The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1956 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1956
Page 12
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(ARK.) COURIER Adlal Says Stratton Is Seeking to Become 'HatchetMariforGOP CHICAGO (AP) — Adlai Stevenson says Gov. William G. Stratton of Illinois is seeking to become the Republican hatchet man "in case Mr. Nixon falters." '. , —-— * Stevenson, former Illinois gov- second Commodity And Stock Markets- Hew York Cotton Mar ...... 3532 3539 ' Dee 3328 3135 3125 3352 3159 3143 3530 3326 3135 3125 -Hew Orleans Cotton May ....... 3528 3532 3528 July ....... Oct ....... 3322 3139 3353 3156 3322 3139 3539 3352 3156 3142 3532 3353 3154 Chicago Wheat Mar .... 218% 221 218% 220y a May .... 216 2181/i 215% 217% Chicago Corn Mar .... 130 131% 130 131 Vs Mar .... ISS'/i 134% 133/2 I34-/2 Chicago Soybeans Mar .... 258% 260% 258% 260% May ... 262 2H'/ 2 261% 264 July .... 262«> 265% 262K 266 Sept .... 244 245>/« 2431/2 3 45y 4 New York Stocks A T and T 184 1-8 Anaconda Copper . 79 1-2 Beth Steel JJ 5 Chrysler '6 Coca-Cola 1281-Gen Electric . 61 1-4 Gen Motors 45 Montgomery Ward 92 3-4 N Y Central 45 Int Harvester 38 Republic Steel « l-» Eadio « 1-8 Socony Vacuum 71 1-i Standard of N J 15* 1-2 Texas Corp 123 Sears 35 TJ S Steel 56 7-8 Braves, Papooses Band Together As Cherokees The Cherokee Tribe of Father and Son "Y" Indian Guides selected chieftains at a campflre Monday night at the Wigwam of Red Jacket (sometimes known as Bian Heath). Six elders and their papooses at' tended as charter blood brothers. Chieftains are Lone Wolf (Medi- cineman W. T. Rainwater) Chief; Brave Wolf (Morgan Rainwater), Tom-Tom Beater; Long Bow (B. M. Johnson), Tallykeeper; Red Jacket, Wampum Bearer; and Indian Runner, Little Red Jacket (Blan Heath Jr.) Other charter blood brothers were Straight Arrow (Mac Johnson), Sitting Hawk (W. W. Lambert) and Flying Hawk (Johnny Lambert), Bald Eagle and Plying Eagle (Wallace and Mike Smith) and Setting Sun and Rising Sun (Leonard and Roger Oldham). The tribe sent a smoke signal to Area and National Longhouse for application for registration. Indians will meet regularly the first and third Monday of each moon—er, month. All meetings wil be held in the wigwams of members Safety Check FORT KNOX, Ky. tjl — A safety drive at Ft. Knox produced evi dence that nearly -. third of the automobiles operated by its per sonnel had no business on the highways. ( Know This Man 2nd Lt. Herman Storey Jr. LI. Storey joined (lie National Guard as soon its It was reorganized following World War II, making hon] a total of over nine (9) years In service. He has held every rank from Recruit 'o 2nd Lt He Is now Platoon Lender of the 105 MM Recoil>M* Kirk Platoon. Lt, Storey, who Is employed by Nftf* Store, Inc., will .spend n two w*ffcs encampment Kt Fort Polk, |y»l*lin» ulnng with all other tiwnlwHtfi. He !« the MOS.I Officer f»r hh j-«w Hk< lo earn extra mtmtr wry w«*, have » two w»k MmtmiMMKt, awl fill nil your milliner •Mltdl'Mif YM IMJ- *> *> by to CMiMV "M- IMn) Inf.', -* ernor who aspires to a Democratic presidential nomination, Jlred a series of verbal blasts at Stratton yesterday after Stratton had called him a poor bet for the presidency. In a statement from his Libertyville, HI., home, Stevenson said: 'We Democrats have some curiosity about the composition of the Republican ticket. We know who is going to carry the flag, but there seems to be some question as to who will wield the hatchet. "Entered Spring Tryouts" "I gather that Gov. Stratton has entered the spring try outs for that important post, in case Mr. Nixon falters no wthat he is officially on his own." President Eisenhower has said vice president Nixon is on his own regarding renomination. Stratton attacked Stevenson's administration as governor at a news conference in New York. The Republican chief executive blamed Stevenson for Illinois prison riots, a mine disaster at West Frankfort and a breakdown in food inspection during the Democrat's four years as governor. In reply, Stevenson criticized his Republican gubernatorial successor for "excessive cost and mismanagement of his toll road program; his undoing of the reforms I initiated in the state police system, his shocking maladministra- tion o? the Liquor Control Com-, mission and the State Insurance' Department, and the failures in his education and public welfare programs." PROBE (Continued from Page 1) full Senate yesterday, terming unworkable the Republicans' proposed rules and offering to withdraw as prospective chairman. Bridges replied that the GOP proposals were fair. Knowland told reporters he thought the comimttee should meet rfgain and renew efforts to reconcile thu rules controversy. Similarly, Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas urged further negotiations. Takes Nixon's Action Bridges said he had been in touch with Vice President Nixon