The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1935
Page 1
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.Served by '(.1 rnied Press FUR DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHHAfiT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. ?.TO Wythevme Coinlfi- fflytlipville Daily News mytheville HfvaW Mississippi. Valley' 111,YTHRVIUJ*:, ARKANSAS, WEDNKRllAY, JANUARY SO, 1935 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' When Flood .Waters Invaded Dyess Rehabilitation'Colom MEASURE Points Proudly to His Two-Year Record :i(l jtaiitiYs of tile Tj-raiiza river's mobility lo carry away the water Iiom jfip- heavy rains of • ir-n days np> aiv shown hi these nKiurc.'J. tntai foi'''tliD Ccuriei- Nf-vvs Inil. week at thr- n.v<vs rural rplinlillltnllon colony, of Wilsou. T)JP ji!iologiTi|i!i ,'nbovi* slmws olir- 'of tlic now vosidf, inui il'.c colony, whieh, lUtlioup.h lile.hf-r tluin the acljao?ii'. ' -' Innrf, was under water. Government Operation of Railvoads Is Only -Allcr- native Eastman Says WARUJNClTbuV JM>. M lUI')-.-' Transportation Co-ordlmilor Jdscpli nan jiiied upon congmw .six-point' legislative pro- >si(<]ifd 'ii> iiim AmMtai's ill tiansiiorlnlleii fiicilllles into niv Intojr.ilfrl luulohal M'S- tc-m. '"' In 11 iwo-voiimie report Ijrhtlins wilh erllle'bun and blunt stnle- ments of I'.'id. 'Kfislmaii raid .«ov- eriiment operation oV (he rnll-l roads jH'Oto.-iWy wonlil he "Inevitable" if coi>i;ress frowned on the plim or transportation f&'CUtlves linlkpfi at co-oppravlivp,. The: 'laws lit- proposal Witild do tlif W ihities; l.-'-rut. hu.*;, trtif^fc. boat, pipeline ;\nil • iiossibly -uli'plmiR tran- j.wie.t ns ivcll ar, Ihe railroads hide'r ' itlrit-i Inld'ilalo commerce. :oii>misslnn je/fiilntton so ns to nrieis an even break in (lie Kovernmcnt. Is con DPJ-rAijoll iclaniaHon ni:ijl:-i ijiiivcrsiiry tif .hi?. lo i.owi-r. loilay i'lini-| |:'i,ii-i'iil!« (jOVOi'lpliplll* I' mulch .ils i:ii'oiiipll«hnie>il.i.. "On Jiiniiary HO, IOM, 1 ' iisken (lie CiiTiiinn people loi 1 four years in whirti lo arcninplisli mn Ili'st work infiRri'in," llllhir Mild, "in Die n:-M. h:iii ol Ihis term two- thiriis of .ill Hint 1 thsm' proin- Isfii, .l:vrn "No demiici'u thn world tlifuMoi-c. Van tjo. . tft Us . . , • . lide-ncc Socialist . ,. I'lth greater (ihsi niljll «'o'n- tlum Oevnimiy's .. nrwiiuiuillou 1 ., I'Xpniti there 'vine no retalniifton.'}../n<ln) because ol. tlio cleaili ,of • Plwlil'jnt Paul von lllmii'MbiUi; liill: lliftl.Hw.'' nation-wide relrL'i i\voii|(l Ix held March I, mni');li>{iVti.)<;''ivl. of Ihe Hnnr lo Cleiiiioiiy. '., !./• mm Kingfisli R<' llmiy iiiji Homo lo Summon ' l.egisL'ilure Again MUTON KOUCIK, \a., Jan.' (UP)'—^u-oii'icil by repiHis that 1 txmjj! inlands lo sol/e Iheli pi anvi'rnijifiiis, loudlnij .uill/rns fcv.l, timil WPsi! Mi^lnnn pniMip twlny.InOlniled tliat his ifiovr lii< in?! .*Hli --••••-•--• '"( •!' ' to^jiij iSllfo^Si£Si| rive .Til c .cfar ns cerncd a.—Reorganize t h K commerce commission, to retain its police' •inlrrstat allowing It duties but IlST'is the •ulmmisUaUoi buiUhpg a»>thc tcmporiry colonj heat ((uaitm ' T)ie %iat»r "is over tii<s-froi5» jSo'ch and prcitimahtj oVer Ihc flooi m?ide The photographer didnt ^wim over to see The licrmment heidqinitir bii Win" nol yel oceujilpd Is liulll rn l)l"htr rcuntl ind s i4 ; o leiched bj the «ntei jiliinu tig ami co ordination in Ihe hope that Ihe' country's carriers will noi aniin snii to their pics till state. 