The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 11, 1870 · Page 4
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 4

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1870
Page 4
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h i 8 : " ; ' , i .- -I ' i ' P 1 " f : ' , I ' !! 'I . - ' " 1 1 i- '--!; - " THE EVENING NEWS. WEDNESDAY, MAY U, 1873, rrrrgBcaa, Crxcrwa-ATi jd &t. Ira Eiawirr- ratix lsats. axjutx. Tmt Liu t3)k.a. 2 -O0 a. - Aeoiodau'o 8:00 p. so. 12:50 p. U- . Y. Mrbt fc-cpreas 7 :3 p. m. -Vi f- . kaodrr Xit;rM 7: o, sa. CtCTraTi Tia Caifaarn a Crrn.L. xpreM :.V) li-Wp. aa. LttHii t:ip. ai. !:.. w - - CCC.iL KartwaT Ba Ltw. a r..U'.nii 1 -Jto a. m. w a. . Eaatera EprM Jl;ia.a. :J5. m. Jimnormti awo Uavuow Kan.aoaD. (Mnrn rr&ml 14Ja. SrOSalm. aM.-.Liaa 10:13 a. SB.. 12:10 Irn Expre-s 7.00 p.m. 7:15 p.m. Kubdar Train J0 a. m. 7:15 p. in. lDiAeoLU, Paao a Cca lUitwaT." m. M.fl :! aa. a. aa. 12:15 Boon. 10 a. Caicaeo txpreM - 8:10 p.m. 4J0p.ta. lalafetut AfeomnKWiuoa Caieae KzpreM 7:vp. ja. ! M p. m. Cijk"ri3rATl EAri-aOAD. W.lmnr F.xprvi 2; a. w. :la.w. (1nr)aai Mail ll:Vi . m. 11 ::i"oKa. Mrtiinw Acfommolt'n 1 -.s p. tn. .:-V a w h'ight Liprena . 50 p. w.t "TifiO p. m. : Tataa IlAfra Railroad. CtB. anl tt. l4vi 'rapress . 8 :?0 . m. 2:40a.m. Ct. lDia biT 10:a nt. Mail I 1 :25 p. ta. C:10 p. w. rt. Loof ?; !i;ht y.iPTfm 8 f. u. 6 :4 p. m- ; VucK5jf a Eailroad. Mvmfnrvl'ioi 7 : a. ro. 9-JWa. at. Wortlil)i(UQ Acorn. 2UXp. m. 6:15 p. ui. rifia'!AT Jcacrio) lUttaoAD.,1, Momtnz EpreM.y Stfrta-m. lO Xlp. Mail - 4 :0 p. m. J :i p. W Xru Ayoiw, J?ixtoiT0J aio Warr,ji "RAitw't AniwMil'ia . ... 3 ;O0 a. m- m, wii .- SrOOp. m. lJ:O0 a. ra TIIII CITY. Tub city is very quiet. Railroad travel if Yienvy noi CflstroRtsurt rowin,; weufcer this. , ; f- k 1 : . Thk Civil Circuit Court will meet ngain to morrow, ; Aij organ prinder has to town. brought ."Shoo-Fly" Turn Y. 3d. C. A. Cleared 'J'J5 in tluir ure coure. " . ' . lee- I Ssvsw transfers of real estate wer? this morning $31,730.- . recorded A from Monday the May term oftb Hupremte Court commences. J . Thi Kmmett Guards will fayette, on the 2rth instant. excurse td- La- 7 7 No marriage licenses were l..ned ! by County Clerk this morning. '; th - FottTT-Tn rkh erson belonging to a French t)tera troupe ' from New. Orleans, passed through here lait night, oil their1, way ftst. Cou A. D. STEtK.tir has a bog which is a cross between a prairie Wolf and the famous original Klue river breed.- It lives on slippery elm bark, ' ' '' ' A k'Cmber of jcrsons from this city will attend the meeting of the J'resbterian General Assembly, whfr'U ommoc'e At Philadelphia next week. ; J. at. Tilpord has purcha-ed lb lBdcpcn-dent J-onthly aperiodicafpublib.Hcd atOreens-barg, by Rer. John Skackleford and will pub lish it in this city hereafter. ) ' ' r"" TiiJt work of disinterring the Confederate dead commenced yesterday. The remains will bo placed in new boxes and numbered so Vhej caa b U'iatlfjed at anj time. lH". H. C. Carixgtxv!, wife of General Carrington, a lady well known and highly es-' teemed in this city, died quite suddenly at hr residence t Crfordsville tbis morninp;. Thb United States Assessor Is to-day attaching the fifty er cent' penalty to all returns for April, which the parties. don't appreciate, tbey will be more prompt next tnonth. We have waited now for three days to have the morning papers announce the mowing of grass in the Circle, but as they have failed to do so, we will mention the fact.- The United States District Attorney wishe3 - attorneys having cases in the United States Court In which the government is concerned, to know that they will be tried" on the day mentioned in theenlendsr, without fail. -7 Turn Indianapoirs Tobacco Factory, near the j will be employed at first. In the pame for the county billiard championship, last night, Michael Irrmann wus winner by two hundred and forty-four joints, 'over Robert Hindman, the champion. The winner was challenged by Georg E.ratter- . pOQ. - - The alarm of fire this morning at half-pst seven was, occasioned by the slight burning of Ko. 353 'Sortb. Alabama street, a one-story frame co.ttage, the rcpcrty of Mrs. Cropscy, a widow iady. The fire originated from the Hue, and was repressed before any extensive damage ras done. The loss will be about $200, chiefly by water, and is covered by insurance . -f i ScrsaisTKNDEST Miller went np Christian avenne yesteniay-with a Massachusetts avenue ttreet car, which was the occasion of a general rejoicing, the road being lined with the overjoyed citizens of that locality, cheering and waving handkerchiefs in. an extraordinary - manner. But the road was not deemed in a $afe condition yet, and so the running of the crs will ha-ve to be delayed for a week or ten dAjs. ;- Rets R. D. IUefer, II. A. Edson. and Allen, of this city, and Elder Lester, of Franklin, leave here on next Tuesday, to attend the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, -composed of the Assemblies of the Old and New Church bra-fthes, which meets at Philadelphia on Thursday next. It will be a rery interesting occasion, combining, as it does. the " whole Presbyterian Church fof the first time." A Urge number of delegates froxa , the North and West will taeet here and accompany the above named genlltmea on tie journey. Madison depot is to be re-opened in a tew aia, 5 o Bhid.irii.Lawreni-et'urg w iwiiuisrau r by Smith A Thomas, who have purchased it ofj' iu1' Al.tmUh.'i Y . . . v v ; Wnh Attira THE WRTS. LViteo Htatts Ciaccrr Cocbt. The fol lowing cases were dismissed this morning: Mary Ann Wilkinson ts. -Etna Insurance United States tl Charles A. Prenatt and Robert W. Harper, on paymentcf costs within ten dsyt. i ' , Te remainder of the session wa3 taken np by arguments ana motions. ' . ' ! .Cocbt of Commos Plias.