Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 7, 1858 · 2
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 2

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, April 7, 1858
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DAILY- TRIBUTE. CITY OF CHICAGO. : , Wednesday Momlns .prll 7. IS. Sr. Washburn SpecU u Lwcnijrtoiu Elihu Wasiibcknk, of Uie Galena District, ia known in the House of Representatives a a - working member; aul aa consequence, ppeech, wluvnovor lie adtlres UP Hou, tuiuraamh the undivided tttU'tUion and reject or that Innly. We one our readers an apology for not publishing bis masterly argument tie livorrJu few days U f. rs the vote wad token on (lie Lccmnpton Coti-uiiution. We reeuived a eopv of Uie fee'ili ttniultanetU!ly with the an-uounmucnt or the anient oltUe lull iuiLelL-.t bv ilii Criiiendeu amenduieut. The tnlyect "V'-.s sis!? from the beginning. The propo? Hum to force a baleful government on an uuwilliiig jfopie'nus too m-juslrous for argument. No-tuiuy req:iml to be convinced of its utlcr villainy. A doxru words exhausted the subject. Afir the t'vfeat of the measure it w us doubly stale. -Jr. Wasebsknk's speech is one of the abiet-t productions of the session, and we would g'a'iiy give lae to it even now but for the nausea which all our readers taust fuel for the name of Leeoiuptou ynoiijmous ad it Is with ail purl ileal depravity and ugliness. Uxiary U Aiisdant. Mouey is abundant in 'tw York. So it if ; bat wh.-n W5 say that only those who have gold U deposit as colluitral can borrow it, we are guilty of no great exaggeration. Money if abundant ; but CL-nlido'ice is wanting, and the precious hoards lie securely hidden in the i;i most reoestw of bank vaulU, under the protec j tl.iu of bolu burs, and no one baa yet found t'je mairic Wufd which will compel them to fly buck. The virtues of all ihtf old formula? is j tshau.-if.i. McaboM railroad bonds and slocks at tiie key Ih'mm of bank safes, an,t listen J vainly for a single click of coin to stimulate their hope. Not a dime starts from its place. They were ones eiin.valent to the 'Open Sesame!' cf the Arabian itile, and at the will of the lloi-!er wcreexcLnnged for raoun tains of wealth. A pieee of brown p.iper or a page ot the Wash-iugfaa Union ia at) '.owerful now. And s of woj-t other s'cm'ii;es gold always excepted. Tiir-ir oid magnetism by wlach money was tb-asvn iroui Us hidioj places, oi'teu as mueh to the surprise of the borrower as to the loss i t the lender, is gone, and they are displayed in Waii Street, never so temptingly, but no one bays. Men realize now that the bubble has burst, and tba". in the general crash and d"a-iull, ore tiling Credit has surely risen in the market. It is no longer cheap dog cheap iirt cheap. ' Doubtless you are good, but we not 'li-'eiitnring iio-v," is the polite phrase of the parlor, by which Midas iii-irust of your fe'ueme and your solvency Is f.spressn!. Iheie are few exceptions to this With alleratii-u-? to suit each special e ss!?, this .-peech is the d-smi-sal of all appii-cur.i.i for ea!i. Monty is iibtiudant in New York, but those n, -Lava it are able to keep it. Loans aic lii.tue on riv: j, i;m(. ca nnexeet.'uonuble paper f,l; mercantile bouses, on cal1 to ineu wto.-e i:l;ty to respond at. any time is nndoohted, on deposit of coliuterals that can lit) inytatitiy converted. In a woid, money is ubunduut with the nun of money j but is tight to all besides. The rate ol interest is lower ; but what matters t' at to those who cannot bur ro at any figure, great or small! iionty is r.bnndaut, and, as long as it is it will, to be guilty of s l a.lo.v, be exceedingly scarce. As long us the bttiika ier.oi-1 their two scotc-s of liiiiiions of gji-l In vault, the tightness will contiuni l;t'l confidence is restored and values are fom."l in sonieiiiin: besides Uie piecious lnetuls, ihe stringency wiil le felt Vi hen a ea-i be made without the depot-it of eoiu for secarity, the times will thow wgus tf improvement. Eut at present, as a good-ruhired friend who has just returned from New York, where he rummaged Wall street up and down in pursuit of sonic one wh- ouiu iuu into bis magnificent proposals, as that friend wys, " This a the period of iiicufiation ; the 'eagles' are - setting, and no allurement can t!; a.v them abroad." Money is abundant in New York. Ilia Kat r LxtharicWLat Is UI If the mercantile community are disposed to forget that the amount of money paid every year in this State lor txth-vge is nearly or quite .ijtnii to the whole eirculation of ths Iliiuois Hanks, we intend to keep the fact before the peopie who 'indirectly pay the enormous shave. Mr. Joas Tuojuyos, Ex-Broker, &c., himself a considerable dealer in the article, used to say that exchange was a fraud, and the rcttt of exchange a lie to cover it. Terbaps tuis was an epigrammatic way of expressing it, but it was escnt tally true, and cannot be gainsayed. Let us illustrate : : 'Two cotn'nercial centers are buying and selling each ether's products and manufactures. Their currency is the same. A dollar in one pi'tce is a dollar iu tba other. Each employ tue world's recognized standard cf value, or at least its repve-eatative, convertible at any-niotneet i'lto the universal medium of exefiauge. To laako rapid settlements between these cities, baiks are ite-tituted which undertake ihe collection of a'l biils as fast as they mature, and. to avoid the frequent shipment of money to e:iuoel individual indebtedness, furnish Mr. A. who has bought goods of Mr. R. iu one place, tho bill incurred by Mr. C. of the same thy, for lkmr and beef bought of Mr. A,'s neighV.r, Mr. I. Mr. A remits to Mr. 11 who collects of tr. C, who thus tistharges his in dcbteliios to Mr. !. and the whole businees is done without the transportation of a dime' between the two chics. Kaeh man tho avails kimstdf of these fae.ilitit-s is w illing to- p.ay pjiuethiug lor the lianker's services. If Mk. Ran air wants to make laoney too fast and gits in the h-.bit of of ovou-'aaring, Mr. A. and the rest ot his customer have otiiy to remit the mon'-y and jy a trivial per cent. u somebody who makes a living by carrying it. The money come lack again whoa Mr. C. Kettles with Mr. 'J. The loss incurred in settling the bal ances .is equal to the banker's "rate of ex- chan ji'' in the ouecae, or the canrh-r's ehar go iti tue ru i r ; a"id properly speaking this is no v.'.