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The Standard from Lykens, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Standard from Lykens, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Standardi
Lykens, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
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A Small Boy Lykens Standard. Published every Friday morning at Lykeni, Den ptilu cuunty, by SAM'L B. COLES SON. The Word "Rajah." Literally the word rajah means king, and maharajah the great king or ruler over several kings, but generally speaking the titles rajah, maharajah and nawab have no greater signifi "She Who Dreams." A Maori's Idea of a woman Is expressed in the phrase "she who dreams," which means that hor thoughts are on a higher plane than his. He allows ber absolute' freedom of speech and manner, for he Is sure that If there Is anything to be said or done a woman's refinement and sincerity will exceed his own.

Ladies' Field. The Assassin's Day. Almost everywhere within the range of Christendom Friday is a day of proverbial 111 luck. The following list of assassinations tends to confirm this superstition: William of Orange, July 10, 1HS4, a Friday; Henry III. of lanco, Aug.

1. 1589, a Frldny; Henry IV. of France, May 14, 1010. a Friday; Gustavus III. of Sweden, March 10, 1792, a Friday; Lincoln of the United States, April 14, 1805.

a Fridny; McKlulcy of the United States, Sept. 0, 1901, a Friday. Have You Kidney Trouble? How to Find Out. Fill a bottle or common glass with your water and let it stand 24 hours a sediment or settling indicates an unhealthy conditi of the kidneys if it stains your linen it is evidence of kiduey trouble too frequent desire to pass it or paid in the back is also convincing proof that the kidneys and bladder are out of order. Wha' to Do.

Go to W. G. Smith and Ret a 5c box of Bloodine Blood and Kidney Tablets and if they do not help you Mr. Smith will give you your money back. lere is comfort in the knowledge so often expressed, that Bloodine Blood and Kidney Tablets the great remedy fills every wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part of the urinary passage.

They correct inability to hold water and scalding pain in passing it, or bad effects following the use of liquor, wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during the night. The mild and extraordinary effect of Bloodine Blood and Kidney Tablets is soon realized. They stand the highest for their wonderful cures of the most distressing cases. By mail 50c. The Bloodine Corp Boston, Mass.

A Great Gift. It Is 1:0 great matter to associate with the good aud gentle, for this Is naturally pleasing to all, aud every one willingly enjoyeth peace and loveth those best that agree with him. But to be able to live peaceably with hard and perverse persous or with the disorderly or with such as go contrary to us is a great grace and a most commendable and manly thins. Thomas a Keuipis. Can't look well, eat well or fpel wpII with impure blood feeding your bodv uit uiuuu pure wiiii auraocs uiood Bitters.

Eat simrjlv. take exerrisp. lfprt clean and you will have long life. SPECIAL We know of no other medicine which has been so successful in relieving the suffering of women, or secured so many genuine testimonials, as has Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.

In almost every community you will find women who have been restored to health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Almost every woman you meet has either been benefited by it, or knows some one who has. In the Pinkham Laboratory at Lynn, are files containing over one million one hundred thousand letters from women seeking health, in which many openly state over their own signatures that they have regained their health by taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.

Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has saved many women from surgical operations. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is made exclusively from roots and herbs, and is perfectly harmless. The reason why it is so successful is because it contains ingredients which act directly upon the female organism, restoring it to healthy and normal activity.

Thousands of unsolicited and genuine testimonials such as the following prove the efficiency of this simple remedy. Minneapolis, Minn. "I was a great sufferer from female troubles which, caused a weakness and. broken down condition, ot the system. I read so much of what Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound had done for other suffering women, I felt sure it would help me, and I must say it did help me wonderfully.

Within three months was a perfectly well woman. "I want this letter made public to show the benefits to be derived from Lydia 15. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." Mrs. John O.Moldan, 2115 -Second St.North, Minneapolis, Minn. Women who are suffering from those distressing ills peculiar to their sex should not lose sight of these facts or doubt the ability of Lydia gingham's Vegetable Compound to restore their health, cance than the words feudal lords as used in mediaeval times In Europe.

Many of them have been made by the Will of the reigning chief, many be stowed for meritorious acts and deeds. Changes of seasons affect cattle be cause their digestive organs have become accustomed to the change of diet. This causes milk production to decrease. Forced feeding makes mat ters worse. Fairfield's Milk Producer fed regularly will prevent all these troubles and keep up production.

