The Times and Democrat from Orangeburg, South Carolina on February 17, 1943 · 5
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The Times and Democrat from Orangeburg, South Carolina · 5

Orangeburg, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1943
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PAGE FIVE. "I WICKARD SUGGESTS SOLDIERS HELP HARVEST FARM PRODUCTS THE TIMES AND DEMOCRAT, ORANGEBURG, S. C, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1913. HICK IHHKET R! IEIUCE IS IIII Jovcrnmcnt Purchase Of Livestock Advocated By Officials WASHINGTON, Feb. it;;.i') ovei ninent purchase of livestock ir slaughter unci registration of U meat dealers weie suggested duy as means of bieakinii up black market" meat Miles whieli ecretary of Aitricultuie Wickard esenbed as a serious menace to ie success of the food program, j The suggestions came lroni Wil- ; ur Lii hoe, Jr., counsel lor the I ndependent Meat Packers Union, ' ho told a House committee thai ; the eui.s lot black market oper-I tioiisi are far worse and tar I tore extensive than t.'ioso under lohibition." Wickaid acknowledged thai the lack market in heel is "vny nous" in teslii vmg before a Sen- ,; le Agrietiltme subcommittee in-; e.-tigatinj; the food outlook. He ' !so said tliat because ii tne hum ' ihor shortago he would again -k the army to fuibiugn troops! i heli) with this year'', crop bar- ' est "if the necessity awses." War Di'tial Iini-nt oid'iciais turn-f) (town last vear a request lor ' I I 11 i, itiL i ! b l)i ' in a! crop. fi.iH-ariiim n was vi-i that im-iv he no mien np'uon i U tumi'g pn .gi aivis. "We Man tu take t.t) trie le- t i i i i I ii ( it r 1CIS It ll.-'. he tnoii j.UllilW b- I ( I I I I I l' I ill bv MlMlca-Ilt IliaupOV. . . Id t l. i ( i n i uj I i I S is till eun i wl.i aii'r met e -limud I Sislat'i.n d.i'(cung amiv lur- H 1 I e would n p t t I last ieso, Hiii mi hm 'on the fi.nn,-M t i An early i hi!, k n,a,k' i I iik 1 s 1 (t t,e i n i.i re i l to1' 1 i i-M.s- M 1 I ! ' stock was 1 v 1 irice ii 1 jt In i ! tidied. i 1 I ! ( tl 1 tide' park'!1 1 i l,.!..ed for a 1 law hm ( i lu t frtiUHtt-'-na l"!i.ti-vio iiiUM (iH.-:,nf .in! 1 I I, 1 1 I ( I I -flilU tc 1 1 t t I I ;jec i-ui u. e STICK MARKET IFF SLIGHTLY sMKiated Press Aver- aue ot )l! Leaders Down ")1 Point If AUTHBRITIES M 1i e 1 K r i ' ' hi d'xk iii.ii Kt t cine oil inci-. vvci: in ;i hi usll w itil pro! M r toit.iv ai'Uou.ii niitiol cas-.,!t ns v oce it:i-ir.:tu;. vl i s u I I i i i l. i t ( i t t ii t i I i 1 ' lie recent liPUiiti to me n k icsi eri re ncl in inore Uian cm eal-v caiicii tor son e siat i-toiicd ( i icrtion C U n-ni -is el e v- idl oh-eilicd ill most ca-e-mivi'illl. aiui iiuiai .ocli:ics nt m lions to a point so uric ul oi coiciiU'd into phis sitfiis iMi tne -lo.e. u.ii u'"vs i 1 V I i I i 1 lii i IpisI nil.-e! Ams a.tviimes in uinssi . i il mil, 'ion tiv u;,ihs lili ni'ie a hols'.cl 11. l,H't:l. Theie v.e.'c UK) new i!H:-4 1.1 ii c t P t v 1 1 1 I I nance cmcraliv. ,:viom: tlie'se eio Ail ci lean leienhcii' . l'l.n- c Service id .V J.. vineni ai e.v.i.M. ( .,.,, Iv,.:,- 'mi',-,ean 'an, I'cvas Co.. and Cm Us l'ub-.sliim". Tin AsMicinied I'l css coir.i'i s-i,, ,,f (tu t,.(-ks wn ,.ft ,1 oi ,. ojnt at 45. fir.-t 'iroo ,n lin.