The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1937
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS mm USEFUL Asparagus With Egg-on Ham •THff BIG POT Here Are Some Suggestions Thai Will Help Make Task Easier Keep calm, cool and collected If you're cooking for n crowd—or entertaining at home, In a big way! Whether yon arc on the committee for your annual church supper, club party or just planning for s fiunlly reunion your problem Is the same—how to please everybody, and how to Increase your favorite recipe from six to sixty. When the big day arrives you will know how to figure as well as how to cook. If you've ha'd no experience us a food ".statistician" | do the next uest thing—and take the figures of some of those clever home "ecccrs" and cafeteri» geni-1 uses who know from experience. A few leaves from their books are given below, as well as this bit of advice: Use Ingredients which Let's have our own coronation—a wafer-thin slice of Virginia hnni arc easy to handle, and need III- spreads out beneath the royal fresh asparagus tills and :i "olden 'era Ar;> Some Suggestions Even Husbands Will Approve Tjic petjilant husband who do- fined f ntads ns something U>' mln ' UK: uijpelitc. never'understood the Any oj a bean with n heiul of leUucei Kidney Solail tie preparation, then you won't toe "worn out" and have your dishes tjive put at the same time! How Much to Get? Coffee: 1 Ib. makes 40 cups; Sugar: !',(. Ibs. is sufficient for 40 cups of coffee; Cream: 1 qt. thin cream or 1 pt. thick cream Cto thin) sufficient for 40 cups of coffee; Fruit Beverage: 3 to 4 gallons is enough tor 100 servings; Ice cream: 3 gallons should serve 100, or count 7 slices to each brick of ice cream; Butter: 1 Ib. print butter cuts Into 40 small squares; Bread: 1 Ib. loaf makes 24 slices (12 sandwiches). With a Can—You Can! Here are some "canned figures" to help you buy and" measure: Size No. of Cupfuls 8 oz. 1 Picnic 1 1-3 No. 1 tall 3 No. 2 2'/> No. 2V- 3 " No. 3 ' 4 Feeding Hie Crowd • Kicc and Shrimp Salad (Serves 50) 1 gallon cooked rice (chilled) !','.• qimrls chopped cucumber 24 hard cooked eggs 3-4 cup chopped onion 6 small cans shrimp 2!i quarts cooked salad dressing Mix rice lightly with onion, cii- ' cumber, shrimp, eggs (diced) and salad dressing, chill and serve on lettuce, 50 servings. VarIalions:"Salmon. tuna fish, or cooked meat-., or poultry may 'be used in place, of shrimp. Or an equal amount of cubed rooked carrots, beets or coked green peas, instead of shrimp will give a quantity vegetable salad. Sorority Punch (serves 40) 1 cup grated pineapple 2 .quarts boiling water 2 cups freshly made tea Juice of 0 lemons Juice of G oranges 1 qunrt grape juice 1 quirt carbonated water 4 cups sugar Cook pineapple, sugar and water together 15 minutes. Add fruit juices and tea. Chill. One hour before serving nine pour over cracked ice; add carbonated water and serve. Banana Chiffon Pie 3 tablespoons granulated gelatin 3-4 cup cold water 4!'j cups mashed banana (10 to 12 bananas) 0 tablespoons lemon juice 1G oz. tl tablespoon) grated lemon rind 3-4 teaspoon grated orange rine 7 1 .;: oz. sugar 12 egg yolks 3-4 teaspoon salt 12 egg whites 5',i oz. (3-4 cup sugar) 6 pie shells Soften gelatin in cold water »Mix banana and lemon juice. Ad lemon and orange rind, sugar, eg yolks and salt. Cook over \a\ heat, stirring constantly, lint thickened. Remove from heat, adc gelatin and stir until dissolve; Cool. Beat egg whites until stif enough to form peaks. Then adc sugar gradually, while continuln to beat. Fold in banana mixture Fill pie shells. Keep in cool plac to stiffen. Makes 6 9-inch pies. Sundnc Sauce (For 50 servings of ice cream) 9 squares chocolate 3-4 cup water 1 tablespoon vanilla 3 cups evaporated milk 1!4 cups white syrnp. Melt chocolate in double bolle over hot water. Add water slowly then syrup stirring until smooti Boil until mixture forms a vei soft ball in cold water. RcmO' from