The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1935
Page 2
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PAfE-'TWO NEWS Calendar ,,vr.,v-~.> Br|(fo» «l ub _,.h, Mr?, W. « Mjnyaid J>!«es.l4ent'e &*11, o|ij andltovliyii, 9 30 p, m junior O A.'s FtrsV pajHM church, i p ni at church . finsjjtifjs wpin?p> clr?le., ?'|r?t Bsptls^ church 8 p in, at church Mkjiic oepBrimeni Woman's cluo m««i|ng, 3PM 'Church of Christ Bibls. study meeting with M,rs, Bufori Mar tin, 2 30 pra '•UiUuajJAY'9 EVENTS Mrs Strips Hand to Accomplish Difficult Slam Contract Phillips hosier to ,_,.,., Luiicheou club Thursday Bridge cutb meeting with Mrs. Roland Green. Mrs G E Keck havine Thurs oay Contract c|ub. : M|<MY«!( fcnaw. cjyb meeting wjlfi Mrs. Hap-y W. Ifijlries. Women s uernocmtie pmb i Ing at hole! ftoWo, S 30 i) rn fa/VUJttlWb BVENtS Chiiaren of confederacy hailnis |un.Uiton meeilng at noine of Mar- Uia aim uol ngoolns, of fawele K M ilmwood Cemetery tuning with Mrs J 2 40 P M " bridge Olympio at the country cluo, U P. M ' Junto Hadassalv having Ins at Hole) Rpfjio, J ~ " " ! ,,' -1/5' Ambaswdop. Ihc onrist Ainoassadors of the Assembly of God Ohuroh met Sun T day evening with 14 present Vi)» gll Hopkins' group, No 3, was (r chsrgo of tjje program Tt>0f iak|ng part »ero, ?dgar pav)*, O* car Ingram, Evelyn 'Hopkljjs, »ni Willlo Mac Akin The AmuasaHdor* rejWted a good Jail service, apd several visitors to tha hofplta) 4)50 W'""" visiting sjck home? this ^eelj v,y., Ada Davis, Evelyn HopKlns, Willie Mae AWln, Edgar Da\ls, Irene ""• vis ,'Group No .1 |n Uiaige of Mjbs Nellie Weaver, will lu\e tharje of the nrogram n.ex^ ijunday e\c nlng and a|l jipung 'people W Invited- to-attsnci; 1 < T • Marriage I iccnscs Itsucd .These licenses have recently been Issued from tip office of (lie. county court clerH' MJts Car§; Woodburn Tweedle Gunri &\\ Miss Llbcrtj Maj Hill, \x>\b o Manila, Omar Kissell arid Miss El's Sue Cralgc both of Bair Term, William G Steward Miss Annie Adklson, both, ot morel, by tho' F?v 'J 5J1 Caldwel], Tommy Neelj and Lizzie Bell Bunton, bot|i il by Justice ChaiU Louis, V^,. flowers, of Yarbro, and Hiss Bet Us Ferguson, of Redbid, IH,ibj Justice E D Walker, Cletus Olif ford gouthard of Gc^.icll, ape Miss Olllc Fay Martin of Yarbro by Justice E D Walker, Hursche Collins and Miss Gtrtiude pole man, both of Lu\or» Woo<ho\ Welk and MJto Trl]la Miv Cron both of Manila, by JusiiLi Jo.ji U Needhala, Leonard Humber of Blythevjlle, and Miss Oeraldin Barnes, of Haytl, by the Rev V E Solution to Previous Contract Problem PV WM. K, .-^—— ccfttary, American Bridge . There's a lot of good bridge layed in Vlttsbiirijh, but oddly naiifli, it is n poor duplicate city, hot Is, there Is not as much ournanient bridge playct) (n PIU«- ut'glv as there la In, other largo enters. Pittsburgh players, however, •hei\ they have, gone to to urn a- ment* hav? always give)) '4 flu; ccoupt of thembelvfs I dropped in at trip PlH«1>wrih (ridge club, In the WijlUm Penn tote), recently, and niet wcral' p[ 'it.leburgh(> fii.e players Before 'aMug x obtained six \cr> interring hands