The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX' BLYTHEVtLLE '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS arch Against Communism "Mexico foi Mexicans" Is Ciy of Outlaws Gold Shirts Hy Iv'fiA Service j EL PASO. .Tex,— On. Nirolas[ Rodriguez,. political "refugee from Mexico, and lender of Uio "Ciol:l Shirts/' awaits his opportunity to return to Mexico and rally his followers in a jnarcli on Hi? capital lo protest against socialistic" len- .(leneles" of tin Cardenas eovern- inent. Rodripiiez,: known its a n'volti tlonary fl'jine in Mexico for many year, dipped Into tlie united States last Angus!, ami refused lo ictiirn to M; unilc-r Presl-Jonl .Cardenas' recent amnesty decree lie maintains a skeleton staff .of ,fellow-cxl!o.i, with wlmse help he directs the GoUl Sslrt movsity In Mexico. It numbers 800.000 followers opposed lo "Communism. Mexican estimates place the number at nearer.5000, Rodriguez denies .any connection ;wilh Fascism, Ilalinn or German variety, and denies any relations with den. •Pl'utnrco -Catles. 'former : Mexican dictator also un exile In u the United Stales. "We- are Mexicimlstns," Rodriguez asserts proudly, and we hav:- liolhing in common with the Pas icists or any olhei orcnnlzallon. :.OLASH :WITil KEDS The Gold shirt, movement—the members call themselves Lo.s Dorados—was started by llodriguey. In 1D3V to combnL "the Hod" rm-n- nce." It.s first public appearance was in September, mas, when 8000 of them assembled aL a Mexico City meeting In the midst, of a Communist demonstration for a professor reesntlj icturncd from Russia Time were deaths and injuries in the clash that followed. The movement, olllclnlly Hi; Ac- cion Rcvolucitmaria M;xl<-anlsla. look ifs jiopnlnr name from gold shirts with the A.R.M. Insignia and Texas^ombreros, \vlileli are its unifoim It «nb piomptly outlawed by the Mexican government and driven underground. He was planning V "pence-fill, unarmed march" on Mexico Cll.y with 500000 followers last. August to protest against. Communism, Ro- drlguc? declares, when the g'ov- .ernment discovered liis plan. He was arrested and driven over the border into the,United Suites, whence he Is nUeinpttlng lo direct Ills organisation by remote conlrol and propaganda. ' ••'' RELFrKDUCATBI) The Qold Shirt lender is '{'2 and young looUni! despite graying temples and lines that are beginning lo maik his face. Large, and heavy-set \\ith military beariua, Rodriguez has personality and charm. He is self-educated und speaks very litlle English. Since' 1920, Rodriguez lias teen popping in and out of the United Slates'whenever Mexico got too hot, for him He was mixed up In a revolt against Obfenon in 1S22. nnd .was sentenced to Jail for violating Hie U. S neutrality laws. In 1926, while attempting lo Invade Lower California in another .revolutionary venture, he wai sentenced lox\\o 5 ears In McNeil Island fedeiol penitentiary, but was piroled for good behavior after 18 months He returned again to Mexico. Seeing the socialistic turn of the present Cardenas; government, the rise of Communist Influence, the expropriation of estates, the persecution of the churches, gnve Rodriguez the idea for the present Gold Shirt organization. -Support, of the A. R. M. comes from the "Fuerzas Vivas" or Industrialists, including all those who have something lo lose under the present regime. It has a "Mexico for the Nfexi- cans" policy nnd claims to be out to protect the rights of all clussss, nol solely the working class. It would outlaw any sign or flag symbolizing an idea contrary to Mexican national ideals. A women's auxiliary of the Gol:l "Golden Shirts" march through the .streets of Mexico city In one of Ihclr demonstrations against Prdly members of (lie women's unit of the Accion Revolucloimrln Mexlcanista, the olllcbt name of Rodriguez' anil-Communist band, whose leaders are now political exiles in the United States. Note the nurse-like uniforms mid the Insignia wltlilhe Initials of Iheorgnnlxallon. Shirts wears u crisp while nurses' ] uniform, nnd the symbol ol the or- ennl/atiori is a "chlnmlU" or circular figure of -Hlgci' skin with Irlngc rrpivsc-nllng feathers from QttolKil. Ihe myllilenl feiitlu'ivd serpent of ancient 'Mexico. The gold slili't. was tvoi'ii by the ancient Mexican "charros" or cowboys. Rodriguez predicts au early crisis in lite affnh's of Mexico, possibly resolving Itself Inlo armed conflict, between government forces nnd others opposed to Communism and extreme Socialism. Claiming devotion:in principle lo revolution by education, Rodriguez Mvj.s iii! Is preparing for armed action Kjiould Hint bis necessary to e the cnuntry from Communism. Vcritd- Troops Will Re-Ennct Virginia Battle PETERSBURG. Vn. (UP)—The iUlle of the Crater, one of the closing niajiir engagement fought litre in 18G4 during Hie Civil War, \vill be re-enacted in connection wllh the development program of Mm National Military park here April ao, The utUlle took its name from Ihe enormous hole left by the explosion of a Union mine during tl'.e siege or Petersburg. More than 3.000 troops, Including the 690 Cnrtctn of the Virginia Military Institute, • Miirin i, nnd several National Guiml units will participate in tho re-enactment. The v. M. I. Cadets' will represent "Mahone's IlrlgAde," the Confederate detachment which resisted tile Union .advance diirim; the real Iwltle. Legion Head Presents 1 Medal to Alma Mater OBERL1N, O. tUP)—Harry Col- rncry, national commnndrr of tile Legion anrl a graduate of Obsrlln College, will present peace medal to the college at a special assembly April 30. The honor was accorded uy Ih Interallied Veterans Pederallon. wiiieh met in Gdynia, Poland. I Ohcrlin was one of three ccliica- For weeks o,n end, a million little voices all over that body of yours, begging you to lie down and rest? You haven't been treading the light fantastic into tlie wee small hours, cithcrl i Well, It'sMime to visit your good friend, tho- doctor. Uncxplainable fatigue is ah early aign of tuberculosis. Remember, there's a way of solving the mystery. .UNCOVER TUBERCULOSIS DY MODERN METHODS ' Let the Isslor It yoxr ;ai'<?j f lioiml Institutions recognized for work in promoting . Internalionnl pence. Colmery was graduated from Oberlln in 1013, !le was outstanding In siKirls and was captain and shortstop of the college baseball team. Nicolas Rodriguez, above, displays tlie "Golden Shlri."'