-ic a thaa Uie rate of freight or rale ef i:iM:ran.v ltivt-n the saute cities. V e have been sapposii-g that Uio traders of the two haiUiie used ihe same eurrencv, or tue ranie kind of a currency one which was hisuutly convei tih'c into goid and silver. The wuiau-.e, .f tiade will iule sgaiiigt one duce as o.ten u- ajiaiust tue otli-. If it wee not t-o. tee aecnwiiatel balance against the one would send it into bankrnp'iy, mad destroy its credit with the other. The rate of exchange is proper iy the comaassina for ihe banker's trouble, and the iiiu rrst on his capital if he has any, which is not, al.vaya the cure. But when the htioking gent it-men can create a poorer currency it .ore pbtee than that used by the other, ur. l .uditcc peoph; to conduct all their home tnscu-tiiui!! with it, ihey eau make a rate of ev. !..! e-paal to the cost cf converting it into m good a currency a that used by the tiierohfu.ts acl mauufacttirers of the other. This h cxtictly what our bankers have done, and th's diir-reiiee of values is exactly what we are r.ying mdT the catchivovd ef Exchange. t'h di we not have a specie basis !or Illinois Cuii ,riey t F.migratlon. We see by the Dubuque papers, that vigorous measures are being taken to induce emigration to Iowa. The board ol directors of the Emigrant Association at their last meeting an thori.ed the Secretary to engage the services of a Gorman Agvut to Obtain eubscriptiona to a Miftir-ieut amount to publish an edition eT.lO,- thio copwa of u paiophlet in the German lan jroage, t-ctting forth the advantagea offered to linmisranu iu Northern Iowa, for graiuhous distribtillou iu he Eatera States, and ia r.uropo. the Wonld-fce Army I Hah. The valorous jonug gentlemen of Chicago who have lieeu burning with mjldierly zeal to shoot, impale, transfix, or otberwiso put to death a battalion, or if nee J be,a whole city of Mormons, mnst buttle up their ire, and kep it hot for some other occasion. Their dreams of rushing Into Mormon hatcuia, amid the hoirors of an ussault,aiid rescuing therefrom the imprisoned beau' ies in danger of doalh ft cm bursting bombs or red hot cat.uon shot, all go f.-r naught. Their visions of a " gel-o-rious campaign," ofwenes of high conviviality in camp, of hftir'B-breadth 'tcapea :.n the field, of shining political rewards upon their return, of future histories in which their names would appear within Iialos ef glory, ph Jiiug oat from the forum and field, were only mockeries. They can't go ! Their patriot e offerings are not accepted. The rresidenf, though tueh were a Curtius, w ill bave none of them. He has taken a regiment of seedy ia,5-a-nn-ffina from New York, another from Pennsylvania, and the third mast come from the Sou h. Oh, sad fate ! A thohsaad embryo conquerors, doomed to die without chipping their shells or uttering a sin gle peep! An hundred militia ofliceis, fiom corporal to commander, condemned to air their vanitv and 'feathers on'r for the delectation of the boys and servant girl3 in this windy city Soldiers of the Aimv of Utah, a thousand cen turies command yoa to go to woik ! That ill cool your valor. ' JIcLiaa County. The Democrats of McLean County held a Convention, at Blocnaiugton; on Saturday, and ei"ht Delegates to the State Convention were elected. Strong Ami Leeompton resolutions were unanimously adopted, and the Delegates to the State Convent ion were instructed to vote v an unit in favor, of the course pursued y Mr. Douglas. . - 5rrvt cf a Counterfeiter, Comtspoudense of the Cbicagj Tribose.1 Gai'Sbbbg, Aptit 3. 1STA The polite of our city last evening arrested N. It Latia, more famiiiar'.y Known as Bone i-itWi They found in bis possession t ver f 2,000 in counter feit money on the Agricultural Hank of PiasjKid, Mi-s.. a'l two's, and weli executed. In default of $3,000 bail, he was committed. Yours truly, A. C. Whet. UowdyLsm of Volunteer Tire t'oespacirs. Careful and patient invest'gationhas demon strated that much of tho eriroe in Philadelphia cutt he traced directly to the Engine Houses of the Volunteer Fire Companies of that city. We say crime, and we mean it, not mere rov- dyisiu and turbulence, but positive crime against persons and property. In New York the fiinc tbins h observable, and we Lave a like report from Baltimore. Says ihe Exchange a new and able paper of the latter cl'.y, in the course of aa article on a Paid Department and Steam Fire Engines : " But apart from its snreiicrity over the engines at pre.-t nt iu ue, there ai e other reasons in favor of tiie use of steam lire enginei-. Wiueii ougat not to Ik without their weight in th's onmiauuity. Ore-baif of toe disorders and distarbauces which take i.lai'e in our cir mav be traced to the tire compa nies, their rivahy and fends. The fire department as at present orgtuu7.:a,Nthe proline source oi vice, lawle.-s'icss, dissipation and ernne. Only last wee a member of .ne of tiie liie coltifanies was sdiot dead by an adherent of a company, while pro. ceodun? va tire, tverytunetfce alarm tmil soandt the citv is thrown iuto conuuion,nd the streets are tilled with a di?orde-!j tbroug if men.boys, engines, arnl hose carria.'red, 1 usliuc; pell tueU, helter-skelter, vma noise aaa raetet, ana li&s nmreuaent .y comiiig into collision sud engairg in 4ep5rate arid bloody rio's. Jianv ef the eugiue hoasl-s are ti e known aiiil not'irious h: tints oi ruifians anJ buiiie-i, who daily and nightly cruijirczme to the terror of the neighborhood andof pt-actt'ol passers bj, Ooe-haif of the lawlessness wnich characler.zes fh risina generation of half trrown men and bovs vrbociv.i'-ti- tute the meraberdiip of nios-t of the companies iu;iy oe attnnuteu to tins sriiirce, wmie in times oi not'. ical exeilemeiit tiie paitizin chamcter of matiy cf their organisations Las materially inerensid "the amount t-f violence and Idooonbed incident etjudly to notiy conrtrtea elections am to nrtmea s ieaii- The worst of toese evita nili he a'togetiier removed by Hie btitution of Fteam tire engines, which re q iire neither men to ding tbesa to the lire, nor to keep them in opi.ration, but simply the services of a practical engineer, to nuiuage their machinery, and of a pipcnian to duect the application of the water, vii:;ii, in steady and comotis stream, they pour tipon the fire. For the take of tne peace and goou oreer oi tue city, meretere, as well as the pre-servation of property, the project of the First IfcO"-timore Hose Company is entitled to the support and encouragement ot our citizj-pa " we commend ttus extract to the Common Council of Chicago. The members of that ldy need something to quicken iueni in the discharge of the duty which they owe to tho?e who have entrusted them with the general su-. pervision of their property. The "Srw OrSfaits 'Dca!stiie Ziitaitg" oo lis), ill Sevarfi) the itoti if sr. SUtcuan Trai.slMed trrin the liliuoU IStdats Zeimag. J The New Orleans lkutsrhe Zeituvg, is a kind oi out post oi tue tune to come iu lue nosti.e land of to-day. Its opinions cannot be said to be dictated by party interests. It cannot, ia the Stale ot Lioutsiaua, whose House of Kepre sentatives have recently adopted resolutions in favor of the importation of African slaves, oe-louir to any political party without prostituting 'the German sentiment. -There, as in Texas, the Germans, are in an expectant position and must content themselves with undermining tie Slave power by practical demonstration that fioe white labor can not only exist in the South, but be more profitable than Slave labor, We are glad to see that Ihe opinion of tbt New Orleans journal ceiieeruing Win. II. Seward; coincides exactly witii our own, and tins coinci dence strengthens ur.v views that he is juit the man tor tue place, aih.