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I tlfd gztixlt fox CoBCof TmUU SeS From Cairo St. Loui Ietaonal and DAILY 3I John ti. Davu. Iteuresentativs i', i Eepresentative from the YIth District, of Indlaua, former anti-Icomnton, the latter Lecompton, fcrrived at TadTanapohs on Wednesday, In the same train. MfT Da via received the congratulations oi a larmmber of friends, who had-gatbered at the NO, 51, SOl'Tll CUHK SlKti: CITY OF CHICAGO.

Sslailay 1. 7 iiepublicaa State Noniinaticiis. dotwbile Mr. Gregg found 44 none poor as to Uim revertnee." I aC I able. heUtvea a little too for future tiling-, ana omiiion may b- supplied by deciding that Stiit have no porvt to prevent tha introduc tion of slavery wit' in their sovereignly provided it shall seem "Jkwly such a decision could These are the rm.In fuuUs of Mr.

Liscoot's argument, and we believe they are anaiiswer- Two Yean9 Progress. H.nnf hr lfi. the iAjuguration of the KepuMicaa party Illinois. Those attended the gat'ieriag remember the trepidation vhic agitated members, the meafierneM of the delegations, the few locf.ikilto fiuia whence they came, the forty anreprented counties, the doubt that vas 1elt of fibiiity to Command suc-cew, the slu inking audor the reproaches which were heaped upon us, the reluctaace of doubtful to join ia its deliberations the listening at the doors ot the hall in which met, afraid to go in, yet reluct-iut to leave Tiise shaking of heada and the oniluous looki of the ihe illy-coucealed disgust euch fanatics" aa Lovejot we.e allowed speak, ond that such "blood'" foreigners" f.sSrH.NEtrtit and Hoffman invited at all. They remember that the politically, dark and the S'ave Power haughty coutiilent of triumpl', the oppition t.oken down and divided iivo Fquads, with no bond nrnnitv of lmrotisc.

But the press necersi'y for cousolidation of thi friends free labor and free institutions wieit and acknowledged. JTeu seemed to ko jw that the "logic or events'' ad demousfr: that the time ttr the crystalizAtion of a a party hud come. But how to bn'monize the. dissimilar elements how to lay' down plat crm upon which, at the same time, lb anti-Nebraska, Auiii. aos, tl ohI "VhigS who bat eons vativi.m loft, the Democrat wha were to-part ttiih but ihe principles they held, and liberal Ireeuom-lov' foreigner, could stand might have oubled more architects than vverf wsemMed.

liow they lajt succeeded in ii'ng upon the vital principle imperilled bj the aitioa of the enemy, wresting it from ie JJ'ris by which it had been covered in the reck of pai aridmitk-iug it the ior our gathering anny, every voter knows How gallantly, wiih our gallant leaders u- Died on ihe State ticket, the battle wan fough and how gloriously wop, we need not iell Jul, though victorious, the new p.vrty was an a of confederates, not a consolidation of forces. Its strength, was not felt in forty the counties of the State. To avow to its principles in ft duzen '-f these, wan a signal for insult, aud to publ'cly advoca'c- its policy, a warrant for succeeded to power, but had not jnuuered tue hate, the fury, or nrdlitied the prejudice of tbo-e by whom we 1-ad been opposed. L'ut two years hao now el; pscd. The power acquired has, in the meantt ae, been wisely and discreetly used.

The si who branded us a1! nigger-sieuler and amalgamatiiaists, as traitors an 1 rene have bion, if not si lenced, ellectualiv dl.uked. The einineut con- servatisiu of Pep inciples and policy I nas beea uemc r.venw wmca they which they themselves. prf dpilated, have fowfed from our r.aiilling onenU the confession that the we urged against thetiien Na-tiaal and the Democratic party true they have called upon us not vainly ior aid iu extricating the country from the and oifiiouHy inttJXJiicb they had pV aged it and thus they admit, though not nil the shame aud sorrow that fckould mtirk the avowal, that our party was a necessity of the timts ia which it was organized, and that tue policy hich it proclaims ia that, and that only, by which the country is finally to be delivered from the despotism by which it has been ridden. This is progress; but the re cent Convention at Springfield furnishes other and not less gratifying evidence of the advance that our cause has made. Called at the busiest season of the year, and, as unfortunately hap pens, at a time ol great pecuniary distress and of gloom arid discouragement among the farm ci upon iic-se aid aud sympathy our access always depends, it as nevertheless a triumph of which we mav well be proud.

Its members came together with no fear or trembling, and in unprecedented numiiers. Almost every county its staunch representatives niere as assurance of co-operation ia its g.iod nork. Tliwas no blinking or d.tdgiug, no apprc henston of the suitof the viiob' truth lnddly pvoclatmed. There were none to stand aloof from its deliberations none to express lear that it would commit itself and theiii to radicals isms which they could nut drf-nd. H.uinony marked its proceedings; and in every heart was the conviction that the iratheriiiif was but the precursor of that triumph for which the op portents of slavery and the friends of white men aad free labor have contended.

It Oetuowira-ted thai the work of ihe past years in in strucling, enlightening anl moulding the popu lar mind has uut been vuiu that the Republi can party Is the true, mid only conservatise parly of the in Illinois, it is on unit, ami that, witli cavf and wwJora, its power is estsiblidied ud it great ictory sure. ehavc not ihce eHcouragemnntH; but fo tho who have doubted or faliert-d we point Ihi-m ou! an ocrnest of what the future lias ia store. Supreme fouit tltriitm. Th- election for a judge of the Supreme Court in tue Second Crand Division of this Slate, took pla-e oa the 7th last. The follow ing are the vetiiras, 50 far as received the Jro in 000 in the the la on ed of Tho Monison arrived here at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, aud left oa tho arrival ot the passengers and mall by the Thos.

Scott from Mound City. Capt. Bofinger generally oflefed free passago to all of the destitute who wished to go South, and told ua to clean the boat out" of provisions if necessary, but nobody cared to go South, and we still have plenty of provisions ia to a. There were oly five passengers by last night's train, and the Morrison waited merely for humanity's sake. The Vigilance Committee ba completed aa effectual organization, and It is hoped there will be lew more depredations by the thieves.

relief Committee, with Capt. G. A. Phillips Chairman, has been formed, and has made itself very useful. There has beeu, aud is, more distress and Buttering here, than bad been The provisions eent down from Patlncah have been distributed liberally, but systematically, and there mouey here to purchase more meat.

Meat aud bread are all we have to distribute, and we are very thankful for that. Adams, Grahim of the lower wharf-boat, have done their best, aud afforded the sufferers all the accommodations liicir power. They sent off 15 on the J. IL Done, which went up to Evuueville last night, and have but few left cu their boat at present. Drs.

C. W. Dunning and J. S. Lewis have remained with us, and are rendering all the assistance in their power.

Their services were much needed. The rivers are still rising, and the Done reports the Wabash coming out very strong. We Lave nothing just uo frou! the upper or lower rivers, except that Capt. Meckin of the Baltic, one ot the oldest and most experienced steam-boatman ou the river, says that the Mississippi below in higher than ever before, aud he be. Treves the water here to lie higher than at any previous rise.

It is still a little higher inside thau outside and it is gvnerslly believed that the water will be over the Ohio levee. John Dougherty, of Jouesboro', caree down yesterday, aDd offered the hospitalities of Jonesboro' on behalf of the people of ihat town aud himself, to all the destitute; and Mr. Pease, the Superintendent of the Illinois Central Iiail- road, has extended a pass to all we can send. UU. Jit.

in pi i'UMUIB Xliu mt i ll I tli selves of the offer this morning. Landing, in Missouri, is all uuder water, and Mississippi couuty Is generally submerged. The levees there, which were built at such a heavy cost, aro nearly all washed away The Fashion reports the Ohio falling rapidly as far down as Uawesville, and that little mor watLir will come out of that 0amivg iHarljincs, A CHANCE TO MAKE TOOXEY $15 SEWINS MACHINES. KIXFORD DIMOCK'S 1VKW PATENT State aud County II iv; lit 9 for Sale. 'JURCHASERS CF COUNTY RIGHTS ran 4lttMn hav tt.e Oirr.Khcd tbrmfciaiK-k 1.1-iCfc.fl is will fciiord prwtit of t-ii- Itw net i.K-r moi.e nan be ntovir ou a lem1! r.vea-nuent lli.jt on aay otcr auicie Dim ute r-nolic.

and Tal-ieb for sale. i. LKKAVOI-jT, 102 Randolph street R.m 14 3. oitdoi SEWING 2vTCIiI3SrE FA TEST.) Ia Ucstaud most Kpiiahle Sing; Thread Machine et caerad lo the l'ul-iir- fFHE PUBLIC GUARANTEED UNDER A Mrom Fl'aa Howe, Jr J. M.S.nt-er t.K.," iMiiu iuuiHrmniig ana itie t.r rar A caser sewitig Maintne aua eacli macoaie wi-r-yurited tu alt lefpecta lidte and eeut-eaien wlil uiease eiarnino thti beautirnl Fiiritity Bewiti atlil licutb Cii.rk street, V.

