The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1935
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 1935 BLrrHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE PHILLIPS' USED CABS Record Breaking- Sales uf Hie Ford V-8 Arc Bringing the Best Usc< Cars In Hit City to Phillips' Fora Dealers, '30 KOUD t'UDOK SUDAN .. $103 '29 CHEVROLET COACH .. ?125 '32 CHEVROLET . Humble COW K, 5215 '31 FORD TUBOK SEDAN ,. 53(15 'S3 CHU'VKOLET COACH .. 5315 TRUCKS ami '1'itAIUiKS 'SO FOR I) S!4 TON TRUCK 525 '30 CHEVROLET Us' TON, 157 Inch W. I>. TRUCK 5 CHEVUOLliT A'ctv Tfrcs ..., $385 '30 K1NGI1AM TRAILER, Dual Wheels 5W5 PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Curncr Walnut &» First Sis. 1'hune 813 Keai Estate FOB SALE CO ACRES—50 In cultivation. Can put 20 acres or more in cotton In 1935. 1 HOUSE, 1 BARN. S1SBO—S8M down balance $250 per year Can give possession iioiv. /G. G. Cauclill rhone 197 Farms for Sale With Immediate Possession 40 A. near Burdotte, Miss, county, Ark. Price $60 acre. 40 A. near Biirclette, Miss, county, Ark. Price $60.,acre. 80 A. near Burdette, Migs. county, Ark. Price 560 acre. 45 A. near Warden, Pemigcot county, Mo. Price 550 acre. 65 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price S40 acre. 108 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price S45 acre. 121 A. near Gicieon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $50 acre. 101 A. near Canalou, New Xtadrid county, Mo. Price $'10 acre. • J. \V. Bader r ' BlyihevUle, Ark. FIRE & TORNADO INSURANCE, LIFE INSURANCE AND INSURANCE SERVICE Money to Loan We are In position to make you a loan to rcfljiincc your present loan. Terna icr repayment can be made to your satisfaction, very low interest rates, tilts applies to cily, as well ua farm loans. W. M. Burns, I'honcs 243 - 212 I 1 'ARMS' FOR SALE! Terms Rcasoiinule ETHEL B. THOMPSON Caruthersvilie, Mo. • Automotive Special prices on Auto Accessories, Tires and Tubes. Guaranteed Batteries $3.05. Auto Tops & sicie- curtams $1.50 up. Alcohol 15c yi>l. Car healers jl.50 up. Cylinder Heads, Floor Mats. •Scrap iron inclal in drm-im) WOLF ARIAN - - 128 E. Main Business Directory RECHARGED 75c GUARANTEED Starter & Generator' Service Used Auto Parts Cheap Phone 308 — Road Service Harper Auto Electric Service 1 Mile from Gateway Store on Highway 18. Tiiis ad is worth 25c oil buttery service. WiTCANlAVE YOU MONEY HARNESS Our Stock Is Complete IMPLEMENTS And Repairs For AVERY, MOL1NE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay Us A Visit And Be Convinced PAUL BYRUM 120 East Main GARAGE Garland M. Morgan iFormerly with Phillips Motor Co.) O=neral Auto Heiiaimijj "V-8" Service REASONABLE PRICES Yaruro Uoad BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS fALL Get Our Terms HUIJliAUD FURNITURE CO. FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS KENT OUR FLOOr. SrtMJth ARKMO LUMBER CO. HARNESS 1 ! HARNESS! Full Line High Grade Harriets. Best. Prices