The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1935
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1935 BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION- Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions; (Five average words lo n* line) One time per line lOc Two tiroes per line per day -.. 08c Three nines per line per day .. 06c Six times j)tr lino per day .. 05c Month rate per line 60o Minimum charge SUc Ada ordered tor three av six times and stopped Ijeiprc expiration will be cimrgctl lor tno lunu- ber 01 times me au njjpcnrccl ana najuMiuem 01 Dili miiae. All classified Artvtnlsfng copy Guunuiica ay \m$an& residing oui- ttcic 01 titt' cky must. DC itccycn- puiiicu by casn. naies mu.v eusny computed from noovo taWe. No responsibility will be taKen lor more uian one incorrect, m- fa^i'Uuji oi any aussuieu aa. Advertising orciercn tor irreguliu llLJCt L1U110 IrtivC LUC OJ1C. Lllltu line. PHILLIPS' CMS Business Directory Cash Feed Store \Ve Pay Hij?Ju>»l Cash l'rico K for Poultry and Eggs, Complete lane of l'uri(i« Feed Ferry's litilk Garden Seed Field Seed 112 K. Main 1'lionu 151 Across From Old Postofficc YOU HAVE TRIED THE HEST, NOSV JjgvTHE BEST , FAMOUS MAHNE KED ASH COAL Onco You Try It, You Will Always Uuy It ' BATTERIES RECHARGED 75C GUARANTEED starter & Generator Service Used Auto Parts Cheap Phone' 308—Road Service Harper Auto Electvic Service !< Mile from Gateway Store on Highway 18. This ad Is worth 25c on teller} 1 service. Record Breaking Sales uf the i-'orii V-8 Arc urji|S'«e 1110 Best Useti Cars in ihe CUy to 1'liilnps' rofu Dealers. '3D FOK1) TlfUOK SEDAN .. 518^ '23 CHEVROLET COACH .. 51S5 COUPE, '32 CHEVROLET Kunioie .......... $*lb •33 FORD TliBOK SEDAN . . $M;> '33 CHEVROLET COACH .. fMs TRUCKS and TRAILERS '20 FORD IJi TON TUDCK -5 H» '30 CHEVROLET IK TON, 157 Incli >V. H. TRUCK 51?^ •3t CHEVROLET PICK-UP, New Tirts .............. ^oa '30 KIN'GHAM TRAILER, Dial WE CAN SAVE YQUJHONEY HARNESS Our Stock Is Complete IMPLEMENTS And Repairs For AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay Us A Visit And Be Convinced PAULBYRUM 120 Bast Main PHILLIPS' Corner \Valnnt & Firjt Sis. J'hoiiD JUS Reau Estate FOR SALE GO ACRES—50 in cultivation. Can put 20 ucrea or more in cotton in 1935. 1 HOUSE, 1 BARN. SI 800—$600 doivif balance S250 per yeiir Can gire possession now. G. G. Caudill Phone 797 Farms For Sale With Immediate Possession •10 A. near Buntette, Miss, county, Ark. Pi-tap JCO aero. 10 A. near Burdette, Miss, county. Ark. PrJce 560 acre. 80 A. near'Burdette, Migs., county, Ark. Price $60 -acre. .'. 45 A. near Wardell, Pein!<jcot coiiiit-j', Wo, Price $59 acre, S5 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county. Mo. Price $40 ncrc. 108 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county. Mo. Price $45 acre. 127 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price S50 acre. 107 A. near Cairalou, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $40 acre. J. W. Badcr Blytlieville, Ark. GARAGE Garland M. Morgan (Formerly with Phillips Motor Co!. General Auto Repairing ' "V-8" Service REASONABLE PRICES Yarbro Road BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL Ciet Our Terms HU1SBAKD FURNITURE CO. PQR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS •JENT OUR^ FLOOF. SANDEI ARKMO LUMBER CO. HARNESS: HARNESS! Full Line High Grade Harness. Best Prices in Blytlieville" All makes turning plows and musters, points, trace chains, col ar pads, back bands, etc. FEED! SEED! Everything you will need for Spring' Planting Oberst Store Co. Remodel Your Home With a geimine RUBBEROID ROOF 5% interest, 3 years to pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. pJionc 29 Largesl & Most Complete Stock of HARNESS in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE *0 FIRE & TORNADO INSURANCE, LIFE INSUHANGfc AND INSURANCE SERVICE Money to Loan We are In position to make you a loan lo refinance your ptetenl 'oan. Terms for repayment can w made lo your satisfaction, very low interest rates, this applies to city, as well i.? farm loans. W. M. Bums, Phones 213 - 212 WELDING MACHINE WORK TRACTOR REPAIRING We Uutmitilcc Every Jot; Cull B08 Day or Night Blythevillc Machine Works , Second &. Ash Bis. COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Avkmo Lumber Co. l!uy Corna High <|uality I'ccds H Pays To 1'ccil tno llcsl . We liny Corn & Soy Beans I'HONE 127 farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Prop. Why Buy Coai From Us? 1—30 years In business. 