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Mount Union, Pennsylvania
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Frank Stair, nged 28 years, was A Wonderful Success. For Sale. Tlie old Rellefonte furnace, width has not been in operation since 1- Roy Repper, a well known young nnn Is lying seriously ill In a hospital The Mount Union Times. Adjutant Gen. Corbln has Issued a stateincul.glviiig the numborof deaths of soldiers enlisted for theSpanish war The Buffalo National Acetylene Gas with five rooms because of its inability to compete with ho door.

The Company ing on he i' vr.ts A House of Buffalo. IS are plae-; a of T(K)(1 water at market on .10 days' trial, a property is in good ihc iminnfaetiireof Ace-, reasonable. For furl he: A good Frame House er the larger and more modern furnaces, struck by Atlantic express at IVtors-burgon Sunday morning and Instantly killed. Ho had attended the production of the "Drummer Boy of Shiloh" at Huntingdon tlie night before, and was walking to his homo In Alex repair. Terms information machine for Local and Personal.

will be put in blast this spring by Wal tylene Gas which is I to take the and the causes thereof from May 1, 1898, to Feb. 28, It shows killed in action, died of wounds, 125; died of disease, 5,277. Total. 5,733. call at this ollice.

The Orbisonia furnaces, A r.iinwr has boon going the rounds of this town for the past few days to the effect that the Orbisonia furnaces would likely start up shortly. We have diligently searched for authentic news that would confirm the report, but found none. Wo understand the directors of the company were at Orbisonia last week, ter Kennedy, the well know Pittsburg mechanical engineer and furnace ox- andria by way of Petersburg when run Through the columns of your pa NOTICE liorehj glre that an application will nmilo to tho Uuvcrnorof (Nmnaylvaiila.on rrldae, April 14, ISM, lv Herbert 1). llennett, William F. Bordell, A.

M. Selioyer, B. O. Rum; and J. H.

Hurler, uuder tfce General Corporation Act ot Ia7 MMl tea at Pittsburg, with typhoid pneumonia. We hope for him a speedy recovery. Waller Thompson, of Rockhill borough, left Monday morning for Pittsburg to seek his fortune. Mrs. Susan Burkett is having her place of residence beautified by tlie erection of a new front fence.

The United Brethren congregation in Orbisonia, are makingpreparations to re-model their church edifice. Mrs. B. L. Fasick has been summon pert, who Is now at Bel Iefonte super-Intending the arrangements for starting tlie blast.

The furnace will to largely improved by Pittsburg aid down by the fast express. The body was taken to Huntingdon and pre-j per we desire to extend our sincere thanks to all who have extended help supplements, rur meenarter or ea lasenaeao II. to Do called The Anierlrefi Pletrtet Telegrenfe Oompatij ot rnnsylvanla, which la formed foe ilea and sympat hy to us in our present sor Dumoea of coofttruetlna. maintain! and place of all other illiiminaiits. This machine Is the latest, improved, and Is recommended by all standard insurance companies.

We light churches, stores, factories, residences and country homes; also put in plants for lighting towns. We want good representatives. FAHM FOR SA The undersigned offers his farm for sale, situated in Love's Valley, Huntingdon county, one and a half miles east of Shirleysburg, containing 147 acres more or less, having thereon erected a good house and barn. itnaa of teles-nub. for the prWete vaeof InAleldi eastern parties, who have leased It.

and it will be operated to its fulles: capacity. AboutlOOmen wlllbegiven employment. It Is believed that R-ers, Brown the well known iron pared for burial. He leaves a wire and one child. Judge Stake, while presiding at a trial tlie other day In nagerstown, was handed a note from a lady witness who was waiting her turn to lie called.

The note read. "I am disgusted with but left without giving out anything to the anxious public with reference to what they intend to do. They also held a meeting in Philadelphia on Monday, but still the public is without any knowledge of what thoy did. Tlio report, however, that he com row at the loss of our dear little infant son. Mn.

and Mbs. E. R. Stkatfoiid. Mt.

tTnlon, Mch. 21, 1809. Henry W. Stover, of near Woodward, Centre county, lately attempted suicide Ina field by cutting two gushes in his throat. When found he was un- Get rencly to nit.

liavo taken a tumble. 15. G. Welch left for Homestead on Tuesday morning. The Easter bonnet is claiming tlie attention of the ladies.

