The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 18, 1870 · Page 4
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 4

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1870
Page 4
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THE EVENING NEWS. WEDNESDAY, MAT 13, 1373. EDI1HAKLB EAEVAT TEE fAELE. firnicM, CncrA.xT aim &t. Isyun Eulwii C C a L C Drviasosr. TL4X5S LZ1TL aXSSVK. Fat line S -20 a m. 2.-43 a. m ikmliwra Express 12 .SO p. a. Aeeiaaix:oa 00 p. nr. 12 J- P- - V. Y. Sif.t Express 7:2 p. a. . p-m. 8ailaT LmrtM 7:lp. aa. fi.-tria.Xtt- Cuter a n tla CA-Mziie ajt Dunux Expres ajyTa.. 12 -VI p.m. xpru 2;uea. 2:90 a. a. I Fast ETr !C0.m- B. m. Aseom ruiaLioa - 7 V) s. nL. S B- m. Blght Expiss 7.15 p.m. -ttp. JcrrU.40VTU.LJi Ajrs Mannojr KAixaOAO. rSIraro EmrrM 2 J .'. " a Acotoi3oU;4oa '!' 1211 noon Litmi 7p. m- 7:1? p. fcualayTr: ta-,j. T:p.. IvbSAXAroL:, r? ai Chicago Rail wax. n-.!j( MJ! . - rJa-m.' a ecoiu aviation "". 12:1 ifjon. lo:'-as- Cblc4' Lxtr.u .l'p. 10. :3-p.S0. LrATTTB Railroad. FprlnzJeM Accoram'vlaUoa "4:20 m- m. Iaraye; t A ex. m ic olauoa 11 :f aorta. Chicago i-xprewi 7 :Cip. ia. " OWOKjrATI llAILitOAD. Baltimore Ex pre- 2Ma.ra. Cincinnati Mil 3 1 :"" Mart i&.r u.e AcconiEjodat n 1 p. m. JSigfat Lxpresa I '7:0p. in. Tkrkk ITat Railboad. 230 a. fta !l:t a. r 7 .', p. a .Vla. nt H :-'inoos 9 :V a. o 7:Up. tm. C!fl. and fit. Ial Espre a. ni. rt. Ixvui Day i.x press ; . A- in. Mail 12? p. m. fcL Louis N.fcht Express p. . Vitxa.vts Railju-fad. ojmraol:ioa 7 0 a, m. WorttiniUn Atcom. 2:Wp. ia. 2:40 a. rt. a. m. :JQ p. .10 6:4 p. in 9 :V a. to 6:1 p. m. Cisoxsati Jcscnow Kaixeoad. Momlngrxprcas 00 A. m. 1? -T MaH 4:03 p.m. 1:00 p. iBOIAHAPOt.!, BLOOIJTO A!D W EST'H RilLf'T Aa. Jifmaimvlitioa m- ' P- .fri p. na. 10 :00 a. m THE CITY. The b(U! are jammt The weather is becoming warm. 0 Th Jonrn.! ofTice La an aquarium. St. Joun Chcucii picnit3 at Franklia (o- , morrow. -m t J T ii rat is not much tirst cUu trarcl orer the railroiuU now. - ' Tnt Ho!mftn Opera Troup will be at the AcaUcinj next week. Axotheh Tcinpt rancc meeting was Leli on Washington ftrert last r ight. Tin Circuit Court Jieeta oa Mondaj. There are 717 caje j nn the lo ket, 44 for dirorce. Thk room heretofore occupied hj the Qua ker f;tore is to W 'turned into a billiard room. , Thb pub'ic- Retools north of Washington etreet picnic on HturdaTat Crown ITill Park. The other t choolsj will probabljr be inrited to "join. ."! , r." DiiyKu'the past two or three weeks We3tern travel through the Union Depot, especially, to Kan. ui: and Wisconsin, has Wen unprecedented! heuTj. . ! Two car lo.vJs of toldiers belonging to the fourth infantry regiment, en route from Carlisle barracks to Tea. pa3?ed' tbrouph ihc city l5t nipfht. " , , - The rue't tin called in the interest of the iemi-centenniiil aaniTorsary, yesterday .afternoon, was a failure, and the prospect has evidently oiic where the woodbine twineth. j Tiir Evening Coinmeftial entered apon iti fourth year yesterday, and celebrated the event j don-ning a-briht new dress. We are glad to notice this evidence of prosperity upon f he part o' our contemporary. Thi alley runuing through the block bounded by New York and Alabama streets, and M:us.'ic-!.Q5ettd, from theavenue to Alabama, h;ia been fenced in, but for what purpose we'ean not say. - , The M.iy term. of he Supreme Court ccm-1 meiices on Monday next, but the call of the docWt will not commence, until Wednesday, and will continue Thursday, ' Friday, and prolatbly Saturday. The docket for the term in unusually large. - Thk Christian Chapel Sunday School, In connection with the University Sunday School, and the Minion Schools of Tinker street and South ftrert, will have an excursion to Connersville, over the Junction Rail-1 "road, on Saturday, .the "Slh instant. Thk celebrated otijanist, Mr. George W Morgan, will give a concert at the First Baptist Church, on the loth of June.