The National Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 1, 1821 · 3
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The National Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, August 1, 1821
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of their debts; 2dly for the accruing inte rest thereon. In estimating the value of their debts they have been , considered as onljr worth the par value of the stock and it is all bound for that amount and more, Now the Bank charges these debtors with the, accruing interest, and gives credit against that charge for the dividends. Do .not then the dividends pay so much of the accruing interest, and is not accruing in terest a profit? Thus I have examined every thing in the shape of arithmetical statements in which this writer differs from the report of the Bank, and let the reader now deter mine whether this portion- of his objec tions be well founded? Whether his object be to prevent public deception by fraudulent speculations, or whether he be not himself a speculator seeking to profit by deceptive arts? I bhall not say he is or is not. " v. This writer has affected to suppose that the interest on the loan obtained by the Bank in Europe has not been paid This is, however, too shallow an" artifice to deceive any one, unless he can believe that the Directory have been guilty of a gross fraud; for every line of the Report would furnish proof of their guilt if the current interest had pot been paid, when they ostensibly exhibit so much zeal to extinguish idl the charges on the current profits, imd profess a desire to charge upon the current profits, all expenditures which do not in themselves furnish the certain means of a gradual extinguishment. I have however procured precise information on this point,' as well as several ' others em braced by the random suggestions of the writer. I am enabled therefore confidently to assert that the interest is actually paid, and charged upon the past profits of the Bank, up to the day on which the divi dend was declared. A STOCKHOLDER. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTS. Office of the Baltimore American, July 31. The following information is furnished by Mr. Alexander, who came passenger in the J)ecatur, arrived on Saturday from Madera. A decree has passed by the Cortes in Lisbon, the latter part of April prohibiting altogether the importation of flour, W heat, and Indian Corn into Portugal so long as the price of their own iirotluce remained under certain limits. It was the general opinion at Madeira that some new regulation would be pas sed by the Uortes imposing a duty ot foreign Flour, Wheat, and Indian Corn imported into that Island, which previously had been admitted free and the three deputies who had been elected at Madeira under the new Constitution, and sailed for Lisbon to join the Cortes, carried with them remonstrances., of the people Against the enormous duties imposed by the United States on Madeira Wines, whilst the duty upon other wines was dis-proportionably low. It was supposed that a countervailing duty would shortly be laid upon all articles of American produce imported into Madeira. The exportation of Brandy was abeut to be prohibited. The prices of Flour and Corn were very low, and a considerable supply on hands of the latter article, large quantities had been brought from the Adriatic and Mediterranean ports. . At Odessa, Indian corn had been shipped at the rate of 20 cents a bushel; and great supplies of American flour had been received from Liverpool. The vintage at Madeira was promising, but the vines about the western part of the Island had suffered considerably from strong westerly winds. Extensive shipments of wine had been made in English, Danish, and Swedish vessels to Russia, and in Portuguese vessels to South America! The account of the murder of the Governor of Terceira, for refusing to con sent to the formation of a constitution similar to the one at Lisbon, had reached Madeira from St Michaels a few days be fore the Decatur sailed. The account al-$o stated that several other persons had likewise been murdered in the streets. All was quiet at Madeira; but com plaints, it was said, having been made against the Governor, and others in pow er, for falsely imprisoning several indivi duals, a new Governor, Corregido'r, and judges ot the Customs had been appoint ed at Lisbon, and were