The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1948
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1948 BLYTHRVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGB semi Home Ownership Hits 7-Year High Gain Between 1940 And 1947 Is Largest On Building Records Evidence that the great majority busitipAS c-ondillotw, even gaining more than a million in tlie '30s. Tlis , number ol owner-occupied rtweil- mgs reachpd 21.3 millions In 1947, a gait o( 6.1 million or npproxl- malely 40 per cent over 1940. Despite Hie steady rise In home osvncrsliip. its proportion lo the total number oi occupied dwelling was consistently lower than the 1SBO retio [or a h«K cenluVy, rc- llectir.K the fact that home buiW- :ng in tlie period gained more than home jwnership. However, Uic pro- New Bryan Home on. Walnut Street ownership reached a new high in 1947, both in number and in proportion to the total occupied dwellings in the country. The gain between 1340 und 1947 wa s the largest as far back as records go, and reflects (he upsurge in the economy and in individual and family income in the period combined with a certain amount of necessitous .^fcje buying because of housi-z (flwdilions. Back in 1890 the number of owner-occupied dwellings was 6.1 millions out of a total of 12.7 occupied dwelling units, or *8 per cent. Since then ihe number of owner-occu- , pied dwellings has increased consistently despite the fluctuations in farm nrens where about two-thires of the dwellings were owner-occupied in 1947 as against little mora than half in 1B10. There was a decided 8'Jii: in urban areas as well, with ownerr. living in W per cent of nil occupied dwelling unils in 1M1 as against 38 per cent in 1910. The following table gives the trend ot home ownership from 1890 to the present (000 omitted): All Occupied Owner- Year Dwellings Occupied % Ratio 1890 12.7 6.1 48 1900 16.0 7.2 45 1910 20.3 9.1 4S 1920 24.4 10.9 45 1930 29.9 H.O 47 1040 35.1 15.2 43 1947 39.1 21.3 55 : Real E*tate, Business, Farm and F. H. A. and O. T. Loans an New and Existing -HaiBM LOAN S Far buying, refinancing, building, remodeling. •Farm lands and Auto loans. Quick Service. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 1M S. 1st—Ingram Bldj.—Ground Floor A. F. "D«e" Dietrich, Manager "Complete Insurance Service" Phone 510 INSULATE YOUR HOME WITH IN MIMMF.R— S.m'. V«*l WplQUUiiUl n»iln« Willfully etvtler. LV V INTER — ro x'lrmlh foe! bill ait up to 30%. Gold Bond ROCK WOOL • ROOMS 8° TO 15° COOLER • NO OVEN-LIKE BEDROOMS • FULL REST AT NIGHT • HOUSEWORK IS EASIER • FUEL -SAVINGS PAY COST Ask for quotation on your At tic floor or ceiling ara« DELTA LUMBER COMPANY 204 N. Second THE is SIMPLY SlMS-i-W/ISI AMIS photograph tell* only 2 small part of hoy this home was refreshed and beau lifted with Slals-o-wood. Became one of thc mosr striking improvements ij the addition of COI-OR! Slats* o-wood come in such n range of colors, designs, and styles lhat no house can be drab and slilt wear Sinis-o-wood. These window hoods, door hoods, and porch canopies arc custom-built to your order, and permanently anchoret! to any building material. They need never be taken down. An occasional coat of paint renews their beauty at low cost. , Sl-Hs-o-Kood are scientifically designed to give protection the year round — thr s':\&jt e r c d slat arrangement (patented) filters out aun and glare, entices t CCC7es an *l * olt light. Budget plan available. Please phone us today for free inspection and estimate. You will be under no obligation, of course. DEAL'S PAINT STORE of Beit Matria/i n Building Horn* Urged* A* a Sound Investment \ A home should be pUnipl us > round, permanent Investment. Good planning pays dividend* In comfort- bk, gracious living, >nd creates ilgh ro.satt value In cue of future >le. Alter A lloor Arrangement Is se- ected that will provide the greatest comfort »nd convenience lor the v»- mrmben >nd lnt«r#ftU of the amily or^lnl planning shoulrt con- Inue with the use of first-grad* oulldlni mulfiUls »ml equipment Many new m»LerUl« iiave been developed kiid old ittundbys vastly Improve*! sine" the w«r. Only by iw» ot Ihe highest >mde m«(«il»U rtos« . home builder get the fulle«t value roin Ills dollar. New irt<a» of archllecti tnd d«- Jlgnero .iliould bt coo*i««r*4 IB*used il they .will Hid to Uw tat- lly'i enjoyment of In* Jr., Special Agent BlTlhulll., Ark, m NKMmu MswANa COHPANT or UMCA MM Him ' ••"• " ' ~~~ ••III Hi. * A —Courier NVwK 1'hit to ' Shown above is the new home of Moss nrynn and his sLstor, Miss Kllfrit Bryan, At. 1605 Wesl Wnhml, The five-room house has two bathrooms and lncor(wrntes R privmiy-iiiMiring construction in Ihe center ot lti« Mr. Bryan termed Ihe house plrin us ideul for hutldtiig on R 50-foot lot. Another feature of the Bryan home is tht use of roll-way screens on the windows. These screen;;, mounted inside the windows, work on the order of window shades aiuj Fire lowered when the windows arc raised, and raised when they IUM lowered. The exterior is of gin rod shingle riding nnri the inside walls are of tinted plaster. The living, dinin? and bed rooms have Importer! elxRiideaers The house ha.