The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 23, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T1IE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI8SOUU1 VOL. XXXIV—NO. 31 mythevllie Courier Blythevillc Daily News Ulytlievllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTIIEVILLE, ' ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 2.1, 191)7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE. CENTS BRITISH WARSHIP LIFTS REBEL BLOCKADE BY : U.S. Charges! Ffil[ OP 1C Aluminum •Monopoly WASHINGTON, Apr. 23 (UP) jTbe Justice department today [ ' 'brought suit charging .violationj Leaders Hope to Speed j"' anti-trust laws ngnlnst r,' . n • r\ i Aluminum Company of former Secretary of Treasury Andrew W. Mellon, and other associated defendants. The action, it was announced by Attorney General Homer S. leaders' Cummlngs, was filed in the United legtsla- j states district court, at New York Four-Point Program of Legislation • WASHINGTON, Apr. 23 (UP) — .merici! I "* ' wo . Uncommitted Com- Vote Acceptance of Settle- *..(1,1 ,-,,,-,,' I-.-, < I t n r. ,~, f ~ \l / ! I 1 1^ ., 1 . I 1 V I * I I •' l~\ ".'V' Democratic fcnnulated congressional four-point milteemen Will Determine Report on Bill merit and Will Resume Work Monday "":' /K live plan today which it was hop- td' would hasten adjournment of City. In addition to the former treas- congrc-ss and fulfill noosevell's economy, court and government reorganization |iro[josals. The plan still was In the discussion stage but It had the serious- consideration of both senate | pony's "monopolistic control" over rind house leaders, an ndminlstra-' • lion spokesman said. Four Major Objectives Its purpose was to adjourn the congress by 1 August 15 with following measures passed: 1.—Tite supreme court enlargement, program. ' 2.—Mr. Roosevelt's recommendation for reorganization of the government executive establish-! mcnt .to Increase efficiency. I 3—All appropriation bills. These] measures would be passed as (liiickly as passible while White House economy pressure Is strong. 4—Wnge and hour regulatory legislation In" some quarters, however, there was seen the possibility that these bills might be delayed until next session. Discarded. would Ce" a numerous authorization bills endangering the president's budgetary plans. These would include the Wagner housing bill, the Bank- The senate judiciary committee today concludes a seven weeks hearing on President Roosevelt's supreme court enlargement bill during which It heard 75 witnesses talk for 200 hours without swaying a definite majority either for or'against the measure. 1 Net result of the public hearings by the 18 member committee ippeared to be: 1-—The votes of two senators as vet uncommitted on the bill will ^ decide whether It will be report- aluminum company on charges the Jed favorably ,, or unfavorably to WASHINGTON, Apr. 23 (UP)- QSIIAWA, Oni., April 23 (UP) IIP Spnnlo ImUHflru *,n>n.nUt.*~ I »-. i ' * .. . _' . President ury secretary, n number of rncm- supreme bers of his family, officials of the aluminum company and Its subsidiaries were named in the suit. The action is intended, Cum- mlngs declared, to break the com- the aluminum industry. Cummings announced the suit sought "a dissolution" of the company acquired Its monopoly by the senate. Opposition leaders "unfair and Illegal means." head-Jones form tenancy bill, the Harrison educational aid bill and flood control and rivers and harbors projects. '. . R«art> To Speed Court Bill Sign Up Will Be Belter Than .' Was Indicated Several Weeks Ago This week has brought a marked improvement in the prospect for general participation by North Mississippi county farmers in the 1931 federal agricultural conservation program. County Agent D. II. Lantrip said today. The filing 01-1937 work sheets, —Employes of the General Motors of Canada assembly plant here voted today to accept the agreement ending their. 