The National Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 25, 1837 · 3
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The National Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1837
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THE A Tit CHE SNVT- STREET. Boies 75 c.nts Pit f 7J cents Gallery S5 on. The doora will open at 7, pertorroana. tooomtuencc 7j o'clock. Uhtcti ni.t trantierrable. THIS EVENING, - Will be presented, the Comedy of the SCHOOL OF REFORM, Or, to fore to Utile a Ifnsbantt. .Lord Avondaie, Gen. Tarragont, Mr. Fermeut, Robert Tyka, Mri. St. Clair, Mr. Ferment. Mr. Harrington Faulkner Wood Burton Mm. May wood Howbmbara Alter wlucn. the farce of RAISING T1IK WIND. Jeremy Didler, Mr. Thayer Fainwood, Lindsay Fecy Plainwny, Mrs. Walne in EXHIBITION OF FENCING, .Hi the Jlhuonic Null. Chestnut street, between AYuniiA and fUsrhth street: ON Saturday evening, ititli iiialalil, Messrs. W Sokilski and J. Woloszczynski, two ol the Po. liah Exiles, who shared in the brsve thimgb. utifor. tonate struggle lor liberty in the late follst! Revo lution, will cxnmil tneir skiii in inennoienuu nun' Iv exareise of FENCING. Mr. 1) lltibti. a ciun tryman of theira, haa volunteered hia friend services, and they hope their political tmatortunei and consequent indigence (apait from any altentiot (he exhibition itaelf may command) will give then; some claim to the generous sympathy ol an enlight ened and tree public - PROGRAMME. PAKT I. lat Assault. Meaara. D. Bublj and W. Sokalsk with broad swords. Sd Assault. Messrs. 1. Bobij and J. Wolosz rvii&ki with cut and thrust sword. 3d Aiisult. Messrs. U. Bobij and W. SokaUki with lances. 4th Assault. Messrs. D. Bobij and J. Wolosz czynski with small swords. ! PAKT II. 5lh Assault. Messrs. SokaUki and Wolosz c7.mki with bavoncls. 6ih Assault. Messrs. Bobij and Sokalaki will fence with lour broad swords, each having two. 7tti Assault. Mr. Bobij with a luuce against Menri. S. and W. Willi bayonets. A bam! of Music conducted by Mr. Haseher ol the Washinelon Guards will periorm on the occs aion. Doors open at 7 o'clock, performance to commence at 8. Tickets of admission 50 cents, to be had at the principal ranio stores, at No. f5 Minor Street, and Ht tneil'ior OI tne rtiasnnic nun, ""B : ' COOKE'S Extensive Equestrian Establishment and NEW ARENA, CHESTNUT STREKT, NEAR NINTH, WILL open on Monday. August S8th, and each evening during the week, at 7 o'clock. Performance 10 commence precisely at half paal 7 o'clock. The who!e of the entertainments will embrace n assemblage of talent and splendor not to be surpassed the performances tv.ll be produced with the utmost grandeur and peculiarity of effect, embodying in the same evening the most unequalled scenes in the Circle, and Evolutions of manly agility. Extraordinary Horsemanship by Messrs. James Cook and Wool ford. Principal Equestrians, together with the full display of the abilities of the beautiful Stud of Horses and wonderful group of Burmese Ponies, with the performance of the Infant Equestrian Prodigies, and a succession of novelties, which constitute one ot the most varied, animated and interesting spectacles every presented to an American public. The performances will commence with a splendid Equestrian Cavalcade, entitled the Amazons and Warrior Chiefs Master George Cooke's exercises on his little vaulting steed Mr. Woolfnrd and the Persian Steed, liege Pak in an equestrian sketch called the Omrah's Charge, or horse of 5000 Mr. James Cooke's graceful horsemanship, representing the games Zephyr and Cupids Novel Gymnaiia by the Polish brothers Mr. Conk's grandchildren will perform a new ecee in the Arena, entitled finlliver and the Lilliputians La belte Uosiere on a fleet courser, by Mrs. Cole at this period of the performance, an interval of fillteu minute?. The Second part will commence with Mr. Cooke's double I taping, through various rdjecis, and jumping over twelve horses Mr. A. Cooke's light riding and leaping actMr. Wells will re present the Antipodean, or world upside dowu The beautiful twin ponies, Hyder and Paiima, the greatest curiosities in America Mr. .lames Conke will give on a flying steed the Carnival of Venice. The entertainment will conclude with One Hundred Maquerades on Horseback. Hirecier of the Circle. Mr. Cooke, Junior. Riding Master, Mr. Wool ford. Clowns, Messrs. Williams and Wells. The Interior of the Circus will present a style of Elegant Decoratinas combining the extremes of classical neatness and every variety of Magnificent Ornament. The Boxes embellished in a superior manner, with a riiiiinct entrance to this elegant portion of the Circus. The Pit will be found spacious, and will command a d9tinol and full view of every part of the Cirole. Saloont are al (ached to the Boxes and Pit, with every accommodation to render the Visiters comfortable. The Deeorationi over the Circle will be the roost superb description, including a Splendid Ceiling, suspended from which a Massive Gold Candalabra, the largest in the world, emitting 2,500 lights, designed and executed by Mr. J. Fostc.ia.e principal Artist to the King's Theatre, the Italian .Opera House, London. The Circus erected by Mr. Hopper. Builder, from plans and drawings by Mr. liaiiotv. Architect to this establishment. The whole ol the Gas Apparatus, Fittings, Sjfa. by Messrs. Newton and Whelan. The Orchestra will be efficient, and conducted by Mr. Sprake, Professor of Harmony, Clarionet-ist, ficc. 8c c. Prices of Admission Boxes 75 cents, Pit 50 ents- Children under ten yettrs of age ball-price. Places taken and Tickets to be bad of Mr. Trap-pan, at the Box Offi-sr, which is open daily, from 10 to 1 and from S till 5. .FOR HEW YORK Despatch Line. This Day. The can' boat -SP' Pl' Downs, ffiffi&ywill sail as above. tor freight, apply to the oaptain on board, below Walnut slreef. or to 85 AUMRR PATTON, 48 S. wharves. . " eOU. UAL'flMOkk "Via Canal. Thia Day. -SVr The canal boat HIGHFLYER, Captain fc-lf fThmaa. will sail thia evening. 1- or freight, apply to the captain on board, below Walnot meet, or to a 25 ARMBR PATTON, 48 S. wharves. CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, &c. ALAKGK assortment of Clolha, Cassimeres, Satlinets, Vesting", Ste. for sale low by jACOli JUNKS & CO. aug5f 387 Market street. Cheap mousbline u'LAtNEd. THE subscriber has just received a case cf new style Mouselina d'Lainea, which he ia eua-bled to offer at very low prices. augSsr L. J. LEVY, 140 Chestnut t. COMATRA COFFEE For sale by Git ANT O tt. S ONE, 11 S wharvea. ao 25 -3t rati Twitied scarlet Flannels, for sale by H ACKER, LEA t CO. ' ! 