-; havd- wood floors and a vr-sLlbule entry. IL ILLS & returning duct hen oysLcm and an attic fan. Correct Nailing Vital to Long Life for Farm Building Roofs Asphalt roofs, the type most wide- ed and, applied, l.s a perm ly used on farm buildings, will give ^structural material. Ji is not paper; longer service under the standard it l.s not a makeshift; it Is cconoml- selectlon and application techniques etil ' but not cheap,*' Mr. Stmlinn i recommended by the engineering | commented. "But like any other committee of the Asphalt Roofing structural material It .servos best Industry Bureau. In reviewing the standardized specifications. James U Strahan, bureau technical director, declared that nails provide the most Important resistance to wind and stressed that "correct nailing means the right number of nails, the right location of nails and the right kind of deck into which to drive the nails." When roll roofing l.s applied to a new deck, nails should be 1 Inch I long, he said, and when m heavy asphalt shingle roof is being applied over an old wood shingle roof, nails should be between Hi and 2 inches. Heads .should be at least 3-H when properly applied." This barn was badly d;*mnped In a heavy wind stnrin, but bream*) Ihe asphalt shingle* were properly applied the roof survived virtually intuct. Home Building Needs Service Of Contractor Phone 4497 inch in dlaineler hut 7-16 inch is better, he added. Concealed Nails Desirable Other standard recommendations are that double coverage roll roofing and 18-inch sheets applied with concealed nails are the only roll roofing products which should be applied If the full life of the material is expected in windy, exposed locations. The popular th red-lab, square butt strip shingle ordinarily Is applied 5 inches to the weather and | secured with six nails, but when A heavier roof is wanted the committee recommends applying these sinie .shingles 4 inches to the weather to increase weight by 25 percent. Mr. Strahan explained that when the 5-Inch exposure is used. "practically certain" 100 percent protection against wind can he obtained by cementing down shingle tabs with asphalt cement. Two- and three-tab hexagon shingles can be wind-proofed in the same way, he aid. The technical director said a roof leek must be kept dry before and Her roofing i?. applied and urged h« practice of laying only as much deck sheathing In a day as can be covered the same day with roofers' elt. Mr. Strahan Sfiid the pitch of a roof influences the type of roofing The importance ol obtaining the services of a general contractor ther than a home builder parceling ipii* each contract himself can- nothyi loo strongly .stressed. An efficient general contractor will sa\e the builder money at. eve:y turn. One of his principal • dull, useless life been me th* funeral thought ix that It would «wl loo much la Mike it livable. However, the btggeM, job hus already been done even thmiRh the ftttlc may not look very appealing iiL thc lnoin < >1 <L with unfinished rdfUra and rough noor|ng u C(m _ slep mit of Us role us Junk harbor with very little expense and the kind of labor some home owners L'ftn do alone, snys PRACTICAL BUILDER, Chicago 3. • If there Is no jsUlrumy, the dls- ! appeartriK, inill-up type can be built In (lie upstnlis hall or at an unobtrusive spot In one'of the rooms. A permanent stairway can h« coh- itrucled In space presently used ILS ' closet or In another spot where it would not interfere with normal ' circulation. i A drafty or chilly attic c»n be cured by a'ddlng Insulation unrl Installing insulating lioiird which can be purchased in any number of attractive finishes. Extra windows for more light and ventilation «r« not a big problem but require an experienced builder to a.^ure proper construction. The Moping Uriea of an attic lend themselves to* Innumerable InvlK-lns to slore the clothing aitd equipment that ordlimrlly Is piled nny oW place, Beds or Mftts can also be built-in a.s well as dressers, folding tables, etc. Cast-off fur' WE'VE GOT THE EQUIPMENT AND io ciioidinute construction. U worK i nllurc "i»t'fiisy U collecting'dust. 109 East Main St. Phone 4469 Mops nl one point it n.sually delays "A'orkmea all along the IIIK\ Thus is costly. A good coiuractor keeps niaterinl moving on .schedule from .suppliers to site, he .sees tint worxmen deliver a lull tla\' - s work and he knows how to avoid friction beUvcpn imiun.5 and individual workmen. Compliance with city ordinances, buildLT g cod r. and other laws is additional ueUul a general rontrac- lor tnke.s off the shoulders of the home builder. Without a competent, Mitu:rially responsible general crcmti actor it is .dilficuil to obtain '.inancing' for a home. Thcie %\ilt be no misunderstanding if everything is placed in writing. The way to select a capable, honest contractor who lakes pride in hi.s work is to examine houses he ha. 1 ; built and talk with their as to how construction is standing up. Mast lendln? agencies also can recommend first- class genei p.l contractors as it is i in their interest to do so. can serve ably with a good cleaning, painting and, reupholsterlng, THE 'KNOW-HOW!' When yon cull Charley you can h» sur« EXJ'KRIKNCKl) eleelriclarw, mm who really know their work, will hondlt Ih* job w«ll. From minor repairs i» major eormlrtirtiim I hey ran h* depended on for gulck m*rvlc«, and low C(«t, too. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 S. Fifth St. Ph«n« 2993 Atric Space Can vhich should be used and repeated | . industry recommendation that i R0 rV\QOG LJ SQ D*G shingles be used only on roofs h«v- g a rise of 4 inches or more for each horizontal foot. 'Asphalt roofing, properly select- And Comfortable At lie space in homes often lives WALLPAPER Arc you ketping your home at smart and beautiful at it should b«? There's a way to do" it economically—. paper up with— E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. bargain wallpapers. See them in our store. PATTERNS FOR ANY ROOM E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Friendly Building Service ^ No Worry No Delay No Me,, No Bother All The,Hot Water You Want whmn you want it! Automatic Electric Water Heater time, work and worry. Hav* plenty of hot water all the time. For bathing. Tor washing dishes. For laundering, cleaning, shaving, wash- Ing f*ce and hands. You get •utomatie hot water service day or nlsijt—at amaiuglT ,low S«« Your Electric Appliance D*al*r Today Ark-Mo Power Co

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