-it those members ot lus own party wonid prefer to set him aside, who wisa to replace by putty di'iii ail statesmen who cava the interest auu dest.nv of the ke public tiore at heart than the interest of t.h party . - We have seen enough tmall men placed iu the Presidential Cnatr bv tbe Democratic putty. Riichanan has -xt-:led Pierce, while Pierce siriassed Polk, iu littleness and mean ties1. Tie wbo'e government has become a piece ot mechanism moved bv party vlre pullers. For nwy years there have been no lnen o! ctea.ive ideas ano f-upertor genius in the White Mouse. Iu Mr. Scwaid we have ihe hope of sueu man. i he opiiiion of the New Orleans paper on the statesman and his srea speech ol March 3d, is aa follows : " Mr. Reward's speech is a mterj)iece of ttafes- mait-liKe ruetone, and will outlive its author and our tiUie. It will be a beacon-bulit on the waves of Uie- stt ite just beguu, by which later jrenerations will be cinued oo their a v. r riends and toes will read it witii eq-iul atteuuvn. ami both will be re lresued oy tne maniy tone wuieti pervndeii it. " l Uis sT.e.'cn has rent tae vtu wuicn nau Men thrown over the nauii.'e.-s battle now raging, mid tttnier the tuottctiuu oi watch the ueinngo"iesere tihtii'g for their pa't-y interests. To bow many eity eotite-ts l as not the great question OT'-r which tbe battle ra re: alrcadj- given the occasion i Uw have its huiits l-u obtu-ratej to draw it dowu to the leve! si' Llblpotian eti cnmt.inees 1 T! e du;i-t ion or the downfall of the lutgahirent structure erected by the entliu?in ta oi "liberty wuose ."I'lendid aiminsiims h;.d already, iu the dreams of patriots, extended across the continent stems to t'ifc piamies wbo have their hands on it, merely a sop from which thty can sock tbt it selves to greatness. iVe now enter upon a pew phase of the combat. Mr. Seward has laid down ti e plan cn which it is thsm-efojtii t be conducted, with rerft-et clearness. He has raised the wtandurd of tbe North with a steady lianJ, and throwo down ihu gauiitiei to ihe SouUi, n iiliont insult or invective, la a snurt time the anna ill lie fall ef Titans, where till now, miller the protection of the imt, the pigmies did their work, perhaps airetuly to the ruin of the lie public!-' Thk Dii-TftRFNcs JJetwsex EELtuiors Men ako Curistiaxs. At the prayer meeting al burtons theatre in New" ork. on Saturday, lloiirv Ward Heecher deseril.ed the diifererice lietween re-ligious men and Christians : " lie drew a distinction between desire and choice. The ragged vagabou 1 desires to be rich, but he desires lazinessmore; atid wechoosethat which w e west destre. ii a man dc-it es to be a Christian, and thfj desire is so strong that he is wil ing to relinquish everything for this i,mbi- tn, liusines-, lufiL-uro or whatever' the saorL- tice requires taere was no ra-on whv he should not become a Chri-tian that ins'ant. Menwhosimpiv desire Christ laci'v are oaly religions men ; they ate not Christians, he beneveil tuere were thousands of people m the churehes who are only reiiirious and net Ohrisiiuus. They live iu fear tht'y are almost l:,. -,i i . , , onTMny .T(i s wKMiiiivD ; out ne wco is a t-unstian, ts drawn to it by something in Christ which he can love and worship. He often found it necessary when people came from other churches to him. to try to turn . ri,- m via vi t-ll,llill lllbu WliriSiireU V. " bii j OrsTEr.s" ok No IV iks. A divorce case has been commenced at Rochester based oa a very novel plea. Tue AJeertarr savs the ri:,r ties have been married but a few months, and occupy a high position in society. Some interes ting developments are exnectl. Tt bi-i-hw tVo dithculty, as set forth iu the complaint which is very long, originated in a dispute between Mr. B. and his wife as to whether they would have the sympathies of the community are vsiia the " IIC - ', inrm-.tTiii. oroiitv.i or some oyster tried tor breakfastthe lady, whose tastes are ex-aellerir, contending for the latter. It is ueedteo to tavihat A FUGITIVE SLAVE CASE. ROW TEEI BID HO TflES IBEY D1IKVT. , IFrom flie Piustiorii Gswtte. . A BTtllant idiun of tbo Fugitive Slave law, from Uniontown. aecouipanieil by a Virginia gentleman, one of the " Mcoud lanulies, we presume, as his name was Mr. Stump, went up to Dlairsville. ou Thursday last, to catch an all- ged run away slave. A third man appears to have been along to identity tnis cuauei, one of the contented, happy and fat laborers of the South, who, Mr. IlamiiHitid says, have no aspirations for anything above their lot. Very well; Mr. Stump aloresaid. to company witu the aforesaid U. S. Deputy Marshal from Union-town, whose name we do not remember, nnd, in lact, do not know, made a grand entree into the quiet village of liltursvilie, vutn tnougn intent npou carrying back to bis own proper owner the aforesaid ruuaway and contumacious chattel. They caught tlte negro man ; they had with them alt the means and appliances for camiDit out " fumuiary justice," to desi rable in co:-es of this delicate nature. They had there the master : also a representative of thedignitv of these Uuiied Mates W ben tue .fiddessof'libertv. which is supposed to preside over their destinies, twr the time goes out from her sacred temple and scours the country for such of her " admirers as maybe guilty of a tawny skin. The representative of the late Mr. Dnehanan, of Lecowptou memory, was on the ground, plucky as a ben, ana weu anneu. Another body was also by to swear that ho knew the negro man, If necessary. , - Every tning Deing in renumesa aau uie mg-;r" safe in "hand, an unforeseen contingency occurred. From all parts ot that rebellions borough of Dlairsville, the black Republicans, the haters of this union of the States, the Auti- Lecornuton men, the negroes even, togetner with the mud sills, nu'.ed as if by one concert ed movement upon the gallant deputy, tbo proud Virginia gentleman, Mr. Stump, and the third man w ho w as along. They defended their satrt'd charge with the greatest gallantry Blows were given and taken ; shots were exchanged ; the brave stump let fly a volley from his revolver into the crowd, but as nobody was hit, it was supposed his pistol contained only powder. The finnd of "James," the U. S. Deputy is said, showed the most aecuied proch Titles towards tne use oi snoe leather. A- naif of coat tails setmed to be his only desire, ana t wanted them only for exhibition behind a rapvjy vanishing posterior. Uis views were philosophic! Thev were. moreover, poetic, a? in his opinion "Distance would lecd enrhajitaient to th tici ! These rebellious iuud-silis actually rescued the,slave man. Aye, tiie burning disgrace is upon them which Moses incurred when he led a whole nation of fugitive slaves through the divided waters of the Red Sea. The 41 Riairs-Tilians" look the slave away and concealed him, or shipped him ou the underground railway, or got him out of sight in some sort. It was "presto ehang." now this little joker was bore and now he was not. After the rescue was complete, the dignity of the Fugitive Slave Law as personated by tiie deputy .Marshal and Mr. St-imp, one of the second Families, and the other body found- it necessary to beat a speedy retreat out of the town. They were, in fact, with many marks cf indignity, driven out and expe.ihxh They in much haste withdrew towards the junction of the Rlairs-ville with the Pennsylvania Railioad, a dis tance from this rebellious vuiage ol some two miles. The crowd followed, penlag them'tid they were beyond the limits. Rut when they bad got a good part ol tne vay towartts. me sta tion, party of nigger-,' who were ty toe way side as if to make aa ambush, sot npou them, and Mr. Stump had to stir his stumps anew. Alter other liatr bread tn -scapes too r-umerous to mention in this fcuceirct history, the gallant band of kidnappers got iu safety to the junction, and lurtuer ttiuu tins opponent suith not on this subject. 