The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1037 BLYTHEVU.LE (ARK.)'. COURIER NEWS QUITE- DF PICTI •British War Ark Launched Situation Points to Need lor More Revenue Despite F.D.R.'s Stand BY KODNKY nUTCHER Tile Courier News Washington Currcsiiumlejil WASHINGTON, April 23.—New federal taxes within the year, do• spile reassurances from the White House and Capitol • Hill, still look like a 5U-50 bet. The President of the Untied States has a delightful talent for divergency in Ills remarks as lo the budget and the federal fin- nnces from time to lime. His best friends have to agree with his worst enemies on that. fact, although they point out that the picture, of course, also chances. "I am convinced," Mr. Roosevelt has now sa'id, "tlmt the success of our wliolc program find the permanent security of our people demand tlmt we adjust all expenditures within the limits of my budget estimates." On the other hand, there nvc these points: I.---There is no assurance what-j ever that Congress can be kept I within the budget figures. It will be nn unusual Congress if it. is. 2.—Roosevelt has asked for $!,500,000,000 for 1931-38 work relief and experts agree that he will feel compelled to ask for more later to get through the fiscal year, unless UK; federal relief policy is to be radically changed. 3.—The administration is now more deeply concerned* with the need for balancing the budget than'ever before. There is reason to believe it will prefer to 'tax rather than borrow further beyond present anticipations. 4.—Conservative Democrats favor ' keeping the WPA appropriation down to a billion dollars instead of a billion and a half. Roosevelt has insisted he will not compromise on that |H>int. The indication 'Is left tlmt the conservatives, who prefer to cut relief expenses ralh- cr than other costs, will be stub- j 37 \VPA born about holding clown those [ Actually other costs and try to place the | mt'.iewhi Piny Competition Opens 'Northeast Arkansas Meet PAGE THREE Manila Pastor Will Preach at Lost Cane The first of Ihe conlest'i'its iv»'- •Mndil in the one-act piny <xm- ! test of IV.c noi'lUeas. Ark.Mi.mi )u..- \ iar liiyh M-luMl UU'viuy meet ut the i city iiiKllturliim this afternoon. MurltKl Tra presented the first piny. Harrlsbiir; wiis second, jjlv- ihc ulay. "Uauce lor Ihe Gos!!'i""." ami l>imv;ouUl \v;is last with "Mlenii'. I'li'iiso." 115 tils UllJ. Tonl'jlil. lilyllieville will ).".' 'IV first lo give its play. "An Aiir.iU'iir Hamlet." In which'J. W. McNrul, Vi'vn ttfeib'.'th CioiKlrlcli, James Pmni'.lK, U:-lty I'.'ooks Isaacs, »IU | Chiimtltn. Mary Helen M:oiv'. WiN I l!am Morrison uiu! .Sun I/m M'.'-1 . l>|i'h'.>M are c:'invatt?is. Juii'.'.sbovo ! v.lll present "lie Didn't Uo Rl'ilil I by Nell" The Una) piny tonight v.ill b" "Oi)''J Mine," to !>.• given i l;y the WilEyn school. ! The results of Ihs ;>i!?-act plav i ci.nlesl v,ill prol.'iibly he iiniiouiK-Ki ' lo-il sht. M'fst of ih? :iOO contestants cx- r-ti'd from the lirgest northeast il:m u :ns junior hl'ih schools will irivc In tli- iii'jtning wlien the ; vt :.f IhL' literary events will be' :t e;l in the morning and aflev- '.:nn. Uejiiills will be announced I in- His final contest. The Nov. Maurice M. Unwell, isliir or tin; Church of Muni''!, will preach Sunday ''ininn und Sunday Might nt the -st Clilio Chuvoh of Christ. This sUll be Ihe IUv.. Mr. j !hwi'il's nrst visit there In live 'momiis un.'l members of the con- f,ii'i:niion are plnnnlng (in Inter- ] I'Sliij'; H.TVtCf. recclvlng n radio message tolling of their mother's dentil. The 10- year-old mother had become used to (he louu. lonely hours of wnlt- Inn, us her limuniul had Iwoii crib,tender lieloio her tons for 15 years. Bale Your Hay to Keep It Good' Sir Malcolm Campbell Tunis to Boat Racing Fined for Disturbance John II. McKi'll'.'