--4,1;. Elipbalct Price, administrator of Bernard .Tarner; ts. Tbe Indianapolis, - Cincinnati and Lafayette Railroad Company; lait for damages ; Case dismissed at defendant's cost. j j j " 4,606. Matbew Hartraan and George North-waj tk Lefi YTood tal; suit on mechanics lien. Tried by Court,, with finding and judgment in favor of plaintiffs against Levi Wood in the ?urn cf IWj. 'Sjli'X laae TajUr v. J. R. Osgood etal.; sailon Dote. Dtftnttit hr r,Umu3 at bi, own st. ! Tbejnrv in rise number Z j'jI, William McCa'in-v. John and Henry Albn-Lt, waicii as commenced yesterday, still oat, and bad mad r report at nooq. j Citv C'rfrr. G. W. Jon-e. for listrlIngr tbe peai e, khj i ed f S "A ir.f w h ic h' $ i j raa renjitie-i, aa be : to p iy the b.xlnce. L. P. Adam, fr frunkenn'?.', was fined ... i t i lr Jtrliii.:! w.ij rurgiyen una, tic uaiua. Iar?e family and 1 1 bin bis first.offcnsej Jam U.ifcrtf, who was not .fartunate in bavin " a lree famil'r, was sent if j vl ior the , T i . i MmeOiTene. S " i J . I tn Ituu Over l n Frelsltt Train. An Iri-litnan named Jforris Neville Started for Gre-TW..t!c nilit on the' Terre Hxate trai nlrftvir about eight o'clock, but j when ntarPl.tiiiSeld be was put off" on account of not having a ticket, although he aid he bad purchael one. fe started to walk baxs, and bad gone alxxit tbree miles, wlien A freight train -coming in ran over him. He was found on the track this morning and brought to this city, whtn- be ":was taken to he! Sur gical Institute. His right leg" was badly crushed, ana tte complained of an injury to bis pp!be, and intense cold. Hi chances of recovery were deemed slim,' but it was dc- cided to amputate the leg this afternoon, if his condition would admit of it. Xeville, who is about forty-five years old, baa been working here for feveral years, at bis trade shock making. He emigrated frbra Ireland, where . he left a family, alout three years ago. Tim following returns for the month of 1 April have been made, to the Lfnited States At;ssor: ' Maybew k Uranham, boots and. shoes, $32,- i05. John Fi-bbick, leather, $lC.C7Tt ! " Merrill k Field, stationery, $12,638. . Indianapolis. Peru . & Chicago Railway Uotnpanv, pa-isnge" receipts, ll.oii. 4t)iitinauolis Works, cubic Iet of. gas, Halin Jc. Bii!., liquors, $10,317 rectified spirits, i turrrel McCurdy-A- Co., auction sales, $r)5'. Spcllmiin i to., auction sales, f : 80. rirst National-uank, dividend. Petit, Braden k Co., bankers, capital, $00,-? 000; dt-posits. 10.b.O; tax, J'J 52 Coburn k Jones, lumber, $13.73fi. Daggett & Co., confectionary. $1S 2.320. J. Green k Co., tobacco, 14,3 44. A testimonial ; benefit to Prof. Alfred J, Way is to be given at the Blind Asylum, next Tuesday evening, by Messrs. R. II. Xewland, 'arwwii v s n. I . M. ll. .pades ana Jl. . oteuman, who Will o assisted by several of our musical people. Prof. Way is about to leave the city, and it is hoped that his friends will recogiiize his services by attending. The programme is an ex cellent cne, and bflers a fair varittyj both in" tLe style and character of the music, and in clude; Belection from Schumann, Chopin and Beethoven. ' Not j the- least attractive feature is an organ ana piano auev vr jiessrs. .ew- land and Stedman," A match game of billiards of six hundred points for $200, will be played at Washington Hall, to-morrow, night," between Alex. Mc Cracken'and J. W. Cronn, of Qnebee. Mr, Cronn will be remembered las tire 'stranger" who created quite a sensation, in tho billiard circles of this city some six .weeks since. - The Herald of .Health for May bi.3 be,en re ceived at the City Book Store. IIOTf L. AKKIVALS;, The following are the arrivals at' the principal hotels during the twenty-four hours ending witli twelve o'clock: i bates 3 P. nis'ev. N Y JO Hank. N Y - I EOCSK. ,r C D Thoma and wife, CrawfurtisvSlie K G llayea, Lawrenca- J - y". E t hildent, N :Y i rora Ikju -Ut, fcian i ran- J B i leuient, Clutl , I Frank Morri-o, lUwton C H Hi lianlsou, N Y U 1UU Browu. PUila W Valttt, NY t S tanaifer. CoSumblM J Hiidreth,BuhTUl3 L, B Kom Uy; I'hiU K Kaeppel, N Y J B .