The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1937
Page 7
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• THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1987 BLYTHEVFLLE (AttK.y COURIER NEWS -PAGE 8EVJBH' |; Say It With Flom- Here Arc Suggestions Worth Keeping in Mine! for May 9 liy M!tS. GAVNOlt NEA Service SUIT Writer .A (lower in Hie buttonhole rn May Bin. Mother's Day, will b3 lovely. But a surprise partv supper for her is a little more substantial. In this modern era where ions and daughters are said to be equal to any emergency, and gri-' cers surprisingly helpful for ready lo serve luxuries, such a Mother's Day parly for her friends by her children should not be difficult. Send her out for tlie afternoon lo vi-sit, and when she returns, have the place nlive with old friends of hers, not yours, and be ready lo serve them all one of the most sumptuous little menus any mother's heart ever feasted her eyes on. AIK! if you happen to be feeling sentimental, take it out on ihc cake. Can you Imagine mother's surprised delight if you served F.'Ogs Ix>gs a la Queen from New Orleans to her and her friends at that surprise party? A noted specialty grocer in the Bast has just put them on the market- all ready to heat and .serve. They come packed in 10 07.. tins, with n remarkable cream sauce. Try SDmstning: In:-' this to express your luxurious.'.sen- tlments. 'Serve them on hot- biscuits and tell her 'that you-arid Hie gang decided there wasn't anything too good for her. Mothers are funny that way—being human. Hicy, .too, enjoy a bit of extravagance in their behalf. \ This handsome and very sentimental Mother's cake, fragrant wilh loving care and forget-me- nots, was created especially for readers of this column. It offers any loving daughter, or for that matter, any clever son, a chance to demonstrate in edible form the -•f-seiilinien't'that there's'nothing too ..igrand'Tor mother. •. p— -r-"--chocolate Cake ~"TT"ciIp" butter, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, : separated, 2 squares ehoco r late, melted, 1 cup pastry flour, 1-2 teaspoon vanilla, 1-4 teaspoon salt.t 1 teaspoon soda dissolved in 1-2 cup sour milk. Cream sugar and butter,' add egg yolks and beat until light. Then add chocolate, soda: dissolved- in buttermilk (sour milk) and dry ingredients. Beat egg whites stiff and fold into cake mixture. Bake in a , square cake pan in a moderate oven, when ' cool, frost lop and sides with boiled-king and.deco- • rate, with decorative icing, to'which a littte vegetable colorino has been added: '. I Boiled Icing I 1-2 cups sugar, 6 teaspoons water, 1-4 cup egg whites, vanilla or lemon flavoring, to lasts. Beat egg: whites until stiff. Meanwhile, boil sugar and water until the syrup ' spins a . thread. Then slowly stir the syrup into the beaten egg whites, and continue beating until the icing is of the proper consistency to spread. Slowly pour in a few drops of the de. sired flavoring, and .spread Icing on cake. Decorative 1 egg white, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, confectioner's sugar, sifted. Puf egg white in a bowl. Add 2 teaspoons confectioners' sugar, and bc'at 3 minutes, using a perforated spoon. Continue adding sugar by spoonsful, adding lemon juice early, and beat until frost- Ing Is stiff enough lo hold Its shape ' Put'into a pastry bag or tube 1 and force out the small amounts of icing needed for the decoratiom PLEN10P V.- '«? No cake can be too sentimental or too luxurious for Mother's Day. This one Is chocolate inside and air love on the outside—frosted handsomely with boiled icing and decorated with, candy forgel-me- nol.s and special messages of affection to the grandest mother in the world. (From Schrailt's, New York) OiU'nig Season Has Returned; Here Are Picnic Suggestions It's out to outdoors for an billing for all members of the party and-back to nature again, as May Starts (lie season for picnickers, j ,Onc(i,-'more • the" harily • souls -who i like their lunch froiii a basket are ' „.