The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE; COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUSHEHS 0. II. BAUCOCK, Editor H. W. KAJNL'S, Advertising Manager BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Sole National Admtulng Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Ino,, New York, Chicago, PciroJt, 81, Louis, Dallas, Kansas Olty, MetnjihLs Published Every AKernoon Except Sunday Entered 'as second class mailer ill tlic |XKt office al lilyllievlllo, Ar- kiMisas, under Ml ot Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCWITION HATES By carrier in (lie Clly or Blyllievllle, ISc per week, or SO,5U per year, In. inlviince. By mull, within n rncius ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 85c lor three months; by nifcil in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, Sli.50 per.year;, m MHOS seven und clglU, 510.00 per year, payable In advance. Social Security 11 is u 1'ur cry from Dr. Town- scmf's $200 ii month lo the $30 11 ninnlh .])i-ovi<lctl I'er in ihu iiiitionul :i<limnislvii(.ion's old ago jiuiisioii inua'K- nre. The disunite, however, is no icrenter Hum (hiit Ijc'twcen a fftiUuslic dream and an economically workublu proposal. Tho loiKiesL ci-ilkrs of Pi'i'Milcnl Roosevelt's .stK'i.'il '.-'ocurily program have been those who utlitck its ade- iliiacy. It is true thai $31) u nioiitli for tlie aged and not lo exceed S?15 a week. I'oi' Ijoiieliciiiries of tlio itneni- ploymunt insurance section hold no promise of luxury in idleness. Bui it \vciukl he well for those who mxv toin- plmning to it-cojfiiixe lli«l to provide the nuee-sary money for even these modest allowances is not a simple matter, Furllierniure if iti dotlhll'ill, i>vi;n were it pessilde (i) find the money, if if would be wise policy to set the iiifliiX'N higher. We luivu not, outgrown the need for industry and Ihril'l. It is one tiling lo provide proleetion against siill'enug' [or the aged and those who through no fault of their own are thrown mil ^of eniplo.vmenl. It would be (jtiile iinothcr thing to destroy the incentive to work and lo 7 ax Assessments! At ..toast' a jnu'liiil answer lo the financial problem of oin- .schools and our local units of (jovernmenl is indicated in the coin^e which Ihu stale corporation commission has taken with respect to lax nsse'ssmotils in Crit- lenden and I'oinsett counties. A partial vuasseismiml in C'riUeiulen county, miide last f.ill at the order of the commission, put several million dollars of additional properly on the tax books. The commission predicts dial more Hum .^',000,000 will be added to Poinsett county lax valuiilion.s throuc-h j;i ire-alise'ssmenX which has jnst been ordered for [hat county. We venture to say that (here 'an: few counties in Arkansas in which similar results could not be achieved.' it might well be made the duty of the cc<r|K>ralion commission or of s ome olhe'i- state agency lo review .menls throughout, the stale. When Ihe jpb wfts coni])lelqcl iincl pj'ojjci- revisions hn<t been obtained the situation rcliilivo to Hie need I'gr now nu<) stddi- h'oiuil litxos would be- considerably altered. "Unavoidable" who invoh'Ugcited reported that Hit; iiechknl upjmiircd lo have been unavoidable." The sentenco above appears in