-.aromcter since Kch H. Cirrumstancrs Alter Cases finest: "Waiter, have you real m ile s iip lieie'.' I have never ;'.-"o ii. .11 mi I'n. niiiiKiRfi io in. ,-i. mi an' . ii.-.. ir. we have some, m that ease.' See ""SI y y nb . F. BOZARD & SONS CAMERON". S. C. trtfitiiiVliilWr tttfniri ''ih 1 W & J0J t. ; ! l l m v. ivspp 4 ? 1943 VICTORY GARDEN POSTER GIRL Shirley Vandmvalker of Homewood. 111., is shown holding a 1!)43 Victory Garden Poster, which is being distributed by Victory Garden Committees throughout the country. This picture was taken in a model Victory Garden which she tended near her home la&l jear. fche is a student at the University of Chicago. Devote Attention To Conservation Practices I-1 if lav. ! t : '. : y ljui. tlie Board f S i I is l t i I i t ) S il Conscnalion Distnci. n;eetmiJ . . i : 1 1 soiije n i he erioperatitm , in iff I t fiiii i i 1 i f v e i i I v i) ! t i will I i i 1 1 i i 1 i i n in ! t i l i t n 1 ( i ! 1 .aiior ai'fi macrwnerv I no liiaclice-- dioscn were1 t d i i i t 1 i t -mail ciHiii oi in av vi "P wirf'ic tin" soil te is saila- ia: I ' I 1 k I ' wheat. IU' "r tiiil'lev l tor cover eroji'. (nil I I 1 1 i I t ' n 1 I t ( f f I aiseuitsiiril eomnui'.i'cnicn Woman Scientist Tries To Double Chicken Size r.v (;i nk t ot.i ur i i i 1 1 1 1 j hi i lie! '!iim n the Hoaveni t i i ( f ! tt l If 1 ! Ill I i j Lii.iiiU I. i-i lnosiol .tod SIl oKls its I u'l'.i.tii I in 'Si l 1 1 (It Ml I 1 uive ii..;e for iiciea-n.c tlie t. mi, i i an v vei.y. .1' tne i 1 in I li i. i i I i i ii c I 1 1 I Ti.e rons-.f.- is luo'.vr.'e. v,l,o nil i i 1 i lii l t i i i iil 1 i t i r t i ! k i i i n t i ii n i i 1 1 ir c t 1 t i I i i ' i h 1 n i i i 1 1 1 CPS I i h i r Hi i i i I t i t ui n 1 i u I i i in I f i s ) i l 1 , l t. n ii ! I n ' i It i i i i i i I I i i ii was (Us ia 1 i i i t i i Mu-.c.-d in plains, an and unexnet. :ej resui: i f i I 1 on n f t ' i I e 1 11 il i Err ) t i i t i ia the saus.iKe - shaped uciines visible under . chicn a.ivern her- (el n 111 n'iii or f.lai.t. a set ot ioem 1 he poio-iu is r-ilieien! (or cacn hvmj m.nti. and noimanv it ! er fiii.i:s- mint The patiem is lixed at conception. I native "inv one t nromnsoine and vou a net- ihc mdi'nioal sm'li;ncs in sTaitime wins Hair or eve color iruiv he Oitlerciit. o'-ini'ii.-.Lrosi: ics m, iv appear. lie con-cicme doubled the - (l'1! division at t"e point m germination wtune normally the me isieii rt, hi hae reduceii the i In oin.isoiiii. s bv half, in pants tnis icstiiii-rl in larger i lowers and ( ens mature m lour moutns m-oilU'i- parts sometimes nearly ; stead of the customary seven. the .e. 1! also resulted I "Because of this," said Dr. His-m fertility of s"iiie pian! tiiat had bee, "1 get lots of lettcis lrom on! i ( .i iiiiii' t'u iit'ioic. Ai ritt.-hurem. the di ug did iiiii. to Ii:-, Hmbee's great c,is;ii):x:'it- IO i I. Il ill.'lt' UHlIOil',- i,.t-. iMil it mo:e than doubled the size 01 i, is coil.o, w.iun-s aun .-puis n i u 1 1 an fin a sui-en on ms iininiase nd f. e hum an especially res- Just Received- FRESH CARLOAD TENNESSEE 1.5 ;-i I's Before You lluy fc'--"- mm ' f-OH Mailstcnaiiee and ennstnu t ion or f 1 1 ct it I w i d i e ditciics with '-he m,(.;i.Ms on mamtenaia e t I t i 1 ii i t f i i j j i e u i ri f n t f 1 ti rn , 1 mis in 1 i (ii t hi ii iti u i 1 1 1 it i i i i i , l i tit cs'..i!.i,si'i:ie(U ui i-v. annua! t:ra- ir.a svsu'm. oi- (n t:.