The first was plajed , pas.tor of the Lake Methodst church, Guj L, Laffooi Mis? Mary D Beiry, both o chviJlf , by Justice 0 ' K Gar ner » * S, S, Enlargement Campaipi Opc«>. The. Sunday school ciilargcmcn campaign of t,he Eirst BapUs church wh.lch opened last even ing for a weeks session of even .Ing meetings, \jas attended by U Following (Uo project work car rjcd out In the various depar! ments by visiting leaders, the Re Edgar Williamson of Paragou director of the scliok spoke 1 the auditorium from 7lSO nnl t',30 o'clock -nils ft Ul be feature of the services to whlc 'the public ls f invited There are no classes or boo .used, U?ft people interested m v a ,lous departments incttlng in scp arate groups {or discussions Lake btrett Church W»ratn Have l « n * er & ot ">c bite 4J10S 6 V. l'0 « 5 < Q10G Opcn|uK lead -, . ; ,» J, Rapp, formerly <)( ~i^=r and, iv joungsfer who'likes to add i !l(r)ll 01 two to the game ivlth in unusual bid now and then He WU s J(iys exceptionally well, too Jfcicslpiok on,e that he had to show his btuft ' ' Today'|i Ijlontract problem i (gi(r blades. A diamond It' 0|)?HCd aii4 IJiroo atfqltlit did- niond trlijtia arq taken, 'I'll* queen of clul;:; Is returned. South opened Ilia bidding with a licarl iml West bid no (rump. inatjo t|io Play (lie to A AK JO 763 \ 3 3 AQ107* « 6 J :' * A. IS 10 Solutlpn In noji fstue. (ha queen-, of.hearts, only to lint that West, showed out, dlsciirdliiB club. Now U 1 !oo,kcd u> If Lust would make a heart trick. Mr. Bapp tle- c|((«c!' to,.try for a coup which would bo possible if East held Jnce spade;, §o a small spade wab -von will won in dtinimy with the King Tin queen of spades lolloped, mid Ml Rapp dlbcardsd his Iwljig c(ub Now another' spadq v»as> played and r.ufled.with the eight of hearts Ihe l(Uig of clubs was cashed am (hen u small club v,,is plavcd and won In the dummy w|th the nee This, left two cjiibs in duminj and A Club forced to . .... _.., . r- -- -••- •- —- =— -r— sit or ten sppt and Ihe deUi^ie. ,)f"'l 9 ..,i.l,," m ?, nl i 1 K" Hfl ,* u ? ablu to overruff and Ihei '"" " '" "" " last trump, making w&s played, £asl was trump with cilhci tin , on, (o his co(jtpn,t,of Noiths bid of two no tnjpip was n?hlj consiructhe as w'as tiw 'liree spa<(e b(d Why* goi|th went o thjce no trump and North bid (OHT hearts, this wqs not ••••n« 4 slgtiTOft Therefore, V " 111. contract ot s^ odd (Copyrlgjit, 1S35. MBA Service, 5- I • Osceola Society — Personal The Pliy West opened a snjull djumoiic) njr Rapp won irt dummy Person*! Mrs. Raymond fowl«r »rid thre lldren, of it Louie, V|&\e ai |ve<( lo v)f>H Mr?. FP*) r F'« in° her, Mrfc Alice Womauk, and, he Inters, Mrs. HJvee:Allen,and Mr* CE«C M. White, and"th,e)r fffmll .s. They formerly l|ved, jierc. Mis Rlchurd picking ' ,uu aiiBlHcr, Helen Claire, of pircl ong Ark, aie E4.est(> pf Mr nd Mri> pugene Dlck|n£0ii tin .|i and Mrs D llanunock aiv ... 