2— Quality of coal handle,'!. 3—Prompt service. \ 4—Courteous treatment. 5—You get all yon pay lor. "Quality Group" distributed by Gay & Billings Phone 1U l f oi Kent room KUKNlSllHU »J)«rl|«eiil, prlvnle l»lli, entire lower Iloov. Possession Feu, i, 705 \v. Walnut, Unfurnished apartment, \ rooms with bath, call 327, Night ! 65. _______ 2o-ck-30 Partly (urnlsiiciT "APARTMENT wllh good licnllng system. Phone I'J' or 571. '. iQ. c .i t Comfortable HOOM with bnlh, 405 N. Bruaelwuy, Call M3-J, liOu ktf MORERNLY FURNISHED uparl- meiit, 3 rooms, bath; over Kiv- by Drug Co. v. siinon, phone 761 - 28-c-U T\ra Wnhuil. Phone 102. 31-e-tf Exclusive Agents lor the original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Drllllant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Phone 417 WONDER CITY COAL CO. My Lunl Is istack But 1 Treat You White, Fill Up XOH- JOliN BUCHANAN - PHONE lO'I STEAMHEATED bedroom In modern .home lo iwrmiuient business couple or men. Plionc 084 or 21. Shoo Repairing SPECIAL rarCBiTon repalriiiiTof nil kimls. Hcsl materials used. Progressive Shoe Shop 103 S. 2nd St- 32 'ARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 977 FOB "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Kncrgy Illinois" "BJack Hoyal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL^LOW PRICED For 5ale years in tbe Slice Repairing '; ivlicii otlieiTs full, try 61. Simon P. Lee, 111 South Railroad SI. W. J. KNOX Having made all kl;ids of shoes [or ABNORMAL feet, can repair slices to correct ABNORMAL' foci. "OUTH'S BED, slightly larger than baby bed. New mattress. Vill sell CHEAP. 1 Mrs. Steve H. '.rooks, 510 W. Main." clh tl BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms UUBBAK1) FURNITURE CO. Personal lo ihc Properly Owners In Pnviiijj Districts No. 2 and 3. against tec d 1 s I r I o I s amomils to 5308.OIW.CO. This is :i llrst, lien on your pvop- city aud ISOUIIIT or luier must bo putd. The Commissioners lire now being oflcr- cd some of these bonds, tuot all of them, neither arc any offered by Lesser doldmun Co.) HI Me- on tlio dollar. This is H woiulcrlul opportunity to get rid of a burden tluil every, one Is tired oi carrying, but the amount, of bonds Hint may be relived al (Ills low Demo will cor- rcbiwnd exactly to the amount oi cooperation tlio commissioners receive from llic Ins payers. This Is your obligation, there Is no Way to avoid payment, except by the loss oi your property. Ho the tlmo to ucl Is now, II taxes can be collected now, and bonds retired, ll will \ia entirely iiosslble to reduce Iliu yearly payments besides winding up Iho whole debt by lain as was originally plniuieil. Tlic commissioners ly hope lo have youi- cooperation In this imiilcv, so vital to you. C. J. JZvrard, HIGHEST MABliBT 1'HICES paid for all kinds of poultry ill Ma' Kg'gs, Poultry Wo pay hl(!licsi cusli prlca for nil kinds of poultry. End of pavement, 315 K. Main. B. T. WORTHY luui's Gin. HICE WSHER BABY 'CHICKS ALL VAllItTlEB Hutching Done ror thii 1'ubllo MAIUI.YN HATCHKKV Ulythoville; Ark. llittchcry Code No. 80 ' Wauled SERVANT ROOM war ClilckaauwbB. I'hone aBOW. 1100 Wanted To Buy, - COTTON WANTING SKKI~ COUN nml SOV lUMNg ' Sou us.