- The programme - w ill embrace selections from the great raaitcrs, Mozart, Handel, Bethoven, Uossini, Fbjwtow, Verdi and others. ' SeaU will be for sale at Bcshaia's. .' Svme two months ago The News advocated the propriety of changing, the seats in Aho Street car?, and inserting slab seats in place of the cushion ones. The o facers of tht road hive acttnl on the suggestion, and made the desired change which we are sure will be hailed with s:uisution by all who patroaire them. ' - f . Thk work of removing the Confederate dead, to make room for' the Terre Haute Railroad traiks and engine house, is progressing quite rapidly. The number originally buried in the cemetery was 1.M5. ."Of these, eleven were taken away by their friends, leaving to be removed. So far there have been about SOO interments. Anaxs Jt Co proprietors of the Boot Up- side Down Shoe Store, put a little "want-advertisement into The Evening News one - iay last week; and as the result soll OTer three hundred pairs of new slippers, and could Lave disposed of a good many more if they had had them. All of which shows that The Evening News, being the most extensively rea l paper ia the city, is the one to advertise in. , - t -A ;anij of thieves have been making na-nierous depredations in the vicinity of East ' and Ohio streets, having stolen a large quantity of eatables from various cellars ia that locality, and several rolls of carpeting from Mr. B. Gunilefinger's. Mr. G. regrets exceedingly that they left the most Taluable article lehind them and hopes ihat they will call 4isd get it, as he wishes to gire them a fitting reception. ' i IXDIA5A JIHIUCXX. SOCIETT. The Society was called to order kt Hi a- . by the President. '. The tollowizg aliitioal jaeiber3 reported to the Secretary: j P.. C. Moore, DIeville. ! C. N. Blount, Tipton. J no. Ilea, "ewca5tie. - Geo. Sutton, Aurora. i S. J. Adams, North Salein. : , Ward Cook. Pendto'n- ! , II. U. Mtinsinjer Newcastle. J. M. WhLard, Greenwood. T. Ii. Noble, Greeawood-Also, the follpwing delegates S. E. yfemford,: Princeton." E. MendenhalL, ZionsTille. W. G. Moore, Indianapolis. D. H. Ilardlcf, Bates viile. . J. W. Badger, Fremont, ,T. CKithIiSdlaaapoUi. . J. J. Seville, Kokomo. The following resolutioa was o-ere-i by IfT. Hibberd: j . ' ! j . ... Resolved, That the secretaries of this society be requested to incorporate with the coo-titntion an i by-laws, all the amendments and alterations that have been' made since their last publication, including thos of this year, and publish the same in the rolume of transaction for the Current year, which w&3 adopted. . ' Dr. Illbberd ofTere 1 ' the following rmend-ment to section J.o.f the ly-laws: Every person -claiming to be a, member' of this societv and atten-iior its annual njreticz shall, before be be allowed to take partj in the proceeding-s. give his name to .the Secretary, and pay Lim two dollars. I I ' Adopted unarnmouiir. ; The Secretary then read the re?otutions adopted by the last session of the American Medical Association; on establishing Boards o( Medical Examiners in each of the States; and on motion by Dr. Ilibberd, they were referred to a select committee consisting of Drs Hib-berd, Todd and Parvin,-with instructions to report this after soon. I ' On motion of Dr. ITobb3t the Prejident's address was referred to a special committee consisting of Drf.IIobbs, Harvey and Passage- Dr. G. . oolen, of Indian apoli3, a sjet ial committee appointed to report on syphilis. read an elaborate paper on the ubject,i giving a thorough history of the disf;y-e in the past. and a digest of modern views on the subject. On motion of Dr. Clarke, the paper was re ferred to the Publication Committee !ntbout discussion. ! 1- 1 J-f . hen introduced Dr. S. S. ray, 'the Ohio State Medical Sc- Dr. Passage th a delegate from 1 ciety. , ; I Dr. Gray was by a Tote accepted a3 delegate and invited to participate in the discussions. n? presented the transactions of the Ohio State Medical Society for 180?. t Dr. W.' Ilobbs, of Carthage, read a rolunta ry paper oa operations in case of syphilitic necrosis, exhibiting a skull, marked to illus trate operations in the case presented, in which four operations in as many years, removing, in the several operations, about one-half the upper portion of the bones of the skull, inclu ding the entire forehead, and supraorbital ridges. New bone , ha3 been nearly restored. Disscussed by Drs. Harding, Hibberd, Passage, Waterman Thompson -and Stuars? Further discussion of this, and Dr. Woolen's paper, was Tmade. the special order for five o'clock this p. m, i . The Committee on Nomination reported the following as officers for the next session: For President Dr. R. N. Todd, Iiidianapolis. Vice President Dr. I. N. Kosenthal, Fort ayne. i I- ; . Secretary Dr. G. . oolen, Iudianapolis. Assistant Secretary Dr. W. j. Elstun, In dianapolis. i , i ! 