The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1937 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1937
Page 12
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• .PAGEVrWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Sisters Try Hands at Career Making [T •THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1337-| After • a''.second ' outdoor play period In the afternoon, comes educational play unlil 5:30. The toys are designed to tench. .Here, Yvonne builds a- somewhat modernistic house wllli blocks, rmlllc piefus dmwing cnjons nnd licre she Is making some pretty Iwld strokes on her'drawing wlllioul nny too close nttcntion to how' \\'s 'coming out in the long run. '• • > .-'.'.. & ' v -«*ai^ * fv »>~ #,<,? ^* Cecltc Is n little more studious, nnd you am well imagine that she's seeking Inspiration Jlkc any oilier sculptor. She's wondering just what stic's going to tlo with her modeling clay when she gets IL all rolled out In proper form to begin work. Annette's fascinated by the nest or 'fitted boxes, nnd she's pretty proud of her ability to take them apart and put them together again just In the manner they're made to go. What's this, surrealism in the nursery? Marie her easel wields a i>otent brush, and perhaps may be looking at the beginning of a . famous career of the future. at you art Cottage Cheese Prune Pie jPumpkm Pic Pleases Men No Mallei What Calendar Says Docs your husband roll nnd loss nil nlghl? if so, ll's prolnbly cnus- ed by the pic he did NOT eat George hector (what ft man \Ulh a skilleti) slips tills prtnpkln pie advice into all weddlmj .chests. Pumpkin Pie Tlirce-rtiiarlers cup blown sugar, 1 teaspoon,cinnamon, 1-4 teaspoon 'mace, 1-2 teaspoon ginger, 1-2 ten- spoon salt, 2 cups hoi strained canned pumpkin, 2 egg jolfcs, "slightly beaten, 1 cup milk. 1 cup cicam, 1 lablcspaou melted iMittcr Mix sugar and spices;, add tall. JTnrn -into hot strained pumpkin and nm Twin this mixture Into bowl where tie slightly benleu egg jolks wait, stir «ell, mid milk cream nnd melted bntlei stir "ajdj. mis.'. Tlieu fill nil unbaked :pie shclli Bake. • You say pumpkin, pic is oul of rcasoiu George ricctpr will clinngb jour mind < in his" veiy exciting bdok./'pino Al\Home With Rector," and which lie says h ''a'book ,on what men like, v-by they like it nnd how to cook it,' Mr Rector gives reason wh> pumpkin pic jis ric\er out of scnbon i Is jour husband rtbscnt-mlnled? ,'DIiiB At Horn- With-Hector' cau cure, litrh Listen to Mr Rectori ["Fried pi6 li a u6»lectc\i rural mis- Itrplecc You use a standard pic itrust and a mashed dried (rult filling L of the legulatlon vnnelv, p,r- Siaps drier than, usual Roll jotir ^ugh in small circles & or 7 inches across Colt half of each circle jwlth ttie filling, not (too thickly, ( ancUfo1d the other Irdf mer unlil ,the edges meet f You fr, It In 'V t keuie of dee]) '[at just 'like a doughnut^ . ' , ., Handle it carefully—i hn. pin, cake trrher is the b;st lool Don't iry to turn It ovsr H will brown on both sld"s all ru>ht if Hie fat is good nnd hot Slide it canUo'isly onto a piece of brown paper.. The first gush = of steamy savor dial rises fnn a fri"d pis. as vour fork crashes into its- pr»\alc lite—'Fig- ure Hie rest, for votirs'lf Anjwiy. " JOH just know your husband won't bs troubled any: more by absentmindedness—especially at: dinnar- < time." 'Authentic Shortcake George Rcclors IxxSk lakes up the .shosking. quest ion of 'false strawberry short cake'.which sullies the land at: this .Urn: of the jear He irislsls, and-,we all shout in loud ngrement, that a proper strawberry shortcUe is made of biscuit dough, rolled fairlj thin, baked crisp, sDlit,-some of the In- stdes pulled out, butter.ed, and made inln ,a\ •'sindwich with nmhert straubsrriss sweetened to taste with'sugar. Garnish with whole berries and s"rve with heavj cream. The "Sacred . Calabash'' of the' South-Seas was made by cutting off : one end nf i? gourd, and boring four holes equidistant from the •upper, .edge...The gourd then was filled with water, which ran out through the holes If it were tlp- petl in v$y i direction This made it possible;.for/the navigator to keep the, Instrument level. Here is : a real treat for your family, n luscious cottage cheese prime pie—good to the last morsel. It is .a new and Interesting desssrt wllh n unique. flavor and a happy choice i for family or guests. A <le- llghtfiit combination filling is blended together In good-tasting, lender, flaky, bullcr-inadc pic crust, tnnde rich, but not loo rich, with cream and cottage cheese and plenty of prunes for llavo'r, it is a real success as are all pics made with butter crusts. ' The'recipe for the ncvor-fall crust culls for zwieback crumbs. You can use Holland.rusks or graham crackers, If you prefer. Crumbs arc thoroughly blended'with' butter, which