- fs';ibii-h- r i t i f j i c i tu 1 i j t Kn.zins and hsv. More n.lorm.iMcn vad iisornv re foniuxminic aiti".; ine I 1 I 1 ( ! It i in ufv of inrni shoul-! oni- sua hi. count v amud. nis local ac- il ' ( t I 1 1 f I tain Iu;:net. I C i t e t I) V t, I ic i J)C1 l l ktlj v t i urn 1 i ur e 1 ft i ( i i i i t p. t i i 4 ii I I LI II It 1 Brr.w me "i- in iv "I-ne oj many t f I 1 t i I- iff i i i v i I e u lit t mlii 71 r l!-, t t 1) 1 1 I 1 ' t 1 1 I t 1 I e t I K 1 I ill I ! II 1 in iij, 1 i t n t I e t i t v i 1 O t tie ii" t I i I ;i-e mas it was f..r Dr. liioic (I ! i I ii ( i i i l l air-incti spurs eie io(l l(.iu tor u mf it it )i I t . I w i ( i m he around. I I ' i i it ( t 1 H i i in I f Ui it i t not Hie i 1 1 lii 11 l I , v l h. I k .; (1 u colli'! see m tnat diicc-tion. Dr. Hiclw na bv no iiican; ii n i l i I i ( ii t t i si.e of an annual can he doumed S t Is ' I I t, I ( t 1. 1 . i v and bundass foiKs at Im. i c l I i 1 i t I i i'nk ei ( i i h el i i h hour ot ihe dav or mimi. Maybe weh uel rc-s,i!ts in tin -iiiiiiii generation. sue hazards Iheies oniv ono taicn. So tar none rf the eugs lrom mv coichu-cme hens lias Hatched. Ibe C4t t 'ami may be. are m tnemisenes ra-.ncr voridei tm. fed law to n.uiv chicks tne-y produce tne sami' super-si.e combs, wattles and spurs untamed throuen miecf ions. One remarkable result of the colchicine injections is that cnick- jiouiu yiiicn. asKini; 101 me e tu - ciucint' lormuia. But 1 simply . warn them. So far. no human UtlliLl lias UlSICfl ,.11, 111 OI IlitMi irom a coicmcine - ue.nea una. u inilll ue uantM ous. ti"i'l . caret ui tnecKs eoiiiii inese chick- ens or their esss be considered hiae f"r l00d . . . 1 ,JrtfW-isfirI! WHO SURPRISED WHOM? XKW YORK, led Id V "Citddsboro, N.'c. - Not having : B;l,!,'!' scarce. , Mjxmt::; seen Ins wife and small son tor: pnees set by CPA for bulk Ni'ie-some time. Private Jonn Hann. id,1" cartoons dHivmd :.ew Y-: k FiemmRton. N. J.. staiioiied al ; C i eainr ry. hi'i-er than !2 -C"; Sevmour Field, cot a tie-iiav iur-! a''' prcimum marks (A A) 47 !-4 loiish and headed tor New Jersev !..i- vi-it. About th.e tune he armed home. Airs. Harm arriveci at Seymour tield. Thev aot together alter Hann came baeK to camp. NOT NEW TO HIM Hamilton. Mont. At home mi was 95 cents a bile higher ai leave. Marine Sergeant Jap Koch, 20 7:' cents a pound ( new season 23. a Midway battle veteran, de- hiahl; averaae for tne na-t 3'-cided to go to the mm ics. The market days lie. 5(1; middling b'-picture. to his surprise, proved - inch average lfl.Su' to be Navy films of the Battle ol 1 Midway. OPA t allow board ot ii ean for each pe: -on about March 1. COTTON PRICES GAIN SHARPLY Futures Close $l To $1.20 A Hale Higher Than Dav IJeforc NKW YOKK. Feb. Hi. V- Cotton lutures gained $1 V Sl.-tl a bale loday as t, aloi ,s n.tei -T;relcd current con,',i'ess'n nul developments as an in .iieatiotl laruieis eet.tua!ly miuht get higher parity price.!. Tlie raotie: Open llish Low Close March . . l!'.8i D.iid 1 !)..'! 1 2n.(i'l May . . Ill.Mj ly.i") 1 11.. 01) !'J74 July . . . H.'.'lh Hl.57 l'.).4 1S.57 Oct. . . . i ::n i !.'. -i in T.i ij.-n Dee Hi 2b 19..'!!) !' 2'J ',!.). .ifi Jan 19.17 19., 1 18.24 : U 'J .Spo mi'ldi'!'