The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press T^^M^NTNEVV3PA PEIl OP NORTHEAST AHKANSAS AN*OUT^f^* R " y uiyiticvllle Courier Blylhevllle Dally News ' '. • , ———— ; i.' — _J^:^jreraid Mississippi .valley Under . jn^JPHCTlLLK, ARKANiJAS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1085 WORLCOURT Measure Permits Redemp- tiori by Payment ( 6f Two Years' Levies. ' LITTLE HOCK, Jim. W (UP) — Redemption' of. -lax delinquent properly by payment o! two years taxes . for four was approved by the 50th general assembly today. The; 1 measure, , introducert by Splinter Sam Levlni; of Pine niulf, needs'only Ciov. J. 'M. Futreli's signaturp to become n law. I' was passed finally ', by 'the lions- 71 to 17. Undei- provision.-, of the bill itc- linijueiit taxes of io;jo, jflai and • !932 may be paid wllh one year'? n:.£essmeiil If owner's first pay 193S taxes. It.extends the act whi«-h rxplrer.1. last fall, .support™..; fx . plained, with the addeti payment of. the 1933 assessments. Calls U Unfair Representative Golden Blount of Searcy; said the measure v.'outa encourage delinquency nud chprgnd "it isn't treating tho people right who went without things in order to pay their taxes." f^cp. R. K, Mason of Camdcn, agreed it seemed unfair tc thus" who had paid taxes 'but emphasized it Ls "n damned sight better for home owners to »ct their 1 homes back .than for a damned I Jinich of land grabbers to gobble Hiem up." if die owner* were not permitted- to 1 icilcem their property tlie "land grabbers" would buy if • from u le s ( ntc ,- 01 . onc year's taxes, he expiated. Bcne- " to counties, municipalities and KM rt[c;f>-If»+c \.-n\i,: . 11:.. _ . , • Zaliaroff Feeble After Illness . districts We .outlined , photoiiaphed numltlcns king,'hud Airplane Carries Food to Snowbound Family I.AKEIIUnST. N. J.. Jnil. 2!) <1J 1'J—A pilot who risked a crasl n snow ili-jfus on Ihe jiuvnl nil station tic-Id carried food to'rta> lo 11 man, woman and two children laiiliiK starvation In a snowbound farm JIOII.SP. The flyers Itcw over thc farm rcpplng ihe- lond by parachute The food landed annul 100 feet from the Douse ;ind the (lym Bingham Myers come out and carry it jasido lo his family. Edward Smith, who owns the farm, accompanied . UK- flym. Tlie tri)> was mada during a llishl MOW Biorm nnd visibility wns poor. The faun house, although not stntToti, is far from Iho ..... icached.only by a nauow road which {•; lion burled by /mow. IE WLL HEBE Plan to Enlarge Business on Sile..Just North of This City. ;: . —• -^— _ Heads Fighting Tol! °f Poi «"» Booze Forces of Huey Mf " 1 ""' T ""~" Governor Expected Also to' Enter Figlu Qvei Fact Finding Tribunal. LITTLE ROCK; j in 20 (DP)— Oov. J. M. Futrell entered On fight lo remove Comptrollci "Qiif- fln Smith loilay ulth his flfsl public expression, mndo tlnough j the United j'rres. ' . "H the legislator uiuiLs things covered up as lin.s lj <.» done In the past, then Orllfin Smith Should be removed." he said. That slmp!« statement was In terpretcd as the beginning »r the governor's anticlpaled move .ifcaln t »n apparent anti-administration campaign. Although the goiemm made no comment regarding th= bill which passed ih e senate jcs terdny ( O abolish tup Pict nnd ing Tribunal he is expected to enter that fight when the bill is brought before the house or ii>nit> wnlallves. Neither wa.s tlierr comn cnt on .