.k' wn.s fined S15 i by Miinlel'Wl jiiitge Doyle Hendn- j ?cn this momliiB on a charge of I I liisiurbini; the pjace. I LONDON (Ul>) — Sir Malcolm luiipbi'll, who has decided nol lo iiike any further attempts lo iiiik Ills world's land spued record (if 301 miles nn hour. Is turn- Ills attention to high speed rhualint!, and hopes lo test a new malt cti Loch I.omond In lime. Pi>r Ihe last IB months Sir Malcolm 1ms been conslvuclhiK u new ty)ie one-man speed boat, lie refuses lo disclose Us design, Scalo models have been built and tested in a lunk for six monlhs. Death Ends Long Vigil Of Lake Crib-Tenders CLEVELAND (111')—Death broke Ihe usual eliiht-month vigil kept by the three HolswoHh brothers at tile wnter iiituke crib Isolated out in l/.ike Erie live miles from shore. ; • They returned home on a Great Lake.s Towing Company tun after WPA Art Projects Aid 40,000, Survey Finds NKW YORK IUI>) — The 80V- t'l'iniU'iit tins spent $.10,000,000 111 Ilii; WI'A's four nit projects In Melds ot Hie IheiUei 1 , palntlnn, music and lltci'iilute, nivlnj work to -lO.OtKl adore, artists, nuislclans mid writers, acocndint! to por- liine mEiKiizliic. The piibllcallun reveals that H ulnl of 70.090.000 persons to dale has attended plays, - art exhibits, concerts, music classes or Iodines from llii! midertakinus. "$i»eeten it withDomind* ... • Refined in V.S.A. Qutek icings Frult&ceroalii .and fillings ,, \c<M drinks: McCOHMICK'DEERING i Hay Presses Drs. Wert & Wert Ol'TOMliTHISTS Ovct Joe .Isaacs' Sloir *\VK MAKE ,T-:M SKI;Phone 540 Christened Ark Royal, the first of Britain's ntv; aircraft, carriers is pictured stove a/' it slid majestically into the sea nt M'irucysKlc. The ship displace* ^3,C03 'ions, will cany 70 airplanes, Jlfi.CM.- CCO and rcpicsentMl ICnglund'!! first move in -,» tv.'o-bililoii-dnlhu'-a- year ariiKuiunt pro;;!um. blame on the President and insistence on maintaining WPA _policy. 5.— Nearly - all Roosevelt's est advisers, except Morgenthau and " the his i lieve Is bouiiii to win fioouer or later. K(|ii:atiliff Own History If Roosevelt comes back 'next February to ask Congress for moi e relief money, he \vill only b? repealing his own history. Some of tiie 51.500.000,000 asked for next fiscal year probably will have lo be applied to WPA for the tail end of the current fiscal' year. The U. S. Conference of Mayors a year ttgo estimated Ifl^fi- cuats at . SS.MO.rjM.OOO. he costs are ruimiiv! S2.3BO.OOO'OGu. This i • Brought Back TO-DAY ujy been said a, conlinu- federal policy would require $2.200,001.000 for lO?.7-38. Hie difference of S'JGU.UiO.COO Secretary between tliat and what Hro-uvclt Treasm-y ' asks for can only lie solved . by year it ! the anc= ut clos- been • willing to ntw revenue. ' Driver Grove •group, are • convinced that thei cUaftic curtailment of the Wi'A wisest- •policy,:!!* to raise.,,.hjcohie;jprpgrnin which no olfielal taxes.';They'jWJ]l;Contlinie;tb'insist||ias. yet to the -President that the only t <.r io'me way to kecj) the economic system in balance is to siphon off a larger share of big profits and big incomes In order to pour them back; Into the bottom economic levels. Tliis may be the most Important factor of all. 6.