'tuckers, qf promised jaijcl, Is U)« guest of Mr .Irs. U W W'u|l(n» for E Mr. and NJrs, E. R, Major) re .urriod'today from Memphis wher Mr. Mason cpnsuUed his special si. He |{> now rjiHcfi linprpml Mme^ c ft Hovey, " ilumpltrey and Chrhjlne pent sesterday In, Mem r ,. t , Mrs Fred Warret; and daughte Marjorle, liave returned froi Oaks, Tenr), v/hwv they spci the .weekrend, Earl Hatcher and dri's M» Parks were In Memphis jestci day King Matthews apd ^tr^ B Stewart spent, yesterday in Men Phis with th.elr sister,'Mrs ftlyit "-"- who Is U| Mrs tx>u Contract Will Test Ability In Bridge Olympic ..„.,, (or th« swaraiog ff H (he «con(j &rinu«l l«»l , olymplQ t<) h* fteu at th,« country ib Fr!«(ay evcnjni as a part the (mirth World'Bridge'Olyni- plv Bvert^ ^ Gee and Ujrry \V rialnes, sponsors of the event, hpp« o attract a, large number pf ilajcrs from Mississippi county iwl toiitlicast Missouri to co|i|- iete for-thew prl»«f. • •. - rn discufiiriB tj\e ptoyliig Mr wM cob? i^h owe Mrs Mrs it I te ' said today -7)115 is no only foi this best pta>«rs but foi anyone wr-o wi&hei u> lest 111: ncihod o.f / playing agalijbl thpsi of world fame Any four 'psopli nay tviv.? a delightful aurt Inter Were, and Dr«(h«r,>ranH jr, TUESDAY, JANUARY^ Mack cook and J. t. Fondren vqrs announced the dalo the hon- flree's wedding took place. * i ». slid Mrs. -.Jim Dixon have to Blythcvillc, IP iiinke Ihciv •--„ \nd ^'.Mrn. U. Jtead, of Hlckmun, Ky., <l*nce i»t who has be'ei) vlslUnfi in Loach- of of her rifece, Miss Dorothy Dlcy, ill' has. returned home, accompanied Luxora Green with ivjli'* Adeic Ljpgaton, \UIP ri- (•e(\ed tier fl B degree from tlit Unl^erelty ot >|i&stwlPtiii Oxford, this %ee|>, will go 'txj Bowling Green K> today to entei the buslpeth college llicre She was accompanied 'by her' parent*, Mr qnd Jir:> c 0 Langston, ^\ho will „ pvenlng without any worry about not beljig perfect players," This, was found to be true last year and this year's meet will liavo eveii inorc attraction, it is believed. A new feature this jcaj will be the speeding up of Ihe playing as the hands wl)l be made up in duplicate boards instead of bein. dealt At the same time players, all oycr the world will be playing lljo same hands in an effoit to reach the pur result for each of the 18 prepared hands Selected by the peat, master players of the country, each hand U of tii 0 type dealt ID the ordinary course-of nn evening at tulUuc Keservatlons may bo nmck: ' by calling 306 or 67 fifty different countries, rcpre sented by more than 200,000 players, w))( stwt tha contest simul, laneously To the winners will'be awarded the custody of two plat-' and Mrs. Clarke* Ford have i lo their new honie weBj, of . J'auline Price and Chili'. Quails were in - BlytheviUe Saturday, -Mr.-and Mrs.--W; • 5mlm-and family visited friendp In the Burdette community Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Simon spent Sunday afternoon \villi Mi'.' and Mrs. C. E. Cook. ' Mrs, Mahtin shopped In Blythe- viUe SnUirday. • Charley Darter spent Sunday' in Manila, . . • ,- i ^ tea Cook, small son of Mr. InS Irs, Willie Coolr, spent Saturday light with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cock. , Harold Bley. Fred Brown of Caruthersviltc, MP., visited R. J. MiKlnnon Wed pesday. 