The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1953
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVIUE (AllK.) COTTIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL «, 19W U.S. Secretly Allocated More Aid to Indochina B.v JOHN SCAM WASHINGTON (API — The U. S. lias secretly allocated more mil ttary aid to Indochina In a move to bolster French and native forces now trying to stop a new Communist offensive. Authoritative officials who dis- weeks aeo. closed nils today said the extra] The specific amount of additiona money will go for more American "hardware" — suns, tanks, arlil- monev involved was not disclosed out officials said It was "substan- To Come From MSA The money will come from Mu- Icry, planes, ammunition and other military supplies. Delivery will be speeded but it is doubtful if the additional equipment j dial Security Aid funds appropri can arrive in time to influence the ; ated by Congress last year to help outcome of llie battle between i streiiutheii America's allies. It is Communist-led rebels and French '• understood part of the money will forces in Ihe Kinsdom of Laos. I be taken from funds reserved tor The new funds will be turned j Europe and the remainder from over to the French and Indochina 540 million dollars set aside for states to help finance a French j military aid to the Far East. plan for creating 54 new cuminan- j The U. S. already is reported do battalions during this year to j civJMw France 450 million dollars a ' fight aRainsi Communists in all areas of Indochina. This plnn was outlined to President Eisenhower by French Pre- year toward the Indochina War, now in its -seventh year. France is estimated to be putting up twice as much money, plus manpower. mier Rene Mayer and his aides i Military aid shipments to Intio- during top level talks here three ; china hnve a priority second only ' to Korea, in line with the Eisen- ~~hower administration's determination to seek an overall peace fiet- tlL'inent in Asia, American olficinls fear the new Communist offensive in Lao may represent a power move hy the Chinese Communists to strengthen their hand prior to resuming Korea peace talks with the United Ike Orders End to Unused Leave Pay DOT'S A CAMPAIGN SHIRT—In the heat of a Vigorous pre- election campaign. President Klpidio Quirino wears a dot-patterned, wispish chiffon shirt, said to be Ihe latest fashion in the Philippines. Quirino is cx.'imining ;i rare flower during a pause in Manila. Nations. WASHINGTON f/P) — Unless they j can show clearlv they have it com-1 ins, President. Eisenhower has or- > dered all government workers ap- f pointed by him not to accept cash for unused and sick leave ( This directive stands until Con- j gress has had a chance to consider charging the law governing such leave*, the President told agency heads yesterday. Presidential press secretary James j rf .i uctariCP ," nightclub owner Chnr- C. Hagerty said the order stemmed | ,, e Morrison hfta sued Marion from acceptance of more than! Dav lrs for $12.030. S700.000 cash for earned hut unused Hls comp ] tt mt, filed yesterday, leave by officials of the Truman snvs thnt was the cost of 'f ooci an( ] Marion Davies $12,000 Suit LOS ANGELES {/P) — "With great administration when office. they left drink at a fancy party the former actress tossed at her Beverly Hills estate Inst October in honor of Morrison's daughter, Marilyn, and her new husband, Johnny Ray, a singer. Morrison, owner of Hollywood's Mocambo nightclub, catered the party. lie sued only after trying HOLLYWOOD W) - A postman's I Mjss Dw[cs whose parly „.. * 1 "*_" c .y 0 -.?. pp . e u a . rl! l.".._", 'one of filmland's most lavish in Postman's Son In MoYi'e Role Stowaway, Without Parachute, Rides Giant KC97 to His Death SEATTLE, April 24 W—A stowaway who may never have known the plane was in trouble—and for whom there was no parachute if he had known—rode a giant disabled plane to his death yesterday after 10 regular crew members had parachuted to safety. The victim of the unexplainec tragedy was Roger Rondeau, 24, a preflight mechanic for the Boeing Airplane Company. He was killed when a four-engine KC97 plowed into logged off land 70 miles vccont years, had no immcdiat comment. Her guests of honor have sind movie or a play gets the central role of Willie Keith in "The Calnc Mutiny," Producer Stanley Kramer signed j sepni . n t, et j n contract yesterday with Robert j ' _J Francis. 23, an ex-soldier from near- ' . .. . , it, D by Pasadena, to appear in the film 'Influenced by IKCr version of the Herman Wouk novel. , NEW YORK f/P) — Vice Presl- Francis had several weeks of | dent Nixon, here to address a dln- dr.'i.natic lessons before serving in j ner meeting, told reporters las the Army. His father is a postman J niqht he's hiking up a new game in nearby San Marino. > Rolf. Poverty-Stricken Mother Kills 2 Children, Self NEW YORK (/PI— Mrs. Hilda Ace- veclo. was 21. Her husband, Anthony, was 51. He worked as a for five months to collect, he said, j building fiuoerintencient. They had ~ ' ' three children. They were very poor. Wednesday night, Mrs. Acevcdo and her three children supped on chicken soup Into which, police said, she had stirred rat poison. Yesterday morning, two of the children. Dennis 215 months, and Milton. 