The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1935
Page 2
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.TWO BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER cro Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS - Mis. Russell Phillips 'hostess to Thursday l/uu'ch'eon flub, Thursday Bridge" 'cmn meeting ft'kh Mrs. Roland Green. ' Mrs. U. E. Keck having Thursday Contract, club. Mid-\VeeK :bnQgc, • club- meeting ivlcn Mrs. Harry \V. Halites. i-iMijrtVb iiVb.iio • Women s Democratic cittt) meet- Ing at. hotel Nooie, UiiiO a.m. SATUnlMi'a t'vBw'i'S ' Chhareu oi ixmlcacrncy Having "lurii-ncon meeting at. uume of Mi»r-| ma ana nul rvuooms, of bH'cif, la. M. ', himuood Cemetery association "nutting \\itll airs. J. 11. smiui, U:30' 1'. M. ' : cr.U;,!: oljmpic (it tke coimtrj '•'cliiu, o-f. M.. Junior Hadassah having mccl- 'uig ai rio'tci Noole, 3 p.m. This Hand Looks Like Loser but Good Play Makes Game Solution to Previous : Contract Problem ' Miss Marguerite Pvidc \Veas iVir. u. w. L'oppedge Miss Marguerite Pride, daughter of Mr. ana Mi's. jo.*3pn i'e^Dj^^ 1'rjuc, oscame me brioe oi Mr. Oliver W. L/'uppe<ige in a c?remony-fOl- enTmzoa lasi evening at ^Oic • pride Tltfrnf. -J bifly"m(!njDera l '5i:'tnc'rn'mii>' au« ( nQf''f'ine"rmg service performed 6y?R(? : ttt!V. wtiaa tt^ baiinon, pastor. Jt :ne f'irsi . rTcSo' cniircn. "'Vmif'eai'iiAtibns, sncej p'sas, vai- Iey7 lines nrin eauy nreath were in liis 6JUi|uets.a'rran^ea ai'tach skis 'oi tnc_iirep.acc oc'iore wlnen me ^'rnHruii'se vuns were bxrhnnecd. ><• Tne Ofliie wore a f tocn. ot.gray •-dusk Maieiasse crepe, fas^lonea J^aioug wiioiai. lints, - .\Vith tuc^col- i,lar, LUHJ a'nn OCIILT mtfie fct ol-co^ueu sheening in.tnc s:\me mft- »'teriui. Her S«D^S were Bray n^i ^oxiorris trimmed n^ brown lentlie):. ; ; bn tt rLMiii rviea and -valley lilies ••••vero canshi wif-h 'pink satin ribbon 5"lor m'r arm JwUijUct. Sno carried Ua Hand maut ndiiciKcrcluel wnicli ^hns Dei'ii, carf'iefl oy, onnes In li'tr Jfanuiy !or severnl generations. t\ !j iinjiietuateiy aito'r the cercmohy TjMr. c.Oi)|iEiige aim nis bride motored "'to Memphis' loj" a* few' nays iinrt \v.ii go w iNcw ur^ediis lor Mitral Urns. Upon their return they will be ot humo wim tne parents 1111- iii t i>e ir new home, which Is to be erecito aujuui.n^ uiai oi mr. aim ^s. i j rme, is compjeied, -For Irav- eung Mrj. uoppcuge wore n \vide brown -.rint.ol' orown Balll Buntion trimmed with beige j'arii'Hoivers on the band, and a knee length musk r : rat coat. i. '- < '; Mrs. ' coppedge Is a meniljer of a ;irom,rient -JJississippi county faniiiy, being the gfanaaaughter 01 the jute Lyman A. Morris 'of, CM'cV ola, and the ereat, srandelaughter of : th3 late Rev. F. C. aforrls. On her naternnj sWc she is thr. granddaughter of (he -late Mr, and Mrs MM Pride of Pride, Ala. r The received her later education at Southwestern University, Memphis, where she became affiliated with the Alpha omlcron pi sorority, and