fire and add milk and va nilla. Keep sauce over hot wate and serve as needed. Banana Fritters 2K: cups sifted flour 2-3 cup sugar 3'i teaspoons salt 5 teas|xx)ns baking powder 1 cup milk 2 eggs, well beaten 5 teaspoons melted shortening or oil 12 bananas Sift together flour, salt and baking powder. Combine milk and eggs, and add gradually to dry Ingredients, stirring until batter is smooth. Then stir in shortening. Peel bananas and cut into quarters of crosswise Into halves. Roll In flour, then dip Into fritter batter, completely coating the bananas with the batter, Fry In deep egg does Ihc crowning. (From Hotel McAlpin, fJew York) T Dressed Uo With Spiced Pineaode It Is 'Entirely New Dish Uy MRS. CAYNOR MADDOX NEA Service Slarr Wrilcr Lnmb may be tin old friend, but it does get tiresome. Teach it a line ami its dinner conversion will have a lot more flavor, plced pineapple will do (lie Ivlck. Spiced Pineapple. One large ripe pineapple. 2 cups rown sugar, 1-2 cup good viuc- iv, i teasjioon whole cloVes. licks cinnamon cut- in 3-inch piec- s, .1-2 tsnspaun curry powder. Pare pineapple, cut in slices and ore. Cut into wedges, noil s"ar. spices and curry powder wllh Incgar for 5 minutes. Then add resh pineapple wedges and cook 1 tender. Have immaculate ars hot. Remove pineapple am lace in hot'Jars. Continue lo boi p'ceil syrup > iuntil it gets thick p hehi pour, -over pineapple in jars 2al (U once. For roast leg or shoulder of j i .nib or veal or for cold sliced roast [ Ihis is a brilliant hhit, to look • Even soinach nuist pet woefully ircd of Irani; nothing more cxcit- ng than spinach all the time. Cora- bine it with chicken and cocoanut is the Hawaiians do. and it will .urn positively gay. Spinach With Chicken and Coeoanut (4 to G servings.) One larse broiler. 1-2 pack spinach, 1 fresh cocoanut. 1 tablespoon olive oil or cocoanut oil. salt aud pepper. Cut chicken into G pieces. Sea- c ou. Heat oil in pan, then add chicken and cook to light brown. Cover with boiling water. Simmer until tender. Wash spinach carefully. Cook uncovered and without wnler. Drain and chop well. Next grate fresh co- fat at 375 degrees F. for 4 to 0 ninnies or until brown and taller. Drain on unglazed paper. Serve vciy hot: Makes 24 large T 48 medium-size fritters. BAKERY SPECIALS All Ray Fri. - Sat. - Sun. 19 C 14 C 10 G 18 C 10° ciiniit. Add cocoamil milk ta ooked spinach, season wllh salt. Turn into chicken. Simmer until horoughlv tieated. The Hawaiinus ;ervc this in small native bowls. Asparagus is ruga! now. so why lot crown it with u gol:l?n egg. Asparagus wllh Ivgg (1 serving.) One tl'Jn slice Virginia ham, C plump white asparagus tips, cooked, gi-ated Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, butter. Arrange ham, then asparagus. on heat resistant glass or fireproof crockery. Individual plotter. ";over lips of asparagus wllh gral- ed cheese, dot with butter and sprinkle lightly with lemon juice. Place under broiler lo inell clieesc and brown it. Remove, lay a perfectly fried egg on top tuid then congratulate yourself on having (4 lo 6 servings) One and ono-linlf cups cooked ed kidney beans, 2/cups chopped raw vegetables (carrots, cabbage, celery- and ycen pc|i|>er). 2 leri.spooi: r. scTapcd onion, 1 hnrd- cookc'd c(j(?, chopped; French :irc.'!is!j!g,, chill sunco. Dnfin l)t>i|n.s -and combine with i;hop-ped raw vegetables. Add .chopped egij' and 'onion anil .mix well ;wllh Prquch dressing. Bland 10 icimilcs.s iiiul chill, SeiTc on bed 'of crisp >:lcHube and pass may jiuwlj-c with /a little homc- iiiiid i chili sauce^'mlxcd Inlo It. : Tiimi'll'sh may come from I 1 '" deep' blue sen, yet !l can resl with eisse: on a bed of green chicory. Tuna I-'Ish Salail (4 lo C servings) Two cuixs flaked canned tuna , flsli, 1-2 cnp diced celery. 