UliLltciN, Aiieui. American (it-mus Triunbaut I ATWATKK'S $15 Sating iPARDED THE 1IRST PREMIUM AI i. the New York S-att- Fair, Oct. S-l), 1S57 Sittf er'n, titeitr's aud Wiisnu's n.gti--riced macliinea ia coaii jU Udn. c-vhittpe iwj nns J.

O. EuHnr i.l Aibanj Kvrnmg Kxpre. il. OV1ATT, Mantitiiciurer It. PHINEAS i ASTON, ieeretary cf Inshitn Un.Tei-.i N.

V. nrd CALVl.N HURBERT, Toik. Miictitr-e fans -en pronouneevt by aet-utilic and nktli-fuluisf-tiaiitra to he duiubie, r.racluv.1 tn-tn plftf ever iuven.ed, or chu be itie iliary. Ii taci tha to ibe as iii i-endi'tf be nr. ex-a-ni'-ati-jii.

Its t-Uit fceeiten couaisia ui Ua ne. principal la entiretr new anil c-rif it. a', ar.d w. oilv nnlikc any oiitejp in ihe orld. Iia dura) it i ct.t-ds Uie best 13l Mnel.tue, because it is reiv dl '-surd itke eoaipiicated niiit-hiuery, so nif-imi all r.

'W known the public lC lutd -i, Si-util, Srmg or cm. 1 3 qJ out 01 or -and ismoi eti'- ctr. tit oi-ernlioit. ae ne ran redviv se.j upou a allKbt esantinauoa. is emptiaiiealtv the for the liwple.

1' hiji butto Ue.iteu lo aiimired, huh csed 10 i 'Ain body can n- tt, aol everybody will have it. Tbis Btwtds ntxm its own nier ts, and -a its best ihe most rifid iav-stiralUii and 6.vere!.li.critinyof the ekeptiCHl, feeling ass ured lh.t. vtii result in a eouiiimaUon ol'itie auuve a 1'aient in well secured in all poieis. and lli! bein? lio.ty at, etUireiy trtinx tue isrep.t' uave the and esciitsive at-nry t.1t rmied SUifca an.i Ttrrit-iries for Uit reoit; vaiua'ote ui-1 a portion of the 'i erritoiy lor salf, euiier l.y S'utcs or Counties, upon uu eaiibbie and iair fh--PDblicare iuvi'td lo catl the aoitluea tlteiusett our rooms, 4u3 BiuaUwav, Je k'01-k. E- vv would be pte.i-e.1 to sr.d desorint.Te circular to lecoiuc tb pn.te i iu the m-ri Ollbenrii H.

ft. Itl. jll MAS O. iolti tl ii; JuS litoa'iway, tiew I nk 1'iiy. A 1 I' A It la Excliange for a lloasf and Let.

4 FARM OF 100 ACP.ES-20 AGREES A Timber, 0 ntn onder hiRh atate of enlUvattn tuod It auj Horses, il bead CatUe, and all ne. es. ary anuiug Utensil, 30U Iteariiio Fruit Trre, 20 arr -1 of Wheat row In, scr.n in Oli.Te.-. lu 0 'ts, Penni es and Vegetaoie Situated elctt uiih i iC4i(i. Ihe ner wiil eie'ia- re ior a jj.e in 1 L'eaiiO, or will on tone lini--, wnti itnal payment down.

Possession alveu i.nm-iiiateiv. Anpiy WILLIAMS l-al Estate Areota. 8 FOltEST CITY WATER CUKE CLEVELAND, OHIO. rpiHS INSTITUTION IS DELIGHIPUIXY cn the oulakirta ol a forest, wihin tin H.btbxif the city or Ck-eeland hu I I'ronjthe Piai Tie is bm-n. aua raruij hi tue 1-641 sty ie.

l't balli roo.n.- are suprli. i re oil piwg waier. The large ps'rmiBge which t.iis ekt.l is at present rei eiviiK from Chicago and viler w-itoi-n Cl'tea, la a recoin jundatiou lis and it.iurisl iiix eondttiiii. lir. (tress and nifrlv of the Late View Water Cu nei'T Chicago.

i.noeetcd with ibis iosiituUt-n. i Letters irqmi-y to enHe. lie Phvslc ana. wtl' ieeM a if la it, V. J.

J. vas. nt. j. k.

t.V.s-t. 10 iigint-er. I Vlia at i. r-w -V rpilE TEfEVix IRON COMPANY, PIIJL- i Alif.Li'H I A. are t.e" r.1 lo tie cute Oilier.

a.l tais 01 W'KOLTii'f IRjS -Solid and iumpoona Eisnis aiia fiiikiv, t-r noy reqarf4 J-wpu, foi BoiUng Iir.dKM -TratnBt ni niauf n-iti" tOAelher Willi tib'e abi-tns can.uty of li-jis, will be lutulitied ta hi plittancu SAMOX i. KKKrRS, rk-Pre. jeg-laisiojyl 4ih Walvoi su. tH Ph-ia. coo i 1: It I a I ft io Mb iu J) a JTvOR SALE HOtJljE AS LOT ON OHIO utrft, Uiy ry pr rt.

Iraa ihaa oid for Ins ymr my- tm TTESTERN lfcWA LAND AGENCY Siuui CHy, Iowa, wia atiind prrn.mniiy to tt oil lucaoon ot fan M'arraui ur at Ui Fulitlo I.aou oai in iou itt-u-im in aua Juiy urti, 1 all over acres. naiin au4 prtitoptli remtued. Krritatscas C'aoir. lararU A Cu, i.ntc&go; com mqtoii i.i.ri, i-wai fti.Klieot, Wia; Dan el Mitt.Miae. Holt.

Kan. riltlfleld. 4 lietm.n rVcii. amp'-on, Alsa4 Jallie 1K1 A kasa. "7H)R SALE A iloQRft With I A FIRST CLAS.S FRAME on Hir Arf: tin.

A Ur6-niory lirict ileus wUi en Buua'o tr.t feteveral rod Balltilac Lots nn Boftaio streM. fietu1 A irood MnMing I.oi on -HIcLIk-vq Aveoue. uuih or well tb giri. I FAKES. 19 of Istt wili goc4 with t'-4 AttU ivatrK a Monroe etreL isoune.

u.utarv fall nfr) nn zooA wiH a Isnrr Board tig Hotel, j- iiu.d, br- S. mrt pl, cor. UbdrrsiEDea od'er to ttil v-r it for cuh. hj truverf pHprr nburi ti', th fiiltowirg to wii tw flame Hiui lu black, t.i-UhleU kt ir cornw ol Norib FraMhu Uu-roo tUeut, uu tiie ground iite aiz -o'on wUiflt the wrae are tuiiawd, ar au Mfcbyt-an, at 10 cn.und rent, uii in notnl fi'lu, autl wth. Am 'i tWv-tOry rujiie Dwelt Jutj Uols, lot pai Tor rtianiu eveii jntirA lor the in buf wnier fcn cmuuiAiidin? pcod i i.l, s.tu-ted ou iuihiifcut truer uvr cr autt Mrki A lo, euim ict rf pure vr bono lor l'2v itcrt.8 uf i-ati-i iu Vodepry tuiia itb wiy be pawl alxmt out year fivm Uu- titae.

