The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 12
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PAGB TWBLY* (AKK.J COUKIEK NEWS FRIDAY, MAY 25, 195Z McMath Draws Most of Fire As Hopefuls Open Campaign .. ..Br n. fo\ii ot Arkansas' etx gubernatorial hopefuls took to the platform yesterday (Thursday) »nd two of them centered their fire, on & single opponent — Gov. Sid McMath. McMttth, completing his second J-year term In Uie executive mansion, Is defying an Arkansas political tradition by seeking re-election to a third administration. Only one other mnn In modern times has successfully done that — the late Jeff Davis. Congressman Boyd Tackctt, officially opening his campaign In n •peech at Arkadelphla, accused McMath of "going over llio stale promising to pave this, that find every other road just as he has been doing since he entered t)io race for governor In 1948." Tackelt I» First Tackett — first of five aspirants for the Democratic nomination to hit the pollltcnl slump — promised to take Highway Commission appointments away from the gover nor If elecled. "Just another administration or two handling Ihe Highway Deport rnent as it has been handled during the last few years would be disas trous to our state," Uie Nashville candidate said. Before his formal speech at Ar- adelphia last night Tackctt Joined Atty. Gen. Ike Murry, Judge Francis Cherry of Jonesboro end He- publicnn Jeff Speck of Frenchman's Dayou in speeches at Dermott. Speck Unopposed Speck is unopposed for the Republican nomination, The others are bidding for Democratic votes In the July 20 primary. Jack Holt, the fifth candidate, makes Ills first campaign speech Saturday night at Harrison. Murry hinted nt opposition to his ambitions by supporters ot the present administration. It closed ranks against him, he charged, several months JIKO when )ie ruled slntc officials could not do business with the state. Cherry primarily stressed his program of "honesty, integrity ami sound business methods" but devoted some attention to HID lil|;h- way situation. He promised a "sound highway program." Little Time Wasted Spcct wasted littlo lime on state affairs. He blasted the entire Democratic party, claiming n national Democratic victory in November would "lead the r.nllon to dictatorship" and predicted a sweep for Oen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower. Tackett left little doubt that he considers McMalh his chief foe. He mentioned Hie governor by name several times, often referring to him as "Sidney." The Nashville Congressman called for a reduction in size of the Highway Commission from 12 to nn unspecified number of mem berg. "Out merely to reduce the number of commissioners Is no solution if they ore to be appointee' by tlia governor," he added. Tackett suggested that commissioners be appointed to staggcret' terms by "the state'H constitutional officers." All would have to meei qualifications fix-.