at Oeorge Pcabody college, N T ashville, Tenn., from which she obtained her B. s. degree. She lucks but a few hours of receiving her Master's degree. For several years ste ivas a member of the high sehool faculties-. at Walnut nid'se and Portland, "Ai-k; The bridegroom,' who has resided here lor a "number of yean, is n member of the firm of Utt-Copnc:lse Motor Co., • Lcc-Coppfdgc Implement Co., anil u owner of the Cpppcdge Cektirate-j Birllirtay ' Twelve girls an; i boy;, were guests of Elmo Rlchni'ds Sunday afternoon \vhen he celebrated his ninth birthday. Alter games and .contest!! the guests «-crn served hot chocolate end birthday cako by th c imsl's / mother, Mrs. Lou" Rlcharits. Has cliib. ' : ' Mrs. j. N ick Thomas used n ccn- tcrpjece of a Illy, nm ld ;l KKm background, ;uil , 8Ici , n t b f |ier luncheon table when she lu,d weel- ' lily ' C °" lr " Ct club lllls IiY \VM. K. McKliSSEV Secretary, American llililgc League. This Is another hnnd pltiycrl by rlttsburgli Ijrldga plnyurs. In inj' previous ariielc I showd you n hand played by Henry Anslandcr nt duplicate bridge, but r told you that be preferred'rubber bridge lo tournament plliy. Herc'i n hand p!:iycd by him recently In a rubber S«nu'. jt isn't a difficult hand but remember, tn rubber bridge, you just cniinol afford to throw six or eiglU lumdrt'tl points nwuy on 11 hand uml expect <o lie H wlmicf at ilio end of the 'evening. When West opened'u spade in response (o 'h'.s partner's l:piiri° Today's Contract Problem JVoitli Is pliiylng tlio uoo- trucl at BOVOII niiadi-p. Knul W'l clubs fiiul oppnn (lie .hint- of clubii. which 'Nnrlli' ruffs. l.«ilf-lli« luuiil nvcr carefully Would you ruff mil dubs or dliiinotidii'i' Tlie hnnd eau l>e ItliHlr.. A A i ft n 7 :, VS ! VQ72 $ K 0 8 7 r, «:» : A K ''i .. 'A No>'\« U -t 3 J I 0 ! 0 2 s Deslcr fi 3 Q 10 n 7 A K J C ,| ft K Q J V A K Q ft K S Jfi Q 10 0 f> 3 Solution in next Issue. :IO V 9 -I - •• + A Q J 6 2 •«,QJ It) W E S ' Deiler IV Fnss I V 4> A 06 V A K J 10 3 < 10 '4 ' 4>8 6 4 >!><>]•—B..and w West tvorili S •» Double PflfiK ft \? 1'ass I'nsji . 4 K «J 10 V S ii r. * S 6 S 3 vii). I*! Sl Pass Pass Opening lead— fos :to j overall, -Auslcmcter: •nllo'.vcu'. East's ten snot to hold the trick, hoping that East would continue with n spado. In ivblch cuss lie ivoiiltl win tt ' im ', ll( V tlc "' >"i:fr n (.psile, and nick U|) the Irimip. Ai .West had mndc .ie wa 5 marked with tlic ace. Aus- lancler now l:iiew Unit he would lose •)")>' n sp.itie, H diamond, and n club. But East refused (o full into (he trayandclkl noL return a spade. He led buck Ills singleton lines spot of diamonds, which West won with the uce. West then led the C!Uc?ii of diamonds Would yon piny tho king from dummy? n so, your contract is defeated, because Eatl will ruft mid you must lillll lose » eluli trick, . Auslumlor knew that he needed that king of diamonds to nmkc his I contract, so he mndc ilic safely pluy i and put on a small diamond. West 