Tilietu'ali ihe tu cciuiiei, nj tLe riur uiu4 and li ud cm be bad very lew fur cah, or ou iiborai tortus. UKOUt.K M. WKlaL-S. II T. HKI.y, Asiiieea W.


rjTl nd unlTupni'fl, to ctxctiane li-r oui a Iicum in Hit etiy, or a at use u.ejuih iitvUion hnUi. aKRwagkity, xiav.i:y a Chicago. June lelri I 2 -1 Ltfcp tt A It A It i A 1 QE7ERAL TRACTS OF FARM AND iTj fintbreJ iJUKla vu hkI nar TeuiifBste ia cutiv. T-aooi-oe, ill be noid iei cat taiaiu. far ra-iu, or Xi.haf-jre'J! in part ft Vereltanti-7.

or oi'ier oriiiiertT. Thest: abi.ut, onAiurd neb buti im arewu tmiherMl, mthb. pli r. lr.ut. uiekory.

asa ard tre d'aereni vant'tien wrli aaie lv r.uQ tic it aod their mih f-u: wi fciid afxuMiii iu iron on- arm ewJ. ha lnr t. Kir la iiavigible it-p ih Aivw. of fteamotdL 'tUv periecl. or or a'i'-'is KKAHlVkJi t.

UHJK, lauj Agents. I For Safe, rpHE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE PROP- -m KKTV torcoanlry residences wlH le lii on reeson-aijif Uini! Hie unJiritled itS. V. K. S.

K. gun. 3. T. H.

li -it Oluli. i esi-lifje. Ten acres; lltie criei. Tne undivided if of S. W.

ot K. E. Ser. R. It i acres; aiiuiiesl aua Miljiiii.iiic r.rk on sotirr, s'an ci' lioct ir Kfaa ou and the Uuete K-nnicott on the eni wiibiu a few tii.niiu-t' i ilw rKiiruaii It 11 tiuil-ered, ei.inaii.Dili4 a fitie.

riew the iate. and iti i rei.n:! te jul to auy iruet in ihe vie-niiT i ihe for lioiii tiir tt-we ePcm.e expeiue and eii-i tlit ntuei of a injiiiry re.idci.e. The ran lamp Ik led rvliginuti Uterar at Hv leP.rk, rtai.r tdu, leaMlv d-Kiinbte tor Utose wb would mIh tin a and tu-aiit-v for eduualiou ul Ute.r ner. A-ply to iilt.r.s OLCOTT. X.

E. corner Lat- and Pute slrr, up sluii 9. je" WM. W.

A DeliIitfui li' sitltnee Ii SAIili A EEALTirn, NEW TIIREE-STORY a.V and hasemer.1 oue CwePing, -within tea tniuiiira walk 01 Uie Post Office, beiwttn Waafieb aud tou-h'xmn contatuing Id rooms. Gas, abd old and all oUlcr modern lnil.roveu.enoi. jUl i by 'nil teet. TbeoaurTtot wlahi; cccany it. will se'l ala it-w pn-e reqiurisi; only finv do u.

bala.iee in anaul payment, tor 10 years to ihat pure: aits ui lio bou. fora n-iie uu.rfc tuta he wcuid juy (iatue ttue iiaie rent. t- wn.LlAMS 4 MKSRkl.L ltel HjenU. 1 i.iri s. r.

wiiiiaas H. MKUBEt.t PIERIlKI.t, KEAL ESTATE SrtTE i DILL mm, JVo, G3 SoutU Clark. Slreei, rUIonco. Pariicular cttention pid to Keciuijr Cc'teniug Ueuts of and Store. Jnomry Public and CoinmUeiooerH

Deeds, Leaaes.Slorlsas'.-sandOoutra.i!.oi (ia.t;.l, Irawn eieeu'ej. til Ljtao in Slisstiuri. WE ARE DAILY SUUV EYING AND 7 yf niakioji frotu netwii-. two ard three uitl-ltooa if aire, of Veltow nw! aud Asriculturjil sttaaie la tue of M.ssiuri, to he had under ihv Gradttaiiou at I'ii per acre. V.verv eutry i-t acres (the uitantit) a 1 oy law to eacki head ofa tntuilvi lalu-i ected persLna'ly by a competent and tl.e iuhiy guaranteed 10 t.e as repreviii-d bv us.

Anplv ttu-ruedlttlely, (or a put and full unrticuiarsto Srl'luX BILBROrO'I, Land Agents, lt.1 street, St. l.uuia. Ho. N. h.

iCx-rini-r ystm Tuoa. A. K'S dated March lcS. i hal under the OraauUou Act, the nec.sry anidsv ts rsjt ie niaii- before some odicer u. ad.uUusier ouib In the rlt-iie where the laud may he located." A.

C. OertcJ. ESTATE AND EiLT IT XV Houtli rt-r-l. 111. to aie of ReaiF-ssU-, pi meat of taxes, aaaeuiuesu.

An and collect'cc ol h.ila Ac. Ixiaca DeR.itlatcd atd busibess paper ij o'iJ al enrrer-t rairs. Beter-to Bero. F. Qutmby A P.eesa, Chase A Co.

n-ti'Tt 5T-'y S. GOVKRlSiintT Lairtd Iioc.itlny Asciny. rpiM SUBSCRIBER HAVING HAD MUCH parucilua! experictioe Sleetlnf nrl,. In the Darimis Land Histri, Wcu ro ti uuiuuai laciiiiea makla valnal. lor LAND WARRANTS OR Ca! Choice aeleoUun: buh uo a be Khit ia IOWA, VriHCONaSlH AN1 MISSOURI, emoaahii-iQ Vsauv-i.

Lari hem loured IX TUKiU OA'K KAMI, iiid 40 Ptr IVnt. Profit IaitC.e iu one yt-ar. 10'A, WISCONSIX AKD ILLLNuIS LANDS Forsyte u.a- i'3r ini' fled ia Kai, iaand at. EALTSIBCRY, Land -If-TS jt. 'Ur 71 TACKEREL.

T5ART7UI ivn lisrp barrels it.s; receive -t and On- aS hv 14 sieel. -KaECTIOUT ItlViR -io ur, nan-eta Vj. I ar bv Si mh rtjter st. 17100 Otw LP. JUST RECE1V- FD atd ur gIe moo si ti.

jtf Trl; PERFUME i'Ji i MUutrtl lil; 1' jjAiSz4RS: tF IM1TA TJOXS. i- Tht-i el i Meao-. r.f and 'aav itaiportw tiytecauuun -h is-rsatainti then aie. acy nou- hi wever, r--prt aeii In aii) uejrrts e.i-i.i.-.te le-irsti. a luMtt p.

TKJ. A.N'iil THE PKE-'CMR. vastiSPASn r.A:iiiPAS.vt it. r'-'VtirpAxxi Fa.VNUlPAXKl POMAl'E oie Atctil for the kVUKNE OVPlty. jeis- 609 Knadwsy, Je Vrk.

rA'ttrTrt ur ir-n 1 iri i-euii; ri.iu.ui vue- I ii uua i'l 'h which tot lal h. rure utr u- Niii--ahv u. our RiiHns ar.i Bathms ar' arr. i'ie wauji i ruuems, aua no paius a be tpdrci' rpZIS ISSriTUTION 13 PC-OXuET) upon -S. '-'f Villi' ol ltit "Kal-re's r.ex.ed;e la disesse, nfld ao inr rootle Ii.

i.nfjr -i-e lh i' fJ till Li. ous than tbey did when they were transpiring. The peop'o were vo oe ku --fniwij-ivvi Bul)jict only to the Con3titation." hat tho Constitution had to do with it, outidcri, could not then see. Tlainly enough now, it was au exactly fitted niche, for the Dred Scot decision afterwards come in, aud declare the perfect of the people, to be just no freedom at ikll Whv was the amendment, expressly de claring the right of the people, voted down? PJaialy enough now the adoption of It "would have spoiled the niche for the Dred Scott decision. Whv was the court decision held up? 1 it li- indivi.lualor.iuionwiih- t)elJ till tbe presiaential election? Plainly enough no uie ppeaking out men wnnld have damaired the perfectly free argu men 1 upon which the election was to be car- ried.