For particulars write Fairfield Mfg, JrMnla. Mr. Crimsonbeak I wish to gracious you'd take that bunch of bnirplns ou of your mouth when you're talking to me. I can't understand a single word you say. Mrs.

Crimsonbeak There you go. You hate to see me have the least bit of pleasure! Yonkers Statesman. Make large prohts now. The price ot eggs is rising. airneid's Higg Producer is guaranteed to increase the egg output by perfecting the hen di gestion, keeping her in health, thus hastening the development of her eggs.

Asic ror i airfield ree Jtiook.) For particulars write Fairfield Mfg. Philadelphia, Pa. "Doctor, my wife has lost her voice. What can I do about it?" "Go home late some night." London Express. "Did your new chauffeur turn out all right ao; tnat the reason he's in the dospital." ruck.

Thirty-five per cent, of an egg composed of mineral elements. The hen's regular food seldom contains these the proper proportions. Fair field's Egg Producer contains every element in the right proportions and proper combinations, and in a form easily assimilated. For particulars write Fairfield Mftr. "How did you happen to marry that man, Inira? Did he please you so "Oh, on the contrary! But when I told him the reasons why 1 wouldn't marry him be listened to me.

without Interrupting me. for two hours, so at last I accepted him!" 'Lung Fever." the Veterinarv said. A Post Mortem proved it to be Worms. This happens in thousans of cases every year, all over the country. But horses that are regularly fed Fairfield's Blood Tonic for Horses Only, never have worms and never get Lung Fever.

For particulars write Fairfield Mfer. Philadelphia. No." id Storming ton Barnes, "1 shall never play Hamlet again." Why uotV" queried his dear frieud. Walker Ties. "My professional pride will not per mit it," replied the self acknowledged tragedian.

Why, even the lights went out last night." Chicago News. Feed will be high this Fall. All un digested food is wasted. Save money and increase your horse health by the regular feeding of Fairfield's Blood Tonic for Horses Only. 1 It perfects di gestion, so that all the nutriment is secured from the food.

For particulars write Fairfield Mfe. Phila. "Which do you like best," said Me-ndering Mike. 'de city or country?" "Well," answered Plodding IVte. "de closeness together of de houses In town makes it convenient.

But I likes de country because dore's just walkln' enough to give you an appetite between handouts." Washington Star. -TO- Hives, eczema, itch or salt rheum sets you crazy. Can't bear the touch of your clothing. Doan's Ointment cures the most obstinate cases. Why suffer.

All Ascription J5 cents a Year. Phone No. 32E. LYKENS, OCT. 22 1909.

The Robbing of Pilars. A telegram from Scrauton, the other day told how some $100,000 damage was done iu that city by the caving in of the galleries of a great ooal miue that had been tunneled under the city. The dispatch said that the cavein was the result of "pillar robbing" and that among the other buildings damaged was a Sa 7,000 school house. INow, what is "pillar robbing pillar is a column of coal that is left the mine to support the roof of the mine. Years ago engineers calculated just how large and how close together these pillars should be.

And in those dys heed was given to the expert even when las advice interfered with prohts. But yon take a coal mine and issue a lot ox bonds on it and pump a lot of water into its stocks and then merge it into trust, and the expert's advice isn't important as the profits. So, from time to time, this pillar has been trimmed down and that one has been taken out altogether and the output of coal has thereby been made cheaper and divi dends kept up. This is what the miners call "pillar robbing." Finally Scran-ton, honey-combed nnder her founds- tious, fcuds herself dumped into the bowels of the earth by Baer, Provi deuce, Morgan Co. Perhaps, however, Divine Providence is a silent mem ber of the nrm.

When "pillar robbing" wrecks a S3G. 000 public school the telegraph dispatches are quite exciting, but the same people who indulge in "pillar robbing" are pulling the pillars out from under a fa: more important structure tnan a mere brick and mortar school house. Time was when grown men were paid men's wages for work in the mines, and babies and dos were lett on the surface G-od's sunlight to grow strong in body and go to sciiooi. These boys sous 01 hard working fathers were the pillars of tiie State. Their fathers might face tre perils or blast aud gas.

wav down in the earth, but they were growing up sound and neaitny to become pillars in their turn and to carry on the great chain of human life. But the coal trust had the pillar-robbing habit. The smaller aud fewer the pillars of coal the larger the proh t. The 3'ouuger the em ploye in the mine the smaller the aver age wage, aud ihe smaller the wage the greafer the profit. So the schools were robbod to fall the breakers and to tend the air gates aud to drive the mules down there among the coal pillars in the dark aud drip of the miue.