'continued with another diamond. . This (lino the eight spot was pinycd i from dummy and East ruffed with the eight of heads. Soulh over- niflcd wllh DIP ten. He then cashed .his aco of spades and rultcd u sptult In dummy. Of course, now uij he has to do is pick up the Iriiiiip and discard his losing chili on n! s good kln« ot diamonds. king of diamonds so ibal il could b2 used to discard n club, Auslandcr made his contract of four heal Is. first group which has 10 members present. Mrs. Leslie Moore gave .he mission lc,sson. ...Circle.. 3 had. y; .Cumbers; aud - WOson Society — Personal -- n ^ ' -."»«.•-'.members aud 1 ,.,, ... -,. . Al • . . ; one: .fiiiril-: |>ffE.ciil, 'Mrs. :C, C .M"-'. UlevaXy,, pliib. mel ,1'rldaj Crockett 'led the dcvotlonnl from nftcmoori nt-Ure'libnib of Mrs. H .liart; niifi John, after MIB ' W J Ml Lm ' h wll)l "'n 0 '' mcinbcrs fiogcrs had conducted a business l lrt ' EOI ?f- I 1 '" political . situation -awlon, .The mlHlon study.-- was \'," ;i " lic »«ed by Mrs. Lewis anc( Given-liy Mi's, Afflict:. ' i* 11 ' 3 - D - N - Morris reviewed thb . The devotional for circle 3 wns'i^J"'? S""' SC to Lll * rt »." The devotional for circle 3 led by Mrs. U. W. wns by Herbert, Hbovor. tho Air's.'ft,' U Recrter had "gl mission lesson Mrs. ii. L here conducted n business' The Ullh Psalm was used hj C. Outlaw for the dc-votlonu tho meeting of circle ••!. The ' slon lesson wn.s ijlven by Mrs presented (lie ,<••» Sarah Morgan, "Im-phy, I 101. j'n 'Cone ISiiln Duvls -. n ' ' Simnis, Nellrbz Bit's, Hill 1>. Wooilson" * ''".of Joiner entertained Ihe Wilson . . . Missionary Society Tuesday aflcr- Biiilc.ElcH-fa Ijiucnli-il 1,'°°" '!' \ ]lc 1Ionlc Economics Pol- ^.o^fesrwnrs; r* "*s?«^;'55' Srs-«rS% «y£ Svr- *• A ^ ^*^±i«i^??sn.^ risi-'c^r^v^ ^»'^^^< «**.*. uS^^,,^ f^r £,«"«" f"' "- (tons anrt Mb* Cook's "huh w ,,'JSS^S'r '"'" l SC "°° I " >0 tr p s;s; rsj SC ( IT? ; ^ tt- ^ ta .^ B »«rlment of BifiT i,, c On f ""if /" f™'"-'Pneumonia and «•!« (able w,s „ ,,,tataiure brS" ffb^Tl '"I 100 , ^""^ '• ami l«Idc itroom .slanm,,,, i,nr."i :"" ,'*". lilk ™ U) ll 'e Methodist « Kunlcs Guest a| dub.. .. Mrs. Baiter Wilson , -h Ym " lB Matro "s Bridge club. Hosiery was Mr.i. Lloyd EticN mon's prize for high tcore B- I 1 . W. Club Has Study Couisc •'Char ' Margcrs< ™ M »s Charm course was studied, by the U-eUe members Ple se n t -\ itli . on tile , «• Ie4 a brlet dlscuaicn s bills «j,lch art to th e , currcal ««<«'. " the Slate Legislature. ' ' ' * • • Circles Meet Circle of the Woman's infeion- ary union lit the First Baptist church met Monday afternoon with all the groiijjs at tho church ex. cepl for ch-cle 2 which wat, ciilcv- rolned by Jlrs. c. \y, Af flick.