-'d by the Icglsla ture. Tackctt said he supports the Ru i-a) Elcctj-lcnl Program — "Sidney doesn't know public powe from private power" — and promised not to seek ;i third term Among Tiickelt's other proposal were a minimum teachers' salary beginning nt $2.400 a year, a reduc tlon In administrative control a schools at Uie state level, rcmiova of the education department Iron "partisan politics" and a ccilir. on taxes at present levels. Some Efforts to Save Democracy Could Wreck It, Rotary Club Told 'ottng prlvlle&es," lie "We must be careful that we do-< nt destroy our democracy through over-tealous efforts to save It," Lloyd Godley, Osceola Rotarlan, told members of Blytliertlle's Rotary club yesterday. Danger of losing; perwnal freedoms wlsl* in certain legislation, like the Hatch Act, he said, which really seeks to protect democracy. "We need «i\ executive who will serve «ll classes of people without prejudice. "We need'a Judiciary which will enforce the law without favoritism. And we need constructive criticism of our system of government, not Yin HI cation of it. "And we can hive these thlne« when the people demand It cxer- elsing their stated. Progress In the United States In the past 50 years. Mr. Godley pointed out, has been prodigious. "Hut I wonder," he Bald, "If we have shown political growth equal to our technological growth." Some people, In their earnest attempts to Improve our democracy, only endanger It, he said. "The Ifclr Employment Practices Act Is an example of legislation fostered by » group which Is probably Bincere In trying to Insure emial "rights lor minorities. But In this Instance, they arc trying to Infringe on the rights of the majority," he 1 stated. Mr. Godley was Introduced by Ro- tarlan Kay Hall. Guests at yesterday's meeting Included L. C. D Young and R. O. Bryan, both of Osceola. D. Baker, Albert Robinson, Orc- ory Brothers, GammlH's Cleaners, V. O. Hoach, Mrs. Claura Horn- *rgcr, Chas. Stahr, Lewis Town- cnd. Bill Donncr. W. R. Brown, mcrican Legion Post No. 101. Ark. ssoclfitccl Telephone Co.. Rev. Lee late. Senior Class of Manila High ichool. $7.50—Atlas Bridges, W. O. Fox. $6—Carter Auto Supply. $5—J. C. Lane. Tom Stcele, Downing Grocery, Ballard Grocery, {ennoth McWhcrtcr, Alex Curtis, \rnos Decker, Mnxfne's Cnfe, \V. R. ngo. R. G. Costncr, Dyrl McHen- y, Esther Bclew, Mac Robinson, C. G. Lnrtcnster. James Moore, E. B. Hart, Olllvc Mike, B. A. McCunn, Mrs. A. Fendlcr, Manila Ainuse- itent Co., Fincher Lfmior Store- Alex \Vclnsteln, Ed\vard McMnsterR 3allard.'s Flower Shop, L. L, Wooduff, Raymond Fox, Mary Cvilllns ,. R. Ballard, Ncal Benson, Luclan Broom, Ainerlcan Legion Auxiliary latel Killlan, W, W. Fowler, Ellin- >eth Mile.?, Shcrrcl) Debusk, Pied Davla, Harry Wright. Lee David Job Costner, Cleve Hutton, Johnnj Fnirchlld. J3.50-Mrs. Wllllnra Borowsky. S3—Sue nallnrd, Hcv. F. M Sweet, CIcve Hutton, J. B. Tvickcr Pntsy Snownes, Bnrbnrrt Griffin. 42.50—Dial Billiard, Roy Asha- branuer, W. L. Cullum. Hud Worthem. Hobart Rcftgen. Ruth Home E. E. Bryd. J2 — Lolllso Aslmbranner, Dnrt Gay Matthews, Loncs Wright, Bll Sliockley, Mnry Ann Alexander, Jock Holt Ready To Begin Race HARRISON, Ark. (IP) — Former Atty. Gen. Jack Holt opens his sec ond bid for the Arkansas governor's thatr In a speech here tomorrow night. Holt, a native of Harrison, wil be honored at an evening-long eel ebratlon that will include nil th trappings of & modern politico campaign—from banners and Hags to a hill-hilly band. , Delegations are expected fton Russellvlile, Uttle Rock, clarksvill and other points to hear Holt's ad dress from the courthouse steps. RED CROSS Frances Faulkner, Tlielnia Fowler, Bessie Stokcly. Dill Perry, H. Shriln, W. A. Tlileme. O. O. Stivers. Joe Morton, Marvin Jolly, Ira