The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SI* Reel-Headed Center Pushing Ace Forward For ». MO.** . T I* * V l ft * • * liV. i^nxi.!-:*. Individual scoring ovs. .ie'most /o'irt.v If). Mosley nhd. tfMiiir B» bMt ft Step Iwlilnd R'Kh 57 ond i8, rp.^pec- tlvely. c As n lead! the IHbf has coll- necled with the basket 99 •• times frota Uin rtodr ahd tossed in 40 free throws tor S38" points, OP ah overfly of 29.7li i>cr eoJne. Tlioy havn Ijffii artjrtilec'd RHllly .of rule, tnlrnetfons. .94 tlrm-A.' Opjxi.sllig t«ims Imvo seored 134 holhln nr mi nvi>rn|>6 of IC.Ifi. ' '" The eomploic recohls: . titey ' nv j. r. After setlin/; 11 pace .that placed litm /rout for Ihe lirst five' WIWK, iin- tll a siege, nf IllnwK luld lilit). !OY), Ifc'nliel Mnsfi-y is. .winiisly threat. filed for high, point; honors 'nlnpiig HIP Cliltkosttws-'.'-rceovds at 'ihn nut of elidil • games yeVfri), Scoring twenty three, polnlfi V" the Uu two manies^ITcrmnn Koelf- Jer, IMS movrd.wllliln',e)i;IU,.points <jf the Minr'p - slioptuig: forwari). Moslcy has .•accounted .' foY ' fifty ;ei3lit points ' wlillc the • elemented ,rcd liontieri center has scored an eien ftrty. Koclilci' tallied twelve points ngalnU' Lnxorn Tuesday ni|;li(, and came back to register clcycii at tlie expense of the Wilson - Bulldogs, Friday night, •). W. Pnrtlc, Mosley's rnnnlni: ... W. r-nrtle K. Tipton . !H. Mostey . ,r ri ?.? H- Ser " Cm-dwell won lho/e,lrls 'atim?!; 4 to 28. usliijj snbstiUiic.s freely, Tim Cnrdwnll lioyfc nvnjiij. Ihi'lr only defeat of tli<> senf.on triniinnd Ildlcoitib's, 'fast , (jiilnlct , -— ^ -, — to n. This Is ' their >'t ill 4 m:iu>, Is in Ihird place with fifty ivlclory of the mason'' ' .. one point-,, Dick' Tipton, brlllliinl | l?oth .Cnnhvell .fcanis are'.silting i-cntltid. trails the soncl thatched favorites to niiiicV'. v llie- Dtifjijl 11. heshnr.'.e i'tolals ,,,. TO 2(1 II) ,' 9 . 4 1 P !<T n •fl f, r, i] i n 2 J" PP TP .11 . ft'e in no in • 41 in .-ii« U; 'iO 2 0 fi 0 1 Oh Looking In B* Hiutlf»h*'« . In the rilfihlhg wh'en fhn Hale tnffl is held. •. Of). 411.', 04 • Cardwell .feafo*-' Defeat, HoJcotnl^ Friday NifrK CAftritotil.I,;'. Mo.-Tlit! OnK(we'| .JOYS- anil j>lrls ' high school 'tai; kcitinll leamij Hi .two ed fomard by. three markers.. Clone ' Ulackwell. the other regular, has twenty nine to his credit, followed by nnsscll Moslfj (Q), Eddie Enllba (8), Robert Tin.xter (4), :m< Homer ncshnKo <l). In the first '. three names Her shcl went wild. ll(. sank ninHeei. Coals from the flow nnd tossed In four charity UISSPS for foriy- tvro' poinls. Sluuvnce here the brunt of Hie nllncb. Die .sharp •f^liooter nndlng the rnnijc for nine fisld goals, ll was Iliouglil Dint, lie accounted for twenty two poinls In that game but offlcln) records from Joiner have hot. brcn ri-celv- •(1 Purtte hnr, ejrpbrlciicpil.lwb Rood iiIgliLs He was Die' only consist- flit ECOICI agnlnst. Slkeston. connecting fom [Imps. In the Wilson fmv