown.

A.auies, please make a note of it. no24-lm Ehell Cigar Cases, Inlaid, PORTFOLIOS, Furnished, LADIES' WORK BOXES, Ladies' Bags and Masonic Election. At the Annual Covoca-tion of Apollo Commandery, No. 1 Knights Templars, held -at their Asylum in Masonic Temple, on Tuesady evening the 6th the following were elected officers for the following Mr. Cassidv.

plastering Jvhn rtin, do ft. Smith, do Donnelly, do to do so. Turn the Democracy out of the Capitol, "VTill Lecture on Process In Halt, on the first floor, in room THo. a. on Saturday Evening.

10th instant. Door open at 7 o'clock commence at i o'clock. Admission 35 cent. dee3t that the independence ot the rope as a temporal Prince is-essenlial to his existeuce as the head See advertisement of Cornell A Co two thread noiseless premium Spring Machine and universal bemmer, No. 133 Lake street.

au27-ly of Christendom. Nor do they stop even here. 1859 "1. 1860 Wilh the same effrontery ihev pretend that the put a Republican rresidcnt it, backed by a Republican Congress, and all this will be changed the government will be brought back to the policy of those who framed it, the rights Port Monaies, Rich and Elegant Garters, possessions of the Pope rest upon some higher foundation than treaty, and that any power LECTURES Look onr foe It. Mr.

Capen says the next cold snap (supposing this last to have quit) will be down upon us early next week. All who are able will do well to provide abundant warmth for themselves by sending a load of wood to the next poor family. Such an act infallibly generates a higher temperature about the gills of the heart than can. be won by any style of external covering. The GttANn Concert To-Night.

The Great Western Band, re-enforced for this occasion by some of our best musical talent, offer this evening what, in advance, and in their behalf, amateurs pronounce the finest instrumental concert Masonic year: Et. Sir George W. Deerinr, Cmniuamder. Kobert H. Fosa, General.

JJsniel Camerom, Cajptain-GeneraX. WUiiaai T. Mnir, Frrlale. HOLIDAY G00DJ. MAURI ED.

which ventures to deprive him of an? part of ON THURSDAY EVENINGS, JEWELRY CASKETS, of every section of the Union under the ton them is guilty ot sacrilege. As it Avignon, At the residence of the bride's fathor. In th cJtv. oa JT MM 1. 1..

Clark or Kush sUeet Irqireat 5V Iljr- street, corner Wolxitt.oraddiess port ctW box -a-iS. Re efnja stitution will be equally respected, the South once the heritage of St. Peter's, did not now belong to Prance, the eldest daughter of the BERIIS TO CONSIST Or TWELVE LECTURES. tw.ts 33.40 14.i5 3.79 1.05 11 60 Its on lo.40 3.00 7.1R 86.94 314) 4.04) SO ftt SW.UI "4.f.9 12B.H9 3000 .37 .07 34JO s.oa 10.37 tu.s 40.00 16 00 GOLD PEXCILS, Beautiful Cabas.

TOILET POWDER, ROUGE, PERFUMERY, SCISSORS, Th. following tantieme 1 are enfaged to lectors: Hoa. H. 1. RAYHtMiD, Church; and as it tne protest ot uonsaiti claiming the part of Fcrrara north on the Po were not still sounding in the ears of that beloved son of Home, Francis Joseph, of Austria.

John Conley, a Pat. Gradv. do A. Kailei A Son. do do do do do do d' FtamsA-fo, do E.

P. sen. D. Wenton. A.

Sc rt. Commit! O. Peck, do do F. luttie.lOdaysdo do A. Giobs.

do do do Maurant Wriaht, trrooehea m. Hotler. Srhaub, do John schidsir. Uo C. Hears lumSer plait A rlopluna, do J.

M. Wild, oo Mrs. Barns, wa'fc'm jail. a P. Gray, corn B.

H.Skinn 17M cords A. Q. Brown. for riailroad tickets. Mr.