„,.,„„»; ignoring the brambles and insects roll each half of bana!ia"ln"sYri«' to tote-themselves to the woods of tacon. Secure with toothpick; Campfire Bananas G bananas,jpeeled; .'•..'.' 12 "strips'bacon.'•" '••' *•'•" Cut bananas In half crosswise and the fields. -Once again ore the spear with painted stick and broil ads'full of hampers and vacuum over open flre until'bacon is crisp bottJes nnd sportswear (with even j Roasled bananas are anothei "pi.chicstiorts" displayed for the campfirc treat. Prick the skin ol foppish male)! Now again are the . whole bananas with fork, 3 times roadsides peopled with flower-pick- and place in very slow camplir" 3rs and the watery ;\vays \vltli wad- coals. Cover with ashes, and roast crs. And once again are columns 5 to 10 minute 'ike this one full of food-thoughts H's "Hoi" for a Picnic Outdoor appetites crave substantial focd—and one hot dish which for the picnicker! You Know Picnics are like'olives: you like > '°" '"">' "tote" along, all. read) -hem or you don't. Just as the cookcti '» a turn at home is the ••••'- answer. Iticc Uruguayan 1 cup rice 2 or 3 carrots' (depending 01 size) 2 onions Salt and pepper Small clove garlic 1 Ib. beef, ground 2 medium sized potatoes 1-2 teaspoon chonpad parsley l/ 1-2 cups water. These vegetables must all b chopped up finely. Wash the ric thoroughly. Combine all ingredi ricnic fiend cannot be stayed from pursuing his troublesome hobby, so r our porch-sitter cannot b? per-' 'iiaded to believe . that a rock is ; letter than a rocking chair for taking one's ease. But almost everyone likes "al"—which is cunning for ''al fresco"—so picnic viands are valuable for suppers and snacks, even v.'hcn they are out benefit of trees and sunshine. Tuck these picnic suggestions between the leaves of your stnn- 1ard cook book. •Tack-Well" Cookies A "sturdy" variety cookie, whic! cuts, except the potatoes. Coo packs well and keeps well are these 5lowl y for twenty minutes, then adi - tlie |»t.itoes and lat cvcrvfhm continue to cook slowly nba'ut a hour. "Picnic Pointers" To broil a steak over a camp fire use steak tongs, or a wire rack before.broiling, run the whole stea with mnzola so It will brown eas ily. Tlie can of mazola with n. "handy spout," is not only con venient to use and to carry Angel Cake Filling You will find lilts an excellsn angel cake filling, you can either split the cake In half through tru middle and spread the filling be ttt'Cc'n Die "layers"; or serve tin cake cut in wedges and topped with this delicious filling. Filling 1 cup whipping cream (whipped) I cup crashed pineapple (drain- fd of juice) 1-4 teaspoon lemon extract 1-4 Ib. mar.shmallows-(quartered) ^ Whip cream unlll slid. Add pinc- , tipple, lemon extract and marshmallows. Mix well. (Unless you've tried this filling you have no idea liow it glorifies ' food—and angel rake!) Let Start Right grapefruit nnd avacado cocktail start your meal with perfect taste. To make H, chill and cube 2 ripe avocados and 3 medium sized grapefruit. Add one finely rhopped green pepper; mix and serve in cocktail glasses with cocktail sauce made by combining 1-3 cup each of mayonnaise whipped cream, and chili sauce add a teaspoonful of Worcester shire sauce. Pour over fruit anc serve. Read Courier News Want Ad». Butterscotch - Squares. Butlerscolch Squares 1-4 cup butter 1 cup brown sugar 2 eggs 1-4 package dates 1-4 cup mitmcnts 1-2 cup flour 1 teaspoon baking powder. 