Miss Lula li. Lontf, of Altoonu, is visltiur relatives and friends in this vicinity. 'Squire Hlneyhas been seriously allllcted with rheumatism for a few weeks past. The secret of success in this lifeis for a man to bo ready when the opportunity comes. The only way in which it pays a person to bo li is own lawyer is to keep his own council.

flrma, eorporatlona, municipal and otfcerwtaa, foa ircneral business, and tor police, fire alarm, or mea sender business, and for the transaction In eonnarUeak therewith of a general messenger and dellrerT eer- Tlce, In the couutles of Adams, Allegheny, Armstrong, Heaver, Bedford, Berks, Blair, Brad ford, ltucks, Hutler, Cambria, Cameron, Carbon, Center, Chester, Clarion, ClearBeld, Clinton, Colombia, Crawford, Cumberland, Iauphln, Delaware, Ktk, Brie Fayettte, Forest. Franklin, Fulton, Green, Mantlng-dou, Indiana, Jefferson, Jqnlata, Lackawanna, I aa easter. Ijiwrence. Lebanon, Ihlrn. Caserne.

Lr- ed to Indiana, Indiana county, on account of the death of her brother. merchants, are the capitalists behind the scheme and that the starting of pany Intended to start up the furnaces is pretty generally accepted as a fact, the land is part flint and limestone. James A. Sutton and family, are moving to Franklin county this week. At the annual meeting of the Rockhill Iron and Coal company held in cnminir ns it.

dons nt imp whon iron uest ot running water on the coining, MrKean, Uerrer.Mlfflln, Monroe, Bfoaton the furnace will be followed by uniformly successful results. It is thein-tention to turn out lOOtonsof pig iron a day. ery. Ferry, Place. Part of tract in timber.

Terms easv. Ann to Jmrv Rwvi.r easy. Apply to Philadelphia, Pike, Potter, Schuylkill. Snyder, ercwt. Su Itvan.Susnuehauna.Tlora.

Union. Vec Mile, l-iao, rotter, ncnuyuiiii. anyaer, Itvan.Susquehanna.Tlojra, Union, Venaagv, Dec. 23, this court and want to go home, because I have a dress to make for a woman who wants to get married." The judge's natural gallantry resulted in his ordering the business so as to grant tlie requestas soon as possible. A man died at Gallltzln a few days ago who had a wife living at Osceola ills.

When tlie sad news was broken conscious from hiss of blood. His recovery is doubtful. He Is in impaired health and is about years old. We desire in this public way toex-press our thanks for the many kindnesses received and the sympathy with strong indications of hiclier ad Shirleysburg, Pa. Philadelphia on Tuesday, the follow Warren, Washington, Wayne, Westmoreland, Wyo- mlng, Ing board of directors were elected Edward Roberts, Jr.

William A. In osscss ana enjoy an ne ngnts, nenenia ana pnn igos of said Act of Assembly aud in supplocneula. gham, George Woods, Edward Death Record. OOltDON WAI.TJ3R HAY KET.LAK. Another home has boon saddened by the loss of a dear child by death.

Gordon Walter Ray Kellai, youngest Woods, Calvin Pardee, John Markle W. II. Howe, D. William Long to her by a friend, tlie widow of only a few hours did not swoon and fall in streth, G. Theodore Roberts, W.

Browning. After the election of dir Remedy For Nervous Exhaustion. Are you weakened and exhausted by overwork, worry or disease? The Jfystic Life Renewer will quickly renew your strength and vitality. It is the greatest Nerve Builder known. It is a marvellous vltallzer and strengthener, ltquickly and certainly cures Loss of Appetite, Indigestion Nervous Weakness, Palpitation of the Heart and all failing health.

It is indeed a wonderful Life Renewer and LifeLengthener. Sold by Davis Bros. Druggists. Mt Union, 1-13-16 Mount Union flarket Quotations. Supplied by W.

O. Bwlng, Apples, choice, per bu i.oo Beans, per bu 1.20. Corn, 50c. Butter, lb 16c. Eggs, doz Potatoes, per Lard, by can, 06c.

Wheat," bu 65c. ectors the following officers were elected for the ensuingyear, president, vances, and when other furnaces are starting up that are no better situated nor have no better financial backing. The question of the Rockhill furnaces resuming operations Is a very important one not only to the people of Orbisonia, but also to the people throughout the Aughwick Valley, and it is confidently hoped that the company may again see their way clear to start them in operation. Fatalities Near Gallitain-Two men were killed by fast trains on the Pennsylvania railroad at Gal-litzin on Saturday night last. Burgess J.

J. McGearny who is also justice of the peace elect on the Democratic A. Ingham, yice president, Edward shown us during the sickness and in the death and burial of our child. Mn. and Mrs.

Fkank Ketlaii. Mt. Union, Mch. 21, A seriesof meetings will commence in tlio Presbyterian church of Newton Hamilton on Monday evening of next week, (March 27th), and will continue throughout the week, commencing at 7.30 o'clock. The sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be celebrated in that church on Easter Sabbath, (April 2nd).

