The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1948
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1948 BLYTHJSYILLB (ARK.) OOUKlttR NKWft U.S. May Have Arms Advantage Decisive Futuristic Weapons May Be Held ir By American Forces WASHINGTON, May 18. (UP)— The combination of futuristic weapons that may determine the outcome of any new war appeared today to be within the graSp of the United States. From the cryptic words of MC- urlly-consclous officials, It looked as though American forces In the not too distant future will be able to bombard any spot onthe globe with atomic weapons. This conclusion WM based on two developements: 1. President Truman's announcement of the sucessful test of three "Improved" atomic weapons at Eni welok Atoll. 2. Practical assurance that the Navy can go ahead with Us projected construction of the world's biggest aircraft carrier, a 65.000 ton ship capable of launching atom bombers. Ailm.Louis Dent eld, chief ofnava operations, told a Congresslona committee that B-29's would be able to take off from the glantlc flat-lop. B-2S's carried the old- •jfcvpe atom bombs to Japan. ™ Dcnfeld said B-29's would not be able to return to th« super- carrier, but In a llfe-»nd-death struggle > few B-29's could b« classified as expendable. Coii-d Carry Atom Bombers For security reasons, the chief of naval .operations ducked a direct question as to whether the new carrier could be equipped with atom bombers. However, it appeared doubtful the combined chiefs of staff would endorse construction of a $125,000,000 floating airdrome unless it could make use of America's improved nuclear explosives. The president's revelation that the weapons tested at Bniwetok wer« 'improved" led to .speculation that American research had perfected a smaller atom bomb than those that ended the Japanese war. Prom a military standpoint a reduction in size of the bomb without reduction In efficiency would be on« of the greatest "Improve- mentc" possible. This might mean that planes umall-r than B-»'» will carry the atom bombs of th« future. This. In turn, would further increase the strategic value of the new carrier. ... , The" White House maintained Wait for Chance to Reach Palestine Stars May Disappear—But Not For Many Millions of Years NEW YORK. May 18, —(UP) — In. the far off future, the earth man will tee no stars for the simple reuon there won't be any within hU ken. Furthermore, Dr. E. A. Krelken, amous Dutch astronomer, also ther galaxies In the universe. The reason for that, according to Jr. Kreiken, 1| because the universe s expeaudlng: that the galaxies are aclng away from our own galaxy. Drl Krelken, president-curator of of the college of Imjxxiesia at Ba- avla, has been visiting America's colleges and scientific centers. He stopped oft at Palomar, Cal., Held on the Uland of Cyprus by the British, Jewish refugee! manage to keep clean under primitive condition! while waiting lor • charm to reach Palestine. These Jews art shown at the quarantine camp' at Caraoloi. Woman Industrialist Flays Attempt To Force Her to Collect Wage Taxes WESTPORT, Conn., May IB.(UP) —Vivien Kellems, Connecticut in : dustrlallst, said today that . she would fight the government's attempt to collect a $1,685.40 Hen on her .bank account for her refusal to collect withholding taxes from her employes. Miss Kellems made public a letter to the Westport Bank and where the world's largest tele.wop* is about to be put Into use. In an Interview, the talk turned toward Palomar and what the 200- inch mirror will record. Dr. Krelken said lie believed the "big eye" will prove the theory that tld yesterday that the time is com-1 the galaxies—other than our own— ng when the galary in which eartti s located; may be Isolated from all moving awny at a rate of about 20,000 files a second. "The farther they recede," he said, "(he greatei- the speed, -yenUuilly th.y will be travellliur. nl llie speed of lieht—18..000 miles a second." Some day, he said, they will pass bcyood the liorison and will no longer be visible la man on earth. As It Is now, he said, euvth man CHLI see only the stars In his own gnluxy, and a few (alnl oties In the gnlnxy known as Anclrome<la which Is nbout 600,000 light years awny. "Om own gnlnxy is moving too, but not as rnpltUy as the others," he still!. "The stni-s In our galaxy will gradually fade out of sight. Then (he nlRlits on earth will be i except tor the moon* Dr. Krelken uld It hu been mated that 300,000,000 each containing millloni of «t»n, have been lighted, and that with the new telescope eight time* Uut many—or about 1,600,000,000—win probably be brought Into iocuf- yeea, M* rlHiif lOa to be MABV ttaMv flbttb 4 bank with legal action if it turns the amount of the lien over to the government "without a proper court order." • "The money demanded from you Is not yours," the letter said. "It belongs to the Kellems Company It deposited in that name and U entrusted to the Westport Bank and Trust Company for safekeep- ling. ^complete secrecy nature - at three concerning the atomic weapons tested. Unofficial quarteri felt it reasonable to speculate that an atomic mine, designed for underwater detonation, was Included. A deep-water atomic explosion originally scheduled to be carried out at Bikini In July, 194«, was cancelled without explanation. It was felt that whatever factors were re- sponlble for -that cancellation now have probably been overcome. Atomic Mine Seen Explosion of an atomic mine within a harbor would bring new frightfuhiesfi to wnrware. In addition to shipping damage, it presumably would saturate the surrounding countrysidi with deadly radioactive spray. Th« Eniwetok tests undoubtedly kill effect the guided missiles program, wherein one goal is development of a long-range missile with an atomic warhead. There were Indications that at least one phase of the guided missile program progress was lagging. Denfeld told