pcr- l)H|w> ii majority of ncw.snaper reports of automobile collisions :iml other high- Way accidents, 'ninny of them involving loss of life. It is a statement that is seldom true. The officers merely niuun that they conkl find no evidence on which lo base criminal charges against any of involved. Most highway accident are not Ihe result of siieedinjf, reckless driving or criminal negligence. Hut very few of them may properly bu described as "unavoidable." They are almost always Ihe result of carelessness on somebody's purl. There are men and women behind the wheela of automobiles lo whom the privilege of driving on our highways ought lo be denied. We could make our highways safer by a licensing law that would deny their use lo fools and 'drunkards—-(he c,onjjfcnit;illy incompetent, tin: inherently reckless, mid the alcoholic daredevil. But the chief menace cannot be eliminated by law. The thing that is most essential i.* a realization on the part of the great majority of drivers—the capable and prudent individuals' who are responsible for most of our highway IraJl'ie— that an automobile is a potential engine of tlealli and that denial vigilance is essential lo Hw safe operation. Our colleges need lo cciuciilc no(, only leaders, uul. ulso and critical followers. —Dean 'I'ristrum \V. Mctcairo of Long Island Unjvcr---- sily. All t'ovL-'rn'inwits nrc iLNiipuiary. —Ucposcd I'rcinier Kinion Georglefl of ijiilgdi-iii. ' : • » * To be iidvenlnroiis in llic liilcresl, of peiie'c rather npixiils, I llilnk, lo women. —Mrs. 1 Franklin D. Kooscvclt. ' ' * * * Trims-Atlantic (lights have been publicized M> much Unit, given llic weather reporLs, ivny- onc could write Ihe full story of n tlight before Iho takeoM. —Mis. -James Mollison, noted nviiilrlx. Our riillroudfi .Iwlny me in a very law stale of lienUh, flnmiciiilly iuicl pliysieally. — Uailroiul Co-orilinnlor Joseph 1). Gnstimni. * t t I .saw wlint Mcilwlck di<l iiiul 1 ctmlcln'l. lilauic (lie crowd for what It did. — Hnseh\ll DictHlor ICciic»i\v Mountnln Lntidis, rcferrliii; lo Uic mixup nL third base in (lie Insl World Scries (.tune. * •» . » /\ wcdUlu; is of more iiftporlance lo the country llian any lawsuit. —Judge Koljerl S. Cowic of Milwaukee. TUESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1935 OUT OUR WAY By Williams OW-OOH— THEY GOT BIG ICR IM JAIL, TH' ROADS. V/HUTS He DOME, NOW? I DOM'T KMOW. BUT IF WE DOM'T PAV HIS FIME, WE'LL HAVE TO MILK cows AM' DO CHORES PER WEEKS —MAYBE MOMTHS. HOW MUCH MOMEV WE GOT? STAMO Mit_k THIS IS G1TTM I SAVE £ERA 6OOD TIME.AKl' AFTER IVB P'MD SOHBBODVfe • r-ME , T HAVE TO BORROW MOMEV TO eOVA ME^DACHE POWDER. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark \.."!Mr "***''*', tf&H-i<**-rr •- • ,-flft^) ;- ri j r.^^sj-..,., ' if "..{•:;«. .'• I - J I 1| ; :;:gMfe P; /'. W »; r ''K ^^ '&^- •"•••> '^ .""' '\fy?^ iVWVWimrffl" : ':::} "iMayhu I oiiii i-umiiinliu!