helped In (lie i; scoring Tipton hns fomul n""eoiisln" hi Lii\-orn Jn Ihe hvo Kniucs :if,'atir,t Heibeit Schwartz's protects-: he has l.ill!e<] 17 palms. -Wilson and Osceola Ronls hnvo been roinpni-nllvo- Jy easy foi him, too.' , niackucll hns done little slioot- Injf hut i»imlly when he does come in Ill's sliols (>re true. lie',hns d6i'1e yneinnn seivice protectInj; the jjonl Mthei than .shoolinj; nt It Despite Ihe met thnt.he tins Played in one less cfime. Mosltf'y leads In field isonls with 20.'penc Dlnckwell hns added eleven poinls from the free' throw HUP. Tlplcm coiiiuy Cooter and Wardell V . Divide Cage Honors COOTRR,' Mo.—Tha ' Cooler iwil(i- c/iLs divided lionoVs i'.wltif tlie Wardell team.'; on the' Warden cmiri Friday ntglil. , ,-rhe loml Rlrls had litlld iimicully' in winning nvor (ho Warden K | r | s j,, ,,' of IU-M. o I-. ,,>. namel Hell point player for .Coole nn nrrls wns lilgli for. Wm-dc|i..'lh r nnd team CO-LEA-NOR THE SOIJTH'S BEST SUPERIOR COAL Ml NINO CO. Pljone 700 WRESTLING ARMORY, MONDAY NITR ROY ALUSN , s RALPH SMITH, 2 Onl e-f t isu,,., 2 i ioul . , , mil WAI/1'BR MILLER >s . JIM rARKE 'R 2 Out of -, ralh, i Hour Unil!-- ChUdren Tree When Accompanied by Porenl^ ' Service Phone 711 Whatever your service needs may be, drive your cttr around here am! enjoy tho (satisfaction of knowing it will Kct the linest possible .service. "" . BILL WUNDERLICH MAIN SERVICE STATION 6ver (iloiifstioro Woy the boys are Bcll!h(t nil "hot lip'' ovet- tas- kethall as a result of llin iturrl- eane'R clpublc wlti over the f'lhn filnfr Zebras. Undoubtedly the Hurricane now hns a jwwerfill llne-ilp with liie sensotlonn) tMrse. - Kellfr nboVit, [is flashy n giiahl its this; dlstricl tms seen In mntiV n day. Keller nl- mosl single linnded defpaled the Xeljras, 11)34 stale, champions, T'ri- ilay afternoon at, Jo»»ro la Ills Iret Home sltico Jrecoming ellelble his season, Keller Bccred 19 iwhil.s, Ineliidlnj; 0 Held goals. F'rl- iliiy >ilp,ht. t)if Xebrn.'i guarded JCel- '"•• to the extent that '')w inaile tlT hut 8 points, As Is often (lie case, hoviever, J whllo th eZcbros were liilwit on tailing enin .of KeUnr, a tenminatfl, Thomas Freezer sllppc'd nemw flrc field goals and two foul throws for 12 points'.' ' Two v/clorfcs In one day Indicates that there was no fluko oboul Joiiesboro's firet. tiiuinplis over Pine lllufr athletic • Icamr,. 'Hie atif! .won by r, jwlnts | n tbe ufternoon [;inno and 4 points :rvi- rldy nl|(h(. : ' .'.,' -'. , i - l-'l Hurricane .VoifJ Team'' :to Htlf. Joneslloro ,i|»rt writers claim lint the Hurricane Is nbout ion ><!]• .cent. strnncer than ,• it was »M l n'^'i t?l .'^ elKer '*» '• onB mint n few.days ago. Tliat being «e cose, : .Weln'e'r,' i 'MythevlUc and other .[sroiig team.'! In' the ! dls- , will have to go some to get Uy the IlurcJcane, 11ie_ Chicks will face Jone.sboro omprrow nlehl without tin; ser- lees- of Dick Tiptoh, temporarily '"t. .uilt, the chicks should'be In °cf''*«'* W ' IC " llli: ( " StrIct lcllr - njurlcs. •jpnesbo'ro . wll"^ kimw l°l . te In e ,s ct (ollh If Hurricane docs' lurtj.'