Harris, W. F. Horncr. $1.50—\V. M. Powers, Bernccc Bullnrd, Clola ^TcC[>^nlck. Jarnps Bollingcr, Nina Lou Malloy. Leslie Seal. S1.25—Rev. Gates. SI--Viola Cranfnrrt. Mrs. E. E. Byrd. Mrs. Ben Reid, Mrs. Tom Marshal. Mrs. Paul Wilson. Flora Tlpton. Ellen Brown, y.ora Phillips. EH?4\beth Runyan. LUy Shocklcy, Herbert Adkins; Ruth McCormtck Elgin Brown. Wayne Taylor, V. McDonald. Delbert Williams, Gerald Wallace, Neil Qpan Poe, Mr.i. Erinn Stallons, Mrs. p. E. Brown, Mrs Southern, Minnie Mnrtit), M. McCann. H. S. Griffith. Marlhn Lnw- horn, Elmer Merritt, Burl Johnson Johnny Jones. B. A. McCann. Jake Rice. 11111 Davidson, Hal Alcxandci Mrs. Harry Wiight, L. D. Gille W. E. Rooks. 3. E. Wright. Rus=el Edwards. Howard Perkins. Bert \ \ Griffith. Roy Veacll, Charley Stroud, Tom ^fc^1nst«r.•i. Vert Eubanks, D. II. Buck. Edd Crnblrrp. [ Blue Hoyt. Walter Griffin, Pa\il | Robbh:s, Joe CJj.ipin, I.on Newton, J. R. Porter, Annn Bureptt. Stplla Denbow, Eiill Burgctt, Roy Dcnton. nila. IMrfleld $100—J. C. Rllis. New Liberty $25—Home Gin Co. $5—Chns. Lutes, E. H. CrooK. Oi vllle McGuire, Howard Frank James Middleton, M. Koonce, $3—Irn Koonce. $2.50—E. V. Prltchard. »2—V. II. ulxon. II. U. Bhcarli E. Holmes. Im Lutes, Che.ster BurXs, I C. Daniel, Ollle O'Nenl, W. M. Fon F. Long. Sluuly Grove $10— A. T. Brewer. $5—Mrs. C. R. David, Jolm Fair child. II. E. Holing. J. H. Dnvld, W. Bolllnger. Gerald Costner. $2.00—Shady Grove School. J2.50—Orover Yarbro . »1.50~Mrs. J. L. Flecmnn. Mr A. M, Galloway, tl—Mrs. Ethel Lee. UilA William Mrs. Ncal Cnson. Dan Brown. Mr John Simpson, Airs. W. E. Shetto Russell Files, Otto Doniicr, Mrs. I C. Holing, Tillmnn Wells. Jam McWillhuns. Jack Brewer, Doy Brewer. Uroicn Spur $5—B. B. Threlketd. C. T. Ellis Jr. H—Arthur J. Hill. Cnry P. Tate S2—O. D. Brewer, Thurlow Lee, Bill Williams, E. R. Threlkcld. tl—Lester L,. Thompson, charjey Joues. Burner Uobcrtson. Ed Roe. R. R. Williams. W. B. Barlow. Harvay Smith. J. W. Wortilam. I'aul Beaton. J. J. Plcenian, Bert Eubanks, Mrs. Emma Fleemtin, James Wortham. lilacV W;iler lift—!• V. Waddell. Frank Ituiacs, Sin-roll Waddell. S5—Atldle Waddell. Vance Wacl:fell. [i. A."Scott. Clarence Sc $4.50—Black;Water School. News of Men In the Service Ernest Crawford, Navy aviation achlnlst's mate, Is a former Bly- tevllle man who recently was dec- rated for participating In Ihe res- ue of a pilot from Icy waters off <orea. Crnw/ord. grandson, of ]ra J,am- oert, Sr.. of Blytlieville, now makes la home In California and Is the >n ol (lie late Ernest Crawford or iosnell and the former Miss Km- la Lambert, who now lives in Cal- fornia. Working from a helicopter, he oadcd an unconscious pilot Into he machine and took the pilot's lace In the ocean to await return >f the helicopter which carrlec illy two people. Later when the 'copter returned je was found to have frozen face and hands. He earned' a trip to he United States nnd mention Ir l Saturday Evening Post (May 10] irtltlc on heroism 111 Korea. Tlo has been in the Navy i: 'ears and was serving on tin cruiser Rochester when the rescui ook place. Pfc. Henry A. Spain, son of Mr ind Mr.s. Hill Spain of Rlythrvilh :in.s returned home nfier 13 montl; >f service overseas. Including cigh months in Korea. He has been i the Army since Oct. 26, 1950. Arkansas News Briefs— Little Rock Loan Firm Faces Usury Suit in Pulaski