15-day strike. • The vole was announced as 2,205 to accept the agreement and 30 against. ; The 3,700 employes will go back to work Monday. The strike was called on April 8 when company official refused to recognize the United Automobile Workers! of America union 05 an international union. The peace treaty was drawn up yesterday nt a conference of provincial government, company rmd strikers' representatives, i The agreement provided for rec- ojnilion of the local union of trie - union anJ that the pact should run con- curiohlly with an agreement be-1 . twcen General Motors and the In- of their strength, will not filibus-1 lernational union in the (Jnlled ter against the bill on the senate States. ' floor, according to their present ' ' plans. A final vote is likely In Battle Marks Cnmnrj Slnke ' STOCKTON, Cal., April 23. (UP) claimed' this was a definite gain for them. 2.—The senate is so evenly divided that a handful of uncom- „ ,„„„ „,„„„ mltteil senators can turn the final 1 U. A. -W. as an Oshawa outcome cither way, although both ides claim a majority. Opposition leaders, confident Opens Spanish Port to Food Ships "»^ >'""} TT> -1-, - -. J I-T-'^- T~»V T. ..»..,.,-_,. „. XTW- "*• " •"•T-—1~ — —* The world's largest battleship, the British cruiser Hood, Is pictured here as Spanish Insurgents saw her as she forced them' to. permit entry of ships carrying food 1 to the beleaguered populace of Dllbiio, loyalist port on the liny of ; Biscay, cut oil from the rest ot Spain by rebel armies. One Girl 1 Who Spurned Gable June. In general, opinion among ad- --Slrlkimj cannery workers, deputy Some of these, It was admitted, lt !r: , I f vntri l ) sald ; is closelv Parallel- i.ilglit bf> passed, in; : drastically m S. tllc . .payment of benefits earned -revlse'd -form, carrying" comparn- "fj 3 "^!" 3 ^ P™;™" 1 ';^^^™.; ng ' c.ompj IHely uiniill appropriations. ' A'.proposed schedule' for legislation has reached the point at which certain house leaders are piepand if necessary, to expedite the =uprcmc court-.program by resorting to a house petition. In ddltion they are working to complete :• action on all appropriation efs.receive their 1936 check's most of them are-signing up for 1937, and It now appears that the percentage of non^particlpators will be. much'smaller than was feared a few weeks ago. : -• About 2,000 farms participated In the program last year. Benefit checks have 'been rcc2ived for 1.060 of these, amounting lo $213,- biLs aiciudine the $1,500,000 work] oco . W nrk sheets for 862'farms have iclief bill, by -May 15. becn fllcd - tor , 937 Whistler Etching Stolen, Abandoned By Robber ministration lenders was that sheriffs. '/Minnies'nml lil«hnn\*'ija- •here had been little change In I Irolmon bitlM for an hour and a :he : committee or the senate us ! half todaj when one of the four i result of the hearings but lead- " " ' ing foes of the bill asserted they bad made definite gains. The committee lineup, as It looked forward to secret debate of the bill next Tuesday, showed strike-bound cinnencs here open cd;in defiance pf union demands; More than 30 men ucre reported injured ns men fought with flstl ball bats, pick handles and rocks. The union force, several' hundred 5Even definite votes against any strong, retreated when vigilantes 'ncrease in the supreme court. ] appeared with revolvers and shot "'" votes definitely were lined up Buns. (or the present bill, calling (! increase In •- Ihe court, possibly 'tt/ 15 members; Five'committee-"- were definitely eager (or 'compromise and were uncommitted on the bill. Of the five one was described as positively against the present measure, two were generally regarded as favoring the bill and two were in the "unpredictable" classification. They probably will decide at the showdown whether the measure is reported to the senate favorably or unfavorably..