In Blythcvillo All makes turning plows and nilddk ousters, points, trace chains, col- ,ar pads, back bands, etc. FEED! SEED! Everything you will need lor Spring Planting ' •= -I Oberst Store Co. • Remoclei YbUr Home" : With a. SEUnlne RUBBEROIU KOOF 5% interest, 3 years to pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Phone 20 Largest & Most Complete Stock of tiAUNESS in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTO GLASS AllK-.MO LUMBEB CO. . PHONE 40 WELDING MACHINE WORK TRACTOR REPAIRING We Guarantee Every Job •. Call 808 Day or Night. Blytheville Machine Works Second & Ash Sts. "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS" Pfcsloric, Alcohol, Healers/ I>c- (rostcrs, WUlsud Batteries. LET US PKEi-ARf YOU FOR ' WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEl'T. Phone 476 Phone FOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Chine 203 W. Ash Phone t. (J01TEK VVEATJ1ER STRIP aave» tuel ai small cosi Arkmo Lumber Co. Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc BERV1UE & QUALITY AA1BULANCJE rlione 26 YOU HAVE"THIIiD Till! REST, NOW I5UV TJtE BEST FAMOUS .MAltSi; libl) ASH COAL Once Von Try It, You Will Always Buy It liny Corno High Quality l-'eeiis it Pays To Wed the Uesl We Iluy Corn & Soy Beans PHONE 121 Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Prop. Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years In business. 2—Quality "ol coal handled. 3—Prompt service. 4—Courteous treatment. 5—Yon get ull you pay for. 'Quality Group" clistrrbntccl by Gay & Billings I'hone 7C I'ARKS BROS. COAL CO. Unfurnished upnrlmciit, 4 rooms wnn bull). Can j-j?, Ntght. 56. 'JS-ek-JO Partly " "~ with 191 or Personal lurnlsheci APA1ITM15NT To the Prnnovtv Owners Wod healing ej'stwit. Wiwia , 'X, ' !°P C .ly U ^ neis o11 ' ' i«'9'W In raving Districts No. 2 and 3. ' The iigalnsl, Comlortablc ROOM with until, 405 N, Broadway, Call 203-J. 29o kll MORERNLY FUHNISHED" nvmii- menl, 3 rooms, bnth; over Kliv by Drue Co. F. simon, phono 164. kL! ; 28-C-ll Two Furn'ulicd BcrT Hooms. 1017 Walnut. Phono 103. 31-c-tt em home to permanent, business couple or men. phone 084 or 24. Eggs, Poultry We liny highest uish price i or u n kljids ol jioiilirj 1 . lincl of nui'O- mcm, 315 K. Main B. T. WORTHY PHONE sm "Hi-Lo Alabiimsi" "Kncrgy Illinois" "Black itoyal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL/-LOW PK1CED i* or Sale HAY & CORH, phone or sec J. M. steward on U. S. DcMoulhvs -arm, adjoining Henson, Mo. Hard -oad to farm. 25c la!) YOUTH'S BED, slightly larger than Iraby bed. New innurcss. Will sell CHEAP. Mrs. Steve 11, Brooks, 519 \V. Main. dli (1 BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms HUDBAltl) FURNITURE CO. For Rent'^ p room FURNISHED apartment, private bath, entire lower floor. Possession Feb. 1, 700 W. Walnut. HIGHEST MARKET PRICES paid for (ill kinds or poultry nl\Mn- lian's Gin. HICE & PI6UEK BABY CHICKS ALL VAUIBJ'IES Hutching, Done tor