8mo 25"? .1-3 Chestnut street. YOUNG I1VSU.N TbA. CyTZf CHESTS and half chests of fine and S&j3 common nuaiiiies, for sale by MILLER St GUEEV, aug S52w 109 .nnth Front street. mTEWMAUKET (JO 1 1UMS J constant sup- pli- of tbeae superior good, on band and tor aale by HACKEK. LEA at CO. 32 Chestnut street. 8 mo 25: WOLLAND GIN IOO pipe. Pine Apple brand XI Holland Gin, entitled to debenture, ilea to cieoenture. lor aale GRANT tt STONE, . 7 au 15 6t II south wharves. D'ISRAEL'S NEW WORK. VENITIA, by the author of Viviao Grey, and Henrietta Temple, in 2 vols. I2mo.. Mid-ahipman's Expedients, by the author of Hattliu the Kecfer, with other Talei, by various writera, in 2 vola. 12mQ. Just published and for sale by UOGAN be THOMPSON, ang 25: 30 north Fourth street. THE YOUNG LADIES FRIEND, by a Lady, in t vol 12ino. A freah aupply of the above popular and interesting work, in plain and fancy bindinga, just received and for aale by KiVY U bROTHER, aug5 122 Chestnut street, below 4h. Mechanic's Children, or Htntt ta Jquariant. WALDIE'3 OMNIBUS of this day contains a continuation of these very interesting origi aval papers. Also, conclusion of Skinner's Walk over the Himalaya Mountains; Nelsonian Reminie cences, by a Nasal Officer; Shakspeare in China; Abbey nf Mount Melleray; Nobody haa any Mo oey; A Reasonable Recreation, fete. For aale at 46 Carpenter street, rear of the Arcade. Subscription price f ptr annnm, au,25 tUNtVS WHITING ACADEMY, ' No. 106 South Ninth near Walnut street 'liH B du ies ot this instttii'ioti will be resume I on JL Monday net, kSJi iuif. The olaases will be arranged at various hours from fi, A.M. to 10. P.M. Kami's Piece Book. Ju-t published and tor us sale above, Raud's Pieve Honk, beti-g a selection nf piecet'rono the most approved authors, elegantly engraved, ior the me of schools. The Introduction, System, Abridgment, Alphabetical Copks.tVc, may also be had as shove. a'aHF.It T. BROAD'S ACADEMY FOR BOYS. No. 23 South Seventh Street, five doora north of V nest nut. ILL be re-opened lor the season on (he first v V of Sp! ember. Nit. In addition to the mil it I;iaVih branch jf Instruction, the Latin and French Lane-uaecs are ""IS"1 ' aciiuui nil very iimmicimiw in u aug w:rot KDUOa'I ION. Select Classical French tmd English lumper botweeti Market and filbert streets. ratHE duties of the above Institution will be rr- i mmed on MONDAY, the i!Slh of Auuuat. R. M'CUNNEY will be agisted by the most aocom plished and experienced teachers, and hones bv itrict Mtteutuin to ihc disoharge ot hia dunea tu uerit a cm.tinuanoe ot that patronage heretofore so ineraiiy bestowed on him. and for which he leels truly grateful. ivir. A. Kearney, to long and favorably known n tins oil), will tike charge ot the Classical De partment. M:Joieph Denorrts, r Tench, bpanish and Italmn. Mr. Albright, Drawing. R. M'Curiney. ( assisted bv a cnmnelpnt Mthe matician) Vfatheiuatlos and General English course. Young (ienlleuien wishing to ntcnare lor the counting bouse, will here have an t-xeellent onrinr- tunity, K. M'Cuuuey combining with the theory a practical Knowledge ot accounts. Penmanship will reeeive that atu-tiii:m which it so justly merits. Having made arrangemeuta, Mr. M'Cunney will open a preparatory department tor hoys under 7 yearaof ae, under his own immediate soperinten .lence. jno boy will be admitted, without having recommendaliou for good mural character. Parents will please aitd in their sons as earlv as msible. An EVENING SCHOOL, will as usual be onen- ed in the latter end of September, or early its October. Terms for both made known at the Academy, aug 21 tllroo MERINOS. Qrk CASES 6 4 Merinos, ranging from $1 3 to $25. Just received and for sale by C. W. CHURCHMAN, ang 24'dlOt 10 Chesnut street. PHGKNtX NO 1'ES. THE notes of the Phcanix Manufacturing Company will be taken at par (or Perfumery. Fan cy Soaps, Cosmetics, bec, by JAMES GLENN, aug 24: 33 S 8th St. above Chestnut. PARIS EMBHuiOEHiES. THE Subscriber haa received and will open this day, one case superior Paris Embroideries. consisting of a variety of new styles of Collars, Fi- hu faysatme, etc. expressly selected tor htm by a agent in Pans. L. J. LEVY, g 4:St 140 Chestnut street. Illbtl LUMENS. Fine Irish Linens, lor sule by 13. M. HOLL1NSHEAD, aug S4: 14 north Sixth street. BLANKETS. VSTHiTE, green, drab, btown, and blue Mucki- v naw, of various weights and sizes, and of superior quality; super Steamboat and Whitney do. receiveu ano mr sae nv BROWN, HANSON St CO. 3mo 24t 38 south Front street. WESTPHALIA HAMS. A CHOICE lot of small Westphalia Hams from 8 tu 12 pounds, just received. Having sold many naros ot this lot which have been highly approved, we ean recommend them with the greatest confidence as of very superior flavor. Also tor sale. INcwbold's celebrated Hams, prime ersey Hams, Tongues. Drii'd Beef, and sunerior noiogua sausage, by JAMES K. WEHif, Grocer and I ea LJealer, aug 24: S W. corner ol Dock be 2d sts. FLANNELS Welch Gauze and heavy Sbirt-iug Flannels. Midctevs and Roger's Patent do, colo-ed do. Canton Flannels of superior fabric, received direct from the manufacturers. 11. M. HOLLINSHEAD. ang Si: 14 north Sixth street. AMONTILLA SHERRY A lew qr. casks of very siiDerior nuaiitv. iust received direct from X-sres, lor sale by POPE 9c ASP1N WALL, au234t 55 south wharves. Iron (ship and Boat Kpikes. A FULL ASSORTMENT of wrought iron Ship and Moat Spikea, and Rail Road Spikes, received from Albany, and for aale by ANDREW M. JONES & BROTHER, atl 1 dm 17 south wharvea. SALlSUbHY LiO "a FLANNELS. OQQ BALES of these superior Flannels, 3-4, vjisj 7-8, 4 4, and 5-4 wide, Scarlet, Red, Yel. low, Green and VVhite. Also, superfine Scarlet Printed Flannels and 4 4, 9-8 and 5-4, Red and Green Baizes, for sale by the package, by WALN t LEA MING, au2ld4w 28 south Front st. RKMO V Ali. JH. BROLASKEY has removed from the S. . F.. corner of 8th and Chestnut streets, to that large and commodious new Store, NO. 47 SOUTH EIGHTH STREET, a few doors below Chestnut, where he will continue his business in all its various branches, and will constantly keep on band a large assortment of the most FASHIONABLE GOODS imported into this country. The STORE at the corner is now offered fo.-RENT. jy 7 3m ' CA5B3 heavy Cantnn FLANNELS; 127 Ovf cases dark style Fall Prints; 92 cases as sorted eolnred Cambrica and Silesias; brown and bleached Shirtings and Sheetings, and brown and bleached Drillings, received and for sale by PHIPPS, HEBERTON fct ABBOT, ail 23' 20 Chestnut street. INDIGO. 