So the school house was robbed of itB pi'lars lirst aud then the mine underneath it was robbed of its pillars, aud the brick- aud-mortar school cruraqled and fell jast as the flesh aud blood school the child laborers had crumbled and fallen, We heard much clicking of the tele graph about robbing the pillars of hard coal, we near all too little of the rob bing of the pillars of manhood. The one wo can see. The other wo can not see. Scrauton can build a new school- house, but who will restore health and life to the child laborer, those pillars of the race who are beiug torn down by the coal trust. Lykens, Oct.

11. H. D. M. A HELPING HAND Is Gladly Extended by a Lykens Citizen.

There are man enthusiastic citizens in Lykens prepared to tell their experience for the public good. Testinony from such a source is the best of evidence, aud will prove a "helping hand" to Kcures of readers. Read the following statement Richard A. Willison, North Second Lj kens, Pa says It think it would be impossible to give Doan's Kidney Bills more praise than they deserve. I first used this remedy 15 or iS years ago when living near Cumberland, Md.

At that time heavy lifting and hard wor on the farm brought ou my kidney trouble. Often when stooping I was seized by the most intense pain across my loins and I was in tniserj I was also annoyed by a weakness of my kidneys and there were many symptoms which showed that my bladder was inflamed. Medicine and treatments were of no avail and I found but slight relief until Doan's Kidney Pills were procured at Smith's drug store. They removed the pains and freed me entirely from every disordei of my kidneys." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents Foster-Milburn Co Buffalo, N.

sole agents for the United States. Remember the name Doan's and take no other. The American Pipe Line which was awarded the contract for laying the pipea from the P. R. reservoir in Clarka valley to their classification yards at Enola, have been enabled, on account of the low condition of the Susquebauna river this summer, to lay the pipes across the stream with little difficulty.

The entire line, however, will not be completed until next year. The Four Stomachs of the Cow will surely not respond to the elements intended to act only upon the One Stomach of the horse. That is why there is a Separate Fairfield's Blood Tonic for each of the animals. Also separate Tonics for Poultry and for Hogs. (Ask for Fairfield's Free Stock Book.) For particulars write Fairfield Mfg.

Phila. The Ostrich's Legs. Although the ostrich has powerful legs and can kick like a mule, his limbs are very brittle and are easily broken. He has two toes ou each foot, one being armed with a horny nail, which he uses as bis principal weapon of warfare. When an unarmed man is attacked by one of these birds the cbances are very much against the man unless he can climb a tree or jump over a five foot wall.

Falling Hair Ayers Hair Vigor promptly destroys fhe germs that cause falling hair. It nourishes the hair bulbs, restores them to health. The hair stop falling out, grows more rapidly. Girard Ave (31st Street), Philadelphia. from the ravages of Oroup by the use of Dill's Cough Syrup.

There is no better Oougb Syrup than Dill's for all Coughs, OnldH. Oman. Bronchitis, or auv form of throat and lung troubles. It helps where others fail. The Chinese Cow.

The Chinese cow lias been bred as a work animal rather than for milking purposes, aud. beyond feeding her calf, it appears that she has almost lost ber claim to beiug a dulry animal. A cow in China is seldom milked without the assistance of the calf. It's a Top Notch Doer. Great deeds compel regard.

The world crowns its doers. That's why the Amer ican people have crowned Dr, King's New Discovery the King of Throat aud Lung Remedies. Every atom is a health force. It kills germs, aud colds and la grippe vanish. It heals cough-racked membranes and coughing stops.

Sore, inflamed bronchial tubes and lungs, are cured and hemorrhages cease. Dr. Geo. Mure, Black Jack, N. writes "it cured me of lung trouble, pronounced hopeless by all doctors.

50c, fi.oo. Trial bottle free. Sold by W. H. Uhler and W.