*' Co )(1 College students and faculty 1 members are breathing Easier now. A genuine, priceless etching. "The Little Nude Figure," by Whistler, was back In a traveling art exhibit cabinet after having beeii stolen recently. The filing of work sheets h lav I ging slightly behind benefit pay-' the latter have been coming in this week In large volume. - Checks totaling 565,000 were received in the past five days. -He is hopeful that by May,l, 75 per cent of the pay- 'ue in this county will have h Mn made The committee line-up: FOR — Ashurst (Dem., Ariz.), Neely (Dem.. W. Vn.), NoiTis (Ind., Neb.), Logan (Dem., Ky.), Pittman i (Dem., Nev.), Dieterich (Dem., 111.). AGAINST,— Borah (Rep., Ida.), Burke (Dem., Neb.), Van Nuys (Dem.. Ind.), Austin (Rep., vt.) Steiwer (Rep., .Ore.), King '(Dem., : Jt.), Connally (Dem!, Tex.). As the filing of work sheets con- I UNCOMMITTED — O'Mahoney tinueg it appears that the increase in cotton acreage will' be - some- i what smaller than was indicated a . I few weeks ago.:- No exact compu- , , . , - tl1e ctc "- tatlon has been:made of the-.pros- mg from a frame while on exhibi- pcctiv e increase' In cotton acreTge . . . j ' - ; wimu smaller L[i;ui was ma Apparenlly frightened by his act, j fcw weeks , ago ., No cxact lift IViiaf o^lar ..,. ,,;.._ ,1,1 _,_,^ , . . ^*-.^- . "nv. , iiu ,\,rti»\,i, the Ihief, after cuttin; ing from a frame while lion in KIdder Hall, abandoned it on a spol on Ihe campus where it was recovered. /. showii by the 862 work sheets on file but it wilj average less than eight per cent, Mr. Laiitrip said. Of course n larger percentage of increase Is probable on farms which do not '• participate in tire I conservation program ilT€LL Given Life Term for Lie in Trial (Dem., Wyo.), Hughes (Dem., Del.). Hatch (Dem, N. M.), 1 McGill (Dem.. Knns.), McCarran [Dem, Nev.). One Man Sliol .j.Cnfr.-'.nmn, I as- repiilfed Sifcdtn Ihe mouth before the union leaders persuaded their men to give up' the,;biUie 'The'fightinor slirtcd at tl-e gate of the . Stockton i\iod Products Plant, when a truck of spinach convoyed by- : state troopers, came In .-.from the; fields. : Vance Ambrose, union leader, had ' offered n compromise, but the- plant,owners apnarently .decided to Ignore It ' C. c. Clowdsley, San Joaquin county district attorney.fa'sked Qov Frank Mer'rJam to send national guard troops Into the district. He said the highway patrol at .Sacramento was preparing to move additional men here to aid the 20 on duty. YOU BY ' — ~ BCB — 1- BURNS _ I suppose there is such a thing as two people not belli" suited to each other but I'll bet if you'll get to the bottom of the trouble at home, you'll find, out that most of the unhapplness is due lo some little thing that could be ironed out in fifteen minutes if both sides would jest put their cards on the table. - I had one uncle that suffered in silence for years— that's my Uncle Squlncey. As time went on. his face began to take on a haunted, drawn look. But his wife and the home folks didn't notice it because they were so close to him. but when I went home on a visit one time, I could notice the- change. | I nsked him what the trouble was and he said "I have done everything I could to make my married life work out but if my wife don't 'change her attitude pretty soon. I'm afraid I'm done for." I says "Well what In the world is the matter at home?" and he says "Well when T go out, Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, April 23. (UP)— The stock market experiensed a brief but sharp setback in the last hour of trading today. Except for that and a short spurt at the open- ng the market was a dull, listless 3fT3ir. A. T. and.T. ' 167 5-8 i Anaconda Copper 55 7-8 Bethlehem Steel 89 1-2 Chrysler '...... 115 3-4 Sitfes Service .33-4 3oca Cola 160 1-2 General Electric 54 General Motors 581-2 Int. Harvester lutj 1-4 McKesson * Robbins '. 14 1-4 Montgomery Ward 57 i-'i Me-: York Central 487-8 Packard 101-4 W. J. Pollard Heads Insurance Exchange W. J. Pollard •i'.