The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1937
Page 8
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' PAGE EtGHT3 BLYTHEVILLB-. (ARK.)'• COUMBft NEWS ORE-HE .UHM1E8T Famiiiar Dainlies Which Still tickle Palate Effectively By Sins. CiAVNO.U MAllDOX NEA Service Stuff Writer : Three^ requests, repealed many times, produce* this answer in lerms of chocolate caramels, chocolalc fudge nnd Parker House rolls. Apparently, the old Inshloned tables still have their- followers,. Chocolate Caramels (1. 3-4 pounds.) Three'cups brown sugar, ,2 tablespoons light molasses, 3-4 cup top niilk,' 3 squares chocolate (3 ounces), 1-4 cup butler,. 1 teaspoon vanilla- extract. Put sugar,' molasses, milk ami chocolate In a 1 1-2 quart saucepan and bring to Ihe boiling polnl, •stirring.until Ihe sugar and chocolate arc melted. Cook over, ti low flame lo tlie soft ball stage; 235. degrees P. il you use a candy thermometer. Add butter,, and cook lo bard ball stage i 245 degrees F. Remove from the heut, add vanilla extract, and pour Into a wcl greased dish about. OxlO indies Cool 'and cut into squares. Tho 'legion of fudge makers nev er teem to loss their school day enthusiasm and -Ibis is what lhej ask for. Chocolate Fudge , (1 1-4 pounds.) Two' cups sugar, 2 squares chocolate - (2 ounces), 2 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon corn syrup, 2-3 cup milk, 1 leaspoon vanilla cx- , tract.' Cook together tile sugar, chocolate,: butter and corn 'syrup until it .forms a soft ball when put in a cup of cold'waler. On [he candy thermometer'this is 235 degrees P. Remove from Ihe range, and cool without stirring until (lie bottom, of Ihe dish Is barely warm lo'the touch. Add vanilla-extract and beat, until it begins to lose its shiny look. PpUr. into a veil, greased dish auoiit, ;GxlO inches: When set, cut -in squares. ; Pood fads may come and go, but Parker House lolls'go.on ( forever •llns recipe lequlres much less making time Ulan most. Ealinc time is practically no longer lhar it lakes to butter them. Quick - 1'nrhcr House Hufls ' d .d02cn small) TMji takes least, 1-4 cup hike- •\\arnv.'water, 1 1-1 cups milk, \ tablespoons sugar, 3-1 laaspobn: £Bll, v l.-4 ci'p.buttei, a crtpa-flour Dissolve yeast jn water. -Int< saucepan place,milk, sngarrTind hal Ihe buttsr. Heal slighlly. Ad-J yeas and hour, mix, nn.1 stand In \\aim place for fifteen niinules Then-turn out on 1 well floured boar und tpat to about 3-4 hicb thick ness.- shap: witli cutler. Plac piece of butter on each and lok dough over , to cover. Let rise i warm place on greased . baktn fheet Then bake in hoi oven (45 degress P.) ': for about 10 minutes KE E PS ROAST PIPING HOT- Some of the charm of the old English chop-house is brought lo Ilia home by this new type of niclal roaster. Not only docs its use permit more space on the table for other food containers, but Hie heat retaining qualities of Ihe roaster make it possible for tlie hostess (<i serve several helpings, wlillc the jtc-od in it remains plpinc hot. Grapef Cook's Clinic UE3T1ON: How ciiu'ohe prevent pnstiy Irom ttickiiig nn:l bieak- ' ig at tlie edges when rollhitj It out? NSWER; Tlie best way lo prevent this difflcnUy Is to use a pastry canvas ' on Hie 1 - .rolling beard nnd i\ cover on tli: rolling pin. Stretch a niece of white canvas taut over n dampened tftbls top. Ci;t the foot from a child's white hose and slip tlie hose over the rolling pin. Then lightly flour the canvas and lollliijj pin and you'll nnd llial the pastry will roll 'out 'evenly inul wllhoul slicking. lUESTION: Why dp,, my Welsl) Harcbits, made with fg'ts, cream and cheese, alwuys curdle? NSWER: When' making a cusliird Rarebit, thickened with eggs, always lultl scalded cream to the heal,an eggs to prevent :imlllngs More important i is" Ihe cookiur •temperature. With an electric • ranjc, it, isn't necessary