daily expected in it Portuguese ship ot war. Ladies' Hat. Since the successful at tempt of the Miss. Wood hu Is, of Weth ersficld, to imitate the Leghorn bonnets, the example has been followed by females in several parts ol tbe country. We have had the pleasure of examining several ex quisite pieces of workmanship of this kind which have reflected credit upon the inge nuity and industry of our fair country women; and conclusively prove, that at least half a million ol dollars, annually sent out of the country for this article of dress can be kept in circulation at home. We have this morning examined some beautiful straw hats at the store of L. II. Parsons t Co. 248 Pcarl-st. which exceed any thing of the kind we have seen. They are as fine as Leghorns from, Nos. 55 to 60, and the fineness of the texture would almost per-f uade us that they were woven by the fairy fingers of Sylphs, instead of the bone and muscle of American damsels. A'cw York Commercial Advertiser. A whaling brig came into the port of r'ayal on the 1 1th of June, "bringing with her a wbale exceeding her in length. The sea being rough, she made that port for security of her prize, which was valued at 3,500. , . It is stated in the Boston Patriot, that a Grass Bonnet made by Miss. Barnap, of mcrnmacK, in. u. is now to DC seen at a store in Boston, which is said to be supe rior to any thing of the kind heretofore made in the country.' According to the census taken this sea son there are 30,000 inhabitants in the city ot Montreal. SOUTH WARD. A few of the in habitants of South Ward assembled at Peter Evan's Tavern last night pursuant to public notice and adjourned until Fri day evening next, to meet at same place at 8 o'clock, to appoint Delegates to meet those appointed in other Wards for the suppression of vice and immorality. 1 he citizens of the Ward generally are ear nestly invited to attend. . DIED, On Sunday, in the 9.W yenr of his aire, Col. Henry Keating, a native of Ireland, and for marly years an inhabitant of New York. At Plattsburg, on the 24th inst. James Bai ley, late a Cant, in the 2d Regt. U. S. Infantry, ana son ol tne fostmtuuer oi new inrk. At Sandy Hill, N. Y. a man by the name of Iniller was drowned in the North River, while attempting to swin across it near Fort Miller Undcre. He had otiered the toll-gatherer one cent, all the money he had, for permission to pass the bridge, but the toll .being two cents. the offer was rejected. The inhumanity of the toll-gatherer, in permitting a fellow being to endanger his life for the paltry sum of one cent, is highly reprobated. A few weeks aero, in the vicinity of Mine au Breton, Missouri, Mr. Moses Austin, one of the earliest American emigrants to that country. 1 his gentleman nau been very extensively en-paped, during many years, m working the Mines au Breton, of which he was one of the first proprietors, but relinquished them some time back, as well as his residence in Missouri, for an object of higher importance. Mr. Austin was the person who obtained the valuable and extensive grant of land at the mouth of the river Colerado. He had but a .few days before this melancholy event, received from the Viceroy of Mexico a confirmation ot the conditional irrant made to him and Baron Bastrop, by tbe council of Sun Antonio, and was just on the eve of his departure to put himself at the head of his little .colony, when the hand of death arrested his progress. He died suddenly, not livinir more than two or three hours from the time he was taken ill. , AT. PHILADELPHIA, JULY 31, 1821. From the American Sentinel. FOREIGN. Sloop Pacific, Aslimore, Lambcrton, 49 tons. IS boxes mJze. A. W. Butcher. Sloop Prince Maurice, Tubman, Newborn, 65 tons. 2 boxc mdze. Abm. Small 25 bbls. 4 tierces sugar, 3 bale cotton, 2500 feel boards, 175 bbls. rosin, 25 do. Varnish, 2 stills, J. Turner, Jr. and Co. 103 bbls. turpentine, 5 do. tar, 1 tierce flaxseed, 2500 feet scantling, 115 lbs. wool, 72 bbls. beeswax, Master. Letter Bags at the Coffee House. Ship-Dido, Matthieu, -v Brier Hichlander, Moir, 1 Bordeaux Orleans, -Grover,- - ... ' '-. '" ' New Orleans COLIECTKH AXn COMPILED FOR THE JMTIOXAL GAZETTE. PORT OF PHILADELPHIA, Wednesday, August 1, 18SI. . ARRIVED, Brig Harmony, Blair, Norfolk, 4 days, with rum and timber, to W.ttobertson. Brie Mary and Achsah Ann, Bosquet, Hava na, with coffee, sugar, Ike. to Bosquet and Dual