3.—i'ut a. single . commbsldtier known ns the federal ••co-ortl'liv {01 of trin'.portflUoii In ci\ir c i ot the commission's work. —Piovide Tieilsions foi igcd v^j \\oriers mil piy those * arc disc'htti'ty.'d; becaii^c off re- o 4 gn i zTlious i tl cciisoildatioa^ , 5.—Improve the <tntulory pro- cedui-e . (iovevnini (he bankruptcy and rcoi^ani? ilion of _ villiotd'i v^icli nou nit impllcifQ K lo LI "losl unv-orkib c 0.—Amend tl-'c inlerstate 'commerce act' lo ifi^ki: il tnore eififi- i n li numeic s in nor iiy^ uni jio l 1 pioMlt 'oti'litini for *he rnuceton LI Die «VWv <il- Aiation. LRA Woikeis Piedict Suc- foi Couplo Moving css Today Work of Winter Tcvm.Vii'- fvially Complete; Brannam Gels $1,500 . Tlie, January term .of circuit civil COHH here was rapidly drawing (o a close this .illernoon with the fink) jury trlfl! of (lie session underway. I Court will not adjourn' until 'Friday, but no court will be.licld' t<j- moiTO'*' and If any mailers are presented Friday ihey will lie ' on by Judge : G. E. eck. The entire jury, panel v.'fth Uic'ey.coptloji pf the 12 jurors engaged in today's :rial were discharged ^for the term this morning. , .;' O. Shtmyo, owner of conslderflblo properly here, especially in'lhe'iif- gro .-sections of Ihc city, Is plain- Git and .three negroes, Mary Pnr- uell, Eliza Qoihrcn antt Jim U>yi), arcxlefendasitfi In thcTj'lals lii'pro- grcss.. . Sho'iiyo, Alleging Umt the negroes.have [alletl : io. perform their part or contracts for ii;asc and eventual' isale"of property :iir'llie*llolli- pel6r- Shpnyoysubdlrision, -i s Kcok- in^JUi -rogajii poMc.istoii.; ''Original- ly'separate'actions, Die suits coiisplldalPd for trial.'.' P. c. Doug-. lus-(s" attorney for'Shonyo and Nell: liccrt'-i'cpl'e.'x.'nU Uie' : negroes. : A.-P. Brannam; former, truck driver for Wnllyftiimii •• Ccnst company; was nwiirdccl li verdict/ for Die''-company' by yesterday. 1 Braiinnni's per- soiwl iiijiiry suit w'.i.s'hnscii oil'the rfini-Be ,Uuii n triii* :lin • «*as' driving Vi'fts• defective' ai!d':'6itt''of"wpalr a Uic time he cvftslifttl off a Highway IB eilrve.tait/of Biytttevlllp in tpml!«r, 1933. a:-.T.'Costoi\ of Dice ola wns nttoniey Toi^Brannn Ro!d, Gvratd -nitd::Hemlereoii \ver ., .Inn. HmiyM.otwf was re hHnyliii:. tark ; from Wash Irijjloh .tailny. dnlerinineil on Ih nml (lie eonvpnihgVof nnotlie special siuttlon of Ilic .wrvllf 1 leglf the Jijrtlelnl liuiiilry Into II "miirdor )>]ot," rigrilitil f,oi V.'AS .sirhr-diilotl to bo resumed In tort- .liidee ,J. D. Woi'nnck of til: iriei. coin I linumraw. Tbp spin Inrt lilmsrtf (ippbliilrii .ijipclnl isel iii' the unse \vlileh openwl lasl fialwrtny, AUIiougli stnic oiflolak w'onW iiiit confirm Die reporis It was generally umtcrstood tcdny that Vjfants $100,000 ,to Heal Hear! 'oreign Trade Control Plan Urged by Roper WASHINGTON, Jnil, :)0. (UP) — Vjumilloii of mi liilenmlloiiiil Ijo'iird > iilloeiil*! foreign Inide inimiiR iia- IflllS OfjUlR llOJIll llll-i SIIRKCtfftt Odiiy [n. the wiialc. wmimlltooi'nn lriillrtff l>y scerttnry of Cniii- rci'fl JMjilol c. Kopcr. •If tJimfi flssjfjiimenli; vipm (jii'en d inn nations', of tlio c'iiHJi .Mini owe rOKiilhtOi'y powrr cdiiltl com- >t'l the member niillmiii in slli'X liy heir quoins, tho r|U«ii!