- whuro we inifkcil, if I ciiu onlv think which tar we were iisiiijf." THIS CURIOUS WORLD Korgiisoii THE AGE OF A •HADDOCK CAT'! BE. TOLD BY THE GROV/7H RINGS ON ITS SCALES. MARBLe. OROPPEQ INTO THE. RED JACKET SHAFT OF THE BIG CALUMET MINE, CALUMET, WCHIGAN, WILU NOT DROP TO THE BCTTOA\/ THE EARTH'S MOTION CAUSES IT TO LODGE AOAINST THE SIDE. Nutliing Ihat is dropped Inlo the lied Jacket mine shaft reaches llic bottom. Tlie shaft is dilferenl from other deep borings into the earth's surface, for II begins nl a very low altilmie and pierces Ircjiur bflow mat levi'i tliiiu any other ill c.visU'nce. XliXT: Wlio paid for ilic first macadamized' road 1 .' Exercise Heals Joints aqd Restores Normal Operation 11V I)U. ttlilur, Journal (if tin- AniLTican ^Inlical AbMH'jalitin, and of My- Bfia, Ihe llrnllh M.iB,i(int When your arm lias been injured ixirtlculiirly about tltc cl- xiw, yon »rc likely to develop am! diniculty oi motion. I just uljovc t.'ic c!l)i)»- and (lie other on Hie wrist.. Ilci mnvivs Ihi; rl- bfiw joint, vrry gently, lint (irmly. iu>ini; unc or Hvo niolions the CnV, day anil Briuluaily IticrcusiiiK llic number. iii'.um iii-iiiu TOIIAV niSKIIliniinX, vrtttr ami "u, MiirliH In ii blltt mm. jjj,^ mil] livr IjTOIIivr, I'llll, in niinuur, lln-lr lijvniw fnllifr, ' "" l ' 1 " J " ^^(l|ll« In tlie mill, Ii.u" '«„),)' "a lilrn UK nn«iver in ti ftftv tliiyw, l.ulcr ,IJ,iH c»cujj((; (lulu 'KUCM kUilljiie on Ilie river, KO l!» lliruilKll Mil* (L'l' llllkl IU rCh\;U\!\l Ijy HU1 \ V H';;.iTJinnE, ,,i,,s" miScp .VJit ilrail, built Ilie mill, ijrlnu IUI.H link- l» wall ivlillo I,,; uei, j,|, ••:ir Inn ivhtn lie tcdirnv tlji- la Kunc, )lrl:ill lltls I'ciulu ILOIIIU niter lu-i> iii:M-r Jifi!(jnic rtn tirlkt una rcajy in jri> l;> »>-*>rK- l» Hit- mttl. victcv ll l";V l f ( '. III ''M' 1 '''^Blilcr ol 11U1I- /i«cr of tlit mill, xcIiemeH lo c«ii- Illllltl Itft^f Gulc iu IIl k : lltlll, n-L-o^nI/.o» ln-r ami |» ainuzc,! to lluil »hc Ii :,„ ciiii.l.ijv. Vlolty ll-lC|llll>ll«ll 11,1,1 | 1( .,. ,,;, r I,,,, lirulien liuwii inn! n«k-i llrjnn Iu rnlilv fill- licr. On th,- ,|J C |,,, ck mil* loivn (Jicj- ullttciVM a alrcet SO\V GO IMf U'l'J'fl '1'JIB S'I'OItY CHAPTlsil XI VICKY said, "What fs it Brian? Wlml's liaiitieiicd?" "1 don't Know," lie told licr, "but I'll liud out," llo opened tho door of tlio cur and stepped inlo Iho atrcct. Tho two men wcro on tliolr feet now. Ouq was a slender fellow, imfes, wearing soiled working dollies flo said Bomellilni; uud Ihe oilier — broader, heavily, bnlll — hingoil forward." Tho blow missed. Someone- shouted profanely and a man in front moved so that lirinn could not see what was hnrijieuing. Urlan asked a hoy ou tho sldo- walk, "Who arc they?" The youngster stared, "li'd Vogel an' I'lill Henderson," lie said, lie mumbled llic names, slurred Ihem almost iinliilelllslWy. "Do llicy work In llic mill?" "Kuro." Tho boy'si oyca liecame wury. \Vilh n. Enddcii movement he wriggled forward, disappeared in Uio livoup of men. lirlau moved w be could see Ihe. Iwo in Iho slrccL They liad acjia- ralcil. Huddculy tlicy tiprang 10- KCllier and llioro waa it sharp oalh mill iiDolher, us the alout mau's list jablicd into flic other's face. Three limes. BavaRely. Cutting the llcsli. Tho yoiiugcr uion fought baelt, but lesa effectively. Tliero was bleed on his face noiv; Ills clothing was torn. Hill No kept oil iiitlins. The slender liocly was n dynamo—whirling, slashing, now landing blows, now missing Uieui. Tlio slotit man's fist smashed against Iho other's stoiii- acli, driving him back. It wasn't a Ciilr light;- it wasn't uuyltiins like It. - : ' ' Urlan stepped