!.' ','A.iw. MARKETS I,ocal .Market An out-il-tiwn buyer purchiis-Cf hogs nl 1 1 !t. ( b ;ii:"bl.rii Livestock A-soeiatiou today at 15, In cents per pound tor lp.s vvt ign-iiiK IBh to 2."ai pound... Hi n t - on either wpictit- a:e as folium s: 1IMI-120 lbs 13H) 120-140 h;. 13,60 14h-Hid lijs 14 :;5 Ifili-180 lbs 14 85 1H0-250 lbs 15.10 2.5(i-:-inn i'r.s . . .1 4 ti) Over :;o(i . . H.x.i . 1 sowt ;j.,il i :i . 1 IWS -iail up . . 1 ,1..J, Staus II hi' u l s or A CHICAGO, y ii s I I I MJ 1 ! m i 1 i I I i ii n i 1 i ui, I i, II Ml 1 i I 1 ii 1 e ii f i ' 1 i ii t I i i i'i i 1 (H ( 01 111 If t IHII i l ive ,11'Hl. ! I! !! ;iv i it i 1 i i t.ip 1 :.?. hi i H.t (I,, !( iin i III 1 I f i ce scarce u a i ke : fii .10(1 'ii I i in 15.7.1 1 4 i" i til e i t t lor niaiticaiiv ,o: . 1 1 r t i h next iiiL'iies: : fill i i Ii.(M) with r:i::i ,f r. i i II i i 40 ( I ( 14 i 'c i )) ( 1 t. 1 i I) r 1 1 ! 1 I K3- Mm ... 1 !) o,. ; J '41' ii. 14 on- 1 to u i, . in (iii m x nil n 1 i c 1 i jif t (tl' i'i SO ,." .11 i.-,, , - ,n "l I I I I 10 U. i !' ...,w ,, J ,,(,, 1 I II I I I I M (l t III own to i. (in. Sau.-a.-c t i 1 i i Mtt (I i eetf il ( t ti i Mil iii i Hi lilt ! I I I I I t i p i ' ) I H n r .( h t t C,li iY t ' VMr vu i r, . i I tiaillv tne san.e m ki ! 1 ! w hit-h ve.. i I i 1 t i in ' t ( 1 i is in many : ' I I ( M i t i i i i The eio ' i 1 f I ! d icak ' $1.41 ;n most in tann t d i 1 ( l a hove Mot-iiavs ch.e. :.lav Hi' M 41 1 4 t ' .,-fi in corn linviiicM a- 7-K. M.iv !S 3- 8- ?! en as ; I" : cents h'lup.m-i S i i 4 i n I en -2 cent m tint Caiv rOVLTUY NF.W YOKK. Ke! lave poultry firm itiraiio 1'oless otlierulst. spoeii .eii 1 1 h n, t I 1 1 i 1 his and no SH: 4 to f 1-2 li KuHis. colored. 4 his a':d ; 1-2; old mos'ers 5 1-2 Hex ;iS 21 1-2. Tiiikevs, hens rnd under If, li..s 37 1-2: under lbs 28 1-2. EGGS j f,V YO'IK Feb Id i j;ag 21. don 1,1111 .MmhI c ' fjlicv tu'extVa 'fa'ne-y' .'5' to A I fy i' 1; 't ,-t 3 A ,,,.,,;,, tll' s-4 i-nri 01 1 i-(-i-iv- 1;ms 1-4 d.ltil'S N ) 1 31 a ..i-o -!-...: .. i a : BUTTER 1 9- H',n f - , 4i 4b 1-2; 8 seer. -4: '.in score tB iC) 4H. . , .C(.V v,.,,. nnr r4vc i- .-. i,- j Fe'o. Tne aver.. price ? rtv-'.'. 15-ltiih-inth cotton t'ldnv at ten designated Southern suet markets The three lea-ins causes i f a,'- cidental deaths in 1941 evert- rrn I n -ve' acev.ent.' Fall and drowning New Rail Mediator ! '1 T J : PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT nsrnpd Dr. j Wi'.Uam M. Leber .n (abeivc) of ! Cfhio to he National Railway Medi- ' a'i-n lloard for the term expiring i ! In 19 50. Dr. Lciserson, who is a , .Tcinber of the National Labor He- j i lat.f-r.s Board, is returning to the i ro"t vacated on trw Mediation ; i oard jn "939, at the request ot the i ChioX t'vnruC'. p t In ! pr nnlinri&l I nrif! d i il I ( 1 1 i iiMun( in 1 1 in-tidi Mailed I ruin Mi I if r s Oh ice , in , m f 1 c. 0 tie C iwnship- ar t 1 Dram :; hit L C I I I 1 ill i 1 t C 1 1 ' 1 " t " I i e. I D t i .prinmielri 1 1 1 1 ' D ' I H 1 11 1 t in f it C I t 1 e I 1 i I h 1 1 ln i hi e e H 1 1 1 I I e transe t our. hoii-'o 1 1 mil live' I C t ll e. ') sore I 1 1 t i C k u i C I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 d .ion- C oroeva S'. li" : 1 t 1 1 t 1 ti tit 1 It 1 1 i i 1 1 1 11 1 mi c 'iii - ( I