-the trick |»1 vyhi the dl-irlol- clmmpIonSp loiLcnsI Aikawas v,ill lie .Tor the Hurilcane to trim AfUr All, Vtihit ryou.Wion- th4t boh fcutsdfi, ._. .Jhetlea. wlhgman of the Xk- bamft'CJ-jfhsph Tide the past-gHd '.,:.,was generally . consldetrd ""''Ml, defensive end rif Aln,.. ..-IrAt, friur? . Ahd ihp.rft "is no tfilphtlnji oh the part' oj". ob.j*r,wr.s' of dctra«tlf)R from the; BWlily of • AlHAmerica jDon. natfan had. ohe qiiaHly lhat lyoit don't find ,In one. end: li, a J»ifidrp«V.'aha. : thijt'B- what ' rh.nde him reill AIUAnierlca.llthtxr. ilnl^ son could snag that pl^illh at aiiy anj!le anil. once he tifid lilft hatids on the hall' hn .ttiiA, 0.1 litirrt to eaie ns any halffiaek, pfobahly harder, .as Bftnes Hainlltoh, Bobby Oraysoh ' and., the other ' Stanford backs can testily. Bo while Unison may. not have had the defensive power, (liat other- 'Bajna mils pa'OTtt-.ed/he/vlmd/whiit it takpfl to make points, which ts'ijood enoilRJi for any i.mnn's team, . ; | Oandy,,,,who y;os understiidy lo Hjil.son, was' rated about thp hesl defpjis|ve '.wljigiiian .'liivn 1 '/l(>ek of endi extraordinary.'.','•' Caruthersville Teams Split Two With Steele K 1 atlon, ip to' iJ,d IhdtWlhg. Tlwreiiy,' ; Jm'uiry '^ 19 »; OthPr gjjftM have ),«/, ,,) a y.' fil In thf Ipofeiih hut hporls ore Rjeords of thfe individual teatos 1 j mrA o,, none, ,. roh 'frtiiH « e: sr; gahtps lo Cooter, J.rnytl, ,hbll*h'd. r . vlo.4-Tlie Sttele Bull- ctoij.s divided •• honors with • the tSrntli'ersvlllo' teams at. Cariittiers- vllle PrUlay,oils-ill. u \ .- v - • . • i ; CariilhersvUle •- won • the " glrl.s earne, 20' to: 19. and Stcele Itu^ toys Banic, .'12: to •9,,:.-. : Texany;i$ Was Jfot Gleaned .HOUSTON, TfiXr (UP) — E. p. Woodward, Ifouston'-capitaltit, '.wnl u mill', to'. the cleaners. It 'was thrown r tr\ the back .of .the delivery truck ftiid, taken to •'•the cleaning plant. ; ;':'' • • • ';., •., • : '•There' 1 A.- J.; Jones,."?iho5e«job II -..'to -search'clothlngijsent,'' ln' ; for article,? left'In' tlie poclt'eLs; ''felt a wad in a iiocket. lie, pulled It out nnd found live *1,000.'bllte. Waltei 'lallej, plant owner, took the 'nioi)e y to Woodward's off live Woodward a secretary ^ld hadnt even mlwd the money Tt ' ' n '''"'"in' .r. Cooler, gnmp.'i. ivori from: neer Ihree.Boys Isams, Two'"" """'' """" ' Gifls: teams lljitlfefeat'ec) So Far. HTOELFV Mo7rc7as!derabV- ih- Ichwt is belnif sljb'wn In HIP p fm i- Mot. Coilhty ...BMketiall ieajiiw '; lllc ' ( ,»»l,,'lra^U> d >;lt)i [ hr .,. '>fS>hnlnK of, the eoii'hty ks- Xetball lotil nainent, to Iw played at aaolfr. on Pehhinry 20, 21, 22. f«mihw*»ni. *. ' » £ir-.:rs,?s«r£s5i?=aj WardPlI; gahie.i wbn, hone- gam- i-x lied; fUeplfij games lost to- Hay. n' I1ro " lu ^ 1 . 