Court By Th« Associated Press little Rocfc—Another suit was filed In Pula.sU Chancery Court here yesterday, charging a second Greater Little Rock loan firm with usury. Both hUgalions are an outgrowth of the Arkansas Supreme Court's decision last Monday that the state's '1&5L small loans Act permits Interest rates above the constitutional limit of 10 pc-r cent. The new suit was filed against the Family Finance Corporation by Mr. and Mrs, Robert L, Wisdom, who seek to cancel further indebtedness to the (irm. They contend that the company charges exceeded the constitutional 10 per cent interest limit. Wisdom said he gave Family Finance a chattel mortgage last February for a $540 loan, to be repaid at $30 a month for 18 months. He said deductions included: $250 to pay oft a previous loan; 527 for discount, Interest; $40.50 tor service charges, and $9 for life insurance premium. He satd he received only $209.82 of the $540 loan. The first suit was filed against the Public Service Loan Corporation of North Little Rock. Pocahontas Man Named Insurance President HOT SPRINGS—The new president of the Arkansas Association of Insurance Agents is C. E- Olvcy, jr., of pocahontas. Olvey, elected at. the opening of the group's 51st annual convention here yesterday, succeeds Warren Means of pine Bluff. W. P. Rector of Little Rock was elected vice president, and Robert Maxwell of Texarkana was again named to the Board of Directors of the AAIA's national organization. Harry A. Hodges, son of Mr. and M.- William E. ttarlgcs of BlyUie- vl1lc has been promoted to aviation structural mechanic third ss while serving with Patrol Squadron 741 with the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. Frank G. Lewis, Jr,, seaman apprentice, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Lewis of nlyChevllIc. is serving aboard the heavy cruiser USS Helena, which is now conducting training axerclses off Lotig Beach Calif. Sgt. Edward 11. douse, sen of Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Clouse of Blythcvillc, recently was named "soldier of the week" at the Army's Nahbollenbnch Quarter master Depot in Gpi-mnny A clerk In the 7858th Quartermaster Electrical Accounting Machine Unit. Sgl. Clousc has been in Europe since lust June- .Attorney to Run for State Senate Seat PINE BLUFF—Harold Flowers, a Pine Bluff Negro attorney, says he will oppose Former Jefferson County Hep. Morrel Gathnght for Senate Post No. 2 of the 20th District next November. Gulhrfght is unopposed for the Democratic nomination in the district, composed of Jefferson and Lincoln counties. >'lou'crs will run in the general election as an independent. Baptists Plan Bible School ror Wilson Benme H. Ooff. airman, USN, son of Mr. nrut Mrs. Oren Ooff of Blylhcville. wn.s one of the 3-10 men nt the Whldbcy Island. Wash., Nnvnl Air Station who recently donated blood in n drive held there. S-Sgt. Elton Lawjson, son of Mr. ind Mrs. Harry Lawson of Blythc- '!Ue, hns been graduated from an eight-weeks Air Force security school nt Camp Carson, Colo., and ins returned to Lnckburne Air Force Base at Columbus, O. uherL N. Jewell, seaman apprentice, USN. of Dynes is currently serving aboard the destroyer UKS Fochtcler which Is operating with UN forces in the Japanese- Koretm nrca. $2.50—Jiiiig ' SVatldell. Lee Waddell, W. W. Caery. J. M. Joliff. 