Fire started about two o'clock on Saturday morning last destroying three frame dwellings atMattawanna. Roberts, Jr. secretary, J. E. Haver to the arms of her friend in a faint but straightened herself out and assuming as rigid a perpendicular position as a marble statue with a loud and firm voice exclaimed; "Bury him where he died; all I want is a certificate of his death." Clayton, a 6 months-old son of Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Travis, of Plumville, Indiana county, died suddenly a few stick. It Is rumored that the wagesof the trackmen are to be raised April 1st to J5 cents per hour. Prof. S.

0. Rudy, of Huntingdon, paid this ollice a pleasant call on Wednesday afternoon. I. Taylor's residence is about completed and will be ready for occupancy by April 1st. The primary department of the Presbyterian Sabbath School is practicing for an Easter entertainment.

Rev. L. M. Brady has returned from conference, and will labor another year with our Methodist brethren Benjamin Davis, living about Charley Robison, a clerk in the P.R, The American House for Eent. R.

offices at Philadelphia, was calling on his many friends in Orbisonia tbis The American House, this place, is week. for rent. Centrally located aud with child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kellar, passed from his suffering on last Friday, March 17, at the age o' 2 years, 2 months and 2 days.

i. He had been a sufferer tor about nine months. Last June he wasstrick-en with eczema in an aggravated tonn, his sufferings being intense. His little hands had to be wrapped In clothes and sometimes tied together that he might not tear his flosh in trying to get relief from the painful sensations of li is body. Remedies were applied and means were used, but it was all to no permanent relief.

To him death was a great blessing. The Master has taken this dear little boy to himself where he will be free from all pain and suffering and will be forever with the Lord. Here is the great comfort of the parents. lie cannot come again into their home, but they may by the evenings ago under peculiar circumstances. He was playing on the floor Mrs.

McNeal and daughter Kate, of in convenient distance of P. R. R. and E. B.

T. R. R. depots. For particulars, apply to A.

R. Price, Mt. Union, Pa, Jfarcu 24-tf Three Springs, were Orbisonia visitors ticket, was struck and killed by the when his little sister fell from a chair. The baby saw tlie fall, and, gasping last Saturday. Chicago limited west bound at a spot They were occupied by the families of John Saylor, George Saylor, William about one and a half miles west of uats, 33c.

Side Meat, smoked per Ham, smoked, per lb 10c. Shoulder, per lb 07c. Dried Apples, nice, per 05c. Evaporated Apples, per Dried Peaches, per lb 08c. Clover Seed, prime, per bu.

4.00 Timothy Seed per bit ...2.00 No. 1 Pa. R. R. Ties, 52c.

No. 2 Pa. R. R. Ties, 28c.

Chickens 07c. Turkeys 08c. Lloyd P. Wakefield, who is emnloyed in the Westinghouse at Pittsburg, re three miles from this place, has had his pension increased from $12 to Wm. Reed Son, of Huntingdon, turned home Saturday evening, being on the sick list.

once or twice, fell back dead. Efforts were made to revive it, but to no avail. It is thought the death was caused by fright. Tlie little one had been well, and at the time of the accident was laughing loudly. Bicycles are getting the right-of- Leffard, William Gill and also the post-ofrlee.

The fire was of supposed incendiary origin and entailed a loss of $2,000, with no insurance. Operator Harry Eckley is now under arrest. The coroner's jury at Al- have a change of ad. in this paper. It MA AY A LOVEli nas turned with disgust from an otherwise lovable girl with an offensive breath.

Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies the breath by its action on tlie bowels, etc. as nothing else will. Sold for years on absolute guarantee Price 23 cts. and 50 cts, Gallitzin. He was a veterinary physician of long practice and a much respected citizen.

Joseph Dougherty, the other victim, was struck by a fast freight about half a mile from the spot where MeGearry was killed. His head was completely Robert G. Ashton, one of the leading may be of interest to you. Look it up. After all, the most popular general is the general advance of wages now local politicians in Springfield township, spent several days in Orbisonia the past week.

way in many States. The Legislature of Massachusetts has empowered going on in various sections of the grace of God go and be with him where severed from his body. Rev. W. W.

Rymer, of Tyrone, as lie is and the little one that had pre sisted the pastor, Rev. B. L. Fasick, of At 3 o'clock yesterday morning, D. Klinemeyer, an employe of the Cambria Steel company, had both legs cut the IT, B.

church, in the communion services on Sunday, instead of the pre ci tiesand town to lay out bicycle paths. In twelve States laws have been passed to compel railroad companies to carry bicycles as baggage. In Ohio bicycle paths are paid for by a tax of one dollar on each machine. Street off by a Pennsylvania railroad train ceded him into that blissful abode. Services appropriate were held in the home of his parents on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock and were in charge of Rev.