.'lnslgiili\ which marks the followers of his 'XSolden Shirt" movement, opposed to Mexican radicalism. THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1937 =T\VEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON^ The Obedience Of Noah liiU-r; ^ Uniform^ Sunday i only. os there Is a covenant with I tlle spiritual forces of trte universe or, we should say, with God; and that this covenant brings man Into right relationship's with every liv- hig thing. « C D Suppose mat, instead of a soc ety In which each man and each School Lesson for April 25. Test: Otiusis 8:20-22; 9:8-17 By WM. K. (JH.UOV, 1). I). In Ills recent Ijoolt, "The Use of (he lilWc In Preaching," Dr. Carl S. Pntton, a brilliant preacher who In his later days lias been a teach cr Ihe the Klnjciom of Cicd «n-J its realization on earth, that came to Its fullest exemplification and expression in tlie life and teaching of Jesus of Nimrelh. it, | s the covenant that is the Important thin" in ihe story of Noah. . . „. — .„„ — ol coming .preachers, refers to mong those Christian scnolars who evi that the modern tlioroiigh- ly enriched the Hook as a source j ,nr ht n' l , and ^ °*» - f J, ra f ,f '" e " going study of the Bible has great- H t ne « »„,? Zn 1'!"\ "?•' ' Mi 8 " tllal - Lllls expressed in " "" nt, • „ nt tu ^ of .spiritual truth and guidance. lie ijoinls out that the literal- ,„ ul Ism with which readers have in-: mere/ .slstcd upon reading stories from! islrcn°th t 111:! curly life of Israel, wrltwn' lliguiiun u years alter tile events, has noil the weak, saveil these stories from consider-. 1 Here i able degeneration in the jjopulari covenant mind. , .: He speaks of the Book o: Jonah as representing the high water mark of the Old Testament in its message concerning the Inclusive love of God; yet lis points out that in t!;o papular mind thh "truly wonderful book" has degenerated, into 11 joke about Jonah and the wliale. H Is Dr. Patlon's purj>ose to suve the- glorious .book of Jonah and the instructive story of Noah from such popular degradation; and it' Is the purpose of this lesson on Noah. Anyone who senses with realism flie problem of getting two animals of every. kind into an ark would very readily conclude that it is a story with imaginative details. This does not in any way affect Ihc question of whether the world WHS every really deluged; more Important, it has no effect at all upon the .spiritual lessons of the story of Noah. , Noah was not an ideal character. A great preacher. Dr. Charles E. Jefferson, in a sermon on Noah once pictured him after the flood, with his glorious opportunity to build anew in a world where old foundations had been swept awny. wasting the supreme chance by go r ing oir nnd getting drunk. But Noah, despite his weakness and his sins, had elements upon which society could be built. Above all things he was capable of ' a' covenant witli God; and the great touching or this story of Noah 'Is In this mailer of the covenant- Hint ^maii can build truly in life „„ ?,''"' l !." ltjr ald ol) '"<: Mrong U> serve --- ° re the ° of :• «s o that sublime leaching concerning . • Let Us Grind Your Lawn Mower : A Trial Is All We Ask Blytheville Machine Shop PHONES 808 A: 848 Chicks Good 'HcnHhy ; Hlootl Tested Chifks.- \Vill He Here 'I'his Satuniay '(id Votif Cliiclts Here! Goodwin Co. 112 E. Main World Rushes to Buy U. S. Mining Equipment DENVER (UP)—A recent checkup of leading manufacturers of mining machinery here revealed that, European rearmament hasi Incieased sales of the base metql' mining equipment to the highest/ liolnt in history. . Orders from .all parts of the world were reported by manufacturing company officials to have swamped (heir plants to the ex- lent that delivery would be delayed until late in the summer Ai- llmugli requests for nearly all types of equipment appeared on the orders, particulars strew was laid ii|X>n tho heavy machinery used in the mining of lend, cop- ij<r, ?.ltic nnd gold. According to 'ancient folklore and superstition, on many occasions birds were supposed to iiavc whispered to humans; hence the expression, "a little bird told me." Read Courier News Want Ads The Saveon Gasoiine Company Tank Car Station a I. Holland,'Mo. announces A policy' of only one grade of highest, nualiiv nelrnl- cum products direct fron: refinery to you. ' High Test No-Npx ftasolitit 1 100% Pure Pennsylvania Motor Oil In Sealed Cans ; 20c Gallon Tax Paid Quart Tax 1'niil Every gallon sold \vilh a Money-Hack Guarantee of Satisfaction. One High Quality - . 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In plaids, checks, and colors, single or double breasleds, plain or sport backs, including the famous Curlce suits. $95 - 14 New Prep Suits Many new styles just arrived that will appeal to the 1>oy about to graduate. $14 95 JOE ISAAC INC. We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps

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