1 Terrible tiv'.l War Two JiRadrcrt ard Twcsit -Eight Prkoiitrs sassaert!. A private letter received in Salem, Mass.. gives the following terrible story of tba awful atrocities committed iu tiie Band Oriental country. The letter is dated Montevideo, t to- ruarv o" : 'We are stiil in a state of civil war m this unfortunate province. 1 uis time there has been mach bloodshed some 7(10 lives having already betn sacrificed to t he cause of Liberty. (How that wvrd is abused !) " ien mas w as neteatea, anout a weeK since, some 250 miles ia the interior, and over 5soO prisoners sui rendered to the government tr-'ops. After sending to this place, to the government, to know what disposition should be made ot ihe prisoners, the Presidc-nt sent orders-an hour af terwards, to shoot 28 othcers.and cut the throats of nearly 200 ot the soldiers. ,; Among the officers were General Caesar Dias. w ho has been servini his country all his rr,,;r-.,i wio t-i M-,t;ntn-t a.w-.- roiov: j. loviuce nec Rosas lell, and a man who bore aa excellent; character; Gen. Frale. one of the veterans of thirty-three, aod his son, a Coloufciwita other oiUcera ot not much lower ttrade. ."This has been one of the most btnlal butcheries that ever stained the annals of this country. It outstrips Rosas and Oribo alto- Ereiher. When it was known thut the order bad been sent out for this whok-sale slaughter, the Friglisii and trench ministers, ana boiliAd mira!, the gpanisli micister. American. conimo- dorc and American Cobral, nil went to see tue Pre idtnt, to supplicate incicy for these xoor lellows. out in vain. About twenty ot the tirst lailies ef this place also went, among whom were th? sister of the President's wife, Seuora Vidai; Senora Castel-lauos. wife of the President of the Senate; Mrs. iTeqaeira, President of the Charitable Association; tbe widow of Gen. Pachctoj ite w idow of Gen. Laveikica; and Indeed all were ladies of the tirst, respectability. They et en went dow n on their knees, supplicating pardon for those Oriental officers, but they were turned a way with insult, and tbe poor fellows were shot like dogs. Ail of them leave large families, which were entirely dependent upon them for support.- It has placed ihe whole city in mourning. No decent lady appears in the street without being dressed in deep mourning. Everybody, ot both political parties, is horror stricken aVihis awful destruction of life. The consequences will, I fear, be dr adful, and we begin to sc j it already. The cavalry escaped at the surrender of Dias, and have been making dreadlul work: they have already visited several village, 'ami cut tbe throat of every bianco they i-ucountt reii nv-n, women and cbilutcb and destroyed tin-ir prt-perty to as greut a i extent as possible. TSis vengeance doe not fall upon the guilty only, but cii any of the adherent of the parly" liiat did the awful deed above mentioned. Last year we had tho yellow fever, which carried ( If about two thousand of the inhabitants of this place, and now this civil war is continuing the destruction of lmman lives. Litaiuipation 3a SisseurL The New Orleans Crtscekl concedes that Missouri must become a Free State in ten years. Ou this subject it says : We have frequently express d the opinion in times past, that Utssouii was gn.uualiv, but surely, aporoacning a comnuon that would urea ttkm of the eiaaiiclyniain cane in tb; Stats, and an easyttinmph at titnu The tieiioj ivbith isas c-IiiiikbI since has Confirmed tliosi- o'-inli.n-i ; arid w-v euteilaiTi .tju: .i, i oi i.ia; i-:uaiH.i(.ii(ttWill succeed ia t'a woik 0,-iore the expiration ot a cecsde. fiein- r.ieJ in on the Nortu, h ist and West by free-soil teriitory with slave piopt rty becoiain uai;y more iisecuie anu toss vauaoie lor teat season snd with the extraordinary indcreinents to sell which the high prices; negrots turther South nadily eomuiand, furuUb, it would tie wonderful rather'than other wise if ihe s'.aveholih tv then did not disnose of their property ana porktt the proceeds, w.taout any re gard or care lor its iiin is epon tue existence ot the patriarchia! insniuiioii at home. Sach is human iiature evervwhere. liLssouri is partially fice-sodized now, and has btea for some time, the !?t. Louis District beiner represented hi t'ongre by an open and s vowed Free- soiler F. P. 1 Jiuir, Jr and there is no question whatever in tbe minds of iattiiigentmen, that the Anti Slavery sentiment is increasing in ail port.ons of the Communwealth. About tbe time S!iKiuii goes, Kentucky and Maryhuid will follow suit, and tba the tsoQtu will be shorn of three great Mates deprived of three great froutiu bulwarks. And the beautv of t he thing consists in this : We will have paid the money to deprive ourselves- of allies, aad to weaken tur owa section ! The profound te icion of such a poliey is so apparent that he who runneth may rend." Iu view of these res tits the Cr?ttt puts forth the following fetler toward a renewal of the African Slave trade : " But let any one propose to prerent the imond-iag catastrophe by tUe int : odm ti, n of additional tabor from abroad, or by ihe adoption of precautionary measures of any'description , and he is at once cried down as an euemy to the Union, even if harder and more reprehensible terms are not need, by gemiemeu wh illustrate in their action the proverb of straining at the gnat an,;ai aliowiiig tbe camel.'' The South begins to see tbat no new State is likeiy to have a population favorable To Slavery. Even in Texas, when another State shall 'oe carved from her .territory, there wiM be a large majority of the poople against tba peculiar institution. Considerations ot political economy, rather than of morals, control he domain of Slavery. In the cotton and sugar States it is profitable, and. consequently, will be concentrated. Instead of expecting" more Slates, the planters look for more negroes. As yet they go to Virginia, where slaves" are dear; . hilt they intend to fck a " cheaper market iu Africa. Ea-ch year will 'witness stronger demonstrations in favor of the foreign Slave-trade. " Such hum-in m.ture everywhere." JiA punster says, '-.My name is Somerset I am a miserable bachelor. I cannot maiTy, for how could I hope 10 prevail on any young lady possessed of the slightest notions of CL"i-cacy to turn a Svmenet .'" Cocanitrchtl Failures Siorc the Crnt oi January ,1 Backi npl Law Wanted. IProm Ihe fiew Yoik Hrrald.l We pubiibh today a list of the failures which have occurred in the United States from the first of January to the 20th of March of the present year, and the total will be found somewhat alanniug, though by no means unexpected after the late tearful financial panic. The number of failures for the first eightyNfive days of the year was 1,495, and the total amount of liabilities is set down at thirty millions, six hundred and thirty-nine thousand dollars. If we add to tiiis torty-iive failures in the Rritigh Provinces, figuring up a million and nincly-four thousand dollars more, we have a grand total for the United Stales and Canada of 1,5-10 failures and $31,733,000 of liabilities. ; ; t The follow ing is the llet : No. of Failures. itti 7 56 !M H-4 ni id a 3 2s il ... .: l'ji ........... 