Jan, o'-ororer) for Jarred t'oat, keeping H. Wate-man. Co J. A. chares, melcal ern States will be lett free to take cart of their State institutions, while the material interests of the couniry under wise and fostering legislation will attain to a prosperity never before given ana regmrea BOARDING.

Within ten mia-trteswal. of the Post Offlce. Sonth Side, suits ofirea-teel rooms, furnished or nnfumiHied. th board to tin ela-s families. Also a few eirfle rocms.

and a few day boarders accommodated. AsLtis isa flrc.a's btrose Bona need apply except with good Address II x3U4t orcaUatCOKELL A Sewini Macinne Off e. IK Lake ttreet. oral (8 Elina Place. noiTxtw H.

W. Billow, -nwnrer. G. R. Smith, Smonfcr.

Reuben Cleveland, Senior Warden. Beciamhi F. Patrick, Junior Warden. C. R.

Vandercoofc, fundard Bearer. 14 John Stewart. Sward Benrer. V. 8.

Hariblrt, Warder. A Variatiox ox Mart Daw. The poet has immortalized'Mary Daw, who sold her bed and RAtSORS, SHAWL PISS, WednesdsT evening, inst, by Rev. Charles Y. ly.

Mr. CHARLES H. KING. (ot Malher, Tsfl A KiugOsjidtlissPKUimSUE Ai, eldest daughter of Gea-glcnard K. Swift.


Ins. Co. Capital and Burplai $448,315.88. The fables ot the Irish slaves ot the atican Ray. T.

SI AKR KING, MORTIMER eatard tailor, Sar.E.H. CHAFIS. BROOCHES, BRACELETS, ever given in Chicago. There will be one hun in the history of the country. "Will cannot make injustice, or persuade the people of these realms that because the peopie of the tc, ttc, ttt, Paor.

K. L. TOrMASS. dred performers, and a programme full of excellencies. See the advertisement in another col the Honorablo Reuben Davis think of this Da.

J. O. HOLLAND, GEO. STJSLNER, tjeTloiets may be obtained at tbe stores of E. 8.

Rotnagna are the subjects of the Pope they are not entitled to those rights ot" equality befoie the laws of self-government which belong to all civilized nations. The Italian Governments umn. SHOULD QO TO J. D. Park's Jl WiE BLACK'S LETTERS.

Benefit of Llct Escorr. This lady, who is We, Is. D. Coote A Co- and S. Onxrs at the Richmond.

Tremont and Krizes bonsea, and of tae Lihrarhta at HOLIDAY tne rooms of the sue ety ia Portland Block. The five Democratic Anti-Lecompton men t-oui Illinois are going astray. Following the Bazaar of Fancy undoubtedly one of the best Prima Donnas who has ever appeared in Chicago, presents her laid on straw, accompanying the reference with an unpleasant personal allusion to Mary, chiefly in relation to her personal habits in so doing. Margaret Flannery did worse than that on Wednesday night by surreptitiously creeping into the apartment of her neighbor Mrs. Dawson and need reform, but none so much as that of the Pope, and it is devoutly to be hoped that this truth will not be forgotten by the Queen's H.

aue. Ki. laowaa, r. L. r-nsTrvaar.

Liccxnz. EXCHANGE On New Yorlc Trrsfts. AocepUncee. and Note, paid In New Tor on tie day of matnntr. or laat day of and money deposits Committee.

P. L. SH.fc.KMAN. GOODS. No.

134 USB 8TRSET. advice of Mr. Douglas, they are voting for Mr. nojooioo-am vnairman. name for a benefit this evening, and gives a most excellent programme.

Wre trnst our mu Bjeock a perversa Leoooiptomte, for Speaker EROSENE KEROSENE 1 1 MUSIC! MUSIC WILLIAM BURKHAKT, tor account in tne city ot jew icn, wu, i u.w XSASSASOXT INSTJTlAJiCn CO Capital and Surplus $231,097.65. hope tirE Capital and Surpltu $179,54153. HANOVER FIRE LNSURANCS OCX, Capital and Surplus $242,104.94. New Source or WealthThe Oil Trade. We see bv the Pittsburg papers, that there is the vicinity of liet York.

on EntERX COBU. Teleeraph OrDSe. sic loving public will turn out and give the lady a benefit which will cause her to have an agree Will not tho Chicago Times which not long ago boasted that it had certain letters of Mr. LKADFR OF GREAT WKSTEMJT BASH apis ty cjo the xsosro.v.