iho Public MAKllAN ILVl'CliKUV Uiyihuville, ArK. Htticnui-y (Jode No. 8ti \VanLud HOUSK & 5 or 10 acres. Will ymy cash. Write "C" Courier News. SERVANT HOOM ncnr 1100 Cliickasawbu. Phone '25liW. oration In this u vital to you. C. J. Evr HliL-EN: Mcul me sn nine. I'll surely Ijrl 8]:carmlnt. U docs h Enid. mil. bonds these districts mnounls lo ?308,000.00. This . Is a llrst, Hen on your properly i\ncl Eooner or Inter must he pjld, Tlio Commissioners ure now being ofler- e<l some of these bonds, (nut nil of t|iem, nollhiT ore any offered by Lesser Ooldmnu Co.) itl 50c on (he dollar. This Is u womtcrful opiwr- tuully to yet, rlil of a burden Una uvorj: ana Is tired of carrying, but (he niuounl uf liouds thnt limy ue retired ut this low figure will cor- rc.sjraid cxiictly to tho amount of coopenilloii Iho commissioners receive from the Uix payers. This is your obligation, (here is no wny tu uvol<i payment, except, by the- loss ol your property. So the lime to net is now, If taxes can bu collected now, and bonds retired. It will be entirely possible lo reduce the yearly paymcnls besides winding up the whole debt, by 1<H3 K; was orliilmilly pi a lined. Tlic commissioners sincerely hope to linvu your •coop- matter, so snine plucc \Vrlglcy'; M'lUlNliN'ti OHDlilt IN ,'J'HU . CII/JNCJUUY COURT CHICK A'?A \\'OA p 1 3 T H 1 0''!', X|SS13SIPI'I COUNTY. AH L.' Terry, I'liiliitil), f<0. 6^03 vs. kiilhiuliie 'ivrry, 'J'lia dofciKlniil,' Kiitluuliio '1'orry, is wiirnwl to appi'iir within llilitj duys In Ilin cuuit iintiml lit HII- hereof nnd nnswvr ihc Terry, it«5. (Ills plaintill, uheslfci Hi day of Jan. II. Rl." ORAICV Olerk, liy Kllzubeth HoiWy, D. C. Clfimle 'K Ood|w, Ally, Ad Llleni. t w! ,-slory house. «» dm work with exception of the masonry utul plumbing.' Bmclett was not (i carpenter before he lit- cnmc blind, but a,jeweler. Of nil 'the' 'anlmalp' ol KoH'i Aincitai. the ucnvcr Is the mart luiliarUint, • historically. Battles were fouijht, boundaries changed', innl new ureas discovered In tha W< 't, K A.lfialu for control of the valuable N, .1.. Inillt a Ijwiver trapping Industry. By Ahem AH THOUGHT HE WAS EIGHT VAPS Wanlcd To Buy COTTON PLANTING SEED CORN and SOV I1EANS Seo us for Best Prices. Harold Steruberg at STERNREUG COTTON CO. j NEGRO f 11 miry wunu lo tlmrccrop next year. Two men nnd woman In family. Excellent recommendation. George Smith,, 1W Heuui SI. Robinson addition. Courier News Want Ads ARMISTICE-EG ACD, LET ME'READ THIS AGAIN ~ LIKE A NOTE FRO/A A LAWYEK TELLING BY AM UNCLE IN AUSTRALIA !/JH TO'feSl , MY HORSE, GOT HIM VA\XED : WIF ANOTHER HOSS MISTAH URBAN' OWNED, NAMED p-l 'BECAUSE HE WAS A BEAUTY IN 7H V CALLED HOT -TO'OW, IS TOUR, YEARS QLUf—HIA-WAIT UNTIL I SEE COLONEL WAQHORM --— 7 HIS 11 n A6E AS NINE / NOW, VSN'T fH(i,T JUST LIKE HEP,? 