h. Schr. Wm. Penn, Foster, Boston, 10 days, with mdzc. to A. J. and C. Barclay. Sloop Dread, Appleton, Stonington, 6 days, with cheese. ' Sloop Regulator, Luce, Boston, 8 days, with mdze. to Grants and Stone. CLEARED, Schr. Ellen, Armsbury, Boston, M. and S. N. Lewis. Schr. Saut-y Jack, Walker, Edenton, Snow- den and Wagner. Schr. Sally Ann, Parker, Colerain, Snowden Wagner. Schr. Accommodation, Tillcl, Pitch Landing, do. Schr. Farmer's Ingenuity, Learning, New. hern, do. BELOW, British ship London, from Liverpool. Sailed 24th June. MEMORANDA. Cleared at Boston, schr. Mexican, for this port. In Hampton Koads, schr. Hilan, Hand, from Alexandria, tor this port. The schr. Decatur, Bell, in 45 davs from Ma deira, arrived at Norfolk on Saturday last. Ps senger, Mr. Samuel Alexander, of Philad. Schr. Planet. &awver. hence at Bermuda. ' Sailed from Norfolk on Monday last, the French corvette Zelce, with horses .and stores for Cayenne the brig Rose -in -Bloom sailed in co. tor fhilau. At New York, yesterday, ship John and Ed. ward. New Orleans, 22 days. Passengers. Mrs Stewart, Mr. Oddie and family, and Miss Dela- digarre. Spoke, July 22, inrttie Bahama Chan nel, ship Brilliant, irom New Orleans for ti braltar. Wonilers will Never Cease. HPHE eighth day's drawing of the 9th M. class, Grand State lottery, took place yesterday afternoon, when nothing tune out of the rich wheel, except the lotlowing prizes, Kos. 7783 a prize Of fclOOO, " '' ec" prizes Ol iOO, I vril anil 70S eaeh prizrs of ft I XI. On Tuesday next, the 7th of August, there will be afforded' to adventurer an unexampled opportunity. as the following splendid prist.- will be then floating 10 the wheel ot the Slti cuts Urana Slate uotrery. 10,000 Dollars, 5,000 Dollars, 1,000 Dollars, 500 Dollars, 100 Dollars. And the next drawing after, the 25,000 dollar Prize wilt he put it the wheel. Now is the time to purchase the above high prizes, at JONES'S No. 94, Market street, Third door above Third ttreet, Whole Tickets j gU Quarters, g 50 HlTFL - fc4ZtlUS. 1 S prizes of 3 of 16 of 16 of 27 of rrj Cath advinsei for piize aj tion as draan. Au; I dit ;'. :i ' i- Jut Published, and for talc by - . . BY J. MAXWELL, Corner of Fourth and Walnut streets, . THE SCHOOL EXERCISE. Ml' CJI.HRLES MEAD. CONTK.NTS. ALPHABET Alphabets of different nations. Letters of the English alphabet. . Arithmetic Currencies, Weights and Measures. Agriculture Rural scenes and occupations. Architecture Orders of, Explanation of terms used in architecture. Antiquities In Asia, Africa, r.uropo, America. Astronomy The sun, the solar system, the fixed stars. . i Jofnnw 5enerl Character of plants. Jiook-keebintr -How to fill nn the ledger from the journal. Chemistry explanation ot unemical terms, the gasses. constitution of tne umtea .ytrires Amendments. Chronology Bporhs and .Eras. Drawing Perspective drawing. -Definition Grammar Rules of Syntax, Gene ral Remarks. Geosrratiha North America, South America. Europe, Asia, Africa. neometry Uetimtions oi txeometrical terms. History Natural History. lAttic Analysis the method of nature, Analysis forms correct mimls, Artifice of Reasoning. Jittneraloeii Clnssiheation ot .Minerals, tires. Earth and stones, Mineral, or native salts. Mechanics Mechanical powers. Jtfittic Ancient Musio. i MuthalotrvJHemorable Events Navigation Mariner's Compass. Urthography icules lor spelling. fhiloopiy Natitral, Mental, Moral. Painting Colouring. Politics Monarchy, Aristocracy, Democracy. Poetry VersiGnatkui, Pastoral Poetry, Lyric Poetry. Didactic Poetry. Descriptive Poetry, Epic Poetry. Reading rVutct to be observed. Different kinds of Reading. Jthctartc Uclivery, tiesturc. Surveying Instruments Employed Method of Plotting. H ruing Directions lor holding tbe pen. Abbre viations, Characters to be observed. RECOMMENDATIONS. Pldladetphia,Julybth,Wl. Dear Sib I have perused your book, entitled " School Exercise," and have no hesitation to say, that in my opinion it contains an excellent selection of useful material, not only for assisting the young student in reading, but also for familiarizing his tender mind with an extensive vocabulary of general knowledge. As a school book, it will Jorm a valu able addition to the elementary works of a similar kind, already extant; while in some respects, its me rits exceed any which have lieretolorc come under my notice. Most cordially do 1 wish you success in your