Win rtve private lesMma to a few Scholars on the Cornet I and Vlolm. AnpJv ax the office of the Ureal Western Band, LOAN. I lend rONEY TO considerable excitement in that region of country, respecting a subteranean reservoir of oil Attorney-Geneial Black aduressett to genue able recollection of cur city. See advertisement, and secure yonr seats. stealing an armful of beddingto make her straw more comfortable.

She assigned as a reason in yesterday's police court, "that she might lie warm o'nights." She is in jail in default of tiOO bonds where she will sleep warm at the county's expense. corner rvnaoipn ana iearoora stxeewS. BoiuMe-rsm MoneronChieaco Real Estate SeenriUes ruaatas l.A men in Illinois during the Lincoln-Douglas A TAD AME AKERSTROM res- from six months to two rears. I sconnt fl-st-claa Coromer. ial I neeotiate three to are years bint ten per eaac A Waif Yesterday morning a person em A.

T. Speicer A 1 WalUr. Rogers. SI toss coai. Steams or Uo 1 bbl lime G.

Wall, wagon rep Barey 4 Tvnd, t. McColter. groceries N. W. P.

R. Oo, toils G. A C. C.R. R.

t'o-do Hooker A Jones, seeds U. Wi.leck A agricultural H'tah Fav. school Gage A Hart, sour Ho eesAOo, TJ. wood BulfeY. undertaker Fo t-Wayue.

R. O. Kr.dall A Sons, bread J. Pla A Hopkins, li T. ty.

mejhie Gowey A Booster.r -pntra. Perdue A Small, HimiinA Augn senrader, S.irahN lson. cook canvass, publish them now and put its com The Auston, AT NO. 125 CXaARX STHEET. ployed at Mercy Hospital found the body of a interest.

I pectfullv ioforms her friends end former pupils that her Dancing Academy is now opeii for the season, at Uie rooms 106 itatadolph street, corner of Weiis. Classes fir .10 ln.o 3100 U2.3 1.S5 11.01 3.76 M7.t W.00 11. 4.3 7.75 Hoi 7.7S KH7 6.00 57 10 60 7t 4,1.00 MOO S8.3S 11 7 4.0 34 39 00 60.00 fS 43 rat 24 Clark streLOhlaaaw. peers in the House on the right track Come, myjy Let us have the let- small male infant lying just within the palings ef the enclosure. An inquest was held by Coroner James, and a post mortem examination we demand the letters, ters Ladies and bentleaien, Tuesdrty and Fridars, from 7 to 10 r.

m. Ladies and Children, Wednesdays ana Saturdays, fiom to 6 m. AU Lie new dances taught. Aneciti'T every Monday evening. For particulars app'y at the Hstli.

Terms moderate. aocOxiw The Boston Kerosene hi pi'n'ng hosts of fVenda. Those who have ventured t.ving FIVE GALLONS are now or-dering as maav BARRELS at a tune. Tfis Oil burning (Smrral Kcttccs which has been recently discovered. Companies are engaged in digging weils to obtain oil.

When procured in its crude state it sells for 60 cents more per gailon. It does not cost more to pump it up than 1 cent per gallon and 9 cents more per gallon will pay for barrels and transportation to Pittsburg, New York or Philadelphia. The refined oil is sold at a much higher figure. This oil is petrolenm, a bituminous substance, which is found floating on the watt of springs. The excitement does not appear to be altogether speculative, though possiblv that may have something to do with the published accounts.

One singular f-ct is mentioned in Ax Accidexi asd A Bloody Mtstsey. On Wednesday evening a man whose name we could not learn, passing over Clark street bridge missed his footing and fell, his head coming in contact with the bridge frame, stunning him made by Dr. Gore, who testified that the child Knickerbocker Life Ins. Capital asd Surplus $220,000.00. Office No-1.