'Miss Alberta Kooncc Is suffering with tonsllitls, J. D. Scott of Hushes is spending u few duys wilh relatives here. .Rev. M. R aalhrlehl la much Improved from a recent operation at 'the Baptist hospital in Little his orchestra, pf Memphis will '\ furn'.sh mivslo 'for, .'the several ' hundred dancera expected to HI- tend. the . Irf has bcciV'. decided by e comniltiec to begin daucitig' at 10 o'clock, dispensing, .wllh th? jiuor show an|iounc.ed earjier. i • ; The sale pf UeHcIs is .progress- i ing bijt the committee • h,n:j : n t \. ; nouncsd that only 2(10 of. the UOO '' for sale have, been] sold.; > Tqdiiy; ' , Mrs, Jaiiifs B. ,.' q, -Q,I , . ., , , Caudllliand Mrsi I G«cil . Shane are ! at..Lcaclivl!le. and l^anlla, .where, assisted "by Mrs. i'A'i'B. Ho^insoVi, they are , carrying oh an Intensive - ' -' - ; : • . Miss Helen Anderson of' Armo- ii'l Is llic"fiiwit of Mrs. Mary Downing. i wnu u* y| ^irs ix)ius " "*r ^'^vu^y ui two pm ttS4>t down tootas to b lnl , lm wo««l Championship troplil ' " * i vnmpn nk «irtnn/i L. . . . . . , valued at $10,000 each and costly repllcis fpr permanent possessions Other beautiful ;eturn ,„„., T B Haypes wm stUnd lo business in Memphis tomorrow Jack rinley Hobln,,jn k j,n Memphis toda> where he \isited Luther Holtombc his loom mate at the, Univerelty of'Arkaiisos last yp»r, who \>,as en rpute from his home In Oklahoma city lo Wash Circle T«o of the society met at (he \\omc ......... , Mf Maj/t, wuu ^ uiuiimy stonarv snrlMv m^i »\ 11,^ Sril b Sfi~ The *no will siug the ta *^»-i"Y" Waits ' A zeviev of -the Ballet Ru-« will be g^vcu by jlr-> Lents MoirlMfl «iio saw Mrs leader for the other side he rirnc is to help with the parson- "ge fiind A hook contest provided cnUi- v - -..- -T---- T - «.v, (a|nii\c|it for the iocia) hour. Mrs orld^r l " 5t 4 * 1VnCr al . W ^ KOIIW. Mrs Spencer Driv- ic-rldi fair | cr . j w Pntl ^ and Mrs C H ,.-,^-, T ... o «».^^j oj Hi c(ifc of I "ivta\iierfcpj he famous Russian balkt dMicer,'salad couisc Pailoui, will be tolfl bj Mrt, R j Pndditon The solo, 'Carmcnu I T(1L W S to be. sung by Mrs Joe Trltsclv mann with Mrs Murray Sjniart at he piano The modern dance will be In ustrateU by Sara Lou McCu.lchei before students of the Jiinlof hlgl """"I, under Ihe M of tin Mis George Deer Forty membeis and SWSls were present, Mis J T Rlwdes led the program, which was taken from the KOI a l Sen ice W S M •- * "' * -* fc ^ J -'".!•» uv^tt^.C V> o Al l]lflI7S71F)A rS 1 ' i n w 4te ^,'J a » » r .<!'^ p«jj.WlSffi is the theijie foe The Rve'of Our Lord I See You" Swcd- l)\k monthi » ( Gamer, o[ _,„, >o McQoldricjc, of -• — »H OCOtCn, 4 UT7C IUU OWVQ-' UlJb H)( Ish, 'ilalf Moon" Oetmaii, "Wa,v-| cr Tory' Irish, TheWtcr' Dan-1 Elmo Ish 'Swent Kaf:' English, 'OldMtsi Black Brothers O«miaii, 'In M> were Wooden Shoes' Dutch, and "Mm- tlsl ucV In the eailicEt 1 , French forpi, Cole. r will be given by Sue R»ine>, Bet ty Proctor, Josephine fealeeby. Wy- nctte Shepherd,. Leora McLeod, Vcra Colemari, Marllia Moore, Virginia McQaughlcj, Olcndoln Me '-- E\xlyn Cunpbcll, Bendori and , HughQj and Je*c)l Brooks, Virginia Little at 'Hie plmio G Trlesclimap and Redman arc to .be Methodist church Woman's ~Mi slonary society met at Uio Qhurc Monday afternoon with the liras dent, Mrs w L Green, pres! Mrs Allan Van Wmkle read ?rom. the seventh chapter o( Jolm f , ChaUafit goffered pravcr A r«p6r( of "-- -- Wf Mrs Joe Mrs. ,C.