16 months, died. Last night, writhing in pain and mumbling about her worries over poverty, Mrs. Acetic, also died. The third child, Betty, 2',i years remained critically 111 BURMA STEPS UP WAR AGAINST REDS-Burmese troops shown wading through u jungle stream in search of Communist positions are used to lighting in tough terrain. But fighting the Communists has become a more arduous task as the Commies often disguise themselves as Nationalist troops, and have .been receiving help from Red-led Kachin tribesmen. DON'T READ THIS AD Unless You Want a REAL Bargain If So— Then read on brother—il's short and won't lake long. The situation is this: We have a number of wringer type washers on hand, all used, some repossessed, some (aken in on trades, in excellent condition. The boss said: Move 'em. So here's the deal: You make us an offer, and if you are not robbing us too bad, we will take it. How is that? Sorry, no information over (he telephone. No reservations. First come, firsl served. Adams Appliance Co. r Inc. 206-208 VV. Main • Sales ,T. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Phone 2071 • Service III Luck Finally Catches Victim OXFORD, England W) — Randolph Pnrtrldge. 17. fell into the Thames River at n bont yard here yesterday. Fellow workers pulled him out. Partridge mounted his bicycle lo go homei.Ior some dry clothing, rode oul : into the street and wns killed by a car. soufhwest of here and 40 miles from where its crew had abandoned it over the Fort Lewis Military Reservation. The biff plane was on n test flight before being turned over to the Air Force as a military air freighter. A few minutes after leaving Boeing Field here, one of the plane's engines exploded. The pieces knocked away a large section of the tail surface, making the craft virtually unmanageable. The pilot, Capt. Charles Cresswell, nursed the plane from 500 feet up to 5,000 feet then he ordered the other nine men aboard to jump. He followed after setting [he plane's automatic pilot. Cresswell said no one knew Rondeau was aboard and "I don't know what we would have done if we had known about him then. Every authorized crew member and passenger has to have a parachute. There was no other chute aboard..." Rondeau's mutilated body was found in the lower tail section, where he believed to have stowed away on his ill-luted ride. Boeing officials said they could lot understand why he was aboard the plane. Red Professor Dies MOSCOW f/P) - The Soviet press today reported the death of Prof. Valentine Vologdln, director of the Research Institute of high qucncy electrical currents. fre- Russians to China MOSCOW UP}—A Soviet trade union delegate loft today for Peiplng today to attend the Chinese Communist celebration of May Day and the seventh Chinese Congress of Trade Unions. Man Is Charged With Raping Wife BORDEAUX, Prance (jp) — Jean Picot. -13, has been arrested on chnrgcs of raping his 26-year-olcf wife. This, police said, was the wife's story: Divorce proceedings were under way and she had also filed n complaint charging Picot with stealing her bicycle. Picot talked her Into wilhdrnwing the charge, and then went to the courthouse for her to cancel the complaints. They arrived at a late hour, when all offices were closed. Then, the wife charged, tier husband led her into a Judges' room. threw her on the floor, and raped her. By RICHARD KLKINKR, NBA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK — (NEA) — Brunn- hllde and Wolfgang, two longhaired dachshunds, looked admiringly at their mistress. Which goes to show they're pretty intelligent beasts, because their mistress is worth looking admiringly at. She's Gisele MacKenzie, the tall, dark and talented Capitol songstress. Miss MacKenzie (firsl name pronounced Juh-/,ell) was talking about her start, with an occasional time out to throw the dogs some leftover breakfast bacon. "I think my parents are still fl little disappointed that I didn't become a concert violinist," fine said, daintily unwrapping eome more bacon. It turns out this Canadian gal has many talents, besides singing and unwrapping bacon. She started to be a "fiddler" —her own word—and was pretty good. She got to the point where she nad to choose fiddling or Ringing. Then along came a bad man and stole her $2000 fiddle, and that was that. Even she was not talented enough to fiddle without a fiddle, so she became a singer. The decision has given many people pleasure—including her manager, who would like to find the thief to thank him. Gisele—a name that has been mispronounced "every way from chisel to