••>•„• nnrt jnke Iluffmaii, who " lc IIBW report that Bank coin- have been in the saw mill and ' '»>**>"«• Morion Wavson \otild be umbor., business at Yarbro for . «' { "=^d in legislate iclion 18 years, will bring their bnsl- . A 1]1 " to abolish ihe complrol --•-?, "....m.ij wure,. outlined by Hep. J. C. Childed; of \Valnu 1 •• ••••-•• ••i.minvus MIW, nsa ,1 ,," who ™ icl lnc slate' -soi J (lstr stt PP°<l out of Dls-hotel at at tlie money in delinquent 'tax Monte Carlo when an alert cam- sales .whereas if the back-,(axes evamn11 appeared on Iho .scene, were paid by the owners the siib-| Thl ? striking picture of the aged divisions of government '"tvb'iild' get swi'-salesinnn of armaments nntl their proportionate shares . ,- -"•-"'— ' Welfare fill! Iiiiro«uMil' " ; '" ess 1 -16 BJylhevllle early In the Bummer. They have purchased . ive acres'o| land from Miss Lucia Rechliu where (hey will erect I ' modern lumber shed and move ha mill. The land is on the east side 3' Highway 01 between Blytlic- "lle and thc country club The new building, which is to house the lumber business is to be GO by 120 feet, two ' stories high. It Is lo be modern in arrangement with. ..upJto'-date of- i«*<= nnd display- rooms included S; shows.him .enfeebled by ills rp'ennl illness. Services Tomorrow . jpp-for;Mill Bayou Victim •S.Fuiie'ial services will'be held tomorrow morning nt 11 o'clock at New Llteiiy r co'mmuniiy chuvch for \V. E. Sawyer, 38, wl'.o ivus drowned Monday when a truck in • which he '.KLS riding plutigsd off a bridge into Mill Bayou. of, Mis- Horn it tha debating arid pSnV£bfrltd^1^^ :antl thc Rev - Ml '- ^^^^^^^^^^^ dale from Augu; ' Tuesday in March, be made .n Ihe plans. HlnlR " "-''others,- Ulc . --wn.,.,,,, t l^ un; • is culled, have extensive plans enlarging their mislneis wlilch outgrown Its location'. National Gqard Paper, - ; Scores American Legion NEW YORK,: : jfui.-2!l',.(tJp> The America office was Ic^oiied m n committee iodny without ve<W meiidation. A fight. K c\p»ctK to break on the flool of the house when it is cnlled for thnd lending and n-inl action Smith flits Printers Comptroller Smith charged that Wilcntz Involves Lindbergh Defendant in Tangle of 1 Discrepancies. ,, •, ,. --...n* i.nAiut:u inai — •—• J ^h^Sa&.VS.M Jiri" Ule ml , 1 " 1 ' r » 9 " ea ^ transfer its duties to th,- offfce or J .1 , i '° lialon Kuu ^ '» "ie stale nuditor. C Ot , ^f' 1 , 1 ' 10 ^" aro 1Jcnl "n.lsln.. i^-ere's always ;„ „„,,. Bhta ' | ^ ^ '< ' J?™ « V h«« ,,„"„, •••••".•- " iiiuuie wnen here a nA?:, a " cc to ' ^ "»• *«(?. ire.*!, till.'-' he said.- here as he left tha (cnpltol. rebel lenders ,- mt ".- ne saltu,*.,..." ^ , ,/<.( ,„,„ VIHI ":"",<?<» ,-ini ^tiS'riK^ -' ?-«»: %i<%?$£ S^L^i^^.-'^-/^"".^ , - .. -,-.~.. v i.^ivin >ng muu 1L WUS ,^l"f.,.r n i lclocl ''.' aPPWed a print- ; - , prn- ing bill from Calvert & McBride 'lalo capital!',' ' Farm<;r • Beaten ' on Road at Lepanto ' LBPANTO, Arki—Hubert Flunk's, 24. farmer on the J. p. Holiuian allowed if, niirt '. foiiiid an ovpK charge, of ,$9B2> -;' ; . . _ • "There was ailothcr bjil' fpr $2100 that was never delivered. The entire bill 'for printing fhn fipi<i nf 10^-3 i, • u i i i , - -• ^wi*n*i*un uun-uuutii 01 nero ill SSir^TS S£T5GSSa,SvSs saS fKS'Z s;,,'E a-KSJKSs-S: =: a ;»;4 »'»?**« . of eel ,-- T .w.... . j« v ,,,,it giijig toany by Ihe Hundred and Seventh Re"- uiient Gazette,, publication'of the nundrcd and seventh regiment J»ew York nnliohal guiml. An editorial vigorously assailed ine Legion for demanding immediate cash payment of bonus certificates. The regiment's commanding 'of tered sufficient votes' lo pass' it- ! STEELE, Mo.