The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1935
Page 3
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Inexpensive Alterations Add to Comfort and Appearance. Obsolete automobiles can he traded iii on new cars. Obsolete houses, because of the set-up of the building Industry, hold no such possibility. Cars of the pre-slaiier period ore junk. Houses of the mhi-Vic- torian lire-convenience era are not junk, and Die problem of their ex- i istence has given rise to the rap^ Idly developing nit of modernizing . < by a new generation of. architect, 1 ; and builders who luive some very definite Ideas as to what constitutes style. Their accomplishments all over the United States have far outstripped mere remodeling, for Ihcy create from old-style dwellings homes' of an entirely different architectural conception, homes advanced from one style decade to the next. American dwelling architecture reached n low ebb in the latter . part of the nineteenth century ami the early part of the twentieth. Scattered in great profusion, especially in the newer towns of tt|e middle west and west, are thousands of houses which violate modern standards of simplicity, line, arid proportion essential lo dignity, charm, and beauty. It is this class of home with its fussy porches, highly ornamental gables, mansard roofs, and cupolas Unit needs its face lifted. Good for Years or Sei-vlce Thousands of people arc learning 'hal, simple external changes and hot loo costly internal rearrangements will transform uncomfortable architectural atrocities into attractive homes. Most dwellings of the iwriod which lias the greatest need for-' modernization are of good, sound construction and excellent workmanship. They are easily good for another quarter centnrry of service. . .Modern homes arc so complete and so much more fully .equipped than those of twenty or thirty years ago.,thal \here^.Is practically *- ED 'end tp^thc'chaiige.s and 'flddi- ^ ijons that can be made to the old house. The following ' suggesliojis illustrate same of • the commoner 'alterations, botli interior and ' exterior, being made" in- thousands of dwellings. • .•'•'' . -• • '/ Basement: new cellar floor, new furnace,'.stationary- tubs,'Cellarpnr- titioris, a vegetable-,/room,... new stairs, ndditional 'lights, coal windows, work "bench; '--^ . • " ,. Living room 1 : 1 new' floors", replas- tcrihg, siin parlor, mantel.andTiie- place, inter-room* opening's,- built- in bookcases,-'- telephone' niche, French doors, \riktecofation, new light fixtures,- new' .wjndows .and stairways. .;' ; ' ' : '•'' Dining room: tny window, beamed ceiling,'' paneled wainscot, built- in china closet, window seat, hardwood floors, and- better' lighting. And ' in the'-jKitchen , Kitchen: now .floor?'of wood and tile, imitation tile * walls, .built-in cabinets, cupboards, ironing board, and broom closet;''hew sink nnd draining boards, new; plumbing, better lighting, ' swinging door, breakfast nook. •-••--• • Bedrooms: <new, floors, -additional closets,- n™, interior/i'vlm, re'plas- tcring, rearrangement of 'rooms, linen closets, clathes; ; ,chiuo,-;bnllt- in wardrobe," 'rhlfrbr'' deo'rs/ new lighting fixtures,. redecoralion. Hall: mirror doors," new lighting fixtures, sent, guest closet. Exterior of house: new front entrance, changes In porches, new overcoat, dormer windows, lowered : loot lines, new roofing, new paint, | new windows, closcd-in porch to 'make sun parlor. Doors Too often doors arc treated merely as holes in a wall—places to puss i through in entering a house or in going from one room to another—whereas there is scarcely"a feature thai can so add distinction to a home as its doors Accordingly the home owner who is modernizing will take pains to select the right doors. Rs he w m lo get every other detail perfect Ho will study the matter carefully to determine which style will harmonize with the general architecture of his house, and for Innately, he will learn that it costs no more to have doors of good design than to have ugly, misplaced doors. Home owners of today are able to purchase, at low cost, standard size doors of rare architectural beauty, made from choice materials, and of sound construction it is nht so long ago that the majority of really beautiful doors were made to order, at a cost pro- hibilu'e to the average owner. But this Is not the case now. Castle or cottage, house of apartment, the builder has available doors of every type, for interior and exterior use. produced In standard sizes and selling, as a result of stand-' ( •' ardizaUon, at remarkably low prices. Doors are classed as solid or veneer according to their constnic.