AVhy the outgoing President's ielicita- tion on tne enuorsciueni 1 uy tut- ucmy i re-argument? Wbythe incoming Piesideut's advance exhortation in favor of the decision These things look like the cautious patting and petting ot a spirited Horse preparatoiy 10 mounting him, when it is dreaded that he may give the rider a fall. And why the hasty afier-eadorsement of the decisiou by the President and others, -We cannot absolutely know that all these ex-acf adaptations are the result of preconcert. But when we see a Jot of framed timbers, different portions of which we know have been gotten out at different times and places and by dif ferent workmen Stephen, Franklin, Poger and James, for instance and when we see these timbers joined tosrether. and see they exactly make the frame ofa house' or a will, all the tenons and mortices exactly fitting, and ail the lengths and proportions of the dilferent pieces adapted to their respective places, and not a piece too many or too tew not oruuuug even scaffolding or, it a single piece be lacking, we see the place in the frame exactly fitted ami prepared jet to bring such piece in in such a case, we "find it impossible not to believe that Stephen and Franklin acd Roger and James all understood one another Iroin the l-e-glnniug, and all worked upon a common plan or draft drawn up before the first blow was fttruwk. It sdiouM nottw;,-iy tue ive-braska bill, the people of State as well aa Territory, were to be leit "perfectly free," '-sub- ject only to the Constitutiou." Why mcu- tioa a btatel Tbey were legisiafag lor Territories, and not for or about States.

Certainly the people of a State are and ought to le subject to the Constitution of the United States but why is mention of this lugged into this inerc-ly Territorial law Why are the people of a Territory and the people of a State therein lumped together, and their relation to the Constitution therpin treated as being pre cisely tlie same: While the opiaiou 01 the Court, by Chief Justice Taney, iu tho Died fccott case, and the separate opinions of all the concurring Judges, exprestly declare that the Constitution of the United States neither permits Congress nor a Territorial Legislature to exclude Slavery fioni auy United Ista'es Territory, they all omit to declare whether or not the same Constitution permits a State, or the people ot a State, to exclude it. Posfibly, this is a mete omission but who can be quite sure, if McLean or Curtis had sought to get into the opinion a declaration of unlimited power iu the people of a State to exclude Slavery from their limits, just as Chase and Mace Fought to get such declaration, in behalf of the people of a Territory, into the Nebraska bill; I ask, who can be quite sure that it would not have been voted down in the one case as it had been in the other? The nearest npprooch to the point declaring the power of a State over Slavery, is made by Judge Nelson. Jlr-ap-pioaches it more than once, using the precina idea, and almost the language, too, of the Ne braska act. On one occasion, nis exact language is, except ia cases where the power Ls restrained by the Constitution ot the United Slates, thi law of tie State is supreme over the subject of Slavery within its jurisdiction." In what cases the. power ot the States is so restrained by the United States Consti'ution, is left au open question, precisely as the same question as to the restraint on the power 01 the territories was left open in the Ntbruska act.

Put this aud that together, aad we have another nice little niche, which we may, ere long, see tilled with another Supreioe Court de cision, declaring that the Constitution of the United States does not permit a Slaif to exclude slavery irom its limits. And this may especially be expected if the doctrine of "care not whether fclavcry be voted down or voted tip," snail gam upon tne public miKd suicciently to give premise that such a decilr.u can be maintained when made. Such a decisiou is all that slavery now lacks of being alike lawful in ail the Slates. Welcome or unwelcome, such decision is proliably coining, and will soon be upon us, unless the power of the present political dyuasty shall be met and overthrown. We shall lie down pleasantly dreaming that the people of Missouri are ou the verge of making their State frv, abd-wo shall awake to thereat tty iusKad, that the Supreme Court has made Illinois a slave State.

To meet and overthrow the power of that dy nasty, is the work now belore all those who would prevent that consummation. That is what wc have to do. How can we best do it? There are those who denounce us opeuiyato their own friends, and yet whisper us that Senator Douglas is the apiest instrument thei is, with which to affect that object. Thev wishus to infer all, from the act, that he now has a little quarrel with the present head of the dynasty aud that he has regularly voted with us ou a tingle point, upon which, he and we, have never ciu'erod. They remind us that he is avery great man, aud that the largest of us are very small ones.

Let this lie granted. But "a living dog is better thaa a dead lion." Judge Douglas, if not a deal lion for this ork, is at least a caged and toothless one. How pan to oppose the advances of slavery? He don't care anvthinir about it. His avowed mission is impressing the ''public to care iwdiing about it. A leading Douglas Democratic newspaper thtaks Douglas' superior taVut will be needed to resist the revival of the African Plave trade.

Does Douglas aelieve uu effort to revive tiiat trade is approaching: He Las uot said so. Does He really think so? But if it is, how can he resist it For years he has labored to prove it a sacred right of white mea to take negro slaves into the new territories. Can ho biy show tisa it is less a saered rigb to buy Ultra where Ihey can be bought cheapest! And unquestionably tbey can be bought cheaper iu Africa than iu VIgluia. lie has dc-no ah it his power to reduce tae- vthoi" question of slavery to one of a mere right of proijjL-rtv and as eun hofia vi lo-'eiu 'slave trade how cau be rtfi-s; tHat trade L'i that "property" glut! ba free" unless he dots ii as a pro ttwtiou to tlie home production And as the home croductrs will probably Dot aek the pro tection, be be wholly without a ground of opposition, Senator PoueTrts hold know, that a. maa nin rightfully be wiser to-day than be Kas yesterday rtlmt he may rightfully change hen he finds, himself wrong; Lest, can wc for that reason, run ahead, aud inter that he will make any pat'licnlar change, which he, himself, has given no intituattou Caa we safely base our action upon any such vague infareace! Now, as ever, I wish not to xuisrefireeent Dougtas position.

tan'' persona Whenever, if ever, he and we can come to gether on principle so that our cause may have as-sisifaoce i'rora his grent ability, I hope to have intcrpsed no adventitious obstacle. But clearly, be is not now with ue be does not pretend to be "ae doe ne jromise ever to Our cause, then, must tie i jirusted to, atd condiicd by. its own undoubted friends tltot-e whose bands r-re free, whos.c hearts ac-i who cart ior the result. Two years ago ihe Republicans of the nation mustvi-ed over thirteen hundred thousand strong. We did this under the singla impulse ofresisfaace to a common datjger, with t-very external circumstance against us.

Of strange, dl-coi daut. and even hostile elsineiUs, we gathered from the four win-ts, and formed and fought the battle through, under the- constant hot fire tf a disciplined, proud acd paarpeved enemy. Ltd we brave all Shem to filter aow? now, whoa that sauji enemy is waycriag, dL-scvured and beiligtrent The result is rot doubtful. We shall not fail if wc ftatr. firm, we thnll fat jail.

isa cootistH may accelerate, or ce-ay it, but, sooner 07 later, the vic'tcrv- 16 sure 10 eona Reported Death of tUc Eaperor of fhtna. Tue AJtoctie of tlie 1 Clh rmbllsbes tlie folio vii)- iuiclKgence, from wfiorn we su tt-ose, to Tae an Anierii an missiouary ia Ckina: Tt Car, Jiart ts, 1-SS. "It carreatly reported the Ewi'ror is doad. The Radian emlttu? received letters from Pekiu, dated oa hist Christmas day, stating that the wipeior was veiy sick tliai Lii lower limbs wore entirely and iht Ini could noi live ranch longer. The English emltawy received news news vi Cantoa Uvm Pekin, dat-td ia Fel-marj-, 15S, to the eil'ent that the emperor ia dead." This retiort.

howev er, i not credited here. The report of the em peror's aatigeroiig illness seems to Le well an. tnenticated ma i L.ablv dioIIib i is death may so add a frssU complication to the prcspnt Eegotiations, acrl furms-h another to the chain of reat'eTents by hkh Gl is opening u- tils Ki the Gopel of his Son. R. S.