to use a Joiiblc boiler;, just cook the mixture in a saucepan over controlled low heat, slirring occa sloiHI'y, until thick. QOliSTION:;>How can I meringues thai swirl a:ul slund " '' Tint Pic Will Prove Pleasant Surpris How yoiir guesls—or your fnih for that matter—will sing whan th "pie is ,opened'-! Wholesome an economical, grapefruit pie brin; one more answer to your.,sprit dessert problem. It's dainty i delicate to'.'look at, delightful taste, nnd Its \\hilc and gold co onng will be as refreshing as bunch of jonquils on your table. Make it this way: Grapefruit Pie 1-2 cup ccrnslarch ~- 1 1-4 (ups sugar 1-4 teaspoon salt 1 3-4 cups boiling water 3 "egg yolks 1 ' : labiespoon butter 1-2 cup grapefruit Juice 1.teaspoon; grated rind _3 egg whites "G tablespoons sugar. Mix-cornstorch, sugar and salt. Add'boiling water, stirring to blend well. Cook for 15 minutes in double boilsr, -stirring till-thick and tmooth Beat egg yolks slightly and pour cornslarch mixture into thjm slowly, stirring- constantly. lUlurn to double'boiler and cook "2 minutes Jong!r. Remove Irom stove , and add butler, grapifruit juice and rind, stirring till well blended Cool Pour into 9-inch bake:l pie shell. .. . . •\NEWER : r TO make u Succc3sllil mprlhfiue. beat the og™ while: utitil^thcy hold u peak; then lor every : while 'ad:l 2 lablcspoons of -sugar wliila beating constantly. Spread the meringue over the pie with a swirling niolbn, iisin: a teaspoon. iylerlnguc.s should lie baker] In a slow oven. Set the temperature control of Ihe ovsn lo 300 degrees mid bake Ihe me. rliiBiis for 18 minutes. . ' QUESTION: What makes ihe cms of a butter cake soggy? ANSWER: This Is caused by the cako steaming In the pan aft it is removed from the' oven. prevent this, set Ihe pan on . cake rack about 2 minutes, the: invert, nnd remove Iho'cake fron tlie pan. Chocol&te Cvcam Marflip 7. squaras bitlsr chocolate 40 marshmallofrs ' 1 cup boiling water milk chipped ice. Melt the chocolate and marsh mallows together with onc-Iourt cup of water in Ihe top ol a doubt boiler. Then add Hi; rcmainln water nnd cook' 15 minutes. Poll inlo a clean, hot glass jnr. cove nnd store In refrigerator. Whc ready to serve, add 3 lablcspool of Ihe mixture nnd a little chippc ice to each cup of cold milk. Shak vigorously. Read Courier News Wain Arts Tropical Upside-Down Cakj .Good — Inside and oul; prelly . up-side dofrn; topsy-turvy It "ends sugar, finnly up" perfectly! 1-1. cup brown packed 2 large grapelnut. sectioned 1-3 cup shortening 1-4 teaspoon salt 3-4 cup sugar ! egg , 1 l-2" : cups v silled cake Hour 2 • teaspoons baking" powder 1-2 cup grapcfniit juice.' Butter thickly an 8x8x2-in. cake pan, and cover bottom wilh brown t • sugar and grapefruit sections. Cream shortening with salt. -Add sugar gradually, then' unbeaten egg. healing till light and dully.) Sift logether flour' 1 and baking iwvidcr. j\dd, alternately with grapefruit juice'a little at n timn. beating .after each oddilion till smooth. Pour over mixture in pan and bake' In moderate- oven' (350. degrees P.) 50 to . 6p ininulcs. Sent! with .whipped cream. ..;--.. ••i Lion cubs seldcta ,weigh more than a pound at With. , Ai'RiL 22, ioaY <~>-, V LIBERTY SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AMD SATURDAY The Comint'le Store ;ill Mum St. Krey Sliced PORK CHOPS Mustard or i nrmp-M. j;'. OC ''• liiiVch '""'' HAMBURGER GREEN OMNS THICK RIB ROAST KALE GREENS STEW MEAT GREEN CABBAGE COMPOUND LARD PURE LARD PROCESS BUTTER SALT MEAT PAN ROLLS WEINERS TOASTIES DOG FOOD BOILED HAM BAKED HAM Standard No, 2 Can Ciiniion Towel Kri:o.3-U) can 5!)c (> II) en SI. 15 FRESH ASPARAGUS 2-1,1). Gox Diirkecs* Hox 1C "2 s i\o. 2 Can Libby's 21/2 Can Vi Mi. Loose Viin Camp Cnn Mnr.sdiino 2-0/. Uottlc Yellow 2 EC » Anglo ~U>. Can Special Kadi 7-0/,. Can

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