ei nut1 o ' u 1 1 ' ' t 1 1 t 1 ( t 1 tt(l America ano iter A.a-.. li 1 women; nrtat I ram niri en on 4 n 1ft 1 s I I I ! I I L 1 I t l it I r.iu i nuutiiiifii SUNFLOWER STREET S , j I0C TO DIG FO'ty CRMUY LOU, XJ I Jk :M ; R00TSBFFOy WUS A BONE r! 1 J j ; PAP MENT' TRICKS i 5-"! HIS PUPPY mo j I Cold Frame Will Serve Victory Garden Group 3' X 6' 15 5TANWBD SASH SIZE USt LUMBEB V THICK, S'NAIUS AND ADD 4"ANGU IRONS AS SHOWN IN SKETCH HINGE SASH TO FRAME FOR EASY HANDLING. - IP GtiociMO rtvytu $JT FRAMf. ON 6PJCKS I TO 0REV5NT C.T T LIMP WHEN SEEDLINGS HAVE COME UP THE 5ASH MUST BE RA1SE.D FOR VENTIUATION. I: A53 -fi3vi'-'.4' ' - v A 6L0CK OR BRICK 1 CONVENIENT FOR WAIljIStU 1U - T ANY HEIGHT ' NECESSAP.V The Cold Frame Story One Victory garden task hich can be done in the winter is to construct a cold frame. This is a job for manual training classes, amateur weod workers or r.elchbor-Jiood groups. One cold frame will serve several small Victory .ii'der.s. The ficcompanj-inu fKagratn shows a small cold frame made to fit, the ftandard fash, 3 by 6 feet, tt may lie marie twice this rizo. fi bv 6 feet, but as a rule no hirer. It may be rraae to in a sash of a r.v conven-ict t e a s si p f r Rl is used to cover tr.2 sash. I like a fobstit'.iio f t class oetter be-ci etil i ii tsi I b re n k An ideal fvue is- mane of a wire ii ii loth covered with a ti i r f t j tic 1 1 en 1 a'li ipoi r i ii n the if l ft i l i 1 ' il a .done tiward t."e soinn ar:d have i i i tf n uj i I a t i ire name snouid Vie r d dav. le of l- or heavier lu r of ci ic Shoe Rationing Picture Hints Of Things To Come l'.V DICK HAWKINS 1 1 I- t , V i e f i i r ( i 1 1 ' I i . Ihai tne tne re- ii i ii i n i ii I i it tlii i iti 1 m k e e I t r -ot a ci i t I ii lit i e ti i HI I (M mo ii ii ii i . .j'. in: -c(, oHim aOi H . ci .. -.V , r ... f :p CO'iran rl i n e i u in it ,u x c ui ,j ,,, .ot..e ., -(..,-; 1 i t in i e r tit el it nti n t u u t lr , ( , , , ,,i t i it ci in i r i uic.s can me solut.on. 1 1 struitme i 11 1 1 "'L'.'' -d-"v." '". ,L - t i 1 i 1 i e r t it t c n 11 ill 1 il mt need argument. roilowira a recent appeal by I- 1 i is 1 1 C l d j , v icKarct lor more victorv nar- j t r e 1 i 1! i itc 1 I i 1 k i 1 ! 1 1 li s believed to be win Kauie in! t 1 tti e t t e m I tne naiion. ! O t 1 1 c 1 t t t 1 1 ' 1 1 it 1 ten It lit then- lots vvitn the beam tor use 1 l u 1 C li t d 1 1 Mil ' w no do not own space tor uai-r.i-n.'. t i t it I i hi it t ( I c 1 1 til 1 i e I 1 t I 1 I nil it it the 1 tit ict t t i i e 1 (I t t 1 t t 11 t 1 iti It e n t t'.ilumn. A.incu,turai audioi.ties 1 1 n t tic t t in 1 11 t 1 1 a t ,1 1 Ic in t 1 Mil mi t 1 a Whatever mav be trie suite of lonb.Mon surround 1:4 Mr. arid A Jiii e 1 I a t 1 e 1 t 1 1 t t et 1 iii t ) k 1 1 e t ha If fit tie 1 11 d 1 e -,m KUR FD JjFHE ivh H 1 Lr Zsw SEEDS WsvZs IN ROW THE ii WHEN PEiDV TO TRANSPLANT INTO OPEN BEDS DIG A T-EW SEEDLINGS AT A TIME AK0 GET THEW INTO THE GROUND AS QUICKU AS POSSIBLE. How to Build and Tse It, white pine or some wood which re sists rot. usmg inc mustrancn as a working plan, the frame and sash can be built now and held until the first thaws next month make it possible to dig a p;t in which to install it. Dig a shallow pit a bit larger than the frame, and set the frame so that