1 " - . Treasurer J. H, oodburn, Indianapolis. Librarian Ai. W. Davis, Indianapolis. Dr. II. V. Passage, of Peru, read a voluntary report of a case of reduction of dislocation of the hip joint, j : . ! ' Dr. IX. E. Ilauehton, of Kuhmoad, was called aniTr ead ii voluntary paper on the gen eral subject of reduction of .dislocations of the hip joint, presenting blackboard illustrations. " ' . ? I "' The Society then adjourned until 2 o'clock M. 1IOTEL ARRIVALS. ! 1 ' . 4 The following are the arrivals at the princi pal hotels during the twenty-four hours! ending with twelve o'clock: ' ,1 BATES HOUSE. 11 I W. WK.St.KY A SOX, PROPRIETORS. J II Helm and wifc, Peru M II nardinj, Lawrence-1) 11 Harding, Lawrence- burj? I bnrt ' W T Cobb. Boaton N A Litchfield, N Y J null, aanviiie K Mornikn, Kev York J Miller, Cincinnati WH Thomas. VYiUianis- J ItO!, Ylncennca V 1) Anderson, liadUoa A F Scott, Richmond U H Lucas. Mate Line W H M Cooper, M uncle J M Saxton, St Louis L Sexton. RiihvUle J A JMddUl. ia?haiond K Walker, Chicago K H 1'ulUn. Cincinnati A Sexton, Ruhville -V Kersey, lUchraond y. lVKkt llow, Phlla J T Edwards. Chicago J O Smilh, N Y K C Hahu, Baltimore W W Taylor. N Y H Hare, Wilmington Miss Clara Peipr, Laa raster, Ia Ct A Middleton, Cinvl C L Irwin, Madison -M Aronstein, NY T King. Pekin, IU . J Holland. Cincinnati Ctv II KemperJ Muncie T C Vickry, Richmond' -B F Ciavpool, Connersville . i ' ; W T iSealev, Kew York O L Fox. Chicago J R West, Richmond C Smith, Iillp, L I F E Jones, Chicaso L Potsdanier.' Phila G L Morse, Boston C F Jones. Boston 1 W Bradley, N Y W L I'eiper aud " wife, Lancaster, Pa M Rittenhouse, K V Alrx Scott, New York 11 W Bohener, Louisville J B Brown, N Y I Clark, liichmond J A S Kanion and wife. II T Roberts, ew k ork Cincinnati It TIat.hel. Krankfirt-Kr It t 1 rst. LoulSVlUe "SI Himebirch, l"ittbnnth Rufus Mee, Locansport J M Buchanan. Baltimore 1 11 Frost, New York G C Ferry, Philadelphia PALMER HOl'SE. " COT.. JKFV. K. SCOTT, PROPR1KTOK. M H Parks Martinsville W G Homaa and wife, E M Tiaier and wife, Danville Danville . Wm J Ward, Worthing- S tTermire, Mattoon ton . H O Heichart, Frankfort J Raum-, Frankfort M W Hall, Spencer J N Clarks, Franklin : J B Mjoa and ladr, Mun- M V Fox. Nojsleavilie . Cje W B Wall. Lebanon R Applewhite, Browns- A A Davidson, Browns-! towo town RC K is Lebanon John Roe. North Madison II W Knight. Louisville S M Martin, Greenfield S A Tracv. Eden E Cain. Greensboro Jono F Sanders, Jef lie W G McFadden, London E N Tull. Ogdea : T Powell. LUinoia ' tie W Sloan, Rushville H McClure, Worthington Thos C Vicry, Worthing- Train CaliweU, Connera- ton ville G Alien. Dayton O Isaac Odell, Fairland C Wriht. snelby ville G M Tnley, Franklin L L Bobiet and wife, J J Smith, Martinsville Knigh'.atown : J Hall. Gosport TBCox, Frankfort J M C Adams, Frankfort Mrs L M Williams and J W Moms and wife, dsuithter.CrawfordsUe Plainfield O I-a Toureue, Lodi JC Musgrave, Harveys; W M Brosaers, Knights- bunc lown R B Walsh, N Y ' W W Jones, Crrtersbargh A B Summers, Stilesvllle D Kninhi, Uaaletoa W H Pilkertoa, lortyiile L B Thomas, Anderson M G Sherman, Michigaa Henry Fitch, Michigan City i M D Harney, Sulphur Rice M Brown, MitcheU Spring F M Black, Ererton G U Scott, Pioua O M L Lintaa, Piqua O Joe Milner and wife, Kan-T W Mile. Lafayette sasCity J B ConnelLHooeT Creek J R Davis, Danville J E Brooks, Bl-w-a field H L Carter, RloomfteJd II Anderson, Rhlcago Henry Morrison, Cairo IU Geo O C lark, CinU James Barton. Milroy S H Snooner Jr, Law-CJ Snooner, Salt Lake penceUrgh J M Hartley, Hagerstowa L W: Williauaa, CinU J 1 shearer, Haoerstowa Fra&k Alexanier, Kew- K E Black, 'Spwcisll cutis , Z IJadfj, WaJdron A Lather. WAilron A Mirun. Laliyeil 3 Can:pbH, LaXayct e j H H ilomson, Green-Hesrr Miniii5er, SnJ-1- castle phur5priDS Charimi H Foss, Fitch- C W Clinton, Plttar?l b-urfrh Wa C Ccaoiia, liamU- J C iif, 2? T ton Wm chrvider aad wif, n F K.'ckAri.