- Mrs. K. D. Marr read from PsaJms fot te devotional' In the fl«s oj Mostly,' Persona!', Mm. l : /. w. simnions qnd Mrs. fom W. Ju^wii have tetuvned ion) Pine Bluff where "they at- I'lKlcd Ihc Arkansas Baptist qon- /enllon iiiul were Bucstji :.6( the fiev. and. Mrs, Perry F. Wcljli vhllc there'; The Rev. and. Mr; \VcW> fomicrly lived here. Dick Tiplon wns nhlp to return .) school yesterday following nn oiierallon performed 011 Ws nose faatiirniiy.nt .the Memphis Baptlit hospital.,;': • : Cliircnco'camrAjn is i iwtlcnl - ( Ilic si. Jwcph hospital, }, Mrc. c. 0. Daiichowei-, of u Is a tiHlleiu at the jUcmrAh Hltv list hospital.' Mrs. N. P. Kni^lit ii -it [),(. Mtm iliis Baptist hbtpUnl wheie she tin denvont a major .operation y««lcr day. Her condition is very good. Miss Maty Arden Galloway, who liais been employed l n Chici B o will eo to Memphis Friday whore she is to be employed by J, Nick Thoma; Jr., who is .with (1 10 Lenity Lorn company. Murray •• Stnail ton of Mr mid Mrs. Murr.ny Small is ill m Uic fiinilly Iioriic op Wulmit Btrect Misses Kara mid Vh-gU)(n mum who have been attending the Unl vcrslty of Mississippi oxfoid ire nl home. Mrs. 1 Dtixlcr Mondnj of Mini lihls, has arrived here 'for a visit with Mr. und Mrs. W.,Owcn Blue nnd lo utlciid the wcddiua of Miss Mildred Cook and Ice Warrington which is lo be solemnized Monday evening. Mrs.-j. A. foecli is spending lo day in Memphis Mr. mid Mrs, Lewib Haiiglicr ind son, Jlminie Lynn, of Little Rock, and Mrs: Emma Elhridije and son! ot Dell, were suntl 13 gnesls of m and Mrs. Jack l-'incher aim Mrs, Lolla Moore mid Mrs Emma Mqoic Waller Roscnlhal • and Ewcll Wcinberg. liilc of Eiiil'oru. Ark. have returned from Paris fenn where Mr. Wcmberj; purchased i store, lie plans lo move his family from Biidoru to Park ut mi early date. Mitchell Johns iveiil to Jltyeftc- vll|e, Ark., Monday where he has entered the University of Arkansas. Miss Dorothy D;>«is, who has been ill for .ihc past week- Is cliglitly Improved. '•• . - j. , Mrs. Tzola Avery hns b'cei^srri- ously 111 for the |iut,t week at her home. Tom A. Little ..went to Little Rock to atlciHl-a'-^'onferencc or members of Ihe Arkansas Automobile Dealers association at the Morion Hold late loduy. The 'dcal- JHAVEi]of ; |iycifi'orW!r; * And so I tanngl-say ! '.:'. Thai I'll I'cmcm^er ahvay.s '. .: lio\y, v.'iiyii you vvcijt iiwjty, J4oii(5 ;Ari(| j'. l)ec'ani<i symphonic ip-'jiii: f/ ;',..;.:--:. l ";'''vo;?; i U-^;.5--;V":' • nUTiliisi-av'belovi'ir ' .' That Ijrh'e .will ; ai8cipliH'i5 : A heart into forg«Uing • J'o'u'r lallAvalls closing in. Duplicate Boards ill Sp^etl 1^5 .. Pjay. "-in-'i'ihe -second - -annual orjdge Olympic, to .be,; held Friday evening at the'country club will to .different 'from tjiat of jast year, It ijas been , announced by fcverctt 1 B, Oee(.and.--;jfarty W. tialMs; spoiisorii of (lie*'iiffair ; PJny wllj'' b c sfwcded up' oy use of tlupllcaic • ; boards.' u 'f v iu' bo a|flll!3t. "the , ,«4me ; oppbnenls thioushout the' evening. Tho bidding-and playing : svill be Just as If : -|n -u friendly.: game at home, W Die sponsors, who.-'staled'that common sense" 'bridge will be the keynote of Ihe games. The only way ihc gumes will \aii from Kibbei budge 15 Hut each .mind, will be Ircalcd .is a com- plctc- unit and it will be amiounc- !