-The Stcele fire ^irTpur,^ posed act is to do away with il-1 A combined servants' riEVij s -' mi>llcc of 1 Barego .and Chiidcrs declared in opening the k- IV debate for. the : hill.-: He'wild that ^ir'ls it would prevent ; buying of such !>y fli receipts cither by individuals or servai candidates. Under, his measure. he ; clndei, CM to a' vole would have to be a'id 'of the obtained n ,ypar : previous to Ihe i 1 " is* bcliev ! ' rlmiir ->'- . flcstroyeit Night Prowler 'Visits 1 ' Several Osceola Homes OSCEOLA,' Ari^A number of . "onics In Osceola were . city was M. lnc E. The loss in--. Apparently . ihe R- Miller, nnd burglar ^as only for money, as -he : lake anything where mon hlng • TOO per 'cehfniorc than they should run'."' ' •' -. Hospital Board Fight .Senate conflrmntlon of the recess Senate cdnrirmatiqn of thc recess appointments ot • rive board members- of - the : State Hospital lor Nervous Diseases will be contested when they are ..brought before that body at this - session of the general assembly, the United Pros' learned today. The leader, of the opposition speaking confidentially, said he would attack confirmation of al the. board members. The five men were appointed while the 1933 legislature, -.was,. still • in sesstor but. no'action'ps' taken by the senate: •'•Confirmation' or rejection must -be given', at Ibis session. Thc five board members are John Peters, of Hot Springs. Joa K. Muhony, of El Dorado. Floyd H. Fiilkcrson, -of. North Lllilo Rock. HczckiahV: HSglifill.^pf Bly- thcvillc, and- T br: : A.-CJ ; K,ilb. of Hope. Fiilkcrson conferred in senate committee rooms with upper house members today. •nin n^ j , " L '" kL ""fining will -cic lire department ey could not be found Mavor ncstroyed the Zihnw fin lmvc .? od S e « »'ill l« ue . a n-arnin? to- 'l^'^iW'iB.Wo'aconlal.l'-Thea.ntoVcSl^Jl^^^^ t0 " H rcsldent£ ot ^^ Oil to obtain .a r am! decision in ^c. Saturday but was onK-SlteH al'ri "T. H "'^ '° ltK!k tllelr doors e!»f election ° SU? tof °'' C the E0n ' "' dam »«d. A rL«"L "1 J . S^ ail(1 wlndo . ws Mc "™ly nt night as Another feature „, lllt; lers brought out, was that it . . ,--.-. i i .^ ' '*"« \iiai- it — _— llPlirTnrl ««iJ " -*---• --vj -*j *iiuiiJi:itiiii uil "cnned and a recurrence Is ex-j Cunningham yesterday. Fine and Jail for Theft licforc--the"gen" iytomS^A Oho^et'^r bur^ ™J£^?^* 1 '^'^ Harv ^ Brown^gro. was nncd icd while stuck on a side street' "nv fnhrrl T,T, f '° nEtlinst SI ° nnd givc » « W-'d"!' i«» -«n- of the bill. Chil- Saturday afternoon. j Illy ±, v h« nn^'h " g ' The lCnCC ° U a char 8 c ot l» l « ln '-' ( ' I 3 ,! .««l it , —— ••• fS cdPan ? ri "f ™L^'' ?? Pr ±.^ y ..,^ M-nlcipar Judge C. A. was .unable -to give -officers, Jay May and Jim Statler a coherent statement., He also suffered a' broken ICB. T . " —- «">v, u<iii lliai. It — -^ ' 1 I j i —• "*"• MV.VII »^^jit;- CV1IV t)l ™!'^,™ aMc «« People to elect ASHLAND. O. (UP)-P E Mv DPH i?" d f,, rccul ™ Me ^ ex-; Cunning Si-SwTs rrv** VswS rS/i£ ?s *» ««?•• cratic State Committee. °Hc C "a?d. ° _J_^ l ^_^_ Sjli7 '' i ' 14 - :) '- | _i-J__ _____ Love, negro, was fined a charge of malicious mis- e • also that more farmers coiilrt en lo the polls In March tha in result> wllich wns two short oC August, and (hat more of them thc llecess!lr >' two-thirds majority would be able lo seek public of to '" akc " 1c nle '< s iirc" effective 1m- ficc. . niotllatcly upon passage and appro- "And it would bc a heap chenn of tho Eovornor. or on (he caiutidalos-ihey voiilrt Vhe " Scnilte Bi " N"- 85 by Hall, n't have to buy so -many water" " 1|1Ce wr ccnt sal<ls lox mcn s " re> wlllclv lln d Baby's Need For Milk Wins Freedom and Dime for Thief cinl order for n atn, vp^iord^v *. n — "", —""' * ti *- To s.T hc was called up soon after the aTn- £"""",'•„.! i 056 S "J r " ^ " ,ate convened. Senator Thompwii, S ^ Upll0lcl Iaw and ordcr chairman of tlie Committee on J °l>n let n thief get away from •"' -"- ' - other morning and he he melons ~aud picnic" lunches"''"" stire - which-lind'beerT'm.