-tanliopei, I'hil-l S L Burtx, BJomiojfton N H Allen, . imi W Ntwcomb N Y P Vbueii, Ni Y u; Voiard,.t inu II K t rout. LMiluie F 11 tlidden. I'ieveland i: W lY-tt N Y T II B L.vis. N Y f K it Hol-kinsJ N V V X tit! 1 ; Corkeufield, Mnnoie J A Comp.on, -Muncie vi! W B smith, X P1LMI1 HOCBl Jacvb L irrr.s Phila I II l.on. Brownptown Ueo F. hiiteuden.Ander- J Hard. -sty. Audcrwa aun ; ' ' 1 ' A J Griffith. jAuders n 3 B White, Ft "Wayne John W bite. Ft Wayne lrielelias. Fort John ywiaher, Unlion Wayne L, It IJruner aiid wife, Ga- M Curtis. Waldron - li-n ..; -- KoMlouiU-a,Woo'teT0 Chj. Clark, Mrin LJ Burr, fJcbiuond MG Sherman, Michin P 8 ilv.ntru Waidron. titv I John iiaraw. Frankfort W P Brown. Kinus, M Tiio- bappell.Weatfiwld 11 W Moutfumery, , Van-Jas johitsou. Auoersoa dalia ' 1 J Fauns worth, Fairfax, Isaac treed. Phil Vt lowuaeaa, cannaxe '. SFE3CEX BOISI. J Sraithson. Jamestown S A Tilford, 'Martinsville W l.lav i tdy, Moorws- B F Whitaksr, Ziouavil. K i.le ' ' 113 ilcCor-iaik, (..rea- O W MUIer, Ladoga cstlo E'McUroy, T Haute i Giaacockj IimborO J Wiiliau-a, HiilstoM 1 W Coadv.ui, Ciuti J W Meyer, N Wi aches- G Hoolr, lich'uiond ler "RO Anderaob, Greenv. O J tiibeon, Chieaco ' B Wasaon. Crawtord.TiUe J Pedea, CrawlV.rdsvilla U C Snyder, Lattyetta , F M Busby. Lebanon A L L.iaius, lieTiii v J Kay, AitU 1U E ?prin:r, EiixaWtblo'n L 11 :u.ur.ll, ijivLUe B r Bexkwita. t.layua P Bark. Jauieatown J Berber, Ciuti SJobawa. Norwich 11 Curt.., M aidroa ' P Monttn, W aid run . KW Uarei h.TanTi-.le J B Krman, Spriogfield KEJ iti;.-, Raeiae, Wit F A Fletcher, Kienuond it Myera, shetfieid, Ct G M Straihatyer, lai- ti sk howe, tireeowood- burv, Ct. W B B.kin, KnihutoM F Wii'uamaoa, CinU W W Worth, RuahtUle W E suielaer, M Looia O C Hancock. Carlisle J H Moatiaery, liptoa A White, Worceater Is B Pernn, Chicago . J S Breckiiuldie, Laiay-A Tout, Peoria . , ette j J Alexaaier, Boaton ( PC EhernlBK X LBJadab. Vincenaes S Adcladarfer, Citi M Katie Sullivan, LaJ- G 11 Croper, Anburn.X Y tU il l J " ? M f Mr it stewartand Cam- hands f.niel Mcl lure. USA T E Jjinesnni .Chicago l 1 v .-' ' , - - r - ' ' . IWeio - jtr. Puffa' i l te, EI' oo3.HI ' RSiaXAJi HOCSK- j: - ! A P n Jer Cicero WJL rarev-TI, Kansas El H Hartiel-e' k, inti . i p p.iwr, Xeoia f, L C Iietkj, NY (i V. Meadkill, Cinti; J W tptepaai wife, Daa- I X Essep. lBTille' mcv Miliar, Prt Sy WA Hot hlbps, Chicago T Psio. Nblai;i . CL (-taniey, i utU1 W C Wheat, Franklin SKTiTlor, Tiptoa A F Erns, Xoblesrilla L A He m. XoUTUle Ll Ltom. Terre liaate Janve Cwidj, H hiu- K M f teen, Kingston roi Canada I i R lUiiar, Kingstown J W Warier, Kings town W B Kiliiao, acainztoa J J Long, Car lit I Terliaate V II rood and lady, M Barahiaer. SobleaTUIe rrtaw" 1 A (ioidlb wait, (Inti . ,J Hayea. flinborg M J harker.t Tinrtoa Ky T Natter, Lexington Ky O L Ilaiuoa, X Y " B F Krohn, tralion O , J H Clark. Edinborar Win New kirk, Conners- FarkmelL Mi.Mton tU!- T W I'ineU. Middleun J W Hiarstaa, Franklin - ft Kfnu and Mr. Ciatt J wjitkn. iteJphf Ur 1. MelNrnald'IiclpM J Cu ti. HolUt Mi. h ; C WiJaon, N Y Alia Mjgxie.; Edmonda, ti Kallh. NY LnnSiTiiJe U I JC Ijv. New Allitir M K 1t, New Alhaoj- A WheIn, Luirii. W IiutUiB, Lx"Ct.tre TUB iaTi, S V J Kirrherai Owentn S (. bt m cr, tjlio PATIOXAb BOTBL. A V Ta:fcot an I lidr, J Mn-I-nhaI?. Newratfe i MimwapoiU. Minn J M Trenton. NashviUe Je-e tu!ir, Thorn:ovn J B .McAliisieT, shertnan- C U.1atk. t inti .. dale i! L. I- IlibUarl,- Terre K !"iinpkis. Lebanon 1 I!a J M Haute , ieo Moon. Wrsiv I hiriev, Piiwboro P IV tiardaen i leveland Mm W Mann, i hiU Pen Mantt j and wife, U'Em liaaJU.IT.tbes- I'biU t-.teUt i j nyer, Mreenne.a -Z Katltein. Cintii 1 Tho I'owel!, Milroyj ai Flvd,"Oati' ! C s WM, lyU(D, C Mi.ler, SrUuerLtad Sta- tiia - ji -: i r; v Pierce,1; Phila I II J FelT, CrtiUDlbilS, O K H r-tavew, ( Uiei-ito T L ililo-jru, Michigan t'ity ! , K K I-rjaot. Terre Uaute (' A Burt, Hope i 1 McKee, Crawf.irJ- eille Cij -.iflrPhil XV W-Lw, 1h'iy c J Mr.'lr anil ife, Sung- I ei Un l .M.iti.i K J H' sttUH, Tmr; O , B;ii!T. .jlunii u, O ,s. "Jswte, olam I ;tnio i - i;wj ra:t,NV bu?', ; t larX, Ik -pe .1 T Miatt, ilop KoiwneHrten, ACtoo Zl M MattUew.-v, ( levelarnl K l ilitwurd, CoiumHus.O A I' KelJr, OmuuiImis, ' J Jr'bnja and Luir.Terre M atlio. Marietta. liiuit !l I Orian.l s-uiith, hi. 11 R Adauii.WaynesbnrPa ;cothe St. Jons' Church will bold, its annual pic nic on inuriiftv, tne i . - . . l lt h nt. jTbe pirce is not determined yet. LIH'AI. ITEMS Peft White and Fancy Shirt;? in town, a.t cheapest price?, at DaMwiii's U iziiar. ll-a.-od , . 'j jpsT- French Corsets only seventyfifive cents at Conaty's Millinery Stor 42 South Illinois street. : Everythng clse in proportion. 9i3 if j tiT.Every la'dy buys Gloves anJ Hosiery at headquarters," Raldwin's Paziar. i 11-3-eod 3The Spencer House is thoroughly re- piired, and lor lirst-cLiss Roard go tbere. nrr2i-eod-lW : . Ji-fT" Gentlemen have ascertained that per cent, can be saved by buying Shirts, Col lars, Neckwear, Suspenders, Hosierfy' etc-, etc at Baldwin's BazaAr. 