43 ceruons prime floiant Caracas F. lor sale by POPE & ASFINWALL. au 23 'Ot 55 south wharves, WESTPHALIA II A MS. JUST received, a aupply of very superior Westphalia Hams. Also, Bologna Sausagea, warranted a genuine article and lor sale bv BALDWIN & COLTON, Tea Dealers and Family Grocers, No. 44 Market street above Seventh. a 22 DENNIS MURPHY, Coal Grate and Fender Manufacturer, No. 36 North Sixth street, between Marltel and Arch streets. --, B3ESPF.CTFULLY in -Bit forms hia friends and the public that he has on hand a stoek of the moat approved patterns of Alantel, Portable, Fancy and Common GRATES, which be will dispose ol on the most reasonable terms. Black and White Smith Work in general, je 25 ! BLEACHED COTTONS. A SUPERIOR asionment of bleached Cottons, comprising the following marks: NEW MARKET, STEAM MILL, TFQUONNOCK, SLATERS VI LLB, UXURIDGB, GRANITE MILLS, and other varieties, for sale by BROWNS, LEWIS. CHASE St CO., 8mo2l 103 Market at. and 32 Church alley. GREKN COFFEE, 250 bags Greeu La Guayra Coffee, iust landed and tor aale by POPE H. A8PINWALL, au 23?4t 55 aeuth wharvea. CMIIPRRIOtt TOILET OR NURSERY HOW O DERS, particularly recommended to the notice of mothers and nurses for its remarkable fine- neas and purity, and for the absence ot all deleterious properties; it is fiiely perfumed with the Otto of Roses, Bergamot and Violet, or plain for sale wholeaale and retail, by L. W. GLENN, No. 84 south Third st. sign of the Vase of Flow ers, opposite the Exchange. aoe 23: SWEFj I" WINE. 2.36 qr. casks superior sweet Malaga Wine, various favorite brands, for sale by POPE ot ASPINWALL, au 23?6t 55 south wharves. SUNDAY EXCURSION FOR Burlino-ton, Bristol and Bordentown. (Jn Sunday morning next, the Steamboat NEW PHI LADELPHIA, Captain D, S. Craven, will leave Ches- Snut at. wharf, at 8 o'clock for the above i ulacei, ami return the ume afternoon, entown at 3 oVlrwi. leavine Bordentow r are tor the excursion, ann uown, cents. Fare each way, SO cents. 25 t WILL SHORTLY CLOSE. Aagnificent Scripture Picture. SANSOM STRKRT ABOVR EIGH TH. Open from 9 unfit du&k Admittance 25 Cents rg 1H1 ts universally allowed to be the most JL splendid Fioture ever exhibited in the United States. aug V mthalm Williamsport and Elmira Kail Kontl Com panv. OTICR IS HKRfcBY CIVF-W, to the stock i-M holders in the VV iilimsnort and Elmira Kail itosn tomnanv. tnat the riitn intaimut ot t ivc Di:llrs on ech shure of slock is required tu be pain on or net ore uietnoayot aenteraber nest at the office of the Company. No. 103 south Jr'ront street, uy order oi the Boat n, JOSEPH LESLEY, Secretary and i'reaiurer. Philadelphia, August 7th, l37. a !9ilSt8 no ktherFhank oFk en tuc k y Aoettct. Ann 5. 1337. STC by rOCKHOLDKHS in the above B-nk are here. notihed that an instalment of fith dollads per share, on the Cn.t(.l Stock, will become due una payauio on the oil. day ot wevemr nett, at ihef.imrd Bank. WM. D. LEWIS. 5t'N0 (nshier (irHrd Hmk FOU CHARLES TON, S.C. Kegtilar Line. -T Tim laRclcot hritr STAII. 1'intnin.l. I b-tiAflay Wheeler, is now loading at 4i raid's wharf, and will sail in a tew days. Kur freight or na&saee, anulv to the csn'ain on onarn, or to 24 WILSON 8c JONES, 11 Girarri'a wharf hV OULKANS I'ACKKTa New Line. The packet ship EUW. JJONAFFK, fcaiiiillJ. (.allag-her, muster, is now loading al Ifuss's wharf, first helow Walnut street, and having tne greater part ot tier cargo engoed and going od ouartj, win receive immennue nespatcn. For freiglit or passage, apply to the captain or board, or to U. B. KTACtSY, Vrtnut street. EOlt B HE MEN. The A. 1 fHst railing coppered ami cop- Caui, per fastened Bremen barque HERCULES, will be despatched for Bremen the end nf this month, great part of her cargo being engaged. For freight or passnee. bavin? verv sunerior accfmroo dations. apply to HENRY HOHLEN. aalntt 69 s-mth r north street, or to the Captain, on board, at Lombard street wharf. FOR BOSTON Heguiar Line. The packet brig PALM, Captain Snow. Apply on board, 3d wharf below Market .reel, or to tiriAJN 1 &c Sl UMl, a 21 Gt II south wharves. FOU KINGSTON, JAMAICA. The fast sailing packet brig PILOT, Captain Waikim, will sail the 2d inst. For treiffht of 2t0bbls .or ousssee, baiine sunerior furnished accommodations. Apply on board, or to SAMUEL fit WM. WELSH, aug 19 SO south wherves. FOR POUT AU PRINCE. Sr.; The A. 1. copp-red and copper fastened st sailing brig ALWINA, wilt be des patched immediately ft-r the above port on arrival, it sufficient freight is ottered for freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to a ft dif HEN tY BOH LBN, 69 S. Fourth st. FOR MADEIRA, Regular Trader." fi-FI The new packet brig VINTAGE, Snow, jgjp master, will sail from New York with despatch for freight or passage apply to ROBERT ADAMS &t CO., No. 123 Walnut street. Invalids going out in this vessel will have every attfntinn'helr situntinn tnr-v require. a 7 WANTED TO CHAR TEH, jriw. Two British vessels tn load Timber at ifcSt Bathurat, Nova Scotia, for London; also, two tr three to load at Richibucto, for any port in England, Apply et No. 35 south wharves, to jy 24 if S. MORRIS WALN fct CO. VESSELS WANTED, TO load with Coal for Boston apply lo T. DELANO &t CO. j) siit Walnut street wharf. FOU WILMINGTON, N. C New Line. C'SSL The riupf-ri'T fatt sailing schr. MARIA J. ES TELLE, Jackson, master, wilt sail in a tew dayf. For freight, which will be taken at the lowest nitt-s, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to the captain od botrd, below Walnut street, or to ARMER PATTON, At the North Carolina Packet Office, aug 19 Nc. 48 S. wharves. L1VEUPOOL fACKCTS. Ship POUAHONTAiJ, James West, master,(5S4 tons) to sail SUth ol 8th roouth Ship MONONGAHELA, H.F.Mieroken, master, (50Stons)to sailSOfh of Olh month (beut). f&L Ship SUSQUEHANNA, T. B. Cropper, Tmar, (583 tons) to sail SOth of ltth mjiith (Oct.) Ship ALGONQUIN, gXjmaatert (432 tons) to Enoch Turley, sail 20ih of ft I tit mouitHiNov. ) The subscribers have had the above named Ships built of the best oiutert&Ui no expense ia the work-man ship and equipment has been spared . nd they confidently offer thera to the public as aft or ding the most eligible conveyance for passengers und merchandise. One will sail from this port tilt. 20th of each month except the first month, tnu iron) Liverpool the 8th of each month throughout the Tear. T hese vessels will be towed up and down the Delaware by steam tow-boats, by the aiu of which pas sengers go to sea on the same day they eave the port. -Apply to H. & A, COPE, or 7mo 4 JNO. A. BKOWN & CO. HEM OVAL. A. F. LEC11EVALIER & CO. HAVE removed their Wine and Liquor Store from 85 Chestnut street, to 41 J Dock street, below Second, where Ihey cfter for sale a general assortment of Wines, Liquors, and other articles eonnecten wnn iner mumest. au s REMOVAL. TAYLOR 8c TEESE respectfully inform the public, that they have removed from No. 69 Chestnut street to No. 113, nearly opposite Tre-mont House, where they have for sale a very complete assortment of SADDLES and BRIDLES, TRUNKS and CARPET BAGS, together with all other articles usually Lepi by Saddlers, all of which will be sold at moderate prices, wholesale or retail. jy I.Vdtf SPECIE. 