1 Economt. cf hanging a iaoutarid dollar tfg-o. ai who had ciorderod atiolher atgro of tlie same value, Le was aad out U.i Tie IastRu-tion fiftbrd to throw away two liesrtofed worth $2,000, a A as in motives, or rn-inT 0 IN A UK All AM 1 11 tspecU! Corresp andeace of tie ChlcMO Trib b. 1 SPBiSiiritLD. June 17, 153- Tlie deletrates and citizeus reaasembled at tLe Representatives' Hall shortly before eight o'clock to listen to a speech trom Hon.

Abka- ham Lejcuiv. Judge Koeucr took tne cnair. The weather was intensely hot and the Hall crowded almost to sutlocatiou. ieior un, wpeakiDg commenced it was suggested that Uie audience adjourn to the north Irout of the Staia House. Mr.

Lincoln said he did not intend to ruuke a long speech, and that he wrnld com ply with the wishes of his Hearers tsy Euoressm tljcnl ia the open air if they particularly tie- it ftt tue tjme 0icc was not excellent condition, and he would yueter to re ri. n.t ih. niaia in me ouuuiug. xucm -j-v ri. veuuuu.

j. 4: VriM7 VL'r, "rr fli p. and whither we are lenumg, we couiu oener judge what to do, and how to doit. Weaie n0w far into the fifth year, since a policy wan initiated with the avowed object, and confident promise, of putting an end to slavery agitation. Under the operation of that policy, thttt agitation haa not only, not ceased, but ba constantly augmented.

In my opinion, rt wiB not cearo, until a crisis shall hare been reach! and passed. "A house divided against cannot stand." I believe tb.s goveraiDeus cannot cwlui permanently half plave and half free. 1 do not. expect lite union to oe uissmveu ao uoi tpec uie come all one thing, or all the other. Kitlier of it antl it wfJt ill arrest tlw lurtter where the miad ret in the belief that ii is iu the course or Uliiiliale or lin a nm.m -mill lorward, till it shall become alike lawlul iff all the States, old as well as new as well as South.

flavewt no tendency to the latter condition? Let any one who doubts, caiefully content plate that now almost complete legal combinsu. tiou piece of machinery so to speak compounded cf the Nebraska doctrine, and the Dred Scott decision; Let him consider not only what work the machinery is adapted to do, aud" how well adapted but also, but let him study the history of its coustrnetioo, and he" can, or rather fail, if he can, to trace the evidences of design, and conceM of action, aiming its chief architects, from the beginning. The new year of 1854 found slavery exuluded from more than half the States by States Constitutions, and from mot of the national territory by Congiessional prohibition. Four days later, commenced the bU-uggle, which ended ia repealing that Congressional prohibition. This ojeined ail the national territury to slavery and was the first point gained.

But, so far, Con gi ess only, had acted; and an indorsement by people, real or apparent, was indispensable, to save the jwint tl- rcudy gained, aud give chance lor more. This necessity had not been overlooked bat had been provided for, as well as might be, in the notable argument of "squatter otherwise calh-d "sacred right ot self government," which latter pluase, though expressive of the only rightful basis of 'any government, was so perverted in this attempted use of it a to amount to this lliat anyone man, to enslave another, no third man shall be allowed to object. That argument wa3 ineor- porated into the Nebraska hill itself, in the binave which follows "It btinsr the true intent and meaning (or this act not to legislate avery into any Territory or State, nor to ex elude it therefrom but to leave the people thereof perfectly tree to form and regulate their domestic institutions in iheir own way, subject only to the Constitution of the Lmted Estates.1 Then opened ihe roar of loose declamatiou in favor of "Squatter and 'Sacred rijht of self government." "liur," said opposition members, "let us amend the bill so as to expressly declare that tiie people of tho territory may exclude "jNot we," said the friends of the measure and down they voted the amendment. While the Nebraska bill as passing throng's congress, a law ease involving the question of a negro's freedom, by rea-son of his owner" having voluntarily taken him first into a free State and then into a Territory covered by the congressional prohibition, and held him as a slave, for a long time in each, was. passing through the U.

S.Circuit Court for the District of Missouri and both Nebraska bill and law suit were brought to a decision iu rhe same month ol May, ISoL The negro's name was "Dred Scott," which name now designates the decision finally made ia the cw. Ec fore the then next Pres dernir.1 election, the law case came to, and was argued In, the Supreme Court of the Lnited stales bnt the decision ot was deferred until alter the election. Still before the eleciiou. Senator Trumbull, on the floor of the Senate, lequcsts the leading advocate of the Nebraska bill to state hs opinion whether the people of a Territory can consiiiutionallv exclude slavery from their limits; and the latter answers, "That is a question tor lite Su preme Court." The election came. Mr.

Buchaaa'i was elected, and the indorsement, such as ii, was, secured. That was the second point gained. The indorsement, however, fell thort ofa clear popular majority by nearly four hundred thousand votes, and so, perhaps, was not over whelmingly reliable and satisfactory. The out going President, ia his last annual message, us impressively as possible echoed back upon the people tne weight ana autuoniy ol the indorse meat. The bupreme Court met ugaiu did not announce theu decision, but ordered a re- argument.

The Presidential inauguration came, and sltll no decision of the court but ihe incoming i'resutent bis intui sural ad dress, fervently exhorted the people to abide bv the forthcoming decision, whatever ii be. hen, ta a lew uaya, taine the decision. The reputed author of the Nebraska bill finds an early occasion to make a speech ai this cap! tal indorsing the Dred tcott decision, uad hemently denouncing to it. Tim new President, too, seizes Use early occa. ion of inr iu iiuu sit'oiii construe that aud to express uslon- ish inert that eny tiiltereut view id tvi? Ix-ea eu'-ertaincd 1 At icngrn a srij i 1 1 a r.p between she Fresiueat and tue author uf the Nebra.k bil oc the mere questuiii of'rf.

wiiether the Le- eomtitou Constitutiou was or was uoi, in anv just sense, made by il. penplo of; aad in that quarrel the latter declare that ull he wants is a fair vote for ihep-ijde, ar.d litat he cures not whether slavery be voted rai, "i or vo iii. I do not understand his declaration that he carc-s not whether slavery be votsfd down or voted up, to be in fended by him otiir thaa as ru apt detiniiio i of tlie policy he ould impress upon the publlo taint! the for which he declares le suffored so much. ai.dis rcauy to sutler to the end. And well mav he cling to that If Le has anv parectal feeling, well may ho cliag to if.

That piiicipio is iheouiy shred Iettoi his original uuviiiaa'. under the Dr' squafied out of exi'ience, tumbled do like temporary like the mould at the foundrv served through one blast 4aud fell into loose sand helped to carry an tlect'on, and then was kicked the wiu. Ills late joint struggle the Kepublicans, the Leeomptoit Constitution, 'ivoh-cs coth'ng of the original Ncbioska utx trine. Mcuir.itJ was viada on a poi" right of a peipl; jo make their ewn upon which he and the Tle-piit iieans have never differed. several points of ihe Dred Scott decision, ia conncctrM.v.iti, iior Douglas' "care not'' policy, constitute the raachiiierv, in its presec state of advancement The-mMkirjg points of that machinery are First, That no negro slave, imported as such from Africa, and no descendant of such slav can ever be a Stale, in the s-enii of that term as In the "Const; of Statcxl This point is icade iu order to dep'tve the pegio, every possible event, of thej'joneilt of vrovLsion of tiic roiled Slates.