1 p' i<ifer ' PrnBgniloeln, necrlng, nayll. < ,- . i < lf , Brae?adoi6, jjahws won, from', Holland. Warded; CanilV ersvllln, Rlpele; 6aj np j | 0 ,, t t o: ., Coo . .ij c _ . iloilihd, WsrdPlI, k.™. u , Oo<>teh Stffle, ter, Ilayll. wop from , .., enrnes loU tn ?ragfcac!oclo; Coo- WOI1< —-op".."v»v,- gflmes DeeMiig, • Wat-dell, Gtfpie; gomes loet, Center. , . . Dewing, games won from J, Warden, Holland,' Sleele- lost lo: Braggadocio, - ' - Hay- games Havtt "n, ,: won from: llnl- county; Team ' Hayti - Drngqadoclp' Holland .^.. DMrlliJf ...-;•, Cooler fileete /.-...-. Caruthfrsvllle Wardell ;,... Team Cflotei- ".. '. /.".' Ilayll '•• Am filrU Holland Steele •.. ! .jv.. Bejrljijc ,.'.''... Carullieisville Pel. .GCC .C08 .COO .511 ter. neerlhg. Baliies won' .from':':w«- lelt; ei>ti)PS lost. to: Braggadocio, -ooter, Hayll, IloUahd, Slcclo. 1'et, \. Cooler, games 'won from- Decr- 1.0001 j,"8. Warden; Steele," J3rag|adoolo' --T-I-.. .... ' 0: SlccJe, ;.Holloiid, .8J4U "ajli, games won from- wnr- .4^lgames last W'-IX-ering, " "'" ' J75 ~ .142 ..... ...... . jwreenWgfs are based' upon the game's reported to the MC- rclary.-or. the 'Pemlscot County ieb-ACRE FARM FOR SALE All In cultivation—',(, mile from city limits and highway. Land has good cotton contract for '1935 and buyer can' have:possession Immedt- Jtely.'^CO per acre. G. G. CAOblLL Phoh«.791 ONLY THREE MORE DAYS .;. •;;vrfvVv; : ;v.'>^TOm;^^f^utar^(oc^:t, ; /: ; .•:."••: v ••'.''. '~';'^ : '^.\:'^rt; : Q^ •;'.. V,".''";•'• ' i ') 1 ^'e.'Suii.s and Topcoixte represent (lib Best Vahies ever ofTered in Llytbeville.vT!iey re fronv.our r regular stock of ?25 > ant1' ,^30'"difhc.f nnd .the. assortment includes light. Spring tolors iii-sport mr'*' .,..11 „.. • ,..: l, ]s Jn ,J R|U a| , ( ) C | nrk I)aUehv . :. MANHATTAN SHIRT AND PAJAMA SALE .• -/Including Onr Entire Stock' Al Reduced Prices One Lot .• Shoos nd.'^' Values ..'Choice ,50 •' Hvlritlcigli FeltHats ,95 Corduroy Suits. Pants and Jackets ?2.9o Value :Per Garment ONE TABLE OF SHIRTS, choice. All:'?] Tics 75c 3 Tor''?2.'00 ".''•. Boys Wool Knickers Agros 10 (o I-! ".95'Value $1 t'er.Pair Leiitlicr Coats ;'.' ?6/>0 Values $4.95 MEAD CLOTHING CO. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. W8UBANCT DEFT. ' m. l, Car.ilheif,Wlle; eahi <loll,. , Sttiole, ... Deerlnn to: I!WM..H61l«ha, HpH ier, Braggacloclo, Deering Hollaml, Barnes wo fi fro'in': tor stfclp. Steelr, , nraBg C(Mtw JlayO; Koinra tost to:, (loll. Ciirntliorsvill lost Cop- Wn'iv j In Crucial Game : Meet L^ .being, show,, . county in the bashe B that will take place . 01 , • '- llnyl! lenins \vlli piny son. ' . f " s ; S6a " /Jotlt gtrk ienm,<; of. Oonter nmi Hriyt: have won .j| nv . ed (jy n lai-ge ntiirgin. OH, WAVKS •, 5' tip r ..•- None BtttJr rinjfr Warp i . .2H 0 Barret Beauty Shop la<t House'on No. nth ••'• , Now- l.flfatfd' ai I(lf North ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER • SJEfeVICE BUREAU ., DON EDWARDS, Proprietor iHTyp.i.rliers, ii'dinl Macnima : Hepalrlnt—Pait»-iElbbon» ^ ; : Notice to Taxpayers .. '.''All person^ residing vvithin any city .or. in- .