«! whether or not one ies vulncr j numbci of siibManlnl pntc ..-.J In sueii local winueis but dctailci plans foi anaidmg thf-i nivc not been announced rtic playing ti, to betln it one inimile pan 8 o'elotk 4t the •aiuc lime olhci olajei Ihi-oughoiit Ihc "-"Id aic phylng the same liands -M jcai eo plajci-s moltidmt a mimbci from Qstcola mid Caruth ci*vllle imtlcip-ilcd in (he affaii lillcc lomon-ow - To 'discuss provis- "« of me proposed sadlcs tax. Steele-Cooter Society — Personal ami biifc (troom sututlm; lirfoiv i,,v,>ii t • „, . - . -- nn allnr which correswitlvcl wiih' 'Ii V '" """f' 1 ' 1 *. • where He ... ihe bridal taWcs. <lo I s . trcilU:(i tor slrcptococlu in- Mrs. JDC Shanki won 11 h'nitl j.rr'''' • vl'for liiKh £co:-c in ihr hriji'..' n !»....' ..... Mrs -^C. C. Fuller week • lu -' *«* HarcJd aimpion, who m;iKes his home wilh his aunts, Mrs. Paul .Frame of stecle niid Miss Dcicic Stewart of Blj-lhcvillc, is seriously swk from a budly infected lung and condition is bordering on pneumonia. His mother, Mrs." Delia Simpson, of Parafc;ould, arrived Snl- urday to be at his bedside, and Miss Stewart was here over the week cud. • '.Mr. and Nlrs. H. E. Docnicr ar- rivccl.ovcr Hi c week cud from Hol- lywpod, Cai., 'where, she was called : by the clealh of her molhcr. Mrs Daerncr joined Mr. Docrncr in SI Louis, where li c .li.i«l been snf^cl- I"S I" inislncss. • ; '•;• . •;•;•• Mr. and Mrs. \v.'T.'.J3niicy iirrivcil l!avc,Knp|H-r 1'jrly "Mr."«nd' Mis. J. A, Leech eii- tetlaluetl incinljcrs of ihc MM- \Vcch Dridse club timl their huv onnds Monday cvwiin>; »-llh » supper parly lii couiDllincnt lo Mrs. Brooks Flowos of Biimlng- liam, Ala., liqiiscguest of Dr a nil' Mrs; M; 'O, -IBrry. '".-. ; Tho affair was [>vcti in 'llirir new-play, room,-.which Is'tieatiiig completion." " • » the biidpe games which tul- •etl prizes went to Mrs. ,t'. Louis Cherry and Harry W. HnincV aud .irs. Flowers wos presented h el't. , . McKiMizic, prealduit C1 ! lb ' " nrt Mrs . ; trcusurcr, altemled ,lrlel ol Wo- meeting ;n, ( i ' •™»- I- V. Bailey; mCr'amUy W Mre. Joimnio Wcnvcn'aml Jiillc Ja- incc Uiilley, They vve'rc accompanied lo Mrs. oscnr Bailey, or Blyihcvlllc. Mi- ami Mrs. N. Jolmsoii. Mr. and Mis, Gerald Brooks. M r . ^ Mrs. Bete Colcman, ohnrlc.v -York; •'rife -slalcs'.observe; Arbor u iy twice a year.-. •' " ~- : Tn-NighCsMlk : ^frs. Brooks Howers of ^,,,,,.115^ nam, Ala., who has been mieft of honor aj a number of affairs' since she arrived for a visit with' her sister,. Mrs, M. p. Osrcy. aud family vas gtiejt of honor nl a brldeo luncheon given by Mrs. Tarns'.".