undertaking, and an adequate remuneration for your labour iu its compilation. ' Yours, etc. U. W.VLILi. Mb. CuaBLis Mead. . Philadelphia. Julu 12th. 1821. Sin I have perused, with much pleasure. Mr Mead's late work, entitled " School Exercise." The wide range of science which it embraces, necessarily requires brevity on all the subjects introduced, and Mr. Mead has with veiy great judgment condensed the moat prominent and useful princi ples, of every Art and Science w hich he lias pre sented to tbe reader's attention, in correct, easy, and familiar language. It is, I think, a work extremely well calculated to convey much useful information to the juvenile mind. JAMES AlltKUKUMBlK. Ms. J. Maxwell. Philadelphia, July, 1821. 1 have examined in a very cursory manner, the " School Exercise" which you were so obliging as to put into my hands for inspection; it appears to me to lie well adapted to quicken the apprehension, and excite new ideas in the minds of young persons. qualify them for relishing with greater delight die society ana conversation ot men ol letters, and persons of more mature years; and perhaps t instrumental at a more advanced period of life, of stimulating them to pursue with more avidity, patience, and perseverance the wide field of human knowledge, which the present volume partially, but perspicuously opens to their view with the best wishes for the encouragement of the work, and that the author may be liberally compensated for the trouble be stowed on the arrangement and composition of it, and in a degree commensurate with his expectations, permit me to subscribe myself, Your most obedient Inend, ROBERT ANDREWS. Ma. J. Maxwell. . Philadelphia, July 0th, 1821. Dxab Si a I have examined by your request, the book voa are about to publish, entitled " School Exercise' and with pleasure offer you my recommendation of it; believing that both the contains, and tbe manner in which it is presented, will render it very nselul to those engaged in the business of education, and worthy the public encouragement. Yours, respectfully. JOHN SANDERSON. Mb. Me ah. Pkiladelplda, July 6th, 1821. Dear Sir I have riven your School Exercise as close an examination as my time would admit, and am free to say that, in substance and arrangement as tar as I am capable ot forming an opinion, the work appears well calculated to form a valuable ad dition to our stock ot school books. 1 sincerely hope that Your public patronage may be as ample, as 1 believe your treatise entitles you to expect. Accept, dear air, the sentiments of my sincere esteem. WILUAM LIAKUI. Mb. Cuables Mead. Platadelbhia.JuliiStlHn. Sib 1 have read your volume entitled Tbe School Exercise," and concur in the opinion, that it may become a valuable acquisition to our secnina ries; not merely as a readme book, but as a book calculated to give first ideas to the young student, of me crcm vsriciy uf suuiccis eonuuneti -, wen as by its peculiar arransrement. to induce the habit ui rciiceuuti, wiuen is generally conuucicu iu impuruini ucsjuentiuin. i highly approve the division of the chanters into hart sections, which is found by lorn experience to be the most convenient, particularly in class read ing. Wishing you sueeess proportionate to your laud- snie endeavours, to add to tbe general stock ot H veni le improvement, I . am, with the greatest re spect, your out. servant, . MAtu. To Mb. Chablxs Mead. Philadelphia, Julu llth, 1821. Sib 1 have perused the " School Exercise" and believe the judicious selection and novel arrangement of matter cannot fail to render it a popular and uie- iui iooK lor schools. Very respectfully. Sir, yours, GEO. DEXISOX. . Mb. Msab. Plaladelbhia. Julu 13th. 1821. Sir 1 have perused your work, entitled, " School txercise, with great attention, and find it to be a most excellent epitome of the Arts and Sciences. Ileuie clearly and methodically arvneed. it will ira part to the juvenile student a fund of instruction; whieh, treasuring in his mind, he will be able to draw from, at a more advanced period of life, with profit and delight. 1 hope it will become extensively diffused among our seminaries, and remunerate you for the trouble you nave experience,! in its arrangement. 