- Modernizing 37-Year Old Home clinrti'v powers were derived, NOW Mir- Institution linn merely to Ijn "subjr-ol to supervision satlsfnc- irtry lo Hie Administration, by .WHIP KovernrrienliU iirenoy." All unllonnl morliw n.wx'ln- tliiiiii which nmy lie created uiujrr the Nullonnl Housing Aci are mi- loiimtlenlly uppimvd 'by the Fed- mi] lloustiu: Ailmlnl.tlral.lon ns 'I'he liecoiistnicllun Pimince Cor- inimillnn, die Pijilernl Homo ),r>,<m 7- • | Hunks and similar novonnhcnlnl 'IIUUlCllljJ iiuendcs nro npjuovcd n.s inwl- Instillltions Relilxed hv l l my ' l M n ""-'onUm™ with llm Act. .... _'»>."IAIAI ny Any oilier hisljiiilloji must apply AclllimiSlratlOll lillivcl to tint Ailmlnlsinulon nt, .. (Washington fur njijmivn) ns mni-t- fl Is Ihe intention of Foil- Knv ' fCK ... ...,, >n%\ nt iwil llj I Ml' I I'd- I crul Housing Administration (o ox--, ifiid UK, benciHs of um Mntimi Landlord Gets Fourth Mortgage Insurance under 'rule II , „ , or the Hiuioiiui Honsini; Act m I ol Renter s Income every urban eninmiinlly. and in particular lo iswry county m u In' Ahmit nm'-fouith of the nvoraro the milled Sdui's, it wns learned jtenant family's Incqmo has been from Federal Honshu; olfleluls. Bolnu to ihe landlord, nrconllng lo under tho reKiiliillons. u lend ing |inforiniillon just, made pnblle by Instlliition milhori/ed lo extend Hie Ueparlmcnl of Commerce moi'tBftso loan.-, insured by me alter a fimmclal survey of urban I'cucral Housing Administration [housing, cdnduetwl by tho Urn-can 'must be locnled in an iiibiniiiu" Foreign nnd nomeslle Com- comimmity which Ims a InulliiK merce. IMS a Inullug area embraclni; a coml«n<mx population of not less than 15.000." There an many coumles In Die United Stntcs which hnvo no towns of 0,000 census imputation, Including county seats, Notwithstanding Thirty-seven years ago, the house pictured above v/as erected. At that time, it looked ns shown the upper left illustration. By 1034 It had deteriorated to the point where it appeared as shown the upper picture. Then the modernizers tackled ;t. and the with half the reconditioning completed, while, lower right lovjcr left Illustration shows the house is the dwelling as It appears today. The entire interior and exterior improvements came wllhln the 42,000. loan limit of the Moderni/atlon Credit Plan of the Federal Utilising Administration. lion. Solid doors arc especially desirable for the Interior when they are to lie painted. They are generally made of soft wood and no are belter adapted to paint than varnish lx;cause the grain of the wood is not distinctive enough to grant the emphasis given it by varnish. Veneered doors usually have Ihe grain cited that is desirable lo lie shown under a transparent finish. This construction makes it possible to have doors showing the grain of hardwood and yet possessing the durability andvinon-warping•-quality of soft wood. Colonial Entrances Dislhictivi: No period in architecture is more distiiiclive than Ihe Colonial, which .stands out so vividly in the history of door design. Colonial entrances were designed in the north with a Piiritamcal simplicity, while the southern -examples conveyed by their .breadth an impression of hospitality regarded as characteristic ;6f that section. Although the typical Colonial doov was paiulert wlilto, 1 ! occasionally mahogany: WB'S lisecLfRare examples of old mahogany-doors have been found in recent years and restored to their former-' beauty. '. Here:'and there we come upon if'-, green door and green shutters in, connect ion with a while house. This style 'has been adopted by some .of the leading architects, \vho realize that it is pniclical and that the color brings out so emphatically (he charm of the white pilasters nnd architrave. Other types of early architecture besides the Colonial are in evidence everywhere in entrances of good design. The English, -the Spanish, Ihe Kalian, and numerous derivations, are hi common USE.....The evolution ,of home architecture has brought about wid- and broader conceptions, and today merit is recognized in many entrance that does not follow ] a seventeenth century style. Thru the use of these modern doorways, which arc rare combinations of glass and wood, . hallways and rooms are better llghled, producing a cheerfulness which was Jacking in those of old colony days. The doors for (he house you modernize should be given your best thought. You will live with them for a long time and It Is much easier and far less cxpen- sivc lo select (he right kind of floors in the first place than lo replace Ihem later gu. Care o! Linoleum Insures Long Use A new linoleum floor will show ndditional beauty, give prolonged service, and be remarkably