6UE6S HER HEART -WHAT A 61RL!il WELL •••(, COULD MAKE A PR6TTY GOOD GUESS NW»X6 SHE GOT THAT iDEAV SiUT THEHj MOWA.TOO, DID iOWlETWNG THkr COUNTGO, ,,...... MY ASSETS j I . Painting and Paper-hanging Amo Painting Furniture lieflnlshlng All Work Guaranteed. Freeman & Wheat Phono 748 for Estimates Largest fc Most Complete Stock of " -^,'iWAHE in Arkan- 6!iS. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Funutim; SEE DOCK DAVIS, 2ND tIANDl' rURfftTUHE. 103 E M,\JK VVf BUY AND S3BLL ANYTUJNG. BUY. r-JRN'lTURE~NOW PA.Y THIS FALL "Get Our Tcrniji IIUBBARD FURXirunt; co. e Repairing Progressive Sho«> Shop WK THANK' YOU! Fur your 1934'i)atronaac anc! hone to sen-c you in 1035. 104 S. 2nd Street 32 years in the Shoe HecairTni business: when others full, [ ry 3 j. .Simon P. Lee, 111 South Railroad St. W.T KNOX " Ravhig nmdp all kinds oT 'shoos for ABNORMAL feet, call renair shoes to con-eel ABNORMAL fee'.. Coal & Wood We Cuii', Seh Aii the Coal, So We Just Sell the Best. St. Baiarr',, 1,000 Lbs. ...... 53.501 Blair. Diamond, 1,0(10 UiA. ., $3.75.' Suhara, 1,000 Lbs $4.00 Acton Red Aih, 1,000 Lbs. .. $5.00 Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. . See Vm About Your Cpul Blytheville Gin Co. "Kadiatit Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALt, 2H Exclusive Agents lor the original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell UrUliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Phone 477 WONDER CITY COAT, CO. My Cual Ts Miack But J Treat You White, Fill Up Now JOHN 1 BUCHANAN - 1'HONU 107 - I MS BOGS 1& THE NICEST OLD HI E -AND M6'6 AN BECAUSE HE IMPORTS c, BILLY -IT'& 6VJELL •THV6 l&TOUET YOU KNOW I H»,VIE 006 —THE K1WO SOU WORK AT ! UOWEST, FELLA, I'M SO HAPPY I I'M MOT MWMMG MUCH MOM6Y, BUT ITS EMOU&H TO PA.Y THti IJIG Lrrn,li_n[Ai\! THERE'S A BG BLOOD ON voiiR TOO. J Q07TA GET YOU A DOCTOR , NO, LADDIE. THEY'LL GET US BOTH. IP YOU LEAVE ME—VOLI .CAM ESCAPE. I'M STRO«6ER'N PUT VOU |M 7HEIR TAWK. VOU'VE stLlCli ay ME, EASY *• • BY you, J I'LL LIFT YOU. l'U«Rf>y YOU., J CAN'T GO BACK OM A PAL.. 1835 DY MA SEBVICE. INC: T. M. REO. u'S. fKI, OFF. __ 4UEY-WHY ONARTH OO °U,TUBE'S oo YOU SUPPOSE WE )SUMPINQUEER. f WERE DRIVEN! OUrJ ABOUT THIS VOPOUROWM / BUSINESS- TO MOO AFTER ABSENCE, ALLEY OOP AND ooouA; MOUNTED ow DIMNY, WECE GREETED WITH A BARRAGE OF STONES, SPEAR5, AND AXES. \5?ITH THE AIR AEOOMD THEM FIILED WITH PLYIN* MI6SLES, THEV BEAT A SEEKING SAFETY IN TH6 SURROUNDIM6 RI6HT/OOOLA.' ) 5UMPWS FAMILIAR FACE'If HAYW"" - AUEV/V \ YOU DON'T YOU STAY RIGHT HERE U BELIEVE THAT'S THE WITH DINNY-l-M GONNA' | THING TO DO- BUT SLIP BACK TO MOO AW SEE /P I CAN FIND UT WHAT IT'S LlkE J SYTH'WAY, OIO H4PPEM TO CE.1NC, T.M. JHO,JJ,S,I>*T.OFfr FRECKLES AND HIS KIHENDS e5E>-> pRESipEwr OF THE.RAV S TO RRV/^R^- YOf IN ' "MI3 PRESENCE OP STUDCNT BOD-/'.' Tl-lG PASSEMSERS ON THS COL1.SCTEO A PUREE THSli5EL'/t& r AMD THE RA!LI«V'P COMPAWV HAS ADDED TO IT .'.' / FSLT.TMAf SHOULD 6e RE • V/ITH MOMEY SO WAT '(bu rllGKT TH1MGS I-IOST V/ANT ! •• ~-uoci / Sffl^aop/ To TAK "~ ' ~ J HY . JO BE KORiT Cl-AD T& SPLIT

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