'il-3eotl pSr Ten cents buys, a box of Shoo Fly col lars, with liueu button-boles, at Conaty'sJ 42 South Illinois, street. Everything ! is cheap and good there. . Let no one in want of Dry Goods' fail to attend the, auction sale at the Quaker Store, which is going on from day to day: at the - Qcakeb;StoreL rrGentlcmen stopping, in the titr 'Jill find the Spencer House ia first-class order. I apr21-eod4wf . "s?Ladies wishing- fine Laces, Parasols, real Lace Collars, Dress Trimmings, etc., e$c. should visit Baldwin's Bazaar. U 3eod i, JpTAll sorts of the finest millinery at. Cqn- aty'B. 42 South Illinois street. Bleaching and pre3sing;done to order at short notice. 9 i "Hosiery at prices before the war. Ipi- ... mense stock at Baldwin's Bazaar. 11 3eod , Ey0ur, worthy townsman,' Mr. Charles SoehnerJ of piano renown, not content with j tis present large assortment of those justjy celebrated pianos, (the" Steinway,) : has determined! upon an addition to his presett stock and is intending to make his wate-rooms second to none in the West as a piano store. Tberefyre, yesterday, evening "jne started for Steinway Hall, New York, for- a new supply of instrument, lo hopes to supply all who may wih.- f Mr. Soehner is doing tin extensive business at present, selling at ttlVi rate of thirteen every two weeks. , I called in one day last Veekt when he had just received a-beautiful Steinway Upright, and before it was unboxed and the box ; carried from ;tne room, itcha'nged hands, and became the property of Mr Griffith, at the Bates House, where its sweet strains may be .heard most any evening that the adept Mrs. Griffith feels disposed. II. V JZ&J.' Jl. V. Smith! at tho City Book Store hai a fine assortment of stereoscopic riews and photographs, paper weights, and "hundreds of other things, besides a full line of books and stationery. '. ' j . . . ' jt . - jsiyIf you" want a good meal or bed, stop a, the S-Jtncer House. apr21-eod4w - !i t .Jy-Fifth and heaviest invoice of Spring and Summer Men and Boys' Clothing, just arrived at the Arcade, Xo6 West .Washington street. ;" ". - I tf Bl'SIXEVS XOTICES. P.inrS STORE DRY GOODS rarjfvn utne Silks, Toplint, Luttres,5 Alpacasand other Drefa Goods, of the latest at? lea, and a, the lowest prices, go to the Paris Store 7. j ' Vfatt Dnrr Jt Hawk' ShsePalafe if va want to save money. All kinds of Boots at d Shoe sold cheap. 'i The RIeheat Priae A man can have la a set of x . Prize Med J shirts,- ' ' Fom : Smith A Foster's, who also have Cellars, Bows, Xuffi, Socks, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Svspesdtrs, Carters, Drawers and CDdershlrts, eie., ic. ; Cvua, j djaeed j I , .. . ., ,4.,. ,1 1 rnmrn . li ' -j". Remember" h "ireat Sale of Dry Goods .'at anctlony- every day, at the Ciuaker Store.- -... ' ; . ..f T, i .-!... .-' ci. C!i. , Ciga. 4: ' ' . Ogars, ' '" That are trolly on tha smoke, 'At Sharpe's, iS North Pennsylvania street. I II 2 Ennlre Caoklnr "Staves, . Tinware, -r- Glassware vTaodeaware,. ph;nawar, Ice Chests, Cutlery, aod ftverythingthing .else, at the Uoase-keeper's Emporlam, No. 83 ifooth Meri t Lsa street. The best 1 of goods and the. lowest of prices pre vail. C Fr-er, N V li K l crter, N Y b PalMre Beat aiyie itl' Iw pnees, la summer Boots aa-i Sh.!. at Iurr i Hawk's, No. 3 East Waa'.ingtoa street. " . PARIS STORK LAtetJ Style or Piques, Nainsooks, Giahams, Chajnbrays, Jaeo- nctv I'UJda, IVrca'es, Organdies, at seatlyjreduced prices, at the raxis Store. ' i ... -!- ' Ttte Centleman"a Match, - ' " A boon com p n ton to the sun, a firithfal serrsnt to its owner, and a most excellent piece of mechanism, kept In clueecommanion hr the goMen chain, at; the .Golden Cattle cf Craft A Cutter,: 24 East Washington street. . t ! . HARIH ST OK E LACEj Gsittlss Thread FciDt Point Appline, Guipnre, j Maltese, Valenciennes, etc., etc., warranted, and at lowest pxlcea, atth Paris Ur. ' . ' : r : 5 i Tlt beat tl t sret tr4t I'bsU. Crap'hs st ft 591 per doien is at ZfetTs, 121 West H'achington street, tp; aite t'ue SUti House. Z-6 THE 3IeFABLAM TEBDICT. The Exei tetneat in C ourf Graham Gets .Namfraatl; Kissed The tleaetlan. Iim the Courier-JournaJ'a dijpatcli: of this mora- The inrv retired almost preciselr at 1 3 o'clock. When tbey were out kn hour the general impression was that they would not agjee. bat it was remarked tbs4 the :jury in tae dickies? case was out one hour and twentr minute; which fact was quotedjtoshow that this jury, might still agree. - . Wbeu they first retired tbeystood ten for acquittal and two for convictions When tbey came in at five minutes be'bre P o'clock, the officers of the court, asf tanf:cipatinr the great scene to come, cried cut.l'tjrder must be maintained in the cou,tt."': ; 'Ue audience, wlj.o were packed in such amanarr tiikt there was not even standing room .fot a snmll Imy, were still and breathless wh?le the court asked the jury whether they had? agreed upon a yerd;ct. But the excited crowd idid not even wait for Mr." Brown, the fore man, to nro- nntinr th wnnu ''nnt t nillr" an full . Th moment he said "not ' there arSse snch hur rahs, such cheers, as almost ' fbojbk the building. . . . f - !' :. . J'he words vere repeated. "We find: Daniel McFarlanif not guilty," and up; jumped men and women, again and again civiiig expression. to jthi-ir long pent-up feelings in k manner almost- impos-sible to describe." Tbe