-G hostesses. BIW« €!»», Metis. The - Ladles • Bible "class of the First Presbyterian chuich met vltli Mrs. Kya Morrison last, evening *hcn Mrs J Nick Thomas and M,rs Kettle Meadc.^tro liostcsscs f r':'~<'"F*yi Vn?'unusual »,«%&? Ajwrt^^tlg^rin^pKd lM; th^pirl^P^e [Uqciap^ \We-PJl}-9Wh-gie ffieftlngi>jtli albrfct'.talki telling' •>' (••.T'-i.ii- of thj ' - ' "' MISS Mirgaret o?lti^OT'i4bi PBJT, George , Alter r hc swslori t|)ere pic, cookies and leu \\eft. Sm da n t the Ban by *L jJ E n * ( £ " lia.s tone lo Cariitl;- - for Sieveral dPis Wnllci cojp, of Par^gould, was he Bucsl Smidaj of Miss B Net its. Blackwood visited here Mmlone fapencci, of Clu cago, Is (lie guest of her cousin Mrs fc Mn here Colq Roc, pf f,jxora visited ~ tiophies, 360 , n ail. will be given the champion* of every county state and proUnce Manila Society — Personal .Martlut lUiiboin u( ANDOVER, Mass. (UP)—Fle'iii- : liigton. N. J.,. made: famous by the trial of Bruno Richard Haupl- mann on chai-ges of kidnaping and mul'dcrlng Charles'Augustus Llnd- bcrgh, Jr., is represented at Ab- Memphis Wednesday, 'she ' has been ill for about three" months. PMS{I Sale of Tickets for President's Ball Final arungemcriU'-iirc being made foi the President's ball Wednesday' 1 evening ut th= 'city auditorium when Sanimy Lazci'ov and Reiul Courier News Wan', Ads. : 3 Dotes of Foley's Loosens Cough . lor [our da>t the Sophonipus class of Manils.high, school saved lunches consistuig of chill, cd lunches consistUlg of chill, Cooling and Sqothinfi B.iiie Slur sandwiches, chorola(e, and pie to' Ointment melts on the skin, sendlnir Positive Relief For Itchy Skin <iiiwivivm:o, viivt^jwi^:, itiia pie co vjiiiiueai tneicson me SKID, senaintr he puullt, of tho school. The pro- tested medicines deeply into pores eeds went lo^heln pay foi the "^ cra lf (luitlly kills ilcb, tetter, lew mimeograph nwehine the ci^MoucTba/k if «rll iarSuJ 1 "' nhnfi) niti-yi^n.^J »„, J if- *' vw IUUUV} ViA\,&. M Clfit J«U lUtli. Lepanto P..?. A. Wi|l Give Valer)tjne Follies LbPANTO Ark - Tile annual Valentine Follies of tlie Lepanto .ii°h school P T A mil be pre- wntLd ai the Ameilcan Legion hut here February ty A popularity contest js being conducted among the girls of the town in conjunction with the Follies ajjd the Queen of Hearts-will be announced Valentin* day. .,- . . - --•- -•- -v ••-.-•. >r ' le Kh's who aie narilclixitlni! ihlt, todgy foi (he ijpaid meeting «re Mivlle Seynwui, Dana •Rice nf Hi. i*rr«i rn,,, r,. Bl .i.. ^ Madeline Veasey. Carmen ofioatn' Irene Morton, Oertrude Marshall, ihe .. ceeds new rnlmeograph ' nwohine tho school" purchased tost month * * * Mrs. Edwin McMasters, a recent bride, was complimented with a shower nt the home of Mrs. A. T Pierce last Tuesday afternoon. After many features of entertainment MIS. McMasters unloaded a tab|c of. gifts'; Jello. whipped cream and angel food cake were served. Dainty heart shaped fa- ..,- , Mildred Lee, Betsy Coth- Carolyn Hudson, Eva Mae Hull, Carolyn Wise Frances H-nd- «rson and Lillian Ho<un e ton Follies will } lc . ,, n(ta . the of Mrs J H Wea Her y and Mrs Noel Marcom (eacljers at tile- Lcpaiito lugli school. ; Sandy Ridge ngton, D.