-oa, Eoche- LoubTia tr S Y F Onetoa aa J lady, Qnti ir$ Jahamys, ClatJ ' i ! MASON HOUSE. . a. n Asa & E H ?ain, Maacie j A WU-n. MonciA J V rjT, Mancie SOX, f KOFKIXTOXS. L M Klr, Maneie A t mitd. Muaci K W llljloD, Maacie J fr:lfc-rrv. l t tMrchfn, Ocu T H Parks, MartiniT5r, . J A .Uwis. M ArttnsTul " J H Pfrer, MartratTiile J B Obaaiberlain CiaU I W brilz, BraxU W Blanch. Kokomo W s Wood, BariiBffton, A C liul-y. xlaaoa Mmael Ian?, Ijt hanoa Mrs fcoher, Lehanoo W J Aa4rw, Muncie -W H Jiyerv'rNfBburj A PBninzvon. AtU- a C H HVen.'KushTiU J W Kctt. Ilphi C H Albixk, Kloreoce K H Punnell. Lebanon A B Mil,I?r. "hir. : ACimpbeil, N V E It h'.itit-n. spnci?r Min Jennie i-rauUn, J CroadAl, BraxU J Grsme. tlrol J B Barjteser, Lafayette K M Lockbart, Walerlotf Mr IlaBilton. and Uir ladies, Leraoon C F Hc-cat, l-anTill J T i fcanders, Jeferson-"rillei J F !)bt, Atti. a Jake i ft wirt and wif. M B Thomptoa, Hot k-fieid ITCJ tiinsoa, Vienna W B Morris, Ciuti J V 1V'oi:e!. ccfr Mr Mairie Strops, .l nnaf d J R, IUomu field ; W K Ki Jon, V helih; H F tVi-han, I-r.anon Wm If acker, hel:iwiile J W t'urns, Oxford C K Lan. CoIamlu. O W V Hair, Kokomo Jourrial IfTru !trwn. N Y P. I: f.i jtshburn, Wal Iron Il"(ny irffker.CLarlestOD, K Hamf'tinl. Priarlon 1-1 . J M(i hire, l'rineetoa fM W II Kari:per. Prince- J F H:ibtiard. Kichaiond t- n i M ii HatrUi, LLujHria, E i IfaJT, flavton Kacsj J II Hali aridife,i riii2- ' ,. j SPEXCEP. IIOl'.-E. J. IV. fcBAT, I. S MV.l.-New Hare'n J -raith. Jtfi". r..iivil!e A M Idale, Wajhiug- II I vi, TirSn, O A (r Iarriou, Geneva, rzirr.;E'jp.. W R Wj;c.s, Tar!.-Q - . J I'jv-fiiian. Va-Lm;ton C M laj-, La.ra::ii T J 'Ad Ant's ''rtQ ."-aleiu i i I ars n. T Haute S Iod('.. "ahinj!on II B Barnott, Knishts- If It?finea. Knishltown t-"wn T J Z:rn, Kniijht;own J Mor. Ix.uisTille II J Ash. Pitubursh R R Harding, GalesVur3, E Shown. -Wavnotowa III '- J 1UH. Hillst'.pro I N ireen, Coldwater, R R Waaliburu, Waldron Mich E Allis, Cadiz i J N Grettorv, Brooklyn L T St Clair, St Lr.iiU J W .-btlliti, P Wihnini-tdn, Louisville A "Keniite, Buffalo L A Parker, Adrian E N Tull, ifden C Rwlil.ins, Brooklyn C L IjrmghHn,.P.raz:l C C Hathaway, Chicago- W F Staunton, Columbus, Mi Kate Roberts, Rich- Ohio laad - Mies, Role Griffin, Rich- G I. Griffin, Richland land ' L H Tobin, Richland W t BrtiUees, Cincinnati -T R Win, C.lutulus E S IVlknap, Ml Vernon F Queelan and lady, Cln-Mrs Johnson, Cincinnati cinnati (i A England, Kenosha A M Ionou;h. Mattoon B Hutchiusou, Columbus, W A Kooni, Newville Ohio L Krn and ladr, Alta C Hnnaker, Hamilton J CMahonej, Baltimore W McMaMers, Montezuma C Datenffort, Lafayette II A Davenport, Colum-J E Julow, Anderson bus, U , C H Scott, Oxford, O J T Turpin, Hermont E Harney, Mooresville F Metzier, Attica J M Foster, Crown i'oint S C Sn?r, Lowell J L IMahunt, Jefferson- JM Weddles, Jefferson- viDe vill f J C Nottingham, Marion M A sbornf ;rcencatle L S Ieurfck, Syracuse B W S Caldwell, Rush re J Somers, Staunton S G Pike, laurel H Ball aud lady, Kriights- C Raymond, Areola, Ky town N Howsen, Liberty n-: WaUr, Peru Nil Canaday,' Knights- I Kilzore, Yorktown - town. W li Wet, Anderson H T Shingle, Chicago J Harrington, Sh- Ihyvill-II S Bacon, Terre Haute J C Clanss'en, 1 ....a J H MonJKomery, Tipton J llohert.-i and ,wift, F G Young, Tipton Elgin, 111 A R Craijfhead, Tipton II I. Hummer, Lafayette W J Darnell. Jamestown J M ! Iarnell, Jamestown S Thomas, Montezuma A B Ashley, T Haute J W Hogarty, Alexandria SHERMAN HOUSE i W. M. HAWKINS, PROPRIETOR. J W PurTiance.IIunting- F R Keating, Huntington ton A J Lyon, Baltimore r M Pennett, Kansas, 111 E T Taylor, Huntsngton L B Thoians, Anderson S M Cox, Thorntown GeoWickt-rshaui and lady, II F Wieshan, Lehanon Thorntown j - M Ewrop, Thorntown Geo W Williams, Oleve- Amos Whitley, kpring- land field, O , Drtiraham, Springfielj.O John I Hijl and family, I C iaily, Lebanon Carthago R L Wilon and wife, No- C R Wilson, Nohleoville Mesrille ? r H H Henderson, N Y John Kachman, Elliotts- lr .S p Booth, Elliotta- vllle vUe D.W Barnctt, Cintl W C Whear, Franklin JohnJWorrell, Clayton Geo a Marsh, New Alba-nv A I'l Herod, North Vernon N L M ReeTes, Xenia ) A P Sanders, Cicero f-" J II Fraught and wife, New Winchester . G C Wttover, Vernon . W I Epperson, Mace L W Fletcher, Franklin F M Molhersheud, Jol- umbus W W Osuorn, Vernon C Whiteuiore, North Vernon S Oreruierer, Mattoon, HI . Jas Hays, Edinburjr J N Gerhard, Thorntown Saral Freets and family, j i) jjiip, i nuepenuence ernon I James Wilon,Springlield,I D Pa'n', South Bend J DSane, Independence ernon o T Bi uneke, Sandask v J R Cronin, Francesrille R V Sfrowl, Imisville Miss Hunt, Thorntown W M Merrvin, (iosport 1) W Hauiilton, Greenville " N Fitch, Auburn L V Vallandingham, Ic- l 11 ar1;ent, cant I trf.ii V Bodine and wife, Rush- W A Bodine' and wife, vine . 