^';"™: ..^^.^ P?'.'K'or con, Hie schools and concluded. Tribunal Loses ... oi:ii-ii« • — Taking ut> the utilitv m* chairman of tlie Committee on J °l>n trol fight where it "as mcr,.?, 0 ', 1 " E<Ulcatio »- »»no,mccd that thc bill Wm tin ed Friday bv • stl " wns in the committee and hajn 't decided yet whether Senate yesterday pn^ed thi T tlm a subcommittee had been des- dld "ie right tiling or not. lor-Pagaii bill lo abolish the nf 8 ' la ! etl to P1 ' CP!U ' C Jcvefal amend- On night patrol duty John was nccs of the three members of tl." s ' moyctl lllllt lllc bni he drivlllg down a s'«et In die Fact Finding Tribunal nnd o !™, , 1 s , pc ^ IM or(ler , to '' tomoi'- tcf.Wentlal icctlon early one morn- transtcr duties of the tribunal to «, i „ h= s«Kef-tlon or.Warrt !lnj just before .daylight when he Uj, r «« Corporation co,^,^ ^%^T ^ "" '"'^'on ^^^ S ii3^r ^^ wtsSt'SSS "" "«*•' boulc ' aml caught up W ju, 1)lm W , 1CI1 |, c did he recognized the man. who promptly begged for his freedom, saying that he stole the milk because he had no money nnd a oaby that needed It. Foster knew (i 1 11. tlle man was telling the truth, told him to put the bottls Back and.oflercd him n dime to ?uy milk with. , The man promised to return the l"»K but nt fii'si refused the dime, -aying the officer had done enough ior lilm by i-'letUng me nil". He, .I! 1 ? .i {(x> ^ llle <llmc however and put the unit back . j •Now Poster Is wondering whc-lh-: "0 was derelict in his duty Markets New.York Cotton NEW YORK, Cotton close. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Spots closed at 1255, off'5.' New. Orleans Voilon NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 28. (UP) —Cotlon closed; barely steady. > open high tow close Mar." 1231 1237 1232 1232 ' In /. 123G 1242 1235 12.18 ""J 1 '238 I2« 1230 1239 )ct 1227 1232 -1226 1230 ?<* 1237 1237 1234 1234 ' Spots closed at 1262, off 5, SINGLE CpPi E $ FIVE CENTS *'" ' ' • ill n^Ti "* J '' 4 -»tl'I Mounts Today to 31 DTICA, N. V., Jan. Si) (UI>>- Ihs •itoiili loll lroi>i rolfcn no m "lonnlcd to si in utlcn nnd otliir nenruy towns l«l»y when ofllclnH lepprlod ir, ilenlhs n|. olo\eis- Oll'lclals linvi! nnulc several ur- irsl.s nnd ordered pollen to stamp out the ixilson liquor som-cn a. nny cost. Hcvcrnl porsons linvc gone blind. I'lin Oloversvlllu liquor, Ix-iicvoil I •Imllnr lo the concocllon that' caused l(i ti e «t|,s |j, utica, wns brought to thc Inbornlones lid 'hvee of thc c.loversvllic vie-1 liJii.s were women. , I (UP)—Ally. Ocii. David T, Wll ^iit?. today nune nt Bruno Rich aid Hauptmnnn his own voids wilttori down hy u, c ]lr ,ii cl , , u Ntlv York, (o .confound arid confuse lilm and to show how often the Brans Cloniian changed his slor les. Before Iho noon recess Haupt- ninun wns Involved In a tangle 01 discrepancies from which hi, uis seeking lo extricate himself bj repealing over nnd over UID wolds 1 dont know—I can't remember Tiie attorney Intiulsltlon with the, same rclciil less vigor Ihnt mnrkcd yc.sterdny s session, but the fruit, of Jiti attach was little more lhau i/mm of dentals or an- (lehiandect lp.,kiiow If . ....inn had,not. told" the M Jnn 'fti' h * M<M tn H^ ; ^ «« J win hills .