<m of nypr- >:Cd\icllnii null .surpluses woiilil be vlpwl QUI In 11 slmrt limn. Slalc and County Roaicls Will Conliol Relief U- u pontlihiios ) ^ in tui') TGflFIB \unil of flood wdlers was 1 a ifc\v.:mid: soitunvliat cllstiirbing rxitcrlencn li i ->me rl tlie cnlrns u '<( i\l v\ho ei\m\ Horn hill section* II ie i i fimih on tin imirh m one ol the new colonj cotti>°e'i vvWUi ttnilc nnrouiic'nl h> liter is l!S"lf lii»li iml c)t Mi find Mis Roj FVnnell TIU! Iheir 'child, who have been living j 'on Lilly street, inovetrthis morning' lo ; o)iC:OT llie. new cottages jit Uic 13ye^s colony, southwest'of "Wilson, lo niake a new'start in lit.' 1 Femiell, a former plantnt'.on man- ngcr, and his .wife, a former school 'teacher, vrcre described • by local ERA \vcrkcrs, who reconiniciKlcd them for a place at the colony, as people whom they fell certain would mate a success of the undertaking:. l-They arc Ih es^cond Mteslwlppi I county family to be aecepled,at the He wan her "nsaiosi urns" nnil her pet "tuml)lcl>»s," slio \vna hta llttlo "iialaiiil licrrlns." lint nlio. cauCQled tticlr marriage tilnna, fttibert [?ancgnn, ceouo- 1 mist nuned liquor lobhor. nliowu tiere in Chicago court, nndly declared In hln $1011.000 bajm milt niinfiint Mm. Mnry n. Alexander. Harveater mnRnate'H widow. .All a. ' <Moiniulcr. In Klorl[la,,l& i^'iioriu^ tlio suit. Suppoits Kidnap Suspect's Alibis from Remington Witness S.I and Long would linviv'Clov.'O. K...Allen 'seiuble the 'leeislaliirc at once . pass more dictatorial lav/s and •ssibly to issue a call for a con- itulional convfiillon. • •';•'•"' It wns reported that he pinned to seize the'government.';. Of eiv Orleans, Baton Rouge, ShroVo- ort and ! Ale.vniulrln. '•'• '. ; j Honoris stated :thal he would aye liic legistedirc! jiais bills r'c'i loving from o.lflce public "oltlclals lio have rle.lnt ills oi-ders. It ! hs r.nderstood that . Ihc "clean iil" order would affect • every of- einl -I rom • deputy sherllls lo"su- wcine c.ourt justices. : \, F1.13M1NOTON, N. Ul')—llnmo Illchhul 1 lau JD llaiipliiinnn Hid his: wife' completed today the. 1 1 )'ii r ROCJC i Cio\ J M mtvdli )l"f niMiiinc pKswtl tlil house lepie eninUvi % s unanimously niifr mol'n lliliii "niV limtrV.'Mgtt- eili n\n a juoikisid ameurtiuent I tie bill nvcu«l Git' \otei and Ihe umenilmenl r onntulj^-by. Hop Wnlloi W Icuici) or|jliVp(Kir'uff (oi'nly tliat would hovff \plpc*c\ oftlclajs in c)iaig(v,>or loctil relief wn (lefeiled, 1 1 |o,<8! Hii inciMire i 13 seirlUo Ih? 'eiinlo wlieie II is eM'fcleu to 'hij ]>n «l nml signed bj (be 80) f crVior before mlilnlRlil Inmonou so f^d- ernl aid tor tin. 1 iilnlfB nneinploy- ables may he PVlrnclcd liulll Mnteh I Ifdfifil nppioval wni Riven the it 'Huslj'ancl Stig- gesls PWA Pi-bjcct in Talk Before L'ions-Club Wins..Senate Majority But • Falls Short of Necessary . Two-Thirds ; Hero is nnnituir of thr iic-w' !ioi:se.5 nt the ^oloov The occnpints <!kl not |:i.'