Gordon Smith, Lykens, and J. S. Prout. Startled Him. Twynn I hear that the weather prophet has had to be taken.

to the hospital. Triplett That Is true. The shock was too much for him. "What shock-'' "One of his forecasts came true." Money Comes In Bunches to A. A Chtsholm of Treadweil.

N. now. His reason is well worth reading "For a long- time I suffered from indi gestion, torpid liver, constipation, ner- vousuess and general debilitv." he writes "I couldn't sleep, had no aorxtite. nor am onion grew weaker everv da spue 01 all medical treatment, Then used Klectric Bitters. Twelve bot tles restored all my old-time health and vigor.

Now I can attend to business everyday. It's a wonderful infallible for Stomach, Liver. Kidneys, mooti ana iNerves. ioc. Sold by VV.

G. Smith and W. H. Uh ler, Lykens, and J. S.

Prout. Wiconisco. A Light Dinner. "A clever criminal of gluttonous pro clivities," said a prison superintendent, once couched a complaint in rather neat terms. Jjy inspector, entering this man's cell one day, found It very hot and stuffy.

'Why have you got your ventilator closed ue asked. 'The burly and gluttonous prisoner answered plaintively: Well, inspector, yer honor, the last time I had the ventilator open a wasp new in, you see. and carried off mv dinner wnue my back was The Bed-Rock of Success ies in a keen, clear brain, hark! hv in iomuaoie win and resist ess enerpv. Such power romes from the splendid health that Dr. King's New Life Pills mpart.

TheV vitalize evpru nronn artA build up brain and body. A. Harmon, Lizemore, W. writes "They aje tne oest puis I ever -used." 20c. Sold G.

Smith aud W. H. TThW Lykens, and J. S. Prout, Wiconisco.

Positive Proof. A lawyer going Into the parlor of his home noticed pencil marks ou the wall, put there, as he rightly supposed, by one of his children. He called his little five and six year old son and daughter in to see which one had done the mis chief. Of course each one blamed it on the other, so the father said. "Well, my son.

a liltle bird told me he was sitting on Ihe fence and saw you urouh the window marking the wall." The little fellow answered. 'Get that bird and make him prove it." Delineator. Frightful Fate Averted. 1 would have been a erinnl for lif from a terrible cut on my knee writes Frank Disberry, Kelliher, "without Bucklen's Arnica Salve, which soon cured me." Infallible for wounds, cuts and bruises, it soon cures Burns, Scalds, Old Sores, Boils, Skin Kruptions. Sold by W.

H. Uhler and W. G.Smith Lykens, and J. S. Prout, Wiconisco.

High Handed, Willie This paper says that people who pursue a high handed course ought to punished. What kind of a course is that pa? Pa It's the system" a man plays on when he won't bet on anything less than a royal flush or four of a kind. The paper is right, my son. It is just such lukewarm sports that are killing the great American" game. Puck.

Don't use harsh physics. The reaction Wf-nken? the bowels, leads to chronic constipation. Get Doan's Regulets. They operate easily, tone the stomach, eure constipation. Millionaire Before He Was Twenty-one The arch prospector of all times was Cecil Ithodes.

Wheu he was seventeen he had been touched with tuberculosis and ordered south. Arriving at his brother Herbert's cotton plantation in Africa iu the midst of the second diamond excitement, he, with Herbert, was drawu into the "new rush." They took a claim at Co Ies burg at 30 shillings a mouth rental. In a few weeks each leased a full claim, all the law allowed. Cecil It bodes set himself to get the lav to allow one man to own two claims, then ten and then as many as he could lay hold of. So well did It bodes keep pace with chauging regulations that he returned to England at niueteeu a millionaire! Franklin Clarkiti In Everybody's.

Dandruff Ayer" Hair Vigor just as promptly destroys the germs that cause dandruff. It removes every trace of dandruff itself, and keeps the scalp clean and in a healthy condition. All ntfU Water. Perfume. Ask him what he thinks of it.

T.fiwMt. SATURDAY OCTOBER Beautiful imitations of natural wood finished with varnish may be obtained by applying one coat of Campbell's Varnish Stain. Keen Wiconisco, carry a full line of all colors and sise cans. Color cards free. The Gospel Oak.