• an'd the.. acldition's thereto ami ail jwrsons"owning.-personal 'property are re- ..(fjm-efl l).v. law to appear before the.. assessor wfoi-e ApnllOlh "nt hh office"iri : (Hp ConvL House and assess their properly. , • lt>A. pena'lty'O oh teri : 'per >cwit of' all 4aixe : s due with a minimum of one dollar is provided for those' who I'ail to appear and assess. .' Please •attend to tlm important matter at mice and avoid (he penalty. •'• JR. L. Gaines Assessor. THE BELL AT A GLANCE AMERICAN TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH • <f?wwl>i°ff * p irviees;io. pperSitjig ^~^.. ' .^'^^"f^PRef^^Jc^^y^evS'l'i Jjnevglvjflg^ifyijgibit^^^^i^iSt*-'!^. • •' '..' : i- j L •*/»'''•• '-JL '''•'''' • •' •''•'•' ••'•' -.*• '•'--'•' '• '-'''^l ''"' - ! '' ' '^*l^ f ^i Sy^ e - < ^v^"J'^-4/ r -S)Qi30. iVticfchal^grc>• '/ '' WESTERN ELECfRIC COMPANY MpntffocWfjoQ, r wprfthousing ontl Qiiiitrd)' %"iiM22z&m'&:'%$&& :V BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES 24 REGIONAL OPERATING COMPANIES Pfovid^ telephone «rvice» and fpcililles within fh«;>ecfive (•rritoriet', with the old of staff" s«rvice»:of the American Telephone and Tele- "graph Company. •-". TI*fc^BeH System it* big...but ite or- (•nizalioQ is not complex. Th« A. T. &T. is parent company, •erTice and research organization, •nd financia] headquarters of ,lhft 0. It owns Western Plectric and " h Western, owns Bell Laboratories. Also, it owns more thim 90 p«r cent of the voting slock of the 2t : . nssociated companies (of which the S6i»thKe»»ern Bell .fcleplione Company is one.) It operates the long,,': distance Irunk lines Unking ihe territories of these companies. : ' ' It« 8l»ff carries on for these 24 associated companies an intensive MnAy to find better, more economical melh- odi of giving good telephone service. We»lern Electric buyg tupplies for the Sya- tepa,aad turns out far : it the 100,000 different •^••^ telephone network is organized partsthat s ointothetelephoneplaut. Associated companies are not required to buy from Western . .. but experience hag led all to do so, for two reasons: (1 j Because- Western Electric parts have the advantage of uniform.***, TNyIjiil..equally well into the telephone system nnywhf:re. (2) Wesl- ern'jiricek are about a' : fourth l>eton- the prices for.'similar equipment in the competitive, market, .. ilell Laboratories is a non-profit cor- poriition, whose 4,000 irarkerg^n- staiitly carry on a great program of scientific research lo find better and cheaper ways lo give your telephone service, .'.•.'••'. Each part of i[ ie ifc.ii System e»ist8 because Ihe function it performs is essential lo Ihe jobof giving good telephone, service at fair cost to you. NEw' obo ' ji i " >ijr ''''p"""* » Ih, NEW 1935 IEIEPHONE AIMANAC t for ro»; FREE c(1 p y „,,(,, B ul | nell o ^ t ,'

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