!Cin t.'i.ciij:i;ives to have their pictures taken but the phoio- KMplifr sn\v a Hum w.idim,' l)iroii°!i the water in tile roar.' a]>pnr- cully canylng In fuel.. " . colony.. Natives of the. delta scctjon., ap, ; patently arc making ti better..start lit Uie colony : than those brought in from iiiH sections of the .slalc.n according lo men familiar with | conditions hi the colony.. Borne colony 'residents linve made good progress toivard. clearing up their' Inrid jvliilc others .chiefly those unfamiliar \vHli this secUoli. pnl oil thai, work aiicl.iTOy'jiot find II possible Up p.ct hi a crojV'lliis year. ConstrMclIoii \rork at the colony, interrupted by. h'iijh water, has been, temporarily siisjiendcd but will get underway again when weather conditions permit reasonably continuous activity. Greene Calls Sales Tax an Emergency Measure LITTLE ROCK. Arfc.-Purposes. of the propwtd sales tnx were dls-1 T' lc proposed soles tnx \vfls do fiisswj by cran-foitl Oreen?. dii-ec-j -Wrlbcd us an "emergency measure" lor of research for the .state DC-id" 5 * 115 '' '° '"iitc Ihe -schools over" p.ntnien^of Eiliicatioii. al Ibf niMt- ''''"'—" •""" " ' "" '" ing -yests'rday 11101 niiig of Hit- scliools, made .1 surrey in ivhtcli it \«is found thill' the properly lax lia;l fiiilal to furnish ademmtc; funds lo keep most rural schools in operation n full terni. Washington Pronounced Girl Pianist New Prodigy ' WASHINGTON. (UP) — Ruth 'Slrnratj'iisM. 10-year-old p!anisl, "Is believed in music circles here to Washington's Verdict ;Expedec! Today - 'in Case Involving;Mem,- .bei-s••of -Alleged 'Ring JONESIJORO. 'JiiriV 30. |UP)—A verdict.was rap=ctei\'late today In the coses of A. a. Sauls, Birmiiig- iani,' AIci., and B. E. Ilsiram au'.l a. S, Sandlfur, Uotli of Jackson, Mbs., on" trial-here on federal charges of handling a bond stolen from a Chicago mall clerk -In December. 1933. The cases went to tlio jury Idle this morn hi g. Han-y Qreeiibers of New York another ' member of the alleged bond ring, entered n plc.i of guilty to (.wo counts, and will be sentenced aloii£ wit)] j aj , H jfy m . walnut Ridge-banker;-j. L. McKamey. former Imborien postmaster; John K j Gibson. Lauralown planter, title Sam LabOM', Chicago drugeLsl, al jot whom pleaded guilty to liandltn: stolen .seotirltles at llie lasl lerm i tedei-al court here. C..B. Barnett. joncsboro business man. under Indictment, on charges The suBfiCslioti '• thai • ulyUicVIII: attempt to obtain PWA funds loi .he.erection of n thihi-iiiili, to II; Bljtlipvllle hospital wns ra'atle • I Dr. P. i,.. Hiisbnnd. surgeon li charge, ni, n. meeting -of 'llie. IJnr elub .T»«stWy nnoii *al Ihe' Holc- Nolila. ,..;, . <:< •••••-. The plan will te flirllier InvMll- gnl.cil by,the. Lions chili which may sponsor-(ha movement. Ur. Husband wai; .the Vpcafcei- O f a program arranged, hy fjr. Hinitsr C. Sinis (n oUsoryiincp of National Medical AVcek'.,"' ' .. rn.lils tnlk' he gave n 'history of the -liospllal iv))!ch ,,!ic '-ffrceteU In ,1923'wlileh .was' purchased by the city of Blytlieville In 1927. In the jpast yenr there have been 837 pale-Ilk admitted, .exclusive' of emer- iency and fractures given to pn- iirre allowed (o return WASHINGTON J — '.Deapltc narkcxl ..< plirrjslp;) - by, the itdmln- btvation "p'nil direct pressuvc froft he Wlille jloiiiie, (he sennfo sen! down ..'.to '. (K-fftat last night, the protocol for Anierieal'i .'lidlieretice ;o. U'ic', '.Wpvld' Coiirt. -''5'2 to, ; ;|<f seven note's slibii-'nf tlic i;: required two-thirds' 'tnniority, ; ,- :' .' . Corijing riftdr tlirce" weeks . of torrid 'debate,'.. nml wllli ' teiujoi pjaliily • Marked nercjis.,.'Hic. floor ohd'eallirlrs, 9! :t)n.' 