7 hi , -41 39 9 H 31 6 13 j ; - '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 5s .. - 174 is 11 Si 6 19 41 rs 19 Debts. 1 Wild") 3,7:4, IW 2-a ma 1,(11,011 MO.i.llO ltiiaAXI l,5i(0 2St.l0 Tit,il i-,,,0 ) U-.O 5,14.1.01 JI4 0i.i 6.iS,iaW 9tba"0 1, ri.ll"i 1T1 WO'il 2. H),ml Jir.'W lM.vtO 5S4,I'I 9ei,ifti 2H. uuo a;i oo HU If i i") J'.i.DiO aiii.eo yew Turk Sinte I f Cjiy MusMnrhoB. tis S-ule....... l;-.ton t'liy, ...... ......... rim.-v!Yail!a Sttit fhilmlVlt'hia City VHrylaud stiue........... l;Hlonui-e CUV - A iH tin ma....... ........... Ark.auu - 'o-inecticui Pi. n:a revisit nauuin ., tcWS...... - InriiMij Krn:ucky I.4uiaua... ....... ....... HU.ili! Michigan Mlouri . Mtidsifpi. ......... ...... Sew U&uit' ...... New JftisfV Noriti Carolina..... ...... e;i Kfaoite Inland.... shjuiU Carolina... t PlitlUAhCtt... T&ifl Vermout... ...... Virtfiina W iMxmtkin . All Uiu 'l erritones Total n die United St-Uca .....1,495 $30. 639,oeO Tutti in ibe liiiti.a J'roviucea 4S l,i'.J4,lfiu Grand tomi Will joj,ueu ""Last vear there were over six thousand fail ures, with'debts to the amount ia all of nearly .. . :n; e j.,tl . -xt'l.?! three nun.ureu millions oi uvuais. iiuub we number of failures lor the first quarter of this year is in proportion to last, it will be seen that tbe amount is aispioporticnaieiy email, enow-. ing that it is small concerns which are breaking down now. . . One singularity about this statement is, that it shows that the central, the western and the sugar growing Slates, are ia a woful condition, while the cotton crowing States of the South, and all the New Laghind States are sounu. All the failures which we record to-day should legitimately have occurred last year. They have only I eeu protracted by the parties obtaining extension. That "trace is exhausted now. and they fall by sheer iuaniiy. This was inevitable; for these houses based their engagements on the prices at which goods and produce -afed before the revulsion, and consequently they are unable to meet them now that the raies have fallen from 40 to 8t per cent In 1637 the result was the same, but then the smashing continued for almost three years, and ia ail probability we shall see the same thing now. In the first weeks of 1837 over live hun-dretl merchants ia Netv York alone broke down. Others held on for a time, p opping themselves by extensions ; but until lslo they continued to drop, when the number of failures in the Union amounted to nearly forty thousand, and the bankrupt law which went into operation in ps.12 wiped out $450,000,000- of debts, and released oi er thirty-eight thousand bunlctnpts. In a panic, large Louses are the first to go, then follow the banks, and TiUle concerns lollow them. The great drag down the sruali. The banks recovered themselves quicker in this ie vulsion than in 1837, because they held more specie," and their bills weie issued cu a sorer basis ; but we see that the failures of commercial houses are still going on. There is but one remedy for this, and that is a good bankrupt law, applicable to individuals, bauks, railroads aud and all corporations. If the houses that are breaking now could have solved with their creditors long ago, by ihe opetat'on of a bankrupt law; and started afresh, baaing the business cn the new stale of affairs which panics alw'uy leave liehind them, many of them would be titW in a safer aud more thriving condition ; bat by tbe present system commercial disasters are protracted but not avoided. - - Htiiiaoilcr in Sew Ior Pref. Fclton's lils-corcry ia Dr. Abbott's JEuscain. Kvum tile Xfcw York K.eni::g Tost. . Probably evtiy school boy, in the course of his instructions in penmanship, has had the cooy, "Evil communications corrupt good manners," i'Ut without boon ing that it csine tt otu the pen of a Greek pi a-writer, much less that iu the city of New Ytuk there were tome w jx tablets used by schoob-uoys in Alexandria in the age ot the Ptolemies, where, in the careful chirograpky of the fcchoo3taaster and the blundering penmanship of bis pupils, was preserved another wise saying, probably from the same tbrewd pen. Such is the fact, however, though it took a Greek professor to tiaa A oui. in the juoceedings of the Aiatf i-can Acadeiny oi' Aria ml SVit-noes ws iS'id a a paper, read by Prof. CO. Fclton, of Harvard University, giving an account of bis visit to Dr. Abbott's collection ol Egyptian antiquities which shows that a good many hundred Croud way omnibuses datly rattle by a building full of autiqniiics rarer and more curious than those in any European museum. In Dr. Abbott' museum, the Professor says, there are niumies of the Bull-god, Apis, iu excellent preservation, not a single specimen cf which is to lie found in any Europet-n collection; splendid papyri, perfect ia tie-r characters and preservation; and evidences that the relations of fox and goose w ere not unknown to the Ejrvrt!au wind. What attracted his chief attention weie the wax tablets which we have mnnttonod.-They are very much of the shape of the a!l school slate, common now-a-days, but thicker, and made entirely of wood, one side of whith is covered with a thin couth.-g of wax. bad are-six by four in size. Tbe wax is entirely hardened, and is aablac-k as iron. One of the tablets is iuatniost complete presnrvalion, and sill contain written Greek characters. On exam-iiting the le st one with a taagaif v 4413 glass, Prof. Felton, after an hour or two of inspection, succeeded iu copying nil except the tirst syllable of a single word which ended a line. Here was a ' line opportunity lor critical conjecture, and the learned Gictian did not bests' tate to ava'l himself of it, supplying the syllable and completing the writing He humorously confesses, however, tha. his critical conjecture was," like most of its kind, wrong. Ihe rnore perfect tablet was probably that of the Fcbooitnatter; bnt the tablets of the K-booLbeys supplied the tuis-sing word. a:d criahiod biru to complete tbe text without the slightest doubt es to any part of it. rihe char, aeters are of ihe square or naictl form, and closely reejublp itiose cf tbe Alexandrinian Greek inuaisci:pis. Ail the circumstances indicate that 1I13 tablet is three or four hundred years older than the oldest in any European collection even older than the age of Aristophanes, the grammarian, who invented accent to teach foieigtitrs Greek, T'-e lines are six. m minioer, fc.n-1 are written aercss the wax?n turface. With a little examination, they proved to be three lambij trimeters, which, literally translated, runs as -follows: " W!