adds llavor and blnls Ihc ci'ust together. The sugar adds Just ths right sweetness and i\ nice brown to the crust. "The filling Is partially cooked before adding lo the crust. It is baked slowly, as you would bake a custard pie. \ Collage Cheese Prune Pip. 2'cups • finely . ground zwieback crumbs \ tablespoons soft butter 2 tablespoons sugar 2 cups collate cheese, forced tlirough fine sieve 1 1-2 cups cooke:! prunes 1 cup table cream 2-3 cup sugar ' - 1-2 teaspoon salt • 1 lablespooh Cornstnrch •I eggs, well -beaten 1 cup whipping cream—for lopping. Combine zwieback crumbs, butter, sugar and mix thoroughly Grease a 100-inch pie pan (deci type) nnd pat crumbs onto the sides and bottom lo fonu crust. Combine cream, sugar, salt and cornstarcl In top of double boiler; blend well Heat to boiling and pour over beat en eggs, stirring continuously. Add cheese and prunes that have been pitted and sliced, mix and |>our into cnist. Bake in a slow oven 1 cup chopped cooked primus 1 cup whipping cream—for top. Mlx'siigar, flour ami salt. Scald iillk In top ofi.double boiler.-Add iradnally to dry ingredients; sllr- l|ig',unill s,mooth. Reheat, cooking lowly utillj mixlure thickens. 'Add iriincs 'nnd' t tuni Into custard cups o cool.'Top each cup with a-gcn- ;roi|s spoojirul . of whipped crcnm ind drop a pitted, cooked prune-in lie' center' of 'c'alch,?;. for Vegetable Cocktai' The tnno of fresh' grapefruit juice i 'the cocklnll sauce, ami fresl I'Oinij; vi'sctnble.s for tlic cbcklnl' itsolf. tsillic lalesl. food style tot 'Pi'lng "slnflcrs"! • .' : As pretty lis n bouquet of'-flow- frs, baby carrots; tender.' bsets cmcrnld green - string beans,< am crisp diced celery are combined w rosy canned sin-imp nnd<§ervcd dainty cocklnil glasses. ' ! Gay' ; nn< colorful • (o. look ,nt, the. vcgc'labl cocklnll is a welcome' change frou he-usual friil'i" cocktail, and Hi Marked I mprove ment wife can prepare her food cooking and reach into the the housewife may then pop tlio whole meal into the oven and joocl . Arrangement and Good Equipment Eliminate Drudgery Every woman knows the value j of planning her day's work. The uorp she must accomplish.between Jaybreak and bed time, the more necessary' it is that she take a tew moments lo map oul her rirb- grrim for the day.,(here are many minutes'lost both-morning, and afternoon,,- and --when night coi.nes, important tasks are still unfinished. 'i ••;.'. ,•;, : _'jf. it is worllv'while 'to, 'plan each (lay, how much more important to plan the savings which can bo 4 ina'<lc' ; to occur every (lay, throughput the year and each day for many years to come. That is Hit basic reason 'for. ••kitchen planning, according: to the tlpnal Kitchen Modernizing If. at the .'cost of a Na- Bll- few hours of careful > planning she can rearrange her kitchen to. save frigerator for butter, milk, eggs le!u ' e the kitchen or house until or other food supplies without mcal tiln «. ' ' moving more than a step frotn': When it is time to serve tlje where she is working. | meal it takes only a few minutes I'eyond the preparation counter! 10 remove her well-cooked dinner comes the sink nnd dishwasher. Thus if she tn.ust wash vegetables or needs, water fflr the saucepan, the water supply is as close nnd convenient, on one side ns the refrigerator is on the other. And dishes soiled in mixing .batter or in any other part of food preparation can be placed In the sink or electric dishwasher without extra steps, and are out of the way and ready to be washed when the time comes. Sinks nowadays can be equipped with nn electric disposal unit which grinds waste to a pulp which will pass down the drain pipe without clogging. Prom the sink it should be only a step further to the range, which should be close to the door leading to the dining room. If this sequence is followed, it makes' little difference whether the kitchen is planned along two walls in an L- shaped arrangement, of on three walls in the form ot.a'U. with a A new sauce pan with graduated measuring scale stamped peima- hcnlly inside Is the newest kitchen help. It tells you instantly how many cups or pints you have -put. into it. Of white durable enamel, , fj makes sure your food dees ..ood ar ' ° modern automatic electric ."range'well as taste good. its sealed edges make it look like' fine porcelain. new grapcfrul,i.:saiice lops' it oh" fnt( 8uc and ' lo perfection. "TO make thc-sauce I tll " ctio "s • are: time, stcns -and labor every .day for the' rest of-her life, isn't .she wise to do that'planning now,? . This new science, .of Kitchen table, with plenty of cupboard i ing utensils, non-perishnbic, nnd modernizing Is '.hothing more space 1 :above nnd below for stor-1 packaged foods. Thus the' lliaii' tile rc-nrrangemcnt of .(lie kitchen with -sufficient present- day electrical, equipment in 'such n 'way ns to give the housewife less -vitruilgcry-.ajid'.