Dole's SaidUm. Corner of South Water and Clark fits. strl a04-Sm ltp FURS. FURS. JL We are rcceWmf: ft 'plendid tusortmest of LADIES FURS, A Rebuke from the It'sht Quarter, wiLnoui ouor, leaving no oeposu in ine cnimaey, uiout crusting the w-ck.

and also perfectly transparecU-has no sanerior in the world for prodaciog a sv.ft. miid, economical and no-xpioive light. IV Orders should be addressed was ful'y grown but had never breathed. A I Prom the Hanobal CMo.) Gazette, Dec verdict was rendered in accordance with the Terrorism. It is hard to tell whs to IaSlidp ana ou ajiiponum.

TLICTION NOTICE. The An-atul meeting of the Stockholders of th" Trion Lrn- Transportation Company for the l'-cicn of Djtc'ots sod Inspectors, and for theapf-ointn-ent of OfH ers wll beheld at the olBceof said Con, pan In this iy. ca tne second Tuesday of January next, at 2 loce r. m. I CA-MPiiELL.

Chicago, December 7th, 185 GeThlsT tw aezoiDeox neq i. jaaaagrrana Agent. ih Yinrioiaos should be pitied or abased. facts. MIRASOLE'S DANCING ACADEMT.

Counts or Cuss awo ajjisoh 9ts, Entrance oa MadTi.l O. Mirasoie, In returning his thanks to his friends and patron, has the pleasure of announcing that his Iancliig Academy is now open for the seaoa. The Children itlta nder the direction of Madam Mirasole, is now open. Koi terms and at the A ra-l-rn v. and cutting a severe gash, which bled profusely.

He was taken home by the Police, to his resi WATCHES, JEWELRY, SIL- VER and PLATED WARE. Some Apples. Upwards of fifty thousand whether their extraordinary conduct nhonM be aitriouted to timidity or iimiijimty. A citizen the North cannot express an opinion The entire stock of tbe late Arm of Carter A Gaoery, Chaa. Dav, driver i1.

p. AUee, moat M.O. K. "Vt m. Batker do do sarin A Vrlrbt do Si.

L. A. A Chi. R. Line Prope iers M.S.A S.

l. R. Wadswortb ft Wells, boots and Borton A Kicder. barrels of apples have been brought into this city the present fruit season from stations in -ariaoce wilh Yirginia sentiment on the Ursb- ft rrf WORTH OF dence on the orih side. The bloody traces of his sad adventure attracted much attention and mystery throughout yesterday, among passers by, bnt the accident is thus authentically ac deexit Ly Order of the ASaltfnees.

nuestioD, but he is immediately im- connection with these oil pits. In many places in the valley of Oil Creek the ground is covered with pits, hundreds and thousands of them evidently dug for the purpose of gathering oil, and at a period so remote that trees years are crowinir over them. The query is. by whom EAOOJNS 14 fUfJVsUUU Class SerarUiw, or ex'Ieii. In fact, it is not neces- Michigan along the line of the Michigan Central Railroad.

About one third of the receipts were TT I Wanted for he should even express an opinion FOUND On Dearborn street, a GOLE WATCH. The owner can have the sime by ae by Cocndatlng Ia pert of Btttsian Sable, Martin "and Fitch CLOAKS, CAPES, TICTORIESS, MUFFS, CTJFFS, GLOVES. AtlTTKSS, Ac Also a terge Stock of Low Priced Furs. Children'. Coeds la Greet Variety.

GsTSTLEMSS'S FXTt CAPS, MUFFLERS, GLOVES Wolf. Bar. Genaett, Tiler Cat Racoon ad Buffalo 14 iilt .1. Boonuau, st ten per cent interest for five years. de B.

F. POWXINOACO, iHMid A Lcn.Co Tt is oiilv neessry that he suould be suspected nf entertainiou it" to render him fit subject counted for. Mi sical Matters The "Jiapmaier" is ia pmvim- property and saving chargts. L. I.