7 Ktisnniie G A I.enton and lady, . Cinti Thos Jett, fierniantown ft F V aton. Snrinzboro G W Boeer, lUdevilie Nathan Pike, Eai;leton M L Rarnhizr, Nobles-J C Harry, Cinti J C Harry, Unti T H Greer, Iowa Aba McWille, Greenville, Ills J R Kennedy, Louisville C M Bowman, Trader. W M Jackson, Nobles- ville r II M Johnson, St Louis J W Boswell, Columbus, Ohio G W Hueston. Indiana polis 1 j .Macon, xaH mi ore Ira Brashears and ladr. -Henry otten. Cintl I W Butler. Noblesviile M L Barnhizer, Nobles-L V ISoTle. Thorntown Tille. G M Morris, Thor Jtowav. W M Coles, Thorntown Henry T l'atts, Carlisle J Markell, Koc Hester, Is Miss Jennie Sivey, Dub- Y ' ' lin - . ! T H Craig, Crawsords- ! ville i JNATIOXAL HOTEL. WISCHKSTER A SAPP, PROPRIETORS. Wm P Vaile, Vernon L A ShoafT, Kokoino Wm O'Brien, Camden ' Ed W Freeman, Kokorao laTid Ferguson, Union A McFeeley, -Cnion City City J Mci-eeley, I mod City C Red. Union Oty H S Bigs. Warsaw J O Garle, Hoburt K Winegard, Bourbon C Schmitt, Cintl C 1 etta, Kicbmond (reo II Dixon, Evansville J M Wiun, liichmond W h. 1x1 wards, ier Haute 11 Holmes, ierre Haute H D Milas, Terre Haute A B Walh, Terre Haute D W Morehouse, Butler- 1 W WUson, Lagro Iaac E Johnson, Spencer J F Harmon, Spencer w j w ooa, v ortbington J a cooper f pencer O F Slebin, Peru A P Haws, Camden Wm llanna, 8elraa - H II Hanoa, Dunkirk Wm Linn. Crawfordsville J H Weir, Cinti Mr L M Brown, WosterO Mrs R Lewis, Wooster O John Gates and lady, St W II Pilkerton, Portville C H King. Cinti W M Applebaugh, CinU S B Fisher, RossTille H Langster,. Franklin J U Capel, tlnti J W Graham, Lafayette E W Potter and lady, Wm Armstrong Lafayette Greenfield F B Cox, Frankfort C J McAdam, Frnkfort J C Musgrove, Uarveys-S M Vancleve.Crawfords- burst ville J B McConuick, Green- J H Dve, Panola, 111 castle Joen Rogers and child, Philip Smith, Sidney . Crawturdsviile CJ A Cumber and wife, Laporte A G Fosdyke, Wabash Mrs Maggie Stop, Fair-Miss Jennie - Free land, land FairUnd ' J R East, Fairland N Pancborn. Galion "W Dawson, llttsbunrh . DA Dennisoa.Logaaspert J P Dunlap, Greencastle G W Badger, Fremont H F Wood, Angola S Choneld, Hauiiiton J Leonard, Princt''ns-G C Westover, Vernon W T Van Brunt. Phil Ezra Spencer, Greens- borough C Beck, Galion Dr D Pagin, South Bend Geo W Jordan, Attica Vr. V, xUcAmona Wm Heailnstton. Portland J Salter. Richmond W L Bonham, Toledo J A Dixon, Louisville John F WUdman, Ander- Jacob Gehring, Logans-son pert S B Uenshaw, Alexandria J W Samson, Pliila LOCAL ITEMS. j - -. 1 ; aT"Baby carriages at factory prices, wholesale and retail, at Baldwin's Bazaar. lS-wts SrxDAY School Scpplt Dkpot? Everything needed in the Sunday School, can be found at Todd, Carmichael & Williams.' 17-3 . The French Corset is all the rage. Conaty sells it for only 75 cents at his millinery store, 42 South Illinois street, m- - . - . - -1&-3 - Parasols! Parasols 1 You can get them cheapest at Baldwin' BaiaAr. 18-wtt Bamberger's Straw-Hats are . all the rajre. He is selling them at the ratp of about four .hundred a day. They are Ijgbt, eoolj durable, fashionable sad cheap. .He has . an immense stock of everything pertaining to the hat line that u ia season and desirable'. The Black Bear stands at the door if 16 East Washington street. . Spring and Summer Underwear selling very cheap at Baldwin's Bazaa 15-wts I "Hoir ii the Howe? Th Howe is just what tou waat. Hw does the Howe operate? V Beautifally, and it is so simple thit your lit tle girl can run it. Go and see lit at 21 North Pennsylvania street and tou will , buy quick eaough. ; . Necktie Norelties, handfome and . I lS-wts cheap, at Baldwin's Bazaar. JriTThe handsome fitting dress Josf3 show The luxnrv of beaut r rare, $ And as the lady with her beaux, Sails out to take the evening.air, The pleased and happy lookersjon, With beaming eyes do all exclaim. The dressmakers who made thit suit, . Are worthv all of fashioa'3 fame. ( , i And who are they who t so vell? Thtir names you very scon shall view, . Mrs. Uarnet and'Arden are th' firm, At No. 11 Massachusetts aveiiue, Where dress and cloak, in fashf on made, . Are cut and fit by skillful h4nds, And ieaaty is adorned with grace , ' Bv finest workers in the land. 17-6 " :i - "Gcld Pens, new stock, prices low at Todd, Caraiichatl v Williams. j 17-3t j?Get your hats bleached anil pressed at Conaty'3. His work is first cUss, and his prices moderate. See, also, hjs immense stock of summer millinery. , 16-3. . , . . i jsT Paper Collars, better styjles, cheaper than elsewhere, at Baldwin's Bazaar. 