2—W. n. Bray. Tom Lassitcr. R C. Whitney. Inez Whitney, Louise Whitney. Mrs. R. C. Whitney. $1.50—Clwrlr-s Caciy. SI — Fred Justus, Rolmrt Easley Willard Morgan, Joe Hamilton, Bill Easley, Clarence Parks, T,, A. Biggers. Morris Simpson. Enunit Bra- noni. Jnuies Caery, Denny Dencon. Connie Morgan. Carl Bonhart. Elton Sllll, Luclcn Phillips. Clyde ,Iol- litf. Bill Cater, Dorsle Pierce, Jim- mle Mae Justus. Julia Reed, Lawrence Parks. Fred Patton, William E. Lewis of Blythevillc recently was promoted to Aviation electronic^rrmn third class nt the Navnl Air Station at San Diego. Wilson E. Friend, brother of As sistant Postmaster J, P. Friend of WILSON—Plans have been completed Tor a vacation Blrjle school .o be held at Wilson's First Baptist church May 26 through June 6. Registration will be on opening day at 8:30 a.m. nnd the school will be conducted from 8:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. daily. Carroll Evans, associate pastor. Is in chfirge. Departments and teachers Include- beginners. Mrs, Ellis Clark, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Jim Germany, Mr.s. Quit man Cox, and Mrs. Jim McCullar; primary, Mrs. Olen Wheeler, Mrs, James Cobb, Mrs. : Marshall \Voodyard, Mrs. D. D, Cash, and Miss Peggy Bowen; junior, Mrs. Broughton Love11, Mrs. G. B. Craven, and Mrs. Donald Hay; intermediate, Mrs. Ed Williams and Miss Norma Anderson; and intermediate and Junior boys, the Rev, M. D. Davis. The Kirs! Almanac first almanac in Anieric probably was the one printed I Bradford's press Jti Pnilnclclphi in 1C87, according to the Encycl pedia Britannica. Read Courier News Classified Ac Blytheville. has teen promoted to quarter-in aster first cinss.- He is serving on the destroyer USS O'Bannon nnd was reecntly cited for excellence In training signalmen. The O'Bannon is reported on escort duty en route to Hong Kong. Free Picture Of Your Catch Aft! Just brftig your slritij; of Hsh to our store anil we'll take a picture for you any lime unlil 9:00 P.M. No charge at a.l. Good luck to you on your fishing. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 2006 W. Main Fhoue 3G47 $213.86—Boot)) collections, $50—CaudUl Brothers. $25-—H. P. Dunavnnl nnd Son. $13—Mrs. A. P. RoWJison. $lQ_ptuil Downs Gin, Robprt Holf. Herman Holt, M. D. DcrvnK | \V. C. Dennis. ! SS—A. D. Reams. W. A. Dodson.j One HoH. $1—Nelson Adams. Bert Faulkner, HaUcy Jackson, Bob Barker, Harvey Unrrils, Veron Clauscl, O. E, Mc- Cormlrh. S2--Hoy Woodward. Gcorpe Webs- V3 pulled out (Continued from Page 1) Fos. $30—Farmers Tractor and Truck Co. SSS—H. D. Alston, City of Manila, Rtley Dunkin, Manila Gin Co. £20—Joe Hornberger, 515—King Feed & Seed Co., Minnie Harmon. *10—.Vfanila Furniture Co., C. O. Lancaster, Wm. Davidson, C. B. Chlldrcss. Howard Funeral Home.' Kathleen To\vell. Elmer Merrill. ] hert Stutts. Fred Finloy. Mr. and Sliedds Cleaners, Guy RubciistRln, $215.34 —Booth Collections nt M.i- Mrs. C. N. King. Rev. J. \S'. Moore. Mrs. John Jordan. U L. Perkins. 1 ler. A'ibiT.v Wccms, Elby Willinms. LcRoy Owens. Carl Morris. j:n-k Roy Pastou. J. W. Huwkiiw. R. L. York. Patty Lynn Flannican. Eloan- Hallilmrk. \Vm. Ct(de. AIHe Lee Wiillace. Mne Bro-svn, H. I. Holoway Jr.. Alvn i lls", R. L. Vnstbind- j Grahnin, Bps.sic Long. Anna Stout.' cr. Claude Polston. C. E. Bell. 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