1 remain, Sir, yours, obediently, C. W. BAZELEY. Philatlelpfua, July 31;, 1821 I liave perused the " School Exercise." of Mr. Mead. The plan is excellently adapted for class reading. It contains a mass of information which is espable of being introduced to the attention of pupils, according to the principles upon which the bonk b formed, with little trouble and great advantage. 1 think Mr. M. entitled to the thanks of. tbe public. for this I iterary effort, and hope ample encourage ment will atlena its publication. Aug. 1 dtf WM. STACGHTON. rTVIE Federal Republicans of Chesnut m. am, are requested to attend an adjourneo meeting to be held at Fawke's Ian, sign of Bull's head. Strawberry street, at half past 7 o'clock, on Wednesday evening next, to choose, delegates to represent the want. in general conference for elec University of Pennsylvania. THE Medical Lectures will, as usual, commence on the first Monday in November. John Redman Coxe, M. D. Aug 1 wslN Dean of the Medical Faculty. . The Editors of the National Intelligencer will please to insert the above every Saturday (inner form) until the 1st of November, and forward the account to this office - For Freight or Charter, The brig NEPOS, CapL Jesse Collins; Is a- good Vessel, carries about 2700 bar rels, sails welt and can receive a cargo with out delay. Apply tc Wain & Morris, 8th mo. 1 il5l N'o. 31, South Wharves. Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania. , Auarnsl 1. 1821. THE Dierctors have this day declared a div idend of 20 dollars on each share of the stock ol the Company for the Inst six months, which will be paid to the stockholders or their legal represen-1 tntives alter tne loth inst. JAMES S. COX, President, August 1 d.3teod3t Just received and for sale by . BY BENJAMIN Sc THOMAS KITE, JVo. 20, North Third street, - A fresh supply of THE Remains of Henry Kirk White, 1 vols. : Raymond's Political Economy, Ladies' Preceptor, Moncrieff on Aerated Alkaline Water, Dictionary of Quotations. Imol 3t Don Onis's Memoir. Just received, and for sale by ABM. SMALL, .Ao. 1C5, Chesnut street, Sd door below Fifth street. MEMOIR upon the Negotiations between Spain and the United States of America, which led to the Treaty of 1819, with a statistical notice of that country. By D. Luis De Qnis. Translated from the Spanish with notes by TOBIAS W ATKINS. Price fet boards: Aug 1 d3t l)e Onis's Memoir. Just Received and for sale by ' M. CAREY &-SONS, Corner of Fourth and Chesnut streets, ' Price l dollar. VEMOIR upon the Negotiations be- Xv Jl tween Spain anil tlie .United States 'of Ame rica which led to the 1 reaty ol lal'J, with a statu tietd Notice ot that lountry. By L). Luis Uc Onis. Translated from the Spanish, witn Notes, by rouiAs W IMIN5. Aug. 1 d6t Manager's Prize List. SoGR AMD HINT M CXASS. Eighth Day' Drawing. No. 7785 a prize of Siooo 500 4739 ? . e J lAM P"zof - J "- prizes of 14927" 798 100 And 395 prizes of glO. All marked thus obtained at ; Aliens' Lucky Office. Will draw aeain on TUESDAY NEXT. All the following handsome prizes are now tinting viz: 2 of 10,000 Dollars, ' 3 of . 5,000 Dollars, 16 of 1,000 Dollars, 16 of 500 Dollars, Besides a number of glOll, 8to. t Tickets $10 and shares In proportion, for sale at No. 18, South Third street. Aug 1 lCt Office of the Schuylkill JS'aviga- twn Company. Philadelphia, June SO, 1821. NOTICE. rpHE Stockholders in the Schuylkill J Navigation Company are hereby requested to iiNT in uiaimiiiciii ui i Dii , . w ivo uii cavil share of Stock subscribed by then, the 10th day of r ebrnary last, on or belore the 1st day ol August next, at the Company's Office, corner of Decatur and Carpenter streets. ily order or the Hoard ot Managrrs. THOMAS HAHPER, June 30 sw A I Treasnrer and Secretary. NEW TMiUG AND Mineral x Water Establishment. THE subscriber respectfully informs the public that he has established himself in the Urng Kusiness, at the N. C corner ot Miesnut and Fifth streets, where every article in that line may be had of a superior quality, and where his constant personal attention w ui preclude an possibility ol mistake. The many well-founded complaints of medical men and others as to the chemical imparities of the Mineral Waters generally in use, have determined the subscriber to adopt the use of Glass Fountains! It is perhaps not known to every on that the car bonic acta, wliicb gives the peculiar sub-acid taste to these waters, acts directly on copper, lorroing a carbonate of that metal, (a poisonous product) which is held in solution by the water. By the mode now adopted nothing comes in