18-wts j I jJ"Gentlemen stopping in te city will find the Spencer House ia first-clss order. 'j '; apir21-eod4w jGTW. A, Bradshaw is offering! extra inducements to persons who contemplate building this summer, by selling splendid lots at $20 per; foot in quantities to suii purchasers, on long time with .but a small amount paid down. . His lot3 are cheaper, better, and much nearer the "center of the cityftbifin any now offered. Call on him at No. 14i New & Tal- bott'3 block for plats. . 1 17-2t. S"the place to find elegant jflower3 with wl ich to trim a bonnet, is at Conaty's, No. 42 South Illinois street. His stock i;is the finest and cheapest in the cjlty. jj 16-3. ffThe Spencer House is thoroughly repaired, and for fir3t-class Board go there. j ' : apr21-eod4w Sr Strangers in the city ae invited to look through-tthe Book and Stationery Store of Todd, Carmichael k Williabas, Glenn's B'lock. , " - 1 17-3 jj39 Great bargains . in Hosiery, Gloves, etc., ante-war prices at Baldwin'! Bazaar. 18-Wt3 ! ,- t Palace or Gem3 ant JswELsit We would give our visiting friends a remin;der that the locality of the above named place' is at 24 East Washington street, where MessrsJ Craft & Cutter have on exhibition a most bew itching and enchanting array of dazzling gold jewels, rich silverware fine chaste gold and silver watches,, etc., etc., which they will dispose of at very agreeable figures to those-who wish to purchase.. A look will cost you nothing, and is a sight worth seeing. j 17-2 : 3sr 10,000 Party, Church and Street Fans, cheap at Baldwin's Bazaar. 18-wts jflf you want a good meal Or bed, stop at the Spencer House. . apr21-eod4w 23T The Saxony Wool Oil isj indorsed by such firms as Merritt & Coughlinjof this city, Dalmbert, Serjeant & Co., of Edihburg, Baldwin, Payne & Bronson, of Frankliny Henry Weiss, of Charleston, Illinois, and others. It s'ceurs out well, and does not sot in- color, and like all the oils sold by FriLnk Boyi is unsurpassed in any respect. Frank has it in quantitie3 to suit dealers and hehry consumers, and fills orders promptly at 22 South Meridian street- !" ' Croquet and Games of !tvery kind, headquarters at Baldwin's Bazaar ' 18-wts ' ' i '.I 5iyFifth and heaviest invoice of Spring and Summer Men and Boys' Clothing, just arrived -at the Arcade, No. 6 West Washington street. ' . tf ursiXEssjroTicEs. Dnry A Hawk at the Palace Are giving enticing bargains ' -'. In fine city Boots and Shoe That are deughtul to year, . j And they wear delightfully. . J ' w body and tapestry Brussels eelved this week. Rich patterns. Prices low. HEME, ADAMS 4c CO. 13-4' Ii ' . Paris Store, Laee tieeds, Just Opened. A new stock of made op lace goods, embracing latest styles of BufTs, Collars, Handkerchiefs, etc., etc., beautiful and cheap beyond precedent at the . Paaxs Store. r ringers Before Forks. The motto has been reversed since Craft A Cutter have received at their silvery halls aj splendid line of table euttlery that almost blinds ithe eyes and cuts the fingers to look at. Do go see;; it; will youT 19-2 . . l! We would say to those desiring to furnish halls, churches, A-,' that we have a good variety la that class of goods, both in carpets and mattings and are selling very cheap,. Call and see our stock, j HEME, ADAMJS A CO. 13-4 ' - . U. F. Adams will Sell Yea If you will call at 32 South Meridian.-s tores, dishes, cutlery, tabs, cruit stands, egg boilers and lots of other novelties, very cheap indeed. Housekeepers remember your eac porium. Oh I can mat tell the reason . But I really love to smoke. Yet when I get a poor cigar I'm almost sure to choke. So now I go to Andy Sharpens And bay a pare Bon Ton, It is the best; you bet it is That a weedite ever fiuai. IS ' 13-3 A A Carvt: We are receiving WW geotb from j-st Vndj and selling them very vhnp. ffe are also rvucini5 price to the lowest point en ;every article of a xoii on which there has been tie lowest decline si a. ce boucht, or which wiU U jrtywis admit of jtk- imaiieat redacUon, or uotte beiag, "The bes goods, small prota and quick sales." Goarox A Iltss, Paris