a House Armed Services Subcommittee that the Navy wished to suspend construction of two .warships -the Kentucky and the Hawaii — which are to be guided missile bombardment ships. He indicated that the Navy felt further experimentation was essential before construction of such ships could proceed. . This experi- ^|,mcntation_ he said, "U continuing fW*s rapidly HS possible." NOTICE Notice it hereby given that the undersigned will within the' time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at re; ail at 312 E. Main, Blythe- vilie, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to 'sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked witli- m five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been con- victcrl ol violating the laws of this ; )ank acount and hand it over to a. third person without a proper court order. The Keilems Company, my brother and I will hold you itrictly accountable and will immediately take any and all legal steps to recover It." In a statement accompaning the letter, Miss Kellems charged the Internal Revenue Department with a "high-handed action". In filing the lien, which It claims Is due the government for taxes, penalties and interest. Get the New Look state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic' liquors. Campbells Fool Room Odell Campbell Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1.7th day ot May, 1948. MRS. MARSHALL BLACKARD (SEAL) i Notary Public "According to the New Deal ta law was jammed through rubber-stamp Congress during th war," she said, "an agent of th Internal Revenue Department may constitute himself judge, jury prosecuting attorney, plaintiff wittness and lord high executioner, all rolled into one. "He may select an amirary fig- 'ure, walk into a bank, demand funds In a private bank account, throw the loot over hts shoulder arid swagger out. He needs neither a gun nor a black mask—he Is from the Treasury Department." Miss Kellems said her employes had been told by the Interrial Revenue Department on March 15 what to do about filing Income tax returns and had followed the directions, "Now, 1 ' she said, "another agent | from the Internal Revenue Department walks in, pores over our books, assess taxes that are not due, fires a penalty, adds Interest and then demands that the Westport Bank and Trust Company give him the money. This in spite of his statement to us that the funds of the government had been protected by us. and our employees. "The same law, ^vhich forces the employer to reach Into the pay envelope of an employe and forcibly takes taxes in advance from the helpless worker, gives the Internal revenue agent the power to! walk Into a bank and forcibly take ] EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING F.fzpqtrick Jewelers Blythevtlle, Ark. > MOX the MOX All Week Through Friday! Starting today KIR/H. The World's Most Amazing Demonstration of Psychology and Menial Telepathy MOX-the-MOX Theatre BLYTHEVILLE SPECIAL - Ladies Only 1 Matinee Thurs./May 20 —AT 2:00 IIIH tjou tauJfo lutek/ kakd to hear the mellow, fine-car purr of that heavenly, made-/or-A/ercury motor. You had to hear it to believe that this 8-cylimler, V-type motor was not in a car far beyond Mercury's price class. money from the employer. If one theft is legal then it logically follows that the other Is, also." . The Hen against. Miss Kellems'' My Commission expires March 9, account was filed by an agent from 1949. v [ Hartford on May 13. (SALAD TRY OUR DELICIOUS FRESH SALADS IN AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT HOTEL NOBLE Coffee Shop with a luxurious "comfort-ione" seat cushioning you. You made your own "weather" iiuide the car—with somcthln, they called "Fingertip Weather Control.' A controlled flow of fresh, filtered air— no fog on the windshield—no opening to drip water on your stockings. That was comfort you'd dreamed about. That was all-new. That was Mercury! An all-new kind of car beauty—longer, lowetg V..ICT—with, a poised, graceful silhouette. It wM not a "new model" looking prelty much like la*t ycar'i with its fac« lifted. You saw ihe ALL-KMT Mercury in a choice' of superb body rtylee —including the new 5i'*-pu»enger Coupe tat Six-passenger Convertible You felt so safe, to secure, because Mercury <UfJfc "wind-wander" or "over-jteer." Mercury took the curve* with rase. Its perfect balance, the wif it hugged (lie road, ind its fat new luper-bcllcxai tiro g.'\vc you a ride that WM smooth u Mtio. a new U a (Wouto jj(ea4uft£// You knew thrills that—until this year—c*m» . only to the owners of the costliest cars. You learned about big new brakes that bring you to a swift, sure, yet gentle stop ... about all-new beauty, comfort, performance... •hont bow really nciu a car can bet That's Mercury, ,1919 Mercury,'the AIJ.-XEW Mercury! . If th«r« it lift in your old wolch, we'll put it bock in th* running wilh . guaranteed factory workmanship, promptly and economically. TO! UJRICH •I Fitzpatrick JtwcUrs Btytherflle, Art. PREMIER AIRE-MATIC "80" Makes Quick Work of Housework I • Every cleaning task is accomplished easily and efficiently with thi» new, low-priced, Premier Aire- Matic. It has more-ihan-ample suction power and comet ^equipped with specialized attachment* for every cleaning need. Its streamlined design and m durable maroon and gray crinkle finish make the Premier At re-Ma tic "80" u outstanding in appearance as it-is in performance —a genuinely high quality cleaner at a remarkably low price. St« it to4*y/ A DAMS APPLIANCE,COMPANY J. W. ADAMS, Mirr, Complete Service Department In Connection 206-08 West Main Phone 2071 72.70 CompUt* i • ..'.'. Now you know how new a car can be ! Not a'new model"..the Phones 3479-4333-4334 SEE MERCURY-THE CAR YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR - AT Still & Young Motor Company Lincoln-Mercury Dealer 1st t Wahw»

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