1-4 teaspoon salt 1-2 tcasixwn vanilla. Cook butter and sugar together until smooth and well blended. Cool. Add eggs, unbeaten, and teat well. Add sliced dates and nut meats nnd vanilla; stir in sifted dry ingredients. Spread in a pan 'incd with heavy \va\ed paper. •3ake in moderate oven (325 decrees F.) for 30 minutes. Remove from pan immediately. - , Picnic Beverage ' A cooling nnd refreshing bcver- .ge is a must at a picnic! The rc- :ipe given below may be made at lome, iced and carried to the "site of the party'' in n thermos bottl-. May-Tea 2 quarts boiling water 1 lemon 3-4 cup white syrup 4 tablespoons tea. Pour boiling water Into teapot Add tea and allow to steep from 5 to 7 minutes. The syruo eliminates stirring nnd sweetenin» after serving). Let cool and add ice Put Inlo thermos, and when rtadv to serve add slice of lemon to eacl glass. Fruit comes Into its omi at i picnic—lr It's the "non-crushablr kind! Bananas, for instance, wei\ just made for an o«t-door partv because they need no wax pape to keep them clean, no preparin to make them edible ju: pack them in the basket and poi 'tm and eat 'cm when you gi there! Eaten right out of hand o baked or broiled at the campflre the golden fruit is a picnic treat I ~~ They'll Heb'lviakc 'Chile! H-allh Week Observance Happy Ti'i no pocllc fancy to t)ie ••••v-s of the Innd Unit "comlnB events 'cast their shadows before" when the event they're thinking nl-fiit Is Cliild Heulth Week, to be ushered In by proclamation of the President on Child Health Dny— Hie nrst of Muy. • • i The "shadow" of Oils event Is | lengthy one, nnd stretches the yenr round, as mothers feed their youngsters wholesome nncl Upallh- ful food eveiy day and -every week— no "once n ycnr" on that Job, of course. But ttilsnnmml observance of May Day puts a special emphasis on child • health programs and stimulates us to nrovtdc new dishes the children like; to learn the new things nutritionists have ben developing for 'hi- younger generation; and ,to lin" those recipes which tire ood for the children ntid make) into dishes they enjoy at Urn me lime. Children Arc ['articular : Homemakcis have discovered Kit youngsters are sensitive to ixtuics, flavors and the appear- nce of their food— and what's ood for them may still be served that they "eat it and like It." famous doctor once said that things we like best— providing ley are healthful to stnrt with — re the things which do us the lost fjood. Certainly, a •' -hippy •ame of mind aids digestion— nil even a hungry child will ilk at eating "anything"! Simple ut nltractlvn-tooklng dishes arc popular and good-for them ind— and the recipes given below re both simple to make, health- i! for youngsters and "festive" noiigh for that nil-important eye- puenl. Soft Dale Cookies 1. package pitted dates v •1 -cup. water •'-. ,•'..• '. ; 3 cups Hour 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt >"•; cups brown sugar 2 eggs . i teaspoon , vanilla ',j cup chopped nuts Ccok the dates and water slew' to form a thtck paste, stinin» ccasionally; cool. Sift the ftour° iiking irowder and salt: Cream hortenlng, stir in sugar gradually; wlicn well blended stir in lie unbeaten eggs one at a time. vanilla and ..chopped nuts. in sffteci dry. ingredients al- •s. RcidiclVMiial Loaf» Ty This Week's Pri/e Winner '1'his week the Courier News' recipe prl?o goes lo'Mrs. P. Cl: lidchcl. 1201 llearn strccl, for the ]xirk and ham mi'at. loaf described below. •'•. , . '• • Next week the prl/e, fl In cash, will be i;lven the author of the best siilmon loaf recipe submUlcd In (line for publication In 'Iluusdiiy's paper. Send your favorite recipe to the Courier News In time to reach .this odlce not later tlmn Tuesday. ', ' " MUAT l.OAl-' Hy Mrs. F. Ci. llrlcli r | ': 2 Ibs. yround lean pork , i-a mp rnw oatmcaj . ' 1 ib. iiiouiid smoked ham I cup milk-Season with peppsr 1 ciiji cracker or bread crumbs 10 cloves *'..'' • Mw well. Place in loaf pan. r.tlck cloves In loaf. Covey with waxed paper. . Hake one hour and fifteen minutes In moderate oven i350 degrees). Meal Lout, Sauce 1 small can cream of tomato soiip 1 tablespoon butter - - ' 1 tablespoon currant Jelly ' Heat and servo hot.