Store. The Plate f ' Where gents can find, Prize Medal Shirti f Neckwear and unierweai ; . "" is at , ' J Smith A Foeter'a, 22 East Washington Ureet. ITc rail attention tetke fae that J. Vanstan makes the best fitting Beot, Show or Gaiter in the city. Give blnit a call i you wish to be convinced, at No. 10 Virginia avenue. - i l- ' lS-3-uwi.s i '.' : S , . Pbiladelpniainarraijas.rasfaad hemp carpets at arreatljr renin eel prlees at 13-4 Iir.nE, ADAMS A CCS. r I ! TXe Attention ef Vlsttlna; Ktrangers and all others is invite!, to the fine display of watches and jewelry in th cases of McLene A Herron. Bates House corner Quality guaranteed and prices as low as the Ioweit.' , 1T-2 Onr stock of wall paper is very complete and. we are acHlngr at lower figures than ever. In 'decorations our stock ia richer and finer than ever, and we employ the movt skilled artists only to pat tbemnp.s. 13-4 I , HVME, ADAMS CO. Visit the w York One Price Cloth-ing House, No. 37 Cant AVHblntou street. .The largest and most complete yierchnnt Tailoring irstabllshnient in the West.; Their goods are all marked in plain elling tlgiires and soltt at strictly one price. ".;' j IT -2 A choice selection of flowers at Stlls's Agrlewltnral fYarehoase, from the extensive Greenhouses of Henry Weghorst, Florist. Orders promptly executed. 12-c We are In receipt of new fresh goods daily and' onr stock is complete In every department. We are selling at very low fignres and propose to keep our stock full so that parlies Intending to buy can always depend on finding every thing in our line at our house. . Hl'ME, ADAS A CO. 13-4 . ; - : I : Three varieties of Hand Lawn Mow ers, at Twenty. five Dollars each, for sale at Ktlls's Agricultual Implement Warehouse,' No. ?S East Washington street. ' ! 12-6 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF INDIANAPOLIS, Financial Agent of the ITJnited .States, and Depository of the Public Funds . IS BASED irPOJC " ' 9615,000 o( 'SI and 10-40 U. S.l Bonds both I principal and interest pkyable, by e'x-. ; press terms of the law, In Gold. - . 8340,000 Surplus and undivided profits. 8500.OOO Individual liability of stockholders.- J 1,355,000 Capital available to creditors. This Bank one of the largest, strongest and most prosperous in the State j Exclusively upon; a Gold Basis, And "as solid as the rock of ages," jwlll hereafter PAT INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, - AUD CtVK ..; Extraordinary Facilltle to Customers. I A glance at the following list bf stockholders will show the names of many of the most substantial men in the country, worth In the aggregate many millions of dollars, viz: Wm. H. English, J. h I. Lanier, Thomas A. Hendricks, Deloss Boot, Jerre McLene, ' J. George fcti!a, John I. Morrison, David Kilijore, John C. W right, " . Thos-. B. McCatty, Robert Browning, J. A. Root, George Merritt, Laz. Noble, Wm. Coughlia, N. S. Greene, J. H. Vajen, Wm. H. Fry. Benj. F. Tuttle, J. T. Hendricks, E. A. I'arker, . John C. New, Hervey Bates, Oliver P. Morton, James AV'Jnslowr ' Klijah S. Alvord-KlishaO. English, .Thos. M. Sullivan, . James A. Cravens. W. W. Leathers, -Jno. M. Gaston, Iavid W Noble, Wm. WiUard, Andrew J. Hay, Iaa'l Hennessey, W. A. lleiliday, C. H. Raymond, i K. H. Bxiot, : Jno. M. jraiwell, John Hendricks, Chas. N. Todd, A. I. Billingsley, J. A. Rosa. Oscar B. Hord, "Best class Fire and Burglar-Prof Safes. Two watchmen alwaya on duty at Sight. -mch2-2taw wit tf. - . j REPAIRING. ' WILLIAM P. GIBBS, Furnitiire & "Mattress Eepair House, 7S East Market St.,:indianaboAis. rphelsterlsg, f'halr-Seatiar, TaraUhlag, Packlag apr22-3m aad Shipplaa- Karaltare, eod BANKERS. Petti t, 3raden fc Co., BANKERS, No. 3 Bates House, Indianapolis, Ind. All business appertaining to. banking respectfully solicited. ' - 1 I aprli3mo. r WOOD YARD ALDRICH . & CAY, WOOD lYAKD, Corner Indiana Avenue and Canal, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA. declS dtf AMUSEMENTS, METROPOIJCTAir. IT ATX. H. J. SARGENT, r - Manager. ALHAMBRA STAR COM PArJY, I Monday Evening, May IJ and Every r J Alzht During me weta. i : i ! The largest Combination Company ever tn the city. . c 1 -See bills of the day. Ladies' Matinee, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at i o'clock r. m. Scale of Prices fcre Circle, 35 1 Parquette, 50; Gallery, 15. Matinee, 23c to all pan of the house. mayl-tf : . . , , 'J THE j D onblo He adc d Calf. ' ' ' - I ' A GREAT FREAK OF NATURE. Can be aeen free of charge. ' i While examining it, Ivok at the treat baryalns in Groceries that A. F. COOP-3. 