-.s clecled presi • dent of the Blytheville Insurance Exchange in a meeting Wednesday. Other officers named wrrc: James B. Clark, vice-presl- rif:nl: Harvfy Morris, secretary and treasurer. G. G. Caudill, J. Nick Tliomas and Marion Williams were named other members of the beard. This group Ims for Its primary nlms to reduce the fire rates in Elytheville and to promote only the best insurance companies which will serve Ihe people and the city honestly. It Is n member of botii the state issociations. and national Phillips Pet. Radio Corp 50 3--1 10 Simmons'Bed 505-8 Standard of N. J 61 1-2 Texas Co 62 U. S. Smelting go U. s. Steel in .Varner Bros 63-4 ., ...... ... " rs - " a ?. Ka " (above), Florida <la ! Ke 'j? 11 °P era . tor . faces life in ^fttlS'tt.fbJSrt Arcadia Fla ^ th?ee cowbovs eharBed %fa iKMS ?°K sentencing her, Judge W. T Harrison invoked a little known law that she stays home and plays the in- provides the life term for one jured wife and when I stay home, ! who gives false testimony where she plays 'the plnno," the life of a prisoner U at stake. New Orleans Cotton She turned down-Clark Gabla and tliul one-fact .should make .Miss' Fran Doerfer,:'pictured above in Los Angeles court, famous for life. It happened In Portland when Gable was working as a lumberjack, Mta Dodr- fer testified Oiat she "kept company" with Gable during flia time Mrs. Violet Wells Norton said he betrayed her in England. NEW ORLEANS. April 23. IUP) —Cotton futures came back in the last minutes of trading today to recover par tor their losses and ;!ose 2 to 9 points lower. open high low close ay 1306 1306 1295 1304 July 130D 1312 1297 1311 t- 1294 1298 1284 1397 Dec 1297 1303 1288 1303 n 1299 1306 1299 1308 ar 1305 1312 1305 1312 Spots closed steady at 1351, off 1. Will Negotiate Missouri Truck Reciprocity Pact LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-Rcvenue Commissioner Dave L, Ford. Frank Clancy, supervisor of the department's Auto License Division, and Hugh wh>rton, lawyer for the Revenue Department, left yesterday for St. Louis, Mo., to confer with Missouri state officials on reciprocity agreements in the use of truck licenses in both states. Other reciprocal agreements to facilitate work of revenue departments of both states will be discussed at the conferences. The officials will return Sunday. New York Cotton NEW YOKK, April 23. <UP>Cotton closed steady. open high low close May . July . Outdoor Entertainment Center Meets Opposition The city council in private ses slon was wrestling this afternoo with the problem created when permit was issued some time ag to Uncle Jim, of Uncle J|m Cotton Pickers fame, to erect a open air show garden on the sit of the old Malian store build ing on Main street. Uncle Jim obtained a. perm from , city officials under the ol administration and his plans were apparently approved, but eithc the work has not been carrle out as planned or else new ol: outh, on Way to Steele, ? alls Under Freight Train 11)11!!!" Uk Apr 21 (UP) —Ira Way, 22, Colbert, Okla., lodny suffered :v .miiiiglctl ks when he fell under u freight Inilii He. was en rmilc lo Stcrlf. Mo., lo' visit n gruinlmollicr. i In' youlii was l»|k'Pn .to a Memphis hnspllal where physic- inns bald the Icff would be urn- pulalcd below the knee. SEEK HELP II Earle Delegation Explains ^Situation Bailey IEIE1T SEIZED William C McDonald Cap- tuied In Gun Battle At* Columbus, Ga COLUMBUS. Ga.. Anrll 23. (UP) --William c. McDonald. 