'se'hain Chamber, tlic vela stand Vi.t'.'peMiaps. (lie most ' .surprising' twist' of J llie pies ent se.«ioi!.. ";.' .. , •; .-,..!_ ] . . ) of oplii^'iise Tf rein . llu .gtrftcd nmiciuneemenl o vote by'.Vlre I'reslcletil bar ' itory lliey lifi)» will save Hmipt- nnini fronv execution for the mur- isrd. ler of : tlw t,iinl!)cn;h Imby. MIT.. Anna HtvU|ilinaim left Hit witness e.hftiv in inld-nfternoon af- ,'cr "lie licwl sworn to llireo nllliLi "6i- lier husband. He was wllli her, she witil,- In Ihcir own home Hit 1 iil^lit HIP Limlbc'rjili rnusoin was paid In kl payiiidncl','; einirleo He wos wltli her, siie r,qlrt Ihc night lie is •>!- leijeil, tn hnve pnltl lite way Into lew's'Slierlcltin bijuare theater In pirVoiV nltli n fi raitflin bill For (he first lime since tlio Irial iiricd Ifnuptnmmi sliowcd seiili- ent loilay while -his wile was •lling lioiv she wetil to Europe i visit his aged' moUier. Tlic emlnrit'.i eyes IlllwUwilh ton; tnirt c reached 'for ; hls halnlkcichlst o ' brush, -llicm asyny, AUoiuey'GcucrnVJ David "V- WU .Mi? Kwiptnianp bill liefoip Hi InlrortutUon and ex- nf I'ciiiirni 'Hid v;ps 1'tovlilfi. for <'nuii(y BcnnJA'", I\K pawned tw tiio house the ))lll 'cts up 11 sidle, ho'xUi of tl tjwm- beis uppolnted by the. go\cuiM wltli tin Rovwnoi ai chairman r\\c ronnti olflclals— county jlulge •ilierln county court cleil. tiretiit cm rt cleik mid lietiiinci llie' . Senaioi'3 . Robinson niul Cwa iray of Arkansas liolli voleil fn ndlihreuce. be a'child 'prodigy. After a recital in llc Rock unit, Arkansas Djinocratic Women's club. Jv!r. Greene cited.the "acploriibli! corditlo\\s'' of some of Ihe school? which have been reduced lo short terms and m°ascr salaries through lack of revenue. He explained that the board of education, when challenged. • by the. governor lo present a workable, plan for increased revenue (or the difficult years. II would not be in Il0] . effect nfter December SI, 1M7. . j) Ia( i Constitution Hall, little iiuth left lu[ (ii Cl ,(. c convinced that it to one of the marvels Roosevelt, 53 Today, Works at White House • WASHINGTON. Jan. 30 (UP)— Hoosiveli celebrated' his lEllS'OF flFFER Overheard Promise oJ Bi Naval Job for $250,000 oniradlcttb'ii'i of \(n suftj " rtt-ii ie .drew Train, her, the' ailml?:ilon hal. when she .testllled lii the .hearing .«he. Suld-'HHe. "cpulii , rnqmbcr rwliclher h h€i" htls ; -ijntl 'MS '.with' her '.(ho night, ol lie . kidnaping. Tholi hn dii!, liito lli(s qii'stloi )f 'ho\y the' shoe, box, which con allied: (ho t nvom money am Flsch ^ Itouptinnnn him before Isndoie he or, O'ennany, could have -iiecii 01 c shelf." in a- closet, in her honi a yeir willinnt liei nntltln cross exfliulnaUon \VU etil/. fol'Ccd , her \a admit llial slv ,\nd clciuieil the slielf ott Ihre .Ittite while the shos box \vtis ol - "? a calmly •pilef Tile approved pojul five mitnbeis of board lo iidmlnlstei the r oimty boaid must lie y the stale board, Hnney's fniieiidinsnt, would hayc icled the nwaor and the icp'c- entntlve lo tho cqunty ollii.ials milled in the 01 If. inn I bill nn\ iQxiIil lijivc made them the mtciwl of tippolntlng boird mcm- ers t lie ciltlelrat Uie rnitA oil- nitnl&ltntlon iiv Wopdruff county ss chavglng that ullef cm- iloycs ate food sent' there •• for UIstrlbuKon. ' Washington bfflclil who ni-o(e he Llll Rnney anld ask-tl red ernl control of the stalo iome. Tlie death rate