-Q, wlieie he is to be ;mp!oi i d C t Cnggcr, S s btern- ierg and T E T«te aje ' (» todw foi (he ijpaiu , Hie Forrest Cjly District Fed Oration of Wom,ent plijbs - .*„„ -Mis, o W Garrigan apd Mrs Ruth Dixon 'Arlcne"pord"corinnc I U Stendwaii and twin daug)i- Mellaid Hazel Sewv ,*ri> are in Memphis \Uieie (he Mllclicll, Sue Hall children arc being examined by a specialist because of an, car aliment Mr and Atrs W K rngram, for- nerly of Aimoiel have mo\ed to Marlcn where Mr Ingram has b,een transferred by the y s En- corps Mrs. Juliette ColKer Hostess at Country Club Mrs jujlctlc Collier lak of [amburs, Ark, has arrncd l}c;e :o become hostess at the countrv club leplacmg Miss Mnurine Bas belt, \vho resigned lo become hose 1 * at. the Hotel Noble, Jonei. prourdm of Simdaj inglit suppers." 1 for members. Tai'id (heir guests, inaugurated when Miss Bawclt became hostess, Kill be continued nie first o( these will be jg chicken pic supper. Plans, arc alio being mado for » Valentine dance sometime before Februai-y 14 Mr^ Colllci has mamigcd liolels tor 2* scars with special work jji t"e dining room service. S(ie plans lo haxc actli-c supcrilslon o( all parties for llm club ancf Jndi\ld ual tnombtri, ' Mr ind Mis ; W ri vurml n, in Teiuiessee, wliere "uompaiucd by Jessie- Clayton McGanty, who has been seriously ill 15 5 i,, Claj ton Eiibanks liome J W Simon who ha-s been "siting his daughter in California, :oi two months, has ictumed'homc, his health being greatlj improved, Chailey Peters liad as his guest Wednesday night t)is father, Frank Services at 5?nath for Martin Byrd, 10 M<ir|in B>rd 10 ycdr-old ^11 of Mr and Mrs J C Byrd died at U o'clock baturday morning at the famllj homo 1712 vine street, seycnil liour$ «{tcr lie ItaJ - - , ,, .. wu ,y u^«v« <1W I LA l| IJCCIJ I Stricken with a cerebral aflllctton F"llllPrat ^ortrlrim: « r>rn \<n(j c .... News Mr umi Alri Bud Ja frlciids n BlythovjUe *r|y. ot " r ? 'n^'wiWw *£ ^L 31 , 1 !'^.:^^' »V>* ' iX'l ^¥ *^itt w vy> PW» t *<!re ,1l\»4e' {op the ijii Hm) - j>Wjyauc« -of 1 »6rW \ »jtl« Iri ^ \\\t J b«f oier ' " ^fr • •iv-i- T - T lllc HU'l ft r » r'\i I'l**" v v¥* u tHtC'ianariai LUw'.pfTwwlvrfy'r PL^"r.Pip. sp-M MurSfJ - MS,:** SIlMJlrSJIfl! <Jay . Jap )b»ll{ and < other sai««, aiid conttsls were ; pl»jed ' before tile Mys snd gtrls were seoQd'blrUl- day cake nild'tte Wc«Hn ' u,i« i liay,\\elgh«i i« (V c i v recf»,t|y ',jiec.VSf |*' ' lor ?« ">« in business Were orh lo servicw ncre hold m\- day H(. Senath; Mo., with the Cobb Undertaking company m ul fijneral a.rraiigfmenlB Tlio, deceased is : iurvlvcd .- sidei his ]«\rc)\ts, two'biothcn, ,uid HUSKY THROATS "L *• i * ^^*\*f L_i Plwue 644 . ESCAPE FROM THE"COLD"GANG R O X Y Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT & MITR—Iflr - 25f , ..