23. luinl- ccl In connection with the kidnap- 'ng of a General Motors salesman .n Kennett. Mo., last August, was captured today after he engaged In gun battle with .four officers. Several shots were fired but none of the officers was Injured. Police said McDonald admitted he was wanted for' the kidnaping. Three other men arc also accused of participation In (lie kidnap- ing, a highway : patrolman at Kennett told the Courier News today. They are Clarence Holdcrdeld of Kennett. now serving lime for another' crime In the Kansas stale penitentiary, Stanley Hunsackcr of Chaffee, Mo., also a prisoner in the Kansas penitentiary, and Chester Wilkins of Kennett, now In the MI'S"»rl state penitentiary. Me- Donald Is n resident of Kcnnctl. to Gov, Carl iiocic. Apr. 23 (UP)— A delegation from Iho Young Business Men's club of Enrle. Ark., conferred wllh Gov. Curl E, Balieyl loday, urging that the 1 stale executive aid thein In re moving T, S. town's : mayor. Mitchell (is the The delegation. In urging the governor to aid ,thcm, In the ouster i move, said -that the city was ; without funds • although nil tax collections .for. 1830 had made'. .- . ; . i ;'- < - - .-. ';• William Cogblll,' secretary' of Ihc club, said that citizens were, refusing to pay their 1937 privilege tuxes, clue • to. the' fact that m civic Improvements • had bcci made In tho last 'four years. The governor refused lo act pending an iiivesllBatlon. Battleship Hood Inter.- vcnes When Rebel Craft Halt Vessels LONDON, Apr. 23 (UP)—It waa nrinomiced toddy that the, British fowl 'ships Stnnbrook, Mu'cQregor ind Hnmstcrlcy had been halted by Spanish waisliljxs while "o'n route to Bilbao but thai the British battleship Hood had. signaled to lire Spanlnids to cense Interfering. < Official adylccs said n rebel wtir- shtp peremptorily hailed the three food snips, possibly by shols aero*! their bows, although [here was no definite Infomntlon about aciual firing. The Hood then exchanged signals with the rebel warships, resulting In tlio latter slg.tmlb.ig to the food ships 'to proceed. * 11 also was stated that Basque loyalist shore bultcrles opened Ilro on the Insmgcnt warships, presumably without result, slnceo-no damage was reported. v Continue lu Shell ftfaiirlil ..-'' MADRID, April 23 (UP)— Imtir- ent baltcrlos resumed their heavy rtlllery bombardment or Madrid t 3:30 pm. today, marking the welfth consecutive day of shell'lng. An eight-Inch shell fell Just'o'ut- iile the united States embassy in he neutral zone. • , v , In an hour's bombardment sonie 0 projectiles fell Irt the mid-town cctlon around the plaza Mayor ml the Puertu del Sol. It was es- Imaled unofficlnlly thnt 15 were :llled and '50 injured, making a otnl for the 12 days of 225 dene! and 330 poundsd / • ' ,It was the second,ho.nibiirdnienfc ortay. In,Ihe' morn ing-'five' were tilled 'nnd'GO woiindcrf. Negro Admits Murder Before Going to Chair TUCKER PRISON FARM, Ark., Anr! 23 (UP) — Clinton Matlock, '10. negro, today was executed for the murder of Boy Steer, white merchant, in the rural community of Tinsmaii. Calhoun county, In October, 1934. Shorlly before walking to the -'-ctric chair. Mat'^ck admitted his guilt to George HIggins, as- prison. superintendent of the Complaining property owners j and renters In the block whe Uncle Jim proposes to establi: his entertainment center, including O. W. McCutchcn, Farts Simon and Henry Reldman. were among those appearing at the meeting this afternoon. 1 Floating Stage Built I Predict Bob Cook Will Oppose Bailey in 1938 LITTLE ROCK. Ark. (UP)—Predictions that former pulaskl county Judge R. A. (Dob) Cook, would again oppose Gov. Cnrl E. Bailey !n Hie 1938 primary, were made this week by political observers. Cook who has teen active In a motor car firm bearing his name, since leaving his county office on January i. refused to deny or confirm the rumors. Close friends of the former county Judge slid unsuccessful candidate [or the Democratic nomination., last year, said that he would ^Ix; among the first to announce ]early i n 1933 ] Cook during the past month has been making an average of two open high low close speeches a week before civic and Mi\y 1311-4 132 1-8 129 1-4 130 1-2 I fraternal organisations throughout Oct. Dec. ... Jan. Mar. ... 1318 1320 1294 1290 1292 ' 1292 1322 1322 1308 1308 1299 1287 1295 1281 1297 1283 1298. 