nearer. "Somebody sloji lliem," ho should!. "Why docsn'l somebody— 1". A man wearing a battered blacli bat turned, and • looked al Uriau Ttiorc was no change in the expression on the vinn'a face hut he edseil away. Auollier turned nnd soineliow. wlllioul a word snokeii. Jlriau felt tlio eyes of .ill of them on him. Tliero was Bouiclhiiig alioui llic way llieso ineii looked at hini Ihat was ilislurbinK. A hoarse voice called, "I'M— IMiil!" aud Uion other voices Joined Iu. coareu, excited, furtive.. The crowd was breaking aparL A bis mail with a red face forced his y between Iho Iwo lightc-is, Others were there, loo now, keeping Ilio Iwo iipaii. Talking. fJcsturiug, • • 4 r IillE slim youth tried lo push r thcm ankle, lo gel his arm's free-- llo was brenllilng heavily nud Ills eyes ftaslicil. . I " me go!" His voice was almost a sob. "flct'nway from me! jiic—."' Tho stout nmn cut In with a stream of (wins, ending alirutitly as his eyes fell on lirian Westmore. Tlio roiit'i eonllnued to try to tree himself. "Let mo go!" ho cried il;i und then, lo ihe stout man. "Come ou and fight, if you aren't afr.iiil! Ml knock your lying tcefh ini I'll—!" Tlic i-eot was lost as a voice cm In, "Hoy—cop's comin'!" Vogel turned and rnado for Ihe sidewalk, a Iriflo unsteadily, trig nrcs disappeared,- aa Utoiigh by magic. 13y Hie timo Uio policeman hud arrived tliero was only i'hll Hcndcreou and a ahorlcr. dark- hillred man besido him. One or two older men wero back In tho darkness. The policeman Bald, "What's going on lim-c'i" "Nothing." "Nolliitig, huh? Looks lo me like UIDIO'S been a fight, you iu liy" Phil Henderson did not reply. The dark.bajred aiau mu in, "II wasn't anything, officer. Just » little arfiiimont," Tlio 'man iu uniform said, "Well, sco tliiit you do your arcuius willi out your lisls after Ibis. Holler BO on home and eel. lliat face bandaged. On tho move now, and no inoro br<i;v]3ns!" Tho whole thing had happened in less llian (ivo minutes. Tho two turned away and tins policeman looked toward Uriau, tailing iu the Knglish overcoat and dapper (olt Ho hesitated au iustaut, then walked on. It was Vicky calling. She liud opened the door of the car. "Brian!" ;ho called again sharply. Ilq camo up beside her. "Guess Ihe cxcitenienl'3 over," he grinned, "Weren't frightened, wcro yon'.'" "Frightened? Of course nol!" There was scorn in llic girl's dark eyes. "Uut, Brian, why didn'i thai policeman arrest those men? I think you should rcporl him for fulling to dp bis duly." Brian stepped into llic car and slarlcd thu motor. TTbo Iraflie ligin had turned red again. "Oh, there wasn't any reason to arrest them." ho said easily. "Urian Westmore!" Tlic girl's lips set in a Ihin line. "I'm sur- '[H-lscd nt you. I think It's disgraceful lo have such things happening. Fighting in the streets! Brawling! If those meu work In tlie mill they ought to tic discharged, ft! tel! falhcr if I could lind oiii^ ihcir names!" ' • / Brian released llic clulcli and ihe cur moved forward. "See Uere. Vicky," he said, "aren't you gculng unnecessarily excited about all liiis? U'wna. inal a coujilo of boi : headed youus fcllo\ys eschanging a few blows. J'vc seen wnrse scrnpr at plcn'.j of clubs." l-'lro leaped In Ihe girl's eyes moved linimlleully — and as" Iculy