-.--... OI1C, tWO . . . cough and cough ., . get another handkerchief. . . . through the dreary winter months, the "cold" gang drags its way. .Does winter sentence you -to months of;misery? Timhv D{| the chain of colds —by buiiding'rosis- lauce .with Nature's- colil-fiRhtcrs, TRAT.E TABLETS LIVER On, .. , lirovide'.pleiiliful supplies p{ both these protective vitamins, as well as calciuin and. phosphorus to help build a strong body. . Each tablet brings you all the vitamins in one teaspoonful of U.-S.P.X. (revised 1934) CodViver Oil. They .will help you to escape t)sc millions of. cold germs, and bring you new vigor and. strength. Get > them 'at any reliable drug store. 1 One dollar; for each bottle of 100 MOKESSON'S VjTAJUIJJ CONOBN TABLETS. Begin today! ' I „ H.OM TAR. The Matinee AVill Start Alond a y, Tuesday, Wedncsilay, Thursday and Friday at 2:01) P. M. Mutinee Starts Saturday at 12:45 and Sunday iMa'tinee Starts at 1:45 TUESDAY NIGHT ONLY, —DJI (he Stage In Person— Miss Maiurie DuekeU's DANCE REVUE . 35—Pupils—35 In the Most Modern and Beautiful Dances Be,iuhftil_, Qo>tiimeb, Be.\uti ful Lighting Effectb Admission^-15c and JOc —QN THE SCREEN— GEORGIE BREAKSTONE , 5 i lghUy mlprovcd; is ill'-nt his " ' - Careful for Girls In Teeny Because of Ihe Lenefit It lias been to tjiem, many mothers give Cardul to their daughters on their reaching joung womanhood. "Wlien J iras a girl at home, 1 writes Mrs. Becnfce ., Hollen, of French', Lick, Ind, 'I »-as~ \erv irregular.. *At tim"s, the blood would sccinito rusli to mj head ,iml my- nose Aould bleed My mother had taken Cnidul and It had helped her, so t she gave It to 'me: My nose quit bleeding and I was regular blnce I ha\c been married I have felt .t great deiil bc.ttor after taking Cardul ' if.'; ca'rdiil does not bcncnt YOU, consult n physician. . —Adv. 2CP10 666 Chtck. - Tablets COLDS and mm First Day Headaches In 30 Minute* C^OQUIGNOLK OIL JUAPANfEED WAVES »1 Up . , \one Better , , B»nre» Beauty Shop on ^, ii»> CO-LEfl-NOR THE SOFJTH'S fiiST COAL SUPERIOR COAL i MINING "Cd*" 1'hunc 700 : Don't Forget CAUDILL'S AGtNCV General Insurance . C/tarJes (Die/tens' o 1 GREAT EXPEITATION5 WiA JFIoisnee RccdJ* AUn Halt And many others. Olitctit) by Stuiri Walltti. A Stanlty Bcrjcr. man Production. Presented by Carl Latmmle. A UNIVERSAL PJCTURE. Fox News Sport Comedy Musical Shurl H^mmeutein II Songs, 12 STARS AND ' Ptirarnount • News Star Coiiicdy- Girl Seoul and Rov Scout Night - - Wednesday Night TO BETTER SERVE \OU Two new pumps with a capacity oi: 1750 gallons per minute have recently been added to our plant equip-' nient, , The purification system has-been completely reno- yajgcj and venewed ancl all other plaint equipment including reiservoivs, have been, thoroughly cie,am?d, ani;i vepfiived. . : . It s.hall always be our policy to supply Blyth^vifle vesjclents with uj; ample supply oi' pure wat'^v BlytheviUe Water Go. Courteous, Personal Attention lo Uuery Customer Hwna SO 113 So, Broadway

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