1 n HAll DOLLARS, American Halves XV)Wv wanted, for which the highest mars.ei premium win dp pain oy D. M. ROBINSON, 75 Dock it., au 92$dtf opposite the Exchange, SPECIE OFFICE. THE subscribers have made arrangements that will enable them to offer the most favorable terras to those who wish lo dispose of any desorip' tion of American or foreign coin of a current character. Mint certificates will also be purchased at the full market rate, by W. MAXWELL 8 SON, jy 17ftf corner of Dock and Third street. Fresh leaves of the Bene Plant, AN excellent remedy for the Summer Complaint of children, may be had constantly at the WILLS HOSPITAL, Race St., between Schuylkill 4?ta and 5th sts. augSltlw ARTISTS FUND EXHIBITION ROOM. The above Room situated in Union Ruildings, north -cast corner of Chestnut and Eighth streets, second story, suitable for exhibitions or other similar purposes, being 56 feet by 35 feet ia dimea sions. For further particulars, apply to JOHN SARTAIN, aug 15:dtf No, 8 Sansom street. FOR SALE. A House and Lot in Mount Plttasant, County of New Castle. Stale of Delaware. 3 miles from Wilmington, on the Philadelphia and yriimiiigtun i urnpiRc. do mi enmams an nail acre of ground, the home is two story, 40 feel front by .30 feet deep, built of the best blue stone, and has ten convenient rooms; there is also a carriage house, sheds .corn house, and stable large enough to accommodate sixteen horses, and 8 to 0 ton of bar. It stands on a high and healthy situation, is a good stand for a Hotel or store, and an be purchased low. A Farm of 40 acres of first rate land, with a splendid stone d welling, barn, Ice., erected thereon, situated in Bucks county, SO miles from the city. Also, a number ot other farms and dwelling homes, io price from One to Ten 1 housa -d Dollars. Apply to D. VAIL (J SON, ao Sld7t No. AT Arcade, Second Story, (Aug.) university of Pennsylvania; COT.LKGJATR DEPAHTMENT. Rev. JOHN LUDLOW, i. U., frovost and Professor of Moral Philosophy. Ktv. SAMUF.L B. WYLIK, D. D., Vice Provoil nfl Pr.-ifestor of Lan.e;uagea (IKMiY Jtr.EO, A. M., Professor of Rhelorlr. antl Knglish Literature. IIENKY VKTHAKli, L. I U., Professor of Ma- thematics. HObWRLL PAHKK, A M-, Professor of Nalu-ral Philosophy antl Chemiitry. TI1K first term of tho Collegiate year will open on FRIDAY, the 8!h of Replnnber, ulieti ihe iluiies of the Department will b; resmnrtl. The Stutlents will assemble In the College Chapel, at 9, A. M. f Jnntliilates ff i' Arlmisilnn will nresent them. selves fnr caamiuatioii al 9 O'clock. Applioar.ts tor gratuitous instruction In the Col Irge Classrs, provided by the resoluiinn of the Board of Trustees are relerred lo ihe Provost. HENHY REED, a eg dlS7 Secretary of the Paoulty of Arts. UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVANIA. ACADEMICAL DEPARTMENT. THE duites of this Depardcent will be re sumed on MOND VY.the SSdi of Auarust. The late l"eoher of the English and the ma ieal depariraent of the Academy having: reste-iied his situation, this department will hereafter be u;i der the supervision and direction of the Principal, Krv. sAMURL W. (JiiAWfUKU, A.M., a Ii tl.Sw Principal. PRIVATE TUITION- ACEN'l'LEMAN who has had successful experience as a Teacher, proposes to give Instruction to a few dudiIj on Ihe following STstera, His plan ia-io form a single class of not more than triii boys, of seven or eie-ht years of aue. and to superintend their entire edunalion through a sys tematic and thorough course ot instruct ion, till they shall be prepared for college, the ootwling room, or such other deltioalion as may be proposed. To in struct without the formality and rigor of discipline which are necessary in a large school. To meet is pupils oaiiy in lus own parlor, and there to tve tliein such instruction and amusement as a ind parent would wHh his son to receive. To secure the love and confidence of his pupils. To inform and arouse thnir minds rather thnn to loud their memory. To teach them by reciting their curiosity and interest, and thit he will endeavor to accomplish through the medium of conversations, engravings, maps, etc. and by bJenning instruction with amusement, wiih common occurrences, and with the current of their own savinirs and doines. He will furnish all book needed, and will be sure lo have them thsroucMv instructed in whatever branches thf y may attend to. He will be connect- n with no other school, hut win devote hit whole roe and industry tor a series of years to thia sin gle class. This school wi'l afford peculiar advan lagesto those children who are deprived of a father's superintendence. The class will be formed, and commence their course (if a suitable number is obtained) oo the 1st ol October. Terms, 125 dollars per year. For references nd further information, annlv at the office of the National Gazette. aug S.atuthlm J. HASLAM'S Classical and Mathematical School. THE exercises of this institution will be resumed on Friday, first of September, at No. 47 south Eighth street, a few doors below Chestnut, where the subscriber may be seen, or at No. 28 Sansom street, from 1 to 2, and from fi to 7, P M. a23M'2w J. FROST'S Academy fr Young Ladies, WILL be re -opened for the Season, on MONDAY, the -ill. of September, at the residence of the Principal, No. 14 Sansom street, above Se venth. an21R3w M. L. I1UKL.BUTS Classical and Mathematical School, N. E. Corner of Ninth and Market sts. THE Exe.cises nf this Institution will be returned on Monday, 8h inst. fine Ifi'dtf iT orris, own, Berks and Lehigh iCaii Road. GEVERAL meeting of all persons holding stnok in this Com panv will be held at Hola- han's, (Chestnut street near Sixth,) on Monday evening, the S8(h of Aueoit, at 8 o'clock. Punctual attendance is earnestly requested, as business nf great importance to the stockholders III be IhicI before them. iu lbwtmht MR. RUSSELL'S SCHOOL FOU YOUNG LADIES, WILL bo re-opened on MONDAY, the 3d of October. Mr. KV Private Classes in English Literature II be returned at the same time. aug 18:fmv.f)w 93 Sotrrii Eiohth Street. MR. & MRS PICOT'S BOARDING AM) DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, Al. 14 and 15 Washington Sauare, Will be re-opened on the first of September. in this institution a i the rngnsn uraicnes, French, the other Modern Languages, Sic. will be taught by Mr. and Mrs. Picot, and a sufficient number of competent teachers For terms, references, io. see prospectus, to be had as above. aug Il.'frawtSl Spring Villa Female Seminary, UonDKHTcrwH, August 31, 1857. HE Parents and Guardians of the Pupils ol this Seminary are very respectfully invited to attend the Annual Examination, which win take placa on Thursday, the 3 1 st inst., beginning with the