Dr. D. n. Campbell. Interment was made in the Odd Fel siding elder, as previously announced.

toona Tuesday of last week found him guilty of criminal negligence when the wreck occurred that killed John Tarr and Fireman Kern, west of Al-toona. He will probably be indicted and tried before the Blair county court for involuntary manslaughter. "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh," given at the opera house in Huntingdon under the auspices of Co. N. G.

was a grand success. The play was well rendered for three nights in succession to well filled houses. The talent displayed by many of the young Rev. C. W.

Sherrick, of Altoona, presiding elder of the Juniata district of near the Conemaugh yards, and died afterward. Parsnip Complexion It does not require an expert to de sprinklers in Ohio cities must leave a the U. B. church congregations, was dry strip throe feet wide, in which bi cyclers have tlie right-of-way. country.

The sewer pipe works at Huntingdon which have been idle si nee last fall is expected to resume operations about April 3rd. The old P. R. R. depot at this place is now a thing of the past.

This week the structure was removed by A. S. Welch. The middle division of the P. It.

R. has been taxed to its utmost capacity for the past few weeks hauling coal to the eastern markets. When a man wants to borrow your paper ask him If ho did not tell the editor of the paper he had more pa D. E. iWCLAIH, SALTILLO, PA.

Has on hand and in his store the largest stock of goods ever in the lower end of the County in his various lines, all bought for spot cash and will be sold very reasonable, consisting of general Hardware and Builder's Material, of all kinds. flanges, Cook and HeatingStoyzs, the guest of Rev. Fasick on Monday. Samuel C'loyd, of Cromwell township, I was the time for the admission tect the sufferer from kidney trouble. The hollow cheeks, he sunken eyes, the dark, puffy circles under the eyes, the sallow parsnip-colored complexion indicates it.

I has purchased the John M. Starr prop of candidates upon trial. An appli erty on Ridgley street. cant was introduced, represented to be thirty-five years old, strong voice people of the town was exceptionally Dr. W.

T. Browning and D. R. P. A physician would ask if you had rheumatism, a dull pain or ache in tlie Eryeart leftMonday for Philadelphi lows cemetery.

The parents have much sympathy in their affliction. LESLIE SPANGLEll STRATFOKD. Tlie home of Mr. and Mrs. E.

Ray Stratford, which had so recently been made happy by the advent of a son to gladden their hearts, is now saddened because he has been taken from them. He was born on that cold night, February 13th. Great care was taken of him when he came and yet he contracted a cold that eventually went to his lungs and took his life. But little is known of so young a babe. His con and robust physique.

Admitted. Second applicant, thirty-sixyearsold, vig fine. The receipts were over $500. Local News: The case of Dr. I.

N. back or over the hips, stomach trouble the former attending a meeting of the desire to urinate often, or a burning board of directors of the Rockhill iron or scalding in passing it; after passing W. Irvine, who is charged with forgery, was aired in Justice Patton's ollice on orous body, strong man. He was also admitted. Third applicant, a graduate of Drew, rather slender, age thir ami coal company, and the latter uiak- there is an unsatisned reeling as it it must be at once repeated, or if the urine has a brick dust deposit or strong king a selection of spring goods for his general store.

odor. When these symptoms are present Miss Mollie Brandt left Saturday for Pittsburg, whereshe will spend a short Friday, and after hearing the evidence submitted by the prosecution, tlie case was remanded to Court. The Doctor's defense was not heard, but it is understood lie denies any authorship of tlie letter on which the prosecution Is based. no time should be lost In removing ty-seven. Rejected on account of age.

"Ah," said the bishop, "it is not expounders you want, but ox pounders." A correspondent from Saltillo to tlie Local News says: On Tuesday the the 14th Wm. Benson hanged the cause. dition was not thought to be serious at various prices. Large stock of Nails, and Bar Iron, Ribbon, Barb and plain fence wire. Plows, Cultivators, spring tooth Harrows and Mowers, Harness, Etc.

House-Keeping Goods Furniture, Carpets, Wall Paper, oak, iron and brass Bead-steads, with new shipment of carpets just arriving. Largejassortment carefully selected. time the guest of Mrs. Arthur Repper. Delay may lead to gravel, catarrh until Thursday, when a physician was Mrs.