was still. She waded a nenl, Ennrching the young m face, then laughed. "Von — rently Ihmight 1 incaiil it, Hr Silly! What do'I care about I working men? Von should I known I ivas joking." "Well, I'm altid yon didn't u il. I don't quilo sco the I Slit -I iavdl Vicky settled Ilio salt fur mon coinforliiljly about her ahouldcru.f "The joke." she sjahl, "\vao in tool'; ing you. And I din it, apparently,' IJut let's forget about Unit. Tel! me BOIUO more about Paris." HrUii! said, "All right." lie bo, gun lairing, Ijut Ilia NKinucr writ* [ireoccuiiied. "Vlcliy," llo 6aid and', ilenly, "1 wish 1 knew'tlic men work in the mill. I wlsli I ) wlrat they talk auout—ivticu llrey'r< logelher tlie way lliej were on tin street corner. There was eoitiotlilrii —I can't quite describe il—iu/:ti way tlioy looked at me—" The girl said, "Von just iimigiuco tliat, Brian." "It was more Ihtm imagination,' lie insisted. "TD11IAN, darling," Vicky loli : -lilui, ."your arlislio tempera meut is getting Ihe best ot you pli, tliat reminds nie—Claire Stiot well has Eoino new ctcliings sin wants to show you. She ivoiiderei it you knew anything .-ihoiit tin ninu who diil iiicm." "Who was ItV" "f don't remember. Claire'll id you." Vicky nratlled on. Soinclhliij ahont tlio Gardner boy and tha: movie actress lic'd taken to a COM lego prom. j! Brian couldn't remember lli.iil Gardner boy. fie was scarcely 11= lenius, but it occurred lo trim tliajl' Ilio lilllo hat. cct GO iauulily oii' Vicky's-head.-luH.oir. her iirolllji, diarinlngly. A very'good in-olile i" was. too.' Yea,' Vicky line" abou clothes, blio wore the sort a dresses aud hais olio saw in Part: but slip wore them with au al that w.-is different. Unlike tlii French girls. Auiericau, pcrliajio .Brian admired it. lie halted Hie car in Iho drivo before Ilio Thatchers: home and tL-J? girl said. "You'll conic in, wQu'jii yon? It's slid cnrij—" jl'l There vfas a lire burning on ths -broad, licartlj. The flames. Icniiln*' and twisting, s lied" soft llgln, ovc| tlie davoupoii,.-casi tlic rest of lli •room in slitidovv. There was br.-jmi", i on n table near at baud. W'MJ lioured it and tlic aroma rcVRS head)", fragrant. ' f I She said. "Hirnu, you didn't rcall! flunk t meant tliat about those mei ;: whn were fislning—wlmi I sald?{l! j "No," lit; told her, smiling. j don't ihliik you meant it." Vick ju-as all. right. He'd always like I her— I Hut later, slciH.iii!; un the .. jcelcrator. driving pfr inlo tlio nigh jil was ailoiiier girl's face tlial cam jbcfore him— n girl with gray eye jiui/l brown hair, slightly tumblci \.\ girl wcnring a hlue auron-dres ] ! "I wonder." llrlau asked hlrnselfi jonco' more; "whai Her game Is?; I - : ' i (To; Do 'Continued) it full arm's leriglli over llic head, pahn.s facing backward; i-jjsu (lie body until Ilia chin touches tile rud. 8. Sit, bud; of the upper arm resting on (lie table, elbow bent lo a right angle: "do Palm facing the shoulder, turn he lurciuui un- 111 llic back ol Ihe hand faces liic shoulder. ('.» Back of ihehand facing Ilie shoulder. Uini thu forearm until ihe palm faces the ita) Hand resting on Ihe litllc fin- r " :: i'oi-lic ('oin'm-i-s gcr, turn tlic forearm until MIE ]'.._..;:. ..,„.;...