contact with the water in the Foubtains, but Glass and a block-tin svphon. This fact alone must convince every tvro in Chemis try of the superior purity ami wholesomcness of waters mineralized iu litis way tc that geuerally pursued. N. B. The store w ill be kept open Ml Might, in order to furnish Medicines without moment's delay; and to prevent improper uses bring made of deleterious articles, no Laudanum, Arsenic. Corro sive Sublimate, or similar substances, will be deliver ed to any servant or unknown person, without slip of inner eontaininsr the name of the article. signed by the person who wants it, being produe- II. M'Murtrie, Julv SO mwftf Agent. Latin and French Languages. Vlir.N 1L.EMAN desirous ol crsm-pleting a select Latio and French evening ehus, will receive a.o or three additional pupils in cither ol ihcabovc laugnages. Apply atlbtsOnicc- J. a h 1 1- vw Four Passengers for Lisbon, fr,ffT Can be taken in the ship tZJ. DIDO. Apply to Captain Mathiru, near Walnut street whart, or No. 40 South Eighth street. 12 o'clock the 4ih Aug. bv Steam Boat, will be the b opportunity to join the ship. i"iiy nat . Letter Missing. , A LETTER containing the following Notes was put in the Post Office at St. Louis. oh the 31st. of January last, directed to the subscribers, which has not been received, viz: State Rank N. Carolina. Branch. NcwUein. 47U0, A. 4th July, 1812, gs Merchants Bank Alexandria, 55, A. 18 Sept. 1812, 10 Bank Va. Branch, Lynchburg, 12tl3, D. 14 Feb. 1814, Do. do. 1(1616, B. 18 Nov. 1817, ' l'lo. do. , 4049, . S8 July 1814, ln. do. lB9f, B. 4 Mar. 18IS, Do. Winchester, 18183, A. 6 Aug. 1810, IJo. Petersburg, -12977, U. 8 Apt. 1814, 10 .5 6 20 10 10 5 U. S. Branch, N. York, 2316, f. 1 Sen. 1819, Do. do. do. 285, C. 1 Feb. 1817, 100 A suitable reward will be eiven for the recovery of the Notes. . j M. Brown $ M. D. Lewis, Tmo 28 dtt No. 1 59. Market street C. C. Febiger &" John Lea, HAVE entered into Co-partnership, der the firm of un Febiger 5 Lea, And offer for sale at their STORE, No. 193, MAIIKET STUEET, A variety of DItY GOODS, purchased at Auction, which will be disnosed of at a verv small advuoce. for cash or approved security. July 31 3t 1 36 Cases Consisting of: BLUE and Green Synchaws, -Do. Sarsnets, American dye, Crimson . Do. Canton dye, lilack Sarsnets, IJ.. Florentines, Do. Cambists, Do 18 yaul Satins, Coloured Canton Crspes, Do. anil Crimson Nankin do. Satin and Sarnet Dressvs- 5 and 6-4 plain, w hite aud coloured Levantine bhwls, Plain Coloured Satins, 8-4 Crape Shawls, Satin striped Florentines, Striped Sarsnets, Italian and Canton Sewings. In Store, and fur Sale by Pent Cabot, July 27 16t No. 123, South Front street. Straw Bonnets. AN assortment of STRAW GOO bS, received by the recent arrivals from Boston and Providence, and for sale on the most reasonable terms, by ' Hacker, Brown 5 Co. Cmo 28 dtf No. 43, North Front street. Country Boarding "!f"AY be had for a few respectable per Xv JL sons in a private fanutv. about 5 miles from ) tin- city, in a pleasant airy house, ana healthy situ- Ebon; whure the stages pass several times a day July 3't rowiat- CHANCEttY OF NEW JERSEY. Between Isaac Cole, Compkin nt, "' and 'V George Loudemlager, Joseph On Bill, etc. July 23, 1821. Marker. Edmund 1. UoUinsrs head, r'.dioard Rorton, Wil liam Peltz, Joseph Raldvin ana John fissant, Defendants. TTPON opening the matter this day to w the Court, on behalf ot Jeremiah rl. Sloan solicitor of the complainant, and it appearing to the satisfaction ii the court, that process of subpoena to appear, sc. huth bven iluly issuefl in this cause, but that Kilmund I. Holiinc.lieuil, William Peltz. and Joseph Ualdwin, three of the said defendants, have noi eauseu tueir hiicm iu uc cnicreu, ac cording to the rules of ibis court, the ssme ought to have been entered, in catu sucn process nun oeen lulv served: and it further auneanne, by affidavit. to tbe satisfaction of the Chancellor, that the said Icfemlants. Klniund I. Hollingshead, William Peltz, and Josemi Ualdu-in, reside out ot this state, to wit in the state oi l'eensyivania, tue t.nancciior aotn order and direct "the said Kdmund I. Hollingshead, William Peltz and Joseph Baldwin, to appear, plead, answer or demur to the hill of complain in this cause on or before the second Tuesrlay of October next, or that the said bill of complaint be taken as confessed against the said Edmund