-- Acid 3tir 1 teaspnn baking powder 2 tablespons sugar 1 egg. well lieatcn 2 tablespoons melted shortening or oil 2 tablespoons sour milk or buttermilk • , 1 cup thinly sliced. !banana (2 bananas) Sift together the flour, salt; soda, baking powder and sugar. ombine the egg. shortening, milk and sliced banana. Stir until banana is broken into small piece. 1 -. Combine liquid and dry Ingredients. stirring only enough to dnmpcn all the flour. Dake In well-greased muffin pans In a moderately hoi oven : HOD degrees F.) 3t)l to 35. , minutes. Makes 4 large or 8 small miiffins. Orange._Tauiocii Twilling 3 cups water' ,' '. : 2-3 cup quick-cooking tapioca ,1 cup granulated sugar • - Vj leas|»on salt 2 CUIB orange Julco .' , • . 2 tablespoons grated orange rind <jj 1 cup whlppe{l cream ^i Place water In top of double boiler ami bring to a boll over direct heat. Combine dry ingredi- ' Tills new coffee dispenser, by a cuts; add gradually to water and furn of the relcnse ,lcver as illus- bring to a brisk boll, stirring con- tralcd,' measures the exact luiiount slantly. Place • Immediately over <°J coffee for a perfect cup of Hie rapidly boiling; water niid cook beveiafio Not only is It a lite saver five minutes, stirring 'occasionally. for housewives who arc pooi guesV Rcmove from boiling water . . . 1 crs i. but jt serves ns a container for mixture clears and thickens as It j slor '"B coffee nftcr (lie original cools. When slightly cool, add , ?*,* B ° lms bem opened, Ilius clim- orange juice and rind. Chill In I naU "S ttlc annoyance of cons and ' Jncle Sam 'Housewives' Comes to Aid Wit'K 'pccial Booklet IIV MI1S. OAYNOR MADDOX NUA Service Staff Writer it's an odd world. Uncle Sain IJi'Wes a booklet in which : he ells American Itousewlvivs how (o chop suey, Chop suey Is , .xallo:» vvilii most men a sort of i secret sorrow. That's why (ho Department of Aurlculturo .rose o the defense of American wo- ir.nhood. We're a gallant nice. Pork Chop Suey 18 servings) Two cups shredded • cooked lean »ik. •>• cups shredded onion a -»»s shred(lcd celery, 1 . 2 cups meat >rrlh, 'i cups sliced raw Jerusalem artichokes or radishes, i green oepper, shredded. 4 tablespoons oy sauce .(you can buy this at ilmost any" good grocery), 2 tu- sprouts, 3 lablcfipoons hoy 2 Inblespotis olive oil. The unusual li. c .,_.- cnts used In this recipe cnii<be purchased In jiackagcs nt nffiasl any specialty grocery, ,.ff Souk dried mushrooms In wujrn' wnler 1-2 houi. Remove sKins flml slice (Inc. Fry pork, Wef, onions nnd gnrllo fn olive oil until brown Add celery, bamboo s,hjx>ts, mushiooim, Simmer 10 minutes. Add soy sauce nnd bean sproitLs. Simmer another 10 minutes Smc wilh n great bowl or rice cooked In the Chinese manner—meanlhg dry nnd flaky. ";. If yoii-likc chop suqy, theiolti'io three things to lenrn, Fiisl, -the "se of a Inigo sharp knife TToi- wafer slicing, second, how to select only iwrfcct vcgqtablc.s, anil third, lo stny nwny from Chffln, They ncui heard of chop sueyj Anibroslun Delight' -j» 1 cup heavy cream 5. 1 cii)> angel cake pieces ' •"* 1-8 Ib. mm slimnMows (cut jn quiulcrs) ' ^ 1 tiiblcsi)00t\ marnsclilnd chei- ile 1 ! (chopped) -^ 1-2 cup pecnn nut ments (brQ:- en) -vj Whip crcnm, but not too stlftlv, „„;. half the fnl. Add shredded' '' " '"'*" nl>d chl " ei-natcly with the date paste 3rop rounded teasponfuls of lh« mixture on greased baking sheets. 3ake in a moderate oven (315 legrees F. to 400 degrees P.) for to 15 minutes. 48 to CO cookies "Banana Muffins 1 cup sifted flour •; ' Vi teaspoii salt • V, teaspoon soda . refrigerator. Add ' whipped cream to mixture, blending well. Just before serving garnish with orange slices. Serves 8 generously. Glace Dales 1 package dates Vi cup nut meats or 1 slice '-canned pineapple 1 cup sugar 1 cup white syrup ' ',* cup water * Stuff the dates with a bit of nut meat or pineapple, wrapping he date entirely around the flll- I Si means, serve 'wet, • mushy "—;"•.