at least four inches are be- low the surface. Then pile earth all around the outside, tamping it so that no drafts can enter. Earth should be banked against the frame several inches all around. Soil should also be thrown in the pit inside the frame, so that the surface is level with trie ground outside. While it is possible to sow i seeds directly in the soil, it. is bet- ter to use fiats, or seed boxes, be-cuise they can be handled, to hotter advantage when time comes fol transplanting. The frame wil' serve the same purpose as a hot bed, except that it is started later since artificial heat is lacking. n February 22. the CPA as-erts. Local war price and rationni4 noai ds will have the information va i table within the next few lays, it is stated. ONE WAY TO SAVE TIRES Spokane, Wash. Farn.-h, umberman. anxio".. to cwnserve , the piecious lues on ius rivet ! emnt lumber trucks, solved his , I'n'bleni til is-' wav: When tu.-ii'ht trucks, loaned, make their j regular run e.f .ixtv-five n-u!es to esular run ef .ixtv-five n-u!es to h'okane. four (.f the empty trucks ip loaded on the oilier four for l - a.iilH - . I'lHI KH IOC I'lUIiiV tiHli 1 he return trip. He Craires he . will save 175,0(111 mi'cs a yeai m this wav. , .. i I'idia is rmidec! ui t 11 prnv- hues that make up British India (and 562 separate prmcicalities ! known as the Indian States 5V' NADfiOVJ WAV OF FRAME foude WASH I NGTON By CHARLES P. STEWART Cfntral Press Columnist Rumored Hoover Has Eye on 1944 Nomination Co;.ip to tne efTei t that Heihert Hoover has an eye on the 1944 Republican piesidenlml nomination for himself is being listened toby oi'hticians of both pa i tics with considerably more than a wee bit of credulity. In fact, there at e those echo say they think he'd be a formi. dahlc li O P selection Herbei t's rating now is a heap-sight better than it eas at the end ot Ins pievmus White House tenancy. His stock wai away below par at that tune. He'd had the depression to far wors than handicap his administration. He was blamed for the hard timet that he didn't create, but that. World War No. 1 did. What the public didn't realise vt as that, during THAT war, as fixxj administrator, before he came into president toil power, he'd done an extraordinarily gond Hoover Went Into j.a,. He wasn't advertised, however, as to. Office at a Fr-d day s bureaucrats are. And, for that matter, jjme w nen this war's over, subsequent develop incuts may demonstrate that the currenl tumcn aren t such wonders as they're represented to iif at present. Anyway, Herbert came into presidential oflVcy at a !,ad time lor himself, and ent out at a worse one. He realized, too, that fate's cards were stacked against him. He liadn t the temperament to accept it smilingly. The situation turned bun sour He was a grouch to the newspaper bunch. They got sore on him Corisecjuently Ins advertising was adverse. All the boosts he got etere from normally friendly publications. The others capitalized tveiyUiing adverse to him. They manufactured some of it, maybe. I ieeail a case in my ow n experience. Herbert wrote a little bexiklet relative to economic problems and had it printed over his signature. Writing a news story on the subject, and being in a hurry, 1 quoted directly from his booklet. It was disseminated only two or three sentences. In short order I got a summons to the White House. "How about this''" said His Excellency. 