1-2 cup j dicrsd cucumber, 1-2 teasuoon min:ced onion, 2 tablespoons "chop- jcd green pepper, 1-2 cup innyon- a^e. 1 teaspoon tomalo calsup. Mix all ingredients together., ihill. Arrange on large glass plale nn; bed of crisp chicory. Garnish with large ripe olives. With (oast inul tea. luncheon is ready! Fro/Mi Frlllf Salad (8 servings) One cnp diced fresh grapefruit, . cup orange sections. 1-2 cnp diced pineapple, 1 clip ciltup learned to make lasle different. familiar foods Candied Carrots 10 small carrots 8 marshmallovvs (cut in small Pieces) 1-2 cup butter (melted) Place scraped carrots in baking dish, add marshmallows, and pour- over melted butter. Bake in inod- strawberries. 1-2 cup culup bananas, 1 tablespoon sugar, pinch Mill, 1 cup cooked mayonnaise. 1.-2 cup cream, whipped. Mix fruits, add sugar and cook•;d ; mayonnaise. Mis well, then Jicld whipped crcum. Pour into inold and seal. Pack in eoiml ,]>arls of ice and salt for 3-, 1-2 •'ours or freeze in mechanical re-' frlgcralor. On a warm day, this salad could be the main dish for your, bridge luncheon., Hegln with » ohickcn broth . served in bouillon cups, cheese crackers, then the. salari served sliced on lettuce, wilh white cornmoni cylinders, hntl leu. erajely hot oven (375 degrees] for approximately 35 minutes. Rose Glass : •" SALAD PLATE' BANANA-NUT LAYER FRUIT TWIST Don PECAN-NUT BREAD. Loaf .. FUDGE NUT BROWNIES, no/.. Lgc. UATA1EAL COOKIES. Doz. .. Hutcreg Hour Specials 5 to G P. M. Friday-Sat urday-Sumlay PINEAPPLE ROLLS. Doz CRULLERS -tnC DOT; ............. lL VANILLA WAFKRSQC Dnz ............. 0 PARKEHHOUSE QC ROLUS. Doz Q 0 We Specialize in Special Orders . phone 110 BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. HOBNAIL DESIGN QVz in. salad plate. An authentic reproduction of a famous Early American design. Clear glass, delicately rose tinted. At this remarkably low price you can get a whole set for your next afternoon club—or as a breakfast or luncheon set. 8 EA. Limit ' 12 to a Customer First Quality Grass Sponge for General Household use. A handy Item you should not be without. A spring clean- .ing aid. Cocoa DOOR MATS 984 Thick; tough cocoa fiber closely woven. Strong- Braided Binding insures long life. Size 14x24 in. Keeps mud out of house. ~"KoM Roll" CLOTHES PINS 30/8 No more rolling clothes pins. Made with flat sides to they can't roll. Standard 4 in., length. Hardwood/Natural Finish. A real buy. Gotvanlnd GARBAGE PAIL 75c Heavy, corrugated galvanized metal.-Deep outside rim prevents spilling or odor. Practical ond Sanitary. Approximate capacity 10 gals. SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. "The Progressive Store" J. W. Shouse j. Wilson Henry Phone 35 (MUCKS FOR FRIDAY AN?) SATURDAY Fresh morts Sunldsl Potatoes Pickles RADISHES 1'Yesh Ik'h. ASPARAGUS '2 10 POTATOES Hcdor Q' c TV I H I UCd White. II) U 2" 1'Yesh Do/en Sour or •Dill Qmirl 2 C CRACKERS, ,X, 25 BEEF STEW.CS I COFFEE C. C., I,b. . . 29c French, Lb. . . 2fic Jewel, Lb. .. 21 c Jewel, .1 Lb. .. GOc Armour (,'orncil .Can . . Hasb Can . 15 LIGHT Grapefruits "19c Salad Dressing|i 25c Navy Beans 44c Pineapple ™ 17c I GRAPE I FRUIT C. C. -flAt No. 2 Can Iw CRACKERS ,u . lio J5 c MUSTARD Quart 10 TOMATO PASTE •Vfor 10 PEARS Ai'ffo 2'/ 2 Can PEAS MissCo 2 No. 2 Cans PEACHES A ^Sn 18 l CATSUP Krnxicr's H-Oz. Hot. FLOUR C. C. 'Pancake ICC 2 for 15' SALMON Chum Tall Can 10 1C APRICOTS Argo 2i/ 2 Can Ginger Ale Lntonia Club 24-0/.. Dottle 3(or2Sc FLOUR Little King 94 C S| 83 •18-Lb. Sack TALL BOY io BUTTRR ' l(i oz. 17c; 1)2 oz.' PLUMS Iee 25 ° SODA 6f o, 25 BEEF ROAST ALKANSKR I,igh|. House 4A 17}C CLOCK BREAD 9 Thick Ri!> Pound Brisket Pound 121c Jack Salmon Ib lOc Dressed Buffalo Ib 12jc Catfish Steaks . . Ib 27c Fillet of Haddock Ib 23c Salt Meat^lSc Home Killed Dressed Lard Hens-Fryers 59c I!os( Pure 4 Lbs. Fresh Ground Beef Ib 15c Sliced Pig Liver Ib Veal Boast or Chops Ib.l5c stew Fresh Pound 5c Club and Individual Steaks ib 19c Phila. Cream Cheese 3 for 25c Wisconsin Cheese Ib 19c Sliced Cured Ham 2 Slices 29c

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