Codr-tiluiion. hic.h declarer that "The eitlzee.a cf c-ich State siMilbe r-t titled to aiT privileges and imiutinit'esof the severalSrates." Secondly, Thai "subject to the Constkuviou of the United nr-ither Congress nor a Territorial Lt giflature can ei'ciii slavery from auy niitel States territory. I his point is made in order that individual men may till up the territories with i-laves, without danger of losing them as property, aud thus to enhaace the chances of ueruiaacney to the institution through ail the future. Thirdly, That eibcr the holding a liecrro in actual slaveiy in a free State, inr.kes Lira free, as against the holder, the Uniied States courts will not decide, but will leave to be decided by the courts of sny slave State the negro may be forced into by -the master. This point is made, not to be pressed immediately but.

if acquiesced iu for a while, ud epparectly- by the people nt an election, then sustain the logical conclusion that what Drjd Scott's master might lawfully do with Drd Scott, iu the free Slate of Illinois, ever- other master may lawfully do with aay other one or one thousand slave, ia Illinois, or in any o'her free State. Auxiliary to all this, and working Land in band with Jibe Nebraska doctrine, or what i left of it, ts to educate and raouid public opinion, at lean Northern, public opkron, not ta care whether slavery is Toted don or votr-d iy. niiKivn "saeuy wiiere we now a and partially, hither we ure teodipsr it will throw addltiouftl light ga iha lai are latter to I P1RKCT Tlie Best Easttn. aad French. re iLiiSIICIt OF StPKHIOit Qt rUy ei'ITAULS POIi THE Kl'itt TKai.v Which wi.i 'vi Sold at? a Small Advance ok t.eatil.

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we hud iiiit ifce foJ-iiIt, I '4fi las'iiuii t-. t-etiaifcc, ftiui tbnt liu tus j.t-iu.ii.i nrd -carle i't purp.Hti' liraiiiz fcii'ju a'V' it) tU prtrtui'iiiiu virtue ml nicitLrf-'V stiuK -nb Mi'-i aoviiiceiunt r.t V-nir lr fcytr.iv k-. ftai mi It ot so reform vimii of ti4 sue ia id tho siii (o itUH dtd the k-m 1 1 meu st-'iril'. la J'--op. il it, ct) jjo rliuiii iwai iuC.

in e.tu i 5S O.j.'t-rn.iii'iit hi ud tiittiiKnm it nhts. 1 i iv-i lj i. it iiv i ine of lb ftst to a iu w.ih S'jivi-. i ti I'ti 1 -oun mv ul 1 i I'll it a-i vr now ffi- bv -( tlu- eviii ry ng'itnt ih i ttft-i'i ii ttt- i 'A'iUtt it iiip-. fi-i-iM''! L'j a iitf in 1 Pt-ri ty put! raanu.

to j.frpfltii'.i MaVri lb tt vu bis nr-irt'tt rr'ant It the u.j an ii n-Vi': um 1V U- f. it fe fv.vifil 'id l.y t'i cxii or- tVTUvtti 1 mvti I V- '-bit a- one ittir tluHif 'Ik -If tr' aiid dlUt l- i3u! fuloiCcr a'l -JTj Hi- if tiirr, ve; we i-- n- i-n-H 1-miiMwOll oi the; prm- in if of a iiia- Sco ti i Ue -y l.OR --r tout id i H. "sVi ttiat nnVif" uj-r v'C lh r-ui ti-i i ut r- ii il.i Silt (tU to -i ic-j 'i rt' r-t ver arni 1 1 a ii-'. i- C'ip-itu of ai'-d A Xnii no turth l.t ir '-!) "iH'-i i rivitisn4 k. 'f 'if t'oi1 of ar own "TiviT n.

rroifi rfpsouiit to hji u-h -i til- in. It. all per" -n. i wti 1 be ti.ot ni i ti iial re Uii.v! i ti rr W'l'U (ii r.i.m'i, tf' srovf to live nn ihc. xU Wi ihe -Aiih, i tiy Willi iih.i jral -utio -Tiir ni(o liUiu-jlh'v 'liiiuu-s -h V-ltt t' Milt.

-i'M brt (Oil tiv.c oi ana iritscr; and ii. i.m.irit; 'i i thM we sfuju'-J r'ni-i i.t riaiv-Oi uh- rs. a-nd -pifi 1 iMi-uii-ni. tmr conini-ri: oiiiUi 'o li i'L! aif m.v at' tar iiri an t-- M'i i-i'tji t't'tti. Pi ii'i'i au i1-! mi; -I ni mini i V3 UiJi-.

i -id tli rm-lrlJ iwf 1 rPae" iiin' tu- 'i cniiiirv tih i u-u. l-iU iis fir S4 W.J Si-rt i''-fci 1 fti'h uie curt We pubus'a this laoiuJng 'Jtc l-jgical and lits-tcr! iiru'uom dalivevcd by Uoii. bei'i'i-e the ilepublican State C'nven-tiou at rfpringticld, on Yv edaesday evening last. We can say notuing belt" of it than to it tliO carcl itl pvr.istl of every citizen vf Illinois, Jio'Miolicii'i or I'tcmocrat. It a s'ummtug i'? ihe irsnes tVie the (icvulo--clour, concise, argumentative, uuim- and conrieons.

'L is conccnicl, his far 7 r. Li-S-ken 7,.,, i- i. Vi'e s- in' ileitis wii' ailie tiieirs. Mr. LixcolV ii 10 ST.Cik for ii; 'He in 6'mU; as i already taken we it--a--sured tt it will jf every ii- minded ncd f.

would we i's diiu-icd i gen! it-manly s. Li the cuta-a which Mt I.inimi.n rsverr i.c ii lies iv i.J i -ir-iHUt lie -trii'ilrtl a v'vl jt tresttptent of the i-'t i.or cVi Ncbra-' a bill. Hut we gladly fact (Ui i ae same spirit of i i f.r ihe from the mau in icai-s have to stand ia tl.e ii i'v. uw. Let eai i-il'lli, ('nte-'t to th Iik (in '1 wiihout per-ui'df, T.

mt niore aHasioii to ihe past than U'lccte. -iv r.cui-v to make us connection 1 ii ad we ball hive, no duub. da-t id' the ti.e 1 pre- 1 li me cf J'. i.b r. sic 1.

dL. i ili- iii ti; mutchHl ih( t.ihea by Mr. Ls vot.v, to wii'ca IvUe the atteiitiou of our iik-c: ii iite of and Iti.i Court, ai so aJm'iro-! ad fxr the pro-y wi-ie i pi i-pavcd t.r tlie oiher "t'-g. it'Nl, make slavery in the ft Te: I 'turies, Mild to k-- it iu ihe of iite riu" c-.

is ih.vt one u'Uii ina l'rc- Ten-it i.ut t-r JVrrllor-. ii Uiiid -(s s.ra!- -i iheiii a ip a great one. as people 1 Sciiatov L'ut ju of tiiV not of She LeeouipM.n a1 ion ihe 'if the pt f-ple ot iii, l-. i.i-i ihat it ws. Eoih il re: ii i be.

in ihw r.f t. littcg-; ihs l. a eoiiL-rii'ucd, we m.i-'At that ias the a.H-i.fag of jt.kI uiS lid, liv. Iai Jirl Va ii.A there is a panicle oi .1 iu l.ll-i I saul bin; the i opposed 1 Uie Uifi.n r. he thinks it is ofth-! people.

niUier of the p-jny ever ijni Li.ii. 4 i'Cl-vj -Ni-eciul pains to ray hat ne whe'her slavery ia voted voted Cep.ibSIcaa They vasiiy pi-J. it fibc.u'.d Vi-u-tl 'i'C rcl. the to faiak that wi-ubi refer to have ic vc f.1.! cv ho on a wrtaa horn of the dileutmu. vi-: hr would ae the fople of cn the polity of Governnieat atvd to a colli! iihm of tola! indirl -n-u, Aluther i-i ivery Is or voiied down in oar te.riitorii-s a uteh utui.

wvaid repijdin'e aud sorn as ai Hniivid- Lich ilr.Dorc-on an it I.AS lor.k ilm' a bro info a fi-ev toiiue, lor tue of his master, may bo 'hrtdare-i a slave bir flnxr 1.. ol that tuie wtii 'i his masUr can jui-iuij That v.hich mav an- in 10 urn- may apply to a thousand. Thus the oriy pi-, -stit diiiui'iy in the wr.y Lold-i-ig v-lavu-t in Plinois is the uncei taitity of S-M't-X th-11 into Viwsowri ot Kentucky iueac U'y to their U. A gain Died Scott denies the ot i'rritory, thir.ngl, i to abolish or ii.hibu Bat it WtcUte of Uie I'O'- a State ta do ante opei: ioT in tl iU a i.t a future will coz-j a the Prod 5 a the tdche by the crCid of Wbrrvska bill." The Nebraska bill ajrac war. the riuht of pit to form and iguiatti tbor 1 luiiias Out tn ri n.

people pfiwer l-ifctunt tue iiiU-OKuot' tlaerv iu the'n- UJJj ci-i Va. I was ia will its the is the thf.t tc and ing of biid old ail the ai The Democrat of tue Vth Congressional District Wsaoari have nominated Judge John F. P.ylaud now represented by Col. Woodson, Lecomnton American. Ia is said that the House Printer, Slei duiau, has eM nut nn.l mnf.

hnnlA fn run frtrConffreSS in Mott'S district, in Ohio. Steed-maa mav be a fafet nag, but broaabrinMott will distance Uim. Hon. James Wilson, the iaithiul representative Congress from the VlUih District or lmiiaua, armed home on batnrJay last, aua nuureu miniliHrfif his fellow citizens in Lavlavette. His I i remarks were uteued to wtn marteu mteresi.