I. Hollingshead, Wil liam t'tllz, and Josepti nuKiwin, anu sucn aeeree be made thereon as the Chancellor shall think equitable and iust: and it is further ordered, that the said complainant do cause a copy of this order to be pub. Iislie.l, witiiui twenty uajs irom tne aate nereot. in the " American Star" one of the newspapers, printed and published in this stste, and to be continued therein for the space nf six weeks successively, once at least in each week, and in the " National Ga zette, a newspaper printed and published in the citv of Philadelphia, for the space of four1 weeks successively, once at least in each Week. ISAAC fl. WILLIAMSON, C. A true copy. Wm. IIter, Clerk. July a$ w4w CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY. Between James Rranson and Jamr Matlack, ExYs he. and John Shreve, . Complainants, and On Bill, etc. July 12th, 1821. Susan Cooper, Elisabeth Er- I ringer, John Jiirmger and I Amanua JLrrmger, Defrnda'its. UPON opening- the matter this day to to the court on behalf of Jeremiah H. Sloan, solicitor fur the eotanlaiuants. and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that process of sub poena tn appear, etc nam Dcea auiy issueo in mis cause, but that FJizabeth Erringcr, John irringer, and Amanda Erringer, three of the defendants, have not caused their appearance to bo entered, as, ao-cording t the rules of this coart, the same ought to hava been entered, in case such ttrocess bad been duly served; and it further appearing, by affidavit, to the satisfaction ot the tylianceiior, mat roe aaiu defendants, Elizabeth Krringcr, John Krringer and Amanda Ernnerr. rcsle vat ot this state, to wit, in the State of Pennsvlvania. the Chancellor doth order and direct the said Elizabeth Krrineer. John Krrineer and Amanda EiTmeer. to appesr, plead. answer, cr demur to the bill nf complaint in this cause on nr before the second Tueadsy of October next, or that the Said bill of complaint b taken as confessed against the said F.lizabeth Krringer, John Krringer and Amanda r.mnger, and such decree be made tbreoa as the Cliancellor shall think equitable and iust: and it is further ordered, that the com plainants do aausw a copy ot uses oraer to uc puo- hsbed, within twenty nmvs troin tne oat Berwoi, in the u Amarieaa Star." one uf the newspapers print ed and published in this State, and to be continued therein foe the space of six week successively, once at least in each week: and in a newspaper printed and published in the city of Philadelphia, entitled, ike National Gazettr'. for the space of tour weeks ancccsMvrly, once at leaat in each week. ISAAC H. WILLIAMSON, C. A trieeopv. . W. Hf er, Curt. July S5-wlw ByT. 85 S. WAGNER, No. 29, North Fbost btbekt. Fresh, Goods. This afternoon at half past 2 o'clock. 15 packages fresh imported Dry Goods, consisting of: i cases superfine 9-8 dark check ginghams, 1 dodo do striped do. 1 da do 6-4 blue, pink, and lilac striped no. ao nun suawis, uo - super checked, spotted, flushed and jajwnned cravats, 2 do ta illed and plain blue cotton bandanoes, 1 do chocolate and yellow prints, 1 do 6-4 plain mull muslins, 1 do faney muslin robes, 1 bale white and red flannels, 1 case superfine blue, black, brown and olive broad cloths, 1 case 4-4 Irish linens, 1 caste three threaded cotton balls in small boxes. Dry Goods. - On Friday afternoon, at half past 3 o'clcxik, A large and general assortment of fresh imported Dry Uooils, consulting of ginghams, calicoes, cambrics, mull, book anil leno muslins', faney muslins. robes, cravats, blue bandanoes, white ana brown null linens, duck sheeting", bun and purple shawls. satin stripe and printed muslins, sewing cotton, threads, hosiery, braces, shirtings, cloths, casslmein, satinets, flannels, Waterloo shawls, domestic tickings, cheek, plaid stripes, shambrays, shirtings, sheetings, black sarsnets, white satins, sewing silks, rinanas, uaioons, sua ihikis. see. 1 o Coach Lace ManuFacttircrs. On Friday afternoon, at half paU 2 o'clock, 60 lbs hand silk, of superior quality. By WILLING, WEllt Co. I No. 20, Sotrra FnoitT Stbkett. ry Goods ' j This afternoon, at half past 3 o'clock, ' A large and valuable assortment of Dry Goods. 