women" jumped ou the-'tables in their eargerness lo rach the prisoner and bis counsel. Several ladies agtin and again kissed 'Mr. Graham, who shed tears Drolnselv . in ajcceptinjr the congratulations of the Indies. j j . Mr. (irahani snid:, "Well, wheji a man gets in between the man antl wife he ijiust be shot. I have always said so and alwavshall.i There can ibe no other law than that for this class of cases." Again, to another group of ladies, who kissed him, repeatedly, he said: '"Well, I assure you. tbt f tee! proud to receive your thanks, and I am prouded than would be if you were gentlemen. I can or!y say I am proud of having pleased the ladies, and I hoje t snail asways ue a-rue to please tnem. ' i A woman r.ished up to Mr. Hawser, the Ger-m:ih juror, t nl exclaimed "You ye do'neyour dutv nobly. Go I bb-ssyou!." Mr. tMcFarUnd s trolher appeared to bi much. more ktlecled than the prisoner. He was heartily congratulated on account of his broiler's tcurtlat, and shed tears freely. The prisoner himsalf remained ca!n, notwithstanding, the fact that ,;,,,e Percy, wild with excitement, bans uiuu.u his neck and kissed and blessed him continual ly, ! The moment . he was discharged by the court ue tooK a carriage, accompanied by his brother, for the- latter s own residence: but an along tue route . ne was greeted with the most enthusiastic cheers. , i ' i lrjFroui the Cincinnati Commercial' Sec-ial. ! ijhat. last point which Graham got in, just as the jury were going out, will cjfrry the verdict," said a gray-headed lawyer. "Yes," said another distinguished criminal lajvyer,k "that was' a telling point. If it was an accident, it wa3 a. happy one for the prisoner.j But I suspect it was all planned by John, so as to get the last shot at the jury." r. - - The reader will remember that tjhe point referred to, was the additional chargi which Mr. Graham requested the Court to giye the jury, which wa3 in these words: "I have been requested to charg you that if the prisoner committed the act id a moment of frenzy, he can not be convjcted of murder in the "first degree. I not only.-harge that proposition, but if his mind was in that condition he can not be convicted of any offense." Judge Hackett said, with emphasis, "That has my eotire approbation." I . i and the Judge's emphatic indorsement of iL Ana so tne jurv had retired with that boint ringing. iij their eara. ! From tLe Gazette's Special . i The acquittal of McFarland is th4 chief topic of conversation in public places to-lnight.-' Various opinions ar expressed, and some of the discussions are rather violent. Jlftny persons consider Judge Hackett's charge las leaning strongry in McFarland's favor, as he charged substantially what was requested 1 by the defense- John Graham, in bis summary, presented forty-three points on which he wished the I Judge to ' charge the jury. Judge Hackett accepted all but : thirteen of them, and charged' R3 Grahamj wished, so that- the jury in following his directions could give nothing else than acquittal. The summary of the District Attorney. i3 disjointed, and was delivered with vey little animation. In point of eloquence and ability it was far behind the the plea for (he defence. There was a manifestation of. reactionary feeling to-night on the ground that tj very-dangerous precedent has been established, and that the plea of insanity as laid djpwn in this instance will screen murderers i nearly all cases hereafter. The belief thatS McFarland should have been convicted appear more prevalent than it was before the verdict was rendered. , - I . ! Taut Time East from Chicago. The fast train on, the Pittsbprgb, Fort Wayne k Chicago line makes its iquick time without any remarkable increase Li ur the rate of Fpeed, by eliminating stops.; Only two are made between Chicago ana Crestline, one at Plymouth, seventy-four miles, for dinner, and one at Fcrt Wayne, 148 miles, to change engines". On the eastern division the stops are more numerous, but in Pennsylvania very remarkable runs are made, so that only two stop? are made in the '!t52 miJes between Pittsburgh and Mantua Junction, where the train is switched on the Camdn k Amboy lincj These stops are at Altoona tend Harris-bur j, making the runs 116, 132 and 104 miles respectively. Moreover, as the whole train wth the baggage car runs through, tbere is no delay at Pittsburgh, to changji baggage. Thus the train maks the trip to New York in thirty hours, without any remarkable and disastrous rate of speed; The train: from Chicago, leaving at eleven in the tt re noO 11, arrive? in New York at six the next! afternoon. Returning, the train leaves New York .at seven iu the morning, and reaches Chicago at three o'clock the next afternoon. I - The long run between Harrisbnfg and Al-toona, 132 miles, has been made during the past week with one tank of waterjprobably a longer run than ever made before m America, and surpassed only in England on roads where the locomotive takes up'iu water s it moves along. Railroad Gazette. ;. y . . j Ilonolnla. . s , Tlcnolula. which means "sheltered haven," within a