-ercntcr - satisfaction., comfort, anil • convenience in', ilier kitchen, and> v more free time from Kitchen', duties for other things. •' - •':•:'.. •' ' , The .first principle, then, is to consider the three function's- 'which her kitchen' . should fulfill, and rfrrange her kitchen equipment so Hint" these three functions" can be raided on with the least, possible effort. The three ; -sauce I tluluuull?) ' llly: ul food, storage just'mix togclher 2 teaspoons of, nnd Preparation; (2) 'cleaning, grated horseradish'. 3 tablespoons I '"sn-wnsliiiig nnd waste disposal; catsup.. 4 ' tablespoons, grapefruit "'"' 1Q1 -"""'"" "•••• " — juice, 2 tablespoons lemon juice. 1-8 .teaspoon, tobosco sauce. Blend all ingredients thoroughly and chill and 13) cooking and serving. Food as II comes Uito the'house must first be stored where it will keep fresh until it is needed. The well. Serve • the vegelable cocktail I 1 '" 00 to ^ ce P "• should be near icy cold \vitti a slice of lemon If. ln tnc rtoor through which the }ou wish. food is delivered from the store. To keep food fresh and wholesome a constant temperature below degrees is required. So place Ihc A house in New Jersey has been huill in Ihc shape of an elephant and contains six rooms which arc reached by spiral starcases in the , htndlegs. The howdah on the aui- (point. Dial's back is C5 feet from the' Next to the refrigerator place ground.'• the food preparation counter or rcfrigcralor near the back door, and, plan your kitchen from that (275 degrees P.) one hoiir and 25 minutes or until custard Is set. Cool befor; serving. Top with swirls of snowy white whipped crcnm. Serves 6 to 8. • And while we are on the sublcct of desserts. Prime Cream Pudding is. another favorite. It is particularly good lo make when eg?s arc plentiful. It is a nutritious and tasty, dessert for the children and one the whole family demands frequently at our house. To make It use: • 2 ciip« milk 3 tablespoons flour 1 tablespoon butter 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon molasses 1 leaspoon salt HOKUS-POKUS Our delicious Ties and Cakes melt in your mouth. liul there's no hokus- pckts about that because tfe niake 'cm thai way. Have you Irierl a loaf. o[ that - ' Bullcrklsl Bread? Only 8c a loaf or two loaves for 15c. You can grct Turily products at your grocery store bakery. > Phone 2Z1 101 W. Main Purity Bakery COOK PRESERVE MODERN—SAFE ECONOMICAL New 1937 G-E modeli offer the greatest dollar for dollar value antong all refrigerators —the biggest buy in 10 years. See for yours el 0 You save three ways: on fria,cu optratiug tottf on More lea Cubes More Cold Capacity More Usable Space Mora Convenience! AT LESS COST Powered with the famous «utomaticThriflUnitthjt has an unparalleled 10- year record for dependable service at low cost. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER 00. "Dependable, Low-Cost Electric Service" NEW LOW "RICES Full 4 'foot box .. $139.50 Full 7 fool box .. ?20D.75 Full 5 fool box .. $159.50 (Prices delivered in your Full G foot box .. §179.75 home, plus sales tax) Compare GK prices with any standard ; box. Yon will find them as cheap or cheaper than any of the leading refrigerators and remember you gel the (JK guarantee and quality.' HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. ni.vthevillc, Ark. LUTE S 2flfi W. Alain -.'."Phone 1151 "Where Everybody Trades" We Deliver Green Beans Lb. New Potatoes LETTUCE I/argc Firm Heads Each POTATOES U. S. No. 1 Reds 10 Us. 39 C GREENS 'Turnip, Mustard or Spinach LI). 5 ( TOMATOES Fancv GRAPEFRUIT Size Kadi 5 l ORANGES Large Size Dozen 35 PET MILK 3 Tall or G Small Cans 23' CELERY Jumbo Each 10' LEMONS Medium Size Dozen BANANAS Golden Ripe Iloz. 15 C MACARONI LARD Or Spaghetti 3 P 10' S-lb carton $1.15; 8-lb nail SI.23 4-Lb. Carton Veal Choos Choice K. C. Lb, 20c Fryers Oven Dressed Lb. 40c SAUSAGE Lb. 15' PURE LARD 2-I,b. Carton 32' FRANKS All Meat Lb. HAM HOCKS i.. 15 C from tire range, and she can have it on the table before her hungry family in a jiffy. With an adequate supply of hot water, the afterwards takes but a few mo- task of finishing the day's work menU, and her kitchen day is over without a trace of the back-breaking drudgery which usually goes with the old-fashioned kitchen. * Such a kitchen is not a dream of youthful brides. Mother's kitchen or grandmother's can be modernized at low cost and in[\de an efficient home workshop. . ' How's Your Appetite? Do you eat because 'you must, or cat because you like to? If all your appetite needs is "sharpening,' 1 try a bracer of grapefruit juice for your top o' the morning drink! Not only does the 'tart tanj of the golden juice give you an appetite—it aids, digestion and-

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