easy to clean if a few simple rules are followed from the time the door is laid. An immediate waxing, with occasional repetitions' later on, will Bive the floor a rich sheen, preserve Us -beauty and durability, and make cleaning a simple matter. When furniture' and equipment is placed on the new linoleum ,110 sharp edges should strike the latter. Such edges, ,is well as the. legs .of. heavy pieces, should rest .in. gliders lo prjvent marring or denting of the floor. Tracked-in dirt and most spilled things will wipe 'up 'at, any time. However, stains as .strong as to- dine must be wiped immediately if they are to leave no trace. ."Scrubbing, or even the -use of «. wet mop .is unnecessary if the above precautions arc taken. A daily dry' mopping will be sufficient in most cases, as all dirt wliich accumulates will be in the form of surface particles that come off easily. With this simple -care, a linoliuai floor will remain bright ant! serviceable, for many years despite the hardest of usage. Prolect Pipe* From Freezing in Winter Water, gas and , drainage pipes should be protected from frcezin" during wln[«- months, building cx- ger of biirslhn; the nine or liu<T off. the supply of gus. perls warn. During winter, water sometimes accumulates in gas trans and In pipes having insufficient pitch. Either the installation should be altered to prevent condensation of moisture in the gas system, or insulated so that there is no dnn- shiil- .. i!y of gas. Water, nftrt drainage pipes-,, which may be subjected to freezing weather, should be insulated. This will help to insm'e a continuous flov..of water at all limes and pre- vent,.-tiro pipes from bursting. Hot waler pipes, the hot water tank, and other non-insulated parts of the healing and hot water systems shoiilcl; be insulated to-prevent the loss, of heat. r . . . . The cold ' weather period is an opportune time lo renovate and modernize Ihe entire plumbing system, since plumbers as a rule hnve less work then Than in the spring tlon is. customarily Winter is a peak. an 'excellent time for repairing leaky faucets which run up the water bill and require constant cleaning of sinks, bowls, and baths.' ' -....' Hot water pipes containing deposits of calcium or other chemicals should -be replaced. All drainage pipes, including those from radiators, should have sufficient pitch to permit steam floiv and drainage of condensed steam. The home-owner modernizin" his may lisve plumb- bathroom today ing - tatlmiK In the rVilFrul Honshu; Art- wnlm; . ll is ministration's regulations mutual moralise Iram-niiee. the intention ol the Administration (hut no iirlwii communities- in genera;, ami in. particular no county, bo dental the benefits of Title II of ihe National Housing Act. )t V.-ILS staled oiridaily that the Administrator will approve upon application, nt (cast one bank if "responsible and able to service cucli Information based on report" from 105,000 tenant families In Ul cities shows that mils of typical dwelling units declined an aveniff of 'a per cent from 1020 in 11133 but that ctwlm.i Iho snino the avmiRc lennnt family Incomo decreased more than :« per coil in every area covered the decline n income was substimlliilly grent- T limn " Puvtly 1)10 moi'twigc properly" In ,..._, county seat, regardless of preivnt ir-qiifruneiits- us to capitally a (Ion and population. The MRiilnlloiis do not i-esii-R-t approved tendln" institutions from olfevlni; for hi- snrnnce eligible ' mm (gnni's on property located in any ureii where they me otherwise. pcnnlUcd by law lo lend. Member banks and other lending institutions not eligible because of the requirements as to capital or domicile may nevertheless function as correspondents, brokcro or agents for the tending InstilulioiK which are approved mortgagees. Vmlcr the original regulations an institution . applying " val as a mortgagee (lender) • hud to,J>e, located in. a town or city will! a population of not than decrease In rents nv;u!l; of iliflsn con- ditions mores ihnii a fourth of ul rumllli-.s vepoithi" were delinquent paymenu on January ] 'average rent per dwelling In rent Ifr.H. The unit wns iiboiil $21 per nioniham' the rent iwr room S-t.uo per monil In the cltlc.s- covered Ijy the sur. vey. The monthly rent per roon varied from jiuo | tl fon,- i? nfi South Central cities lo $5.51) i, seven Enst North Central elites Tim iinunml, or rent reported cov era Iho ttitul cli(ii'i;ra per year fo Ihe properly and all'facilities in eluded liy ihe landlord in the rai bill. If -,\ rent-free period was con ceded (lie (ennui during the yein no charge Is Include? In (he sur vcy for that period.' fnspccl Itcfinblly Have Ihe plumblnu