rd us of seven miles ha;i a popuia-tion of 12,000. As a wbalingstation t beats the world. It is well built, mostly of jboral,' lava, and brick, partly of native "grass hpuses," but chiefly of clap boards, imported freni Oregon. Thes wooden houses brown and with green blinds in spite-of broad verandas all around and in each story, might , be fancted ia New. England but fortwo things, namely: the tropical trees around them, and the .absence" of chimneys." The lack of chimneys s so entire that I could scarcely see a single one Id surveying the city from a bight. Itj gives the houses the look of . stables, but it "attests the equable and genial climate. ' Buf you-will ..TT 3 Ll 1- - ' t ' t, . pir-es uuttyon M oo.14 scarcely notice. . Twentr deirees rane of Fahfienbeit namelv from sixty to e'.goty aecreesi uui now is u no Hotter be neafh the torrid ean? iTherie is every dar a tana ana sea Dreere tottt cooiincr. The islands arle mduntainons, and they are cooled by nearlyrhalfj the water in the world.' " ;i be truth is that nowhere ran tnm choose nis eumate mare truly than tn Honolulu. Do you find it enervating, mount a horse, and yon may ride in one hour sd fat lap the slope and gorge of the Ili, that if you have forgotten an overcoat, yiu will be orryv ' S I remember bo day in which I did not see the mountain skv-lines crested with rainbows, and those sometimes lingering tor hours. Yet, it seldom rain 4 ia Honolulu, t All yards, however were so gteen that I was ready to name Oahu the Emerald Isle. The secret of thi perennial verdure is irrigation.; The brooks that traTel don from the bights are cheaply turned into hydrants with Lose attached, and the sprinkler aft the end! of the pipe leaves no cornar of the gjround nntouched by jite-giving mouture. tCcarespondence Chicago Republi can. . Am Artist In SnleldeJ Frenchmen v ho do not believe in a God and drink sugiri and Jvnter? for intellectual stim alation ha re generally been regarded as unrivalled in tae tsne and useful art of taking themselves out of the wrld or no par-ticu'ar cause; but an American has, at fast, vindicated the equal art of his countrymen ia this line, and kiil led himself fauseleiss'ly with great applause His name .was Xarris. Dela-plane, hisage as twenty-hre, he had ft university education, and "he shot himself on a sofa iu bis boai ding house at Natchez. ;When the ladv of t ie!boardinsr house heard the shot and fiew hp stairs to the fatal rckjm to soe if the carpet was raujh "mussed," she found two or three letters symmetrically arranged on thejdressing tabfe, a best suit of clothes laid out forthe. burial andithc deceased boarder lyiug like one aslefpl One of the letter was addressed to an editor arid! said: "I write to rcquesft tbe press of NaUbei, through your columnsvto allow no WTlter to? attribute my death to ajiy particnlaf; rause. i The idea ot suicide did nfctor ginate in .Tatchejnorintbe sunny South at air; consequently no One here can possibly tel why I killed ftiyself, I doubt whether any iadfviduM in the known world can even give a shadow of a cause. I : "In almost every suicide, liquor.! love, re morse or disaptointroent or ome kind is the stiiniosed actual causey but in mv case none o Lthese causes prevailed. I bavje seen the world aud am weary f it, 13 about the truth." Another lettrir was to the lady of the board ing wiouse,. polteiy apologizing for ithe awk ward necessity bf dying on hersofa, and cheerfully intimating that if the spirits of the de parted are permitted to nover around places in which they are particularly wll treated in life, a graterui gnos roignt oe expected snortly. Jlnrray Hill. "Murray nilr' is four miles fromi the Battery, aud is not the most aristocratic part of me city, leret ior several generations tne Murray family flourished on their patriarchial larm, ana trom this stock fnrapg that famous grammarian Lindley Murrar ,iover whose dull and obscure, pages many ,j a I scbooHKJv has sweated in vainL The Murrafs occupied this farm prior to the Revolution.! They were favorable to the patriotic cause and it issaid that v - "n act of forded hospitality j to the British tal army: .The facts are thesej Whed Washington evacuated this city" in September. 1776. the British pursued Putnam's command, and would have captured it at Bloom ingdale, had not tne omcers! baited at Murray -farm house. Here they calle for cake and fwine, find were so highly regaled that they-allowed the1 time to pass unconscious of its importance,' and while they rallied their hostess concerning the flight of her countrymen, the latter made good their escape. "Mjurray Hill ' was selected on ac count or its elevation as:the proper spot forjtbe distributing reservoir bf the Croton aqueduct, and five acres kre devoted to this f purple. This land whichjprobably cost the corporation $30,000 in 1840, ts now worth a million and a half. ;In nopaijt ofTew York has real estate adranred as it j has here. When the writer was a lad, lot in this neighborhood were worth $1,000;. now-they are jjwprth $30,000. Then the reservdir wa ai mild distant from the