Liiwiesriaiicu aiianc, wo ovU date Congress in the Hid District Ct'amrtll I Foley, the iDdianuy feller, who is now "turned his District, acknowledges he "didscW that letter, that's a fact, but they muciusled it most dmuably in pul iis-hing it." William B. Keed, our minister to China, is coming home this season, through Knrope. William H. P.assell, the Crimean and now the In- Mnwnn.Tr.nt l.r.nrTilll Timpa h.S $10- a year, and all expenses paid. When be arrived India, he was.

rec-eived with great attention by big wigs, and I-ord Canning hastened to invite him to Jinner, and show hiai every politeness in his The English Hnuse of Curaiuons is discipLnmg an editoi for libeling a chairman of one of its commit- tees. The editor (of the Caleiadnuts authorship of the offensive paragraph but per- stets in assenhig its tnitn, and is consequent ly Ittid arrest, and placed under the surveillance of Uie sergeant-at-ST-ms. Deacis Corcoran, wlio was among the killed by the explosion of th steamer Pennsylvania near Memphis, has been a prominent editor at A ew Or leans for many years, fust ou the Picayune and then the of which he was one of tlie principal founders. William B. Astor has bought Powerss statue call for the sum of $7,500, aud the Hon.

Hamilton Fish bought a third duplicate of the same artist's Fisher for 1 1,000. At the election on Monday, (7th for Judge the Fifth Jadieial District, to fill the vacancy occasioned the. resignation ot Judge Walker, John S. Bailey, L.q., of Macomb, was elected without opposition. Quarrels are the order of the day.

The rival candidates fur Governor in North Carolina, Ellis and 3fe.Tue, who are sici-nping the State together.Lud a fisht at Newucn, ia which MoRae gave Eiiis the lie, and Eilis struek him. Tbey were separated by officious friends. The Repnbhcans wete successful in the New Lon don (Conn.) city election on Monday; and in Watcr-bnry, honois were divided Henry E. Fish, on the Citizen's ami IKmocratic tickets being re-elecud Mayor, and the Republicans and Americans electing" mast oi the olher officers. The Iiepuhlican3 also carried Norwich, handsomely.

Douglas Ds-wn on Ir. i Dtbat. SPECIAL SESSION- SENATE. Washington. June 15.

The proclamation of the President convening ihe f-xtraoi dinar I sfiuoii waa read, and a committee angointed (3c j3. Alien and reward) to Inform the Pre, went mat a quorum is., auu ti.e oea- ate is ready to receive any comnmnicatioa he may pleased to make. Iu the course ot the debate, Mr. iougias called attention to a personal matter.

The ou- ject of his rising was to notice a telegraphic dispttch. giving an account ot tue proceedings 01 what was termed au Atlmimstratiou tot-ate Convention in Springfield, in which his public course was condemned, lie proceeded to show that this was not a Convention of the Democ racy of Illinois, and said that the persons nom- inaied for State officers, are not. and have never been, recognized as cousistent Democrats. The true Democratic convention was that neta ia April last, aud instead of being abused, he was indorsed by it. What was this Administration Convention There was a man ia Illinois ho holds an ollice, traveling all over the State, claiming that he was authorized by the Administration to denounce every man as a traitor to the party who does not approve the Lecemptou Constitution.

This mart, with a lew boiters trom the genuine con vention, where they were voted down by twenty to one. got up tlie recent squad. The Federal tfii-e-holdera were threatened with removal, by the Postmaster fa Chicago, if they failed to attend. Their oojeet is, to ilivide tue democracy of Illinois, and denounce hira, (Douglas.) lie never yet had been denounced by a regular Convention. i ne bogus gainer in as sot up by Dr.

Charles Leib, agent for ihe Post-Omoe JJepartment in All know that his history is this When Jim Lane and his aanit were driven trom Kansas in IsiSG. Leib fied to Illinois. Pretending to lie a confi dential friend of Mr. Buchanan, this Leib was the chief officer of the Sooiely cf Dames, and took the horrid ouths required te break up the Democratic Party, under the penalty of lieing reviled by men, frowned on by devils, scorned by angels, uud torsaken by Gud Mr. Biglersiid that what the Senator had as was the last thing which won Id have oc- ciiiicd to any man's imagination.

He had be fore: heard this allegation against Doctor Leib, and called his attention to it. Doctor Leib solemnly denied ever having belonged to such an association, aad said the use of his name was without any authority. lie wis not in Kansas at tlie date of its organization. Mr. Douglas replied that this compelled him to make a contrary statement.

The first time he ever saw Leib was in IfcSfi, when be admit ted he ras -the man. The fact was susceptible of proof by hundreds of people in Kansas, and he has admitted it hundreds of times, it was only aa evidence of the vileness of the man's character if'he denies that he was the chief ofli-eer of ihe Daaites in Kansas, under Jim Lane. This fact was brought to the oltenti-m of Hie PostmaiteMI-'cersl Lefore Leib wa appointed, but the IV vtmm-ter s'Jd he promised Leib he shoidd have the office before he krew it. Tilt! Free Soil parly in Illinois had no hope of sueefss in the election except by destroying the Democracy, an alliance wus fotnied be-tiveen them aad Leib and his bolters. Mr.

Hrodi-rick isheJ to know whether the Aduiiii.s'rauitn encouraged Lleb. Mr. Dii-ig! is replied lie not say that, the AitiniiuMTutivu gave him authority. The tu. famy of his acts is 1 00 irrfii to induce the belief that Ike Presideat or his Cabinet fliers could have given him.

authority. Yet he did think ihat if it was u-jt d-i-avowed after the facts wore known, tLey would become as responsible as if tht-y had given the aaihurkf. Mr. Bro'lerickof California, exwes-c-i his delight at the remarks or Sir. Pougias.

Mr. Tiutnbull. of Ililuois, had no disposition iatei'fer. Jhc factions sf tho called party. would no! hs- oad not his colleague aM t- tree Soil party base no hope of success, excejt by the alliance with Leib and company, if bis cUagBe wu laboring under such- a misappreh' nsion, he would oisabnyp his mind.

The Hc-publksa par'y intend t.idofeat both Letti aud ibeDttmo-ciuiic atiy, tgetbr or There is no alliance between them and this ma? Leib nnd lii aiociatcs. The iiepubiicaas ye At oppose the Lfeotuptr.a and all oil -er like it, and would he harpy uoiwj wualils colleague to do it. tiu had been ariive against the UeiuiMicans, r.hd he might lie obnoxious to tl bargee against him, tor he (Trumbuin knew. Tins I Ccnvenlion had denounced li KepubH-cans in the most Abusive and gross language, aud falsi 'j-'d their piiueiples. They arc no a of RepnhUeiuis.

Mr. D.iyard said thai whether Leib is Daa-ife or not, it was not Important for the country to kUvw in cor.aeci-ioa with the resolutions. He regretted exceedingly Mr. I)oarhts had tfco poi'tics of liUr.ois, uaitv ihei-'c-naU-r thought they wee rjore iri-poriaisl. li'au sulyiCls coauecud with iTes-sions from a foreisfa power.