-: Hi Black. Tile eight guesls were Eec\eU a llnec courte men ot u table arranged wllU'R cemerplcce of mlx- dc tprhig flows and Valentine tallies, i Mrs. B. A. Lynch won hosiery [lor the. high score prize and Mrs. Rovers was presented handkcr- chjef^ it's 1FRESII ''In time for your Breakfast 'S 0AIEY Phone 74 He had'n bad headache, and *as af rflId he ,wb«!d make a |>oor : shbxvlilg f a.t/aii Impbrtaht con• fercn(b ttiat wornlns. Howver he tooif' Capiidiiie, and soon th-' P»HUet ; t entirely. v For headaches, due to lunti^n'i dl<tuib V i«3 Capttdmc ts ia,,V » contain ecvcrai lnjrwic n i s ,^,'ich wMogetlm to give qul<* CT „„,?' Also for pains rfuc to cow, ,, tural ' E i"' ^,, l ° r muaci "«r »n<l joint .acnes. Ask for Capudlnc «E\Dms' SUUIfh HLIlbil, Iloom <!03 Ifll Hj,lith A\t , ,v» lorli, ^ \ bncloscd llud ^ ccllt^ m coin for Mhkh please send in* copies of Cm'llchghl ' the nc« bnoklet of iraenis b> Helen \\clslilmer, it 10 cents j to)>> Manic S ' rcet * iitate ^ Nime of Paper ami Miss Jose'plvjnc Holly attended the dance arid-concert of Guy L.OWI barclo aiid 'hls'orchcstm in Ntem- phis Thui-stlayicvcning. Mr ind Mrs A D Aberinlbj iml Mrs. Hobert-Wells-have returned Jft°r i visit m Jellcrion C|ls Mo Ml-, Shirley SnuUi if> the gu st of relatnes m icyirkmi Ark Mi ind MIS HOJ Jones siwnt last week end with Mr. Jones' parents, Mi;, and Mrs. j. R. Jones, of Tytcr. Crawford Gillijand l s spending hjs vacation a I, "Fort'Myers, Pla. ..Mr.-and Mrs. c. P. Howard will leiivc the liilter -part of the week for a visit with relatives in Cali^ fornia. ' i Mrs. Miillic .fay Huygood, of Braggadw:io, is guest'bf her sislcf, Mrs. -Mervln Plummtr. .' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Copland, oi New Madrid spent Sunday in Cod- tor with relatives. Mrs. Johnnie May and son, Jim- mlc, have-returned to Moorchousc nflcr-on o.sletided visit with relatives in Cooler, The condition of John Russell, prominent planter of Cooler, who is critically jii -from pneumonia, remains .serious. Mrs, wank Reid u, a patient «l the Methodist hospital in Memphis Mrs. Charlie Pollard and daughter, Miss Lorcnc. spcui, Saturday aflcriioon with Mrs. Jim Allen of Blylhcvillc. J. A- Urquharl i s improving rapidly m the Blylheville hosuHal where hc.iindcnvent. a major on-i'a- tioii^ last :Wednesday. _ .\frs:,..Bud t\)rsytlic' is very ill at her hpiuc;at l>lcr. Mr.:Mirt.Mrs. Conrad Frame have- named-;thei r infant- ran Kcnn«t.h New First Graders Will Attend Sunbury rJ3ecuuso-of the small number of ilichirs in lh<j Ljiigc ind Central \\ard prnmmar schools no chllriMn ehterinf,' fcliooj lor. the first time at the onening of the second term MoiiUay will bo. accented. All'heH' ni-st- grade students "will attend .the: Sudbury school. Reiser .and Hatcher Meeting The Kcli'cr 4-H cliib met TIIO^ day morning, with, « members present. The program started with a son" by all "the mehibers vv' iS Reeves and Miss Clarice Litu°' lo" cai-suoijBors, both gave short talks Troy Mullins, asslslant county agent, gave a demonstration on care and management of a, pig project Several members gave 'rc'porls oii tlielr projects.' Tivc Hateher 4-H-club met Tups, day afternoon. Fred Smith, losal sponsor, gave a short discussion Troy Mullins, assistant' coimty agent, gave a demonstration