• r-"-, »". jnusny rice. lor 30 minutes Seive rimt would start a long war. ..|wllh whipped cream, From Helen Alexander's Illllo '— • ndcr's Illllo ?ook book — she's a magnificent American cook born In the Ha- •vailun hlantWcomes this version, of chop suey, I'oik and lluef Chop Sucy S -. • (10 servings). : One-half pound pork, sliced fine, 1-2 pound round steak, sliced-tine, I 1 liirue onion, sliced fine, 1'clove 1,1 farlic, chopped, 4V celery stalks,! Hced> j)nc,. Q dried, mushi'bom's, diced;- nnc.-r j-2. lanv:bainboo hoots; sliced line, 1-2 pound beam' Sweeten it with Domino Refined inU.S.A for baking ginger- place it in a pan of hot water so that the syrup will not cool top rapidly. Place each date, on: : a fork; dip Into Ihe syrup; let drip moment and then place on a greased pan or marble slab to liarden. McMULLIN'S I- . .'N •,..'..-.; np. waler discolor (310 degrees the pan from direct melting and running" as of har it), but is a natural "first aid" or burned fingers! Pancakes made from Jjreparcd ancake flour, cooked over the op-n re, and served with syrup and ofTec-mnke .an excellent'out-door leal. Quality Meats-- Country Raeon, Sliced or in 1'fccc. i.b 25c Country : Sausage, I.b. .. 2-ic Country Duller, I.b. ... 35c K. C. Tenderloins, I.b. .. 33C K. C. BABY REEF Good Prices On All Oils Phone 68G For Quick Delivery Hovey Gro & Mkt 303 N. 6lh Phone 6Sl> Raspberry Jam and sliced bananas are an easy but good "made on the spot" sandwich filling. ,, - S V'"P a "<l! A inr of lelt-over rice and n few the symp begins to j bouillon cubes in the picnic bas- F.). Remove, kct, and a camper's soup can be heat and made In a JlfTy. FANCY At Reasonable Prices We handle the best money can buy. Try our home made Chicken Salad, cole slaw, pimento cheese, and Baked hams. Free. Delivery . Phone 184 NABERS & NABERS GROCERY Ahoy there, Gardeners! Whcllier you're cultivating a fi wliulott' lioxcs or a luxurious formal garden we have everything you ncott, small implements, seeds, Vigorn a GARDEN HOSE ANY'LENGTH YOU NEED! CASH GROCERY Sl'KClAI-S: FOR FRIDAY'and SATURDAY LETTUCE Large Head 5c Keep Your I/awn Looking Spic and Span This Summer With One of Our LAWN MOWERS Close culling, easy run. niiig ball-bearing; mowers wilh rubber tires. DON'T KOHGKT THOSE NEW SCRF f ENS — WE HAVE SCREENS AND SCREEN DOORS - PRICES ARE RIGHT BARD HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 STRAWBERRIES Strictly No. I Pint ORANGES New Calif. Do/.. TOILET TISSUE 1000 Sheets Roll 5 C EGGS Fresh Country Dozen 23c EGGS Airs. Kuclcr's Day Old. Kxlrn Large Doz. PUMPKIN Monarch No. 21/ 2 Can SUPER SUDS Large Size FLOUR White Castle Plain or Self Rising 2.1-1,!). Sack 90c SALT MACKEREL Each 10 C PORK CHOPS Lh. 25 C VEAL BREAST ~Lb. 2. SOAP Crystal While or I>. & G. 7 Bars 25c HENS Full Dressed Lb. 28 LARD Rest Compound Lb. U c SALT JOWLS Good for Boiling -JCC Lb. IW • Fancy Milk Fed Fryers BANANAS Doz. 15c Wps-nootis fill, I 1 tablespoon cold C , Ak Cnkc A 1 ' 0 pleccs wUl1 water, r teaspoon corns arc sal !""' ? d " l6 * Ah " wlth ™ ma If needed. ' ' , Ingrccllcnta- lo whipped cream, Use henvv Iron r,. ylnB ;. ' " llxt »g 'Wills'. ArranBe In , POIk • nnd brown. 'Remove Place °' unlsh « ul ' " '"ornsclilno chcHy I finer half of fat In pan and turn, 0 " " * 1 "" ° f ft *" h m ' nl ^ n popper nnd onion and cook 3 • ' • ""' ulnutes. Add celery, pork, broth.I It's, "Crumby" and Good! '! cmer mid simmer s minutes. Mix If jour family me non-cruJl SnliiY •'"•',;' wnlcr ' . Ulltl1 "»'«« don't worry about lelt- jmooin, men stir into mixture mid over heels of brcadl Dress 'em ut> cook . niiollicr /few minutes. Add in n Date Dtllghtl To uicnoKis or radishes. Add soy blend 2 wcll-benten cgas Sc ?. son with suit If needed, half cup sweetened continue]! bolllnV rice, for 30 minutes Seive hot of co$l "7 ...I.,

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