-j, d- IB nin pw-.t vl-at wortia, - N.r li..l.i i-' 1 itiir4 inwn me ti ar-r-p bv, ,l Two-luidlii mist beiilies tli wtL'k-i--irsn. ; The style of liie.-e llio s, the tarn of thought, the satire and spirit of the epigram-ina'io point, ltd th pressor 10 attribute them to IffiiKii1"! u1' at ail events, to some pott of thi! -New Comedy, w .ich Oel'ghts in tjeneral del i nea i lens of character, aud in s-ntentious ex-eresstor.s enihorh-iiig the wit and v,Km rawn fri-in the cbservation of society." Ia the rest of bis paper, 'Prof. IVPun shows ho-.v highly probable it is t?:at the fragment came from Meaandt-r, whes w orks were known and real from near Khtg Philip's time to the d ih of the Crusaders, and wrve so Topular that ivagments of them were jtaseil as provci'5 f.otn month to mouth. The tablet is vcrv cations, Prof. Felton remarks, because it contains more thuu any hitherto diseov-ced, excepting the Latin tables of the second centcry. It is also curious as showing that tie chilcrt a ia old times Lad short proverbs cr witty apophthegms for their copy-books, just us ihe children In fat? r.W!s have now-a-davs-and as preserving, in all probability, a fragment of ileoanal r, who said, a io;i-; time Ego, that "Eril commnnieuttons conxpt good man ners,- a phrase which wss trnslaud bv Ter-tulihn aad quoted by St. Paul. It is ouri,..Us, too, that one- .f the wise sayings of the old Greek, after being bandied about "for centuries, should lie hid for many more, and rlnaUv turn up for the first time-urtitd thf .J hi of Broadway and tu the chief city of a continent whose existence was, not then so much is susjiected. Tite FncEinv Isdtass. AVe leara from the efficient aud energetic Agent of the Ctwk Indians, CoL Vim. II. Garrett, who passed tiiron-h our city oa Saturday, that Billy llowlegs aad his warriors about fifty or sixty in wimW had all agreed to remove, and unit ?am Junes and his party, only some forty in number, be-ing the remainder of the tribo, will ia all probability consent to euiiaraie ulso. TbI? w Ci n'at a terminus to tbe Florida war "-net q tUe as important, but almost as long ai the Pelo-pouneaian of olden times. , ; . Thi price agreed upon is some Sl,O00 to the chieis, S5U0 to the warriors each, and $150 for the squaws less thaa the amount offered for their capture by the Government. -' This method is much more humaneand far more expeditious thau urging a pettv war upon a haudlui of savages at double the expense, and of interminable dimit'ion. For a vear or more the Government had been offering SoOO for the capture of each warrior, and 220 for each squaw, and up to the present time but one had been taken. The negotiation for ibeir emigration was conducted by Col. GstTett in pet-sou, and great credit lsdne him for the abilitv and judgment displayed "m thisdeiieate business. 2Ionimeni Ale.) CbM, Sfvch 23. . " J tttllcg Even With Dim. We have been furuisb. d with the particulars r it. i.,oH but very latichable hoax, perpe trated upon the clerk of a Louisville aud New Orleans packet, which we cannot resist the temptation to detail for the amusement of our rend or' During the lust upward trip of the boat, the clerk, who is a highly respectablo citizen ot Louisv ille, was coinpelled.fOr some misconduct, to put a fellow by the name ol Rogers ashore at Memphis. This is a circumstance by no means uncommon, and In the bustle and care of a heavy passenger trip, was soon forgotten. On tbe arrival of the boat at Cairo, lib, the clerk was surprised by a visit from an otlieer, who informed him thai be was authorized to arrest him tin a charge of grand laiceny committed iu New Orleans. He was, of course, highly iudignant at so degrading an accusation, and insisted that there must lie some mistake about: it. The dispatch, hosvevor, not only expressly named him, but furnished a partieu-. lar and exact description of bis peisoiial appearance, and tbe officer said he had no alternative but to take hint into custody. After considerable difficulty ami delay, the matter was finally compromised - by the clerk finding security for his return to Cairo iu the course of a week, provided the matter was not by that time satisfactorily cleared up. He was lar from having solved the mystery of the attempted abridgment r:f his personal liberty, and ihe cause assigned for it although he spent a sleepless night in pondering upon it when the boat reached Evaueville. Before she was fairly landed, she was boarded by the city marshal, who informed the cleikthathe had a warrant for his arrest for a rope committed under circumstances peculiarly diabolical, ia the neighborhood of Baton Kouge. Without attempting any explanation, the outraged Bteaiuboatmcn knocked the legal functionary down; ordered tlte male to pick up aud put him ashore ; immediately slipped cable and bore ahead for Louisville. He bv this time began to believe that Heaven and earth had nniied in a conspiracy either to miu him or drive him mad; and the inexplicable circumstances of his attempted arrests so wrought upon his mind that he at one time had nearly nsolvedto put a period to his troubles and perplexities by jumping overboard and becoming food tor tne cat-nslies and mud suck el's of the turbid Ohio. At New Atbany new and still greater trials awaited him. The boat on landing was foiclbly taken possession of by the cily marshal and a formidable pc-ise cosifcM.-which bad been summoned to prevent a repetition of the escape from Evansvilte, the particulars of which be bad been lullv advised by telegraph. The enormity of the charge had also increased, buv-iujr now attained the magnitude of maas1auaht- er! Utterly overwhelmed by the inexorable fate which 'pursued him, the unhappy clerk j iclded without further attempt at resistance, and permitted himself quietly to lie led to juil. Hardly had its inhospitable doors closed upon him, w hen a dozen ofiicers arrived in haste fioiu Louisville, to arrest bun lor murder: This terrible climax opened tbe supposed cul prit's eyes, and all at once it flashed through bis wool that be was tbe victim of a hoax. Ask ing to see the dispatch authorizing ids arrest. he touud it Oaied at ilenipbis and sizneu " Rogers of the New Orleans Selective Police,' whom he at once recoguized as ihe rascal ht had put ashore at that place. The activity of the oilicers in attempting uis arrest, was explained by the raigniiicei!t rewards which the fellow bad ode red lor his appreaensi ;n. Tele- grapaic explorations followed, and alter a few bonis7 incarceration, ho wa restored to liberty lie savs the relatives of Rogers can make "0 speculation by getting his life insured for their own beneiit, as, if it is not charmed against tire and steel, it wni be vei v suddenly terminated if be ever comes within his reach. Lafamtte JuutimI. The Piisss in Pahs. Publishing a newspa per ai ways an arduous task must be pecu liarly distressing . about these nmes .iti Paris. The government ei joys the right not merely of strangling tne publication ol a jourDat tor offensive expressions used by it, but also of ma king its inietttivrui the cause of ins'ar.i suppression, on Ihe vajtne pretext of 'publie securtv.' We do not ieara that tbi extreme lias vet been resoitcd to, bat n has been threatened in the authoritative quarter. The actual condition of jonrnaLsm in the French - capital is dismal enough, i uus, tue 1'rum has, indeed, bee 1 Tier routed to reappear after three rooiHii' suspension, at a lo.