„ ... palm faces down. <b> Tiirii tlic i;, • OUI • > VORIH ' 1( ' x - ( UP> .forearm until llic back of the liaud Texas. JiaU'itrcsucrs went pot ! touches the table, (c). Back of the herc;:al! their tuning! convenli hand restiiiK, on Ihci (able. Uiin' whL ' u il came lo naming new ly| the forearm until the' hand rc.sls' of - ' coifrill 'es. 'Titlnnaire," "HI on the liltle finger, (cl) Palni i)l'j Gtow '" "Sculpture, Hob," "Curoi . Ihe hand resting on tin; 1 table, i^ritlc," .^Ermine Rhapsody" a| Uirn the forearm until the llandj'" Cliven Sent" were some of t jl " inamcs - given by llic hairdresser:' rests on Ihe litlle linger. lablc^llK,^ hereto «_ right angle; Ihurlcrt at Washington, D. C.' ' | O V .thc^cburr^QuMi/'SizS. OUR BOARD1ING HOUSE ~~~ :r ~~~~~tiy M«3 The cltraw joint moves in Iwo ways; by flcMon and extension, flexion Is Uuil motion in \vh\c\\ llic hiintl is drnn-ii tu«-:ircl the pi shoulder; extension. ii lc manner - Once the aim K taken Ihe ol dertake , liouevcr. you can uncertain exercises which 'will restore inoliou 16 tlic injured elbow joint. Thcie arc as follows: 1- Ijii: face down, lorcarin Mip- ntcd hy thr operator nvcr llic ot (lie lablr bend Ihe 'lliow v ~- ~*'u— ••• »." i"",*., U^IIM ILJl. VHJUN, in which ihe hiinrt is f!i;r,vti away , \iilh tin- aid of rravily u, in- '•oiu llic shoulder. crciisins angle;; You ulso liiivc IHO oih,r motions j 2. Li". ,m tin- bint:, loiraimsuii- kntiwn us pyoiiiillon mui supina- ;lon. These iirc brou;;ht jitailt, uy rotalilvB (he ulbow jo-u(, lno vliig tlic ('ah)) of Die hand toward Iho body or away Iran tilt li-jdy. After the clboir .iotiit has been cvr|cd for some thnc in a iiinj. or catt, II \:> iicccwary to [jc-.-tiop motion iisMhi- Tlw c x! -,.riuii;cd doe, lor (teo tills sriidttalK. hculiis liitl i, tljUil'lCS U|1(J (-JH again, moviiii; ih r .,,,„„, ' A1Ur - u!il>; ir[n.i t,.. fhcii Rraduully cxU-iitL, tin; ',.,!, t ' v w i lh arc unn stil! in ,j, t - .. Ulv ,_ TIli , rr!.jr,ili3 lliu . * a ! pah, ' nnv . -' iii.i) be and the louchci the s poil.rd Ijy the oiK-nilor; alraigh(.cn from incrcasins angles. :i- Sit with i he inner sitic of t|ic whole arm ri-iliiig on IheTuWcl on powticrcd. cartiboavti: (a)" Bend, the elbow by .siltiin;; the forearm aloiii; ihe lublc. in, atait with Ihe elbow lluil, .-mrt tlraistllfl). <• ait, v.Uh bad; ot the wllolc urni icM.iirj Pl i thr tatjle. rake tho loitaun nniil the hand toucliys the Mionlrlcf. mui ! 3wCV ., Dlstaiifi: bv i>u!linr, ptcEiuto In flout o[ tlir «,iit!, then bacl;- o. bit ui ;.taiH. iiiin nl Ihc'flcli;. until thu OLD T)UFFEv3,COLOMEU \ TELLtMCb ME THAT NINE YEACRS OLD"«"-VlM-M~'-l SAY, T-AMCY HlrA TELUNCb THPCT TO .. OL'D HORSErAAM.WHO FfR&l A TDA6HIN6 VpUTTrA.WON HIS SILVER SPURS A& A, 6A\-LrXNT "DRPxGOON J->--"FA, v N-^-L GUESSED , THE STEED TO'BE t\ TOUR-'YEkR- lf " OUD,WITHOUT LOOK!NO AT H\S PED\GP-£E T HATE TO CUT IN K QN YOUR TL1BN -SOLO WITH fAY 'BUT YOU CHINJ yiXROUMD V J .ERE THINKING ME VVKS ' NINE YEARS OLT5, UNTIL I PUT TH % liEE ? , OL' HIVE m l . ""»ie morel U- Sit or bland, arm ol the side, kind vi » ,i! CL ' u ,' s Iorvvai '<l. bring u>e xreiglit- Jl£i<J3fCio '' t? , ll!e £llollWel ' ' !!lcl lower to the SUllul fckiiVVUII / iiV. ^Klv-tiCIN, WSf! 'V" ' / ,'".VJ? TOr; ^K^ ' w'w Jm HOOPLE tm r j^Mm^.^^.Mi

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