1292 1319 1321 1298 1293 1296 1298 Spols closed sleady at 1379, oft 7. Chicaffo Wheat Chicago Corn open 'high low close May 1263-4 127 1-2 125 1-8 127 1-4 July 1153-4 116 3-8 114 1-4 110 1-8'July 1171-2 118 3-8 116 5-8 i'lB ' " HuTs'lale. Say Germany Needed in Assuring Peace VENICE, Itnly, Apr. M (UP) — Premier Benlto Mussolini - aiic Chancellor. Kurt Schuschnigg o Austria In a Joint communique today proclaimed Hint Germany' participation was necessary h consolidating peace In the Dari iiblan basin In central and eastern Europe. . - ' It was asserted also that thi 'Rome protocols," the coopcra live agreements among Italy, Aus fria- and Hungary, would be open lo other countries under certaii conditions. Senate Labeled His Story Fglse For Lake Exposition CLEVELAND (UP) — Workmen have begun conltrucllon of a 2,000-ton floating sUgc on which Billy Rose will stage his Aquacade during the 1937 season of the Great Lakes Exposition. Two barges "will ride at anchor to support the 180-tbot platform. Work soon will begin on a theatre-cafe on the shore of Lake Erie, where '5,000 persons can dine and dance while watching the water spectacle. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., April 23. (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 8,500. Top, 10.25. 110-230 Ibs., 10.15-10.25. Light weights, 7.40-9.90. * Bulk sows, 9.40-9.60. Cattle: receipts, 1,200. Steers, 9.65-9.75. ' Slaughter steers. 7.00-15.75. Mixed heifers and yearlings, 8.0010.00. Slaughter helgers, Beef cows, 5.50-7.00. .Cutlers and low cutters, 4.0-5.23. Swarthy, heavy-featured Ted Creech, Harlan, Ky., coal operator, is pictured above denying to the Senate Civil Liberties commiltee that he had threatened a coal miner witness. As he left the Senate building he was served with n warrant charging him with perjury. The miner witness said Creech threatened to have him sent to ' j prison. - 3,403 'Arkansas Farmers, Aided by Debt Division • , \ LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 23 (UP) — A lotnl of 3.403 debt-burdened armors of the stale have been aided .since September, 1935 by he larm debt division of tho 'csclllfinenl Administration, John. Carmcdy, national director of Hie Mill, told field and district workers ot the oieanlzatfon In a nieet- .g here today. , OT "" '"Those same farmers originally owed $5,786,043, whicit was reduced to 54,240,875 through adjust- nents with their creditors, 'with he debt division acting as ngelit," ic declared. ~] Carmody, who .came here from Dallas, where he met with •' Resettlement oiflclals earlier in the week, will leave tonight for Wnsh- Inotoh. Sam Richards Returns : :' to Dyess as Deputy DYESS, Ark. — Sam - Richards," former farm supervisor of -District One, has been nppoliiteil deputy sheriff for Dyess Colony. Ho also will have a section of farms to supervise. ' • • Richards, . who had been employed on the Colony since Its beginning, resigned in December lo accept a position In Garland county. ' ' '. - < Don Hudson has been appointed as engineers clerk for the WPA. He succeeds.C. R. Garilson jr. who has accepted n position In the state police • department, with headquarters In Little Rock. Lemons on Program ^at Rotary Convention Charles S. Lemons of this cily will have a part In the program at the annual convention of Arkansas Rotary clubs to be held at Hot Springs. April 29 and 30. Special speakers from Rotary, clubs in other states and a number of-prominent Arkansas Rbtar- iaus will also take part" on the program. . • WEATHER Arkansas — Scattered showers, cooler In west portion tonight. Saturday mostly cloudy and cooler. Scattered showers in east portion. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy and warm tonight, lowest temperature 66 to 70. Saturday scattered showers followed by somewhat cooler. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 85. minimum S0> clear, according to Samuel R Norris, official weathfr- observer. i

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