English branches at 9 o'cIol-K A.M. A Musical Soisee will be given on the same day oy tne pupils ot the institution. au-21 'mwf3t A N. G1HAULT, P ri ncipal. REMOVAL. J. At. VAN HARLINGEN a CO., W9 AVE Removed horn No. 138 Chest.ut to No. 11 186 Chesnut, seven doors below Eighth street, and nearlv opposite the Masonic Mall, a 9 wfmGw J. BAB IN, Professor and Teacher of tht French Lan guage. A NNOUNCES to ihe citizens of Philadelphia that he wi'l open a class for Gentlemen, at his residence, .No. ll Walnut street, on the first ol September next, trom 7 to 9 o'clock in the evening, He tenders his services for the instruction ol Classes in Schools or in private tuition. His lessons will be theoretical and practical; are expeditious and ensure the success of his pupils provtuea tney give punctual attendance. J. H. is a native of France, and begs leave to re fer to the following named gentlemen: Mr. Mersant, French Contul. Mr. Cbe. Picot, ) Teachers of the French Lao-Mr. Gnrdel, $ guage. TERMS for Classes, Five dollars per month, payable in advance. a S3 tniSt Classical and English Education. ffi'MlE patrons of the Crassieal Institute, are re JL spectfully informed that the duties of this insti tution will be resumed on Monday, Angust 28th. The Classioal Department will continue to be under the immediate care nf the subscriber. The English and Mathematical Department will be eon- ducted, under hia supervision, by Mr. Joseph Patterson. The French Classes will be taught by Mr. Peter Frenaye. For cards, specifying term.s Ste. apply lo the sub- scnoer, duaurn r. rntiL.K, 71 Filbert street. Or at the Institute, George st. above 11th. au2ig rawffit BOOK STOCK SELLING OFF. THE Subscriber declining the Book Business, offers ihe balance of his Stock; at very low priors, at his Store No. 31 St. James street. The above Stock embraces a large collection of popular Miscellaneous. School and Professional Boeksf also the Sterotype plates ot his publications. ALEXANDER TO WAR. TO REST, A STORE and CELLAR. Three large ROOMS suitable for work shops. Also a small DWELLING HOUSE, a S3: wfwtf A CARD. JOHN C. WRIGHT having connected himself with his sou, B. T. WKIGHT. has resumed the praoiiee of Law. Their address is J. C. & B. T. WRIGHT, Cincinnati, Ohio. Ther will n&v nartienlar attention to COLLEC TIONS, and advise and REMIT PUNCTUAL LY. 1 hwr will take collections in the neighbour ing eountie, and regularly attend the United States inurta at uoiumnus. J. C. H R. T. W. settle op the unfinished bwsi- ness of Wrights fie Walker. Cincinnati. 1st August. 1837. so g. row f 3m DWELLING WANTED. A modern three storied dwelling, situate between Spruce and Arch, and Sixth and ttioad street, ts wanted by a small family, without children; possession of which east be had previous to 1st October next. A note stating situation, addressed through the Post Office to A, C will be immediately attended to. jsug 91tmwf3t i SALES AT AUCTION. BY E THOMAS At SON, NO. 1054 Ctf KSTNT7T STREET, CARD Elrgsnt Country Residence. M. T. fit Son will sell st the Philadelphia Exchange, on Ut 5th Sept., Uak Hill the beautiful coon try seat t P. J. Van Hall, Eiq , Uhont r. ruovins- from the state,) situate on the Old Vnrk Itnnd. about half a mile from the Mooting Park course, and 44 miles irora ine euy, formerly the citato ot beth ;raige, deceased. Particulars maybe had in hanibillsat the auction store. CARD Sale of English Cuttle. Catalogues ol the Imported shot horned cattle, show inar the pedi gree ot each animal, to bo sold at Powelton on thr iv.h beplember, may be rud now at the auction stftre. They were shipped hy Mr. WhrUkcr, at the suggestion of Col John Hare Powell, and will be found well worthy of attention. Pi rsons having fine horses and other stock, will find the above sale a favorable opportunity to dis pose of the same. CARD Valuable Real Estate Second Fall Sale Our second regular Full stile of Real Estate will be held at the Philadelphia Exchunee. on Tuesday. I9ih Sppt., ai.d will comprise several large and uesjiriaore prnpprues. CAKDFURM T U RE SALES Salesat dwell. tng houses of household furniture, eie. will be attended to on reasonable terras. Advances will be made on consignments of furniture, audother goodi cm io iue auctioo store IMPORTANT IlLR, IMPORTED SHORT HORNED CATTLE. (Just from England ) On Tuesday morning, 13th September, at II o'clock, by catalogue, at Powelton, nerr Philadelphia, .S3 head of Mr. W hi Inker's imported short horned eattle. 18 cows and 15 bulls, just imported. These cattle were shipped at the iuggestion of wii aonn nare rowen, when he exa.uined Mr. W hi taker's stock in September last. SPANISH JACK. At the same lime and pUce, will be solf a thorough bred Spanish Jack, 13$ hands high, between 5 and 6 years old, imported from Spain, in the autumn ot 183G, having ben selected there by an experienced per sun. JACKS AND JENNETS. Additional Stde. A very handsome 3 years old Jack, upwards of ll2tf hands high, and 4 very superior Jenneis; about 13 hands high, iwo of them with fi:te Jack cits; and the others in foal by a superior Maitese Jack. One of them an impnr'ed Maltese, AT PRIVATE SALE. REAL ESTATE. Several desirable Dwelling Houses, and vacant Lots, in various parts of thecity. TO LET Two large Rooms, about 30 by 65 feet each, over the auction store Possession given immediately. BinfTn." freeman; Auctioneer and Commission Merchant No. 137 Walkut stbxxt, dki.ow Fifth. CARD T. B. Freeman attends to the appraisements of Personal and Real Estate, by order ol Executors and Administrators; and he also attends personally to the s:dcs of Furniture at the dwelling houses of the owners, aided and assisted by experienced salesmen. NEW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE. On Thursday morning, at half past 10 o'clock, will be sold, a large assortment of new and second furniture, consisting of bureaus; sideboards; centre and pier tables; sofas; rush and Windsor chairs; pine tablet; ladies work de; standing, low and field bed-ettads, different pst ei ns; complete marble centre tables; dining tables, claw foot, with a collection ot kitchen utensil, due, FURNITURE AT PRIVATE SALE. A general assortment of well made furniture comprising bureaus, Tarioua patternsi marble top pier table; marhle top centre tables; sideboards; spring seat sofas; mahogany rocking chairs; dining tables; mahogany chairs; hat racks; mat ble ton enclosed washsiunds; French cradles; fancy chairs, kc. BOOK CASES. On hand, 6 lare and 5 small handsome mahogany book cases of superior work- j msnship and in good order, suitable fur professional gentlemen. They will be sold separately or to-gether, TO liREWERS fti MALTSTERS On hand (the balance of a consignment from England) a few hundred malting tiles, very superior article. TO GROCERS, DRUGGISTS Ja OTHERS. A few thousand ot Brown fit Co. 