John Johns has returned home of tho bladder, innaniation, causing stoppage, and sometimes requiring from Pitcarin, whereshe was the guest called and all was done that could be dono to save little Leslie, and at first drawing of tlie urine with instruments of her son David. it seemed hopeful, but the following or may run into origin's Disease, tlio evening he passed suddenly away. most dangerous stage of kidney trou ble. A local Sunday school convention will be held in the U. B.

church on Sunday, March 2G. An interesting Leslie Spangler Stratford spent but Dr. Kilmer's Swamn-Root. thetrreat discovery or tlie eminent Kidney ana one month and four days in that home and yet it was long enough to bring a nlaaaer specialist, is a nositive reme dy lor such diseases. Its reputation program has been prepared.

Miss Mintie Kelley, our postmistress, has been somewhat indisposed this week, blessing to it and endear himself to the hearts of those parents, before is world-wide audit is so easy to get atany drug store that no one need Jesus took him to the fold above, where suffer any length of time for want of Joseph Repper has again been com- Tin Shop Attached, with Mr. Senft as accomplished workman. Rootling and spouting and repair work done promptly. Thanking my friends for past patronage and soliciting a continuance of same, I remain as ever Respectfully, tt. he is safe in His blessed arms forever.

Appropriate services were held in the However, if you prefer to first test ts wonderful merits, mention The home of the parents at 10.30 o'clock on himself at his home near Water Fall, six miles south of this place. lie had gone out to make fence during the morning and later was observed in the barn yard looking out over the fields, by members of his family. Sometime after ho was discovered in the barn hanging by a rope around his neck. He was aged almost 82 years. No cause is assigned for the deed.

Last Sabbath was an interesting day to the Presbyterian congregation of this place. The pastor had the pleasure of welcoming thirteen new members to their communion and of administering the communion, with the aid of the eldership, to about one hundred and fifty communicants. An interesting feature of this occasion was that a number of communicant members of other churches took part in this holy service. Tlie pastor and people are much encouraged. Mount Union Times and write to Dr.

Kilmer Binghamton, N. Y. for a sample bottle and book telling all luouo it, Dotn sent absolutely free oy mail. last Monday morning, which, in tlie absence of the pastor who was in attendance upon meeting of Conference, were conducted by Rev. D.

II. Campbell, D. and thelittlobody was laid to rest in Odd Fellows cemetery. The parents have much sympathy in their loss. Afrotlizeak.

A positive and sure cure for lost manhood, sleeplessness.lossof memory, palpitation of tlie heart, and all those PA. SALTILLO, to take his bed on account of his recent illness. Rev. W. L.

Whitney is our new M. R. minister, Rev. Lepley being sentto Sehellsburg, Bedford county. Rev.

Whitney was on this circuit some twenty-five years ago. Rev. Herbert Grimwood, formerly pastor of the Lewistown and Baptist churches, has accepted a call to the pastorate of tlie Shirleysburg, Orbisonia, Saltillo and Three Springs Baptist churches. Miss Laura Speck, of Burnt Cabins, visited relatives in Orbisonia on last 1'rlday. Rev.

W. G. Finney will hold church services in Sherman's Valley nextSun-day. T. B.

Conrad leftSaturday for Pittsburg to seek employment. "Wilson Carothers are building diseases arising from a poor and run down condition of the nerves. It has cured others, and why not you? If you are suffering from those nervous disorders and are all unstrung there is Turnkey and Constable in a Hole, Turnkey John tlie Frank W. G. EVVING.

lin county jail, and Constable George S. Kyle, of Chambersburg, have been no better medicine for you. For sale by Davis MountUnion, and J. Mohler. Shirleysburg, Fa.

mch. 24, '99-1 yr. arrested on the charge of conspiring to defraud Franklin county. The arrests are the result of an investigation by the county commissioners into tlie excessive costs each year for the arrest and maintenance of vagrants. Through the aid of three narrisbtfrg A Bargain to desiring to purchase a cornet in Bb and A with at Unseen by any one Alfred L.

Barker a conductor in the Altoona yard was killed Monday morning of last week. He was evidently standing on tlie track giving orders for the shifting of trains and was struck by moving cars. His legs were, almost severed from his body and his arms were crushed. A wife and one child survive him. The Lutheran church council of Huntingdon are in receipt of letters from nearly two score applicants for the pastorate, coming from points in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Virginia, New Jersey aud New York.

Tlio first candidate to be heard will come from Martinsburg, Blair county, who will preacti a trial sermon on Sunday, April 2. David II. Myers, of the Altoona Ti ibune force, is in Philadelphia undergoing a surgical operation of hislcft shoulder. At the age of five years he had a full which caused tlio breaking of a leg and dislocation of tlie collar bone. The bones were improperly set at the ime of tlie injury and lie hopes by this operation to regain the full use of his left arm.