WILSO SON. were these pits dug, and for what purpose was aiaStuth ater street. dex3t tne on gatuerea BARGAIN. Two Lots ft. of winter varieties during the month of November.

Michigan is a special favoiite of Pomona, and we are lucky in our connections with her teeming orchards, which, in addition to apples, for incarceration. make allow- the necessity of the peoph) of Vir A. 170R SALE PACKING BAR- front be IIP feet deep, on Tivlorstreet sear Est li. T3 Queen Victoria has recently performed ISS.O0 S.o 100.00 3.37 61.55 11.00 St 00 3. 0 4IS.iO S3o0 14.

(I 41. 4.S SOS.M 6.:1 15. 0 13.10 MM0 ginia observing the frreatcst vigiluJice and A RELS, City Made, sonstanUy on hand. Also, LARD Robes. Our Furs are manalacturHi exprejly for us, and in tieo.

Klclian. mas Gilbert itut.oard A A. P. Wurta, detain Bi'c T. B.

Carter A. t'arter P. F. Patrick. R.J.

Babooes A Mercy Hospital Tr V. tfev. shoes a graceful little act by answering the petition of active preparation, and we shall all go haying in two or three weeks at Metropolitan HalL We hear it rumored that Mrs. Bostwick will probably give her next Soiree of her fair pupila on high groun i and dry, deara-Ve for rvniceue. ir oa trWO each cash, to close a concern.

Apply ERiSSX JO South Clark street. no--clf An exuniiaaUon of onr Mock is ererv possible detence aiaiiut Cotl Iiiver Oil Jellj. The Tf. T. Academy of Medicine certify that tt contains 85 per et nt of Pure Cod Liver OiL 1st Tbat it it an established fact that Oils, to be assimilated must be transformed into emulsion in the stomac 21 That in most of the cases in wbica Cod Liver Oil Is Srescribed.

thertomach ofthe paUrnt is not in proper oen-tiin to make enoubive ail the amount of oil taken, ai'd that a grvat art, and sometimes the whole of tbe oil passes f.ff urKHgested, and consequently inoperative. (Uus ia easily give us a little more cider, too." Kegs and. Half Barrels, tbe beat poaaitue manner. solicited. sol-aaM)4-2m-lstp to tamper with slaves but wa think BASSE IT HAMMOND.

1 Lake cor. Wells. a pitman at notion le note colliery, wbo humbly solicited her 51aiesty to give a telescope to 1 thftit- nrix-Hiilinrri tn Bt C. H.SEAVERff! Tio. Clark street, and OEO.

Il TourTO. Thia noble opera is to" be the local reading-room, the applicant being a A. SHAVERS 3, 7s S. norn street. aenoiw lm in public, and at Metropolitan HalL We trust VTOTICE.

Tbe Anrnal Meeting of the Stockholders rf the Garden City Mining Company will be he ai the office of the $eeetry aa tba brought out at Metropolitan Hall on Saturday C. BalkelT. siuaem oi asironomv, ana uie place being too T7 IVE HUNDRED DOLLARS Peter aimsiey, poor to buy om-. The petition was received PREMIUM FLOUR. We have the sole agency of ST.

JOSEPH XXXX FLOUR, A RraraBD. it may be so, and we shall be surprised if this and the before named prospective treat do net awake new ideas in the minds of our music lor Fecond Monday, ii el lwoemoer neit. ax 9 C4oek a. for the election" of Ireven Plrwor lor tb F. H.

lcmif. Dr. Hicks. witn isvor, ana tne answer was abeautituliy cn- kwAW come b-fre the meiijiAr- A reward of tioa wl'l be paid by tbe wxlemaned for the each other dos C. Sauler lsuea telescope sent to tne reaaing-room.

ROBT. H. HUW. nol-c-e in A Fbexch Witness in a Vermont Cocrt. In thev aie re extreme.