'a patent Bath Bricks for scouring brass, steel, iron, etc. with very little labour. TO BAKERS. A lot of improved oven tiles, a superior article tor Bak ers THIRTY DOLLARS REWARD. LOST this morning, a plain double bottom SILVER WATCH, detached lever, mad bv Jos. Johnson. Liverpool, No. 1409; cold seal and key attached by plnited braid. The above reward win be paid upon the return ot the watch, no. to No. 249 Spruce street, and uo questions aiked-Augusi gist, 1837. aog W3l WANTED. A WHITE or Colored MAN, to drive a pair ol Horses, and who will make himself gene ral!? useful in a small family none need apply who cannot produce proofs of cnpability and a good ennracter. inquire at I north in i nth at. a xn 3t S1IUAHON WANTED. A RESPECTABLE middle accd WOMAN, ell acu'tainted with the e-enervl duties ol House Keep, lie, ia anxi us to obtain a situation in that capacity. The most satisfactory testimony as to character and ability will be given; address note to No 14 Magnolia street, N. L., which will be promptly attended to. aug S3:d3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY, IN a Retbil Fancy Dry Goods Store, a YOUNG a. LADY who is well acquainted with the business, and is disposed to devote prrper attention to it. Also, a HOY lo go errands: respectable re ference required apply at 15 irhesnut st. a 17 f AN TtU. A ItOUMj MAN. to assist in a w v Wine and Liquor Store. He must be well acquainted with the business and have some knowledge of the city and eountry trade apply at 57 south Third street. a A GENTLEMAN recently arrived rom (Jaiia a, da is desirous ol obtaining e a titUH'ion in u Counting-house or Store; he has a general know- leoge oi duos:-Keeping and accounts, and is a mar ried man. He ean also speak and write the French Language) would have no objection to go into lh counrry in a mm Der establishment, or otherwise, Respectable reference can be given. Apply at the office ot ihis Gazette. au 10 WANTS A SITUATION. A YOUNG married man, amply qualified to mini tne mines oi the station tor which be ad vertises, is desirous ot obtaining a situation as Colleotor of Accounts, Reporter, and general cut-door business. Satisfactory testimony can be given. Address S, C. G. at thi ofHce, to which prompt attention will he paid. a 10f ROOMS TO LET. T iWO large Rooms in the upper part of the buildiiiir No. 47 south Eighth street, a few doors below Chestnut, 25 feet by 60 deep; enquire on the premises. aug 13: SPECIE. AMERICAN Golilarul Silver warned, for whiah the highest market premium will be paid, by I) M ROBINSON, 75 street. au1Ciiif opposite the Exchange. FOH SALE CHEAP. TO CLOSE a concern, a JOB PKINTING OFFICE. Apply at T. L. Pounder's Bookstore, No. 141 aontb Second street, a lew doors below Ihe Custom House. an 3 Ttlfj 1'UtiL.IC ts cautioned xgainit reoeiving the following NOTES, whiehwere given by ns to J. M. Moss, without consideration, and will not be paid. One dated May 4, I8Sf, at 12 mo. to our own order for 425 54 no do Jun.3. 1857, do do '7, do do 18 do do '.5 54 S4 do do 445 54 12 do do 480 90 18 do do 480 91 24 do do 480 90 12 do do 480 90 18 do do 480 90 24 do do 480 90 It is hoped that no attemtit will be made to nna away these Notes, as Ihe party to whom given is airiicu 01 our reasons sor mis course; nut thia no-tice is given to prevent any one from being embarrassed by circumstances which should be left to the original parties to settle, as they may think roost prudent. FKYEK et ANDERSON. Anzust X3rt dot w 2mw kAccomunociaiioi. JNoon Line lo Haitioiore. CITIZEN'S UNION LINE. Fia New Castle and French Town Road. On and atier MONDAY, the 9ftih instant, the supe-,Snor Steam Boat OHIO. FwrRriti JtfFeries, will leave Chestnut street Wharf natiy, sunuays exceptea, at one o'i !ots, P.Vi. for Baltimore, immediately after the arrival of fhe iur. i..,tl arriving at Uauimare at an early hour in the eveaing. " " Passengers by this roots will be enabled to leave Baltimore early next morning for the South or West. Dinner and Snpper on board the Boat,. All cageage at the risk of the owner. Fare to Chester and New Castle, S5 cents. " 81 Id N, DAVIDSON, Agent, SALES AT AUCTION BY THOMAS, FURNES3 & Vo. Nua. 23 & 24 Nohth Sxconii aTftxai. 6 H ELK SALE. This afternoon, 4 From the shelves, a general and extensive assort ment of seasonable fJoods, consisting in part of aoner eniorei merinnes. cloths and cassimeres. flashings, drab kerseys, assorted cul'd cambrica, toilitiet and-Valcncia vestings, assorted sntinelts, men's end women's assorted cotton hosiery, llrit-tania hrikfs, worsted boots and suspenders, prints and painted muslins, btfavheri and brown shislings. IIOMESTIC. snrras ami piainst i.aniou uanncis; cuamuravst cotton snawisi carpe-ings. etc. FRENCH. SupeifineG 4 Paris black bombazines; bl'k tulian lustrings and cravats; poult ne ame; black silk vel vets, bean bags, gum elastic suspenders, sto. 67 J 7 V ci TLJ5K vf PHILADELPHIA AUCTION MART. Cabpebttku's Couht Chkstndt BETWBKif Third iKD EOUIITH BTIIKETS. CARD HORSES AWl) VEHICLES. Public sales of horses and vehicles will be held regularly every Wednesday and Saturday moi nine, at 1 1 o'clock, in front of the auction mart, until further IlLMIVC CARD To Cabinet Makers. -The subscriber is about refitting the galleries over the auction mart, for the sale of furniture, &o. Cabinet makers may now obtain liberal advances and upon the roost f . vol able terms. HORSES, &o. On Saturday morning, at II o'clock, in front of tne auction marl Sorrel horse, switch tnil, 5 years old, warranted sound and kind to single or double harness, is very 1hs. and trots altogether, sold for want of use, Fair of gray mares. 8 ears old, warranted sound, and kind to ting It or double harness, free from trick or vice, are good goers, undone of them is Hist tale under the saddle, told on a:count of the owner leaving the city. Superior brass mounted stanhope with top, leather aprno, lamps, baggage rack, iron axles, turned arms, boxes, tec. act ot single harness, fly net, &io. Lithi York wacon. built in the best manner, box shape, and warranted for one year. net uouoie harness, brass mounted. Light York wRon, fulling too, a first rate article. and warranted for one year. I wo sets ol single harness. Brass mounted buggy ami bfnek mnnn'ed harness. Sorrel roan horse, nbout 16 hands high, warrant ed snund, 9 , ears old, kind to single or double harness, and a first rate caddie horse. Second hand gig and set harness, in good order. A biv horse, fi years old, warranted sound, kind to all harness, tree from triuk or vice, and a good family horse: it is believed he can perform his mile with two in a buggy in 3 nun. 20 sec. A brown horse, 7 years old, warranted sound. kind to all hrnet,s, fiee from trick or vice, stands without hitching, and would suit a physician. A buggy, with shifting top, made by Ogle & Watson. A sulkey, nearly new, made by Ogle 8 Watson. A dray and gears, neatly new. A set of brass mounted harness-Saddle, bridle. &o. sold positively to close a partnership eoneern. A lull blooded bar mare, a.lohn Kichards colt, 7 years old, warranted sound, and is first rate under the saddle, has trotted a mile in 3.10, has been to harness, and is sold on account of the present owner leaving the city. A bay horse. 