sys checked over regularly and hav your jilumblng conlractor fix IV little leaks before valve seals an 0,000 nnd lo have, n paid-in capital of not less than $109000 Under the present general regulations, the tending jnsllliitlon must have a. combined unimpaired capital nnd surplus . of not less than 5100,000. or which at . $50,000 is unimpaired capital least Tills means that if an Institution has only $50,000 of unimpaired capi- must have at least S^OOoo tal, it of unimpaired .surpius.i However, if it-s unimpaired capital amounts lo ; $75,000. for example. ,an lin- impaired siirplnv of $25,000 would Biiflice. Appraisal fees lo cover cost of (j ]0 Federal Holism" of the propcHy appraisal by Administratio covered by a mortgage lo be insured are fixed at the rate of $'! per thousand dollars of (he principal amount, of the inortengr. If an application Is refused without. an appraisal being made by the Ventilating pipes improperly Hashed cause destructive leafcs and usually indicate the need of coun- Icrnashing. LET US GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATE ON A „ . - . - - .: i - Administration, the fee will be rc- fixliires which match perfect- turned to Ihe applicant style :aiul: rieslgn; Bathtub,I Under the original rceulalions and closet'arc'ma'de toithe lending institution had in hn fix.,, e°f ! "'' : " ;l '" 1 ' ra0 "' TC Wil " lt "\<««tor «>«• »l.|*r»Wo n or the Bt) v' . ' •••• ^-_^_ . . ernmental agency from which Its E.B. GEE SALES CO, Inc. ONLY A LIMITED QUANTITY FLOOR MODEL FRIGIDAIRES . DRASTICALLY REDUCED FOR CLEARANCE SIZES FROM 4 CUBIC FEET TO 9 CUBIC FEET SAVINGS OF 112 to $35 • salM d floo C r t] rLv™i» C »l™y foi^ (lenioiistration and tlhplny on our " '-•---- an( | ) a;i) . ^] lc CHEAPER THAN BRICK HcaHlifii] - Everlasting H.C.HALSELL 1JOG W. Ash TOE FEDERAL MOUSING ADMINISTRATION WILI, HELP YOU BUY A FRIGIDAIRE If you own your homo you may or interat wUk PHONE 67 AND ASK FOR A SALESMAN TO CALL Keep Your Home In fipod Repair The Fi?iances are available at 5 - % through tho NHA Plan.. -, Do you want' New Floors, Closets, ' Windows, Cabinets, Wall Paper Varnish Paint, Roof, Sun Porch, New Room, Garage Servant's House, Sidewalks, Plumbing, Wiring-, or Anything Not Suggested Here? ; We'll Help You Just Phone 100. E, C. Robinson Lumber Co. wall dors nol, Ijrltjg . tlio ]ntl,-r 'ond 1)10 «!(!« of.' tliiw frames ovci-ing Old Siding With New Mnlorinl Adds lo Roan I y and Coinforl. A DOIV nvmml mriy |j c nil Ilio il house nrods to fceep It warm wJiitir. Tin) ooinrmt. of Llm \ as well ns Its appearance. Ill iicfcssiirily Iniproi'i' wllli the Idillon of one of lite many ef- etlvo «ldlii(t mnti'rlrilii over llm (1 sldiiiK. Hrlek. brick veneer, stucco, stone, apboards, shlnnlpr, and other prowls, when applied on top of the XI KldliU!. provide additional tn- ilallon. Not only Is there u new 'rfncc to keep the cold out, bill iluad-nlr chamber Is formed be- ween the two sldliiKs. and IUK mice Is iircatly. 'elfectlv eln re""•Inis Ihe Heat Inslile and jire- Ini; the ouwldii eokl from en- Pi'lni!. It operates lo Hie con- •ary In the slimmer, repelling the eut rays antl fAcllltntuii; the cool- 'B of the room!! inside, When shinnies umj clopiionuh '(? applied lo masonry or Kluc- o. wooden slrlps me first nptillell. 1 lorlitQntnlly for shingles and \vr- Icnlly for dnpliOiUds. The strips re. placed oi|iial lo, the weather »i«'i> »l which the MiliiRl ra nr .•boards am to be laid. Jt Is iiecc.wniy, whon overeoal- nB. to place u strip of molding irinind wi/itlnw acid door frames o that (he utttled thickness of the iy and Remodeling Adivitieg CoiUinuing A itiiinbci of Improvements am made mrt nther.i will im wlllilu. n. Klioil lime on of _lhe city. Inclndeil In llirae 1.1 Ihe ivwoilcllng of, (he front . porch and oilier repairs, Ineluillni; pninllnj;', ;o the npurj- . inenL lielnnijlni; lo Mr. nnd Mrs. f'Xlfini' Denim. 'Dili Is jit Ola W. Main. II. II. [fofives ix Lo luive n new roiiipiKlllpii roof put on his iiiittnlnw on Cherry Si. , Mrs.'-A. M.-ntitt, owner of the lluynes 1 Men slui]) hnlldlnK, Is liavliiK ttm biilldlni! romodelwl following n roconl m-e. The partition. fimt Iralcony,' which hwnod, art) beln« roplnccil, new doors nro l.'fiilK luld nnd (lip oiilsldu ana Intorlor rcdecornled. Dejid Caiirlnr Kews Wnnt Ads. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSUHANCK MPT. CIVIC LOYALTY- CHARLES S. LEMONS Household FURNITURE Modernlclv Buy Your BUILDERS HARDWARE From A H.nnhviirc Slorc Also BATH AND KITCHEN FIXTURE!:«csl and JIosl Complete Line in This Sccfion HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Plionc 32

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