-s. it is estimated", of 20J.OOO francs but It is not alio. ved to !e sold in the strcu' aud its insecurity has reduced it to t-,e lowest stage of mediocrity. The Sierk. the ablest c- gan of republican tendencies, has also jist ln en uepnveu 01 tne privilege o! bea-jr sold mil street, ina Jjibal baa been com;.ei!ed to ban- lsti its ablest writer from its eoi inms, simply ou the ground that his articles were nofatrree- able 10 the government. - He kept strictly wiu,:n tue letter 01 tna i.iwr bat the journal was given to understand tfu-.t his retention wonid do it an good. Even leligiotis fl-pon? siotia are form- id-in the proprietors of the religious journals having been invited to the lie- partiueut of the Interior and there distincMv so informed. These thin 23 are bard to renliz's iu this stage of the world, and in a country so r . . - - .1. , ,. T - ' euiigiiiuueu us n rauce. , i&It is reported that since his arrival ia this country, oa a certain occasion a lady was admiring an elegant, cashmere shawl worn bv the Turkish Admiral. He gullamiy took ft from hia shoulders and laid it vn her own to witness iis fcHect, or, perhaps, jnotnentariiv to gratify her vanity. The shawl was a rnasoifi-' cent one, eostinar S-i,000 or 55.000. Iuiasrine the nurjH-ise of the Admiral, when she biiish-inirly courtesied to him, and moved gracefully oT with the ccveted shawl ar" a j'Witi. , ,j, . Too Gcoa to ms Lost. A gentleman from Buiralo says that he has ceased to bate tbe doUj-hfaces ia Congress who support Lecoinp-ton, and only pities them. To their supporters at home, who are under no obligation thus to degrade ikemselves, and have nothing to gain by it, he applies the. exclamation of Dtntias, when he caught another man kissirg bis ugly wile : " Gmid heavens ! and without being obliged to !" 11- 1 1- --"---i i.i-'t ujui3.,,i(,icim uin ex T 5j ct ,f..-1 ,., r..i,!i.Vi,nI.-,A . ! iled thirty two thousand men. Of these, thirty thousand have been pardoned. The recent arrests are said to have been made almost entirely from among the pard'.uied. The prisons of Paris ore crowded with political o.'Ii-'nders. Punch says if the system of arrests b co ntta-neu li ucu longer, France will consist of two elassvs only Ihoso in jail and the jailors. A Hakd Case. Thu Bridgeport (Conn.) Suuulard says that Mr. Bishop, ihe Leccocpton member or Congress from that Bisti ict, could be re-electt about as easily as Dives could go a-skliif. Five Nxgkoes Bcbked to DrctTrr. On tbe 13i.h nit., on ti.e plantation of Thomas P. aad James C. llawiie, rear Chitnrici.iig;;e, Macon county, Alabama, a house was burned, and five negro cliildreu destroyed in tiie flemcs. It is supposed to have been accidental. As Item. It i said hat the cost of prifttin" Fmorj's Report of the Mexican P.caadjrj Surveya work which no one has rear!, ar-d few-have even en was C2?7,S00 1 Nothing could m.ire clearly demonstrate the infamy or our Public Printing system Pure Ice f. Crjsta! Lake Ice HAVE SECuRED AN IX EXIT -VU5T- s!L ,Ii:L'i '.'.'''I ef-ar an-l po-e lie, t- ts.-i lfnt ,IO s:.l-l-l at -iiiaiiiti y and s.ia re i.o:il-.. i,.-,-- ie'ien i f lo-, i Caotlo:i. Tt.s1re o'.d cnreto coiy r--t.!l bai;e Tee ... mj n u.aj ir-vn a 1, .r, i,i wholv h v:isr K'.t-.r ire. tmKu.e h;ti.t"4. , ur -tr,? mar te left et pur n-- os:,-e, ti. 7 c'."'- "-early o post e otv fnrr,,- ..t re, rr jrr ilrs ILrcujtk the Poat OiE-e Hot v., k. i.rlin;ii-i JOY A f'RISBl 3. aiiiawiBS, 'ELY A: CO, 20 s. Water Street, C hicago, TNYITE TITS ATTENTION OF THS A. Trade to their a.aa.aa Ttige SiocSt 1 Groceries. HaTioz a partm r r-a;am m the CI IT Xfw votur and anr-her who f'-en-U the winter , Ka "osi eaxS niha AT L O JV ff.ICES. milE CO-PARTNtESHIP HL'ftMTOFOlIF ber b.,t.,e, ,s thia ,,aj aj,,,,,,, b, Ij.L.-rior, Tte hiifcr-is : ihetirai siit be i'u-ed bv X v ii.ti. - l1. IS56. v. r. JlTii . TlTI.ljS. fi',i,tt:kv!?I1J-i'''rXEKS1,J EX I s TINS BE a,o bluer panywuai-tri t) .ZSZ MlltlU. aiwHAbti' i, - . T. r I . - . - .-, ..... HILL IfaOiA". The Produce Commh.ion bui-iness will be "Arril l.t 1SV arS-lm -pftj :tAay t. iuov s. ' "VTOTICE-L-kfeuLUTlON OF CO-PART- SnT i',!sU'P-7'be fHrreri.h-p h-r-t. f,ire xiniir, ' in it, rial ci.-iiscuT. I bi3,., A pnl Ibi, itipc. I'Mrn.CItiWFORD. v ' .i.KHWA!l fiAOkEf. ITie busdnefs of said hrm will lie conducted i.-reji i-r tinner tne issks rf CRAWKOkl) A so.V A'l basinet 01 the late flno ot CrawfriM A 6.iekn wi! h aet ued oy the new ft:ai- . l.KMl I t Win FOKti, at-lm;n.V W"M. W. t KAVVUHlO. ; E M O V A t, . j ' t-u.xuii. bCOVILLE'S LAW OFFICE L it" - ara Vl" raid ia co ,u.;eoaa rt.,,.7. 1 . . -ew. iu-r 01 ite Knrtf-Mrt In,-.. 1 ..... t. . ' 1000 ft. IKl OIL ON CON- . mir-ij-ly at AR8H, IHttWVjtl A Ot". Woimiii Water atreet. 0. TJANK, SHOivE AM) STBV1TS .OILS, ol nrlui Q'tuIltT una in PRifprt pafki'r-.K. lor we vy 1 I II UL. 1 II ft, U" !.,,!.. 1.. rtni . -ii.!-.. nj,5 144 ihJ ltd Lake itwj 4 LCOHOL AND BURNING FJLUIDFOU J uti &t the luwt markai nr. ,l",S " Whtlml Prncgln'ii, 111 Ji lip I.hL'- 13INE Sil INGLE BOLTS TO LLMLEIi MKIll'HANTS AND OTIIKR4. Tbe mbscribrr i i,ifl.rd Wv if-ufililr ih-edli., flOO)f ..I ir , ennnot he utirfMiMK, on me Kereil' Machine, u ir a lr rie 01 I ' M. Workuiau.hip rinU-d. Tttr-i- Utror- Ht,;e. 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FIELD, ' Central Laud beJ , Co l:din; Agcut, Sioux t'ity, Iovv, "TTTILL ATTEND PERSONALLY TO THE ti'n Td l(a(joi of wtt Warr. nts or Cah. n- the hubii I-tnil Vxie in ihis J-:rirt in oe aud Jolv nest, comprw-nif in sil orer 1 &.),vt serfs. , CuulectiLtS uuuie and promptlj rcuiiaeti. RF.ri:FEcs5 : f'riT, Farll A C'-o.. Caiciigo. iivii. I.iiixIn 'ark, i'dbuque, I w. fi. W. In-ati. Kmi , .Mad;.n, Ws. Ii,ji:; Ne .'tall,, W iwanke. V, R OoH. K q t Ti'tti-d M-tas. .r-herniin l-cls, Kim , JNonhtmi.ttn, lHmf M Het A '..., bu, Mh'.-m. r?' .a? Jj Jj I9 . jK It ORKAT tXOSINO f-VJT SAtK OF Wall Paper. JJordcrs, Etc., AX O S X . rpHE SUBSCRIBER BEING ABOUT TO Xn'i wis-T:irii! f o'n ivi' h en eniir pt-'lf of V Gcols, WiJ ciot utit aiaimme .He rtxk ta o;d btaiidt FOR iht ;tv iats, at cost. 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X E- Vi GOODS t Rceetved e-se-y dfT fr..m A-iciica S!es of tliia Sflsoii. cf which will be old At Pricrg that Cannot be Competed lt!i i i IN THIS CITY. . I 1 ! - teriis srmicTLY cisa oxe price. i W. 31. IIOSS & CO. . Eq A Foster, Rouble Store, K7 A li'.9 Late su apis I FRliHJHTS FOR ST. lOl'IS, Aud the IIlinoi Kivcr, -THLLEE RECEIVED AT TIIE FREIGHT v V bepoi w Vj CnC4ii:(i and it-ok 1'aud Kadr;ad. c--ner --f Oark ant i'syr mre?n, .d promptly c;i- pHehrd v.a Kt-un.tis from La Siie. at r.iie a-a i w as L y any aior route fr.lf3 deii lt-if t-j rt!r ri!nm.?ta from tin tniin t fIdea?n. may na it tr the'r iniere t 10 iniorm t;'i'njpa v reot i ilie aupci'-r turihiies of toi rriiu,trt' wak- 1PM.T ?o R. P. SA-t. rir pereial stre-it, St. T.ou;. ' W. Iff AYiiEUl.Y, c rnr 0:arfc Tvt--r ui? Iu;nd f. i,. M.Wi-dD. 114 H,"(tt.