It sa-ely inntt be requisite My the ssl'etr of the institution that harmless, nof-fendm Northern men, penceably pursuing their usual in lrsjiuia, should be either imprisoned, or expelled from the State. Such extreme measures can only be intended to vex the North, and will have the effect of em-bitterins Northern meu against the slave States. If vexatious proceedings eoutinue in it will not be Ions btfore the Northern Slate's will bein to retaliate, by expelling from tLeir borders, as Northern men 6 from the borders of "I lr- the course of the trial of a ease in Vermont. Geo. 1.

nui C. D. Robinson. 900.00 Sundry petitions were presented and referred. The Books and vouchers of the School DetectleB tad Conviction Of the person or persons Tho Fired the premise of IIALL VIC1I, eyeningby the Parodi Italian Opera last night of their season here.

IlPoliuto (The Martyrs) attracted much attention and was a prime favorite before Eastern audiences last season, and the care required to bring it out here induces the manager to forego giving an entertainment this eyeninj. Let erery music lover be ready for a treat to morrow night. French lady was called on to testify, and it waa Manufactured by 3- H. 8 wart wo at A Co. FROM PURE WHITE WTSTEB WHEAT, IxtireeslyfortheCITTTRADIt.

and we are prenared t. til orders tor trom ONE to FIVE HUNDRED BAIL. BELS. CARIES A TAYLUR, ocil--3m lf'p US Sonth Water-at. era as to our resident talent nnder competent training.

Trat Wall. A stranger waa examining the front wall of the partially destroyed Newton assumed that she was ouly acquainted with her tracea id uie arin.ion. 8d That my Cod Liver OH Jel'y being a eompownd of oil and suirr. is an eri.tiincn of itself as soon as in contact with a liquid which take place as soon as it reaches the macta. whatever its condition may be.

4th That is cases when the Physician believes Cod Liver OU to be prescribed as a specific or otherwise, my Jel.v Is more reliable than the crude oil, because being a tolid It must rerr sin in tae stomaci- to undergo ie natural process of digestion and ass'tmlatioe, when on the contrary the llqnM oil will pass off inoperative, if the stomach, as above seated, is not In a condition to make it emulsive, which ai-wara is more or less the case when the oil is indicated. t'rom the above consideraikis. the suDeriority of Quern's Cod Liver Oil Jelly over the crude oil, is to be acknowkag-ad as a nositiva aita lnoontestabie facs. Sod by oTlOm iris TON Lakesreet. Corner of Wells and Charles streets, this eity, on Sunday native language, wnicn neither the judge nor eCAJLLLg ilH.

vTESTER WORLD LVSFR A.NrE ATD TRFST CO. TEAL ESTATE AND COMMLS- XV EWS HOUSE. ERNST PRC8SINC, Ko. 10 SontA Clark street. Money Loaned oa real estate securlilca.

TTm ass Ranea wanted. ahall pay particular attention to th. JBnrasutf. mf fimmdm tor Stmt JEotmte. To merelianta or mairaraetnreTa.

ir to vrnnrm r. the ere uaoersioou. in tins emergency on of the counsel volunteered to administer t'a oatb. which he did in the following terms: atrS5-oin-3w 14 ana 144 ater street, House yesterday, and seeing no reason why it shouldn't fall asked why it did not. Weegates solemnly assured him that the wall was "alto GAS STOVES.

GAS COOKING STOVES, GAS FLAT HEATEBS, CWIFT'S CERTIFICATES This would indeed be a terrible state of Vous jnrei zat wat you here testify shall be ze truse, zi whole tru-e, and nossibg but ze 5.: iriav certainly exoect it, however. Gins Asn Pbesexts. We are pleased to cn.ll the attention cf oar readers, or those who are in want of splendid gifts and presents for the KJ Wgain Par. nnlss the system of persecution now practiced GAS HEATING STOVES tmse, so help mon Dieu." For moment the lady looked with astonishment at the clerk pro. and then saidinmr- GLYCERINE DOSE in Virginia is stoppea.

gether toe light to fall." It should be palled down nevertheless, and not be permitted to be restored in its former condition, as indeed it never should have been built at first. bnamea. 1 would say that 1 have tlie bst faculties to cia-roe of their stock in exchange for real estate. roda de IlTered to my care will be stored ia nie i'U' ir gv. Fiease call snH e-ramin.

mr 1-n r'lt o. yio are offerlnf some desirable Lota at a low Sfor. In a wsmnt-ntinw of articles of the Most Soothn OnsJ. Commissioner were pronounced correct Concurred in. The report of tbe School Commissioners states that the balance on band of general fund in notes and mortgages, is (2,413 40 cash, subject to loan (400.S.