has bee '' 4.4 fee Pay Cut Restoration April 1 Is Approve WASHINGTON; Jan, M CUP>— The house today approved restoration of. (lie remaining S pev cent pay cut of government employes on April 1. The. raise was approved liy the senate Monday, The ntldltlonal cosl of the April ncreosc compared with the art- nliiMration's budget program to elay the 100 iwr cent return to July 1 wns • estimated nt $22,500,- coil, exclusive or patlenls dy- ng within 24 hours alter udmit- ance io the hospital, according to rules of llie American Hospital As- Eoelallon. -The hospital has outgrown Ils ,, ,. . ,„, M'esent capacity mid a new null , eonlcl oblM " lntlllo '« '" 1 > ovfl1 c0 "Is badly needed, accordhv to Dr slr; ' ctl °" conlracls for .1 fee of Husband who Is wining to cooperate °" = " """ In the movement t o obtain il lc building. WASHINGTON, Jan. 30. (UP) — Miss Jury Kitchen, slim black-hsvir- cd stenographer, told senate munitions investigators today that she overheard a conversation in 1933 in which her employer was promised that an influential "fixer" 'resident Planning Cruise for Next Month Mussage Tomorrow WASHINGTON, Jan. M (UPJ- Prwidcnt Rooscveil will send a brief message to congress tomov- i'OW'transmitting the report of the Kowell aviation commission. of handling some, of the bonds allegedly brought to Arkmisas by the Ihrce men ami their Bisotlntes. ^va.i sranled n separate in a plea by his attorney.*. Her lingers arc said to bo very strong though ilcxlble. She plays octaves wilh lightning speed nnd approximately is not handle physically by her Immaturity, iicr interpretation of the works ..„.„. .- ol Beethoven. 'Momt and Chopin 53rd .birthday lottoy bj 1 wbvhintr as I has caused music ; critics- lo Senior High Has Two Mid-Year Graduates! i Charles Brogdon urn! Murray Harris, nre the only members of the mid-year graduating class of senior high school this year. They will have no special "exercises but UsitoVln.tlic ,\V\i«e rtnvist.' : pxec\i- •claim hev as a'"Ecnlvis":'anrt "U\-|vvlll pn.rtlclpatc In the usual spring H«-rt : KfTico ' ' "' '<tohiR>-olntil." '• '- -' ' •-. -- commenct'ninnt, «voi-^icac in Ma.v.' $250.000. She worked for Laurence R. Wilder, then chairman of the board of Gulf industries.. Inc., Pensacola Fin., ship building compony. Plainly nervous and speaking In voice scarcely audible, Miss Kitchen testified Wilder vvas approached in August, 1933, by A. B. Ora- vem,, who of fcred to liave "a friend" obtali natMl awards for the Florida con ceni. iollow Log Is Home of Aged Clear Lake Man This Is o now "believe It or not." An old man called at the l Red Cross office recently, asking for clothing. When a?ked if he wonl<| like a ivorlfOr to go (o his home for an Investigation he rejoined.: "You 'could not get to ray home, I am living in a licltav log la the woods near Clear Unke." The man insisted that he did not want charity c.vccpi for some cast-ofi clothing and that he was very comfortable, sleeping In the !og and cooWng over an open fire. ' ''' '. " . ; • 'm nfivw dhwiic'i (In 1.0,3 in- Inslrlnl school nncl otfrfi Ijistltii- tons rho?o rco.ue^is were denied by Govcinoi rutrell lie said In blilei flttnc) on fcdeinl con- liol of slain aftatrs „» Anothei pio)Sos''(1 nmeiKlracnt, by NV N? Thompson of Bifesuilc, that \V()iilrt haVc a*ed l«elsatlj^ piovsl of the blalc «clfi>2 