city; now he city has'pisSed its former limits so far tblat the reservoir is, as I hare said,x the centek- of fashion,! and the Fifth avenue sweeps by it with. its princely array of houses. Correspondence Troy Times. Tiff naif am in I.onleii. ! An uhusnallrjgrand and ornate ceremonial took place on a recent Sunday at St. Albans, Hoi born, in celebration of the resurrection of the Savior. The- extreme ritualistic character of the service, says the Orchestra, will be understood when it is stated that "those only who are membets of, or guilds in connection with, the church, or whose sins have been ab-, solved in the confessional," vere allowed to take part in its most important stage. This was the procession, which was arranged at three o'clock, in the following 'order:' Incense bearer and boys in white surplices; twenty choristers and :recentor, similarly attired; three priests, followed by about twelve boys in scarlet cassocks and white : surplices; Mr. Mackcrnochie, w th two boys holding up bis train; banner b arer, carrying a magnificent blue and white dilk banner; boys of a guild, about sixty in number; banner bearer, followed by about fifty members of ;a brotherhood with yellow emlroidered' collarets and capest banner bearer, irith about forty members of the Order of Jesus of. .Nazareth in scarlet collarets and embroiidered capes, wearing medals and crucifixes: jne.of the Sisttfhood in connection with the church, carrying a large silk banner; sisters of the Order of j'Mary the Virgin," about eighty in number, in wjhite veils; banner bearer, f'cllowed .by a larger number of Sisters of Mercj', in the scapular and veils of their. different crders. Then followed members of "The Holy Family," ? and those who had been to confession. Those constituting the procession th ?n marched round the church, after which the Rev. Mr, Stanton preached a sermon. It may be dded that the Rev. E. F. Russell, a nephew of Lord John. 'Russell, is one of the clergy who minister at .St. Albans. ' A Rothaeblld Aneet4ter j A correspondent writes to the Figaro as fol lows: "Your correspondent,' A dmn Marx, in an article on the artist.. Bouvin, relates . that Baron James de plotnschild once sat for a beggar to Ary Scbeffer This is perfectly tree, and I write to you to. complete the tale. While the great financier, attired in the rags of a beggar, was in h 13 place on -the estrade, I bajjpened to enter the studio of the great artist, whose friend I had 'the honor to be. The Baron was so perfectly disguised that I did not recognize him, and, believing that a veritable beggar wai before me, I went up to him, and slipped a louis into bis band. The pretended model took the coin and put ii into his pocket. Ten years later I received at ray residence an order 4n the Rue Lafitte tor 10 000 francs, inclosed in the following letter: "Sir: You one day gave a loUis to Baron Rothschild in the studio of I Ary Scheffer. . He has employed it, and to-day sends you the little capital with which you entrusted i him, together with the interest. A good action always brings good fortiine Baron James de Rothschild.' .On receipt of this order I sought the billionaire, who proved to me from the books before him that! nnder his management my louis had actually fructified t o as to j bare, swelled to the huge, sum sent me." r mm a .' - A Ham j Blown to Atoms. A fearful nitro-glycerine explosion t took place at the west end of the Midland Railroad tunnel, at Wnrtsboro, Sullivan tountv, yesterday afternoon. I -'appears that Warren D. Ilanum, one of the persons employed in blasting with nitro-glycerine, in company with, a laborer named Daniel Clay, had loaded two holes and attached the wire of the battery to touch the blasts bff. Only one of thera went off, bowever. and the onedoaded by Ilanum having missed, they disconnected -the wire from ;ffhe battery, j and went: to see what ?y, now-ao lnrrroos r " nr, m the open air,. or in isolated kiu-hen3 Or caKKies, with the rronbi - was.. Hannm stooped down w)cr me missea noies, an, some stone which fell frm the'other blast. andtook hold of the, wire of th exploder He was just going to attach it to the leading wire of the battery .to try ;it again, when exploded, blowing him up in the air a distance of 300 feet, and throwing him fifty feet from the spot. His head was completely ' blown wj, and bis. body horribly mangled-' Clay and fifty or sixty others of the laborer were on the) bank, about five- feet above the -blast, and f mirarulosnly escaped uninjoredJ ' Had they been a few feet nearer they would all have met with a fearful death. A Cor- " -nvr's inquest was held and a verdict rendered i that no one was to blame. Ilanum resided at -Hannibal Center, Kew Vork. New York Tribune. , A detr ctive telegraphed to Ogdnsburgh re-' cently that two car loads of ! "suspicious-looking men" were on their way to that city, and that they were doubtless .1 Fenians. Tbey turned out to be Methodist ministers going to-make a raid on the Dominion of Satan. FlreAlartu Mgnala. i, No. 2 Engine House, corner of Massachv-1.' x fftta avenue and New. :York.stree.ts. 3 Corner East and New York. . ' -l ' ri ' 4 Hook and Ladder House, New Jersey near v Washington. . . ... ' : 5 Spiegel, Thorns & Co.V Factory, on EastJ-6 ashmgton andNoblp. f r 7 Davidson and New Yiirkl ' VV 1-2 Noble and Michigan.' I, 1 1-3 Noble and Massachusetts avenue.'1 y 1-4 East and Massachusetts avenue. 