1 slapped the booklet down in front of s.m;. He d copyrighted it. Maybe Id infringed tm his monopoly. Neeertheless he'd expressed himself and then forgotten it. Grump iy he answered, "Oh, well, yon lted it right cut of the text." him' 1 didn t think he'd mind the copyright violation. 1 don't think tie did. as to that item, either. Ttiday, though, he's all sociability to the press. Any tune the boy want to see him, he's available. He's aiTable also. His dope is good likew ise. He's completely changed personally, he's sociable. Publicity LIKES him Democratic senators and rerrc-jentatives concur with him.! He wants a smaller army in the interest (if more food. The food-producers fancy the notion, and so do the coriium- ers, who want to eat. In short, Herbert is a ra-tionai cuss. He knoevs the current supply basis "e PosseiinJ better than the administration does. He learned it New, Likabl when he was handling it as Woodiuw Wilson was starting World War No 1 He isn't a crab nw, as he was then. If newspapermen want to see hmi, they're welcome. He's as sociable as F D. is. Never was there such a transformation. ! Does that mean that he's getting back into politics? Could he-do It non-partisanly? There are Democratic legislators who indorse his economic Views. Like Senator Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma, they say they don't agree with his politics but that they think he s correct on economic ground, it isn't so much sociability, as conversionality that counts with iflerbert. It's posslhlf now. It 'didn't te to be. " Herbert figures president tally in this situation. ( - CATTLE I ILL BE HELD Livestock Association Di- rectors Reach Dcci-V sion Yesterday ! At a meeting of the directors fd' the OranHrbura lavestnrk Asso ial.ii, n yesterday morning, it wins decideil to have the an ' nual Kat Caltle Show and sals here. The sh.ou' was set lor the allot noon of April 5 and the tale Mhe following niorninK. This wHI he the fifth annual sale for this jo Lint v. The event is for the cuunties in this area. Exhibits by the . junior division of the 4-11 clubs are expected to be a main attraction. ( Tla; executive committee t3 composed of T. T. Traywick. of Cope; ('. y. McCunts. Orange-burs;: G. Ii. Patrick. Bowman, and K. D. Snbei'. county a sent. They are to .solicit the cooperation 'I the local chamber of .commerce and other agencies in m,kjl, it a joint affair. MYSTERIOUS! Salt Lake City. 'rwice during 'he liast month., Kelly Clayton an- swercd his telephone only to havp the party nans till. Each time, his house was burglarized the next day. Neither he nor the police can explain it. ' Jersey ship repair concern indicted by U. S. tor overcharging. Saved in Coral Sea, 9 1 1 .rWf SHOWN AT A SOUTH PACIFIC airfield is Brig. Gen. Nathan F. Dwin ing (left), who was rescued wK$i fourteen other persons from two small life rafts in the Coral Sea after their bomber had been forced down. The party was adrift six nights and five days. Pictured with the General is Capt. Martin Teem. He's Held in High Esteem These Days Suie 1 had And why not, signed by Personality'

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