-,b d. liocr aad liad fcaclory. 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TREEMAN'iS ILLINOIS DIGEST PEESG S full od cotnpMe Djeni and Cnipiltiti.-m of all tbe liens oua of tne sretne :e.ur; of tte aime ff I.iinn.i.. (mm Kree.e'a B-ortsl.. the 13:a aolocte tf Ir.'.i-r. a ff-por' Irclus-ve. UroyaidToToIotneg. Uafarii Prieeyiil. w te fta.auce of lae ediuju Uw) eou.ea oi tln inoat popmar work. ' . T. B. COOKE A OO., . f orner- nearborp AWlur.t.n ..- SlIAIA.ENbEaGEK'n PILLS ANTIDOTE fui Ferer and Agoeta be h.-ift .-eTiiilr.e of Irl4 fcAK-IKVT a nm.CT Aoothef Hi iea. )i iae street. rATTSOxN'd ELASTIC STUI.NGF8 . " n-M AirueguUnd Apoihociriela, i lafi 0aIC3 bll UtttOlta U.-A.-JlUTTJJItS Ai XK, , GENITAL ACCTIOSJSEKS AND Coinmisttion Merchants. o. ",r, iiiuuti urattKT, a rr.n cooks vncra or va roT orrci-R, cbicaco, iix. PARTICULAR ATTENTION GIVI2 TO tue .V.k of lry ift4, HKrts nc sjioew, lurultiire, i'ntiu Kortr-H, ami Hit kiftis I mcrcLnji Jlze. fCTIO-J & COMMLSiON MERCHANTS XV ftO'I lat Kstnle Ac-nlif Mi ftrfrl, liwo i.UrifLitutl lt;rtrt ru. i Ur e.rtHHHwiHtn rt fr StH, r'fr nitiirV, mnl JUViHimii7a oi i-vi ry dcivcrif'tiua W;il hUh utt'mt To Ktn iujj juid K inn Ujii KM(r. Mricl ltnUuU giveQ u out -dot-r tMiled, u.ud H1rnura UY L, K. PLiaPTOl, AltriO.YLIHi. PU11LIC ALr, , OP VESSELS .ISriD TUGS, 1 r the ntcelreri of (lie LAKE NAVIGATION COXrIPANY. milE UN I") KRSIGN F L, RECEIVEliS OF ihe lAkt- Nrtviij'ii r rcimany. wifl otlr f r BAle a PnbSic Aacti-.D. the iironcrtj br;uMatiT acribpd, (or tirh parts ti.erccf at, -hait :n t he irTiot--jy sold at r-rtVAtts ou Tl K.IaV, ilia JXtbdf.jof Apnl uf xt, u llc'clo. a,A. M , in Ute Kttu;ida oi lii". AlertlmuLa KjicUaue, viz : lS'me c-T V-rL To' naffe. of buh:i. 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Df.d wiit a road mil", po?d tnn e'ta'a ami eir-eri. oca hope to reacli aad maiuutn e 1 is- ei i -iut of exeeilecce. Our b;acu CI Flour, m ba-r-ie and l!i, are , I lililil..' JIJ.a. l lii-ioe lii-Ti, ;. 1 White wheat. s - Kirranir:oe. JTn. 1 Kt-l M inter, j ( I Fra..i-, i.b,,Me Hinra ing. s r! wIo'nsV f-r retail, itite Kve 1 J'-'ir, lira', am Ftotir.' t:ra,-ke.i l boat, i"-: ti Meal (silted aud uiwuU'd:,, Jlidutlog. yw.Mi-irtt.tiaiact,. r-. it . lie j 7 .it' -r. n ts I .. mh y . UTrs -ill Sew Flur Mills. fJWE N Ti V HT DH AULI O FLui'IR MILLS JL ar now mutiafactn-iu? i FlOtK OK SI PICRIOR QCAUTY,1 eiiirew'y fur the city trade. Tbe branda are f " vtTICUKl.I. S HOCBf.E EXTRA." nidi, f.-nm Vo Vhite H'crni, ad goaratiteed to be auptn-t toatiy other r iuhi iu in- , i.j , "HYPRAt'LiC VILI.S CP.OICE I XIK A" made from Xo.-1 iltd V. lus-U ; aud - HYDBA.ri.IU JtlLLS FXTRA TAMU.Y FLOUK," EiUier or tbe above brands of Flnnr wt't he found for a at the Mil. OUntim at., hetmea Lake a FvHoti atreefai, r-ivisii ti, acd aelirered lour uartof limit. Pos!)Siee box SJ2. jxgj-m. K. M. JT)T"'BKT L.' WT!S: KBLia. ,Sei PER CKNX. ALCOHOL" ' Just received and fir a. In at lowest market price mbl J Ajwtbecarwa, liy Lake at. -a T A N i' hi ll.- A.1.4i.v jraipewi.t In tach M.w 1 -1. the Knell h brar.rli Iha Weal. She ean in rl .... ,-. am. K. tl.rHni!; Rid tutlliM u,.. . -. Vr," at Hit. or r. 1 r ant id a U ...... .1 msijj u rVi !.... 1- a YOUNO MAS Ip.i--r ri.ilia a niii:a'i n mt,vt . 1 p,-j-i-,-e.l ai-d can .si g-i,.-. , -jp.,.,, . l-i c.iui fur;lter Wiiai. Ajdrfrgfc j.- 1, 'x. -catO; '" "VV7 ANTED A lUl'SGlivv Tf aaltuntinn ii rt-iCAke-n-r hsi-;r- . gie J' beat of cii. reiertoci,.. aIi . ' " DlfeVr-lw . J, -t y , i A rERtfON PR OH : XX. 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I :: - - r .. ST A Ktv. e.r. N . Wa'.f-r as LEtriXG rooms S a Maritie Hank of bvt T, IOU EtNV t ! 'Mill M. ll J f.l-:.V:li .-' - t i : f rio LKT UL I 1.- .tel. LM-:-'. i 1 ts rpO LET. A JL HE!t VAtlll u tel-il j U.I A ' UXT-ELi-'OAMI :reti. IV. ar.ti i,-- i ( j f. KMrft 0..-.. X'v jo lfct.e ,.1. L FT; eurt i.d t ie Ki-v.rr !l n'- t - iiijf ir-'Ui-. Anjiijr lo tit-i, 'A. OU5S To 111. ST N.x S V.i-tt- H" " u- v AuarailitK r. us-, wi r .-r "Oi a. d jiit mnij.ti -e. - - qd!-ft,a tiie priuf-rsor .w t'-lit JNhI: ui-M i'.ci. J .-- K1-N7 B'tL'fiiiic, i. n: r (?) L4i-ij":' :7 !-' C A. -i . 11' OT1.L FOR 1 ! Sfli --r td i'e C''r- I ! - ! - TtA.l lir-.i. L i a A'CtO- a,t ; n Of EHi'i-iS U! K s I 1-.. . : - 'i t TiNjm ike psssous" dLp . . s f -i boi; i t!j'iii si; i; It ! ; j V s fa if ft. Ni'a i.'iiSi'i t.-rii; r.i-tTn f n tnA i.r-t v.m-r, - - The tni tits wht h it -tntui i !'. e U -co:u '-irta't y a''f.ui 'tm i iri; k Viev:er a - .n.-v, ia.,i- t . iuT t il it ' f-.l. 1 iT!., of Hi , Jwa (ii-vd IrtrHCa ? ui -u-dtwrs. Iwif: -f n! tre ..'!"-iiwutiio h..i-f r b o aid iiJ . In real for IS to r. K flk Af.u.i Ma.rb K. l-'? ar,n 4 ? 3avttcu!ar iCntitc E EM OVAL TIIE l-NDESVI-'l X : reftj'-vd fail otlV- to ho. S nnd 4.;-: bbi:d r.y, ai lue ct.riicr oi LaV e wild 5-3 a li'irf . " c 1i!-H All VANCt. 1 AM f xnafce e9h vv-mfna m Vr!!'-- fur ante e!: tr in sw tra. buU'i-u ' : VOTICH WILLIAM r, i .La tiii day beu aiitaiit a rue. jl-er . April 1, ls5g i;?-!inrM IOR HSU V fKT.. a-L3;lm, No. 1. A E THS Fti-- s-OY dav )ur;c.: luc wet. Jaxil. 1'j . ajS-iw N' TOIICE. AlJ- FUiSOXS AL nmicstl tioi t j u -ert f- a ;-?it- for tiav ofsrpioiL-iPr. A. i IN7. Uii'a'jie a). !SaV ti- iiieor jf r oi 1 -ur i'. A- or baa beeu pid iii fn.i 4a tuiid A!m rhSens-. 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I'1 - '-- " atfain-2. tt'i a-:'li ' "l arHilitf L-.-.-s. : ,r wi -I mr :.u- -i-a-i.-r-, 1. s I mi ',"ri : - -t r.,- e.t-:i;.-'(,nn-m tuv. I-', a r i,,-- 1 ; ia 1 ; l-.te on!f.r. Th? ii---' 1 --". ! P'tte a,-i1 t -iin-r of -J5 t-.--r- ;, . IV rk5, B. oa Tfce pw.ert T.llt '-i- r in er ..M s ! -r t-i.j f-r- i-.-i .i - :C M. r 'fie Bir-r.;;. -:-r 'it, -u lli--- - -l,I,l-l-Ji (ffirf cf Sir So. SCB. T IAy re b?rrbv nut d. that ih HiUAi.y In tiar iiy r-i rni'1, - To Southern Mtipcj- CIHANGE OF nrrOTc THE i "i:. ai;d I..rtier Ot pi-H -f i;k Lou: -. : R. A . i.4 upas. y , ha? b-eii ctuf-d to i a Van tluivn an.t t ;u a. sirvcts. ( ViiV V-?FICK. T-. !' 4 1W 4 lir&rhirn street. ": ' diiaG-Sui-m.i. ASSIGNEE'S SALE 01 i" ' At 229 Lake '7 WIL'iliYER L VfUZEL'a jl u $ 15,OGO V ei-tU o nut HErEirnosr. kjs- J ;' pinrorz scrrs. ETC. Are now oUVre.l to the rorrfaasers Hill avc 15 f tr 'i:' by giving us a ea;'. iT l" . WIIOUiALKCASH fcCXEES AM) MAM :' ia a;ri-j Uivi.rd. Aloa ia-gi- a-.--;-Faaty Hlolilto;, , Vent tit, Skkajrany l'l" CABINET MAKBES1 HAEIUVARE. -At Eastern TvU? '- - O. EB3IXt.inO'Li?ES. - fel9-ttr.ajl H rBJCAGO TYPE FOUNlMlT ANUH.'' Vj EK'S WIIIHUIISK.!!"-'1" "laeaabac riber . prerar-d ' furnb "i t- ' t aim.Il u.tantitiea. made train a ver aj-ei.-- Biewl, for eitberJcwB cr approved ra l-rearf-- a.wava niii.pu.ra wvu eir? fi' w,-a lype, aoa nn? - ;v- ,f n lT -rta:i. .n.ce. A new p;,.. ---- , delvei --, and -"lil b nut lo ui "" ' api.iicatioe, r.,ul;;" J-rai-- xr oucE WANmTxTf'i: tw hi ck abwva ti,''i 0 " ' r to fa v.-r. Atv utnt w'.., t ''l?'"' "v'" i - I I V

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