—The First Circuit Court's decision holding the federal old-ag5 benefits payroll tax illegal already has begun to stir up those who believe a federal old-age benefit i Frank Web:i?v, ivhs fornnih- lived CM. was jaik'd here last night by hiTiif Hale Jarkson an:l De]iuty h^riir Ardi Lhulrcy on a chnn- -eiy cuurt ccniympt or coiirt cita- tifus ai!:l nttafiinnent order after b?ii!; lakeu inio cu-i!c:ly at Av- ansiis City. Webslei- is alle;!Di! to hav; failed to make n report an:l accountin;; of fundr, ciiini[][7 into his hand", a:i a I'tccivsr in chancery court liti«a- ti3!i. i'.si'd las bcfii sot at $l,(iOO. Not Ekron Man 'ihc Claude l^uncau v:ho was fined SlO for iniijlir: drunkcnnc-s'i and hi.s fine surp;ndctl in mimi- •:!]ial ci>i:ii yc.'it'.T.Ii y is nol 'cbu;l dira'Ein tif Ihe Lkron community. system should be financed from! ^ o . the proceeds of income taxes. If the Supreme Court should now uphold the lower court's adverse decision, the demand for the latter method of financing might well become ovcrwhplmln gly strong, resulting : in legislation rc- Rufus Cox of Ripley, Tenn... ilid her,' Sunday. MIES Clarsic IIouso of Holland, Mo., is Uie .gucsi of Mrs. Ifornei 1 Mosley iisre this week. Mr. ami Mrs. Charles F. Sprin?- jiarenls of an quiring hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue at once. Insist on Tax Hike David Cushman Coyle, througti publication of hundreds of thousands of his little bookSr^'Brass Tac-ks," "Common Sciise," and "Age Without Pear"—has become perhaps the most widely read of economists. He is among Ihose who urge higher income taxes at this time and Insist .that the old age security system should be financed in that manner/. Governor Marriner S, Eccles of the Federal Reserve Board, probably fa the most '.conspicuous adviser on the inside of the New Heal who urges higher income taxes and excess-profits taxes as n means of keeping what Roosevelt Iras called the "economic circulatory system" working. But there arc several others very close lo Ihe President who keep telling him the same thing. The argument of this influential group Is that the cycle of higher prices and higher profils Inevitably means a drain which will dry up the "circulatory system" unless machinery Is used to keep pumping income and purchasing power back into it from the top. The situation, they insist, calls for much heavier taxes on the higher income brackets and somewhat" heavier taxes on the lower brackets. Some members of this group' have fought cilwr members bitterly in the past. But when you lake them all together, united as they are now ou (his program. • you'have a force which many insiders bc- Have Ynu Visiktl Our New Mod urn Service Station? While Rose Gasoline Goodyear Tires Willard Batteries Road Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 24 HOUR SERVIUK Call 633 For Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. torn Sunday, April 11. He h:r> bean named Harold Franklin. Miss Bonnie Jean SkdUxi of niythevllle is the guest this wee!: cf her brother. Bill Sk^lion. an.i Mrs.- Skeltpn. J,Ir. : and Mrs. Hi'nr,- Gainss'anl Roy'liall ol Calunist \vers gin' Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Springer. Miss Livem Hoskins- of Pc6an Grove is spending this week with her sister, Mrs. Esther Springer. Will liny 2<1'/, acres of land in rorporiilu limits •—Inc'iitcd nn Frisco 11. li. hi-lwccn Oil Mill and Ciinnim; •Factory. West Memphis, Ark. Phone <>1 W HIOT1IKU you use nil your liny or soil jinrt of il, billing of)MS many ii'lvniilaiffs. 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