In the vlllagi' of l'olstoad. Suffolk. England, stands famous oak which the rec tor him proved to be L000 years old. The tree has a girth of thirty-six feet and has been kuown always as the gospel oak, since under it the first Christinn missionaries preached to the hentheu Saxons Ihlrteeu centuries ago. This event is commemorated each year by a special service held under the tree.

Saved His Life. "I saved a beggar's life yesterday." "How?" "1 asked him what he'd do If I gave him a sovereign. 'Good he said. 1 should drop down dead So I put Ihe Hovrrriirn back into mv nncK-ot- FTJBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE Koul Cstate! IN pursuance of an Order of the Orphans Court of Dauphin county, will be sold at public sale On Saturday, October 30, '09, At the Union House, Lykens, the following desirable real estate, late the property of William Snyder, dee'd, viz Lot No. 387 in the pian of Baid town fa laid out by Daniel Hoffman and W.

W. Foster, bounded on the Noith by a 20 feet wide alley, South by N. Second St West by land of Chas. Reigel, East by land of Sol. Rettinger estate, having thero-on a Two nnd a-balf story Frame Dwelling House and necessary outbuildings all in good repair.

Sale to commence at 1 o'clock p. when attendance will be given and terms of eale made known bv CHAS. W. SNYDER, Adm'r. Lykens, Oct.

13, 1909-39 EXCURSION Don't blame the hen when she doesn't lay. She can't manufacture eygs unless you supply her with the material. Get busy now and beg-in feeding her Fairfield's Egg- Producer reg'ularly and see how quickly she gets down to business. For particulars address Fairfield Mfg. 504 Delaware Phila.

EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. LETTERS Teetamentarv on the estate of WILSON F. CHARLES, late of the Borough of Lykens. Dauphin Co dee'd, baviug been granted the undersigned, ail person indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, and those having claims against the same to present them dnly prnvpo for settlement to H. C.

IIOFF, Executor. Oct. Milleieburg, Pa. means using those sensi denrpssinns for can he ANOTHER ONE NEXTMCK Ke' III Via Reading Railway SPECIAL TKAIN. Fr.m Fare f.W Keffers 2.00 Lykens $2.00 5.30 Good Spring 2.00 6.15 Williamstown 2.00 5.40 Donaldson 2.00 6.24 Tower City 2.00 5.49 Ar.

Gir'd Av. (31st St.) 10.15 Returning. Ppecial Train will leave Girard Av. (31st li 10 p. m.

for above stations. Tickets Include admission to Garden. Tickets good only date of excur-oursion of above tiptcial Tiain in each direction. Children between 5 and 12 years of age, half fare. 38 3t BOWMAN'S House Furnishings druggists sell it.

"My son," said the family man, "is anxious to become a pugilist. I'm doing my best to prevent him." "Let bim go ahead," said the friend of the family, "and have some one pound him. You'll find a pound of cure worth more than an ounce of prevention." Philadelphia Record. Don't Neglect That Cough. It certainly racks your system and may run into sometnining serious.

Allen's Lung Balsam will check it quickly and permanently. For sale at all druggists. 88-4t There Is more Catarrh this section of the country than all other diseases put together, atiu until the last few years was Bupposed tc be incur able, for a great many years aoccore pronoun cea it a local disease, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and. therefore, requires constitutional treatment.

Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken internally indoles from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system.

They offer one hundred dollars for and case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address. K. J.

CHENEY, Toledo, Ohio. O-Sold byDrufrgista, 75c. Take Hall's Family Pills for constpiation. Dinner Sets that Sell for More Money. Bowmans' set the prices for China-ware.

Go almost anywhere and they will ask from two to three dollars more than our price for the same quality Dinner Set. We can only quote a few sample prices. 100 piece, Dinner Set. New shape clear white china, pure gold on edge of border of each piece, solid go'd bandies and knobs. This is open stock.

You can buy one piece, a dozen, or the set. Price of set complete, $14 CO 100 piece Dinner Set, French deco ration, every piece gold lined, large platters and soup plates. Extra value at $12.50 100 piece Haviland China Dinner Set, fancy shape, decorated indelicate green floral sprays with touch of pink. Pure gold ornamentation. Special price, $22.50 Jealous of His Neighbor because his neighbor used Dill's Balm of Life with such satisfactory refnlts, for alt internal and external pains, while he, who used an inferior remedy, received no results.