seashell"—has some hit records to her credit. She did a 500,000-copy job on "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" and has good ones going now in "Gone" and "Let Me Know," Her duets with Helen O'Connell are delights. And the future? She'd like to do a musical comedy, make a million-copy record, and bring home more bacon. i * * * THE POPULAR SIDE: Record companies are latching on to the growing trend toward strict instrumentals. Latest to click Is Mercury's Richard Hayman, who fronts a big orchestra with his new-sound harmonica . . . Wally Cox, TV's "Mr. Peepers," will do some of his monologues on RCA- Victor records . . . Eddie Fisher, just discharged from the Artny, promises he'll write to every one of 5000 home-folk whose addresses he was given by servicemen when lie sang in Korea. . • k ON THE CLASSICS: RCA-Vic^ tor's limited special-edition col- ' lection of the nine Beethoven [symphonies, played by Tosuanini, is all sold out and is a collector's item already . . . Martyn Green, the great Gilbert and Sullivan comedian, will become a U. S. citizen. —DICK'S PICKS- pop SINGLES: "Is It Any Wonder?" and "Almost Always" (Joni James, MOM); "Tira Lira Madeira" (Mitch Miller. Columbia) : "If That Would Bring You Back to Me" (Ricky Vallo, MGM); "Hold Me Closer" (Jill Allen, Avalon). POP ALBUM: "The Magic Music Box" (David Rose and orchestra, MGM) makes wonderful backgrounrj music for parties, reading or just dreaming. CLASSICAL: Brahm's Piano Concerto No. 2. in B-Plat, Op. 83 (Artur Rubinstein with Charles Munch and tile Boston Symphony, RCA-Victori has Rubinstein giving a .warm, glowing performance of Brahms' best piano concerto: Mozart's Concerto No. 4 in D-Major for Violin and Orchestra (Austrian Symphony, Remington) has fine violin work by Gerard Poulet. Gen. Dean Only Captive Ineligible For Promotion WASHINGTON (/P> — The 11.521 Americans reported missing or captured in Korea — with one exception-are as eligible for promotion as any other member of the service, under a new pentagon policy. The exception is MaJ. Gen. Wil- linm F. Dean, 24th Division commander reported a prisoner. He was left out since, the directive, announced yesterday, applies to officers below his rank only. Men listed as missing in action I are included, whether or not they [ are known to be dead or alive. cans and 17 Democrats. | For The Family's I AMERICA'S I Adult Motfier-ind-Ctiilf I Aspirin JFAVORITE \ Needs ''A Adult Dose Four Democrats Sign Tax Petition WASHINGTON (/P) — Pour more Democrats have signed a petition to force a House vote on a bill. I which would cut income taxes by j 10 per cent effective July 1. Such a cut is now due next Jan. 10. The new signers are Reps. Forand of Rhode Island and Byrne Granahan find Chudoff, all Pennsylvania. This brings to 53 the number ol signatures on a petition, with 218 required to force the tax bill out of a bottleneck in the House Rules Committee. The signer Include 36 Republi- I Walked the Last Mile with Tommy Black (see back page) WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, l!hlck»- sswba Dlctrlct, MlstlMlppI Count?, Arkansas, Earl dann Jr., Ptf. vs. No. 12,398 Roberta N. Gann, Dft. The defendant, Roberta N. Gann, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint ol the plaintiff, Earl Gann Jr. Dated this 23rd day of April, 1953. Geraldlne Llston, Clerk By Laverne Ball, D. C. Claude F. cooper, awy, for ptf. WHEN YOU THINK OF UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Leading legal reserve, old- tine companies, approved by every state in the Union and Canada. All forms, including Low Cost Auto and Fire Insurance. Quick settlements. ^ Real Savings on Car and Fire Insurance A. F. 'De*' Diefrich Manager 106 So. 1st Insram Bids. Phone 6812 Ed B. Cook, aUy. ad lllem. 4J24-9|1-I-1I Proudly Presented forth* HOMES "What The Well Drnstd Homt\ I> Waring- hr... STYLE CHARM BEAUTY COMFORT -Qfetiwe-Veniil&lcb; KNOP Screen & Awning Co. 633 S.E. Parkway Dr. Phone 4233 f GEM THEATRE "Osceo/o's Finest" Sunday-Monday-Tues., Apr. 26-27-28 "OFF LIMITS" Starring BOB HOPE and MICKEY RODNEY COMING! "PONY EXPRESS" Filmed In Technicolor Starring Carlton Heston LAST SHOWING TONIGHT 'BAD and Beautiful" With Lana Turner & Kirk Douglas KEEP rOW TRUCK ON mm DO/WC A BETTER JOB! SPECrilZED FORD TRUCK SERVICE 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Meet Your Allstate Auto Insurance Man NKAL GEURIN "AMstiUc," the autnmnlnlc Insurance company organized hj Soars, Roebuck and Co.. intronnces Mr. N>.il Geurln, the newly appointed Allslale .Apcnt for Mississippi County. U \vill payroll to have .Mr. Oeiirln quote you AllHtale'* LOW RATKS for your car, and also (;lve you full details about other blfiter value features offered hy A1.I.STATK— (lie auto Insurance that's known from eoast to coast for "Speed and Fairness In Setlllnir Claims without Red Tape or Quibbling." 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