-to the 'federal teserie Bank "because I was afraid' the* would; look.' me ifp." „„« ,^ r snid, It. wn s because I dldii't know where (he bank was." ' , ihe man charged witli.''murdcf- ug • Clmrlcs A. Lindbergh, Jr couldn't rcmenibc- -^•^••- ••• ••'• The slalp ,] m ,|' jjj oll ; a • „ ( .ffiuptmann already knew where ne federal reserve bank wns bo- causc ,e .had'.cashed 'gold notes tliere. long before his arrest Sudden Heart Attack Fatal to Manila Man fe'Ss 5 Senate Vole on Amrrica'h s Rhti^ Scheduled, ThiS? Afteitioon. ^ ' ,! WASHINGTON. n UP)-in U itcspcrnte effort, ' to obtain i latiflpatloi^ of af " proposal forVt Aincf lei,-] J adherence to the ft'* folu^ aimilnlstiniion (otitk All dressed up for a visit with Ms father was ilnupfrlcil Hnup:- when.aa shown.Here, inn otfcipd lo/ifci-cpt aiieaenallon or, lalnifllj ])rti|ioscd by Seualof Hlri inn 1 W vjohlison (Ucp T < cal), bit- l« foe of ,thc touit t - v, ' , f ijcffK ivarti %> ;» | nit icselimioli ,\\Ti caned up ' foi debattf"by -3onhtor.' ribort -D Thomas (D^n, Utah)/one of the pilnclpnl sunpouws of the court, n>6 nwctjfi, Ititcipietecl as a Ht of dospeVftto jituitegy'iesmtcd to bj ndlnlhktmtlon leaders be- i came of «. r f ai that thotrcwlu- i uon of alihinciico would' bd oo- ' fuilod If put, to a vole this 'after- I noon wllhqijl fmthcl sategliard- '. ini icservaljons . The Johnson leseuatlon piovldes Unit adhcK-lioa would be tilth. 1 th/ inukntaiidhiK ' Hint iccour'se toi, » uie» tomt ot Infeiiii-i 1 tloiml justice rol the aettlwn^o 1 ' o dirtorcnces betn«ch the V&i£ States and smr other state al states can be )nd only by a u'c- { m nt thuclo tluough general 01 ^ "" al tientles concluded bet«ecn V pmtlcs In dispute 1 j 'onjldcnt i (Rep Idaho), 4 .Senator,.. Borah. ,wi>uii wueu. us anown Hero, iiin -j«iiuior, - uorah. (Rep Idaho) mother carried blm from tuctr . ttl>0 wl »' Senator Johnson has rooming bouse lo Plemingioii. ^ eul 'cntllng the Uo-\u>eU'' right N J MM* D»11n«. II... .._ InP InO MMIlS-Lnl ll-.I _..*,. ° N J. t>« Bruno Haunimnna for lnc W^ltloii, snld the rtsolii" t^Wo't •get lo see ' Uubi die u ™ '"'gM fall shoit ot (he rn warden banning ibe V |«lt on tna 'l" lr « i two-thlrdi 1) 5 t«o or three Ernuncla ihn. uiJi. . .„_ votes »«cc Senatoi ihat vlalU from tna cblld alsavs uoset ihe orlsoner " ~" noblnjon, Demo"iatlo I"" con«iictert fa rat- c ™ „ mcatloii ll mndcd «jrt h , ,„, m - Qr dent than ever 0[ v , cto thlf 6 h? h com P» nl that fcotijae,, 30000 and . « S a B e 4 i llf: in> defeat of the res . Uon l, ad been, received for iE n- Charles K ' Penalh'es Will End of Monih Says Rev-'jHrs. Walter Stewart enue Official It's no cry of "wolfj tvolf.t" this -line, insists Ira'Hall, manager of the regional office of Ihe state revenue department, who savs Thursday Is positively ihe inst Snrmmk, * D succumbs to Pneumonia Chafe Shelby Coffman. «. 1235 1241 1235 1238 1234 1242 123S 123!) 1225 1232 1224 1229 1231 1236 1231 '1235 1231 1235 1231 1235 "•« '•! out vi\ tu Dy JJls widow, Mrs, EJla CoprmnTi *«.« —• daughters. Mrs Cynthia ai',! ?