1 amongst which are, imitation muslins, jaconets, cam- j brie muslins, Irish linens, brown Hollands, buttons, j ginghams, Marseilles q,uiltiitgs,domeslio goods, laces, ! shawls, hdkfs. cheeks, See. - Additional Sale. ! This afternoon, V' 1 case rich double Florence, assorted, black, sreea. ; blue and white, 1 caie linen cambrics, 1 do black ' Canton crapes. " ' ' Leghorns. j This afternoon, 3 g esses men's Leghorn hats. ' : By COMLY y TEVIS, Na73, Market stbest. Dry Goods. ; On Thursday morning, the Sd August next, at half past 0 o clock, on a credit ot 90 days, on all sums over 200 dollars, for approved notes, 30 packages of fresh Imported Goods, viz: London super cloths and cassimcres, swansdown and Valencia vestings, olive and black velveteens-and cords 4-4 and fi-4 cambric and jaconet sauslms, 4-4 and b-4 tamboured book and leno do. Irish linens and shirtings, super new style and other prints, shirting muslin, plain and figured shawls, super .4-4 cambric ginghams, black and coloured bombazels, 3, 3 1-2 and 4 point blankets, fearnought and plains, German tapes, patent threads, buttons, tee. Also, to bales domestic sheetings ana shirtings, S do 4-4 checks, $ eases choppa romala. . Additional. On Thursday morning, 9 bates German blue and mixed cloths, 1 do west of England do. 1 do drab and mixed cassimeres, a eases suspenders, 1 do Waterloo shawls. Also, at commencement of sale, 1 large Bathing Tub. . By TiTON GRELAUD, No. 51, North Fbost street. Books, Maps, jc.- - Will be sold this evening, at the auction store, A general assortment of Books; Maps of the United States, North and South America and Africa, 10 thousand clarified quills, 1(H) blank books, ruled and feint lined. - - J. $ W. LIPP1NCOTT $ Co; i No. 34, South Fbost stbket. -j Molasses, Sugar and Oil. J To-morrow morning at half past 9 o'clock, on the 1 lower side of Chesnut street wharf, binding front schooner William Penn, . 65 hhds prime retailing molasses, 30 boxes brown 1 Havana sugar, 30 boxes tresh sweet oil. j Household Furniture, 50. j On Thursday morning, at 10 o'clock at the sign of; the Lamb, will be sold, j A number of feather beds, bedsteads and bedding,: sideboards, bureaus, tables, chairs, ten plate j stoves, Ho. : - . Also, all the bar furniture belonging to the ests- ': blishuient, and a small quantity of hay and atraw. j Spanish Tobacco. :'l On Thursday morning at half past ten o'clock, in j store, In Water street near Pine, 100 seroons superior quality Spanish tobacco. j Groceries. i On Friday morning, at tt o'clock, at the BQCtiop store, - .j 13 hhds. Muscovado sugars. 15 boxes brown Ha-1 vana do. IS tierces fresh rice, 5 qr. chests young hyson tea, 1510 catty boxes gunpowder do SO 19 Jo do imperial do. 8, hhds molasses, 90 qr casks Malaga sherry wine, 30 half qr casks Colmcnar do. 30 half pipes Samoa do. S tierces honey, 40 baskets sweet oil, 50 half boxes Spanish segars, 25 boxes cboeolate.J Also, to close sales, 5 halt pipes Madeira wine- Goat Skins. , j On Friday morning, at ft o'clock at the auction'! store ' j 5000 Calcutta goat skins. Crockery Ware. - On Thursday afternoon, at 3 o'clock at the auction; store, wm DC soiu, ( 71 crates and hhds well assorted Crocker Ware, j in good order, landing on Willing' s wharf Catalogues on Thursday morning. 1 Nuremburtr Goods and Gun. j Lock9. j On Thursday afternoon, the 9th of Augnst, at half i past 3 o ciook, at tne auction store, on account , of whom it may concern, i 7 cases, 1 cask Nuremburfc Goods, consisting of j camp and toilet looking glasses, II by 10, looking glass plates, bells and harpsioord wire, and fiddle strings, trumpets, dolls, &;c Also, 3 barrels gun locks. . J Wine, Pimento, ic. PIPES London particular Madeira? 2Wine, i SO qr. casks do do . no do IS half qr. casks Malmsey and Sircial do S9 pipes Benecarlo Wine, entitled to debenture, 200 qr. casks Sweet Malaga, 7S ao urj ao. 100 Indisn bbls do do. 1 50 8 gallon koS do - do. . , fiO 4 do do do. SO qr. casks Malaga Sherry, 73 bags Pimento, 100 bags St. Dotnsngo Coffee, IAS boxes Lueca Oil. In store, and for sale br Perit Cabot, 1 i July S8 dfit ' No. 183, South Front street. 1 To my Creditors. TAKE notice that I hare applied to th JiHlitra of the Court of Common Pleas of Wast ingtoct County (Penn.) for relief as an insolvet debtor, and that the said Court have appoint Monday the first day of October nest, for the be a1 ing of me and my retlitors, at the Cou't bouse, j said county, when and where von may attend if TS think proper. ! CHARLES VALENTINE.1 Wasbirgton, July 12th, 18I. July .JO CS r

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