6 years old last sorim?. IZA hands high, warranted sound, a good saddle horse, and remarkable fast trotter, goes in harness. A superior new Turning Lathe, ia complete order. BV T. J1KCH, Jr. At UO. NEW AUCTION STORE. No. 81 South Skcowd stbkkt, (late Merchants' fJollee House. SUPERIOIt NEW SOFAS. On Monday mnrniDg, at 11 o'eloctc, at Graham's sofa ware rooms, No. 183 south Eleventh street, lit superior spnr.g seat solas, ot various patterns, Alsoj I pair spring seat lounges. Household Furniture, Piano Forte, &c. On I hursday morn ine, 7'h Sent., at 10 o'clock. in Chestnut street, south side, above Schu)lkill 7th, will be sold, the entire household furniture, nearly new, comprising a very superior piano lorte, made by Scherr, cost $400; rich Brussels carpets with rngs to match; pier tables and centre tables, 1 h f.aypttan marble topbt t rench plate pier glasset; card tablest sprire sent snfaoi muntel lamp with lustres; astral lamp black marble 14 day clocks mahogany chairs; dining tables; inerain and Venit tian carpets; large assortment rich cut glsss; Urge dinner set r reach china tea and breakfast on; Ivory handle knives and forks; elegant tiaahngftny carved bedttead; do French do; do wardrobesi elegant dressing bureau; marble tcp waihstanda, hatstandsi feather beds hair mattresses; paltiasters, fcte. All the above articles have been in use but a short time and bavins; been well kept are as good as new. Also, a large assortment of kitchen furniture. AT PHI V ATE SALE. ELEGANT PIANO FORTES. 6 superior Piano Fortes, manufactured in Vienna under the personal superintendence of a professor of this oily. Persons desirous of purchasing first quality instruments are invited to call and examine them. GLUE A few barrels of Glue, of a superior quality. Jnst received, a few splendid mantel and pier table clocks. m Also, French chioa vases with Sowers and shades. Also, an assortment of rouud, oval and glass shades, of various sizes. A CARD. 'g F. ROBINSON returns his grateful acknow-lira ledgments to the many friends who have patronized him, and informs thera, he has declined his late business in favor or Mr. G. C. Thompson. All persona indebted to hira on note or otherwise are requested to come forward, and settle the same, as ail outstanding on the 1st September enduing-, will be put in the hands of an attorney for collec tion, au 3 dim G. C. THOMPSON INFORMS his friends and the public, he has pur chased the interest of J. F. Robinson, in the Commission and Exchange Office, No. 36 SOUTH THIRD STREET, where he respectfully solicits the custom and patronage of the late proprietor. GuLD, SILVER and RANK NOTES bought and sold at as fair rates as at any ofttoe in this city. August 3d, IS;17. aug 8:tf F. A. HINTON, JVY). 119 CIIEST.YUT STREET, HAS just received a fresh supply of Saundera superior METALLIC TAULET and plain do. Also, Morgan's much improved STROP. UO AJi. ORDERS Received at No. 75 DOCK STREET, by the Snu&eriher, for his Superior RED ASH COAL, by the cargo or retail. jelO F. B. NICHOLS. iiUUAIN & THOiVlPWUJN, BOOKSELLERS, U AVE removed trom No. 139 J Market Street,to No. 30 North Fourth Street, two doors south fo Sanderson's new Hotel. mr I4 REMOVAL. WATCH CASE MANUFACTORY REMOVED. The subscriber has removed his GOLD and SILVER WATCH CASE MANUFACTORY to No. SO SOUTH FOURTH ST., nearly opposite the Indian Q'teen Hotel, where be solicits a continuance of past favors. JOHN S. WARNER Gold and Silver Csses REPAIRED, and CASH given for OLD GOLD snd SILVER. jy IS SEA EXCURSION. The Steam Packet 4 CHARLES'! ON, Csptaiu J, W.Mifrcken, will (Sake ex----"-: j...:-: a second excursion next week to the Fishine Banks, luucnmg ai uic oi ea ater and tJape May, provided a limited number of gentlemen subscribe in season lo make up a party. Applicants will please call on wiLauii at jUiNiMS, Ao. 11 Guard's wbarr, where a Iit of the subscribers may be seen, a 1 7 CHANGE OF HOUR. THF. OLD LINE TO BALTIMORE. CITIZENS' UNIOiN LINE, fta New Cattle and Frenchtown Hail Road. The fine Steamboat RO BERT MOBl'.l' C-, Dona-las' atia-'. .rl in thi. 'itutB-fiiiWi.Tn fin " 'r ' " ""' Hfcuii M.strttet Wharf nrv mnt-n. ir.gat 7 o'clock. The Rail Road from New Castle to Frenchtown being only sixteen miles, and one of the best in the United States, and the time extended lo cross-ing the same one hour, the ride across the Peninsula becomes a safe, pleasant and agreeable one. Al Frenchtown, the Passengers take one of the superior steamboitsCONSI'l 1 U flON or WASH ING! ON, arriving at Baltimore at an early hour. Fare to Chester and Newcastle, 35 cts. each way. All baggage at the risk of the owner. U 15 d N, DAVIDSON, Agent, BALKS AT AUCTION. MYERS & CLAQIIOKN, AUCTIONEEHS No. 43 Maiiu.t 8tkt. DUY GOODS FROM THR SHELVES. On Manila, mnrnins:, at 9 o'clock, frfim lha shelves, ao extensive assortment of seasonable wool .ten, cotton and ciik dry goods, consisting of plain and striped buckskin cas.imerest London blue, bl'k snd fanoy eclors broad clothsf plain and striped satU netsi assorted satinets; assorted Testingst tabby velvets Irish linensi table ololh, and diapers) ratineta, notion and woollen hosiery! red and white flannels, beaverteensi 3 4 enrdst red paddingst jaconet and caratiric muslinsi fancy plaid rousllnsi assorted prints) fancy einghamsi 3 and 6 i colored rueri-noesi brown drills! Kentucky ieansi natent thread. fancy prints; ineriuoeS) .Prussian shawls pinst tapes, etc DOMESTIC. Plaids; cheeks; sheetings; shii lings; liodssiys; diapers, tso. FRENCH SILK GOODS. Alsf, IS packages French silks, consisting of rich col'd poult de soiei Italian cravatsi satin vesl-ings; merino shawlss rich challya; 6-4 itreen oarages black gms de Bwiss; e.aze and belt ribands; fancy bdkls and shawls; silk hose; 4-4 lutstrin)s; black crapesi 6 4 bombazines; needle worked cafes, tta. 11Y KIOHAKDS & BISFHAM. No. 34, South Fbobt, WINDOW GLASS. On Tuesday morning, at II o'clock, at the ana. tioa store, tt cases crown window glass. UAMAtiElj COTTON. On Tuesday morning, at II o'clock, at the ana. tion (lore, lor account ol whom it ms innnwn i... ea.h, ltf bales damaged cotton. r-I'lTSUUUUII GLASS. On Wednesday afternoon, the 30lh inst , At half Dast 3 o'clock, at the auetinn