-°"' 1M4 ''" ccnscs . vvi " bc °. Oll| y 1,800.; licenses have been is friends. Funeral services were held n.v nl Mnultn wl(h the son Undertaking ' 'company chai-gc. The deceased Is' siirvived time and no February riding Leachvlllc and Mrs. Man' Bell Stevens of Clear Lake farm, near Blythevllle, and n son, H. J Coffman/ -of Faragould. i Chicano Wheat • open high - low close May D5 1-8 9G 1-8 95 •- fls , July 871-2 S8 1-2 873-8 873-8 Chicago Corn open high low close $20,000,000 Worth of: Diamonds Sold in 1934 AMSTERDAM (UP)-The world in 1934 bought 520,000.000 worth or newly cut diamonds, according to the annual estimate of a lead- Ing firm of dealers here. Tills Is not so bad. though very modest compared with the steady iwcd up collec- chl|rch . -._s lust year but that obstacle Is out of the way undertaking coVnpa^ u ;„"« of funeral arrangements. * She is survived by her husband, an idopted daughter Afi-s Julia May Ashbj a shtei Mis L o Cllffoid of Mlllersvllle, Mo and four grondchildren sued out of"the ollice here so far, tills year. Last ycnr 4.000 Ifad been issued when thc March deadline was reached, .ipr.-cbursc If you've driven your car tills year. it.'won't do any good lo wait until later to secure n license. Hull explains, since t.'wre'll lie the little matter of an affidavit Hint IIR car hits .not been driven this vcar If the owner escapes penalty. Ho "cut-rale" licenses • will be available until July 1, when half year licenses will be Issued. May 82 3-4 8,1 3-8 ,82 3-8 82 3-8 In 1933. . The most cheerful note Is thc mprejision that, the American business man stepped up tost year and bought 50 per cent more than July V8 3-4 79 1-4 "78 1-8 70 1-8 Stock Prices A. T. and T 101 1-8 Anaconda Copper .... 101-4 Bethlehem Steel 29 3-8 Chrysler .T.... M 3-4 .' Cities sen-Ice l 3-B Coca Cola 172 . General Electric 223-4 General Motors 30 5-8 Int. Harvester 39 McKesson-RobbJns .... 77-8 Montgomery Ward 25 7-8 However, it h explained, this is /,' ' 1 " ^-[Services in Tennessee for Carl Wimberley , --il services were held yesterday at Camden, Tcnn., for Carl '•"'•-'—-•- 32, formerly of Hol- r-'in died January 22 at \Vimb olher hand Indan , Me Rajahs and Princes lave been a I ' an c(Iort nx-rw.» welcomed by Amsterdam " Ol " Their clever rvncrts i,«,,.n u ' D - nml Eii'l' Wimberley. The U •eui experts, usually o _ Moss undertaking .company was ^open j n charge of funeral arrangements. - •-. "«» uercjict u his fluty TJ, 3 steel M by-not-bringing h, the culprit,.: zinUe .?..iV.ViV.'.V.V.'. * New York Central Packaitl HIPS Pet Radio Corp B 1-4 Simmons Beds 3 Standard of N, J. . 403-4 Texas Co ; 19 1-2 U. 3. Smelting : 107 S. Steel 35 '111 !,™ C ° MA ' Wwh. (Upi-womcn 4 5*o i 15 1-4 American Exports Make Substantial Gain laboator ™m • school I whth u . 10 tov« Nn n li ' , . n . 29 (UP)- c lcm ' s ' r >' Mounting exports last year gave ° ", hif " t)le U "" ea Stat « " favorable trade 8 J rl 5 * M I bnllulco o( S"8,ooO,floO, the largest ss rce Services at Tunica for • Mother of Mrs. Tucker Fuiural -«i ices ucrn held at Tunic?, [vi(«s todaj fo l\ii« j W, lake 82, .notiicr of Mf« D F. Tucker v,ho aied %ests.rda} at •he (amlH home at Maude Miss after a weeks Illness of pneumonia Mr nnd Mrs c p Tucker went to Mpude jesterday nnd tocun !vtr. and Mrs J H Smalt, Jr J if. Smirt Mrs J, M Jont7 and Mrs. Eugene Dickinson went do-m >'or the funeral Mrs. Lake, a member of a prom- nent Tunica cotTnty famih\ is urvlved by four daughter- Mrs lucktr Mrs Miry Cox of Meai- 4?aude iIrS Hat " e JohlBon of Hatttesburg Miss, o'lic son, 0 E' J. Lske of Maude, and one l.o- ther. j w Xtoore, of Semtobla, Miss. cent,.over 1933. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Moettv cloudy to- nljht and Wednc<dir Co'dfr In ^?sl portion warncr m v.cst lOr- foiv Wcdn"iday M:mtlils and Vicinity—Fair tonight and Wednesday Slightly colder tonlghu Tho maximum temperature hero yesteiday naa 46, minimum 20, clear, according to SJimfel p N or . ris, official weather observer. "

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