151 West Waahington street, ofiera to Housekeeper. may! 5-2 w ' " NEWS ST JlND. Is the place to finl ' Tino Clsars, Tohacoo, Pipes, &c And all the leading DAILY AND WEEKLY PA-pEl'Jof the day. GlvemeacallJ 17-lmo I4AAC DOODEWAED. CTLO Till IlltS. DHESS CHEAP. . . ' V . -.- '": Wi? are prcparecl to rnalac np BlSIXESS SUITS out of JSCOTC1X GOODS of every color and description, in stylo and workmanship In-lerior to none at greatlj- re dnccnl price. TTo have on band besides, fnll line of SITITIaVCwS ofevrry quallr.T and shade, and can afford to make - them up very ior' Call and see. SOIa. MOI1ITZ & co.; 19 West U'asbington St For a cheap, durable, tle- sirable, and well made - f 3 OR ; . VEST,; Call at SOI, 3IOR1TZ & COS, lO West YTasbiugion St, my!6-6t INSURANCE. Insurance Coiiipany, 118 WEST FOrBTU STBEET. . i - " A Good Way to make Government Securities more Pro-ductive. r AS THE MARKET PRICE OF U. S. BONDS ', now yields an income of but t to 5 per cent, per aauuiu.. they 4aub he mad basis ot ad ditioual productive! trade to atford satisfaction to S-holders, otherwise a large amount of the capital of ;. the country is hoarded and becomes so inactive aa to produce discontent and distress, from a course ' resmt)iing the mismanagement of the unprofitable 5 steward who hid away his talent in a napkin, and . grumbled of a bard master. . f Government Securities to a limited number will te tajcen at market price for Capital Stock In- the f. Andes Insurance Company for few days. - F : In one week after putilic notioe of opening of our f; Stock Books, the sum of t'i?l,H0 was subscribed. A r' lively and increAslns; appreciation of it in both city-j ; and country Is manifested, and from present Indies- tions, this Stock will all soon be taken and the J-:, bofiks closed. 1 Hartford has a population of 40,000 NJne Fire Tn- :;; ku ranee Companies and they have Centered $12,- GOO.OuO capital and surplus. Nearly half that max L, first came here and was obtained through Cincin- ' ; . nati labor. Such concentration of wealth equals . tMm per eapita.or equivalent to $J0,Oi)0O'J aMitional q wealth, to the Queen City, a comfortable' surplus .. ; for an easy money market, and to encourage solid business undertakings in a city with :)0,00U lnhab- A X Ibe cnua is born tnat will lire to see 11",- f- 100,000 population in the United States. -There is ; abundant room ana plenty or opportunity lor our l-rj entemrise. and it is hieh time to bewrin the work to 'A master the situation and make Cincinnati an Insur ance head center. - ' ' An accurate 'calculation, based on f 1,000,000 cap- : ital, exhibiting the percentage ot Insurance pro tit '' tor 1G1 years, has already, been as follows We rea- 1 sonably expect to couaide'rably improve on that: . i Per Cent. 0 ...10.39 K; lsjt year., 3 " 3 4" 5 C 7 ' ; 8 10 ii. ; 12 13 14 15 . 16 22.13" ' 21.37 H .23,49 j! .28.10 . .30.05 fi .17.20 r .160 Ci" ,.28.97?i ..41.1 ' .......55.81 3.8 41-r.04; .37 20.69 ......21.70 . 3 months... 2169 Av. of 16 1- 4 years. ....31 1-10 What is the true or approximate value of a steady t! $1 1-10 percent, dividend paying stock? Is it jlUh- ; cult to determine or to act en such safe margins Committee oa Organization. ALTBED GAITHEE. AUGUSTUS WlisSEL. H0BE2T MITCHELL j j C. W. KOULTOT. (, J. B. BE51SXTT, Ctalnnai. MB. C.JT. BRA KM, who U stopping at the; Bates House, will call oa the Merchants and CapU : talistsof Indianapolis for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions to the stock of the Andes; and will fully explain all that ia desired. , t ls-lt. pitysicians E. D. WATERS AN. I ! Offl ce hour: 2 IT 1 r. u. ( Res. 77 N. Del .. ' J. A-COMINGOR. . . - . " . . Office 1 Massachusetts senue. Residence North Liberty afreet. JA3IEpy A rCXKIIOlStS.' r: Office SS EatMrket St., onp. Journal CSce. ;.;v Residences 219 N. Ala., and 40 N. Jiisasts. . p. Hm NEWC05IEB aSSBBBHO ' t OflSce BUke's Pbi . ... Residence ni West North streea. . . , J. P. AVERT. '. Office 1 Massachusetts are-ail . .".' Residence 'JM North Eaat street. W. B. rEETClIEn ACE. WRIGHT, r ' Office 107 North Alabama, cornet oX Ctkia, a IS

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