There is nothing better for Neumlgia, Rheumatism, or any form of internal and external pains than Dill's Balm of Life. Try it. Paid For It. f-awyer (to complnining client) Well, have you at last decided to take my advice and pay this bill of mine? Cli ent Y-e-s. Lawyer Very well.

(To clerk) Williams, just add Cs. Sd. to Mr. Smith's hill for further advice. Lon don Tit-Bits.

Hog raisers in many sestions of the United States have completely driven Hog Cholera from the community by the regular use of Fairfield's Blood Tonics for Hogs Only. Fairfield's Hog Tonic makes the blood pure and drives disease from the system. For particulars write airfield Mfg. Phila. My child wsb burned terriby about the face, neck and chest.

I applied Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. The pain ceased and the child sank into a restful sleep. Mrs. Nancy M.

Hansom, Hamburg, JN. Read the STANDARD. Art Squares. For a low priced rug the quality cannot be equalled. Colors are green, red and mixed variety.

9x12 ft. Art Square, $4 50 9x12 ft. Art Square, $3.19 6x9 ft. Art Square, $2.09 Extra Carpet Quality. In carpets we haven't forgot the small profits that's why oar quality is bo good for a small price.

Tapestry Brueeel carpet in floral and Oriental designs and suitable for any room in the bouee, and when you price thiB quality at any store they will say 89c. Our special price, 69c Velvet carpet in the new patterns, that sells for $1.10 a yard. Special at 90c Ingrain Carpets. A good quality of Ingrain carpet, wool filled, pretty patterns at 39c Ail wool Ingrain carpet, an exce'-lent wearing quality, at 59c 318 Market Hoffman House, Hotel and Cafe 441 and 443 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pa. 40 Rooms Remodeled and Newly Furnished.

Two minutes walk from Reading or Pennsylvania Depot. Special rates to Jurymen or Teachers attending Institute. EDW. G. HOFFMAN, Prop'r.

Read the Standard. Breakine-in a shoe Let us supply your House We invite you to visit our basement and fourth floor where you will find a most complete stock of modern and up-to-date house furnishings. We can supply you the smallest to the most elaborate article. Special attention has been given how we may give the best qualities at the lowest prices. We guarantee you'll profit by patronizing the store that Buys for Cash, Sells sor Cash, and Saves you Cash.

tive, delicate members the ieet as shoe stretchers. The inner -sole as well as the unners must be broken in. as the mounds Iff nf the iect must make themselves before comrort Ralston Shoes, with moulded in soles, provide for the natural form of the feet and need no breaking-in. You'll Make a Good Investment in Buying Your Rugs at Bow-mans. Our large assortment of rugs for fall ib ready for your inspection.

It is complete. All the desirable qualities in the new designs and Oar method of buying, combined with small expense of selling compared with many others, is Euch that we guarantee at least from two to tea dollars on large ruga. Worth considering. Not? We can only quote a few prices. 9x12 ft.

Seamless WiltoD, a variety of patterns, $27. 50 9x12 ft. Body Brussels in green and tan mixtures. Price, $22. 50 9x12 ft.

Axminater, floral and Oriental patterns. Price, $22. 50 9x13 ft. Tapestry Brussel, a variety of coloriDgs. Price, $17.50 1 Stock No.

152 Tan Spartan Blucher "Smile" Lat is a snappy style which. will be popular witn well roomed men ibis season, its re fined shape pre vents its being at all flashy. Ask to see it of any Ralston dealer. 1 VI es raot Color fclie liair We wish you to positively and distinctly understand that Ayer's Hair Vigor does not affect the color of the hair, even to the slightest degree. Persons with the whitest or the lightest and most delicate blond hair may use it freely without having the hair made a shade darker.

JMSP1 union uadi 1 Ik InSTCdiCfltS Sulphur. Glycerin. Quinin. Sodium Chlorid. BOWMAN Street, Harrisburg, Pa.

Merchandise amounting to $5.00 or more delivered free of charge. I jnurum. uac Capsicum. Show tnis formula to your doctor. f.

A Tin rvWAT. Penn Clothing Stores, Lykens, Penna..

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