On Saturday last Governor Stone signed a bill allowing school directors one dollar per day and three cents per mile for each and every mile traveled in attending conventions to elect County Superintendents. And a penalty of not less than fifty or more than three hundred dollars will be imposed on any candidate paying directors for their day or car fare. Tt is said America is soon to have the rarest of all birds, a billion aire. The world has never yet seen one but John D. Rockefeller seems to be passing rapidly through that interesting chrysalis state from which he will in a few years emerge with the proud distinction of being the only man in the world who was ever the possessor of a thousand million dollars.

Robert W. Paulhamus recently cut a white oak tree on his farm at Cogan Station, Clinton county, measuring four feet and four inches across the stump, and he took It to the mill and had it cut into ties and lumber. The first three logs made nine ties apiece; the total number of ties was fifty-three and 373 feet of lumber, and he got sev New extra good values in tachment silver plated gold bell and trimmings. In fine case with mute. detectives the conspiracy was un One of J.

N. Pepper's (Phila.) Special oods and Groceries Dry 0 pers now than he could read. On next Monday fifty persons from Mifflintown and eighty-one from Port Royal will leave for North Dakota, where they will form a colony. Leonard Weaver, of Shy Beaver, whilo attending the sale of D. F.

Shtiltz, at Marklosburg, was kicked on the leg by a horse, which broke it. The plasterers have completed their work on the new residence of I). C. Wharton on Shirley street, and it will shortly be ready for occupancy. 'Notices have been placed in a large number of factories and mills in all sections of the country stating that an increase in wages will be made after March 27.

An exchange facetiously remarks that "when long delinquent subscribers begin to pay up and write nice letters to editors there'll begoodtimes, sure enough." Harry Corle, a practical molder, has leased the Bedford foundry and Is putting the plant in shape to turn out all kinds of castings. The works have been idle for some time. Miss Annie Hennessey, a very pleasant and agreeable young lady of Clearfield, is visiting friends in town, and is a guest at the homo of A. S. Welch, on Shirley street.

In another column will be found the announcement of II. C. Zeigler, of Shade Gap, as a candidate for County Treasurer. Mr. Zeigler is a good man, and would fill the otlice acceptably.

Those of our subscribers who intend changing their place of residence tills spring, should notify vis, stating their late as well as their new residence, that The Times may follow them. 15. W. Trosser was last week appointed postmaster at Bedford, lie will take charge April 1st, when Captain S. S.

Metzgcr's term expires, and the location of the ollice will likely be changed. The farmers of Franklin county are taking steps to organize a new insurance company. They held a largely attended meeting Saturday week and appointed committees to devise plans for organization. William J. Rogers, of Orbisonia, and Miss Alice M.

Walls, of Wayne township, Mifflin county, were married at Huntingdon, Thursday, Marcli 9, 1809, bv Rev. Richard Gilbert, pastor of the First M. E. Church. Myer Shapiro, of the firm of Shapiro of Orbisonia, is now visiting Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York where he will lay in a large stock of goods, which will shortly be offered to their customers at attractive prices.

J. Frank Bair, local editor or the Philipsburg Journal, was married on Sabbath evening last to Miss Eva S. Bordell, of Mifflin county. Frank is well known here, and his many friends join in wishing him a joyous and happy life. Mrs.

Dr. F. L. Hayes started for her home in Soniersworth, N. on Monday morning last, and was accompanied by her mother, Mrs.

Dr. W. A. Hunter, as far as Philadelphia, aud while there will lay in her spring and summer millinery. earthed.

The plan of the two men accused was for the turnkey to release tramps with the understanding that they were to again present themselves to Constable Kyle for arrest. The ty cornets, almost new. Will do well by writing to W. V. F.

Mt. Union, Pa. NOTICE. Notice is hereby giyen by the Direc-torsof tlie Poor of Huntingdon county, that on and after March 18UU, all physicians will be required to report within three days to the Steward of tlie alms house any emergency assistance Dress Plaids 5 cents per yard 4-4 Dress Plaids 10 cents per yard 4-4 Unbleached Muslin scents Woolen Blankets a few pairs left at 50 cts. to 90 cts Constable is allowed $1.75 for each ar a new barn for Peter Burkett, at Shirleysburg, out of an old tannery at that place.

Rev. R. S. Woodward, of Mapleton, was a visitor to Orbisonia, on Tuesday. It is said he is thinking of becoming a resident of Orbisonia in the near future.

Morris, a young son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver CarotliCM, of Cromwell township, met with what might have proved a fatal accident on Thursday last while playing in the hay loft in about half price only. 4 lbs good Prunes 25 cents 3 lbs good Eaisins 25 cents tlie barn of Mrs. Jane Noble, in company with other boys, when in some rendered the county poor.