- (o,r Best Pricta HnroW Stcrnbciff nt STKHMlKliO COTTON CO. H liilji-s 180 Jnnltoia lokcep thj luiiplrc state Inil »«... York clean. Sluto lniitdlii K In New ALLEY 00l> NO HOI) V HUT Al/I.KY! )iy Hiimlln. FUNNY Business &ow ON AROUNO MOO -AN' I'M COMMA FINP OUT WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.' FARMS VoR ".SALE! Terms Reasonable ETHEL D. THOMPSON Caruthersvllle, M 0 A utpinoti ve Special prices on Auto .Accessories Tires and- Tubes. Guaranteed iJaUerjes $3.9o. Aiito 'tops & stfc. ciiitains $1.30 up. Alcohol 75u r tt | Car heaters J1.50 up. Heads, Floor: Mats. Strap lion mclal lu AITTO Preitone, Alcohol, llcalcrs, frostcrs. Wlllard Batteries LfeT US PREPARE YOU FOB WINTER Hubbard HcKv; Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT Phone -176 Phone FOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune W3 W. Ash Plioiie a. Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE I'honc 26 Painting and Papcrhnngini; Auto Paintiug - Fiiinltuie Reliiilshinfj All Work Guaranteed. Freeman & Wlieal Phone 749 for EstlmatcJ Largest & Mosl Coniplele Slock of CHINAWARE in Northeast Arka|i- sos. PRICES ' RIGHT. Hubbavd Hdw. Co. Coal & Wood We Oturi, Sell Al! me Co.aJ, So We Just Hell the Uesl. St. Benaul, I,WO Liis Blacjc Diamond, 1,000 LUE. . Sahara, 1,000 Los Acton Red Ash, 1,000 Lbs. Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. See Us About Your Coal Blytlieville Gin Co. •"Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 AH HA.' OUTPO5T GLiAODS/ HMM - I THOUGHT I KNCW EVERY MUG IN MOO BUT DANCED IF i EVER fi\it SO KEF.P Y£R EYES PEELED FOR THAT GUY ON TH' 8t& DINOSAUR TILL I GIT BACK SAW EITHER OP THEM BEFORE / HUH .THERE AINT NOBOD/GONNA MONKEY 'ROUKIQ MY PO&T WHILE I'M OM DUTY' STOMACH ULCER, GAS I'AINH [ anil Indigestion victims,' why' <*vv nnrK n\wic .>MI-I UAMI-. 5 " (Icr? For tUtlcR rcltcf (jet a &LL DOCK DAVIb, 2ND HAND f rec f . 11HI) i c o r nr||. n Tablets a irnrjMi'riTtji 1 ^un i> »« ATht int.! I «!«iin|iii. ui uui3it i tujji.i.1, •• f URNI 1 URk, -1U9 li MAIN. w£, Hnrfnt-V mru-Hnltmt 'if tiriV \ KTT1 (jyi I \M\nnT-iiMf ' llULl " k 5 lJUil,U|HiyH| ill BUY AND ».LL ANYTIIINC.. | B ,. os . D| .,, g Co . og p k) BUY rURNlTURH NOW PAY THIS FALL Gel Our Terms HUUKAltl) FUItMTIIUE CO; NEGRO family wains 10 sliarctrop next year. Two 'men mid ivoinan In tiimUy. Excellent. reconimeiula- Uoil. Oeorge Smltli, 1709 Hcarn St., Robinson addition. Stockholders oi American corporations pay nearly $1,300,000,000 n year In income taxes. Courier News Want Ada Pays 51Hf IIEASERVICE. INO.t. M. _ ^ _ NO HQl > E ! ^ES SUM ! SHE'S DONE ^ '( SPLENDID 1 . EXCELLENT, Bf JoVE.' NlASMELOUS..'\ ~~ ...... ----- ...... ' ' iooo MORNWS.OP&L! ISM'T BOOT THERE'LL BE OME IN OFFICE, IF I'M UT6.... WOULD 6URN UP ftSV.THECK WITH 'itvM L'.SSGN, PER GOSH SOKeS, GIMME A 6BEA,K,WILLVA ALL Y-THINK. op,NOW, if, V JOB!WHAT ABOUT MEL.... YE(2 PAL... Upl WHERE'S TH' FIRE? ET AN' UT OUTIL4W5Y, S1MPW IMMENSE, THAT SHE'S TAKING HER NEW SHE 4HO DO HWE A HEAD OF SCRAMBITIOM, -- Q« ---- . DCiN'TSHE? JOB SO SERIOUS!* ? IT'& ONE OP "THOSE QUESTIONS GET TH 1 SAME ANSVJbRiNO MfttTEft HOW QOpPNESS, THEV LEPT TH' MOTOR , BtJT WHERE TH' HECk'S TH' CLUTCH? fA MOMENT LATER. WUPJ HEREV/E. SURRENDER, 71! CLUTCHI I'M STILL LOOKIM'- FOR THW G OT 'EM, POYS. to LEAVEJ CHftMCE FOR FR6EOOM.TO AID WQUMDED BUDDIE. GETS EASV WlNTO THE TAMK JUST IMtlME. SOLD1BRS ?:il"ARE COMWG FROM WILL GET EASY BACK TO kAW- , OR BUST, SALESMAN_SAM r j W=V You Bo2-osl 1 ^'.9" . R ? W ? ' COULD FIFTY-FII^TY HUKAK! LftUWDRV AU P, I v.-v-'t-'l^.t-' rT^M^ 7fr\ /' '///?"'> \ OUT OM Tvl' ' J%Wf%m. •SHOO P,H OIO,(30SSl fSW' W£HftO IT ' COMIM'TUH HlC-\ MO CHECKEE wo SH1R.TGE rKECKLES AIS'D HIS |''RIUNDS GSE.IT WAS SWELL- THAT KPKKLE3'AN' eoj /,' FRECKLE V/MEt! HE." : -;'•. SOSSff RJH Tiic 1THIMK IT VAS WORTH ftlOO.OO 'fb OET u E T»g WHOLS; sc THE V/ArTH£rOIP.' U'JTTi' GOT WTO SPEAK BUISH THE V/AY TOJV l>i» WMEM.I.IIV.ADLS^C TWEM TWAT CHEC< F'.iHE SPEAK! '-'IJ^ietu UL-'JKi. U IT |! /-. PfOK "IHS.RWL- J ^-. , /sf-' ; - i :OAD COUP*MY 1 ,/' ''f' ('/'• I

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