Oa luoiion of Mr. Hunter, the Senate went into seci session, aud a'tenvards adjourneil. MlCBtGAV Cf.vTRAL iNIl JllCiHUAV S01THF.8S Ein.soAPS. It is known that a compact was entered into in the early part of this which the Michigan Central and Michigan SoutLerit Kaili'oaU effected a consolidation, of interests and abolished the system -f paid aud regularly salaried ticket agents. Thisarrange-inert is effected by a divhion of the surplus receipts at Uie end of every month.

ach road renders an account at the end of the month of its receipts on through passenger and freight trainc. The one which has thrTl trgest amount then delivers 10 ibo other fifl; per cent ot the surplus, after deducting twerriv per cent for runuing expec-es. As tue receipts of the Michigan Centra! are much the gi-eater on (ravel, some thoiisauis of dollars pass into the hands of the Michigan Southern at the end of each niom-i. The latter In tnncsa on freight receipts, hut nor nearly much as the Central oa pasaeuger receipts, and the arrangement, consequently, works verv macb to the advantage of the Southern Hoad. "The dim-inutiou In ou! side expenses is so great, however, that it is a money -saving operation on" both sides, as no eiHirl is required to direct passenger travel- over either route, neither carirg yv hkn gets iii 5 surplus, Ffse iVtss.

it if t.f CUSTKfK. 11 in, I ll arfi )n I ftl 4-a Iia: o.uj. itVi'FB- 3iSICIAE CF M.W iCRL 1011 ALK BY f'lCNION, ROBINSON A. SMI'l 'If. A -atAsiaa arrrABjuita i rttt rm tl.TTEB OF I-'op Softenuia; iiio IMPP.OVIKO inB CoMPLBXIOK.

DUFCY, llasmwr, if. Attnt Slaits. Tl.e (Aitet t'lUia OtMlM Is to Ki Sf puj'Uty tn the me-t ar eft-ch at yei been iti the praciioiJf p.iTp. oi e.err un.irh:Tv Imi.iMn.v i'Om the Skir, to i.t period of Wwm the ttrntte tj-rl freshae' of you'h. Mperleace and a and -sor-lied t- qtllfijy car wiii lis uit a noihing ia luase me tuiiy afcre A tiTiii itaiuni aid itaVitD Alley are In Cvnnev''-'B vht, wou'd call tha uitentic-n in" the to a new remedy, the Electro C'lieatical ftatli, iV'itch we haa luti odp.rcd ii.wi this ru KE Py ihe use of tiiese.

ftaltia raneotis n.ta.s Kenury, Lead. A. .) ai Ir'iin the ateo. tffid ai uie of the fUstresfciuif ilia', la i.t.ject l-" are entirety cured, fr-orh fa Khc -ra. t' teers.

Nen -itU, diaeat.s n. Per-i sons wi-3 havfc worked mi psit-t. or en! motiiciuei. ot'arir kind, wui The of thifi Insliltit cii are in i-t y-r a to v-able weekly. Invalids wT, hejar gia cruaUI-srela.

eott-ti i- a Thoie 1 1, -s-. ''irk iijvtinii A Uf Au-oarJ In the unities above named, not over on-ij'iarter of a lull vote hs been polled. The impreisloa Is that Judge Walker is elected. A "swii.i, Milk A Tc- Tori, swill niu'ii linving lost nearly all its ia of the recent developments ia regard to swill milk, hit ujoa a shrewd ladle to get them back. His cows w-trc tamed out to clover a shoit distance front the city, a iter a few be made a great 2aor of inviting his customers to go out ard his cows luxuriating in clover, su! la learn what pare and unadulterated milk they could secure by continuing their patronage.

Tlie best of rrfi'tfhnientt, were fuiut-icd to the u'y. and more sit.slied oeusprmy never re. turned the feast. Order i fot milk flowed in the cows next day were all returned to the distillery, and the milk lmsiness is now going oa aua profitably, as usual. Confirmation bt tub Among tint i ctmbnaatsoiw marie by tL3.S01.ate ou Tnes5.iv last are the folioivbg Augustus bcheli, cf ibe Tort of New Vet s.

tieoreX. iSandrrs, Navy Agent of the Port at JNew iork. Dr. Era.lfcrJ. of New York, Consul at Pukuc.

l.abriel Fieurot, Consnl at tJordf-anx. Gov. Wright, of ladiaua, Mlafcter at Berlin, P. New Jersey, son oS'tiie Co'n-aso lore, M-ntster Rt Home. J.

chandler, of Peimsylvan'a, Minuter tt Alabama, VinUter at Belgiaw. 1 a'- ly.cL Georgia, Minister at the Ar-jen-tiite Cotton Minister at Bolivia. Sir. lV.ugh4.ny, Marsltal of the --ailienv District Flood. The river commenced ring ytsterdav -rot 'V'11 inchs-s bttt enough to show a me tii.e, una tiiai, we way now expert it to recede rapidly.

What is better, the upper Mississippi and" ihe Mis-foun ate both railing, and all the other rivers "iere is a turn in say now is soun ioUow strt iscicu.1.:. Tka Marebaii wtoun, ys that a Mr. j-arley, of that vPige, com Tu.tL-d isuicldis cit Zdoaday hast. Trouble ia his Va3 j.liu5e K. K.

WILLA Itl lOl NG'S BANK. NOTE AND C03IMEjRCLL- -S. 13 JSC 23 mhlS WORK. WEIGH HAS LAT2XY eoinn-ei-oeri lu Issue, In aut conudet.ti h. too -pohhe eue of ton eare i-ni fU -ii wblial.ed.

I. wm be oa raco in; ai.d contuio a rf vamable information oil classes r.f pjop i I h. and awM bo Ua jnto w'ara tko pti Biinka. and eiln 16 ttall he K' Tne UKi'OKTKR will r-e Ui(t cn.iterfe,ta, reliaole ctsaofrsUI aroi- r.i.ita. lions 01 U.e Tiiiue it ja-id warrauia, jte titer.

or Kemi-mcufSly f) A Cnia I'h art. cot.tainiiig slioil in' nea-: r.av.rv isu; "Bd K. K- WiLItASfi YOl'-, Vnuic-i-i And Vat-W: re.ptir.. bat ite ue or OOI-rEf-tt'ri HXTEA'Tt-. ELI.Elt -FLOWEP-S, Tue snee'est and reattj the most perfect r.

A' tr-iHJ I AT TK ThiaadDarabie p. of LTdir 1 ujwera is rcry flagrant aa a perfume. EiOr rto era tarsi ju the eirJtest 5 efteetred as a 14" and harmless, yet inrst j.r. fret 'leaatjicr of the Skin. Tan, Siiti-Uurss, Frtcklts, Kednesa, it will sj-eedily anj completely reawvs.

tlHUPaii. It ls sinpniarty l.eneScjiUtid perfeatyinoi-ioiis even to the youngest IntAiti. Sb itimo. It is valuable beiond e.nythui;. anuihiiatitig every pimple at elV rt ughteis, rBderin Uie Skfn roll at4 rm, preparing for ihe raor.

Faai-T I.oTioM.r-Godirey Entrant rf Fldei- Howerswiii be foui.d beyond nil praie, and need only a tal to be ap-poed. Aleuts lii)iiii i Saout, Nw Voit. rk'BmKLua, Buoa. J. W.

onotikia 4 Bo-tan MnTXew Tc1K. P. C. Wwu A Nw York. Aad all other Whoksa'e and Retn.l Drnfce sig.

GKAUV EliEVATOR. Km. 26S to 27J Soutli Mater J-trect S. K. POMKKOT Ac CO.

A -NOW ESTABLISHED IN THE wrive ncmulv ooanpied Meier: i lei. S''SJ the oaVe ilT' -n kinds ot purel Se "OA.ei. and fof ih? Sr. bra a in licid a a uaM HUeu- to Tola o1 tnV n.ere can be iujisuike. 1 t.opi-1 tu, be had oi ail neat twatcp-ij RcS: Sloae Yard UtAhed, rnni: undersigned has taken thf awij- as B-c riiK-i'.

all i.ii. S.JR'T-V V' with o. -erri eeKMlfce ta tim iJ k.a.o.tV rtoe7M l-M-uc i amt in any ounnuiv r- fcll' uie. P. P.

CIS so aeo 10 kdru ji-a-j.

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