'V ' 1-5 New Jersey and Fort Wayne avenueJ 1-6 Delaware and Fort Wayke ave.uue. -- F 1-7 Pennsylvania and Pratt.- , 1- 8 Blind Asvlum. ; . . ; -i ; . 2- 1; Tennessee and St. Clairj 2-3 Michigan, between Meridian- and IViitoisi.V I en nessoe, Jn-t ween e rnfunt and Michigan-' ; -5 Illinois and Indiana Avouue. ' ii 2-4 New York '-and Canal Iblwitr'a Mill , . 2-7 Wt and Indiana. . L 2-8 FrinNt A Moore's Noveltv Work ' iu: 31 382 Indiana Avenue. ' "' 5-2 Blake and Michigan. . ' 3-4 Frank Wright's Brewerv. 3-4 Douglass arid New York'i ft r'..i . : i . i-uuua rii-iorv, near river. . , 36 CHisendortf S Woolen Factory, 'near TierJ'"--7. No. 1 Engine House." Wasbiniyton. bet wee r . West and California i , 4-1 Wst and Kentucky arcane. , .-..'''! 4-2 Gebrgia and Mississippi, Coburn & Jones' : 1 lumber ya?d. I . - i - . , ;:r 4-3 Washington aud Tennessee, f f-t 4-5 Illinois and Louisiana. Spencer House M 4-J Illinois and Garden. Osgood Jfe Smith ? 4- 7 Illinois and McCarty. I, is;; 5- 1 Bluff road-and Ray. ' . t U! 5-2 Delaware and McCarty. K- ' H 5-3 East and Bicking. f t 5-4 Virginia avenue and Rrfulshaw. ' 1" 5-6-Virginia avenue and noble. i ; 5- 7 Georgia and Benton. ' 1 ' j. ;;: 6- 1 16 Fletcher avenue, Chief Engineer's reti-1r dence. i ;'' 6-2 .No. 3 Engine nouse, South street, be . tween. Delaware and Alabama. ' 6-3 Gas Works. - - 6-4 Pennsylvania and Georgia, Farley k ' Sinker. . : - 6-5 Police office, Glenh's Block 6- 7 Delaware and Washington. 7- 1 No. 185 ew Jersey, corner of Virginia avenue. ; SPECIAL 8IG2fAtS. " i 12 Noon. 1 8-4 Half-past eight o'clock, r. AMUSEMENTS. HAVING made permanent arringements for the management ot the Kink f..r th t.'nii ....1 W inter season, it will t ooeii: with a i. Until, I n of music, every WEDNE.SliA Y AND SATURDAY; iviux, ior me pleasant ana neaitniui exerciie HOLLER SKATING, s' . v And EVERY AFTERNOON. Lilies ail mlf tiA frM of charge, except on Saturdays. OCI.T-II. r - - 5 TWEHTY-riVE CENT STORE. 25Cts.!25Cts.! A LARGE LOT OF NEW GOODS. ." Keeeired nt the Nev York Tventy-five Cent Store, Ol TTorth Illinois' Street. TWENTY THOUSAND AEJV ABTKLE may 7-1 w " FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF IMIUXAfOLIH, Financial Agent of the United States, and JJepositcry of the Public Funds, ! IS BAKKO tri-OJf " ' $613,000 of '81 and 10-40 U.; S. Bonds-rboth principal and interest payable, by ex press terms of the law, in Gold. 8240,000 Surplus and undivided profits. . 8SOO.OOO Individual liabiUty Of stockholders. 81,353,000 Capital available iA creditors. : 1-, -v " This Brak-one of, the largest,"! ronirest and most prosperous in the fetato t . Exclnslvelv upon a Gold Baals. And "as solid as. the rock of age," will hereafter PAT INTEREST 4X DEPOSITH, AND OIVK H ' Extraordinary FaeilitieatoCnatoraer. A elance at the following list of stockholders will show the name of many of the most substantial nieifin the couutry, worth in the aggregate many -millions of dollars, viz: v . Wro. H. Enjrlishi J. K. V. Lanier, Thoma A. Hendricks, leloMi Root, . Jerre McLene, J. George stili," John I. Morrison, David Kilgore, John C. Wrfifht,""- Thos. B. McCarty, : Robert Browning, ' 1 3. A.ltoot, , Georire Merritt, Lax. Noble, ' t ani Cough If n, " " N. S". Greene, ' ' J. H. Vajen, : 1 Wm. H. Fry, Benj. F. Tuttle, J. T. Hendricks, " ' E. A. Parker, Oscar B. Uord, John C. New, Hervey Bates, '. OJiver'P. Morton, , Jam"!! Wlnslow, Klijah 8. Alvord, . KlUba G. Knvtisb, Tho. M. Sullivan, Jains A. Cravens. W. W. leather, ". Jno. M. Gaston, -Dovi-l W. Noble, Win. tViilarfl, Andrew i. Hay, Ia'l Jfennesierr! W. A. Holiiday, C. H. Barmond, K. H. I tix t, Jno.' M. Maxwell, John Hendricks, ' Cha. '. Todd, I A. I. Uillingsiey, 1 J. A. Rom. W9Best class Fire and Burxlar-Proof Safes, r Two waU hmen always on dutv at birfbt. xnch2-2taw wAt tt. ' , - '.-t.-j , BANKERS. Petti t, Braden ? z, Co., . . BANKERS, Xo. 3 Eaten HottKe, Indlnuapolin, Incf. All bnslaess appertaining to banking respectfully solicited. .. . aprliMnio. :oofing: ijoofjg: TT E bes leave te rail 'he attention of Crpeer and Builderx, aad those tootetuflaUng building, to ; . Carry Co.'s Bed EI tic Roofiaf, Whl' hls warrantel superior to any tar er rrarel roof in exisience- We are now prepared to put on new rootit, flat or steep, or over old shingle, on the shortest notir. e hare earrle-i on the huainese lor years In Cincinnati, with the (freatest suecess, as all our work la done by cometenl workaen. irtlea favorinr us with their patronage may depend on work being done well. een and r.rdrrs received atourotTire, l VVet Maryland rlreet. Tko. II. Ccaav A ti ko. Foasis.iER, Cin., tK ? " may 3-6 1 ' " Jas. Pnocron, IndtanapclK j.j. ?. '4 i! H ii- a V;. H 5: TT l tn $f .

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