Interest $745 15. Sundry bills on road matters were rejected, the Commute reporting that they find no authority to pay the same. A resolution was presented ordering the treatment of the sick poor of the county at the Poor House, in all cases where the patients can be taken there, in place of being taken to the Mercy Hospital, or the City Hospital. Referred to Committee on Poor House and Paupers. A resolution was passed that the Board ad-joorn at the end of this session, to 1st Monday in March.

The jurors were then drawn. The Chairman was ordered to make up the per diem of members. Board then adjourned. itles, recommerided by Phvsicians for PurifTra Waitenmg; fectly good Eoglisb, but with a slight foreign accent, hat does the gentleman say European Steamer. Swift's Certificates at Par.

ana asonemn ti- a1.3u Wi vuiing vui ned or InfiarnedUands, Face, Lips, and al! Skin Diseare. told only by P2iiON CO. Or, we will reeeiT SWIFTS CERTIFICATES la put Portland, Dec. 8. The steamship Anglo-iaxoo from Liverpool ou the -id.

arrived here this morninj. Her advices have been anticipa Cold Wcathk has come at last, and we MAS STEAK BBOILEB9, GAS BREAD TOASTERS, GAS RrBSE IiAIBPS, At WALWORTH. BTJBBARD A CO lelffaWS-jm lstn 13 Late Street. inn nnn feet of 2 X.JJl JJ Ineb wh't. Oak rlank for sale.

Ala ery qiaanrlty of Ficir Barrel fcnorfc. bnshels i ar Corn wantal at onee for eaah and rniber. Also, Floor and Provisions wanted. GALBLN' KA5TMAN, peyment ana jrjve time on the balance. ie.MaB-1w BEES A SLOCTM.

No. 'SLtaaCe-st. holidays, to a Sne and large stock just opened by one of onr liberal airertising patrons, John D. Park, 1H Lake street, who has recently fitted up his establishment in elegant style, making it a farorite resort for all in pursuit of the fine, fancy coeds in his line. In our advertising columns is an extensive list of such articles as may tie found in the above "Bazaar of Fancy." A FLOATING WOOD YARD.

The buroue Monran Is dischv-sltg ber of Grand Trivfrse Maple at in North wet endcf R'1 ree Bridge, siawed and Spilt Ms.p.e. Sawed and Syi.t -K-ven and Maple. Ctunk or Eaoia. Proicpt vde ivsxrfl. dsT3t A.

t1- QKf Quarter and lit: Chests TEA, would recommend ail interested parties to notice the advertisement of Telfer A Doy, and have their weatherstrips pnt on their outside Excitement in Lafatettb Cocntt, Misj. The Oxford Mercury says A pan of peddlers without licenfe, and sup posed to be Abolitionists attempting to stir up insurrection, were arrested at the village of Abbeville, in Lafayette County, a few day since, and warned to leave the State within gives time. ted. Won't Sail. UUJJ AXili DUAL 11 YOU HOI'S, HOI'S, HOPS.

Prime Enstarn in Bales for Sale by PE3T0T. A CO. SALT PKTRE, SALT PETRE WX Crude and Roflaed for Sale bT KSTOH CO. wast Wood Coal, of arrv a-tnii. and wtoh to art nme ortroiiDw, leave your oraenwitj.i,UJiA' a doors and French windows.

Tbey are good Poetlavd T)ec. 8. No steamer will sail from ona ana Voai iara awe ami, opposite iity xxonu UUJ of extra quality. WM. i-TTTLi CO.

jjs iaLa without a doubt. tirsce yv ater il, net. Basdoipa and asmngton ate. BS-hii-iw this port tor Liverpool on Saturday next..

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