This Has become necessary, in order to protect the county from paying unjust claims. By order of the Board. Shirleysburg, Mch. 1, 1809-31 HOW IS YOUR WIFE? Vis she lost her beauty? If so. Constipation, Indigestion, Sick Headache are the principal causes.

Karl's Clover Root Tea has cured these ills for half a century. Price 25 cts. and 5o cts. Joney refunded if results are rest and he could afford, the Commissioners say, to provide them with tobacco, liquor and spending money. Brough and Kyle are charged jointly with furnishing these luxuries.

The detectives say that after being in jail for a few days they were released, although committed for thirty days. The detectives made a wonderful record. They were released and recommitted four times in thirty days, according to their allegations, and the county paid $4.10 each time they were arrested. The Sheriff bills during the past winter were increased $1,200 per month by the tramp nuisance and at times there were as many as two huudred vagrants in the jail at one time. Small soup beans 5c per qt Nice new Mackerel only 12c lb 5 lb muslin bag granulated sugar 33c Oranges and Lemons by the dozen 25c Best cream Cheese 15c lb Men's rubber-lined working coat It will pay to see my goods and get my prices.

Country Produce Wanted m. g. esoijsiG, Mount Union, Pa. not satisfactory. For sale by Davis Bros.

"RusVtvess SocaVs. unaccountable way the boards gave way and he was thrown to the barn floor a distance of some sixteen feet, striking a wind-mill In the fall. When picked up ho was unconscious. Dr. C.

B. Bush was summoned who rendered the necessary medical attention. No bones were broken, and after being cared for several days is again able to be about. Some of the citizens are appropriating the streets and alleys two largely for their own use What's tlie sense in making an ash dump out of the principal streets'? What's the good The Rockhill Iron and Coal Co. is sinking the Woodvale shaft about 33 feet to reach the same vein of coal now being worked at several points on Rocky Ridge.

This latter coal is a very superior quality and is in great demand for smithing. During the winter season a large amount is hauled for thirty miles to Path and Tuscarora valleys. The company proposes equip-ing the shaft with automatic cages. Some time ago automatic mining machinery was put in the mine. Some of tlie steel cars now in use on the Pennsylvania lines weigh pounds empty, and with their full l.iad of 100,000 pounds represent a total weight of at least 139,000 pounds.

Three of theso cars will occupy the average length of a bridge or trestle span and represent a weight of nearly pounds. Such a weight is dangerous on any ordinary trestle work, and it means that all the old style trestles and bridges must tie rebuilt if these heavy cars are to be used in the future. The Lewistown Gazette has information from a reliable source that the long expected and much talked of transfer of railroaders from Mifflintown station to Lewistown Junction will take place about the 1st of July next. It is said tlie money has been appropriated to pay the expenses of the move. Two sidings will be built at once between the Junction and Granville bridge one on tlie north and one on the south side.

Stone masons have orders to prepare for their part of the work. It is rumored that the Pennsylvania, acting in conjunction withoth-er roads, will advance freight rates on bituminous coal 10 cents per ton. This change, it is said, will go into effect April 1. If tlie 10-cent advance is made it will mean a wonderful increase in the freight revenue of thePennsy. Every month sees that road hauling immense shipments of coal, and railroad men say that their work would be slack indeed without the long trains of black diamonds.

They call the Pennsylvania a coal road. The hearing before 'SquirePatton. on alleged forgery preferred bv Mrs. Elliott against Rev. Irvine, drew an immense crowd to uearthecase, which was disposed of by binding thedefend-ant ovet for his appearance at May court.

The same case developed another one which came up immediately before 'Squire Edwards, and resulted in another party being held and bound over for assault upon Rev. Irvine. Whether so much business for the justices and the courts in one afternoon is the result of the Dingly Tariff as yet does not appear: however, it is business anyway, and tiiat is what the country needs. Orbisonia's Budget. en good loads of firewood besides.

13. S. SHELKER, sense in having the street in front of your business or private dwelling look like the proverbial Italian quarter? -DEALER IN- GENIAL MERCHANDISE Clover seed for sale by A. S.Welch K-irPotatoesare wanted at Appleby's. Jlagaziues and Periodicals on sale at A ppleby 's.

Subscribe for The Times. Only $1.00 a year. "Paper Wood is wanted by T. A. Appleby, Mt.

Union. 3f Richardson's celebrated Shoes sold only at Appleby's. Guaranted good. For the very finestquality visiting cards, call at this otlie. Come in and see the styles.

It will pay you to see A. Simons' line of chiffoniers, sideboards, coaches, bedsteads, mattresses, Ac. The cheapest and prettiest line of Wall Paper ever brought to Mt. Union is now arriving at Appleby's. The handsomest Visiting, Wedding and JfourningCards ever brought to town can be seen at this office.