oil care anil manatjemeiH of & p|g project, Tftcnly-scvcn members tsvcre nves- ent. ApprbMinaloly 38 000 pounds of IMc mk f o r commercial con annual?" "° Pr ° <U " X!d m IU ' nols Athlete's Foot If lour toes ikh >p i nre'probabls " with A1HLETBS IOOr wno," 150 IS n form 01 !UNC ' WORM thai Is deeply imbedded In tno inner Icjcis of the kui Bhs' m tonn (hit cam spieadlr BROWNS LOnON Mll'^Ttt Itching instantlj It k highly am •eptic and will heal am ca«c u ATHLETES FOOT In * romtee, nass o, jour monov um bo re funitcct Dent use mess/ sahe. and bandages. GOc and $100 bo tics fo- sale b\ Kiroj Diu S sto t —ALV Three gallons of beer wore Consumed daily iiy Prince .otto Eduard Leopold . Von .Bismarck, German diplomat, for many years. .". . Tapnlar Ojcl Lu.\a(ivc" ' \Vhilc -qlhCi-'-]y^atlV(?s have cbtrje amt goiic,- ; increasing numbers'-of men and'women have continued to iisc the p!(i, reliable, purely vegetable Th'cdford's Bja'ck-Drauglit. "My'fnthcr used filack-Draught." wvllea '.Mrs':'- A. 'M. 'Brimilcy,'"'of Slcelc.'Mo., "and we haven't founa anything that can take its place. I taKc Black-Draught for headache, tonilipalion and smollierlng aflcr mciiLs. ' Blach'-Di-aughl relieves me 'at once." • • Black-Draught helps to relieve I icada die an d discomfort after meals where simply clue to- constipation." TIIEDFOIID'S BLACK^UHAUGHl 5HCDDAN5SALVE CKOQUIGNOLE OIL GUARANTEED WAVES . 5.1 Dp.- - None Betler .; .Finger Wave - - ,25tj Barret Beauty ;Shop last House on No. 51U" .' CO-LEA-NOR /J'HK -, /GOAL K MINING GO. I'honc 700 .'.;.'."'. BOX Wed. and Tltpda) MAT. & KITE—lOc - 25. HENRY HUtt ,, K , JANE fig WYATT v PHILLIPS HOLMES diaries In otii- advertisement oMitst, iii^ht, ' -Fortune Shoes were quoted a ( ?5, whereas il should have rend FORTUNE SHOES $4 R. D. HUGHES & GO. : ' - . ' •* '. • o Uuors '\\ r cst of Kiln 'fliealre' ,• GREAT EXPHWIO» F'lor<neV.RW, ; "r. «lN«rs. Dlt V4tkcr..'A^StanUy Btfjtr' nun Production. • Presented'by Carl Licmmlc, ;A UNIVERSAL PJCIURE, Fo.\ 'News Spurt Comedy Shui f Head .COLDS I Put Mentholalum \n\ \ the nostrils to reilei-e \ / irrltallon and promote \ clear breathing. MENTHOLATUM Givt, fOKHfOM Daily JE.IT.lj The Matinee Will Stiirl Monti »y, Tuesday, ..'Wednesday, Ihwsday and 'Friday ;i( 2:00 P. M. Matinee Staffe Siitur- d.i.v a( 12:<15 and Simtlay Matmee Starts at 1»45 ' last lime lodaj KiKhl—Ulc - 25c • tATl.NlOE & -NlTJi—10f-3oc Girl Scout and Boy Stoui Night - - Tonight IRENE .i)UT\TNE I'itraraount News S(ar Comedy Of Man Dies Out ...That'j the End! They're the Bertgol lancer*. r . heroe't'oll -.. living dangerously, loving recklessly, fighting madly... on •Amazing specfacl* :of swashbuckling || a d v c n f u re an a f|| exciting romance! l|f Arfo Iph . Zufcor pr»ien/t *ki j|i |:f ., QF A BENGAL IANCER RICHARD CROMWEU S|R GUV STANDING KATHLEEN BpRKE .'ovcl(.j'_' f 'Vaudevi|Ic .No. 2" ''Musical'Shirt. SUNDAY DIG'.-STAGE SHOW!! 'SHOWBOAT

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