itnr. .:n be sold, SOO packages ol Glassware, from ihe Pittsburgh works, consisting of a large and general assortment of desirable goods. Particulars berealter. Catalogues will be ready for delivery and lha goods open lor examination two days previous to the sale. V. WILLIAM L. KKKKMAJN. Awctiow Mart Ne. 8, South Tuird sthkt. TO R.HEVVIiliS T. W. b. Freeman uill ..II to the liiRheat bidder, by order of the Assignee, on Friday morning, the lat t,f Sept , at Ulo'clock, tlia brewery in Shipptn street, between Second and Third streeU antl immediately alter, the eniirM slock on hand. Likewise, the horses, diajs, etc. of the abnre establishment. DKSHiAULB I-U1VATR RKSIURNflK T VV. I.. Freeman will sell, without reserve, lit of the Assignee, on Monday evening;, the 4ih Sept. that desirable and luodern butlt new three story brick house, situate on Ihe south side of Fine street, between Ninth and Tenth. It can be examined art. mined ar.v time previous to the sale, by applying to the As. signee, George L. Atbmcad, Spruce street, above Sixth, soulh side. HEAL ESTATE. First Fall Sale T. VI T F. will hold his urst lull sale of lieal Estate, ois Monday eveoing, 4lh September it will nilutss a number ol valuable properties. Executors, A d- iiitiM3,iMiii9, ur nBiiiitci arc inviiea to avail themselves of this aale. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, On Saturday morning, at 10 o'clock, at thf. ,- tion store, a variety of household and kitchen furniture, consisting in part of mahogany bureaus; sofas, high and field post bedsteads; low post do; tables, handsome chairs; washstands: ine-rain and dm;- carpeting; sideboard; chamber tables; andirons; shovel and longs; settees; window blinds; giit Iramet loosing glasses; pictures in fiames; kniv2s and forks; time pieces, with numerous .,ihr ...L. r furniture Dot included. Also, a quantity of kitchen furniture, HANDSOME CASE. On Saturday raornine. at the ainre. will . .!. a handsome case, with drawers and sash. LAKGU GLASS. Also, a large glass in gilt frame. hn'..l namcnted, calculated for a fncy jr other store. nico, soma very superior School desks. BALE OK CARRIAGES, &c. On Saturday afternoon. At 3 o'clock, at the corner of Fifih and Rmtn.. wood Streets, Will be sold. 1 new birnnnhs. ......a hand do; 1 old do; 1 standing top dearborn. 3 seats. 1 do do do; S ok waggons, 1 seat; I sulkey. ii, a, i.ic lumiiure carriBgo, nearly new. Slight farmet 'a wairons. calculated ln. track meo, t second hand buggy. i acconu rianu carriage Willi i:-rte 0d rio da. A Eeneial assortment of :. - i , i ble hKrness. "uu s,P?t KehScca Brooks and Mechanics. I, r''"""1" morning, 31st inst., by order of the? estate u Samuel N. Makins, deceasen, at the snip yatd of Pearson tt Voale. below Almond atrert. 'e fine sloorsiebecca ttrooks, in complete ordei, 4 years old,' burthen i6 3U-9S, light draft, well tound with two chains, cables, anchors, eto , and well calculated either for the Delaware and Chess-peake or New York. SLOOP MECHANICS. Immediately alter, at Christian street nharf t.. sloop Mechanics, burthen 13 17-95. Also, la ordec uu an ner nppnrrcnances. aale pnsitiv., TO BREWERS AND OTHERS. On Friday raornine:. 1st SeD!emh. ot in nVln-t. will be sold, by order of Assignees, at the brewery in Shippen street, between Second and Third sib., 7 vats of various sizes; an assortment of butts, hhds. , ust rcH, uau .uu quarter casks. HORSES AND DRAYS. Also, a pairol fine work horses: dravi wiih har. ness, etc. Also, the furniture of the counting house, etc. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Administrators' Sale. On Monday roornimr. 4lh Sent., .tin nVtnnt by order of the Administrators cithe estate of Jas. N. Makins, deceased, at No. 180 1,011 it. Fmm .t 3 doors below I'ine street, a quantity ot hcoseholrl furniture, consisting of sofa; sideboard; carpels, gla.setj tables; chairs; andirons; shove! and torgs; glass and Liverpool ware; bedsteads; beds; beddings washstands; blinds, with many other articles u, honsehnld iurniture; likewise a quantity of kitchen furnttura, stove, ccr. WESTERN LANDS & WESTERN TOWN PROPERTY. On Monday evening, 4th September, at eight o'olock, will be sold at the Philadelphia Esobange. Lands in Wisconsin Territory. Also, Town Property in the above pla'e. Likewise, a number of Town Lots iu New Philadelphia, Illinois. N.U. A further description is deemed unnecessary, as a person acquainted with the location, etc. will attend at ihe time of sale to give full information to purchasers. CHESTNUT-STREET THEATRE. SEASON TICKET OF ADMISSION for sale. Apply at the office, No. 05 Chestnut: "reet. . aul7Hf CHESTNUT STREET THEATRE. A FEW Season 'Pickets of admission to the Chestnut Street Theatre, for sale low, by S. HARP t SON, 65 south 3d st., au 19j opposite the Girard Bnjik. LOST, ON Wednesday, the 19ih ult. TWO CHECKS, viz: No. 799, drawn by the President and endorsed by the Treasurer of the Union Canal Company of Pennsylvania, on the Farmers and Mech3 niea' Bank, for $184 51'-100; and No. 138, drawn by B. Cooper, Com. on ihe Western Bank, dated July, 17, 1837, lor $37 50-100. All peraons are cautioned against receiving flf,a said checks, as payment has been slopped. A fih ral reward will be given to the find.r by l-.vina. them at the office of THOMAS BIDDLF, &"co. 50 south Third street. au 5&gt ' 6$9t I AW H.Tv""- ''Tor Lai by P. H. N1CKLLV fc T JOHNSON, sale tfooksellers, south 6th st. VALlJiijLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. :r..-Jt All that valuable piece of Lanct " . -V -V I... : .! . ... it , m I -.1. 1 1 I" " " . ' ' " " JSBmnw. V ... it.wi .l wmlainm. 1IC J'aara .tut 1.13 nerchea. .iln-.tfl ii Lower Dublin townsbin. in the eoito ry of Philadelphia, at the upper end of Holmes-burg, on the Bristol and Philadelphia turnpike, road and the Pennypack creek, which is navigaier to the premises. On the above tract ia . ..a stone House, and a very valuable quarry, the stone) of which can be transported without uiffieul ty hr way of ihe turnpike or the ere"'i There is also an orchard, ami the land i; , god order, A(.pr on the premises lo Villi .m castor, or to ? SiMtf GEORGE FOX. near Holroesbnrg. Philatlelptiia, Wilmington and Haitimoitv RAIL KOAD. Change of Hours of Departure. The steamboat TE V GKAPH.Capta;, '-jep ".eJLI Bildin,onandalier r;5Jt'"3!4S3 Thursday, the I7tt ssw'iri idscaaaifecal tliili n 'swt fin s inst.. will Imvh i,.a Ijiawariilee whart, at ttie totit of Dnelc s,.:. ladelphia, daily, at half past 7 o'clock A. M. irp Haltimnr. The ears will, from .. .1 lesve the Baltimore and Ohio Depot in street" Baltimore, daily, at 7 o'clock A. M . for Phil-rtH. P l; i . . JOHN FKAZIER, Agent, WilBunglon, August 15, U37. a I7 KM w-;-i;is.r-.stt;rUf

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