tojul > s defeated b> i\ viva Vocr void running Bonril tinder Fire j A 'toim of Oppooitmn ajfilnst' (lie. bill cieitlnj a rennanenc stit" planning 1 oaM l>oke ot,l 111 the tenale trday riiial acitou and a vote uns ctefeirM until 11 A -M rrlrtii "— Roy Mllum of Hanljon snin tnc bill r<ai the brumvoife of the "-latfi Llgge,! e<tpi>atp account He opp&se I I) o 3\ 'eplnj powMS'set mil. mitlef. Ihc iiieasufi! snylnx the bill,!"eren."tells -lis liow. rml wheic the poj.nlntlon could ilve-tlie, might cwi> teli 115 wt'pp ue could set imriled » , Sennter II. B. Hardy .of;Giton- brier sko nttnctal Ihc. 5xteii4lvi tuwen delegnled, Trawler of the fact ftti.dlng ribunal's duties to the corporn- VVASHINOTOIf. Jan. ,10 (Of) — Prcsidenl. Roosevelt hopes (n crnke In Florida wafers lato nexl monlli for 10 days or so it was learned authoritatively today. The t'resldilil'fi trip ts contingent on definite progress of Uie legislative . program now before congress. Boston Radio Cops May Have Cold Feet lion commission, as voted by tjie, would «e 'in \ cause of utility i m Aikansas * Newton, of the wimls last week, 'ortuuate for the nile regulation Chairman c. P. corporation (lay. commifsion. ' said r td* ile iirtuxnleil fvpniKion of Uib, .Oar.' J. M. Fill roll', is esp^ctst! t« Issue n statement supporting the tritmiiflt late today or tomorrow^ The ulir lhat vroilld flboiwh the- trlhunnr'was written hy Ellis Y;\r gnu, LlU(c Rock senator, and Armll Taylor, of Olarksville. It hns been sent to (hy house for action, Cut Sales Tax Ratp, Tlic senate committee on education, at a meeting at Hie Hotel Ma-. rion last night, approved amendments to Senator kali's sales tax BOSTON,n,en who abort. Boston in cruising cars em pt used cars from the tax to ' Cleveland Payrolls Jump 37 Per Cent in One Year CLEVELAND (UP)-Numbcr of Industrial employes here last year increased 21 per cent over 1933. Ptiyrolk went up 37 per cent. These figures were released by the ,hiduslrinl development committee of the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. . Seventeen new concerns were .started in the city, occupyingi-mrti,-rinndi- Kim i-hiiv H«7,«W square fed of space, cm- f"' ll} clolld> *" h tlsuv i ploying 1,003 persons. Thirty con- ' Ilihiiw u-oulrf h<>- 'ccvns expanded n total of 104,400! The minimum tcmpernture here]",™ „„„„,,?, „, ^qunrc feet. Building permits for last night was S<5. • Yesterday-the -• - • • • was-43. installed, ,„ tbe antomeblies. ^•diXtS^Sa^'.t he tomlder purelmlns hraiers tor.j „„,„,„„ ',„ ndvaliw ^ ^ cai ^ mi ine maeiiine,. . •„, n pl j hllc ]lpnr j ]1K before tho Jo , nl _ .-,,. rn •icommitlec.'soii education of the seri- WtATHER jnlc and house fit tre Hotel Xfariofi ARKANSAS-Partly '. cloudy lo r ' tallrcom at 7 tonljht jnay be bisect nMil nnd Tliursfla.v. rLsliig temper-j 0 ' 1 tn e suggested changes. aluve Thursday. Memphis and" Vicinity—Fair and wr ionlghL new factories, nmounied to J97S.600, double tha 1933 flsurc. warehouses, etc.. ntmost .clear, accord Ing to Samuel P. Norris, offlclol rather observer. - -' I I>fo changes were su?ges(ed in Ih, proposed distribution of the tatf, } \ «-h!ch under amendmetits of, the Hall bill end tinder original pro- vlslong of the cummlngs bill W tho. r psr cent to . • fund, 20 per I! '! (Continued on Fa«a S)

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