and that Nixon "is prepared at any time to call a meeting when a readiness is indicated from both sides." Since the committee die not elect a chairman at its only meeting 10 days ago, it takes action by Nixon to call a meeting. The Senate, in creating the com' mittee, directed it to investigate any improper or illegal attempts to influence senators or other government officials through lobbying, campaign contributions and other activities. Sen. Hennings CD-Mo) said the special committee has not organized and elected a chairman by next Thursday, he will move to discharge it and let its investigating functions be taken over by regular Senate committees. These committees are controlled by Democrats. the The male Kodiak bear weighs about 1500 pounds, while the polar bear's weight averages about 1100 pounds. FRIDAY, MARCH 9,1M» AWAIT&-PACGHTER red ' side the photo of a daughter he has never seen. His daughter, Mrs. Darcie Lacey, of Garden Grove, Calif., appeared ou Queen for a Day television program this week and told how she had never seen her father. Program is sending her to Steele, presumably today or tomorrow. (Photo by Veager) DISARMAMENT DIMES Nikolai Tuesday. (Continued from Page 1) Bulganin made public Stassen made expanded them yesterday with reporters. One element which remains unchanged from proposals put forth during the Truman administration is insistence that an ironclad inspection arrangement is the first essential o£ any arms reduction system. But under Eisenhower's open skies plan, this would be aimed not only at policing production of atomic materials but also at making it impossible for Russia, the United States or any other country to mobilize without deteo tion the men and weapons needed for a surprise attack. In this connection, a fundamental basis of the new formula apparently is that surprise attack is the key to any future aggressive war. With both this country and Russia possessing hydrogen bombs, moreover, the administration seems to believe that the size oi' land forces becomes a secondary consideration. Only Inspection The primary consideration is to bring the possibility of surprise attack and the production of clear weapons under control. Russia's main c ri t i c i s m o] posal was that it Would not lead to disarmament but only to Inspection. Stassen said he thinks this criticism had been met. Stassen will propose at London that if air and ground inspection operations can be agreed upon, 'then the powers can agree simultaneously on a freezing of present nuclear weapons stockpiles, until recently the administration i without any publicly known formula for bringing about eventual reduction of these stockpiles. Stnssen said he thinks there is such a formula in a section Eisenhower's letter to Bulganin saying a. freeze agreement could be combined with Eisenhower's atoms for peace proposal of De cember 1953. Under that proposal, Stassen said, agreed quantities of atomii materials could be drawn off from existing supplies, thereby reduc ing them. The prairie but a rodent. dog is not a dog THE BIG NEW STUDEBAKER IS MAKING THE BIG NEWS IN THE LOW PRICE FIELD! BIS NEWS FORWARD! It's the new, longer, bigger look. That's craftsmanship with o flairl BIG NEWS AFTI Twin exhausts are among many fine car touches you'll find on new Studebakers, BIG NEWS IN ENGINEERING! Pyramid Design gives Studebaker the road-hugging lowest center of gravity. BIO NEWS IN PROTECTION! Studebaker leads with Safe- lock door latches, reinforced frames, optional seat belt*. BIG NEWS IN BRAKES! Studebaker's Safety-action brake* are husky enough to stop a car almost twice Its size! BIG NEWS IN "HUSTLE"! Take-off Torque, in 4 new engine* —heirs to the Mobilgas Economy crown. Bio NEWS IN INTERIORS! New Flightslyle control panel, with magnifying Safcty-Eyt ipeedometer. th« talg n«w cholc* In th> low prle* ft«M Studebaker CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Railrood i Aid StrMt* PhoM 3-6888 (Continued from Page 1) chapters of Beta Sigma Phi and American Legion Auxiliary, and Sebekah Lodge, chairman Mrs. Bill Wjatt; Blue Crutch,. Mrs. Glenn Ladd; business solicitations in Blytheville by the Key Club; special gists, Ewing; coin collectors distributed by Coca Cola drivers; Yarbro, Mrs. B. V. Mallory; Yarbro Mothers march, by W.S.C.S.; New Liberty Community, Mrs. Charles Lutes; Leachville, P.T.A. and President Mrs. Eardie Shannon; Manila, Guy Rubensteen; Whistleville, Mrs. Clem Whistle; Roseland, Mrs. Richard Rose; Armorel and Huffman, John Ed Regenold, North Mississippi County Mothers march, Mrs. Wyatt. FARM (Continued from Page » ing from 75 to 90 per cent. Parity is n standard fixed by law us full' to farmers In relation to*their costs. The soil bank plan, over which there is no mnjor controversy, would provide government payments to farmers who voluntarily reduce planting of basic crops already in surplus. An amendment by Sen. Hiclcen- looper (R-Iowa) to let corn farmers share in the soil bank payments without cutting production awaited action when the Senate quit last night. Humphrey told newsmen the administration had made a "deal on corn to help re-elect Republican senators in three states — Htcken- looper in Iowa, Capehart in Indiana and Dirksen in Illinois." "And yet, to make it, they had o violate every principle the President and Secretary Benson have advocated," he added. He contended the action would tend to increase, rather than decrease, the surplus of corn. ^n- Bribery" Sen. Anderson (D-NM), who helped defeat the move to restore rigid supports, said he hoped the Senate would follow through by knocking out special support programs for wheat, rice and dairy products. "Instead they brought tip this corn amendment which comes near to open bribery in the Senate," he said in an interview. A similar charge of "deal" was made concerning Benson's suggestion that cotton prices could be supported at 86 or 87 per cent of parity with no new cut in cotton acreage if the administration plan was approved. . Sen. Young (R-SD),. fighting with the Democrats for 90 percent supports, said, "I have never seen anything likt K )o «r wptricno* In the Senate." On the House side, Rep Hays lid "It looks like grounds for Impeachment" of Benson. • Any Senate action still must be approved by the House, which voted 206-201 last May 5 for a return to rigid supports. The House has not yet considered the soil oank plan, which Eisenhower proposed in a,special farm message this year. Allotment Fixed Hickenlooper's amendment would permit farmers in the commercial corn belt to share in soil bank payments and government price supports and still plant some 56 million acres to corn. The allotment now fixed for this year is 43 million acres, but in cent years many corn farmers have ignored government pleas for acreage reductions. Hickenlooper and others said the sharp cut required would keep most corn farmers out qf the soil bank and price supports. He urged the 13-million-acre increase to let to put part of their croplands— not necessarily corn land—in the soil bank. Sen. Daniel (D-Tex) proposed that other feed grains — oats, barley, rye and grain sorghums— be supported at "the same level as corn. This caused much confusion about what the level of price supports would be. Leaders finally agreed to quit for the night while lawyers 'and farm experts sought answers to their many questions. Read Courier News Classified Ads KEEP THIS AD! Over 15,000 Arthritic and Rheumatic Sufferers have taken this medicine since it came on the market. Free informatlop by , giving your name and address to BRA'ZIL MEDICINE CO., P. O. BOI 522, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Caesarean Birth on TV HOLLYWOOD (g>> — An actual birth by Caesarean section will be shown on film next Monday on C's television program Medic. An unidentified mother and father ?ave permission for the aiming of ;he operation, which lasted about live minutes, and it will be shown from beginning to end, NBC said. The parents will watch the show. It's the first Caesarean to be shown on TV, NBC said. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Mrs. Claudia M. Cagle has filed application 'with the City Engineer of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, for a Permit to establish a House- Trailer Court on Lot 1, Block 14 of Chickas.iwba Addition to Blythe- vilJe, Street Address being 803 W. Ash Street. Any objection to the establishment of this House-Trailer, Court should be made in writing and filed with the City Clerk within thirty (30) days. March 1, 1956. DAN BLODGETT, City Engineer, City of Blytheville 3/2-9 FREE CANDY BAR (With each purchase bf 50c or over) O'Connor's Used Clothing 114 S. First St. - Blytheville, Ark. Open Friday Afternoon and All Day Saturday CLEAN USED CLOTHING AT VERY LOW PRICES! C/Mtd Opw Muting BOSTON (/P)—The Boston City Council held a night, hearing on the budget last night so the public could attend—but they forgot to unlock the City Hall doors. Only one man showed up. He said he got In the back way because he couldn't open he front doors. Wat Hog Hoggish? OKEMAH, Okls. W — Pete, » 300-pound hog, was found dead in * b 1 of mash. The disoovwy »!«> Ic' officers to an illegal mooiishln* still. Officers found no trace of tt» still operators. Get out of the ordinary..* get into an Olds! Come in end ....... ^ Rocket 'Round the Block! ( or around town ... if you like! ) SEE YOUR NEAREST DEALER American Electric Supply Inc. Wholesale Distributors of Electrical Supplies and Construction Materials. 213-15 (rear) Wdlnur-BlyrheYille-Ph. 3-8353 104 - 106 E. Word — Jonesboro, Ark. — Ph. WE 5-5385 Anaconda Wire & Cable—GE Lamps & Devices Square D Motor Controls & Service Equipment Ramset Tools and Supplies Progress, Prescolite, Light & Power Light Fixtures. 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