(fiffThe Times printing office is prepared to print Note, Letter and Bill Heads, Wedding and Visiting Cards Each one oughtto havesullicientpride to try to make the front of his premises look inviting and not like the surroundings of a voted slop. Then there is the alley hog! ne appropriates that passage way entirely to his own use. He tills it with wood, old wagons, ash heaps and rubbish of every descript ion. The Happenings in and Around Our Sister Town Tersely Ttld By Our Correspondent. James McElwee, of Black Log valley, was at Hunt ingdon several days this week.

County Superintendent S. G. Rudy was in Orbisonia on Wcdiesday, he being one of tlie examiners of the graduating class of the Orbisonia public schools. W. C.

Huntsman, of Hill valley, his purchased the farm of Alfred Caroth-ers, located in thesarue valley. The amount of stock required to build tlie creamery has been raised and it is now a sure thing. Charley Lynn left Tuesday morning for Homestead. Miss Maude Stevens, who ia teaching school at Spruce Creek, was the guest of her parents in Rockhill borough over Sunday. just as though he had a deed for the Consisting in part of Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions, Hats, Caps, Kubber goods, BOOTS SHOES.

Also dealer in Paper Wood and P. R. R. ties, for which I Rev. Wm.

II. Decker, ot Lewis- An exchange says a calf, a frog, a duck and a skunk wanted to attend a circus, and after taking an inventory of finances it was found that the calf could go because he had four "quarters;" tlie frog could go because he had a "greenback;" the duck having a "bill," could also go, but the skunk only having one "(s)cent," and that being a bad one, was obliged to stay at home. An act has been introduced into the legislature allowing fish baskets and fish pots from the 15th of September to the 20th of November, the baskets to have movable bottoms, rounded strips tliree-rourths of an inch apart, thsbottom to be removed notlater than one hour after sunrise and not replaced sooner than one hour before sunset. The wing walls to span no more than three-fourths of the river. One article placed in the cornerstone of the new Washington County court house was a likeness of thelate distinguished statesman, James G.

Blaine, taken when a resident of the town of Washington, a boy of 14 years, and a student of Washington College. On the same plate are the portraits of his class mates and friends, Mr. T. B. Scahright.or I'nionUiw n.

and tlie Hon. J. Murray Clark, vt Canousburg. land out-side his fence. The alley hog has no respect for the rights of ot hers, the only person he cares for is No.

1. He even has the audacity to growl at others who drive zig-zag among his rubiish and wonder why he doesn't go sons; other route. By the way, isnrt it somebody's business to see that the streets are kept clean and the alleys open? Ex. will pay the highest market price. All goods sold at bottom prices.

Country produce taken in exchange for goods. I have a few Storm Coats and Overcoats that I will tell at cost or less. cheap and in the highest style of the art- Give us a call. H. S.

SMELKER. Mt. Union, Pa. POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS Our U'tiw f-r an on cine Republican candi- John Jl. ot Lewistown, was town, preached two excellent sermons in the Presbyterian church on Thursday and Friday evenings of last week.

Mr. Decker is always listened to with much pleasure and profit by the members of this congregation. Conductor John Shriner, of Huntingdon, was painfully injured in a freight wreck at Bailey station about midnight Sunday night. A collision between two trains resulted in wrecking fourteen oars and a ive. Conductor Sliriner was in the cabin the run-in occurred.

He coin-plains especially about his back, anil he is believed to be injured internally. dt-s ihrcuirli the column of the Tmw are aft i follows: Tn--ir r. PmthnMary. fv lleni- on a business trip to Orbisonia on Monday. Quite a number of our people will change their place of residence on Aprii.

1st. Tlie Orbisonia public schools will t-r and KorrrIr. Fv Iim-t Atlonirv. f.Y Com-iniMner, I nr-cior of (if Ior. f3; Auditor, 1.

I Vlfrslc to Ste Convrtiln-n, Couiinii-m-nttong rtfoniiiietiiliti candidate, 10 i-citl? l-r line. The cab ntuM in all accompany the notice, otherwise it will not be inserted. OX EVERY IHlTTLE (y Shiloh 's Consumption Cure is thif guarantee: "All we ask of you is to ue two-thirds of the contents of this bottle faithfully, then if you can say are not benefited return the but lie to your druggist and lie may refu id the price paid." Price 2.) cts. oO cts. aud ti.

For sale by Davis Bros, TRKASriiF.R. I Ho herehv rorxTY tiivwlf a ctmdtdate for onnly tioiinoe end its winter term Tuesday, April It Floats Trvomircr. to the dt-iiioa of the E-(Hilli-canCouniv 1'oarcntioD. Uap. H.


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